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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 9, 2017 10:00pm-10:56pm EDT

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claiming. how the daycare is now handling it all. your fox 29 weather authority is tracking a heat wave. your news starts in 30 seconds.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10:00. first at 10:00. local daycare worker go too far this video has a local family outraged. they say it shows a daycare worker in olney being way too rough with their little one. now the family is getting police involved. thanks for joining us at 10:00. i'm chris oh com. >> i'm dawn timmeney. that daycare says it has taken appropriate action but the family says it's too much. fox 29's dave kinchen is in life in olney tonight. >> reporter: the mother says sean made i was of this incident until the next day. she says she wants that worker punish.
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>> i would never expect it to be her. i would never expect it to be her. >> reporter: brianna woods says this surveillance video shows a female daycare staff pushing her little boy who falls to the ground thursday at olney academy daycare in north philadelphia. >> i automatically panic. i didn't know what was going on. >> reporter: two-year-old noah alexander has a lump on his forehead. brianna says the video also shows the worker hitting her son and later being dangerously pulled up after the fall. >> she grabs him by one arm, you know what i'm saying, leave all the weight on one arm. that's not how you pick up a child. i don't even hit him. i barely hit him. i talk to him more than anythi anything. so for someone else to put their hands so aggressive al as she did it it hurt me. it hurt everybody. >> reporter: director of the daycare tells fox 29 off camera they quote followed protocol which includes calling child line and notifying dhs of the case. they also say the worker was fired. brianna says that's not enough. >> i just kind of want her to pay. i don't want her to be around
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any kids. any -- she don't need to be around kids. >> reporter: the mother says the daycare actually showed her the video. the mother recorded the video and posted it online again the academy says it followed protocol and notified child abuse investigators philadelphia police say they responded to the call and they are aware of the matter. back to you. >> dave, thanks. new details tonight about waft light noses police involved shooting in juniata park. police say an officer shot and killed a man who was ride ago dirt bike and was armed. authorities say that man ran away from the officer after a struggle. but police are still working to piece together just exactly what happened before the gunfire broke out. our shawnette wilson is live at philadelphia police headquarters with the very latest. shawnette. >> reporter: so commissioner richard ross says that they are looking closely at surveillance video that captures the shooti shooting. he says police want to make sure it fits departmental protocol when an officer can fly at a fleeing suspect.
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skyfox over a violent and deadly scene. police in route to the special victims unit with people in the pa control car and a man driving reckless on a dirt bike. the officer stops the man and says he reaches for his waistband. >> when the officer grabbed him appeared to feel the weapon, he said he himself look the guy in the face and said, um, don't do it, man. don't do it. and as if to say don't pull that gun out. >> reporter: it happened last night on the 4200 block of writ at a kerr avenue. investigators say person in the patrol car being taken to svu saw the entire incident and corroborates the officer's account of what happened. >> when that officer actually tries to tell him not to do it, the witness also says the same thing, this individual then pulls this nine mill neither out which was fully loaded. as we found out subsequently. and he pulls away from the officer and that's when the officer initially fired. >> reporter: but the officer's begun doesn't discharge.
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the suspect allegedly runs and the officer fires again hitting the 30 year old in the back and rear end. he died at the hospital. commissioner ross says they are reviewing surveillance video from a restaurant next to where the incident happened they're looking closely at the fact that the officer fired from behind the suspect when he was running away. >> i'm not concerned at this time about da charges for anything like that. that wasn't my concern. my concern is about the fact that it doesn't meet departmental protocol. >> reporter: and internal affairs is investigating. as of tonight, police still have not released the victim's name. dawn? >> shawnette, thank you. tonight, an arrest days after a six-year-old little boy was shot in the head in wilmington. authorities announce announced t 41-year-old chelsea outlaw arrested yesterday in new castle. little boy was with his mom had he was hit by bullet tuesday afternoon. he is still in the hospital in critical condition.
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100%. that was president trump's answer to how willing he is to speak under oath about his conversations with james comey. the president made the remarks during an afternoon news conference with the president of romania. fox chief white house correspondence john roberts was and there has this report from washington. >> reporter: in the rose garden with romanian president, president trump spoke for the first time in public about james comey's testimony on capitol hill. the president saying he would be happy to tell the details of their meetings to special counsel robert mueller under oath. >> 100%. i would be glad to tell him exactly what i just told you. >> what the president had just said was that he never asked comey to shut down the investigation into michael flynn. >> i didn't say that. >> so he lied about that? >> well, i didn't say that. i men i will tell you i didn't say that. >> there would be wrong if i did say it according to everybody i read today. but die not say that. >> reporter: he aggressively shot down the notion he ever asked comey for a pledge of loyalty. >> no, i didn't say that and i didn't say the other.
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>> reporter: but it was clear in the overall the president was very pleased with the out come on capitol him yesterday. >> no collusion, no obstruction. he's a leaker. but we were very very happy and frankly james comey confirmed of a lot of what i said and some of the things that he said just weren't true. >> reporter: comey did he will loom 98 a repeated problem for the president. tweets can have consequences. yesterday comey drew a straight line between the president tweet about possibly having quote tapes of his conversations with comey and the naming of the special prosecutor. comey says when he saw the twe tweet, he leaked information he knew would lead to mueller's appointment. >> there might be a tape. my judgment was i needed to get that out into the public square so i asked a friend of mine to share the content of the memo with a reporter. >> when asked today if he did in fact have tapes, the president floated a tease. >> i'm not hinting anything. i'll tell you about it over a short period of time.
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>> reporter: in an effort to discredit comb meet president and his legal team are hammering the point that comey is a leaker. even democrats were critical of the former fbi director insisting if he wanted to get the information out, he went about it the wrong way. >> i think the director should have come to the public directly himself or come to congress and made those statements and clarified the record and not gone through a third party. >> reporter: the president's legal team is planning on filing a complaint with the inspector general's office at the department of justice as well ascending a letter to the senate judiciary committee in the early part of next week about comey's leaks. in that complaint and in that letter they will detail what they say is evidence in the public record of leaks that the fbi going all the way back to march. at the white house, john roberts, fox news. now to a developing story. one man is dead after a shootout in the middle of a crowded neighborhood. it went down this morning in philadelphia's point breeze section. >> police say it was all over a mini van.
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fox 29's sabina kuriakose has the details. >> reporter: this is a car that started it all. police say it led to 24 bullets flying in broad daylight and left one man dead. >> we heard this lady screaming her head off down the street. >> reporter: mike young was loading cement down the block. the woman he heard screaming just before 10:30 in the morning was yelling at a repo guy as he repossessed her mini vanity parking lost san an at a food market 18th and dick kin ton then minutes later -- >> just like rapid fire sounded lining firecracker going off. we looked undon saw smoke and people screaming and running away from the scene. it was pretty scary. >> reporter: philadelphia police believe the woman's 32-year-old boyfriend arrived on the scene and pistol whipped the tow truck driver who was also arm. you can see the bullet casings littering the intersection. this car window shattered as cops say the two men exchanged fire. the boyfriend was shot in the arm and chest and he was killed.
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gabbie height was workin workinm home. >> i just heard a lot of boom boom boom boom it sounded like five work. five works at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. >> reporter: detectives spent the afternoon gathering shell casings and following bullet trajectory all to piece together exactly wham. the van is now evidence in a homicide investigation. >> it's sad that it happened. things didn't have to turn out that way. >> it's so sad. so much killing going on. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. the search continues tonight for the men who kidnapped a teenaged girl right off the street and sexually assaulted her we first told you about this as breaking news last night at 10:00 it happened just 7:00 orthodox street and trenton avenue. they forced her into a vehicle, drove who to ban donned building and sexually assaulted her. she was able to escape and get to relative's house. >> it's crazy to thing that your kids are just not safe walking from school or walking from camp you literally have to accompany
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your children everywhere you go. >> if you have any information on this case, please call poli police. coming up a senior prank goes way too far. now dozens of students can't walk at their own graduation. and the side of i-95 no place for newborn but that's exactly where this little bundle of joy decided to enter the world. the story behind this unusual delivery next. and he's just 17 years old and he's already got the attention of some big-time city leaders. why they're calling this teen a hero. >> scott williams tracking a heat wave. it's summertime, scott. >> yeah, it will be suddenly summer as we move toward the upcoming weekend. live look right now down the shore. folks just enjoying the festivities along the boardwalk. coming up we'll talk about the nice weekend temperatures climbing and, yes, near record territory next week. ♪
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the commonwealth has rested its case in the sexual assault trial against comedian bill cosby. testimony recommended with a bang in the norristown courtro courtroom. prosecutors spent the day trying to show that cosby has a history of drugging women that he wanted to have sex with. >> and starting monday morning, it's the defense's turn. fox 29's bruce gordon reports from norristown. >> reporter: cosby's admission is found in his deposition taken a decade ago during the civil suit linked to this case. in it cosby discussed getting prescriptions for the depress san quaaludes back in the 1970's. he said he never used them but viewed quaaludes as party drug.
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question, you were going to use these quaaludes for young women you wanted to have sex with? >> cosby, yes. more than just creepy the response may add context to cosby's acknowledgment he gave andrea con stan the anti histamines benadryl on the night he's alleged to have groped. she claims the medication left her groggy and up able to push cosby away. the prosecution now complete the defense will begin to tell its side of the story starting monday. and quake any good entertainer team cosby put out a tease late friday to keep the audience interested. >> we have not ruled out, um, mr. cosby testifying any time. we're weighing all our options as upping. >> nothing is never off the table when you're in the trial of a this magnitude. you have to look and weigh all your options. >> cosby himself flatly denied he would testify during a radio interview a couple of week ago. the lawyer representing nearly three dozen other cosby accusers says, don't hold your breath waiting for the cos. >> i would say that that is
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about as likely as any of us leaving for the moon on monday. but i guess 911 never knows. >> as we reported andrea constand waited a year before reporting the alleged sexual assault. during that time. before wrapping their case prosecutors put a psychologist on the witness stand to explain that despite what you may think, such behavior is actually quite common among sex assault victims. in norristown, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. new tonight, a philadelphia police officer is in trouble with the law. police arrested 27-year-old williams after they say she was involved in an incident at a bar while off duty earlier this ye year. the seven year veteran accused of pointing a gun and making threatening statements. she now faces multiple charges including simple assault. the police department has suspended her for 30 days with intent to dismiss. a local teenager is getting some well-deserved praise. >> philadelphia's top officials holding a special ceremony for
10:16 pm
this 17-year-old hero. mayor jim kennel owe and fire commissioner adam thiel honoring rudy edwards today in old city. back in may rudy ran into a burning house on the 1,000 block of flanders road to rescue this one-year-old nephew bryce. >> our folks consistently 24/7, 365, risk their lives for perfect strangers. you risked your life for your nephew. and that's probably harder to know the person that you're going in to rescue. we thank you for what you did. we're glad it work out. god bless you and your entire family, and remember, applications will be open. [ laughter ] >> -- when you're a senior. >> the fire department says the whole familiar dull really good job in saving lives because they had an escape plan and they realized right away that bryce was missing. new jersey family says a bobcat trapped them in their own home. police came to the washington township home in morris county
10:17 pm
wednesday night after the mall somehow made it inside the house bobcat had cornered the mom and her two young kids in the bathroom. the animal left about an hour later. police say it did not appear to be sick or rabid. no injuries were reported. well having a baby is certainly a joyous occasion for any couple and especially when it happens in a safe place. but for a couple in delaware the momentous moment happened along a highway. >> they were making their way to the hospital but the baby girl could not wait to come into the world. fox 29's joanne pileggi talk to the father and first responders. she is live in newark with all the details. joanne? >> reporter: that's right, guys. they were on their way from north wilmington they were hoping to make it to christiana hospital. but guess what 80 baby didn't want to wait. the delivery right on busy interstate 95. just couple of miles away from here. the good news, all went as well as it possibly could.
10:18 pm
>> call came in about 3:24 to the station. emergency maternity. i-95 southbound on the shoulder. >> reporter: paramedic lisa lock and ernest garcia from new castle county ems jumped in their unit and were on their way and then -- >> dispatch comes back on the radio and says the baby has been delivered. and i think well now i know why they stopped on the side of the road this makes sense now. >> on the side of the road. not just any road but i-95 south in delaware. at 3:20 this morning. kirk and sally lar reasons were on their way to the hospital. >> next thing you know, the baby was coming out in the car. >> basically by the time we pulled over the baby had already been born. so we were picking the baby up off the noor board of the car wrapping her in blanket. >> kirk tried to stay calm. they were less than 2 miles from the hospital. >> the 911 operator was able to talk us through the post delivery. there were moments you didn't know what was next, right? you're kind of living in the moment. okay this is what i've got to do. >> paramedics lisa and earnest
10:19 pm
arrive as cars blue by at 70 miles per hour. >> i walk up and say, what's going on? and mom is sitting in the passenger seat with a bundle on her chest. >> working in your mind what's going on? i hope serve fine. i hope there's no complications anything like that, and more so over it's i-95 southbound. >> she's wiggling around, she's breathing well, she's nice and pink. i think good. >> paramedics and dad cut the um billie cal cord it wasn't time to get mom and baby to the hospital by ambulance. >> after the fact our nerves were little frazzled as it was going on you really didn't have much time to process it. >> big day for mom, dad and baby girl. all resting comfortably in the hospital big long day. they're all tired. the paramedics humbly said they were just doing their job. >> dawn, chris. >> can you imagine. >> no, i can't imagine. >> i don't no, i can't. >> did they name the baby girl? >> they have but they want to
10:20 pm
keep that to themselves. yes, they have named her. >> has nothing to do with the higway. nothing to do with interstate 95. [ laughter ] >> i thought it was going to be christiana. >> all right, joanne. >> nice name, right? >> thanks. >> thanks. coming up it's a mass grave on philadelphia's mainline. now a group is working hard to share the history and truth behind the dozens of bodies resting there. a rule won't be ends ared to in a popular beach town. why the swimsuit tops may be coming off in the beach of ocean city, maryland.
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horrific sight along florida interstate earlier tonight a tractor trailer slammed into concrete barrier then burst into flames. this happening in pasco county just north of tampa along interstate 75. that driver has serious burns and was airlifted to a local hospital. it seem like beach goers in maryland will now be able to go topless. ocean city authorities ordered beach patrol to not ask bear chested women to cover up at the beach. this decision will be intact until the attorney general's office can come to app agreement on the state's indecent exposure laws. all right. so are you feeling lucky this weekend? >> i'm always feeling lucky many powerball lucky that's a different story. powerball jackpot one of the
10:24 pm
highest ever. th $435 million jackpot the eighth largest prize in the game'se last one waspr won awaye her conservative party lost it's majority in the british particle lamb forcing may to form from northern ireland's democratic unioner the reverse what the prime minister had hoped for as she called theh they are hand in the eu brexit ea will put fairness of everything we d. so thatfi the promise of brexit together. and over the next five years, build a country in which no one and no community is left behind. >> eu officials say while the impact of this election is still
10:25 pm
being determined, they will be ready to open brexit negotiations on time on jun june 19th. ♪ coming up, tell me washington is better than a day at the beach? how about finding some cash while you're there? why some are hiding treasures in the sand. our scott williams tracking your weekend forecast. looking good, too, scott. >> it is looking good. it's also looking pretty warm. temperatures today, dawn, 83 degrees. but we're talking feels like temperatures around 100 degrees with that seven day forecast coming up. and she's back. a familiar person, not person, fish i guess back off the jersey shore waters. hank flynn took a dip to find out if there's any reason to worry. ♪
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new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything. shooting this afternoon accept a man and woman to the hospital. it happened in west oak lane just before one near the intersection of haines and north broad streets. both victims are in critical condition. police right now have no suspects. his own words could work against him. today a federal judge said prosecutors can use seth williams own statements when he
10:29 pm
prosecuted people for bribery in his bribery trial. according to federal prosecutor, statements made by philadelphia's embattled district attorney show he knew it was wrong to give legal favors in he can change for gifts and that is exactly what he's accused of doing. his trial is scheduled for late this year. update now on construction on i-95 in penn's landing. william penn foundation has committed to help raise the final $10 million needed for a 225 million development initiative along the delaware river. it includes capping a portion of i-95 between chestnut and walnut streets with a 4-acre park. >> the short term this project there support numerous construction jobs in the building trades. long term it will create countless permanent jobs generating significant revenue for the city, the school district and the commonwealth not to mention the quality green space that will be enjoyed by philadelphians for generations to come. >> landscaping on the cap also addresses storm water mitigation
10:30 pm
by providing green infrastructure for water quality improvements. on tonight's hang's take new jersey's favorite seasonal visitor is back. you've probably never met her. i hope you haven't. actually she's not even human. >> no. mary lee the great white shark is just off the jersey shore tonight. of course, our hank went in the water after her. ♪ >> reporter: it feels good. real good. hey it's hank i'm in atlantic city. i went swimming in be a key son inlet today and got to thinking about mary lee the 16-foot great white shark and why so many of us are so obsessed with her. my take is it's a good thing for the shark for the environment and even for us. little cold but good swim. i didn't see mary lee anywhere. didn't think i would. neither did frank who was waist deep doing some fishing. >> what happens if you hook a 1e of mary lee?
10:31 pm
>> well mary lee will have fun. she'll have probably use this for dental floss. [ laughter ] >> but i think -- [ laughter ] >> she might have little resistance but not much. >> reporter: mary lee has been telling us her story since she first tagged bio search in 2012 since then her travels which range from florida to cape cod have been track on the oh search website with a pink every time she surfaces. >> 16-foot shark like that is impressive. no matter where you are. >> reporter: bob of the marine mammal stranding center in brigantine knows plenty about sharks. >> gained 75 pounds. >> the center rescue daned dolphins, seals and such and some of the rain reasons mary lee pay as visit. >> a loft it is along the jersey coast. we still have seals in the area and that's one of her main preys. >> reporter: mary lee pink add couple of miles off sea isle city this afternoon. so she's around but there was no mention of it on her twitter account. what about that any way? why do
10:32 pm
we check in on a great white shark, because we can. >> i think so. so i believe it gives her a little bit more personality. >> laura birnbaum resident expert at the atlantic city aquarium where they have marbled shark. you can pet them. laura studied great whites in south africa. the mary lee phenomenon helps us better understand animals that have he wasn't the our imaginations all along. >> they're there. be aware of why they're there. and be excited that they're there. >> reporter: right. >> obviously, it might be a little bit scary because there's in thehark but she's not going inlet i thought about the told me fear top of the food chain predators healthy. tem plus mary lee followed mee swimming in theirge are extra cash and spreading the
10:33 pm
. >> we found a 50. >> yes. >> reporter: they s trees. that doesn't mean you hidden inr in the sand. >> or maybe tucked into the dock. >> i didn't believe it at first. i thought it was a hoax. this one was in the volleyball net. >> reporter: it's not a hoax. it's a hunt a florida treasure hunt. >> when i found it i was like wow, this is a real $20 bill in my hand and i was excited. >> what's on the things. >> reporter: treasure hunt movement which started last year in. we post a picture on facebook. s follow us. >> reporter: bow griswold who lives in colorado came up with the idea last year he's take it nationwide. >> just as a way to promote positivity throughout the state. get people outside off their cell phones.
10:34 pm
it's moving really fast. >> what's next to the palm tree. >> reporter: within minutes of clues being posted on the florida treasure hunt facebook page people in indian shores were on their feet finding bill after bill. >> how much did you get, five. >> five. >> this was really fun. we were not expecting it at all. >> from people saying that we're getting them out of depression, helping them get outside to helping them get exercise. it's just special things like that make it worth it. >> reporter: max and his wife were the state's first happy hunters. now he's a florida ambassador keeping the treasure hunt alive. >> i will be hiding money whether it's remington shores, clearwater beach, indian rocks beach. >> you fine it you keep it. >> i got it. >> that wouldn't be bad. >> no. i was just down there. i was staying in condo right near there recently. >> got to follow him on twitter and get the clues. >> find some cash. >> that was haley heinz reporting.
10:35 pm
trait straight ahead we've all heard of senior pranks. school officials were so angry what their students did to their school they were barred from walking at their own graduation. >> that lady not the real thing. she's a robot and pretty comfort, too. wait until you hear who she thinks she's smarter than. >> ♪
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10:38 pm
>> meet sophia she's human like robot she was presented in geneva for the all for good global summit. sophia is confident. she claims she could even do better job than president trump. not everyone who was there to meet sophia however believe she's a good idea. >> we're deeply concerned. this is like, you know, a train speeding down a dark tunnel and it's not even if there's a driver at the wheel who's asle asleep. there's actually no driver at the wheel. so that's a situation we're in right now. >> amnesty international one of the many human rights organizations that is raising concerns about artificial intelligence. former president joe biden former vice-president joe biden and his wife jill are keeping it close to home with a new beach house. they just bought a new home
10:39 pm
overlooking cape henolopen park in delaware. new beach pad will be get away from the couple's hectic schedule. a place for them to spend time with their family. the purchase comes a few months after it was nounsed biden signed a multi book deal. biden spokesperson says the pair will keep their home in gree greenville as well. 30 students not allowed to walk at their high school graduation all because of a senior prank gone wrong. a group of students plan to use chalk to write on the walls and put balloons and streamers throughout the school but police say part of that group broke off and some severe damage to the building. food was scatter the all over the floor. a fire extinguisher deployed an fire alarm pulled causing the sprinklers to go off. >> it's guilt by association. and something our parents taught when you say we were kids. if you're caught in the wrong place at the wrong time doing the wrong thing that you will face the same consequences. >> students are required to join beautification project at the school to help clean up that mess.
10:40 pm
coming up it's a mass grave on philadelphia's mainline. now a group is working hard to share the truth behind the dozens of bodies resting there. and our scott williams is tracking a heat wave. scott? absolutely. i mean, dawn, temperatures today low 80s. we're talking low to mid 90s in just couple of days, plus find out when it could feel like 100 degrees next. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $24.90 more per month. our lowest price ever on this offer.
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prosecutors are charging a virginia man with intent to kill after they say he mowed over two police officers and a traffic aid. it happened in d.c.'s adams morgan neighborhood last night. police sauce brandon mormon will also face weapons charges. one of the police officers was critically injury. it's a dark moment in our area' history. 57 irish immigrant workers died for a long time it was believed those deaths were from a cholera outbreak then historians found out it wasn't illness that led to those deaths, it was a massacre. >> today a local professor told our bill anderson that he wants to tell the true story of what happened to those immigrants at duffy' cut. ♪ >> 1832 the biggest industrial endeavor in pennsylvania the philadelphia and columbia railroad. >> reporter: nearly 200 years ago 57 irish rail workers came to this mainline site looking for work and filled with hope. >> the story is that cholera broke out in the philadelphia
10:44 pm
area around the time of their rival. by the end of the summer they were all dead. >> reporter: all 57 irish immigrants working at the sight called duffy' cut after the contractor who hired them were thrown in a mass grave and virtually forgotten. >> there were bones in the top of this tree stump. >> reporter: until historian dr. william watson who i met today atru. >> this landca vigilante group. and like the perfect crime. >> reporter: the times were strongly irish it was routine to be exploited attacked and beaten didn't watson believes that's what happened to many of the 57 workers. >> they were foreigners, they were irish catholic probably gaelic speakers, it was just the easiest thing in the world to contain the epidemic and get rid of a group they didn't want out here in their midst. >> so murder. >> murder. >> reporter: proudly stating their irish heritage dr. watson and others now dedicate large parts of their lives to finding
10:45 pm
the remains of those who tragically had theirs taken. >> it pisses me off that this happened here. my family could be here. it could have been me in here or my son. all of us believe that. >> then you'll follow that signal with your receiver. so transmitter -- >> trick wires at the house. >> apparently. today at the sight they brought out new radar technology allowing to look for remains in way that was previously impossible. >> all this science that's going on here today hopefully will right a historical wrong. >> reporter: remains of seven people have been recovered so far. and as the radar helped them identify and mark possible sights of additional remains, the workers seemed to feel at least a small sense of a accomplishment from giving respect to those who died without it. >> no one else is here to advocate for them except us. >> reporter: heritage and pride drive them there's also a feeling of their work benefiing us all. >> it's very timely. this stuff is happening today. you know what i mean if anything else these guys were killed
10:46 pm
because of who they were that's going on everywhere. >> reporter: they'll keep going as well until the true story of what happened at duffy's cut is finally told for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> on your kay door tonight arc beautiful weekend on tap. a live look at robo hedge beach, delaware. beautiful weekend to head to the delaware beaches or the jersey shore or the pocono mountains. scott williams is tracking a heat wave. his forecast in just 15 seconds. >> it was a fantastic friday. the upcoming weekend it is looking pretty good considering some of the prior weekends where we've been stuck with the clouds and the below average temperatures. the normal high this time of
10:47 pm
year arietta round 81 degrees. for your saturday clouds to start. afternoon sunshine, 86 degrees will be the high temperature. and then, yeah, suddenly summer. we're looking at 92 degrees on sunday. it gets even warmer by monday and tuesday of next week. temperature wise right now the cool spot mid 50s mount pocono. we have 69 in allentown. 72 in reading along with wilmington. 66 now in millville. 70 degrees currently in atlantic city. upper 60s beautiful evening in wildwood. so for tonight, we'll call it partly cloudy. temperatures in the city bottom right around 65 degrees. so not as cool as it has been and then tomorrow morning we're looking at some clouds to start. then sunshine in the afternoon. winds more out of the south and west. 86 degrees will be the high temperature around the philadelphia area and sea breeze will make eight little cooler pretty warm down the shore for your saturday. 81 degrees. 87 by sunday.
10:48 pm
water temperature still a little cool in the low 60s. for those rip currents only swim where theas we move toward the , if there, morning clouds giving way to aftern tomorrow. 76 degrees will be the high 87 degrees by the second half of . so in around drees tomorrow. 92 on sun into tuesday of next week. d records for sunday through tuesday for philadelphia 95 degrees. so we will flirt with that. the humidity starts to build as well. so feels like temperatures right around 95 degrees on monday. but by tuesday the heat will we're looking at feels like temperatures right around the triple digits so that weather authority seven day forecast showing you, clouds tomorrow morning giving way to sunshine. heating up. 86 degrees. 92 on sunday. near records 94 on monday.
10:49 pm
95 degrees on tuesday. then a back door front that will give us heat relief. wednesday a high of only 82 degrees. clouds and showers around partly sunny. 81 on thursday. scattered thunderstorms by friday of next week with temperatures back into the low 80s so get ready for that second heat wave sun into tuesday. back over to you. >> loving that, scott. i'm also loving when teams take care of their own and that's what the flyers did today. they extended one of their star players to new six year deal. we'll tell hugh it is and the eagles wrapped up spring practices this week as they gear up for their first mandatory mini camp starring next week. hear from head coach doug pederson on who has caught the coach's eye next in sports.
10:50 pm
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to help block six key inflammatory substances most allergy pills only block one. and si new flonase sensimist changes everything. ♪ it's all mandatory from here. eagles wrapped up voluntary otas week as i starts their first official tena
10:53 pm
is a must. looking back at this eagles fant to know who the up come septemb. the good news, head coach doug pederson he was quick to and the focus is all about the rook. >> talk about our rookies and hs here in the last couple of practices. donnell pumpfrey on offense being able to move him around a little bit and put him in that darrin sproles mold offensively watching him. derek barnett obviously is going to be a good player for us, and going to be nice little addition to our defensive line. >> looking forward to next week. over to the ice it was announced the flyers and defenseman shane gostisbehere reached a multi year extension the man known as ghost suffered a little bit of a sophomore slump this past season. hopefully with this crack situation handled he'll be bouncing back strong this upcoming year. early reports are six years, 27
10:54 pm
mill. nice pay day for the 24-year-o 24-year-old. let's talk phillies. it's been a tough season so far for the fightings. the last week the fightings have showed exactly that, a little bit of fight by winning four out of their last seven games. including a series win over the giants. could they keep the winning ways going in st. louis? phils and cards top three, phillies already up one that's aaron al tear at the plate. having a good season batting .287. he gives this one a ride. nice carry off the wall. joseph scores around from first. al tear ends up on third with a triple. phillies up to two to nothing. tied score now to the fifth. my maenades with a blast off jeremy hellickson. pits the cards on top and that's where we currently stand in the ninth, three-two. finally the olympic games are growing in 2020 we're going to see some mixed gender events ioc is badding mixed gender
10:55 pm
relays in swimming, track and triathlon new at the 2020 olympics i'm looking forward to this one in tokyo, free style bmx biking and three on three hoops. i like that. i can dig some three on three hoops. i feel -- >> that bananas. >> we're a step away from beer pong. i real dollar. [ laughter ] >> that is an event, didn't you know? >> all right. that does it for us at 10:00. dawn what's coming up at 11 c 11:00. >> local family is really upset about this video. they say it shows their young child being abused at his daycare. the daycare says that it's taken the appropriate action. our dave kinchen went digging for answers, and we have your wake up weather and your seven day forecast in the first five minutes. remember your mega millions lottery drawing is coming up next. stick around. ♪ (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29
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