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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 8, 2017 9:00am-9:58am EDT

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>> national best friend day, so showing photos here. go, best friend. me and my bff, when we were at the q show. >> oh, how cute. >> oh, i met them. the haley family, i think. hey, baby nurse.
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>> that's sweet. >> but do you know he? >> i know karen hepp. >> you sure do. good morning. >> good morning. >> hi, karen. >> hi, high. good day, it is thursday, june the eighth. 2017. >> so, i have the solution to our dilemma. >> you know bill mar used the n words on his show on hbo over the weekend, getting a lot of flack, some of his guests kept canceled. but one hasn't. it is ice cube. so, ice cube on our show in this hour. >> so alex and i trying to decide, why are you going to still be on the show, what did you think of this dude saying the "n" word? can you ask, karen? >> can i ask? he was in the group, nwa. a lot of -- all right, well, i'm going to -- i -- >> what did nwa stands for?
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>> don't even, don't try that. >> by the way, jermaine, do you know that name, jermaine dolly, you are going to, philadelphia native, listen. >> albumn debuted at number one on the billboard gospel chart, now will perform his hit, his hit song, you. >> it is different. you may think you know gospel. but no, this is another love one. >> i bet he likes prince growing up, don't you? >> sounds a little like. that will interesting, when you listen, bye prince, i hear that one in it. >> also hello to this new thing that's happening out there in king of prussia. this is so exciting. lifetime fitness. >> i want to live there.
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they have water park, spa, health club. >> kids center. >> anything and everything you need, seriously, all in this spot in king of prussia. >> we'll take to you that city in a city at kop coming up. >> all right. there are studies michigan state university found overall both family and friends are linked to some higher levels but as we get older, found that friendships are more influencial, than the relationship you have with your family member, yes. friendships can affect how often people report feeling sick, and happy. >> all right, let's get into it. what's more important, your best friends? how do you tell your secrets to, best friends or family members? >> well, my sisters, i would say, and i would say your friends, depends on the secret, what it is, who it involves. but i think real important to have girlfriends, people you can confide in, and have, you
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know, that they aren't going to at the everybody. sometimes you're been with your family, and your friends specially as you get older are the family that you create, that you pick. so, i have that with a lot of my gay friends, they sometimes were rejected by their family, then gather their family. that's the family that they choose and they surround themselves with. >> very good point. you can't pick your family but you can pick your friends. >> friends are your chosen family. >> oh, that's good. you're extremely close it your family. >> i am, my parents, kind of like a trio. >> do you have friends that they know everything? >> i do, but i tell my parent pretty much everything. we're very close, we hang out, so, i talk to them about, you know, other friends, work stuff, dating, all of that. >> so even the dating stuff they know about? >> uh-huh. >> you're tell your mom? >> what? >> and your dad is great at advice. >> you remember some of the advice he gave, when i first came to town, you were shocked at the stuff my dad -- >> how frank he was with you.
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and you with him. >> oh, ya. even with the bachelor, you know, bachelorette, on, he told me alexi think you should watch it, it should be therapeutic. >> i said i feel like some of the scenarios that with the men, ooh experienced, seeing how millennial men r i feel like i'm learning so much. >> well, that's true. i've learned a little bit. been watching. >> you're been watching took. >> my daughter jessica and her husband are obsessed with batch lore and botch already it. i think the dumb he is show on tv. but i can't, every now and then i can't stop watching it. it seems so creepy and you should bathe after watching. >> he's talking about the attitudes of the men, when they talk about rachael, the bachelorette, how they interact with each other, you can see a lot about how, he says the young guys, how they're thinking. >> so what's your dad say? what kind of advice would you give? you're some guy, whatever, what's the kinds of thing he might say to you that i might not expect? well ... >> well, one famous one, and
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this is not the way you feel or he really feels. >> hole on now, don't get me in trouble. you know my father watches. >> no such thing as -- >> oh, i guess you can do that but the problem -- >> not advice. >> certainly, no such thing as you cannily rich man. >> because i ask him, we go out, look, who he has, she's gorgeous, i don't see it. then goes that's because there is no such thing as an ugly rich man. then also says he doesn't advise marrying for money if you marry someone for money you will work for every penny you get. >> that's right. >> if you marry for money you will earn that mine every day. it has to be about love, right? >> but like you might be dating somebody, and he'll give you flat out opinion what he thinks. >> yes. >> next thing he knows, you will know who is the one before ill know. so he's i trust you and the way we raised you that you will find that person and
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you'll know then we will learn to love him. >> glad it is time to let her go. >> i think good cans ill. i have a mom who cancels me, gives her the opinion, my dad gives the man opinion. >> you don't know this, but your dad has pulled me over and give me advice. >> you listen? >> no. >> not because of my dad, you just don't listen. i've given him advice. >> big time. i listen. i just don't act. >> like i hear you. >> i here you and you're probably right. so many things we all know, but like you just can't do, like, you know that's what you should do. like you should, you know, but you just don't. >> sometimes your heart trumps your head. >> right. >> every time we have trump you can't use that words trump any more. >> people always think you're
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being political. >> what's another word for trump? help me? where's my thesauri us? >> well, more important -- >> supercedes? >> good. that's a good one. >> excellent. >> you're on fire. >> this makes me sick, missouri opened a chatter of their alumni association, in the city of philadelphia. they let them have the kimmel center tonight. >> no, it is not at the kimmel. uptown beer guard glenn oh,. >> and calling it restoring the roar, because they've had a chapter. >> so -- >> out on the street or on a patio? >> nice day out. it is a nine, did you hear sue serio? y? way the point is he went to kansas, rival school, and he's considering popping up on us to ruin our little alumni gatherin. >> i think i should go over there with j hawk t-shirt on
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maybe big j hawk hat. and i'll get the temple university band to play the j hawk fight song. >> why don't you invite your own society here? >> where is the kansas alumni chapter in. >> maybe i'll get joel embiid. >> oh, what else is he doing? >> redesigning the fanny pack. >> you don't want it call it the fanny pack. people think of certain things. >> it is a fanny grabbing renaming it calling the belt bag.
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>> neice are horrendous. >> goofy ones, like that's horendous, whatever that is. awful. >> here is the thing, looks like she going to festival. so convenient. >> i like cross body purses, they're small, you can just& carry everything. >> put the phone right up here. >> cross body, women, pack here. talking about the ones that just come -- >> oh, sex. >> i olds school 80s whether we used to have the real long ones, have them across. >> i love them. that's all i wear now, used to dot big purses. >> you know where you've seen then? >> where? >> wall street, around outer fitters. >> forever two; sure they have them, too. are we a fan of this? all wearing them? >> it is friend day. i'll call one of my close friends here, didn't tell her i was doing there is at roots picnic, there we are, the one in the white shirt. you can't really see, she put it off to the side in a cute way, but wearing a fanny pack. >> that's like a small, perfect place, because you don't want to be caring large
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bags, out and about, have your important stuff with you. you want your lip gloss. >> there all day. >> you want your money, your cell phone and your lip gloss. that's it. >> see how well i know you. one on the right, carla, and i know this woman. she is going to be so mad at me, her name start with a a? >> no. >> what's it start with? >> c. >> carries a? >> no. >> you're trying to make a point. >> curly? >> no. >> chantel. >> it is not seantell? >> i say chantel. >> then, can we put that up again? i'm representing your father. >> it is a festival, yes, roots picnic. >> i'm telling you, i've seen fanny packs, people are wearing them.
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>> yes, i have a. >> but things always come back. bell-bottoms, remember? people still wear them. they came back? they tweak them little bit. not the same. >> i'll be dawning a pair of black bell-bottoms at about 11:00 this morning, matter of fact. >> another addition of the players, we have a video, probably present that to you in the next week or so oh, god. >> the things we get ourselves into. >> ya. >> wear a white flow i dress stands over a fan to imitate marilyn monroe. that was towelly brought up in the meeting. >> as you watched our show. >> and called, are you sure you don't want to do it? i said i'm retiring as dressing as a woman for at least a year. >> you said that for a long time.
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>> we had woman, half blonde hair, half black hair, and a part down the mid. >> what was it, half face? oh, gosh. >> two face? >> two face, yes. >> so said, well, mike, why don't you have half blonde hair half black hair tomorrow. >> you brought that up. >> i didn't bring it up. >> i really don't think anybody is listening in the control room. but they were listening. >> honor their special occasion, what? >> according to new survey, one of the gift that people want to have get plastic surgery when you have a major live event. maybe your birthday. maybe it is around a major
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milestone. so now, more of them are asking specifically on their graduation, to have something like liposuction, maybe wanted to have some enhancement after part they thought it was important to them. >> special time for people because the next phase of your live, maybe want to make a big change you don't want to do in high school. but go to college and do something, like we don't have the same nose. >> hold on. high school graduations or college? >> either, doing it from high time, because you can recover over the summer. and then i know lot of people that would change their names between high school and college. >> like got pigeonhole schemes in high school, new and better me, grow into myself, time of self discovery. >> change their name even? >> i know a ton of people that changed their name between high school and college. >> were there weird names? >> like metal worlds peace?
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>> i had a friends and license angelo, and sometimes do you, that so it just depends on this is my heritage, or this is my culture, or -- >> ,/got you, okay. >> that works. >> like big chess that want add small chest, girls small chested that wanted a big chest. >> i took a picture yesterday over on 21 street, doing restaurant review. and i couldn't post it, because i had a sweater on. did you see it? and it look like i have -- >> (laughing). >> how did you see it? >> i didn't say anything. >> how did you see it? >> because i know the person. >> our intern -- >> , no she posted it. >> she posted it? >> ya. >> take that damn thing down. take that down. no, it looks like i have breasts. >> i was mortified. i tried -- i tried eight ways to sunday upstairs downstairs every filter, every, couldn't get rid of the man boobs.
9:16 am
>> there is a surgery for that. >> surgery? >> a whole special on bernie parante. >> can also go to the darn gym. >> he also had a condition. >> yes, 'd condition. >> my condition is, i'm over eating, and all i do is eat sugar. horrifying. it was horrifying. i tried -- >> but you don't wear like under shirts and like proper things under it, guys wear when they wear sweaters. so i also don't think -- (laughing). >> the proper like -- >> i'm going to kill her. no, it look like i was pregnant. don't bring it up. stop it. tell them. no, i tried every filter, i did it black and white. i was -- i can't believe she posted that. >> isn't it so funny how people -- (laughing). >> she is a little bit guilty of that. people only look -- they look at them in the picture. >> oh, typical woman. typical. >> do you see it, karen? >> i bet she picture. >> looks like -- my dad would do that every time he would d cs
9:17 am
st we had just eaten two pizzas. oh, look.knows i have bad >> what have you done to now. >> do it. do funny. >> michael, our director, said how much. spent a half hour tryo getbs. >> ready to go.
9:18 am
>> who put that up? an under n >> bathe i did it? he's got your number. >> can you turn the camera around think it looks that bad. you're being hard on yourself. i think -- >> there is not hard. >> no,o. >> oh, bathe i, showing our director. look at him, going under the table. >> wow, that's dedication. that's commitment. that's commitment. >> i account not believe michael did you that. wow, those it was bros before. >> oh, look at you. >> are you no. >> just an illusion. i don't think were you wearing the actual -- >> i got on a friend, how can i filter those boobs out. >> well, try getting the saturday ration to take it way down. >> i tried that. >> >> yes. >> you phoned a friend? >> i phoned a friend. how to get rid of man boobs. >> you know what he said? go to the gym. >> they're in the that bad. >> the answer for so many things. >> i think it was the lighting, wasn't it?e trim guy. you're trim and slim.
9:19 am
>> no, i'm not. >> i've put on 20 pounds because i'm earatin, ever since i cut out alcohol, i didn't realize so much sugar in alcohol., blah. dang. >> and the food here just too good in the area. seriously. >> oh, but all i'm doing is eating sugar. so as every from one to the other. >> how about we give to live time. this new gymil in king of prussia. it is quite a ways for me. but okay. can they get rid of man boobs there? >> they can get rid of man boobs. we'll do that in a little bit. gym for mes a fitness resort.ig to go to then? >> we'll be and show you, when we come right back. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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>> that picture is what i needed to get out of bed and get to the gym. so i know we think of gyms, all the same, all look the same, this is not a gym. like jenn fred, more like a resort. >> this to has got everything for the parent, the kids, all of the service, and, all right, jen? >> they are saying a resort. so i need to see a list of these classes, obviously you guys have basketball. i'm looking down here shall cheerleading, spanish emersion, sport skills. martial arts. >> all under one roof, par kent get their work out in, we will take care of the kids. >> obviously the bigger kits, but i know you start with
9:24 am
services for kids as young as three month old. >> go down the slide, just enjoy themselves while here. again, for three year old to 12 year old. do you have to have a mom here? >> you check them into the zone. have to be in the facility while in our care. >> so, like, there is an app for this place, where mom can book her, like, spinning class hi, jillian, whatever chance she want to do, the app will pop late what type of spanish ' america america sean, zoom book whatever. >> i love that. >> we love it, too. you said at that time tumble is one of the most popular, you guys have it set up sort of like an obstacle course. >> we do today. this is one of our guru led
9:25 am
class, we call them gurus because they are really experts in our field. one of the most popular classes, you can see the equipment, the tull recall track. >> as a mom i have to ask you some mom questions. so what's the teacher to child ratio typically? >> in our academy at one to 12 ratio. it is a little bit tight nerve our tumble studio just because of all of the equipment, one to eight in here all of this stuff included until the membership? >> it is. believe it or not, everything included that's 105 class as week that the kids can participate? >> no registration required. we will ask for their most favorite class and wrist band with priority choice. >> oh, okay. and then you guys do do summer camp, but have to do it for the whole week. >> week by week basis, 11 days, very excited. >> i lover summer camp. so much fun. we have seen the situation outside. basically a water park.
9:26 am
>> yes. >> i'm assume that will be part of the fun. >> a woman did not invent this thing, guy invented it whole situation? >> true. it is pretty perfect if you ask me. >> some dude, got to be a dad, in minnisota oring? >> in minnisota the dude needs farther of the year. forget about father day. this is riddick justly cool. when the mommy can cymba, when the kids learn spanish? back to you in the studio. >> they get their thing, we get our thing, all make use of our time. brilliant. >> they need to bring one closer to us. that would be great. >> okay. ice cube is on good day. get ready, he's a lot going on, always has a lot going on celebrating his top selling albumn, we will talk about the big three, and then, also, we're going to ask some other questions here. but we're showing some
9:27 am
pictures because it is national best friends day. best friends since high school. from christina. best friends song. look at this one from sharon. thirty years. oh, they even dressed alike. i love it. >> ♪ pro-tip: chop all your veggies for the week at once. super pro-tip: buy your veggies pre-chopped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
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>> last week had a triple double.elieve. today was a gooda good day, two reasons, i didn't have to use ak. and i don't have a ak. philadelphia. >> good morning. >> hey, good morning, how are you all doing?
9:31 am
good to see you again, man. >> oh, m all too. >> last time were you in our studio here we were compton which turned out to be so well all these accolade, man. you making anotherou know, righu know, it is is basketball. >> i love. that will we love basketball. >> we did hear last friday is coming. you're not working on that. >> ya, well, we are writing it, but it is still, you know, still in the beginning stages of putting all of our ideas together. >> i tell you -- >> but ya, it is coming, we are working on it you. >> know you've been on our show. no holds barred around here, so i'll get right to this. play this happened over the weekends, sounds on tape, from bill marshbo show, here it is. >> it is in neb last a did a. >> welcome. love to have you work in the fields with us. >> working the field?
9:32 am
>> that's -- i'm a house beep. >> house, and then the "n" word there. two things. what did you think of that? should he be suspended or the show canceled and again have you been asked to be on the show? >> ya, i actually go on the show tomorrow. i was booked to go on the sho show. >> they asked me did i want to cancel, my team, no, you know, i feel like, you know, he was trying to make a joke and i went too far with it. and, you know, bill has been a champion, and then speaking, you know, about blackish use, with his show, you know, but he steps over the line sometimes. and he stepped over the line, and i see this is a great teaching moment that, you know, we may be cool, bill. >> but we ain't that cool. >> school on them when i get on tomorrow let them know?
9:33 am
>> i want to say school them. but i'm just going to teach them, you know, where the boundaries are. >> yes. >> because that's really what it is all about. it is all about knowing your boundaries. and not getting too familiar. and understanding that and when we hear that word, you know, come out of certain people's mouths, it feels like a weapon, because it has been used as a weapon. >> so it is just not cool. so he needs to know that. >> okay. boy, a lot of people are going to watch that show, i'll be watching that for sure. >> can we talk big three? >> let's play happy birthday, because, it was ai, allen iverson's birthday yesterday. you know how much we love ai. in philly. >> that's right. ai is the man. >> and interesting, because we will see him now. get involved with basketball again. and i'm ready for this.
9:34 am
>> allen iverson, mighty j on the other. dr. j just coaching now but allen will play, great to bring three on three basketball to philly which is such great -- >> explain the league. what is it? >> well, it is three on three professional basketball, taken it off of blacktop, and put it inside the arena. and, you know, what's great, we all grew up playing three on three. we all grew up on the blacktop, in the backyard. it is actually the most form played of -- i mean, team basketball in the world. so, you know, only right, to make this professional. we are some of the best players that's ever played in the world. part of this. and we can't wait to come to fill. >> i sorry to keep, ai, you know we're on zested when ai
9:35 am
each but did it take a lot of convince to go get him back on the court. was he like let's do this? >> well, you know, it took convincing. at first when you come to so many of these guys with this idea? but once he saw what was was really trying to create. and he just was like, man, you know, i want to be a part of that. >> forty-two, can still play though. >> he can still ball. he's actually working out with his high school coach. sent us some tape. and man he's knocked it down shot, the cross over sweet. >> please. >> maybe ask him to go back on the sixers then. >> the warriors, looks like,
9:36 am
they'll sweep the finals. what do you think? >> i don't know, man, them 80s teams look tough, you know, who knows, you know, you can't compare eras. >> no. >> but man, i remember, you know, bobby jones, and ivaroni, and andrew tone. >> i manure ' going deep. >> man, you can't deny that squad. >> and probably little bit better defense. >> come stop by the show when you're back in town. >> great to talk to you guys. >> thank you so much. >> july 16th, we're going. >> ya. >> oh, ya. >> to see ai play again, like, yes, at the wells fargo center. >> and it is half court, three on three half court, just like the playgrounds. >> twisting his words. ryan lochte, we talked about yesterday, we said that he was contemplating ending his life by suicide, he, hold on a second? you what are you talking
9:37 am
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>> so this might look like something i planned, gorgeous, athletic guys, work out all around me. >> this is lance, the general manager. katie is here. one of the things people want to know is like how is it better, or how is it different obviously, just the gym. this guy come with the membership? >> they don't come with the membership. our team training, individualized training, in a group, environment, through our lt connect app. >> okay. >> which really gives that you
9:41 am
heart rate training. allows to you know ex andly how you're burning fat, making it the mossee fish end work out possible. >> you want to burn fat but sometimes just burning sugar. >> look at what physically usual ' burning. >> correct. yes, we do individualized heart rate training on, so this way, we can figure out where each individual is burning fat, where they're burning carbs. so even though group setting make sure they're getting individual results for what their goals are. >> so they get super >> definitely, definitely. i mean, the >> yes, we do it for our small group classes, do large group classes, as w like, this is obviously for tv. you better crush him. that's right. keep keep going. >> typically energy where from
9:42 am
about eight to 15. can be in our small group classes. >> so one of the things hine your back, wondering what they're kw, i maybe i you guys are bakely sucking everyone in, do all of the stuff in that spot? >> lifetime acts as athletic resort for the entire family. i know we swe bringing everybody inside, giving the kids something healthy to do. >> he's not kidding. kding. but also overing over 100 group fitness classes a week, from yoga, along with our team luck. good luck. guys, i love you guys. and i wantoing to be taking theo go, in a little to go thing, and then imagine what i'll look like. i can't imagine. all right, you guys, pretty back when i went to the gym,
9:43 am
this is back d administration, they didn't have those ropes, but i've done those roams. ever do those fitness ropes?>> . >> but it feels so good if you can get it done. >> but the truth about go, you don't regret it afterward, just doing it and getting there. >> but then the next day you wake up and you can barely move yes. i always hurt after a couple of days after i go to the gym. >> oh, stop. and you're not working har enough. >> what is gym? >> this guy's good. he's from southwest philly. he learned how to sing in the church. jermaine dolly is on our show. are you willing to sing today for us? anything we want. number one on l billboard gospel charts already. he's here. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ you won't believe what they put in tyson fun nuggets.
9:44 am
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>> hey, sue, weather, in 15. >> we are counting down to the actual start of summer which will happen on wednesday, june t
9:47 am
12:24 a.m. >> things, with long stretch of sunshine here, 64 degrees, our current temperature, headed to 75 today. and 80 tomorrow. small chance of thunderstorm or two saturday afternoon, but high of 85, and then the heat is really on sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, one we state in the 90s probably the second heatwave of 2017. starting sunday of the weekends, mike and alex. >> are you ready to be inched contained, sue serio? my gosh there is guy's voice is fantasticment south well philly nature disbelief his albumn debuted one on bill boss gord pell charts, first single made it all the way to chart.ber two spot on the >> ♪
9:48 am
>> judge main dom is he here. how many times have you heard that? >> a lot of times. >> you're fine. >> it is nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you as well. we were watching this video. and when they said, okay, gospel, i'm sure you've heard it, well, this is kind of like will change the game little bit. certain sound? >> right. >> but you're break that mold. >> all about me following what jesus christ want me to do, put jesus christ first, my manager, independent label, independent gospel, we met up, we came all the way together, just wanted to make jesus feel good, jesus music. >> jesus is pretty happy about this, because your first cd, number one and two on billboard. >> yes. >> and roll quickly here, where did you learn to sing? church? >> yes. >> where do you sing now?
9:49 am
>> ass ezekiel baptist 57th and graze, right now, and every sunday. >> be so proud. >> god is good. man, god is good. >> he always has the solos in the choir. i know it. >> sometimes. sometimes. >> sometimes. >> would you sing you? >> yes. >> now? >> yes. >> okay. >> cool, let's do it. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:50 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right! that's comfortable long time.
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i don't want to buy new furniture every couple of years. it's custom made so you know it's good quality. i'm just speechless because it's perfect.
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>> our show synonymous with ryan lochte, has been, so, van, you're played it on "tmz," so, yesterday, we said that he admitted to somebody, in a newspaper interview, or magazine, they had a actually committed -- that he contemplated suicide after all of the trouble he got to in rio. what he say now? >> he's saying that it is not what he meant to say. ryan lochte, sat down, for ain't view with espn where he said he was about to hang up his entire life, after the events in rio, it was a big world-wide embarrassment, the trouble swimmers got into down there, in brazil. but he says he did not mean that he was suicidal or contemplating suicide. he says that what he meant was that he was sort of at the end of his rope, that he was sort of thinking about backing away from it all, but he wasn't thinking about hurting himself, or hurting anyone else. he has a kid on the way, he's focused on his future, always
9:56 am
been focused on his future, and he feels like a lot of outlet misconstrued, and took his statements out of context to make him look like he was, in fact, suicidal. he couldn't have been more definitive to us, but that was . >> you don't mess around with that stuff. >> that wasn't even the headline in the original article. someone saw some other stuff, you guys reported this on "tmz," and they took that and ran with it, so -- >> right. so he claims that, espn article, he said that was never said, never said by then r, but out litz pick it up, they kind of went with it. >> let's talk j-lo and a rod. when you have a fine man like, that he got little baggage. annex portion. what? >> ya. and an ex-girlfriend, more like ex fling, if you ask a rod, according to him, trying to get him out of $600,000, and threatening to expose some text messages that she seems to think will be incriminating as far as a rod and j-lo's relationship. this is a woman that a rod
9:57 am
says alleges, shall i say, he had a relationship with couple of years ago. >> they same tight. >> and, ya, she says after that situation, that he's been texting her, and calling her, and if he doesn't pay up, he's going to have to pay -- she will release these text messages to the public looking like a rod is messing with j-lo. he says none of this is true. matter of fact told j-lo about . and lawyer enough to get his legal team. sorry.y, we got too. sometimes i just have to tell you, just be quiet,th the cosby. we have to get to. that will we still love you. >> so we will get to that on more from cosby, because we did get a sound bite, be but i n we will take you washington dc live on fox 29 for the james comey thing, right here, on fox. >> as well as liveebk as well, d
9:58 am
on ourou again tomorrow. perfect day for a game huh? sure is.t know abou, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! but i think a foul ball's cominwhoa! way. what about this time? the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of 100 grand! (crowd cheers)
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>> it's fox news special presentation. >> and good morning from fox news headquarters in new york, i'm shepherd smith, this is fox coverage of the former fbi director james comey's testimony. a live look on capitol hill where james comey is set to speak at any moment before the senate intelligence committee. if is now investing gating russia's interference we know some of what comey plans to say today. he asked that his prepared opening statement be released yesterday, and it was. demanded doyle from him, just days after the inauguration. according to james comey the president said i need loyaltiy, i


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