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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 9, 2017 12:30am-12:59am EDT

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>> the horrific, tragic murder of a little girl. the daughter of a high level executive. >> -- allegedly murdered his 7-year-old daughter. they believe he suffocated his daughter. it happened two months after his wife filed for divorce. >> that has nothing to do with it. >> it what a hypocrite. >> you are a bunch of incompetent fools not to be fire. >> all of my daughters birthday pictures were in the third-floor. >> maybe you're right.
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>> we have team chaser coverage of a horrific tragic murder of a little girl, daughter of a high-level nbc executive allegedly at the hands of her father. i want to start with you diana. >> it's hard to believe that in this quiet community of townhouses in new york it has become side of a tragedy. that's what it became a tuesday when the 47-year-old allegedly murdered his daughter. they found the little girl, gabriel white unresponsive and bad and the father bleeding from his wrist. they believe he suffocated the daughter before slitting his wrist. they are investigating the exact cause of death now. it happened two months after his wife filed for divorce from
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mr. white. now, in a statement she remembers her daughter has her life saying quote that she is devastated and heartbroken. the family is for any donations be made in the gofundme page in honor of gabrielle. there's no date yet for awake her funeral. i'll keep you updated on what happens next. the family also has a memorial service to be held at the great baptist church. were waiting that date as well. >> what is the next step for the father who stands accused of murder? >> as far as i know he's in custody. he was arraigned on wednesday. again he was charged with second-degree murder. >> do we knnnnow if ththe execue went to work today, where she is today? >> i believe she is in connecticut. that's where her father lives. >> thank youous
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career spanning from a producer on the oprah show to her current position as vice president of town acquisition and campus og has been clouded for her impact on developing the industry. her friends and supporters have taken to facebook posts like these, and comments expressing their deepest condolences and sending heartfelt prayrs the family. they have even started to change theda phter gabrielle who show their support and to honor gabrielle. speaking as her role as a mentor, michelle thehelp othersr success in dreams. she and the family communicated throuh memorializing gabrielle they
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foundation page. in doing that they will help others, unlike gabrielle who doesn' hr education, to do just her mom has eyes been want to help women achieve the highest standards in their profession. that is what she will continue to do through gabrielle's memory. >> so crushing inside. thank you. three, two, -- high-speed chase. >> so a peacock walking through an open door in royal oaks liquor in california. the manager was in the back to work in her shuffling. she called the local animal control and chaos ensued. there's a liquor bottle smashing all over the place. over $500 in damage. >> there's an air mark dispensary that has combined both things into 138-dollar --
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the thc for marijuana's in the sauce. it cost $38 and gets a rather high. >> take a look at the tweet posted by at 123, always smiling of a photo recreation. metal line from california thought it would be cute to re-create a child a family photo that took place at her mom's high school graduation. after her own high school graduation she popped back up on dad's shoulders and took the same picture. >> you caught up with the governor christie, what he got? >> with the whole country watching, they're watching jim comey's testimony congress, i wanted to get reaction from governor chris christie.
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i found him in date new jersey where he was at an event talking about the transportation trust fund. what was on everybody's mind was happening in d.c. at the exact time governor christie was holding the event in jersey. in light of trump picking chris raise the fbi director i asked governor christie if chris ray who is his lawyer doing bridgegate when now give him his cell phone back? >> now that president trump has picked to chris ray is an fbi director, will he give you back yourself on? >> i guess if he asked for it. >> actually governor christie took my questions are sleep. he said that he wants to, for everybody for the record explain the history of the cell phone. >> there's so much ridiculousness about this issue. let me walk through it carefully for you guys. >> mr. ray had request for information from that cell phone from the u.s. attorney's office. i expect him to fully cooperate. mr. ray had took possession of the cell phone to convey the appropriate information requested by the u.s. attorney's office to them. he just kept the cell phone after that.
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it had no connection any longer to the cell tower will not be able to be utilized. i remember somebody asked me which causes ridiculousness, where's the cell phone. i said i did not know. what i meant by that at the times that i did not know who had it, i didn't know. i know because i would be asked today to verify with mr. ray that -- i don't care what they do with it. as far as i'm concerned they can throw it out. it doesn't matter to me. >> the reason my christie's cell phone became irrelevant is because there is speculation that might've been text messages that may have implicated him saying he knew what was going on at a time he said it was not happening. this is all speculation. the cell phone could've had those text messages implicating governor christie but we never seen it. >> maybe has pictures on their he wants, games he's downloaded,
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selfie's, right governor? >> woo hoo, proof that i conquered it's not a receipt, the timestamp. >> look at that, 147 miles per hour. how about that? >> so this summer nationals are coming to town, we had cameras in the drag car as i put on a racing seat. that means the helmet, fireproof pants, jacket, i strapped in and took off 150 miles per hour double track. [inaudible]
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>> it was a rush. i was so nervous before he took off. >> i heard you are calm the entire time. >> i'm so nervous. i got behind the scenes and went to the raceway park in new jersey and i got to meet the world champion -- the professional drivers engineer the dragsters were hanging out with me on the track. >> where you most excited to meet today? >> definitely one of my idols, i would like to continue with it. >> be and where i am now i'd like to recognize -- so fans are expecting a win he's driving this weekend, all we, was summer nationals going on june 8. >> they make over 10000 for spire requires the engine
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rebuild. for me as a driver i just do my best not to go out there and hurt the equipment. these things are over 10000-horsepower. 02100 miles per hour in less than one second. they accelerate harder than the space shuttle behemoths. is the ultimate roller coaster ride. >> they put a fireproof suit on. >> they have a big helmet and strap your arms inside of the car. it may have looked like i was driving so hold onto the front and they took off. [inaudible] >> you cannot see so well because it was like bumping around. >> how fast and how long? >> nine seconds.
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>> we had a racetrack in a high school. that is mind blowing. those 12 seconds for my car. felt like it went by super fast. if you ever see a crash at his -- that's what make racecar driver so hot. every time you step to that car you take your whole life. >> are you talking about temperature? >> were talking about looks and temperature. >> is an open to the public? is a strictly competition? >> this is a two-seater driving serious. but all we can the fans are coming out. >> awesome. very good. >> we beat the hell out of it. it was a daunting time. >> an assault by a cop admitted to understand following a police chase that killed the young man's military career and his ambition for professional boxi
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>> to know how loud that is.
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>> wrapper -- to not go to san diego, why? you'll get punched, apparently there are two wrappers, one named triple x and the other is rob stone. rob stone from san diego told triple x did not come to san diego or i will punch you in the face. and then what did he do? you would to san diego. what did rob do? punched him in the face. during a performance it was highly documented on the social media. a cubs fan is being held by a good samaritan after a cubs game. the man is blind and he's
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looking for a cab. the woman comes over and hails it cap for him. a guy named ryan posted it to facebook. he was at a nearby rooftop. took a picture of her and wrote a great message. she got a minutes ride in on his way home. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it's about time we have a near conversation. >> i need those guilty. expects that loyalty. those are the now famous words that former fbi director jim comey said donald trump told him in his efforts to pressure him to drop the russia probe. maybe those words are just normal new york conversation. that's how new jersey governor chris christie put it on and interview with msnbc. >> you seen a president to is now very publicly learning about the way people react to what he considers to be normal new york city conversation.
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>> new york city conversation. >> i grow practically in a foreign land, almost 15 miles from here but had to come to new york city to come to new yorkers about their motive conversation. including the hot dog vendor who i just amended loyalty from. >> added that go. >> i need loyalty. i expect loyalty. i said i need loyalty and expect loyalty and he said, relish? [laughter] >> i'll take relish instead no loyalty i need loyalty. so things get a little weird when he tried to sell a laptop. do you want to buy one? i need the money.
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the laptop salesman asked me to buy him a hotdog which i did and in the hot dog vendor asked me to a laptop. >> this is a new york city competition right there. you want me to buy you a laptop now? i think that is a new york city conversation there is definitely a new york city conversation going on behind the scenes so somebody pushes you on the train and it's a ricochet effect and instead of the person saying i'm sorry it's no you push me, he push me,. >> it sounds a little like trump yes, maybe it was just a new york city conversation. >> he is very new york.
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>> don't ever say to you new york i need loyalty i expect loyalty. >> no, no, no no nobody is ever said the. >> bosses have never said the two? >> it's very simple. we have a good working relationship. but i really do expect a little more loyalty from you. it's time. that's making me a little uncomfortable. i will go write that down now. i'll write it all down. >> i make it a record of this conversation. >> i'm going to go tweeted out. that's a near conversation. >> they beat the hell out of them it was in a newspaper. i said what happened they said they beat me.
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this is a serious question because his black. >> that is cute down senior discovering the first time he saw his son following the younger downs arrested november 2014 following a police involve cops including ones since then he's been hell for robbery and assault at a mansfield gas station the police allege he was fleeing frohat kie young man's military career and drowned his ambitions a professional boxing in a sea of addiction, pills marijuana. >> i'm kind of disappointed in . >> i want to cover closing arguments in the superior court, thinking of recovering the story of a police department. an assault cops limited to
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understand by cop who is the former chief sun. this is the part that tdmitted o striking your son what you say if you had a chance to talk to him? [inaudible] >> i could see him is happened he's disappointed in what he feels his son has done, we might k tomorrow. closing arguments just wrapped up on thursday afternoon. the jury gets a kiss on friday. the defense attorney asked the jury to find him guilty
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alluding but not guilty of robbery and assault. he is not guilty of those charges but he is guilty of >> thank you. >> i laid in the babies say grandparents and family members having full-time [tv background]
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>> he thought it meant -- >> can you hear me? .
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>> he said stop moving the camera. >> the horns are known as the classic cup boys, you see them on comedy central before with kevin hart. these to be his openers. the headline this weekend at the stress factory comedy club in new brunswick. get your tickets.
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>> it has been almost a year and she missed the babies birthday. and the baby cried and every time she cries i get this horrible feeling of hatred for my own daughter. >> we've been looking at all angles of addiction here on chasing news but somebody new it's have been coming along opening the store on addiction. i was contacted via facebook by a woman named linda atkinson. >> she shared her heartbreaking story with me, the story of grandparents and family members having to become full-time parents again of children and even young babies because there are addicted children are not fit to be good parents. according to linda her daughter started using heroin around 20 years old. at that time she had a newborn
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baby girl. >> i lay in the babies room. in the next afternoon she was lay the baby down and i went out there to tell her something and she was gone. those less i've seen her. >> those august 2016, but when you're go. >> so she just left the baby is to have has not seen her mother since august 2016, leaving linda raising the child alone. linda's in her 60s. is there any help out there? >> i don't get anything for the baby. i was told to apply for food stamps and it goes by my income. for food stamps she's my defense, she goes on income. it's whatever's convenient. >> the daughter could shop at any moment and grab the baby and that would be the greatest three of linda. she has already abandon her once and she scared she was taken her
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somewhere else and abandon her again. she cannot stand losing another person. >> moshe have to prove to you? >> a minimum of year clean. i don't think at this point i would ever trust her. >> that goes to show you the unconditional love of the parent. she has her life to live in now she's taking care of her granddaughter. she's not taking the easy way out. >> another great night of chasing news. thank you for watching. tomorrow's friday. we'll see right here. you know where. i have to say. >> it's not what you hear in the news every night. >> you been working so hard. >> though be a complete
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