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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 9, 2017 4:00am-4:58am EDT

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and very good morning, happening right now on "good day philadelphia" a wild scene in north philadelphia end with a police officer opening fire, killing a man. plus, a heroing escape a 16 rear old girl kidnaped and sexually assaulted by three masked men and now search for her abductors. >> solemn reply swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. please be seated. >> comey under oath, 10s of millions of americans glued to their tv, computer tablets to witness a historic day on the hill. former fbi director james come y telling congress he has no doubt that he was fired because of the russian investigation. week of developing news right now from britain overnight, voters have dealt prime minister teresa may a
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stunning setback, and now the cries for her to step down are growing, this morning in london. breaking news, it is friday. >> yes. >> time to celebrate, great to have you here on this friday, 4:01. good morning good morning to you, sue. >> good morning to you. i did wake up and wonder what day it was, thanks. thanks for providing that service just in case sometimes you do and still are in the fog. >> ready for the number. >> yes. >> do you think it might be double digits. >> you are right, yes. we will give you a 10. round of applause for my 10. thank you so much. it is first of all friday alone sometimes makes it a 10 but we have got decent weather on the way and appropriate weather for june. 54 degrees, cool start. sunrise at 5:32. other temperatures we still have a few 40's around this morning, sweater weather in allentown, pottstown and mount pocono, and 45 degrees in
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millville, we don't have any rain to show you but some cloud out to the west, and our low pressure system moving up to new england and bypassed us for some cloud, yesterday but mostly sunny, cool with that high of 72 on thursday, and where we headed today? it looks like we will probably , get up into the 80's , so maybe about 81, 82 degrees and it will be breezy as well with wind gusting as much as 25 miles an hour. that is your weather authority forecast, bob kelly, continues his little mini vacation and we have a look at traffic and unfortunately an accident on i-95 southbound at girard avenue. you can see all of the emergency vehicles on the scene there were only reduced to one lane there luckily early in the morning so we don't have too much traffic but everybody out there it is slow going. vine street expressway of course is closed again this is ongoing construction closed between broad street and the schuylkill, and until 5:00 a.m. we have an accident in bristol
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, southbound route 13, bristol pike between 413 and dor set lane. right lane block there and quick look at ben franklin bridge, from the new jersey side, everybody is moving long fine but i think we will see mass exodus maybe some folks getting into new jersey, early today to get down to the shore karen and thomas. >> all right, sue thanks very much. we will begin right now with the police involved shooting, there was a dirt bike rider who has been shot and killed after allegedly pulling a gun on a officer. it started just before 7:00 last night on the whittaker avenue. police say the officer was transporting witnesses when he notice aid dirt bike driver going recklessly and then bike stalls out and officer pulls up next to the guy to investigate. officer saw a handgun frisk a man a drew and in the back seat of the officers vehicle the suspect pulled away from the officer and pulled out a gun. officer fired his weapon at least one time,
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officer has been placed on investigation and standard. we don't know the another developing story out of frankford, abduction and sexual assault ofhat the 16 year-old girl was snatched off thefore 7:00 o'cloe t vehicle and drove her to anproperty on f foulkerod street where the luckily the girl was able to escape to a treated by sexual at trial, today prosecutors arepreh portions of cosby's deposition including his admission that he gave that sedative quaalude to young woman, we will explain, steve keeley out there at the courthouse, steve >> reporter: here we are on friday but don't expect friday to be the even of the trial
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week, not the end because this trial likely to go tomorrow and a rare saturday session since jury is sequestered and trial moving quicker then judged predicted. prosecution lead witnesses are through, today expect the forensic toxicologist who testified in another big trial in philadelphia, remember kermit gosnell. he will tell the injury bye on the affects of quaalude and other drugs prosecutors accused cosby of using to make woman too week to fight them off. two officers testified one about what cosby told him when cheltenham police first investigated andrea constand's claims, another who read back cosby's answers, many very sexually graphic details, about what he did, with andrea constand. now jury veteran prosecutors who are ab serving this trial say probably doesn't recognize all of the folks hoff been coming to court every day with cosby. it has been a change for three days. yesterday fellow comedian actor lewis dicks from philadelphia, and joe torey, both who spoke to reporters, both before and after the
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trial, and one of the questions people have is how with it, how alert is cosby since he will be 80 on july 12th and jury gets to see him with a kaine holding in the arms of everybody coming and going. listen to watch his reaction as he cuts off the question, to friend joe torey when we were talking about court as questions gets to the accusations he is facing. >> how long have you known mr. . >> it has been 30 years. >> these are very serious accusations, are you, do you believe that he had nothing to do -- >> mr. cosby how do you think it is going. >> very important he admitted the bend drill, he provided the pills to her, he has a pattern of behavior, that is consistent, throughout all of the 60 women hoff gone public and those we know who have not gone public. >> nobody was there, you know, to see any of this happen so
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it is all hearsay. for me to be an comedian, entertainer and support cosby i just want to hear it for myself before somebody tells me. >> reporter: it seems at least that the prosecution may be on the verge of resting its case here after the effects of drugs and the behavior of sexual assault victims after being molested. look hot defense put on as witnesses in their case. maybe former district attorney bruce castor whom we have learned through that officer's testimony shut down the cheltenham police investigation just four weeks in and just as officer said that they were meeting to plot their next steps. also despite him saying that before the trial he is not going to testify, still possibility of bill cosby himself as jury has heard his word from the victim's mother recorded phone call and his answers yesterday in that case , in the investigation, and in the dave kinchen report call, we four year-old boy from a me, my brother had
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neighbor, to answer his call with the call to 911, sending officer rushing to the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue. >> one year-old and four year-old grabbed the officer's leg, crying, please help, please help. >> reporter: police say they struggled to open up the bathroom door where they found , shawn, and his girlfriend sandra, 31 with drugs all over. >> a couple syringes, a spoon, 10 bags, three of which have been opened. >> reporter: narcan brought parents back around while neighbors cared for the boys. >> we fed them, we washed and bathed them, they are both two innocent little children. life just beginning for them kid. you want to keep them out of. that you don't want them sad. >> addiction overcomes everything. the addiction is more powerful then love of your children and that is bottom line. >> reporter: police superintendent michael chit wood were parents were among five overdoses in the
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day wednesday with the children having the most to lose. >> this is a perfect example of the destroying the family. destroying the family. these kid don't have a chance. >> reporter: parents are facing drug charges their boys in the care of the extended family. >> they play with their kid, they take them to the park, they do good things with their children. they are excellent parents except for what is going on. >> reporter: while parents face drug charges police hope they can get the help they need and police tell us in the years in upper darby they have used narcan to save more than 200 lives. in upper darby, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi, by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, and that the work force had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies, plane and simple. >> all eyes on this one
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historic testimony to congress , former fbi director james comey you saw right there saying the president was lying but stopping short of calling his actions obstruction of justice. >> comey said president asked him for special consideration and months later he was fire. our caroline shyly breaks down key testimony from the hearing >> i remember thinking this is a very disturbing development. >> reporter: unease any their first meeting james comey told lawmakers he decided to start making written notes after each encounter he had with president trump. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of the meeting and i thought it was important to document. >> reporter: comey recalled the president pressing for loyalty, which the fbi director read acito the trump line or risk losing his job. he also revealed details of a private oval office meeting in which president said he hoped investigators would go easy on mike flynn, the national security advisor who had resigned the day before amid
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allegations he mislead the vice-president about contacting he had with the russian government official. >> i took it as a direction. it is the president of the united states saying i hope this i took this is what he wants me to do. >> reporter: testimony damages to the president but damaging to comey too. former director admitted pass ago long information to the friend he knew would leak it to the press in order to provoke the justice department to appoint a special council. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all of the others that are being investigated. >> that was caroline shyly >> what is the, y takes off his clothes >> what is the, y takes off his clothes right ...or even t against the is it still paint?..nd... aura grand entrance from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
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it is last good spell of weatr, nice weeket modera, be in the lower 80's at thethe weekend. let's check pocono mountains 77 on saturday. eighty-four on sunday. looking excellent both days of the weekend. our low pressure system down in north carolina yesterday at this time is now up, cape cod and it is raining there so it bypassed us but did give us cloud cover at the shore, we have some wrap around cloud cover out to our west but that is all we have got as far as, cloud, are concerned, we expect tons of sunshine today, tomorrow, there is still a slight chance, especially north and west of the city, pop up shower in the afternoon say between three and 6:00 p.m. not that much of a chance but showing up on the future cast so we thought we would mention that.
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54 degrees in the philadelphia forty's in pottstown, allentown, mount pocono, millville in the 40's this morning, 53 in lancaster and ocean water temperature off atlantic city is 62. 5 miles an hour wind, not a big deal just calm out there. average high 81. will we get to around average? probably today but yesterday today temperatures were pleasant. humidity low. it was 72 degrees. our weather pattern is about to change, so much so we are talking about record highs for monday and tuesday which both days off the record are 95 degrees and our forecast is for highs in the 90's so here we go with today 83 degrees. tomorrow 88. that slight chance of the pop up then are storms 90's on sunday, monday, tuesday and that with mean a heat wave. chance of pop up thunderstorms on wednesday. mid 80's on thursday. so it looks like we are setting up for heat wave number two, of 2017.
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starting on sunday. that is your seven day forecast. don't forget about in the car 101.1 more fm because our forecast are on the radio on that station, all morning long lets check the traffic on your friday morning. we start off with construction , construction, construction, route 63, eastbound, right atwood haven road and i-95 you can see that , that might slow you down and blue route, northbound, between norristown and the mid county toll plaza we have construction there as well. not a lot of traffic thank goodness and an accident in bristol southbound route 13, between route 413 and dorest lane the right lane is blocked there also an accident at route 422 westbound, the off ramp to him rick, is there an accident out there, as well so be careful out there and enjoy your friday, thomas and karen. >> that is excellent advice, thanks sue. developing right now pressure mounting this morning
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for british prime minister teresa may to resign. she gambled having an election and it did not go the way she plan. her conservative party lost big time, majority in the snap election they held yesterday. she called for this early election in the hope of increasing her majority and strengthening britain's hand with brexit tall with the european union. no party reached 326 seats necessary for majority of the parliament, negotiations with the european union are due to start june 19th and now they are in disarray about their exit. so we shall see. 4:19. man convicted of killing three people during 94 robbery of the alabama fast food restaurant was put to death last night by lethal injection forty-six year-old robert word before he was executed. the execution was the second in the state this year and second in just two weeks. lets go to the nation's capitol two peoplerashed with tr pickup truck in the two bike
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officers, this was about 9:00 o'clock last night. patrol officers were on their bikes when a white pickup truck hit them as well as a dot worker. one of those officers is now in critical condition, the other, injuries, and also the worker not life threatening investigators say so the driver and passenger in the pickup truck were taken in police custody. just another horrible scene here four people dead in a murder/suicide at a supermarket in northeastern pennsylvania. state police received a call, just before 1:00 o'clock yesterday morning that the man was shooting at people inside a weis market in wyoming county. authorities say 24 year-old randy stair shot two women and a man before turning the gun on himself. according to troopers all three victims as well as a shooter were employees at that store. and new charges against a local youth hockey coach, police after rested walter fer inden from lansdale for a second sexual assault involving a young boy. prosecutors say it happened in shamong burlington county in
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92. officers first arrested 56 year-old, three months ago for what they called a similar incident in 94, and he also faces charges in delaware. they think there may be many more victims out there. also a delaware man charged with child sex abuse seven two-year old john meteny turned himself in wednesday. they investigated him in may when a 17 year-old girl claimed he groped her and touched her inappropriately and inappropriate places and in different locations. he is charged with the continuous sexual abuse of the child. 4:21. charges could be filed against a wilmington teacher accused of roughing up one of his students. mother of the fifth grade girl at northeast charter school said her daughter was pick up, slammed in the bull 10 board by a teacher. this happened after she arrived a few minutes late to class on tuesday. >> he was pulling my arm, and yanking me every where and then i sat in the hallway and i cried to myself.
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>> the whole incident was recorded on the school's surveillance camera. school administrators say the 27 year-old teacher has been terminated n a statement to fox 29 the ceo says east side charter school recognize that is positive learning environment is necessary for students to learn, and achieve high academic standard. we make all of our decision was this in mind. family of the six year-old who was shot in the head in broad daylight now speaking out. family of desean banner releasing a banner said, ja shawn is a strong, courageous child and proving this by a second. he was shot tuesday 12:30 in the middle of the afternoon with his mother by his side on the 700 block ofe sixth sleet in wilmington. family thanked the community for their love and support through this most, difficult of times. lets take a look right here have you seen this guy? delaware state police need your help this morning. they say 25 year-old michael reynolds robbed a customer inside a wawa in claymont. it happened in the store's
4:21 am
bathroom in the 2600 block of philadelphia pike. this happened last monday. tea another look here if you recognize him you know what to do, call the police. take a look at these guys wanted for installing skimming devices on first trust bank atms throughout the area this photo was from june 1 at bank on second street pike in southampton bucks county. they are also wanted for putting skimming devices on atm's in doyletown, northampton, springfield and philadelphia by the way if you have an account with first trust, check them very carefully for suspicious activity. 4:23. you have road like that second street pike, they could not decide which one to call it second street pike, road. >> yes. if you are one of the people that checked your phones beware on the road in new jersey. >> why other motorist may be ratting you out to police.
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good morning aim sean bell former northeast high graduate , reshawn slide, stood outside novacare complex with the sign hoping to get an opportunity, with the eagles. >> i'm a receiver talent with amazing hand and i'm not bolt ing i have been known, just give meehan opportunity to show you and i will be one of secret stories philadelphia may need and potential they are looking for. i do necessity for a fact i can do this team some good. i just want an opportunity. >> to the phillies and braves,
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through the sixth inning phillies already down two to nothing, brandon flowers hits a line drive over owe herrera 's head he miss played that completely. a run would come n the phillies, go on to lose this 13-one. to the predators and penguins this one, wasn't enclose, first period penguins already up two to nothing, phil kesell find malkin for the goal, the penguins destroyed predators six to nothing, take a three-two series lead that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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we have an officer involved shooting that happened last night, we know there was a man shot we will have the latest coming up on that one. also ahead on "good day philadelphia" in his own word jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial getting to hear from the comedian even though he is not taking the stand. >> predicting autism earlier then ever before, the new way that the doctors are diagnosing the condition, and babies as young as six months old. it is so great to have you with us on this friday, 4:30, good morning, everyone.
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>> hi. >> hi. >> the best part it is friday we will hear from a little birdie, it is a nice weekend. >> i just wish every day could stay like today starts out cool, only in the lower 80's. >> you are in charge of the weather department. >> we have heat and humidity on the way by the end of the weekend so energy our 10 out of 10 today because there will be plenty of sunshine. not yet but almost sunrise time. bus stop buddy does have a jacket on because suburbs, some of them still in the 40's this morning and in the city, we are at 54 degrees, very pleasant morning though, and looking at other temperatures, 48 in allentown. forty-two in mount pocono. millville, new jersey at 45 degrees but i will not need that jacket later on. couple cloud here and there. cool yesterday with a high of 72 degrees and today we expect a mix of sun and cloud and a high temperature of 83, breezy and warmer then yesterday. we will talk about the heat increasing over the weekend coming up in a few minutes but
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right now we're checking construction, again, route 63 eastbound woodhaven road at i-95, luckily, not too many cars out there this morning, vine street expressway, we still have got that close another there as construction continues, and construction on the blue route north bound between norristown and mid county toll plaza. so, lots of folks out there slowed down by construction but that should be pick up within the half an hour, guys. >> thanks, sue. developing right new there has been a police involved shooting that occurred last night. there was a dirt bike rider now shot and killed after allegedly pulling a gun on a officer. it started just before 7:00 at whittaker avenue. police say officer was transporting witnesses when he noticed a dirt biker driving recklessly, it stalls out, officer pulled next to that biker to investigate. authorities say that is when officer observed a handgun while frisking the man and drew out a service weapon. according to the witness in
4:31 am
the back of the officer vehicle the suspect pull is a way from the officer and pulled out a weapon. officer fires his weapon at lee one time, unidentified officer has been placed on administrative leave and, duty and they always do. that they don't have identity of the suspect. another developing story out of frankford police searching for three suspects, behind the abduction and sexual assault of the teenage girl. the 16 year-old girl was snatched off the street just before 7:00 o'clock, by three men wearing black ski masks. they forced her in the vehicle , drove her to an abandon property on the 1300 block of foulkerod street where at salt took place. the girl, she was able to escape to the relative's house where she was treated by medics. one year-old boy found dead in a home, his body, bruceed with signs of sexual assault. the man behind it, police say is his stepfather. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more. >> it is sad, it is sad, it is >> reporter: neighbors are in disbelief over what police say
4:32 am
happened to a one year-old boy on their street his stepfather is in cuss toyed and facing charges. dianne williams was sitting on her steps around 5:00 o'clock yesterday when emergency crews showed up. >> they brought babe out, put it in the ambulance and i thought the baby was going to be all right. >> reporter: police were called to the home on the 1700 block of south conestoga street in south philadelphia for an unresponsive child. investigators say when they got there a 24 year-old man who says he is boy's stepfather led them upstairs where the child was on the floor and didn't have a pulse. he was pronounced dead a half an hour later at chop where police say a doctor discovered multiple bruces on the boy and signs of sexual assault. >> i thought baby had been all right, until they pulled yellow tape out and we started crying everybody started crying. >> reporter: thursday city worker showed up, soon after a group of people neighbors say were renting rooms in the house arrived to move out their belongings. man and woman who did not want to talk told me they owned the house but someone had been
4:33 am
squatting there and renting the place after they moved out neighbors say they didn't know the man charged but they say the mother had been living there for about six months. >> always holding the babe. she loved that baby. i know she did. >> reporter: boy's stepfather is facing a list of charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault and rape. reporting outside police headquarters shawnette wilson fox 29 news. bill cosby trial moves in the fifth day, spotlight right now on some of the cosby's damaging civil deposition. lets get out to steve keeley with what we are expecting yesterday, steve, good morning >> reporter: yes, prosecution really winding down almost close to resting its case for sure and for the second day in a, row the jury heard bill cosby's, answers to all this. police investigating were called to the stand and they read back what cosby said to detectives, first interviewing him after andrea constand went to cops with the accusations and then reading back his answerness their civil lawsuit deposition.
4:34 am
in both he admits to giving her and other woman drugs, benadryl, quaalude and admits in graphic descriptions what exactly did he sexually with constand and among those watching in court, the lawyer for for the 30 of the 60 women who take on it was this proves the case, and his friend who showed up in court, but this proves cosby never straight from his story and he is telling the truth and it was all consensual. karen and thomas up next forensic toxicologist will testify on the drugs he admitted to giving to woman and probably an expert on the behavior, of those molested and, why they stay in touch with andrea constand and the big question is who is up for the defense and we have no clue at this point. >> learning more this morning 467:89:36. steve. ousted fbi director james comey says he documented a conversation with president trump. >> i thought it was important to document. >> through go, where they talk about the federal russian
4:35 am
investigation. >> of course this was a very closely watched hearing, he was testifying before this one and he talked specifically how the president had hope that he would end an fbi investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn. comey told panel that select requests made him very uneasy. >> what was it about that meeting in a led to you determine that you needed to start putting down a written record the circumstances, subject matter and the personally was interacting with, circumstances first i was alone with the president of the united states or president-elect soon to be president. >> comey revealed he pass add long information to a friend he knew would leak it to the press in order to provoke justice department to appoint a special counsel. we didn't hear directly from president trum been comey testimony but his son had a lot to say. donald trump junior telling fox sean now his father can get back to the business of the white house. >> this has been a 10 month
4:36 am
witch hunt, this is only thing they haddon trump, this is what they did to distract him from getting stuff done that he what's electric to ultimately do and i think now that this is all pass he can go back to doing what he promised he would do. >> the president's personal attorney says that comey testimony exonerates mr. trump and that he didn't break any laws, "fox news" has learned president trump's lawyer will file a complaint with the department of justice inspector are general office and senate judiciary committee over that memo that comey admitted to leak to go a friend. justice department saying now why jeff sessions re accused himself from the russian investigation, sessions stepped aside, back in march only because he was involved in president trump's campaign, his statement, came hours after comey testified saying that he knew of several reasons why it would be bad for sessions to stay involved. and of course if you missed anything with what happened, we have all of it right there on our web site at fox 29 to
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time is 4:41. florida deputy can't believe his eyes. >> because he comes across a guy walking down the street, naked. deputies say it started when andrew humphreys rear ended a car. he gets out and takes his
4:40 am
clothes off, there he is, and all his glory, walking down the road. when asked if he was on drugs he said no. investigators say he pull the door handle off of another sheriff's vehicle and urinated on it. he has been charged with property damage and criminal mischief. beer lovers, you may want to look had way here, semi truck carrying thousands of cans of budd light tipped over on the highway in tempe, arizona no one was hurt, and ramp had to be closed. look at that mess. arizona department of transportation tweeted afterward, no crime, over spilled beer. we do have a health alert. >> popular birth control is being recalled this morning. >> coming up it is not doing its job we will explain why, bottom line is you could get pregnant, we will explain. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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miss hoffman gets us there safe every time.
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mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. jelly fish pack a mean sting, showing up in the new jersey river. >> so about 20 adult jelly fish were reportedly discovered a few days ago and they have been found in other coastal waters. they have monmouth beach, so is reporting a jelly fish appear to be blooming at same time every year. these stings are so incredibly painful and they can lead to severe health problems even kidney failure. that doesn't sound good, sue. >> well, i think it will not keep anybody away from the
4:44 am
shore but we will be cautious just the same. we will start with traffic this time and looking at construction on the blue route , northbound between norristown and the mid county toll plaza, and everybody getting a oyongo kay even though it is a little slower in that area, and, also this accident in bristol southbound route 13 bristol pike between route 413 and dorest lane the right lane blocked there. lets take a look at burlington bristol bridge, why? because there is an opening, scheduled, and it is hard to tell just a little dark with that but anyway, take another bridge, the travel times, for you on this friday morning, we will start with the schuylkill expressway between the vine and blue route only a 14 minute drive, i-95 takes you 14 minutes from the woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. forecast for the weekend in 15
4:45 am
as we look ahead to the weekend we are looking beyond the weekend because we have some heat that will turn serious on monday and tuesday of next week. so, you know, probably want to get your air conditioning checked out to make sure it is working okay because feels like temperature on machine will be in the mid 90's and the heat index on tuesday will be around 100. enjoy your weekend at the shore. 83 degrees at both days of the weekend. i'll get it out. and uv index is eight, at lee today. so 77 degrees on saturday in the pocono mountains and 84 on sunday, warming up nicely there, as you make your weekend plans and don't have any precipitation in the forecast? for today at all, it looks really good. here is your future cast to
4:46 am
prove. that once again just like yesterday around three or 4:00 d west, some pop up showers maybe a sprinkle or two, that culled happen in the afternoon with the weak disturbance going by but it is not going to be a big deal and it will be much warmer tomorrow then it will be today. 54 degrees walking outdoor right now, still place was temperatures in the 40's, pottstown, allentown, wildwood at 57. fifty in atlantic city. we are not expecting as much cloud cover at the shore as we had yesterday, wind calm, that is not an issue either, 81 is our average high still below average yesterday but still very pleasant with a high of 72 degrees. we told you it was beginning of the warming trend. 83 degrees today. eighty-eight tomorrow. ninety-two on sunday, and humidity really kicked in on monday and tuesday. we will have three days in a row of 90 or above. we will reach 90 on wednesday but it depend on that thunderstorm activity in the
4:47 am
forecast, regardless, enjoy the weekend, thomas and karen. >> will do, thank you. your health this morning at 4:49. new study could be a game changer in the field of autism research. >> really significant. researchers are using brain scans to help doctors detect researchers used mri's of six month-old to predict which babies would be diagnosed with the condition by age two. the children in this stud write considered high risk because there is already an older sibling with autism. researchers looked at the pennsylvania earns of the brain activity focusing on area of the brain link to the symptoms of autism, language skills, repetitive behaviors, social behaviors and they still need to do more research before this is rolled out for more people. lets talk about an important recall for woman right now about birth control and there is a package goer or and it is significant and can lead to pregnancy. luken pharmaceuticals is pulling mibelas, fe.
4:48 am
the first 24 days have four non-harmonal placebo tablets so they don't do anything instead of the activity tablets. if you have this tell your physician, bring it back, get some stuff and will work. we have details right on fox is losing your hair costing more for woman then men? researchers at university of pennsylvania say yes, it is. >> they charge us more for everything, our dry cleaning, products. you have more hair. >> well, according to a new stud would i man pay an average of 40 percent more, on products that we use to fight hair loss like rogaine. study looked at dozens of products from 24 pharmacies and four different states including indiana, new york, ohio and pennsylvania, and they say that previous studies have shown that women often pay more than men, for similar products. we may more and we get paid less. >> is it worth it, we will start users using. after years of arguing in harrisburg lawmakers have come together and passed what some
4:49 am
people are passing a historic revamp of the state's pension system. >> hybrid plan that gives teachers and state workers hired after 20 18a pension that is half guarantied benefits and half 401 style investment f they want state employees can go all in on the 401-k. it cuts retirement benefits for new state workers, it doesn't change pension so employees hired before 2019, when the change takes effect, current debt ridden plan has crushed the ability to pay its bills since 2011. drivers in new jersey are taking advantage of the new system to rat out other distracted drivers. since april new jersey state police have gotten more than a thousand phone calls and get this all are vast majority are reports of people using their cell phones. this is part of the state's pound 77 program where all you need to does just dial pound 77 to report a distract drivers. talk about amazon because they are doing away with offering unlimited storage
4:50 am
space on amazon drive. >> it includes 100 gigabytes for 1.99 or tara bite for 59.99. amazon prime members will still get unlimited storage for all of those pictures. are you looking for a part think weekend. >> yes. >> then we have one just for you but is there a hitch? we will explain after the break.
4:51 am
ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand.
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look at that bought full picture, sun coming up early and early each day, absolutely stunning, wildwood, new jersey here we come. >> it will be a pack fun weekend. great to have you with us on this friday morning, time is 4:55. if you fancy frosty brew get your mugs ready highly anticipated wildwood beer fest this weekend. >> this will celebrate the art of locally brought craft beers thousands will come down the shore as they do every weekend but specifically for this one because it is all kind of great live music, food and vendors for crafts. tickets get you access to more than 100 different kind of beer and beer samples, beer if he starts tomorrow at noon. this weekend marks the end of the philly beer week but of
4:54 am
course it goes out with a bang , right. >> there are three other festivals we should comment on what is happening, one is festive. >> first one is fishtown fess value can join on the fun on frankford avenue tomorrow. there will be a day long beer carnival, block part which food, live music and more. second is shakedown street beer festival, you can find this party at city tap house, university city on walnut street and finally, there is the beer and party on schuylkill river. >> did you hear that bandit is playing, it is such a great talent. i will show you something else , big party that is happening, it is a dance party and it sound like nothing at all because you are wearing your own ear phones. do you like who can i that is what you are listening, to. >> we have had enough. >> so, this is a silent party, at city hall, and everyone through pay 26 bucks, put on a pair of headphones and pick it dj style and dance to the
4:55 am
music that you like so this is silent party and it will be on the outside so it will be fun. >> parties on weekend silent. >> 4:57. forty-second a dunn day festival kicks off, celebration of the african-american culture starts at 10:00 a.m. this sunday. it will take several blocks around graduate hospital on south street. festival will feature several performances on stage, vendors , food, whole lot more, a great time and best parties admission is free. one of the great won. if you love ikea but don't want to go to the store where you soon will be able to get your favorite swedish meat balls, we will explain.
4:56 am
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happening right now on good day philadelphia, talk bay wild scene, here in north philadelphia, ending with a police officer opening fire, killing a man. plus it was a heroing escape a 16 year-old girl kidnaped and sexually assaulted by three masked men, search is on for her a duckers >> solemnly swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. please be seated. >> comey under oath, 10s of millions of americans glued to their tv, computers, tablets a witness of a historic day on the hill, former fbi director james comey telling congress he has no doubt he was fired
4:59 am
because of the russian
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