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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 8, 2017 5:00am-5:56am EDT

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phonecall if you haven't talk to him in a while. got little bit of cloud cover to the south every us this morning, but generally, a clear sky, you can see, what a gorgeous sunrise we're getting ready for with 52:00, the official time. 55 degrees. so with the clear skies, we had what we call radiational cooling overnight, which means, it is in the 40's in allentown, and also in millville, new jersey, woodbine, atlantic city, both at 47. medford lakes at 49. this is sweater sweater poor sure. pottstown, doylestown, valley forge, all mid 40's to start your day, mid 50's at the airport, but 72 by lunchtime, and high temperature of 75 degrees, with mostly sunny skies. so, things are looking up as far as temperatures are concerned, but wait until you see how high those temps get in the seven day forecast. just ahead. so, let's check traffic this morning, we have a road closed with flooding at new castle, in new castle, delaware, that is, airport road at nunsuch creek. your alternate there is basin
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road. that's a spot that usually does flood when they have some rain. car fire upper dublin township ambler road at church street. police and fire department on the scene there. and a disable vehicle, in lower moreland township, philmont avenue, at red lion road. >> it is a highly anticipated day on capitol hill, ousted fbi director james comey will be testifying about several meetings he had with president trump. those meetings occurring as the fbi drilled down on possible ties between the trump campaign and russia, so let's get right to sabina kuriakose, sabina, do we know what he's expected to say? >> we do actually, karen, we got a written testimony earlier, day ahead, that actually gave us glimpse into the details of what's going to happen today. so in that written testimony, the former fb i am director
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said he was so uncomfortable what he alleges the president was telling him during private meetings that he tried to never be alone with him. now, comey write that on valentine day, in reference to former national security advisor, michael flynn, trump said, quote, i hope you can see your way clear to letting this go. comey says trump was only referring to flynn, yet weeks later, comey says the president asked him: how they could lift the cloud of the broader russia investigation. comey's much anticipated testimony has of course split capitol hill with some saying it vindicates the president, and others arguing it is a smoking gun that shows trump trying to sway the investigation into collusion with russia during the campaign. >> what he is very clear on the president wasn't saying to him you've got to do this or else. >> watergate pails, really, in my view, compared to what we're confronting now. >> and speaking yesterday,
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president trump's lawyer issued a statement saying, quote, the president is pleased that mr. comey has publicly confirmed his private reports, that the president was not under investigation, in any russia probe. the president feels completely and totally vindicated, end quote. thomas, karen, a lot to look forward to this morning. >> certainly see what happens, thank you, sabina. you can see what happens right here on fox 29. we will have live coverage, you can watch it here, beginning at 10:00. and because of that, we do have some schedules changes, wendy normally at 10:00 we'll air her show right after that special report and the then will run tonight at 11:00 30:00, right after our 11:00 p.m. news. >> more attention on conversations with the president on capitol hill yesterday. with other people. the senators were pressing some of the directors of the nsa, national intelligence, about report about president trump asking them to possibly down play the fbi investigation. both men denied those
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allegations, and declined to discuss details of their conversations with the president. some lawmakers were upset. >> meantime, president trump has chosen the replacement for comey, as the fbi director, hess name christopher ray, has connections to the area, former assistant attorney general, who represented new jersey governor chris christie during that investigation into the bridgegate scandal. he also served as adjust tis department official under president george w. bush. he will still need to be confirmed by the senate. >> on to the other major headlines this morning, it is day four of the bill cosby sexual assault trial, it comes after a day of high drama, and in which jurors heard more testimony from cosby's accuser, andrea constand, and her mother. steve keel any norristown this morning, with day four, steve, good morning. >> reporter: day four, and there may not and day ten, meaning it, may not go the two weeks the judge predicted. so andra constand finish her seven hours every total testimony over two days, then followed by her mother, yesterday afternoon, who was completed, as well, and mom may have been even more
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pivotal a witness testifying cost bee and phonecalls said to her, quote it, sounds like i'm perverted person when he told constand's mother the details, which we can't repeat here, what he did sexually to her daughtr, while also telling her the pills that he gave andrea constand were prescription, and saying, not saying what exactly prescription pills they were repeatedly, when mom pressed him for that. after court, cosby's publicist brought out 30 year university professor, also the chair woman of the united state commission on civil right who told the reporter she has been friend of the cosby and wife for very long time. >> and i have known him and his wife for a number of years, involved in causes helping poor people, helping colleges, university, with contributions, working on civil rights issues. and i know them that way. so i decided i would come up and show some support for him
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and say he of course is innocent until he is proven guilty. that's true of everything in our system, i think, and i believe if fairness in the criminal justice system. that's why i'm here. >> where is mrs. cosby? >> i think she is at home. aim not sure. >> why is she not here? >> i have no idea. you will have to ask her. >> are you surprised more friends have not come out and supported him? >> i'm not surprised. it is a very hot issue. people are criticize other people, when someone is charged, we always have a tendency to think oh, my goodness, it is horendous what they did. i would rather wait until the jury has it say. >> all right, this is going to be continuing today, maybe with some expert witnesses, we don't know exactly what to expected to. but look for a within on behavior of sexual assault victims. by the way as we come back to the live picture, here with nona, been here every day there is will be her first day being first in line, because it seems like there is not as much interest today, but nona is still quite interested and
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interested to see what happens next, guys. >> all right, steve keeley, a lot of people interested to see what's coming up next. steve, thank you. 5:07 here. we have to mention celebrity attorney gloria allred caused quite a stir yesterday in court, in fact, kicked after her cell phone rang during the trial. allred said she turnoff her phone before entering the courtroom, doesn't know how it got turned back on, she was allowed back in, after a break. >> and a 11 year old girl remains in critical condition this morning, after being struck by a train in southwest philadelphia. she was hit yesterday afternoon, at 56th and grays avenue. police say the girl was playing on those train tracks, when the wheels of a csx freight train ran over her. the train didn't stop because the conductor wasn't away that it actually struck someone. we talked to friends of the girl who say she was with about eight other children, who had just left school at nearby richard allen prep charter. >> just came out the train tracks, screaming, her leg fell off. her leg fell off. >> very respectful, does well
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in school, so, for this to occur, is really touching, because no one deserves this. >> police say officials came to the scene, and identified the possible train involved. they're reviewing surveillance video. and a plea from the community there in wilmington, they've got a little child in the hospital right now. they want this violence to stop. someone shot a six year old boy, right there, at the scene, at sixth and spruce. he's still in critical condition. so a lot of people are very upset and came together, you see them holding hands, and they're praying, and rallying, local leaders, including the mayor, gathering at a vigil at the same spot where that child was hit. they say enough is enough. >> innocent little boy, fighting for his life, and it is not fair, it is not fair. people need to speak up. >> we want to build our city. we want to build our communities, we want to strengthen our neighbors, we want to be positive. and that's what i ask you to do. >> i mean, look at the tears,
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how many more moms and sisters and family members have to cry over a child getting shot? investigators, initially, thought the mom was shot, too. she was hit with somethingment it was either glass or debris, something that flew back up her and hit her. it wasn't actually a bullet. we do know that shooter is still out there. >> a teenager has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault after an allegedly punching that officer right there in the face. it happened yesterday afternoon, when police responded to a fight at 15th and chestnut street. the officer was transported to hahnemann hospital for scratches to his face, and bruised left eye. the 16 year old boy has been charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, and resisting arrest. >> and his eye swollen shut. how about this one? more kids behaving badly, court date for the fourth kid arrested in the beating of mentally disable man in germantown. here's the thing. >> this kid has been in trouble before. 's in trouble for different assault. the teenage boy went before a judge yesterday for his involvement investigators say for assaulting a principal by
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throwing a brick at him over fiddler middle school last week. the principal was trying it break up a fight when he was hit with that brick, now, both of those attacks happened just within days of each other. the teen is one of two charged in that attack. >> and also speaking of court, we got preliminary hearing for the engineer charged in the deadly amtrak crash. well, they moved it, they postponed it, the hearing was supposed to happen yesterday for brandon bostian. it is now moved to september 12. his attorneys are questioning why it took so long after the crash, it was two years, exact deadline to file charges, when they were finally brought. investigators say bostian going too fast when the train crashed, going around that turn, back in 2015. the train jumped the tracks, killing eight people, and injuring nearly 200. >> time now 5:10. goal end state, on the verge of history. >> oh, gosh, what exciting game t went real late last night. that will second half, so exciting, warriors crawling their way back in the fourth quarter go, ton to beat the cavs, final score 118-113, so the warriors scored the
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last 11 points of the game, holding cleveland scoreless over the final three minute. now, a lot of that all has to do with kevin durand, on fire, hitting huge three pointer singing it just like he does in his dreams leading the warriors late in the game durand finished the game with 31-point, steph curry, he had 26. irving, he stepped up last night, calves scoring 38 points, and labron james, he had a great night, with 39. not enough, though, game four, in cleveland, tomorrow night. it will be exciting. all right, so, a restaurant in our area, chipotle, employee now accused of dishing out a lot more than burr eat owes. >> coming up next here on "good day" philadelphia, drugs stashed in toilet. they were then bag i had up and served at one local chain, at a chipotle. >> one of the best things about this summer is the great music acts that come to town. oh, ya. and not in september. but coming this summer, in august, we're going to have one of our favorite going old school. coming to our sit. >> i all right, a check on weather and traffic.
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sue serio, double cute. >> i yes, we've heard your complaints, thomas, about it being too cool for june. well, be careful what you wish for. because we've got some hot, hot temperatures, coming up in your seven day forecast. ready, it is looking good this morning!
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>> 5:15 on this thursday, sue serio, and some of our dreams might be fulfilled. >> that's true, if you're hoping for a beach i kind of weekends and summary kind of weekend, i think you're going to get it. now, it is not officially summer yet. and it won't be for 13 days. just in case you're interested. the summer solsus happens on wednesday, june 21st, my husband's birthday, at 12:24 a.m. so, we'll have a lot to celebrate that day. there is a storm system to the south that will continue to watch. but it is expected to move off shore without giving us any rain. what it will give us later on in the day, though, especially along our shore sons, so many extra clouds. while forecasting sunshine here in the city through the rest of the day, see socked in
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with clouds, by 3:00 today. and we stay in the 60s, in atlantic city and wildwood. while we're in the mid 70s here, and, that's where we should top off today. then once again, we have 40's 50's, to up 80 degrees for your friday. >> as you walk out the door right now 40's, 50's, a lot of the suburbs have temperatures early 50's, so grab sweater or jacket at least for this morning, 49 reading. forty-eight allentown, ooh down in dover, delaware. calm winds for the most part. that's not an issue. >> well below average high of 67. but today, getting closer with 75, 80 degrees tomorrow, and 85 on is the day, then we zoom in to the 90s on sunday, monday, tuesday, and possibly wednesday, of next week, which would constitute a heatwave for sure. and maybe even monday and specially tuesday, some record heat. because the record for tuesday
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is 95. that's your seven day forecast, remember, 101.1, more p.m. we have your forecast on the radio all morning long after you get in the car, tune in, pressure memory. taking a look at traffic, on your thursday morning, we had car fire earlier, on this portion of the blue route, near villanova. but, that has been cleared, and everybody's moving along just fine. so, get out there now, there is no traffic yet. we do have a road closed because of flooding in new castle, delaware, airport road, at nunsuch creek. alternate there is basin road, a car fire in uppe upper dublin township, still being dealed with by police and the fire department. ambler road at church street is where that is happening. and we have a disable vehicle, in lower moreland township, philmont avenue, at red lion road. thomas, karen? >> looking good so far. all right, sue, thank you. 5:17. more than just tacos and buritos have been flying out of the delaware county chipotle. these three people right here now facing charges.
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police say, they were selling weed out of the restaurant. >> chris o'connell was out there at the scene, and he could actually say you could just mel it from quite a distance, police had their eyes on that group for awhile. >> a burito, and some buds? exactly what radnor police say a chipotle worker was selling out of this wayne restaurant. if it sounds familiar, that's because it is. it is the second time in just two weeks, radnor police make drug bust cents from the kitchens of mainline restaurant. >> the chipotle store on lancaster avenue in wayne closed uptight tonight. far different scene during the lunch hour when cops moved in. >> i was scared, because the guy jumped out of the truck with like a gun. >> ryan and chet on their lunch break from radnor high school when the bus went down. >> just grab the i go out of the car, through him on the ground, and in second, like 20 more cops were there. >> radnor police say undercover detectives made several drug buys at the restaurant over the last month, including, today. >> we purchased over quarter
5:19 am
pound, maybe close to half pound of marijuana. he had it rolled up in his shirt. he came out, sold it to my undercover officer. we made arrest. >> right there in the parking lot? >> there in the parking lot. >> police arrest $25.02 year old robert lane. they say he was selling weed out of chipotle's kitchen while wearing his work uniform. some of the stash found stuffed inside the restaurant toilet. also, arrested, 24 year old kadim shultz and 24 year old brianna davis. police also confiscated the suspect's car where even we could smell the pot permiate interesting across the police parking lot. >> i have to tell you, we didn't even need the dog. you get close to that car at any reek of marijuana. >> township health department shut down the restaurant for contamination, while workers spent the day tossing away food and cleaning the kitchen. >> is there a a men's room? >> do you have step out. >> okay. >> just last week, rad for police busted another restaurant worker at estie for selling cocaine. it is the fourth drug bust that a radnor restaurant in
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the past three years. several customers told us off camera it was common knowledge pot was being sold here. other regulars who youth here all the time were stunned. >> this is not something you see every day around here. >> a chipotle company spokesperson gave us a statement saying these are serious allegations, and if true, represent completely unacceptable conduct in one of our restaurant. we will cooperate fully with the investigation to see that this matter is resolved. this restaurant is expected to re-open sometime today. in wayne, chris o'connell, "fox 29 news." time now 5:20. philadelphia police are hoping you can help them catch a man wanted for sexual assault in port richmond. police released this surveillance photo of the guy that they're after. they say he followed 23 year old man inside the bathroom of a wawa, this was on the 3900 block of aramingo avenue. they say he then sexually assaulted that man. police say when he left he got into a blue car, either honda or mazda, and it all happened
5:21 am
back in april, just now releasing the photo though. if you recognize him give police a call. >> 5:21, in bucks county man who prosecutors say supplied a fatal dose of heroin, and he's now expected to plead guilty. we've been seeing more of these charges brought against people who were involved with these cases, james brennan, the fourth, accepted plea deal. he'll provide guilty to charge of drug delivery resulting in death. the bucks county's district attorney's offers says that he gave a bensalem man heroin, laced with a very potent chemical, he could face as many as 40 years in jail. skyfox capturing the aftermath of a trooper crash in salem county. cruiser came to stop against the wall of a property along pennsville auburn road, in pennsgrove yesterday. the troopers injuries not life threatening, the cause of the crash, still under investigation. some much-needed help coming to police officers in bethlehem. the police department there is getting dozens every new dash cams for their patrol cars. the old ones stopped working years ago, because of server
5:22 am
problems. city council approved 35 new dash cam a five-year warantee. >> talk about making bank here. they show their skills on the court, the mounds. >> let's break it down now. how much are they worth? we'll breakdown new list of how much your favorite stars, every soccer, baseball, basketball, tennis, how much they are worth.
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>> ford un ranking the highest paid athletes. these athletes are collecting $3.11 billion. this is actually for last year in 2016. three on the list, soccer star, lionel, the barcelona player worth about $80 million. that guy right there, cleft lands cavaliers star labron james one of 32nba players who made the top 100 this year from 18 last yearment he lads at two on the list earning 86.2, million dollars. and then, we have soccer icon, chris yan owe, scoring the top spot for the second straight
5:26 am
year. real madrid star banked $93 million in salary. and endorsements, and serena also made the list. >> not to be left out, serena, the loan woman on the list, 51, estimated income 27 million bucks. nineteen of which came from endorsements. that's where the money is. all right, 5:26. almost all of us from time to time, either you drop your phone, while playing soccer, there it is, you drop your phone, and it cracks, and the screen, oh, what am i going to do, such a pain, go around with a crack forever. well, good news on all of that it will be easier to get it fixed. apple reportedly planning to share its secret iphone screen repair machines. they will be made available to all kind of authorized third party centers, by the end of this year. so this will make the repairs faster, and bring down those costs. also, you don't have to go to mcdonald's any more. you will be loving this. it can come to you. mcdonald's working with uber eats to deliver food in our city. customers can place orders on
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uber eat on the app, or on line, and then the full menu will be available for delivery. everything except for ice cream cones, they don't holdup too well while being transported. for this is the fast-food chain will make special delivery to the front office staff of the eagles and the players during practice tomorrow. maybe get them to come here as well? >> that would be nice. talk about your health this morning, dairy alternative healthy for your kids? new study suggesting drinking them could affect your child's height. the study was published in the american journal of clinical nutrition. it found children who drank rice, soy, oral manned milk, more than half inch shorter than children who drank cows milk. worried the study may be misleading pointing out taller children not necessarily healthier. >> all right. 5:27. here is something else that happened last nightment country music's best getting honor. how did some our fives do? i love keith urban, so much fun with his beautiful bride there. carrie underwood, amazing
5:28 am
performance. we'll break down the big winners for the evening. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> andrea constand will continue her testimony today. >> comey set to testify at 10:00 a.m. today. what he has to say about president trump coming up. >> good day, barging on into this thursday. live look at cape may new jersey. >> wouldn't minds being on that show right now. take me anywhere. sue serio, good morning to you. >> i don't know, with the forecast wove for today, may want to stick around. because we will have low humidity, temperatures mid 70s, start of warming trend, which will get a little uncomfortable by the end. weaken, but today best friends day. bus stop buddy brought in weekends wendy, his best friends, for both waiting at the school bus stop together. but it is chilly out there. many places. temperatures are in the four's in the suburbs, 50's in the city. sun is already starting to rise. right now, there is nothing on radar, and look how beautiful it is. the official sunrise time
5:32 am
5:32, so pretty much there. 55 degrees, your current temperature, not much after breeze out there. and the humidity, well, it is not going to be as bad as it will be over the weekend. 55 degrees right now in the city. we have 49 in reading. forty-one in mount pocono, very chilly up there. but mid 40's in millville, new jersey, and even in the four's at the shore, where we expect things to stay on the cool side with extra cloud cover. media, 52, phoenixville, 48. downingtown, at 47 degrees. so, might want to grab a sweater for this morning, but this afternoon, looks delightful. with high temperature of 75 degrees. and much hotter seven day forecast, is coming up, in just a few minutes. but right now, it is time to check traffic for thursday morning, vine street expressway back open after the overnight construction. and it locks like everybody's moving along okay. look at i-95, at allegheny
5:33 am
avenue. you see the combination of sunrise, it won't be long, before those headlights are off, and we're dealing with sun glare. that car fire still out there in upper dublin township, ambler road, at church street. police and fire departments handling that. and a disable vehicle in lower moore lands township, philmont avenue, at red lion road. so that's a look at your traffic for your thursday morning. karen, thomas? >> sue, thanks so much. the bill cosby case will continue this morning. his lawyers are trying to poke holes in andrea constand's claims that she was assaulted. our steve keeley right now, outside the courthouse in norristown with the latest on all of this. steve? >> well, now with both constand's testimony finished, not a lot of excitement here at the courthouse, not a lot of coverage from anybody, but local media, not a lot of people in line except for lovely nona from hershey who has been here every day, and her first day being first in line. she beat the paid foreplays sitters today. so, what's next today? we don't know for sure. but the prosecution may likely put expert witnesses on the
5:34 am
stand. now bolster andrea constand's testimony, besides the terrific job most court observers including nona think andrea constand's mother gianna did yesterday. and expert, for instance, they may used to, on the behavior of sexual assault victims, that person would be able to bolster constand by explaining why she wait add year before going to authorities, why she didn't at first remember the exact day it happened, why she still returned all every his phonecalls, and why she stayed in touch with him, knowing this, maybe next yesterday, i talked to christian howser, who is with the national sexual resource center for some answers. >> when victims omit some of the details about what really happened it, doesn't mean that they're telling a lie about the entire story. it means they're pecking and choosing what part of the real story they're decide to go share. >> whenever you have a person of power, who is committing the crime, it is even less likely that a person is going to report it. >> and so do you think the jury had come to anything out by having somebody like you on the witness stand as an expert witness?
5:35 am
>> we certainly hope so. that's the purpose of allowing expert witnesses on the stand. >> well, one other expert witness, in the field of drugs, maybe, called by the prosecution, to help with the effect of quaaludes, and nip other sedatives on someone to help bolster both victims testimony in this trial and why so out of it, too weak to fight off cosby or consent. one other thing, karen, thomas, the judge agreed with my assessment yesterday, that this thing is going real fast, faster, he said, as i said, than the two weeks he predicted so he told the jury at the end of the day, six alternates, hey this may not last the full two weeks, don't be surprised today he'll get some news maybe ask their opinion that this go through the weekend rather than keep them lock up in a hotel. remember, they can't talk to even each other until deliberations about this. so what are they supposed to do saturday, sunday, in a hotel, they're not allowed to wach it. >> v or look at newspapers either because this is on every station, and in every newspaper. so, maybe, he'll justin the case, rather than keep these
5:36 am
people further from their families, all the way out from pittsburgh, as they're sequestered in a hotel. >> good assessment of trial, steve keeley, thank you as always. fire crews were on it. quickly battling a fire in kensington it, broke out late last night at row home on north front and hope street. crews, they were able to control that fire within 30 minutes, no one was injured. they are now investigating how that fire started. >> maybe in the dumb criminal category, this prisoner, who escaped from delaware, at a prison there, now in jail again. he was caught in pennsville, new jersey, police arrested this guy, his name is duane williams, because he assaulted somebody after escaping from jail. they say they found him near a funeral home, escaped from the plumber correctional center in delaware on tuesday, and he has been serving time for, true story, escaping from prison, after a previous conviction. >> he's showboat, a grand stander, the fbi has been in turmoil.
5:37 am
i was going to fire comey. >> pretty strong words, now former fbi director james comey, of course, fire by the president last month, will break his public silence and tell his side of the story. comey no doubt will get drilled about president trump, the presidential campaign, and possible alleged return and meddling. >> a lot of people have been waiting for this one. down in washington, they even have some watch parties scheduled, doug luzader there this morning, so, doug, what are we expecting? >> we are expecting a lot of attention. now, is this going to live up to the hype? maybe not. because the hype is just crazy around here. there is probably going to be a line to get into this hearing today. and comey will give something to each side. it sound like. i mean, we've red you there his prepared remarks, heading into this, and he does indicate that the president really did ask him to back off of an investigation into now fired national security advisor mike flynn, and the role that he may have played with russia, and so on. that's a problem for the
5:38 am
president, and democrats will say that it amounts to obstruction of justice. on the other hand, comey backs up the president's assertion that comey told the president on number of occasions that he himself was not a target of this ongoing investigation. so, a lot will depend on where the questions go, after comey makes his inch pro duck at this remarks. >> what's all this really mean doug? once the questions are done, the testimony is over, where do we go from here? >> well, it is a good question. you know, i think there is every expectation, that democrat are going to walk out of this hearing and say we have smoking guns here. we have evidence that the president was pressuring the fbi director to back off after investigation. republicans will walk out of this, and president will come out of this no doubt saying look, comey backing up this assertion that the f.b.i. was not investigating the president to begin with. and that there is no there there. so not likely to really chang much we don't think unless there is real bombshell, which
5:39 am
you can't rule out, but just doesn't seem likely right now. >> why do they put the remarks out a day before? >> well these are kind of written remarks that witnesses often smith for the record, and they were put out yesterday, it kind of stole some of the thunder area way from the hearing that did take place yesterday, which involved some top officials from the nsa, and the justice department, the fbi, and so on. but, yes, they were released yesterday. nothing necessarily inapropriate about that, but just timing was kind of surprising. >> all right, we will be listening closely, really karen mentioned there is they have watch party down there, one bar offering a round every drinks for every time the president tweets. >> oh, no, drinking games, oh, all right, and i knew that would happen. thank you, doug. >> good to see you. >> thanks, guys. >> 5:39 here. take a look at this. it looks like one big party you're about to see, guess what it was? for some out standing student, and it wasn't even the highlight of their day. >> but first, here's sean bell. >> coming up in sports, in a minute, the phillies trying to
5:40 am
do something they haven't done since april. but, unfortunately, that team for may showed up once again, coming up next in sport.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> phillies have been rhett head, but last night, the team from may may have showed up once again. bases loaded, hit to third, mikhail franco can't get it,
5:43 am
run comes in. phillies go onto lose 14-one, end to the winning streak. to the nationals and dodgers, steven, strikes out gonzalez, but the ball gets past the catcher. so gonzalez gets to first. then straws berg with a wild pitch. that let gonzalez get into scoring position. and guess what? that same batter, yes, hits one to the gap. and that would be the go-ahead run. the dodgers will go onto win two-one. and the eagles, well, we'll have them back into ota. so we'll have more from all of the guys tonight. >> that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase?
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>> route nine southbound, just past john f ken zero kennedy, toms river area, ocean county, all lanes block because of there accident. so take the garden state parkway instead of route nine. >> disable vehicle lower moreland township at philmont avenue at red lion road. and we still have that car fire out there. hopefully the fire out by now. upper dublin township ambler at church street. police and fire department are
5:47 am
on the scene. >> we'll check your forecast, and it is a warmer one, coming up in 15 seconds. >> high pressure building in, tan should keep this low, down to our south, from moving northward it, will move further out to sea but will leave few clouds along the shore point today. so, i think we will not get into the 70s at the shore, but we will in town, look at the system now edging into virginia, from north carolina. >> future cast, and see the clouds, kind of socked in at the shore there, but, the
5:48 am
sunshine, the further north and west you go, mid 70s by 3:00 in the afternoon here, but staying in the 60s all day, in atlantic city, and wildwood. we have another cool one tonight. or even chilly in a lot of the suburbs with 40's, 50's, and then, tomorrow, we should get up to 80 degrees, at least, here in the city we should. so, as we walk out the door right now, plenty of sunshine, 55 degrees, at the airport, only 41 in mount pocono, brr. atlantic city at 47 degrees. and 51 in lancaster, so, a sweater if you are maybe waiting for the bus outside this morning, but won't need it later in the day. 81 degrees, your average hi, we were well below average yesterday. and the day before. when we stayed in the 60s, now, we move into the mid 70s, and here is your warming trend, 80 by tomorrow, mid 80s, by saturday, 90 on sunday, and it looks like we stay in the 90s through at least wednesday, of next week, and we could even be flirting with some high temperature records by monday, and
5:49 am
tuesday, a lot of flirting going on, guys. >> we like to flirt. sue, thank you. 5:49. talk about giant celebration for hundreds of deserving high school seniors. >> all about recognizing kids who just worked hard in high school to paying off going to college, our dawn timoney reports, the school district, local charities, through them big party, so big they had to fill a whole stadium. >> wow all i can say, probably 3,000 students there, and it was impressive sends off for these seniors headed off to college. >> high school seniors from all across philadelphia, were cheered on, as they arrived at the wells fargo center to celebrate their accomplishment, and the next chapter in their lives. college. >> they're very excited. >> we've come long way since freshman year, we've gone through all of these four years, just to get here, and i think that means a lot to all of us. >> ivy, i am greated when her family, from china eight years ago, she is e-a-g-l-e-s toy
5:50 am
begin new adventure at drexel university in the fall, as a biological scientist major. >> big achievement. i mean, i am the first in my immediate family to go to college. >> ali of northeast high school is feeling very temple-proud. he's also the first person in his family to ever go to college. >> casino every take it as major step, inspire my brother, you know, let them like, ya, that's my bro, he's going to college. just to motivate them to go. >> today's festivities included a parade of the many different colleges and universities these student will be attending come>> ste. >> jew ann can't stop smiling ab the greatest feelings in mys big(cheers). >> that's what i am college signing day there is guy, ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ congratulated the student >>♪ tv, b initiative hasimoney,,
5:51 am
>> ♪ performing over at the right no. karaoke. this time who i be >> i'm on know country way ♪ sk la ♪ sinking carpool great voice. >> love the voice. wasn't all about the music. sharon told pretty funny story here, how he once tried to hit a golf ball out of justin bieber's mouth during night of barcracking bieber across the face with a golf club people would like to do that, but not ed. star studded night, big night in mash ville. guess who is here? if you can look into the crowd and squint, bob kelly was there, last night in nashville. all of the big stars, miranda lambert, florida georgia line, luke bryant, bringing the house down. one of the big moment when we have keith urban, he came up huge in this one. gotten snubbed for other stuff, but took home four awards last night including video of the year for blue
5:52 am
ain't your color. >> i think i see bob kelly. maybe he's up in the pocono mountains? good morning to you, 5:53. no, he was there, 55 degrees. weather and traffic state ahead. stay with us. fast play
5:53 am
oo, yeah. up i
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
>> loyalty, what's this cloud, that thing, can we just get this to go away. just some of the phrases that will be making headlines on capitol hill, about 10:00 this morning, we'll have it live here on fox. but, former fbi director james comey reveal his conversations,h president trump. >> bill cosby's defense takes aim at his accuser. how his lawyers tried to poke holes in andrea constand's story. plus, what's expected today, as a high profile case continues. >> with the dagger. warriors star silences that crowd in cleveland. in the final
5:57 am
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