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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 9, 2017 5:00am-5:56am EDT

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happening right now on good day philadelphia, talk bay wild scene, here in north philadelphia, ending with a police officer opening fire, killing a man. plus it was a heroing escape a 16 year-old girl kidnaped and sexually assaulted by three masked men, search is on for her a duckers >> solemnly swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. please be seated. >> comey under oath, 10s of millions of americans glued to their tv, computers, tablets a witness of a historic day on the hill, former fbi director james comey telling congress he has no doubt he was fired because of the russian
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investigation. we have got a big change in the world right now developing out of britain overnight they have had the big election, voters spoken, prime minister teresa may got a stunning setback and cries are out there for her to step down. >> what does this mean? we will break it down at 5:01. great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. >> it is a beautiful morning right now. so many people are thinking they will head down to the shore but where ever you wanting to it will be a nice day today anything you want. sue serio we have lots of festival and things happening this weekend. >> what a busy weekend. it is working out with the weather. if you want to count today as a weekend day, go ahead it is aid 10 out of 10. kid still to have go to school , in many districts. not finished for a lot of kid like bus stop buddy. there is a jacket for now because temperatures are in the 40's in the suburbs and 50 's here in the city with 55 degrees we have a 5 miles an her breeze, out of the west , sunrise at 5:32.
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checking those other temperatures it is 45 in pottstown. chilly, 42 up in mount pocono. we will head down the shore cape may at 58. brigantine 52. up in doyletown it is 45 and only 41 in perkasie. so that sweater weather for now no rain on radar and we don't expect any today. sun inn a cool yesterday with a high of 72. today we will gain 10 degrees or more with the high of 83. finally feeling like june is supposed to feel after a cool stretch, earlier in the week, so that is your friday, we will take you through rest of the weekend and talk about the excessive heat next week coming up. right now nothing excessive on the roadways to tell you about construction on the blue route northbound between norristown and mid county toll place, everybody getting bio kay, we are taking another look at the burlington bristol bridge, and a few test opening but it should be opened at five, like right now, so, take another bridge there. we are looking at the mid span
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there. disabled vehicle, norristown, dekalb street at east lafayette, a little bit of a slow down there and 422 westbound around limerick it has off ramp blocked to him rick lynn field this morning. so that is your friday morning traffic, still not too much but give it time, guys, give it time. >> we will, certainly, thanks, sue. developing right new we have a police involved shooting that happened in north philadelphia , dirt bike rider who was shot and killed after pulling a weapon, gun on a officer. it started just before 7:00 on whittaker avenue outside a restaurant. police say officer was taking witnesses when he noticed a reckless dirt biker out there and then dirt bike stalls. officer pulled up next to the dirt biker and according to the witnesses in the back of that vehicle they say dirt biker pulls off. the office ever also in that time managed to observe that he had a weapon on him and
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gotten it ready. according to witnesses in the back of the vehicle the suspect then tried to pull out a weapon. he fired at lee one time according to witnesses and they put that officer on administrative duty as they always do during an investigation. we do know the identity of the suspect. another developing story we are following, just a terrifying ordeal out of frankford police are searching for three suspects behind the abduction, and sexual assault of a teenage girl. philadelphia police say that 16 year-old girl was snatched off the street just before 7:00 o'clock by three men wearing black ski masks, they forced her in the vehicle and drove her to an abandon property on the 1300 block of foulkerod street where the assault took place. the girl was able to escape to a relatives how where she was treated by medics. all right. happening today, day five of the bill cosby sexual assault trial. today prosecutors are expected to continue presenting the jurors with portions of cosby
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's deposition, lets get out to steve keeley, with the very latest on all of that, steve. >> reporter: well, what came up, in the cross-examination yesterday may hint about who may come up when the defense starts its case, probably real soon. the prosecution topped witnesses, two police officers testified yesterday reading back cosby's answers right after andrea constand went to police admitting he gave constand and other woman quay lied and benadryl, admitted in graphic detail what exactly did he to do constand. on cross-examination cosby's lawyer brought up former district attorney bruce castor decided not to charge cosby. the officer on the stand testified castor shut down the investigation, suddenly just four weeks in as detectives were deciding their next steps so look forecast for to be called as defense witness when it begins its case in the next trial day or two. >> he does also admit the sexual touching, and the police interview, sexual
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touching after miss constand andrea ingested the bend drill that he admits that he touched her genital area, that he touched her breasts. so again we're down into the issue of consent. >> what i want, you know, testimony that we heard yesterday, testimony on monday and then what actually happened that night, the line by line and what mr. cosby, you know, told the police and everything he was saying was consistent, true, he never got away from it. it has been the same thing. in the law they try to see how consistent you are. he has been consistent. >> reporter: for three of the four days this week bill cosby has had different friend arrive with him for support, in family yet. that has been outside early morning intrigue in the courthouse and the trial itself but former prosecutors, veteran prosecutors watching this case some inside say likely very unnoticed by jury
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who likely hasn't even recognized the folks with him. that is just outside perception. whole different perception in that jury box. >> steve keeley, thank you. heart breaking, terrifying sight for two young brothers. they found their parents unconscious from an overdose. as fox 29's dave kinchen reports sadly those parents were not the only overdoseness town. >> reporter: police see a lot of things but many officers who responded to this call, well, their parents and this was especially hard on them. >> somebody help me, please, help me. >> reporter: december spray cries of a four year-old boy from the back window worried for his parents, unconscious, from heroin overdoses in upper darby. >> he he said can you please help me, mom and baby lock in the bathroom. can you help me. they are in the bathroom. >> reporter: that boy and his one year-old son, asked kendra to answer his call with the call to 911, city officers rushing to the 7,000 block of green wood avenue. >> the one year-old and four
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year-old grabbed the officer's leg, crying, please help, please help. >> police say they struggled to open up bathroom door where they found three two-year old shawn, and his girlfriend sandra, 31, with drugs all over. >> syringes, spoons, 10 bags, three of which have been opened. >> reporter: narcan brought parents back around while neighbors cared for the boys. >> we fed them, we washed and bathed them because little baby needed their diaper change. they are innocent children just beginning with these kid. you just want to keep them out of that. you don't want them to get depressed and sad. >> addiction overcomes everything. addiction is more powerful then love of your children. that is bottom line. >> reporter: police superintendent michael chit wood said parents were among five overdoses in the day wednesday with the children having the most to lose. >> thinks a perfect example of destroying the familiar. detrying the family. these kid don't have a chance.
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>> reporter: parents are facing numerous drug charges, their boys in the care of the extended family. >> they play with their kid take them to the park they do good things with the children. they are excellent children except for is what going on. >> reporter: while parents face drug charges police hope they get the help that they need. police say in the last two years in upper darby they have used narcan to save more than 200 lives. in upper darby, dave kinchen fox 29 news. the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, and that the work force had lost confidence in its leader. those were lies plane and simple. >> historic testimony to congress former fbi director james comey saying flat out that the president was lying but stopping short of the calling his actions
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obstruction of justice. >> comey said president asked him for some special consideration and then months later he was fired, our caroline shyly has the story. >> i remember thinking this is a very disturbing development. >> reporter: uneasy in the first meeting james comey told lawmakers he decided to start making written notes after each encounter he had with president trump. >> i was concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting and so i thought it important to document. >> reporter: from those notes comey recalled the president pressing for loyalty which fbi director ready to the trump line or risk losing his job. he revealed details of the private oval office meeting in which president said he hoped investigators would go easy on mike flynn the national security advisor had resigned the day before a mid allegations that he mislead vice-president about contact he had with the russian government official. >> i took it as a direction. this is the president of the united states with me alone saying i hope this. i took it as this is what he
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wants me to do. >> reporter: testimony damaging to the president but damaging to comey too. at one point former director admitted passing information to a friend who knew would leak it to the press, in order to provoke the justice department to appoint a special council. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated along with all of the others that are being investigated. >> caroline shyly reporting a side from comey testimony one of the big focuses is on senator john mccain. >> interesting to go listen to and a lot of people were tweet ing bit. his questioning seemed according to them a little bit off. >> but you reached the conclusion that there was no reason to bring charges against secretary client. so you reached a conclusion in the case of mr. comey president comey, in the case
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of president trump. >> it was very interesting line of questioning. >> yes. >> then senator mccain realized that afterward and then tweeted out that you know what he was up late watching diamond backs game something egg will not do again before a very big day. 5:12. pittsburgh girl and she was pushed she said, shoved roughed up in her own school. >> not by a student but she claims at the hand of her own teacher. >> what do you do when you go to the public root room. you use your public rest room muscles and use a big squat, ladies or toilet paper and line the whole seat there. do you think that trick works. we have some new information for you.
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that is right at 5:15 just a way to get friday morning going, wilmington good morning , another deceiving morning you will step outside and say wow, it is cold but guess what it is going to be another beautiful day, is that right sue. >> that is for sure, yes, this is almost california weather where we start off cool and then warm up in the 80's by end of the afternoon. one thing we don't have in the forecast for today is rain but this 2017 marked april and may have been very rainy months, and that is good for what we have had which was a drought situation but it has, kept things especially in the month of may when we had six and a third inches of rain.
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pretty wet. we have had barely a quarter inch in the month of june but it is only ninth day of the month but we are looking to a change in the weather pattern where jet streams moves to the north and we will get southeasterly wind where air comes from the southwest, it is hot, humid and it will kick in especially on sunday. feeling warm tomorrow, but there is double barreled high pressure as we call it, moving into the area, and kind of sticking around, this high will set up, off shore, once this low pressure systems gets out of here and become infamous bermuda high. we hear about that weather pattern all summer long. it is not officially summer yet but it will feel like it. no rain on the radar to show you and as we look quickly at the future cast, today is dry, we still see a couple of pop up showers, maybe about 4:00 in the afternoon on saturday, showing up on our computer models so we will mention it but it is not a big deal the way it is looking right now and it will still be warm tomorrow. 55 degrees as your walk out the door right now, it is cool
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in the suburbs, many of the suburbs, pottstown 45. allentown 47. forty-two in mount pocono. mid 40's down in millville, new jersey, and wilmington wind, we have had 70's yesterday, by monday and tuesday, we will be in the 90 's and it will feel hotter. we may talk about record highs for both days monday and tuesday of next week the record is 95. so how hot will we get? mid 90's for both days, 92 sunday, three in a row that will mean a heat wave. eighty-eight for tomorrow. eighty-three today as we look ahead past tuesday at least in the upper 80's maybe even warmer depending on a chance of showers and thunderstorms, that is your seven day forecast. once you get in the car 101.1 more fm we have your forecast on the radio all morning long as well as here on the tv. so we're checking now vine street expressway, construction has been pick up and everybody is getting ready
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to be at lee for right now, looking at, i-95, right around cottman avenue, smooth sailing , lighter volume as there often is on a friday morning. and, an accident in egg harbor , garden state parkway north bound approaching route 40, route 322 there, that exit the right lane is blocked on that part of the garden state parkway and we still have that accident out there near route 422 westbound the off ramp to him rick lynn field, new back to you, karen and thomas. >> thanks, sue. pressure mounting for british prime minister teresa may to resign they had an election day yesterday and her conservative party lost its majority in the snap election. now leader of the labor party jeremy corbin need to step down. may had hoped continue on crease her majority and strengthening britain's hand with the exit talks with the european union. it clearly backfield. it shows no party reached the
5:19 am
326 seats that are needed for a majority in parliament, negotiation toss leave the european union are due to start june 19th. man quick of killing people during 1994 robbery of the alabama fast food restaurant has been put to death. forty-six year-old robert nelson had no final word. he was executed last night, by lethal injection. execution was the second in the state this year and second in just two weeks. now to the nation's capitol where two people have been arrested after they struck some officers there, with the pickup truck. officers were on their bikes at 9:00 last night patrolling those officers when the pickup truck hit them and then another person a dot worker, one of those workers is in critical condition. we say that the other injuries to the other officers and dot worker, they are not life threatening, according to investigators, but both people in the pickup truck, driver, pass evening were taken in custody. new charges against that youth hockey coach, police
5:20 am
have arrested that guy walter ferinden of lansdale for second case of assault of a young boy. prosecutors say that it happened in shamong, burlington county, in 1992, officers first arrested the 56 year-old three months ago for what they called a similar assault in 94. he is also facing charges in delaware and anytime you have a case like this they think there may be more victims and possibly many more. another case involving child sex abuse a man from delaware, facing those cdnesday. he started,ol at numerous wilmir pick up, i cried to myself. d>> on the school surveillance camera, school administrators tell us that the 27 year-old teacher has been terminated and in a statement to fox 29 the ceo says, thate side charter school recognizes that a positive learning environment, is necessary, for students to learn in and achieve high academic standard we make all of our decision was this in mind. take a look after you seen this guy right here?
5:21 am
delaware state police need your help this morning, they say 25 year-old michael reynolds, robbed the customer inside a wawa in claymont. it happened in the bathroom at the store on the 2600 block of philadelphia pike, last monday take another look, if you recognize him call the police. check out these guys they are wanted for installing skimming devices on first truck bank atms throughout the area this photo right here fridays june 1 at the bank on second street pike in southampton, bucks county, they are also wanted for putting skimming devices on atms in doyletown, north hampton, springfield, and philadelphia, if you have an account with first trust check them carefully for any suspicious activity. take a lot these masked bandits right there, no babe ray kuhns but there was a band who it put them in the trash bag and dumped them there over weekend good samaritan saw that bag, moving in the area of lawrence street off pattison and packer in south philadelphia. call spca, to be pick up for treatment and they are expect
5:22 am
to be okay. do you love ikea but doesn't want to head to the store? we have got good news for you. >> i need more plastic silverware for my kid. you can order from it a number of different locations and even get it inside some stores we will from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids
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and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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snap music for you. i've got the power, um, um. >> do you see the little move. >> okay. >> do you want to buy some chairs, a bowl, maybe meat balls from ikea. okay. about to go easier. >> because they are looking to sell their products through more than just its own stores and websites and looking to go to other places as well. they are looking to push their products on third party retail platforms. we're talking amazon. this ways you can get their furniture through amazon or wal-mart, they have an on line component as well and on line and in store this could happen
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as soon as next year. we don't know which specific won will be involved but that is what the word on the street is. in health news... ladies, you know, this is our life. we go in the public rest room. what do you do will you sit on it or put a liner or toilet paper. >> edge's listening. >> good thigh muscles right there. your bathroom muscles. put the toilet paper it does don't what you think. >> if you think you are cutting down on germs you are probably not. according to the insider toilet paper is so thin it is actually a breeding ground for germs so every time someone flushes toilet bowls, on the other hand they are tougher surfaces for germs to hold on to. that is why thin paper doesn't work. what can you do about it? carry your own tissue or, of course, use old stand by and just as karen mentioned whoever. >> squat. >> it makes your thighs great. >> if you are planning a night on the town this weekend, it could impact your heart,
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social jet lag is what it is called, term that happens when you stay up late and sleep in on the weekend and they think it contribute toss poor health , a terrible mood and fatigue. thinks preliminary new study found every hour of sleep shifted is associated with a 11 percent increased risk of heart disease. but you are happier because you have friend. our warm weather, look at this, gorgeous picture, on this weekend and we will have so much fun. >> so many things are going on , coming up at 5:30, the od une day festival and other events happening around town we will share them with you straight ahead. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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developing overnight a philadelphia police officer opens fire killing a man we have the latest on that. juror in the bill cosby sexual assault trial getting to hear from the comedian even though he is not taking the stand. are you feeling the fever? we're talking about power ball fever, get in on that office jackpot right now or your pool , maybe you can win the jackpot because it is continuing to grow. >> i'm feeling warm, i got that fever. great to have you with us on this friday if you have winning ticket don't forget us
5:30 am
330 market street. >> yes. >> lot at this beautiful sunrise. so nice with days starting out and cloud make sunrise so gorgeous. whatever you are doing we hope you have a wonderful weekend and have wonderful weather with sue. >> i wouldn't be surprised if some folks get a early start on the weekend. you don't always have option with kid in school but it is 10 out of 10. speaking of kid in school bus stop buddy still wearing his jacket. temperatures are in the 40's and there is another look at our beautiful sunrise here in olde city with the steeple of christ church right there, 55 degrees, and everything is official at 5:32, sunrise we mean, westerly breeze at 5 miles an hour. right now, 42, still chilly in the pocono mountains, 47 allentown, 45 pottstown, mid 40's in the millville. fifty in atlantic city and wildwood and 51 in wilmington, delaware. rain moved up to, new england,
5:31 am
but bypassed us, that is same rain that was in north carolina yesterday so we have got some cloud out of. that we will have a mixture of sun an included today. seventy-seven by lunchtime. a high the charts by end of t w at the th moving okay thereut karen. aer alleged officer. it all started, shortly before 7:00 last night by a restaurant on whittaker avenue police say officer was transporting two witnesses when he noticed a dirt bike driver, driving recklessly and then dirt biker stalled out, officer pull up and investigated. the officer observed a handgun while frisking the man and drew his service weapon according to witnesses in the back seat, the suspect then pulled away from the officer and pulled out a gun. the man, ran away from the officer, the officer fired his weapon at lee one time, officer has been put on
5:32 am
administrative duty. we know suspect is 30 years old. another developing story in frankford police are searching for three suspects behind abduction and sexual assault of the teenage girl. sixteen year-old girl was taken off street just before 7:00 by three men, wearing black ski masks, they forced her in the vehicle and then drove her to an abandon property on the 1300 block of foulkerod street where at salt took place. the girl was able to getaway went to the relatives how where she was treated by medics. bill cosby trial moves in the fifth day. spotlight on his deposition once again. lets get out to steve keeley at the courthouse, steve. >> reporter: here we are on a friday week one and prosecution case with it, winding down, even if bill cosby as he says does not testify, the jury again, as you said karen, heard his answer to all of this in his deposition in the civil lawsuit with andrea constand and police officer testified what cosby told detectives
5:33 am
first investigating her claims in 2005. both cosby admits giving drugs , to constand and other women, he admits in very graphic detail descriptions what he did sexually to constand and among those in the courtroom lawyer for half of those other 60 women who came forward with similar stories and one of those women here she said to see her attacker finally facing justice. >> it is very important, he admitted the bend drill, he admitted to providing the pills to her. he suggested it was because of tension that she was feeling tension, that she had an issue sleeping, that they had discussed that, that he went upstairs, got the pills. >> it has taken me all these years to speak out and i have been speak out now for two and a half years and truth has to prevail and so does justice. if andrea wins this case, that would be justice for all of us , who have no case, due to the statute of limitations.
5:34 am
>> well, expect prosecution case to possibly conclude soon with testimony from a couple experts, one on the drugs cosby gave to woman man and another on the behavior of victims after a sexual assault to explain why constand and other didn't go to police right away and why constand stayed in touch with her attacker. after it is cosby's defense turn and still no idea what strategy they have in store for us here at norristown courthouse. >> we will soon find out, steve, thank you. 5:36. it is a case of he said he said. >> i was honestly concerned he might lie about the nature of our meeting so i thought it important to dock all. >> reaction continues to pour in from yesterday's congressional testimony, by fired fbi director james comey >> now the trump administration is firing back. lets get down to washington d.c. and doug luzader with the latest on developments on this one, doug. >> reporter: good morning yeah , well, this was a big
5:35 am
event yesterday, and the white house is really pushing back on this but this will dominate conversation for a while, you know, dit live up to its billing, yesterday? maybe this was a long hearing. very closely watched. we will hear more no doubt from the president later today he has a press conference scheduled and he will probably face questions about this, the president's legal team meantime, talking about going after, comey himself because comey did acknowledge that he leaked information to the media about a private meeting he had with the president. >> that is a very good point, doug. there is talk this morning that the white house very well could file a complaint, tables could turn on comey. >> reporter: that is right, with the president's legal team is talking about is filing a complaint with the inspector general of the justice department alleging
5:36 am
that comey mistreated documents by turning them over to an intermediary who turned them over to the media that is an issue comey confessed to that yesterday because he knew eventually this would come out but really the bigger issue for the administration was word of lie. comey used it over and over again to describe concerns that he had that the president might lie and then he made a full on allegation that the administration did lie about the reason that he was fired, saying it was the administration line was it was because of the way he handled clinton investigation and the department was mismanaged. comey made it clear that he thinks he was fired because of this russia investigation. >> but also very telling when asked whether he thought that president trump was involved, russia hacking? he said he could not discuss that in open forum. >> he didn't give any indication that there is any evidence of collusion between trump campaign and russia.
5:37 am
that is, that is the real big issue here ultimately, but nevertheless even if at the end of the special counsel's investigation into this if there is no evidence found of any kind of collusion this is a major distraction for the trump white house and that is something that the president even kind of acknowledged to comey himself according to comey he is concerned about this cloud constantly hanging over the white house at a time when administration is trying to do big things ranging from tax reform to health care reform. >> a lot of spin will happen on this one today, thanks very much. have a great weekend. >> you too. >> 5:39. temple guy doing anything he can to get a look from the eagles we will show you all of the things this local guy is doing to get coach doug pederson's attention. but first here's sean bell. >> coming up in sports, pittsburgh penguins looking like dynasty that they are, check out what they did to predators in game five coming up next in sports.
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chiefs surprisingly released jeremy maclin so people thought he might come back home to the eagles, but yesterday, coach doug pederson shut that down, quickly. >> love the guys that we have, you know, listen we're always constantly looking, and obviously trying to better our roster at every position but at this time i'm very pleased with what we're working with and what we have.
5:41 am
we have some young talent that is playing extremely well. >> to the phillies and the braves, in the sixth inning phillies down two to nothing. brandon flowers hits line drive over odubel herrera's head, he completely miss played that one. run would come in because of it. fill boys go on to lose three- one. predators and penguins this one wasn't close. first period penguins already up two to nothing, phil kesell find mal kin for the goal, the penguins destroy the predators 206 nothing taking a three-two series lead. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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very good morning, time is 5:46. cardinals have signed has san reddick to the four year contract signing of the linebacker leaves all cardinals draft picks under contract. reddick has seen considerable time with the team's first unit in the absence of dion buchanan hoist recovering from ankle surgery. former owl selected 13th in the draft, reddick and cardinals agreed to a standard four year deal with the team option for a fifth. eagles wrapping up their third, final week of voluntary work outs but it is what fox 29 sean bell saw across from the novacare complex that has us talking this morning. former northeast high school graduate and temple owl across the street trying to do anything he can to make his dreams come true, lets take a look. >> i'm not asking for a max contract, i will take anything
5:45 am
but i'm here and i'm not going anywhere. i want to be here, i want to be seen here and i want the opportunity to make something happens. >> while eagles players are inside novacare complex working out, reshawn slide is hoping to get a shot. he who his last two years, due to transfer rules, and he has no agent, no current film. he decided to just, camp out and try to get someone, anyone to notice. he is putting everything aside , for this. >> in my hearty knew, i always wanted to do was play football and catch passes and use that to continue to help society. so this is just me not only fighting for my football dream but my life dream as well. >> reporter: unfortunately slide is currently homeless and bouncing from couch to couch. just one try out, just one look could change everything. he has a special message for
5:46 am
eagles or anyone watching. >> i'm a receiver talent with major hand. i'm been known to have major hand just give meehan opportunity to show you and i will be one of the secret stories that philadelphia may need and potential they are looking for. i do know for a fact i can do this team some good. i just want an opportunity. >> five there 48. we're checking traffic on this friday morning and we will start your with this accident which is a vehicle and a deer involved. plymouth meeting butler mike and germantown pike, it is blocking roadway right now so stay away from that area, for a while, also an accident in lawnside, fairmount, fair view avenue, and charleston avenue, and then lets take a look at 95 at cottman avenue and see how folks are doing this morning. it looks like volleys definitely not as high as it would have been yesterday at this time. folks are proceeding just fine
5:47 am
a look at what else in the area some speed, everybody is able to go to the speed limit but we are slower on the vine and schuylkill expressway but so far, so good for your friday morning we have got your forecast, to see if we can say the same in 15. heading to the shore this weekend? i have a feeling you'll have company. lower 80's tomorrow and then mid 80's by sunday, on the sunshine, both days, maryland rate rip currents, eight is your uv index, ocean water temperatures right around 60 degrees, maybe going to the mountains, upper 70's tomorrow delightful. 84 degrees warming up a bit on sunday.
5:48 am
that is where you are heading. the reason for all this is high p it starts to move off shore, it gets further off shore we the af bermuda uny and with so man few cloud here a pop up d it is harto is in the 40's in allentown mount pocono forty-six in millville. it is 55. wind are calm as well. so, near record warmth is possible on monday and tuesday of next week, the record for both of those daises 95 degrees, and we will be close, especially on tuesday, mid 90's both of those days, lets go through it to day 83. tomorrow 88. ninety-two on sunday. warming trend continues through tuesday, and by wednesday, we may be back into the 80's. so hot, hot weather coming up, all of the more reason to enjoy today's 10, reason to
5:49 am
enjoy a cold one. >> if you need a cold one get your mugs ready, highly anticipated wildwood beer fest happening this weekend. it celebates art of the locally brought craft beer, thousands of visitors they diverge on the shore town each year for the event. there is live music, food, vendors, and tickets grants you access to american 100 brews and beer sampling, wildwood beer, fest starts tomorrow at noon. this weekend marks end of the philadelphia beer week but of course as it goes out with a bang. there are two more festival or should we say festivals to get us started to end up the weekend here. first is fishtown festival, join on the fun on frankford a r live music and more. the wn street beer festival, find this party at city tap house, universityn walnut street. and if beer is not your
5:50 am
thing about a silent dance party. this saturday night there will be a silen philadelphia city hall. participants pay $26 to put on a pair of headphones, take it dj style and dance to music. it is silent from the outside but everyone wearing headphones will be able to dance, the might night away. forty-second odunde festival kicks off, celebration of the african-american culture starts at 10:00 a.m. this sunday and will take up several blocks around graduate hospital on south street. festival will feature several performances on stage and vendors, food and whole lot more. best part, admission is free. odunde. 5:53. good morning, and traffic, give you an update after this.
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we will get your forecast in a moment. waking up, feeling lucky right now go out and buy some power ball tickets. jackpot is on the rise, reaching an estimated 435 million-dollar. after 18 consecutive drawings without a winner. held tomorrow night and you can catch the big drawing right here on fox 29.
5:54 am
we will have latest in the bill cosby trial coming up in just a moment, also, we're talking nascar, weather and sports maybe traffic report not quite like this coming up in about two minutes stay with us. ton - from the time i was pregnant with him, had so much life and energy in him. he wanted out, and he wanted to conquer the world. right now, quinton's goal is to be a doctor. it's not easy being a single parent with three kids and having to provide for them. but my son will be an amazing doctor, and he'll help people that are less fortunate. no matter where you are in your college journey, sallie mae can help you find the money you need.
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man on a simple. testimony in front of the senate committee, the response from president trump's team. i have seen the tweet about tapes, lordy i hepp there are tapes. >> lordy i hepp there are tapes. by the way, lets just start the show with this. is what your go to, hi, sue. >> hi alex. hi everybody. it is friday.
5:57 am
june the ninth. i don't say lordy, i say is what your go to in that situation. >> would i say oh, lord just show oh, i go, boom, better be . geese i hepp there are tapes.weg right in the facet e you going o do withou.
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