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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 10, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. tonight at 11:00 this video has one family deeply disturbed they say it shows their young child getting roughed up at a local daycare. so did that daycare worker go too far? the daycare has taken the appropriate actions. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. now that family is looking for answers. our dave kinchen has been talking to the child's family digging around. he's live tonight in olney outside the daycare. dave? >> reporter: that's right, dawn, we can tell you the mother says she didn't find out about this until the day after it happened and she wants that worker held accountable. >> i cried at first but then there was nothing but anger. >> reporter: brianna woods says this surveillance video shows female daycare staff pushing her little boy who falls
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to the ground thursday at olney academy daycareadphia. >> i see her every day. i take my son to school in the morning i see her. i have conversations with her. >> reporter:woear-old noah alexander has lump the worker hitting her sngerously pulled ue fallin you know what i'm saying, leaving all weight on that one pk up a child. i don't even hit him. i to him more than anything anything. for someone else to put her hands on so aggressive as she did it. it hurt me. it hururt everybody. >> reporter: the director of the daycare tells fox 29 off camera they quote followed protocol which includes calling child line and notifying dhs of the case. they also say the worker was fired. brianna says, that's not enough. i just kind of wan don't wad any kids, any -- she don't need to be around kids. >> reporter: well, we can tell you that the daycare showed the
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video to the mother. the mother says she recorded it and put it online. the daycare says it follow the protocol and followed child abuse investigators. philadelphia police say they went to the call when it was called in and they're aware of the matter. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. on your radar tonight a beautiful weeknd ahead. it's simply gorgeous out there to be walking the boards in ocean city, new jersey, and if you like the heat, you are going to like what's ahead. meteorologist scott williams here with your forecast at 11:00. scott, tracking a heat wave? >> dawn, we'll go from earlier this week we had temperatures stuck in the 60s. today high temperatures in the low 80s. yes, our second heat wave of the year is brewing over the next several days. live look right now down the shore. folks just enjoying the boardwalk. the shore will be a great place to be for the up coming weekend. as we look at the temperatures right now, it's still 71 degrees in philadelphia. 70 in trenton. 70 currently in wilmington and we have upper 60s to right
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around 70 still down the shore because of that land breeze for today. temperatures overnight bottom out into the mid 60s. we'll call it parly cloudy. it stays mild and then the jet stream that will lift well to the north over the next several days. so that heat pump will build and those temperatures will start to climb. case in point as we move toward tomorrow, a high of 86 degrees in philadelphia. 92 by sunday. look at monday into tuesday. temperatures topping out in the mid 90s it will feel even warmer. down the shore looking good, though. sunshine, nice, 81 degrees for tomorrow. 87 by sunday. water temperature still a little chilly low 60s and also beware of the rip currents we have a moderate risk this weekend for rip currents so swim only where those lifeguards are present. for the pocono mountains, get away. we're looking at clouds to sunshine tomorrow. 76 degrees. 87 degrees so warming up pretty rapidly the second half the
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weekend. so the heat turns pretty serious early next week. monday feels like temperatures mid 90s by tuesday the heat wave will peak and look at this. feels like temperatures around the triple digits. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you the nice weekend. once again tomorrow morning when you wake up to walk the dog, breakfast, we will have some morning clouds out there. but then that will quickly give away to sunshine. temperatures heat up. a summer feel. 92 sunday. 94 degrees on monday. and look at tuesday. the heat peaks 95 degrees. record sunday through tuesday right around 95 for philadelphia. the heat wave ends wednesday with a back door front. some scattered showers and temperatures wednesday, thursday, friday of next week, dawn, back to the low 80s much that's about average for this time of year. sounds good. >> thanks, scott. carrie possession turns deadly in point breeze as bullets start flying just before 10:30 this morning. police say a repo man got into a
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fight with 3284 old man who tried to stop him from taking a corner of 18th and dickinson. authorities say the repopped beg hispe 32-year-old man was shot twice and killed fe sounded like firecracker going off and screaming and run aig way from the screen. it was scary. >> police detained and questioned the repo man. no word on what if any charges he may face. a dog was also struck and killed in the crossfire. happening now, new details about a police involved shooting in juniata park. police say an armed man who was ride ago dirt bike died after he was shot by an officer. tonight police are working to piece together exactly what happened before the shots were fired. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live at the philadelphia police headquarters with the latest. shawnette. >> reporter: dawn tonight police still have not released the victim's name, but they
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continue looking at surveillance video to find out exactly what happened in the moments before this deadly shooting. skyfox over a violent and deadly scene. police in route to the special victims unit with people in the pa control car for a man who ws driving wreckly on dirt bike. the officer stops the man and says he reaches for his waistband. >> when the officer grabbed him and appeared to feel a weapon he said he himself looked the guy in the face and said, um, don't do it, man. >> reporter it happened last night on the 4200 block of whitaker avenue. investigators say a person in the patrol car being taken to svu saw the entire incident. and corroborates the officer's account of what happened. >> witness also says the same thing, this individual then pulls this 9-millimeter out which was fully loaded as we found out subsequently, um, he pulled away from the officer, and that's when the officer initially fired. >> reporter: but the officer's begun doesn't discharge.
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the suspect allegedly runs and the officer fires again hitting the 30-year-old in the back and rear end. he died at the hospital. >> i'm not really concerned at this time about da charges or anything. that wasn't my concern. my concern is about the fact that it doesn't meet departmental protocol. >> reporter: and that protocol the commissioner is talking about determines when an officer is allowed to shoot at a fleeing subject. meanwhile tonight internal affairs is investigating. dawn? >> shawnette, thank you. president trump is denying any obstruction of justice in his firing of former fbi director james comey. he also said he never demanded comey's loyalty and that contradicts comey's detailed sworn testimony yesterday. now congress is on the hunt for leaked memos and potential tapes that could prove which man is actually telling the trauma. the president says he is willing to testify under oath about their conversations. >> no collusion, no obstruction.
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he's a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. >> the president's personal attorney will reportedly file a complaint with the justice department. a new twist to the case against the philadelphia district attorney. federal judge said prosecutors can use seth williams own statements when he prosecuted people for bribery in his bribery trial. according to federal prosecutors, statements made by the embattled philadelphia district attorney show that he knew it was wrong to give legal favors in he can change for gifts and that's exactly what seth williams a accused of doing. his trial is scheduled for later this year. coming up, what a trip. a man is on mission from wilmington to washington. >> just me and my wheelchair one leg and i go backwards 95% might have journey. >> you heard him backwards in wheelchair all for our troops and fallen officers. and the newest edition to the us navy is named after former congressman gabbie
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giffords. uss gabbie brielle did you have forwards a combat ship that was built in alabama. the navy decided to name the ship after the former arizona congresswoman for her resilien resilience. she of course survived assassination attempt during public appearance sick years ago. ♪
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♪ prosecutors in bill cosby's second assault trial wrapped up their case today but not before using cosby's own words to portray him as someone who used drugs to try to have his way with women. in the transcript of a deposition in a decade old civil lawsuit read in court today, cosby describes getting
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prescriptions for the depressant quaaludes back in the 1970's. he admitted using the so-called party drug on women he wanted to seduce. andrea con stand claims cosby drugged and groped her at his cheltenham estate back in 2004. the defense will begin its case monday and team cosby well it's teasing court watchers right n now. >> we are have not ruled out mrs of yet. we're weighing all our options. >> nothing is never off the tail when you're in a trial of this magnitude. you have to look at and weigh all your options. >> i would say that that is about as likely as any of us leaving for the moon on monday. but i guess one never knows. >> before wrapping their case prosecutors put a psychologist on the witness stand to say it is not unusual for sex assault victims to delay reporting the crime and stay in contact with their attacker especially if that attacker had been a close friend andrea constand did both.
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after a live changing accident one man is on a mission to honor those who selflessly put themselves in harm's way and he's taking that mission straight to our nation's capit capitol. fox 29's jennifer joyce janes why and the unique way he's getting there. >> this is my way of living. this is my car. this is my truck. >> reporter: his wheels are driving his mission. if i get to the white house i completed my journey. >> that's right dennis schultz is headed to d.c. with a friend following behind in car he will spend the next 20 or so days wheeling himself along the shoulder of busy highways between south jersey the white house. >> me and my wheelchair one leg and i go backyards 95% of my journey. >> a long dangerous trip but one close to his heart. >> the journey i'm doing i want to share awareness of the vets, the fallen officers, um, the ems and the firefighters. >> reporter: crews that schultz credits with saving his life back in 2012. >> i was in bad accident and
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without the response of those guys i wouldn't be here today. i had 42% chance of living. >> reporter: it wasn't a live changing accident he lost his leg and he says it force him to re-evaluate his life. >> a lot of people quick to judge. i let people know no matter who you are everybody has story. >> reporter: now he visits schools and offers motivational speeches in carney's point this week he spent time at the local police station thanking the officers for their service and sharing his story. later this month he's hoping to meet president trump. >> i want him to god bless our troops and our fallen officers. >> reporter: although schultz is quick and comfortable on wheels,. >> are you going to keep up or what? [ laughter ] >> reporter: 55-year-old amputee will walk the last half mile to the white house using a prosthetic leg as a special tribute to our service members and first responders. a sign of strength and courage that he hopes inspires others along their own journey through life. >> no matter your situation, if
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you put your mind it to whether it be wheelchair or just whatever, you can make a difference. >> reporter: jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. so chris, what's going on tonight? >> well, dawn somebody people in north philadelphia dancing their way into the weekend. fresco user dominic barone takes to us the get hyped philly event all to help brought the city's youth advocate for healthy living. people got to sample local produce, do some exercise. the youth leadership council awarded $74,000 in grants to more than a dozen of the city's non-profits. fresco user nicole take us to the garden state dois consider rei museum for the fourth annual calling all super heroes event. this is some video outside kids were invited to dress up as their favorite super heroes. they could put their powers to the test at various obstacle
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courses. there were plenty of activities both inside and out. well, when you see news happening, make sure to take out your phone and shoot it. then make sure to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. dawn. >> thank you, chris. now to your hell. a major shake up in the pharmaceutical industry for the first time the fda is asking a company not to sell an opioid pain medication. according to reports there's concern because of the drug's potential for obama fda is asking endo pharmaceuticals to withdraw opan rer before the risks outweigh any benefits of pain control. scary moments for delaware couple on the way to the hospital. the wife in labor, the obama ready to come at any moment. well, never made it to the hospital. fox 29's joanne pileggi explains where this baby entered the world. >> reporter: unexpected early delivery on a busy interstate. good thing everything went as well as it could.
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>> diss pat comes back outread radio and says the baby has been delivered. now i know why they stopped on the side of the road this makes sense now. >> reporter: on the side of the road not just any rode, but i-95 south in delaware. at 3:20 this morning. kirk and sally lawrence were on their way to the hospital. >> next thing, the baby was coming out in the car. bakely by the time we pulled over the baby had been born. we were picking the baby up off the noor board of the car wrapping her in blanket. >> reporter: kirk tried to stay calm they were less than 2 miles from the hospital. >> the 911 operator was able to talk us through the post delivery room moments you didn't know what was next. right. you're kind of living in the moment this is what i've got to do. >> reporter: paramedics lisa and earnest arrive as cars blue by at 70 miles per hour. >> i walk up and say what's going on and mom is sitting in the passenger seat with a bundle on her chest. >> working your hyped what's going on, i hope everything is fine. i hope there's no complications anything hike that and more so over this is i-95 southbound.
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>> she's wiggling around, she's breathing well, nice and pink and i think oh, good. >> everyone involved said there were some tense moments today but mom, dad, baby are now resting comfortably in the hospital. i'm joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. >> she'll be talking about none for awhile much sean brace with what's on his mind tonight. >> sean, yes, dawn, don't blame those millennials here but the reason why kevin durant join the warriors this off season because of everybody's obsession for the ring. my commentary on why the ring's culture is hurting sports is next. ♪
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sean brace takes on ring culture. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ i'm sorry but you know what makes me sick and tired these days? you know what really grinds my gears? the obsession by fans for rings. hear me out on this one. in all sports it's all about finishing the season on top. and with that, you of course get a ring. so there's no arguments from me there. but we used to enjoy what it took to get there. i guess you could say we enjoyed the process. but now more than ever if a player isn't playing for ripping these days, he's somehow is less of a player. a perfect example, kevin durant who was always the second best player in the game behind lebron
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because of said ring culture kd join the golden warriors this off season and made them down right impossible to beat. so much so the warriors are going 444 right through the playoffs and that's not even close. i plame you america for kevin duran chasing the ring with the warriors. if we all just sat back enjoyed duran witness thunder a little bit more, my guess is he doesn't leave. from brady to lebron to jordan has sick blah, blah, blah all we discuss how many rings these guys have. in closing it should always be about winning a ring don't get me wrong second best player in the game joining the best team in the league is not how you do it. but my guess is, 20 years from now, nobody will remember that all we'll remember is kd finally got his. dawn? >> all right, sean. the fraud is strong in this next story someone stole $200,000 in star wars memorabilia. it happened monday on a property far far away in california.
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it's home to the largest private collection of star wars memorabilia. the owner says it took him 40 years to a mass his labor of love. 120 items stolen but the worst part the owner says he believes they weren't stolen by a random stranger but trusted friend. >> we were tollly devastated that someone that we considered part of the family, someone that stayed with us, someone that we shared meals with would do something like that. >> police are investigating the friend after a tip from a collector who suspected he was selling the merchandise. and that will do it for tonight. back at 7am for "good day philadelphia". you guys will both be here, right. >> hey, hey. >> all right. your weather, your news, your traffic covered all morning lo long. have great night and enjoy this beautiful weekend that cot has so nicely delivered to us. >> it's heating up. >> all right. thanks for watching. ♪
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