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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 9, 2017 6:00am-6:51am EDT

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senate committee, the response from president trump's team. i have seen the tweet about tapes, lordy i hepp there are tapes. >> lordy i hepp there are tapes. by the way, lets just start the show with this. is what your go to, hi, sue. >> hi alex. hi everybody. it is friday. june the ninth. i don't say lordy, i say is what your go to in that situation. >> would i say oh, lord just show oh, i go, boom, better be . geese i hepp there are tapes.weg right in the facet e you going o do withou. it isny some spots. buddy does
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have a sweat shirt on, for nower long. here's a look at sunrise happening as we speak over olde city, sunburning through some cloud, we have got 54 degrees and southeasterly breeze at 3 miles an hour. there are 40's in pottstown, allentown, millville, new jersey and only 41 degrees in mount pocono. everybody else in the cool, pleasant 50's this morning. a few cloud as we mentioned showing up on our satellite picture. it will feel like june today with a high of 83 degrees and sunsetting, at 8:29. again, the longest days of the year these days leading up to summertime. lets take a look at traffic on your friday morning, bob kelly continues his vacation. we look at city sky line thise e looks pretty, lets go to 202 and valley road, and the sunrise is ptt to be squinting
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very soon but traffic is moving and that is the point. pottstwilson street, and north s street that will slow you down and another accident in lawnside fair view avenue and charleston avenue and that isme. i think folks are playing hooky on this friday. >> they are already down the e. >> yes. >> please. it will be index of a hundred degree. >> that is sure temperatures. >> we will begin withpolice inva dirt bike rider has been shot and killed after allegedly pulling a gun on a >> karen hepp is at police headquarters with the details, karen. >> reporter: a lot of this is at police headquarters. it happened last night 6:40 at night. we had sky fox up over the en occurred. guy on a dirt bike according to police driving officer in a different district entirely. two witnesses to the special victims unit there is witness testimony from those
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people in the back st vehicle. sees dirt bike driver driving erratically and then bike stalls. he pulled up on that driver. to talk with him. he gets out, of his vehicle man. police at that point he felt a gun and telling the man repeatedly according to the witnesses in the back seat and to the police, to takehand away. the man backs up, according to the witnesses. then the man takes off running then this is what is under investigation right now. there is surveillance video of that man running away and the officer fires off at lee one shot strike ago this person in the back. he is taken to temple hospital where he dies at around 7:00 o'clock, shortly after all. that a gun was found there at the scene. they have that evidence of the gun being found at the scene. that officer right now is always the case whenever you have an officer involve shooting,es on administrative duty while they do this investigation. we are hoping to speak with the commissioner about this one but this is all under investigation right now. that is very latest from
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police headquarters, guys, back to youy know you know when richard ross pullness there. listen to this. >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi, by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly led, and that the work force had lost confidence in itsple as fired becaus fof somebody. enate intelligence committee.hose f bit director refused to take a position on whether the president's actions were illegal. >> i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in and only thing i could think to say because i was playing in my mind because i can remember every word he said, i was playing in my mind what should my response be and i very carefully chose the word. i have seen the tweet about
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tapes. lory i hope there are tapes. >> reaction from the white house, president trump's personal attorney says that the president never directed comey to stop investigate anything one, later suggesting it might be comey who was the one breaking the law. >> we will leave it to the appropriate authorities to determine whether these leaks should be investigated, along with all of the others that are being investigated. >> president trump not saying much about this. ignoring reporters who were pressing him for reaction to comey's testimony. president's lawyer plans to file a complaint with the department of justice inspector general's office, in a senate judiciary committee over that memo that comey leaked to a friend. comey did clarify at public hearing that president trump is not being investigated as part of the russian meddling probe those word still being dissect, the testimony still being desecond this morning. >> here we go again, classic, i hate using this term it is he said/he said.
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>> basically what is happening >> it is true, yeah, lordy. nice job thomas. day five of the bill cosby sexual assault trial. >> today prosecutors are expected to continue presenting jurors with portions of bill cosby's deposition, from all the way back in 2004, right? including his admission that he gave a sedative quaalude to young woman. >> lets get the update from steve at montgomery county courthouse, steve. >> reporter: here we are on friday likely not the end of the trial, week which may go in the rare saturday session but could be the end of the prosecution's case which could rest, don't be surprised if they rest today, prosecution lead witness all through so today expect the same forensic toxicologist to testify at the philadelphia abortion doctor kermit gosnell case and telling jury about effects of quaalude and other drugs. prosecutors accused cosby of using to make woman too week to fight them off. when they read that testimony back and at first detectives
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answers he got he gave them after they went to investigate andrea constand's accusations first in 2005 he admitted giving woman and constand drugs and also admitted in very graphic sexual detail what he did to constand. so alex and mike, the prosecution seemed to be on the verge of wrapping up its case and what will defense put on first, that is the big question, right now in norristown. >> all right, that is the big question. >> steve, thank you. 6:08. >> young girl gets roughed up at school but not by her classmates, what she said her teacher did that sent her to the hospital, plus how the school is responding. taking a pass on a pass catcher, why eagles coach, doug pederson who coached jeremy maclin says eagles, not interested in j mack. at this particular time.
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that is a live shot. >> i love it. >> yes, yes. >> well, charges could be filed, this morning, against a wilmington teacher, accused of roughing up one of his students. >> mother of the fifth grade girl ate side charter school said her daughter was pick up,
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slammed in the bulletin board by a teacher. it happened after she arrived a few minutes late to class on tuesday. >> he was pulling my arm, and, yanking me every where and then i sat in the hallway, and i cried to myself. >> the incident was recorded on the school surveillance cameras, school administrators tell us that the 27 year-old teacher has been terminated n a statement to fox 29 ceo says e side charter school recognize that is a positive learning environment is necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standard. we make all decisions with this in mind. so teacher experience should not involve shoving your face in the bulletin board. >> that is not part of the curriculum. >> no. >> did you see what happened in england, the uk yesterday. >> i guess you call it an upset. >> prime minister teresa may she gambled and lost, she called an early election and it backfired on her, so now the question is will she step
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down? >> after she called for this election. >> you know, one of the party members resigned about an hour ago, you talk about a snap election, snap. and how does this happen? an odd moment in last night's phillies game, freakishly that is the highlight from the phillies game.
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it is friday. there are people already at the shore but if you have kid in school we might have to wait a bit. here is your forecast for saturday, sunday. eighty-one saturday. eighty-four sunday at beach. breezy tomorrow with uv index at eight, probably nine by end of the weekend bye still chilly in the ocean, 60 degrees ocean water temperature. heading to the mountains a high of 77 tomorrow with the higher elevations and 84 degrees warming up on sunday. that weekend is looking g reason thinks happening, high pressure is moving off shore. this low pressure system will continue to move east and once it is off shore and around bermuda we will get that
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familiar bermuda high pressure weather pattern that we have every summer. so today will feel like june, after a long stretch of chilly weather. we are in the 40's and 50's but we expect to top off at 83 . tomorrow 88. slight chance of the pop up thunderstorm. 92 degrees on sunday and that is probably beginning of the heat wave lasting into monday and tuesday and those two days the record highs are 95. we could tie a record or beat one and it will probably be back in the 80's by wednesday and thursday. remember, 101.1 more fm once you get in the cartoon in your radio, we have music and weather authority forecast in case you forgot anything that we said just now, that is weather, traffic time, we will start off with a look at where we have a malfunctioning traffic light. whatever is happening there, it is stuck on red, east falls , henry avenue at schoolhouse lane, i hate when that happens. pottstown, an accident wilson
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street at north adams avenue and then this look at i-95 at allegheny avenue, oh, volume inn increasing quite a bit as we head in the city and it is very bright, sun glare this morning as well, mike and alex >> thank you. 6:17 as of right now. >> we have new information donald trump has tweeted about the comey testimony that happened yesterday. first tweet where he addressed what happened and this is what he said, seven minutes or, despite so many false statements and like, total and complete vin case and wow, comey is a leaker. he is referring to the fact that comey told a friend, that to give some information to the new york times reporter that he wanted to get out to show his side after the firing >> yeah, that is a big head line comey is a leaker. 6:17. developing story out of south philadelphia a man has been arrested after a one year-old boy dies. police were called to the house on south conestoga
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street yesterday afternoon and a 24 year-old man identified himself as a boys stepfather and led them upstairs to the child. boy was pronounced dead half an hour later at chop, a doctor discovered multiple bruces on the boy and signs of sexual assault. dianne williams was sitting on her steps when emergency crews showed up. >> put the baby to bed, and yellow tape out and we started to cry and everybody started to cry. >> boys stepfather has been arrested and facing list of charges including murder, aggravated assault and rape. >> you know, y'all know we have talk bit so many times there is a heroin epidemic in our area, delaware valley, upper darby police investigating after cries for help from a bathroom window, over to neighbors to a heart breaking scene. two young brothers worried for their parents, there are the parents, as they, the parents overdosed on heroin on the other side of the bathroom
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door. the scene unfolded on the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue wednesday night three, two-year old shawn and his 31 year-old girlfriend sandra were revived with narcan, hospitalized, and now face drug charges. they have locked themselves in the bathroom. now to the nation's capitol where two people have been arrested after hitting two d.c. officers around 9:00 last night. officials say bike patrol officers were on their bikes when a white pickup truck hit them, one of the officers is in critical condition and the driver along with another person in the pickup truck were arrested. well, here we go british prime minister teresa may is meeting with queen elizabeth, i think about right now. amid mounting pressure for her to resign. politicians are taking may to task for her conservative party losing its majority, in
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a snap election yesterday. teresa may called for the early vote in the hope of increasing her majority of the conservatives and strengthening britain's hand in exit talks with the european union. but it backfired big time. the results show no party has reached the 326 seats necessary for majority in parliament. britain's negotiation toss leave the eu may now be in total disarray and that is a live shot of 10 downing street where teresa may lives. that is their white house. >> beautiful. we will call it the gray house >> charcoal brick house. >> it is a very simple compared to our magnificent white house. >> we are only looking at the door. >> that block isn't much to look at. >> no. >> it looks nice to me. >> you think about the grounds of the white house, surrounded by what 10 acres or something. >> but when you think of the
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way life goes, i don't think she thought it would end up like this. she thought she would get a strong hold, all good and she is not sure she will be the prime minister. >> meeting right now, 24 hours difference. taking a pass on a pass catcher why eagles coach doug pederson says they are not interested as of this time on jeremy maclin are you disappointed? it it looks like he will end up in buffalo, man. shuffle hough to buffalo.
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i'm sean bell. yesterday, former northe high and temple player lesean sly stood outside nova center hoping to get an opportunity with the eagles. >> i'm a receiver talent with major hand. i'm not bolting. i have within known to have major hand. just give meehan opportunity to show you. i guarantee i will be a secret stories that philadelphia may need and potential they are looking for. do i necessity for a fact i can do this team some good. i just want an opportunity. >> to the phillies and the braves, the sixth game phillies down two to nothing. brandon flowers hits a line drive over odubel herrera's
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head, miss played that one completely, i a run would come in and phillies will go on to lose three-one. to the predators and penguins, this one, wasn't enclose, first period penguins up two to nothing. phil kesell find malkin for the goal, penguins destroy predators six to nothing, taking a three-two series lead that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. well, eagles wrapped up ot as yesterday, i call it practice. and after practice, doug pederson. >> organized team activities. >> just call it practice. are they running around and hitting each other. >> there is no hitting. >> there is no hitting. >> they are running and catching. >> so doug pederson, the coach >> head coach. >> head. addressed rumors that the eagles are pursuing, free agent, wide receiver, jeremy maclin now that he has left the chiefs. >> he got released. >> they let him go. >> please release me, let me
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go. >> anyway. >> i want to hear what you had to say. >> j mack is not coming here. >> love the guys that we have, you know, and listen, we're always constantly looking and obviously trying to berth our roster at every position but at this time i'm very pleased with what we're working with and what we have. we have some young talent that is playing extremely well. >> boy, is shady mccoy really pushing to have j mack in buffalo, wow. >> yeahy saw articles he has been in buffalo hanging out with him. i'm trying to bring new recruits to the team. >> but, do you feel -- andy reid didn't want him. doug didn't want him. >> shoe doesn't want him. >> yeah. >> do you want him? well, now. >> i don't. >> i'm just fine with what i
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got. pattern change what kind of pattern? not just the weather pattern, jet stream will move northward and it will get hot and will look like that around here very hazy, and we will talk about how hot it will get, after weekend coming up, steve sue, i have a pattern of my own out here at cosby trial , we have been with other reporters we're only crew doing previews in the morning and look no one in line waiting to get in as we go today five and prosecution is winding its case down.
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a philadelphia police officer shoots and kills a man , after stopping him on a motorcycle and unanswered questions. >> solemnly swear to tell the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. please be seated. >> comey, under oath, tense of millions of americans glued to their tv yesterday, or their computers or their tablets to witness a historic day on the hill, the reaction this morning from james comey testimony, including yes donald trump has tweeted. are you feeling the fever? we're talking about power ball fever as the jackpot just continues, to grow. mike, we're ready to hand us your lottery tickets. >> i'm only one who buys lottery tickets and passes them out. >> that is why we don't buy them because we know you will.
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>> is that it. >> yes. >> we have the pool. >> yes. >> i do have the tickets. >> you do have the tickets. >> i do. >> i will pass them out later. >> i can wait. >> it is half billion dollars, sue. >> is that the biggest ever, ever, ever. >> no. >> in. >> i'll take it. >> bus stop buddy is wearing a sweat shirt this morning. won't need it this afternoon. some temperatures still in the 40's and 50's. beautiful start. mix of sun and cloud. 54 degrees in the city. we have switched to a southeasterly wind flow which means it will get more humid by end of the day. forty-six in pottstown. forty-seven in allentown. 41 degrees in mount pocono no rain on radar, so lets get right to the high temperature of today, yesterday was 72. we will gain more than 10 degrees with a high of 83, breezy and much warmer. that that he is care of friday we will check in at that seven day forecast in just a few minutes but it is time to take
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a look at traffic on your friday morning, so we start off with a septa update, due to construction for the cynwyd access project, buses will replace all cynwyd regional rail lines trains until the end of service today. that could change your plans on how to get to work. malfunctioning traffic lights still out it'll falls henry avenue at schoolhouse lane, it is stuck on red. another look at i-95 at allegheny avenue slowing down heading in to the city there southbound on i-95 and ben franklin bridge from the new jersey side volume picking up heading in to philadelphia. mike and alex. >> sue. >> yes. >> thank you. >> 6:32. >> police involved shooting a dirt bike rider has been shot hain killed after allegedly pulling a gun on a overs. >> karen hepp over at the round house. what are you learning.
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>> reporter: so, did you say mike? >> basically, start. >> yeah. >> reporter: here's police headquarters here's what happening in this case, dirt bike rider who was driving erratically according to police investigators and there was a police office shore came up on him and witnesses in the back of his vehicle. this has been corroborated by and also two witnesses in the back of the vehicle heading over in completely unrelated case, for a special investigation. so, according to police, the officer, approaches the dirt bike driver, frisks him, field s the gun and tells him to not reach for that gun and go for that gun. according to the officer did he and witnesses in the back of the vehicle they say that person then did. then, the suspect in this case , turns up and starts running away. there is surveillance video of the man running away and then officer, turns corner, he is is suspect shot in the back.
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he later died at 7:00 at temple hospital where he was rush over, right now all under investigation. commissioner ross has talk about this and says this is something that they will review, they will be looking for that surveillance video and taking that into account. there was a gun found, there was evidence that man did have a gun and was found at the scene and they went there and got all of the evidence, from that location but it is all being reviewed. that officer is placed on administrative duty when there is a police involved shooting. >> that is latest right now, commissioner usually comes in we are wait to go see when he gets more information about what has transpired since this all occurred, guys, back to you. 6:34. police are also searching for three suspects behind the abduction and sexual assault of the teenage girl in frankford. philadelphia police say the 16 year-old girl was snatched off the street, just before 7:00 last night, by three men,
6:34 am
wearing black ski masks, they forced her into a vehicle and drove her to an abandon property on the 1300 block of foulkerod street. that is where at salt took place. a sexual assault. well, the girl was able to escape to a relative's house where she was treated by medics. >> i don't think it is for me to say whether conversation i had for president was an effort to obstruct. i took it at a very disturbing thing concerning but that is conclusion that the special council will work toward to try to understand what the intention was there and whether that is an offense. >> what was the intention? was there obstruction of justice. it is a block buster day of testimony on capitol hill. james comey refusing to take a position on whether the president's actions were, legal or illegal. thomas drayton joins us now what do you think. >> reaction, can you believe this after silence yesterday, president trump sending out a early morning tweet in
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response, his tweet despite so many false statements and lies , total and complete vindication and wow, comey is a leaker. of course, president trump on a stunning admission comey himself was source of leaks about private conversations with the president. in several hours of public testimony comey detailed how the president, pressed him for loyalty specifically in the russian investigation and former national security advisor michael flynn. comey intern ted that to mean toe the line or risk losing his job. >> what i think he meant by cloud was entire investigation is taking up oxygen and making it hard to focus on the things i want to focus on. ask was to get it out that i, the president am not personally under investigation >> listening to this testimony , it was the first time that comey admitted president trump was not under investigation as part of the russia probe something president trump's attorney saw as good news. >> mr. comey has now finally
6:36 am
confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately that is that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. >> we're also told by close source that the president's legal team will follow a complaint against comey with the inspector general because of comey memo leak. obama administration didn't come out unharmed either. yesterday during investigation into hillary clinton and her e-mail use comey was told bio bam a attorney general to not call the clinton investigation an investigation, but instead call it a matter. so once again this morning white house reacting at lee, president trump's private attorney, against those leaked memo but you have to remember that executive privies not absolute and everything that the president says in private is not considered privilege. >> true and why didn't you want everybody out of the room when he talk to james comey,
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so many questions. saying why attorney general will be oi don't know if that i. amage if you go you believe bill cosby and it is all consensual and extra marital affair. it depend on how those people in the jury box see it. we will see three people now, who have arrived here, and two there and another on the coffee run. week one in the prosecution's case wining down as folks wait to see how day five goes and even if bill cosby has never testified in this trial, jury heard his answers yesterday to all this through his deposition in the civil lawsuit with andrea constand and police officer testifying to what cosby told detectives investigating her claim when she came forward in 2005. cosby admitted giving drugs to constand and other woman.
6:38 am
admitted in graphic detail sexual descriptions what he did exactly to constand. now, what the jury not seeing and veteran prosecutors observing this trial probably don't even recognize people hoff been coming to court with cosby that we have been watching during good day. different folks for three days yesterday was fellow comedian lewis dick from his philadelphia and comedian joe torey. now one of the questions people have, at least for me is how alert is cosby? how with is it, we will see him with the kaine. we see somebody hold tongue his arms. listen and watch his reaction yesterday morning as he cuts off questions of friend comedian joe tori when question comes up to the accusations cosby is facing and you will see how alert cosby is now. >> how long have you known mr. . >> i have been in the business for 30 years. >> you know these are very serious accusations, do you believe that he had nothing to do with this...
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>> it vice important. he admitted the bend drill. he admitted to providing the pills to her. he has a pattern of behavior that is consistent throughout all of the 60 women hoff gone public and those who we know who have not gone public. >> nobody was there, you know to see any of this happen so it is all hearsay. for me to be a comedian, entertainer, to support bill cosby i want to hear it for myself before somebody tells mimi. >> reporter: as prosecution seems to be on the verge of the resting its case after maybe expert witnesses to day on the effects of drugs and behavior of sexual assault victims after being molested who will defense put on in their case. we have a hint yesterday, during cross-examination brian mcmonigal hammered the police officer on the stuff that cosby told him right afterward and we learn that the former district attorney bruce castor didn't think this case was
6:40 am
worth investigating further and immediately shut down the investigation as decks were planning their next steps just after four weeks, so, maybe, bruce castor could be taking the stand for the defense it seems. >> i have not heard any comments at him during this, he has been keeping quiet. >> interesting to go see then. >> about his decision 13 years ago, yeah. >> 6:41. thanks, steve. watch the testimony, were you? john mccain started to speak. i was a little concerned for him. the senator's add line of questioning became within of the most talked about moments his explanation for why he got so confused. the how does what am i about to show you happened, look at that, an odd moment in last night's phillies game how they eventually got this bat down. >> here's the down side that was the only highlight.
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>> um-hmm, my gosh.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. starting with traffic it is lighter then usual during this time of the day but had schuylkill expressway at city avenue still quite a few cars to keep you company out there vine street expressway, we're still moving along okay this morning. travel times are a lot better then they were yesterday at this time at least on the
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schuylkill heading from the vine to the blue route it only takes you 17 minutes and on i-95 from woodhaven, well, that is slower from woodhaven to the vine, it is a 26 minute trip. due to construction, as far as septa is concerned, the cynwyd access project means that buses will replace all of entilf in our director michael says is there a bus wildwood this iseverybody else. as jet stream moves to the north, brings in that warm air from the southwest, and so warm, that we are going to start calling it hot by sunday. by monday, we will have a heat index that feels like temperature of 95. by tuesday, heat index will probably be in the triple digits. that is when it gets dangerous and that is when you have to take care of yourself. so make sure today, to have your air conditioning working okay. high pressure will move off shore and we will have bermuda
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high weather pattern, and, so is the humidity. no rain in the forecast, the rain we had in north car has mow england and bypassed us. we just got few extra clooday al but as we look quickly at in to tomorrow afternoon it looks like a very slight chancequick , a weak disturbance possible but not difference in the temperature. 54 degrees in philadelphia, still in the 40's to the north of us but warmer then yesterday with 83dee will have , of 2017. mike and alex? thanks, sue.6:47. >> senator john mccain's line of questioning at comey hearing, well wel attention. people were puzzled about his
6:46 am
behavior. >> lets play his question and >> glad you concluded that part ofesgation but i think that the american people havetis out there particularly since you russia play. obviousl for president at the time. so she completely involved in situation where just described it is atook place. >>haat one point he said presidt up. it is causing ay afternoon with. it is of this tot doesthen ther.
6:47 am
marco rubioople can covfefe. >> h line of questioningmondbace baseball tm of his he was callig e having a you ifave closedollars. lars. since this whole thing w >> it is the >> increases your is almost philhas been promising fa business. made thatt has never happened >> yes.climb the fence have nevn >> what is goingtemple made haao >> not cherri but it i holley. james comey's testimony provebs president?
6:48 am
and could as a leaker, base on information that he gave. wasn't it? could he now be in trouble? all right. we have a fight, deadly all the case, philadelphia police officer shoots and kills a man after stopping him on a diner and update from the philadelphia police commissioner, we have it.
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shoots a kills a man on his motorcycle. amazing questions. lordy, lordy liar, liar, james comey takes aim at president trump. >> those were lies, plane and simple. >> fall out continues from yesterday's, on capitol hill and why the president's others says james comey testimony was actually good for donald trump and using his own word against him, prosecutors in the bill cosby trial, read a decade old deposition, to the jury, day four of the testimony, why the war could still be ahead for cosby. and, start your engines, nascar returns to pennsylvania this weekend, the drivers will hit the track at pocono race way for two races and one driver will be making some
6:52 am
history. we are live at the track, soon >> i have seen the tweet with tapes, lordy i hope there are tapes. >> oh, lordy. i haven't heard oh, lordy in a long time. >> people were surprised to hear him say that. >> oh are lordy. >> i hope there are some tapes >> what is your go to instead of lordy what are you surprised by something and give a affirmative comment. >> well, i usually say oh, lord just show the tapes. >> oh, lord. >> i don't use it for positive situation us looked at me like what i have on here oh, lord. >> my go too is boom, i do a lot of boom. >> yes. >> so good. >> i'm hoping there is some tapes, boom. i might do a yikes but i might do
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