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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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real life political drama on live television. former fbi director james comey testifying in front of senators and the american people about the russian investigation. former national security director mike flynn and why he thinks he was fired. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. this may have been one of the biggest it will physical television in 20 years. fox's caroline shively breaks down the day of testimony. >> reporter: in this extraordinary testimony, james comey called the president of the united states a liar. but he stopped short of calling his actions obstruct of justice. >> i remember thinking this is very disturbing development. >> reporter: uneasy in the first meeting, james comey told lawmakers he decided to start making written notes after each encounter he had with president trump. >> honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought it really important to document. >> reporter: from those notes, comey recalled the president pressing for loyalty which the fbi director read as tow the trump line or risk losing his
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job. he also revealed details of a private oval office meeting in which the president said he hoped investigators would go easy on mike flynn the national security adviser who had resign the day before a mid allegations he misled the vice-president about contact he had with a russian government official. >> i took it as a direction. >> right. >> this is the president of the united states with me alone saying i hope this. i took it as this is what he wants me to do. >> reporter: testimony damaging to the president, but damaging to comey, too. at one pope the former director admitted passing along information to a friend he knew would leak it to the press in order to provoke the justice department to appoint a special counsel. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all the others that are being investigated. >> reporter: the hearing is over, but members of the senate intelligence committee say they will continue this investigation for as long as it takes.
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in washington, caroline shively, fox news. we have much more on the web. you can watch the full testimony and read the written statement all online on from of course james comey. we are following breaking news right now. a deadly crash just outside of atlanta involving a church bus which overturned while carrying some student missionaries. at least ten people are hurt including children. no word yet on what caused that crash. developing story right now. jurors in the bill cosby indecent sexual assault trial finally got a chance to hear from the legendary comedian himself. but cosby wasn't actually on the stand. our bruce gordon has what exactly happened live now in norristown with the day's as usual dramatic events. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, yeah, bill cosby has already announced he will not testify on his own behalf. will not face jurors to explain his defense of claims that he drugged and groped andrea constand 13 years ago, but as you say, the jury still got to hear that version today.
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he was once america's dad and the voice of moral authority but on this day, bill cosby married father in real life sat in a criminal courtroom listening to his own words describing a sexual encounter with a woman three decades his junior. in his open home. cosby's interview with cheltenham police in january of 2005 a year after the alleged indecent assault was read in court by police detective richard schaeffer. in it, cosby is asked about the nature of his relationship with andrea constand. quote social or romantic. both he answers. as for the january night in his cheltenham estate, cosby says of constand, quote there was petting and the touching of private parts. cosby says constand made in attempt to stop him or push him away. cosby says such acts had occurred on three other occasions but never included intercourse. "i like the petting. the touching. i enjoyed it and then i stopped and went to bed he said.
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the idea that cosby's actions with constand were consensual angered fellow cosby accusers in the courtroom. >> i think he's bsing because i am one of his victims, and i know better. >> reporter: in the interview cosby says he gave constand one and a half benadryl tablets to relax her when asked whether constand was conscious and awake during the act, cosby says, yes. >> what i want to say s it's very important he admitted the benadryl. he admitted providing the pills& to her. >> once again, a handful of cosby supporters were on hand to ask that the public with hold judgment until a jury verdict. >> you don't know until the out come and that's what i'm, why i'm here. i'm here to hear for my self. nobody can tell me, nobody else can spin it. nobody else can edit it. >> reporter: prosecutors believe bill cosby gave andrea constand three pills. not necessarily benadryl even if cosby's version is believed, we already know he's told police that he uses benadryl when he needs to get some sleep, when
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he's jetlagged. he won't use two benadryl and then try to perform yet he says he gave one and a half pills nearly that same dose to a woman far smaller far lighter weight than he and then claims she was not impaired at all when they had their sexual contact. jury is going home for the day. judge steven o'neill sending them off to their local hotel so this allegheny county jury can get in front of a tv set tonight to watch their beloved penguins in the stanley cup finals. >> lucy. >> you know what understandable. thank you very much, bruce. after years of arguing in harrisburg lawmakers have finally come together and have passed what some are calling a historic revamp of the state's pension system called a hybrid plan. it gives teachers and state workers hired after 2018 a pension that's half guaranteed benefits and half four see 1k style investments if they want state employees can go all in on the 401k investments it cut retirement benefits for new state employees. it doesn't change the pensions
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of employees hired before 2019. the current debt ridden plan has crushed the state's ability to pay its bills since 2011. we sat down with governor wolf yesterday. he's got his pen ready to sign this into law saying it's critical to the future of pennsylvania's fiscal health. >> the expense is going to be there for awhile. you know, till 2030 -- i'd like to be governor in 2037 the expenditures for the state will go down by billions of dollars such a big chunk of this is the pension. >> supporters of the new pension plan say it had lawmakers from both sides of the aisle actually working together to make this happen. something they say harrisburg hasn't witnessed in years. tonight local lawmakers are saying enough is enough in the wake of recent crimes. >> it involves people with dissables being attacked. fox 29's joanne pileggi is live in west chester right now with the story. joanne? >> reporter: iain, two pennsylvania lawmakers want stiffer penalties for criminals who attack people with dissabl
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dissables. they joined chester county da tom hogan here today after public outrage over two recent attacks. >> the video of two recent attacks on people with disabilities one in west chester and a second one in germantown struck a cord with area law enforcement and state lawmakers. >> we don't need disable people or people with disabilities living in fear of being targeted and that's how it is today. it needs to come to a stop and we need to be able to prosecute these people with the full force of the law. >> reporter: state rep becky corbin and state senator tom killian along with chester county da tom hogan announcing the introduction of new legislation that expands hate crime laws in pennsylvania to include people with disabiliti disabilities. >> this law would give prosecutors and the police a tool. a tool to punish appropriately these predators who pick on these most vulnerable victims.
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>> the proposed legislation comes on the heels of a widely publicized case in chester county. 29-year-old barry baker, jr., caught on surveillance video teasing and punching a man with cerebral palsy. >> anything we can do to discourage people from doing anything like this i'm in favor of. >> i think there has to be stronger penalties for creating such horrendous crimes. >> reporter: that's the idea of the proposed legislation. >> that will raise the mack mum sentence from two years to five years which will send a clear message, a clear message, to the community. we will not tolerate this type of behavior. >> reporter: the legislation wouldn't impact these two recent horrendous cases. state lawmakers hope to fast track these bills. live in west chester, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. back to you, iain. >> joanne, thank you many. sickening story now out of southwest philadelphia where a one-year-old boy is dead and his
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stepfather is facing charges. police were called to the home on the 1700 block of south conestoga street yesterday. they found the young child on the floor without a pulse. he died at the hospital. police say the little boy showed signs of sexual assault. officers have are a revved the toddler s 24-year-old stepfather who was home at the time. prosecutors plan on charging him with attempted murder, rape and other offenses. >> a baby. to catch a thief. to night philadelphia police are trying to track down thieves in bella vista. cops say two men broke into a home on the 100 block of south sauder street two weeks ago. they say the thieves grabbed more than $30,000 worth of jewelry. if you have any information, give police a call. take look at these baby raccoons. can you believe they were dumped in a trash bag over the weekend well someone saw the bag moving in the area of lawrence street and pass pattison and packer avenue in south philadelphia and call the pspca the rack coops were taken to the pennsylvania
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spca for treatment. they are expected to be okay. anyone with information is asked to contact spca. >> pennsylvania spca does have hotline that you can call. it's cruelty hotline. four people are dead in a murder suicide at a market in northeast pennsylvania. state police say they got a call just before 1:00 this morning that man was shooting at people inside a weiss market in wyoming county. two women and a man are dead. along with a shooter. according to troopers all three of the victims employees. they have not yet released their name. ♪ on to your fox 29 wet authority now. as we take live look at the beautiful ben franklin parkway on this thursday night. let's get ready for summer because we're gearing up for a heat wave. >> very excited about this. >> i am. it's time. >> oh, yeah. >> deep into june. kathy orr. >> we are deep into june. we're just looking at the forecast and scott and i were saying wait a minute, next week is mid june? and it's been so crummy out there. today's high not that impressive but considering yesterday we were in the 60s and the same on monday, this isn't that bad. philadelphia made it to 72.
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reading 75. allentown 74. wilmington and trenton in the lower 70s and 65 in atlantic city with that persistent easterly flow. the ocean water is only in the 60s. so when you get that east flow you're talking about cool temperatures that have made it as far west as wilmington. some warmer temperatures through reading and lancaster where you are farther away from that ocean influence. we have a storm system passing offshore. keeping it cool with 60s down the shore. and once that moves away we'll see increasing sun. temperatures tonight will be falling through the 60s. into the 50s again but we will be seeing a huge improve many in our seven day forecast. the sun makes a major come back once this low moves away. i'll have the details on that and the heat wave in your seven day coming up. >> all right. sounds good, thank you kathy. new jersey now let's drivers complain about other people who are distracted behind the wheel. so how do you suppose that's going? >> sean bell. lucy, temple guy is doing anything he can to get a look from the eagles. see ally things a local kid is doing to get doug pederson's
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attention. that's coming up later in sports.
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drivers in new jersey taking advantage a new system to rat out their fellow drivers. since april, new jersey state police have gotten over thousand calls from people reporting distracted driving. get this. all or the vast majority were involved in the use of cell phones. just put it down. get off it. stop texting. and focus on the road. this is all part of the state's popped 77 program all you have to do is dial those three digits to report a distracted driver. >> could flooding get wars for the jersey shore? because new federal report says yup it will. it says shore areas could see tepp to 20% more in tidal flooding this year one of the factors is the sea level rising. researchers say philadelphia could also see an increase in flooding but that is harder to predict. also down the shore mtv is coming back but it's not for the popular series jersey shore. another show called beach house
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is going to tape for less than a week at a house in long beach township. taping started today mtv says the show is more about music and not about drama. today atlantic city mayor don guardian cut the ribbon to officially reopen the boardwalk between rhode island and oriental avenue. according to reports the $5 million project included new handrails, lights and seating areas the next part of the rebuild will extend beyond the avenue and add new bulk heads an sea wall. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at reading at summer make its return following several days of unseasonably cool temperatures. meteorologist kathy orr has how it's going to get really hot really soon in 15 seconds. so yesterday in the 60s. today in the 70s.
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tomorrow in the 80s and it's going to be really busy as everyone gets a jump star on the weekend. temperature right now in philadelphia. the high today 72. 8 degrees below normal. winds still out of the east break out of that easterly wind and we will by tomorrow afternoon. when you look at the coast from boston through philadelphia and raleigh, temperatures in the 70s. some 80s through chicago and as you head into the central part of the country, wichita, rapid city even minneapolis 85 degre 85 degrees. that piece of the action is going to be moving into philadelphia tomorrow. an area of low pressure that's helping to bring this cloud cover cover will push farther away. you'll see that cloud cover lift to the northeast. we break out in sun. so start of a sunny stretch as high pressure builds into the region and those winds do become westerly. the high tomorrow around 83 degrees. so for tonight another cool night overnight low temperatures will be in the lower 50s. as skies begin to clear and the winds will be on the light side. during the day tomorrow, we'll rise about 30 degrees. that's a rapid rise in temperature. partly cloudy to sunny skies.
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and that sunny stretch will be kicking in. as we look ahead in a few days high pressure will pump off the eastern seaboard. bringing in heat and some humidity. suddenly it will feel like summer again in our forecast. we're talking about a day in the 90s by sunday. and that stretch is going to last at least four days. the two days of our heat wave that will be dangerous will be monday. it will feel like it's 95. tuesday even worse feel like it's around 100 degrees. it's been cloudy, it's been gloomy, it's been cool around here so this weather is going to see more of a shock to us. so the heat will turn serious early next week. also al allergies are going to be back. it's going to be warm. it's going to be windy. especially for saturday, sunday and monday those allergens the grasses and the oak will be in the medium to high category. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, sunny and pleasant for your saturday, 86. 91 sunday. 93 near record warm many monday. a record for your tuesday 95. wednesday 90. that's a four-day heat wave.
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in may we had three hiv day heat wave by thursday still hot. the high temperature 88. not a huge difference between 90 and 88. what's a couple of degrees, >> between friends. >> the main weather feature is the sun. so good to see the sun. >> i know. we didn't see it in may. >> yay! >> all righty. eagles wrapping up voluntary workouts. voluntary. >> right. you get yelled at if you're not there. >> oh yeah. people notice. >> exactly. >> but come on. it's may, june work out who's cares. they're wrapping up work outs and a guy i noticed that was sort of outside the building that caught my eye. northeast temple grad is doing something, anything just to get a chance at the pros much that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ eagles wrapping up third and final week of voluntary workouts but it's what i saw outside of the novacare complex that caught my eye. northeast high school grad and
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temple owl across the street trying to do anything he can to make his dreams come true. >> i'm not asking for a massive contract. i'll take anything. i'm here and i'm not going anywhere. um, i want to be here. i want them to see here and i want the opportunity to make something happen. >> while the eagles players are inside the novacare complex grinding and working out rashaun sligh is outside just hoping to get a shot. sly is a former temple player that last his last two years of eligibility to you to transfer. because of that he has no agent, no current film. so he decided to just camp out and try to get someone, anyone to notice he's putting everything aside for this. >> in my heart i knew i always wanted to do and that was play football and catch passes and use that to continue to helping society. this is me fighting for my football dream but fighting for pie life's dream as well. >> unfortunately, sly is
6:25 pm
currently homeless and bouncing from couch to couch. just one tryout. just one look could change everything for this kid. he has a special message for the eagles for anyone watching. >> i'm a receiver talent with mazing hands. and i'm not boasting i've been known to have amazing hands. just give me the opportunity to show you and i guarantee you i'll 11 of the secret stories that philadelphia may need and potential looking for. i really do know for fact i can do this team some good. i just want the opportunity to do so. >> tryout. give him something. anything. okay. to the nba finals last night game three was incredible. it was the best game of the play offs i think. kevin durant in the last minute clutch. that was three right there that gave them the lead. basically gave them the game. basically gave them the series. basically stamped kevin durant's career. because that's the shot that everyone will remember when he retires. incredible. warriors up three-zero it's about to be a sweep. real quick like i said give sly
6:26 pm
a chance. >> yeah man. >> eagles, just a workout. anything. just put him on the field once. that's all he wants. >> i'm in. >> maybe let him come to training camp. >> just once. >> yeah man. >> cut a bunch of guys. >> even if they cut him. >> at least he was there for week are two. >> local guy. fans will love it. >> absolutely. >> does he and want to do this. we'll let him do this. >> i'll call him up. i think he still wants to play football but you know. >> i wouldn't mind have the rest of the evening off. if he wants to come on over. [ laughter ] >> right here. >> give him a chance man. >> join us tonight for more fox 29 news. talk about a party foul. this truck tips over and spills thousands of cans of beer. >> that's a problem. >> if you're offering to clean us this mass tonight at 10:00. >> kathy is ready to clean up the mess collecting with her big bag. >> that does it for us at 6:00. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00. have a good night. inside edition is up next.
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do you solemnly swear -- >> tv history. bars. inside cars. people everywhere watching. >> each and every tv screen tuned in to the comey hearing. >> and a social media on fire. then -- >> mr. cosby, how are you feeling? >> did he really tell his accuse tore straighten her hair some. and pumping fido? >> the wild new workout. doggy lifting. plus, the woman charged with urging her boyfriend to take his own life. returning to the scene where he was found. and the haunting video of the boyfriend. >> i have to be happy. i have to be happy. and weatherman brad pitt? >> things are going to be getting warmer.


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