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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  June 10, 2017 7:00am-8:41am EDT

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from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia. dad in the street, three men attacked early this morning, what the suspected demanded moments before the violent assault. a liability abused at daycare. that's what one local family is claiming, that worker now fired. but the boy's mom said that is not enough. sexual abuse on big mawr one week after the host used a slur what he had to say about the controversial comment and the powerball jackpot continues to grow. are you feeling lucky? good day, it's saturday, june 10th, 2017. i've been off a few days. >> what did you say?
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>> whatever. >> you sound like macy's gray over here. >> i got the huge cramp in my neck two days now, like this pain >> what's wrong >> hey, guys, yeah, i'm hurting. >> it's good outside. i went out to california. the weather here was better than there >> what did you have out there >> it was like 70's, couldn't get in the ocean, water too cold. >> the pacific is always chilly >> still in the low 60's right now down the shore, but it will be a nice weekend. >> good? heating you mean. >> it's heating up. we're looking at second heat wave over the next several days, those temperatures continue to climb but it will be a nice weekend and we have near record territory early next week, weather by the numbers on a scale of one to ten for saturday, what about a nine? we will see a few clouds, first things this morning and far
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northwest the lehigh valley sections of the poconos, will zoom in on ultimate doppler we have a couple of light showers passing through. a lot of this is simply going to diminish before it makes its way towards philadelphia, we'll go hour by hour, northwest don't be surprised with the early morning disturbance, clouds couple of sprinkles, and falls apart. temperatures they will heat up pretty rapidly during the day today. the normal high temperature for this time of year is right around 81 degrees, what about a high temperature? look at this, 87 degrees for today. well above average, then 93 degrees as we move toward your sunday. the jet stream is lifting well to the north, we'll talk about a string of 90 degree plus days, lauren, coming up. >> all right. thank you so much, scott. 7:02. breaking news, following three men attack's and stab the in city's lawncrest neighborhood and the south jersey is on. sabina kuriakose live at einstein medical center where the victims are being treated
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this morning, hi, sabina? >> reporter: good morning, lauren, yes, as you mentioned all three of those victims stabbed, they're here at einstein. we know at least one was stabbed in the neck. let's take a look at video that we got for you from the team just after all of this happened. now, all three of these men are in their 20's. police say apparently this started as an attempted robbery. this is in the 600 block of mayfair street in the lawncrest section of the city. it happened about 3:15 this morning, police are looking for two suspects, we have very little information on who exactly the people might be. we do have a big description police say one was wearing a red shirt. the other was wearing black. both of those people ran from the scene before police arrived and right now, they remain on the loose, back out here, live, three men all in their 20's stabbed overnight in the city's lawncrest section. the suspects still out there and police have not told us yet whether they've recovered
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weapon, the good news, those three victims are in stable condition. lauren, back to you. >> thanks for the update. also breaking a man is dead after the car he was driving crashed in langhorne. this happened on i95 south at wood burn road around 11:30 last night. investigators say the car went off the road into the woods leaving the driver trapped. you died on the scene, police a looking into the cause. a drexel student in critical condition after being hit by car in university city. it happened around 12:30 this morning at 38th and market. the driver behind the wheel of a silver lexus stayed on the scene that person is now in custody. the student was taken to presbyterian medical center with serious head trauma. to a developing story, search continues this morning for the man who kidnap add teenage girl and sexual assaulted her. happened before 7:00 thursday at orthodox street and trenton avenue. police say three men forced the teenager into a vehicle, drove her to an bonded building about
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a mile away where they assaulted her. she was able to escape, and get to a relative's house. >> it's crazy to think that your kids are just not safe walking from school, walking from camp. you literally have to accompany your children everywhere you go. >> if you have information about this assault, you're asked to call police. new details about a police involved shooting in juniata park, an armed man riding a dirt bike died after an officer shot him on thursday night. this morning, police still working to piece together why the gunfire erupted in the first place. shawnette wilson reports. >> reporter: skyfox over a violent and deadly scene, police en route to the special victims unit with people in the patrol car and a man they say was driving recklessly on a dirt bike, the officer stops him and he reaches for his waistband. the officer said he looked the
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guy in the face and said don't do it. >> reporter: it happened on the 4200 block of whitaker avenue. a person in the patrol car being taken to suv saw the entire incident and corroborates the officer's account >> the witness says the same thing. this individual pulls this nine million meter out fully loaded as we found out and he pulled away from the officer and that's when the officer initially fired. >> reporter: but the officer's gun doesn't discharge. he fires again hitting the and 30-year-old in the back and rear end, he died at the hospital >> i'm not concerned about charges or anything like that. that wasn't my concern. my concern is about the fact that it doesn't meet department tall protocol. >> reporter: shawnette wilson fox 29 news a philadelphia police officer is in trouble with the law. 27-year-old williams after she
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was involved in an incident in bar off duty. the seven year veteran accused of pointing a gun making threatening statements, the police department has suspended her 30 days, with the the intent to dismiss. another top story this morning, prosecutors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial rest the their case yesterday. before that happened, they used cosby own words to try and portray him as someone who used to drug his way to have sex with with him. prosecutors read from a decade old transcript from a deposition tied to a civil lawsuit. in it, cosby described getting prescriptions for quaaludes back in the 1970s's he admitted utilizing the so-called party drug on party women on women he wanted to seduce. andrea constand said he grabbed and groped her in 2004. the defense will present its case monday. bill cosby said he could potentially testify. that could be a huge risk and
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open the door to hear testimony from dozens of other could describe accusers. president trump denying obstruction of justice claims in his firing of former fbi director james comey. he also denies his loyalty. that contradicts his detailed sworn testimony on thursday. congress is now on the the hunt for leaked memos and potential tapes might reveals who's telling the truth, the president is willing to testify under oath about the conversations. >> no collusion, no obstruction, he's a leaker but we want to get back to running our great country >> the president's personal attorney expected to file a complaint with the justice department. first lady milania trump and 11-year-old son barren about to call the white house home. they will reportedly move in on wednesday, the trumps had always said the two would remain in new york until the school year ended. 7:08. a local family said their young
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child was assaulted at a daycare. now, the daycare is taking action but the family says that is not enough. what more they're asking for. plus, forget getting fancy, philly has four of america's best casual restaurants according to one list. can you guess where they are? and later on good day, summer season means kids are out of school, the weather is heating up. are you traveling? maybe doing a staycation, we shared tips to keep you calm and sane. but first sue serio and weekend wendy is here >> she's excited about the chil. strawberry season,ates and games andirthday of their mascot go, they're thew as well from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. have a great time.
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have a strawberry for me.
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♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪oa ♪♪toeto
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put in the good and the good will growf♪om the farm ♪ ♪ 7:12, 66 degrees, it's a nine today, which means it will be nice >> it really is. temperatures are already warming above average, 87, then,days. our second heat wave of the yea morning.dover. 57 currently in the poconos, an shore, 60's, 70 right now, ocean city, mcinne building
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93 degrees on monday and look tuesday, the humidity will start to this aft ds, breezy, 87. down the shore looking 80's, sunny, nice, 87 derre temperatuw 60's. yes, for rip currents, onlyemra the poconos, upper 70s for today, a passing shower degrees, as we move wthe foreca returns especially thise3 degrees monday. mid 90's byrelief. a back door cold front that moves through wedneay to where we should be for this to my oow 80's wednesday,
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thursday into friday. we'll keep unsettled as well with that stalled out boundary across tla. an arrest boy is shot in th hell in well, authorities was arrested thursday in new castle. he reckless endangerment and sa with his mother hit byn. he's in the hospital in this video has one family deeply ws their young chd a local daycare. the dayca it wasn't the appropriate actions done. fox 29 i cried at first then no surveillance video staffer push herho falls to the
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ground >> i s son to school every day, i 2-ye forehead, t and being dangerously pull lid up after the arm leaving all the weight, that's not how you pit him. i talked to him someone else tot her hands on himively as everybody. >> reporter: the director tells fox oprotocol, which includes calling childs of the . they also say theund any there's been a power point threat of u.s. lottery mb, fox 29 i ysour chance >> t one in million.
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>> to each their own, do your thing. as a matter of fact, i will say the was a million dollar ticket sold last week. i jus happen. >> you never know b.e you. >> you never know w fun, sometimes you want to be cool up. casual, not just head out and get daily meal came up with a list of ten 1. number three,dinick? there. den nick's roast pork, earned travel channel's best in america, that was >> you can't go wrong with the reading terminal market. just go there. any time a friend comes into town, i say believe me, go
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there. go there hungry and you'll find >> you'll find something. >> 61 jose garces does it again. do you like this place? i wasn't a jose garces restaurant the other day with the training post. little disappointed. i'm not going to lie to you. keeping it real >> this one is -- i don't know how you say this. d disre toe. in were there. >> i have been there before and it is a fabulous spot and i did have a good dinner. >> i've never been there. i need to try that. >> pat's. king of steaks. >> number 42. edging out gee know's at 41 both make the list. and cats's deli the best casual restaurant, though not in philly you've likely heard of it before. take a look.
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>> most women at one time or anot never faked it with me >> how do you i do. >> oh, oh oh, go oh. >> i'll she's having. >> because funny. that brings us to this m poll, r favorite casual know, use the #fox29goodday. >> are we talking about, mexico. >> it's fancy. >> compared to pats and >> you can come as you are, wha.
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>> if you walk into certain you can't go in in>> i'm going to to thinkeatin. we have highlights there? >> kardashians. >> of
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so many people thought las for the cavs >> are really good >> they are. >> they set the record wins in season and all they did wast pl year. >> but itsay. >> that's right. >> let's go ahead and talk abou king lebron james has mostly been about what we jsaid. the golden state warriors. leading the series games to one, the cavs needed a win to keep it live.lights, cleveland, after an nba finals n the first quarter alone, you realize exactlye warriors are s.
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in it till the end. but credit to lebron james and curry urban who did a 40 with the cavs won 137-116, game five back in oakland on monday night. let's talk football. it's all mandatory from here. the eagles wrapped up the final week of voluntary otas next week and next week is the first official mini camp where tendency is a must. most eagles fans wants to know who is the shining star and who will be ready to step up come september, the good news is doug pederson was quick to answer that question and the focus is about the rookies. >> you're talking about rookies and were douglas shown are strides here in the last couple of pr frey kind of p strolls mo
7:24 am
to be a good playe a nice littl addition to our defensive line. the ice, it was announced gostisbehere reachedlyers and ghost suffered a little bit of a slump butra situation handled hl be stronger this reports six ye 24-year-old over to the diamon season so far for theweek, the showed exactly that. four out of their last seven gamever the giants. p the ways going in st. louies up one to nothing. thate that is one a
7:25 am
ride short of a home ruay for the first, altherr with are not ther's diaz. is the man's namhe goes up for m puts the cards on top. the phil 3-2, nothe fightins for sure. to the nba finals because that's what we have right now. it was a good gam night. >> let me ask you this: you've heard of the kardashian curse; right? >> yes, i mean, whoever they date is kind of e >> do you believe tha know, as to the kard or male is, partnour p
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heart and a faile the cavs won,. chriom >> he almostf stop performing at their best capacity where in relationshi relationships weh e kardashih, everything ss gold, with chris jenner. ys is a joke. with chris jenner. ys is a joke. they were marriedas a joke i fo?
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watching this breath savers protect mint e you guys doing? maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
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new flonase sensimist in christie reaching a deal with the announced. governorin we did >>t's outdoors, itil weekend,
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ultimate sun and clouds, you can see, ha towards the i95 corridor.ight s mixturetures soar tinards sunday. back overeing stabbedriose who's livetable condition here.. let'slock of mayfair streetcity. right black einstein medical center,nd a car repossessiots starts repo man got
7:30 am
stop him from takiner of 18th and di repo man-to-man l the 32-year-old man was shot and killed. >> sounded like a fire gun going off and we looked run, away from the scene. it was pretty police detained a questioned the repo man, no word on what if any charges hea dog n the cross top stories, federal judge is saying prosecutors can use seth william he prosecuted people for bribery in his own bribery trial. according to federal prosecutor, statements made by williams show he knew it was wrong to give legal favors in exchange for gifts. and that's exactly what he's accused doing.
7:31 am
bill maher apologizing after using the n word on his show last week, social media went crazy saying but maher should be fired. wrapper ice cube is speaking out >> it's like a knife, man, you can use it as a weapon or a tool. it's been used as a weapon against us by white people. and we're not going to let that happen again. by nobody. because it's not cool. i think you just have to not step on some of the political messes that you're saying with a joke, because some things just ain't funny. i think this is a teachable moment, not just to you, but to the people that's watching right now. >> bill maher since apologized for using the inform word, saying it was wrong. and a big mistake. 7:36. given 30 days to live in 2005,
7:32 am
that did not stop this west philadelphia artist. how he is choosing to live life on his own journey when we come back.
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30 fox on arrest philadelphia m- 29 accomplishment, the change c. >> reporter: feeling down after experiencing seizures that caused this west philadelphiaian to be hospitalized men times.
7:35 am
>> i was just discharged from the hospital on monday. i was determined to be present for this intervew >> let's clean up together. >> reporter: somehow these interruptions, as terrance calls them, had been fruitful >> i was actually hospitalized two years ago when the philadelphia art museum, did two hundred years of african-american artists. i'm laying in my hospital bed and i'm thinking, i wonder who these artists were. >> reporter: many were painters like horace pip inwho lost the use of his right arm after being shot during world war i, the artist became an inspiration >> i thought wow,hare parallels, he's disabled by way of
7:36 am
shoulder. and i'm disabled as they say, by way of this brain epter: horace news terrance needed to become a body of selected to be a part of the wood mihr e >> we issued a call to artists who live in the 50of philadelph. harry fill brick in artists exp themselves in their medium and interesting ways. >> reporter: for terrance, th h of using anything and everything to create his works of art. >> i began with the face. >> from dried fruit to branches, broken glass frames, that he found on the street, people >> people looked at me seeing, there's that man again collecting things off the ground.
7:37 am
>> reporter: to pieces of clothing wore while taking medicine that caused him to gain weight >> i thought what do you want to title this? and that's when i titled it. creating beyond limitation because i felt my mind, there are no limit impossible doesn't exist in my vocabulary. day, fromr: mike jerrick the beach bums, are you traveling or staycation headed down the shore? the kids can get a months, we'r you, sane.ll you how to keep
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it takes a lot of people to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read. which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪
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time now is 7:45. ultimate doppler look pretty good. but far north and west around harrisburg, watching outlet for a couple of light shower, some of that moving through the poconos, once again, most of that will fizzle out before it has a chance to move toward the philadelphia area. temperature pretty comfortable on this saturday morning, mid 60's, pottstown, 66 degrees now in allentown. upper 60's wildwood, 67 currently in atlantic city, and wilmington waking up to 64 degrees. we'll call today, a mix of sun and clouds. breezy, 87 degrees will be the afternoon high temperature in and around philadelphia, but take a look at the temperature trend over the next several days. high temperatures tomorrow, 93 degrees. 94 for monday, and 95 degrees
7:41 am
moving ahead to your tuesday near record territory. what about if you're headed to the shore? water temperatures a little chilly, low 60, also, be mindful of the moderate risk for rip currents, 81 for today, look at the spike, 87 tomorrow. beautiful weekend down the shore. now, for the poconos mountains, the morning spotty shower, afternoon sunshine 79, then tomorrow, temperatures around 86 degrees in the poconos. lauren, over to you. >> thank you so much, scott. trying to clean off the couch. >> what happened here. you have summer travel plans, the best day for cheap air fair, tuesdays, cheap says it's the most economic cal day. and ticket sales start tuesday before 3:00 p.m. other cheap day, wednesday,
7:42 am
saturday, most expensive day, i think you know this is on sunday. whether you're taking a big family vacation or staying local, vacations can be fun, getting there can be tough. check out this clip. >> are we there yet? no. >> are we there yet? no >> are we there yet? no >> are we there yet? n no. >> brandy davis our family coach said she probably heard that a million times from parent. you have tips and tricks to keep the kids calm and keep you sane >> sort of be honest with the kids about what's happening. >> you want to let them know whether it's a long trip, like a plane ride or whether it's a sort trip to the zoo.
7:43 am
what's going to happen. if you're going to the airport. you may have to take off your shoes, it might be a long line, this is when we're going to eat. this is how the day will go. so making sure your kids are in informed is really important. give those heads up, ten more minutes be three more minutes, let them know where they are in the whole trip process. >> now, a lot of times, people pack up the car and say let's do a road trip. kids kind of get ancy >> they do. i like to give kid responsibility for as much things as they possibly can. have them pack backpack, maybe two, three things they can do on the trip and a snack. if they've packed their bag, it's a little more difficult for them to say, i don't have anything to do. because they packed that activity and kids just, ok, don't want to see they did something wrong, no, i picked a terrible thing. >> is instead of mom and dad
7:44 am
sort of forcing things, kids get to make the choice >> this is great what i brought. >> a lot of times, life is easy now so many cars have like the headrests, like tvs, ipads, keep kids busy. >> yeah, and sometimes you know, you can only watch one thing at a time. it's really important to come up with a way you guys can take turn, i kind of brought something here, you can have a choosing trip. and what you want to do is pass that back and forth so that each kid can pick, you know, the music or the video that they want to watch. it's like sort of a more concrete way to divvy up those choices. and it's also really important knowing can kind of like talk badly or someone else's choice, that movie is for babies. >> yes. >> you know a game we played when i was younger >> i spy >> is that what you did?
7:45 am
the license plate? that's what we did. someone would be in charge of writing down the different states that we saw along the way. >> georgia, and then you get excited when you see something. wow. did you guys do that >> we did the i spy. >> what's i spy, i spy with my brown eye whatever, something red. and maybe a stop sign, something like that. my question is this. when do you give the kid the benadryl? should you wait like an hour before you leave? >> no. don't give them benadryl. don't be doing that here. >> if you decide we're going to be the jurors and skip the car ride and take the plane, different set of rules for that >> same basic set of rules. same thing with packing the bag, having them make choices, help them with the choosing chip. we have this thing that i call emergency parenting, which goes against every rule that i ever tell anyone ever as a parenting
7:46 am
coach. this is the time to say you know what? if you guys can sit, i safely and calmly i will buy you a union corn >> emergency parenting >> or something like that, and again, anyone who's ever worked with me knows that i don't normally believe in bribes but in an plane, sometimes when you're with your in-laws, you need to do what you have to do >> and keep other passengers happy. i used to live in orlando, going to disney or leaving what was i experienced in driving a lot. why do we have to leave if they're -- or they're so excited they're about to be there, it's a million questions over and over and over. >> it's not easy. >> it's not >> i admire the mom with the stroller and the car seat and kids. >> i saw that in denver, me and my wife saw this, how can you do this but you have to do it, shout out to the mothers out
7:47 am
there. >> it's a lot. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me, guys >> good tips and tricks. we're going to take a quick break and be back i'm rob up here in torresdale, i'm going to take you behind the scenes and into the ring of phillies own wrestling school coming up. good morning, i'm dr. mike, if you're like me, you're asleep and really tired by weekend. i tend to sleep in on friday and saturdays. it's called social jet leg. the problem is new data suggests it can actually increase your risk of heart disease down the road by 11%. get your rest every night. now if you have leg that is look like mine, like freezer burnt chicken you would expect me to worry about the sun and melanoma. that's true. but african-americans and hispanics also have to worry about melanoma. it can be genetic. so let your skin checked out and
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being a super hero was not a viable career option, i thought how about professional wrestling. >> ended up working out pretty well. he worked for wwe and every week night in torresdale he's changing the next generation >> some do it for fun, others have a serious career aspiration, like shawn pink it who traveling from newark to come to class. >> it's a thrill to me. there's more where i want to come back >> and mike teaches it all from failing gracefully after taking a hit to developing your character. >> you're going to do trash talking as we deliver a promo piece i need to make an anticipate when we meet and introduce an element of uncertainty that makes the outcome unknown
7:53 am
>> when he steps into the ring, he transforms >> i feel as though i'm at 100 percent percent confidence in that ring. i can't feel like that outside. s. makes you feel superior. one of those guides >> have an event today >> at 3:00 p.m. at the wrestling factory. >> the new warning system being rolled out by the social networking site. careful. networking site. careful. introducing fios gigabit connection. networking site. careful. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have.
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stabbed in the street, three men attacked early i didn't say this morning, what the suspects demand moments before that to violent assault. after a five straight days of emotional testimony, have a trial of bill cosby is shaping up as we head into week two.
7:56 am
and another history making power ball, the jackpot continues to grow. are you feeling lucky? we hope so. saturday june 10th, 2017. so shawn and i do prefer the scratch-offs but the 400 and whatever million? i'll take that >> i don't have a ticket. >> how many will you buy >> maybe two, i'll pick my own numbers. >> i never do. is that what you do >> 435 mill >> the secrets to your numbers >> birthdays >> i think it's like five and then the power ball. >> you got five good numbers >> i can probably >> write them down for me. one of the number is a nine because you said today's weather will be kind of good >> we're looking at temperatures warming up for the weekend. it will be pretty nice considering some prior weekends where temperatures have been well above average, live look right now, down the shore, those
7:57 am
folks, they have the right idea. it's going to be a beautiful weekend. if you're headed the shore, poconos mountains, or the center city area, weather by the number, scale of one to ten, we will give it a nine, a nice weekend. temperatures will be heating up. i don't want to hear anyone complaining saying, it's getting too hot. as we are on the brink of another heat wave early next week. ultimate doppler is dry, parts of south jersey, dry in delaware, north and west looking good in the suburbs, once you move a little farther out west toward harrisburg, scranton, we're looking at a line of shower, this activity continues to fizzle out as it moves towards the poconos and the lehigh valley. so as we go hour by hour later on this afternoon, there might be a stray shower in the poconos or the lehigh valley, but all in all, looking good, temperatures topping out around 87 degrees for today. and then look at tomorrow.
7:58 am
93 degrees, if you think that's hot it gets hotter. i'll tell you when it will feel like hundred one coming up. >> 8:03. breaking news. three men attacked and stabbed in lawncrest. search son for the suspects behind the violent assault. sabina kuriakose live at einstein medical center. >> reporter: good morning, violent morning in the city, we have three young man who were stabbed and people who did this are still out there. let's go to video. from the scene that we got for you this morning, as detectives were holding the scene trying to figure out exactly what led to all of this. it was about 3:15 this morning in the 600 block of mayfair. as you mentioned it's a lawncrest section of the city, police say this might have started from what appears to be an attempted robbery. they say that two suspects stabbed three young man all in their 20's and they took off running. have a description on these suspects we know one of them was wearing a red shirt, the other a
7:59 am
black. trying to figure out more information trying to track the people down. as i mentioned three young man all in their 20's stabbed. one stabbed in the neck. all recovering at i understand medical center and we do want to tell you the good news, is that they're all in stable condition. but again, people who did this out there have not of course, if you know anything call philadelphia police, lauren back to you. >> also breaking, man dead after the car he was driving crashed in langhorne this happened on i95 south around 11:30. investigators say the car went offer the road into the woods leaving the driver trapped. he died on the scene. police are looking in the cause. a drexel student in critical condition after being hit by a car in university city. police say it happened around 12:30 this morning, the driver was behind the wheel of a silver locates and stayed on the scene. the person in custody. female student was taken to presidency medical center where with serious head trauma.
8:00 am
to a developing story, an investigation underway into a deadly police involved shooting in juniata park. an officer was transporting witnesses when he noticed a dirt biker driving recklessly around 7:30 thursday. when the officer pulled next to him. he went up to him and could feel a gun in his waist. police say that officer told the man not to reach for the weapon. however, investigators say the man did go for his gun. that's when witnesses confirmed there was a struggle. police say the officer shot and killed the bike rider as he ran away. the officer has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. search continues this morning for the man who kidnapped a teenage girl off the street and sexual assaulted her. this happened just before 7:00 thursday at orthodox and trenton avenue. police say three men forced the teen into a vehicle. drove her to an abandoned building where they assaulted her. she was able to escape and get to a relative's home. >> it's crazy to think your kids
8:01 am
are not safe walking from school. walking from camp. you literally have to accompany your children everywhere you go. >> if you have any information about this crime, you're asked to call police. president trump denying obstruction of justice claims in his firing of former fbi director james comey. he also denies demanding comey's loyalty. that contradicts comey's testimony. the president says he's willing to testify under oath about the conversation. >> no collusion. no obstruction. he's a leaker. but we want to get back to running our great country. >> the president's personal corner expected to file a complaint with the justice department. also in dc, the water currently inside the reflecting pool at the linc couldn't memorial could make you sick.
8:02 am
the park service said nearly 80 ducks were found dead in the pool over last two weeks. officials say the deaths were caused by high levels of parasites that grew on snails in the pool. humans that come in contact could develop a skin rash, they will take immediate action and begin draining the pool at some point tomorrow. it is expected to reopen june 19th. >> love that dc area you get down there >> i do too. i was trying to find the restaurants. asking people about casual dining in my. pepper's in king of prussia. have you guys been there? no. >> that's what david said. food there is good >> i'll check it out. >> philly tavern, the food is spectacular. >> that's around the corner >> i never been there either. >> got places to try. have you ever had a direct
8:03 am
message on twitter and you think someone private and it's goes public >> it's an excuse. >> you think it's a mistake. well, there's a new warning system being rolled out by the social media networking site. we'll explain how it could help or hurt or fix your problems. take a look at summer job market. best options for your teen to earn extra cash. first, sue with weekend wendy >> wendy is excited about the weather and this weekend's strawberry surprise and art in nature festival at the camden children's garden. strawberry season. and it's going to be a whole lot out, nature crafts, rides and games and the seventh birthday celebrated of the mascot, mom bear. it happens today and if you can't go today, they're there tomorrow as well from 1:00 until 4:00. have a great time and a strawberry for me.
8:04 am
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8:11. 69 degrees. scott said it's going to be a near perfect saturday. i love it. scott. >> looking at, and then low 90's lauren as we head towards tomorrow, the mid 90's early next week. ultimate doppler looking for the good across most of our viewing area, as you move toward the harrisburg scranton area, we're looking at light showers, that will diminish as it continues moving towards the east. we're looking at a mixture of
8:07 am
sun and clouds for today and temperatures will be warming pretty rapidly. already up to 71 in dover, 71 degrees right now in wildwood. looking pretty good. upper 60's philadelphia along with trenton, 68 now in allentown. so a mix of sun and clouds. breezy, winds out of the south and west, 87 degrees the high temperature for philadelphia. we will have more of a sea breeze kicking in down the shore, that will make things cooler but we're looking at temperatures in the low 80's today down the shore. over the next several days, 93 degrees by tomorrow. 94 on monday, then look at tuesday mid 90's, near record territory. down the shore for today, don't forget the sun screen, 81 today, 87 tomorrow. water temperatures low 60's and there's a moderate risk of rip currents, there could be an early morning shower in the poconos, 79 and 86 for the high temperature tomorrow. that weather authority seven-day
8:08 am
forecast showing you suddenly summer this weekend, 93 degrees tomorrow, 94 on monday. hazy, hot and humid tuesday, near record the high of 95 degrees but it could feel closer to 100 degrees and then a back door front brings relief. into the later part next week, temperatures back into the low 80's, average for this time of year, back over to you. social media users twitter got you covered if you make a mess-up could be doing it on purpose. we don't know. the ap may help prevent you from embarrassing yourself by displaying a warning if it detects that you may be trying to send a public tweet instead of a direct message. seems like an obvious thing but direct message fails have been a problem for twitter users since the company first came on the scene. twitter said we got your back. >> if you're feeling yucky you may want to go out and buy power ball tickets especially if you live in new jersey. power ball is looking for jersey
8:09 am
players, since this began on april 5th, there have been two $1 million new jersey prize winners and 18, $50,000 prize winners, it's worth $435 million, fox 29 the only station bringing you the drawing, last night's numbers right there on your screen, 3, 16, 28, 33, 39 and the lucky number 9. look who's joining us on the couch. we're talking cashing in. right? >> yes. >> so summer employment could be a great way for teens is it possible, earn extra cash. and a lot more benefits, dan said, officers were work force >> do you remember your first job as a teenager >> of course. >> what was it >> paper route. >> lauren >> what were you doing >> i work at the coca-cola like
8:10 am
a tourist attraction downtown. >> guess what >> teenagers aren't working anymore. 43% of teenagers this summer are going to be working versus 70% a few years ago. there's a few reason >> millennials. >> blame them. >> how about this. first, it's not a good reason, first, teenagers oftentimes are competing with mom and grandmom for the same job. because a lot of adults are now working in traditional used to do, lifeguard, the mall, baby-sitting, job market especially for folks with no skills or lack of skills is still pretty tough. secondly, school has become year round endeavor. two out of five teens this summer will be in school. >> that makes sense. >> summer school >> summer school enrichment programs, number three is daughter number three is doing a medical program
8:11 am
>> friend number one, i had to retake biology after my freshman year, so i couldn't get a job. i almost flunked out of college >> sports is another reason. teenagers are now doing sports year round, and here's what i'm not sure about. doing the same sports 12 months. you got kids 15, 16 years old doing the same sport 12 months a year. >> a lot of parents will think that's going to lead them to the promise land. i disagree. mix it up playing sports, i played sports year round and i still had a job growing up. there are benefits to working over the summer. that's the message this morning, you really want to make sure that you understand that there are really good things that come out of having your teenagers working. all these other things are good. school, sports, no question, having a part-time job over the summer is good. first, there's a study from stanford that says, in fact, it can boost academic performance, having a teenager who works focuses them, gets them
8:12 am
organized, it can boost their school performance. >> that's pretty good >> secondly, look, nothing focuses the mind like a paycheck. >> that's true. >> and it does teach good skills money management skills, life skills, to have your teenager understand how to work with customers, how to work with other people. how to get >> budget >> exactly. >> and then finally, i teach at a local college and i can tell you some of my best students are those students who work part time. it's not just the academics, it's not just the sports and the activities. it's also that well, rounded student that colleges are looking for. who can deal with customers. >> i always say, anyone who studies all the time should be a great student. it's the ones that have like a lot of different things going on and can still make the grades >> parents out there, it's ok for your teenagers to have that summer job. they're the plenty of them out there, there's a lot of employers still looking for summer help. >> i'm going to fight on behalf
8:13 am
of the millennials to say you got the rest of your life to work >> we're talking about a movie theater job, 20, 25 hours a week. we did it and i think we turned out ok. >> what was your first job? >> my first job was delivering something called a newspaper. they don't do that anymore. that's 1977. >> look at the hair. >> wow. >> is that a rug? >> i look like a hostage. the reality is there used to be something called newspapers, i delivered them on a motorcycle at the time. i still have that along with a bunch of others at 11, 12, it helped >> is that how old you were >> in that picture, i was about 12 or 13. >> young a paper route was your first gig >> i had multiple jobs. >> good for you. >> kmart, circuit city, sears, i cut grass.
8:14 am
nothing focuses a mind, even a teenage mind, like a paycheck. >> a moped >> that's right. did you guys know americans consume billions of pound of ground beef every year? we're going to have a battle of the burgers and it doesn't include meat. >> these are my two favorite moms. they're from parties to you. couple weeks ago on good day we showed a graduation party. i saw all this glitter and i want home and had nightmares about a glitter explosion >> you can put it in a plastic tupperware bowl. put a glitter in the bottom, you
8:15 am
take it roll it in the tupperware, before you do that. you take the, you brush on it to the bottle, you roll it in the glitter. you finish it with this and decorate it. with a ribbon, bow, >> i'm being -- i put the modge podge on after >> yes, before you touch it >> when you put that last coat on it seals the glitter on so you can pick it up, carry it around and glitter won't be getting all over >> i do have a glitter princess at home. this is fun too, for my baby girl's room >> you can use this for her pencil and pens, beret, you can always use the decorations for decorating your room. put it on the wall, your desk,
8:16 am
dresser, whatever you like >> make sure you have extra purposes because no one has time for a one purpose >> that's what we try to do here >> love it. thank you very much >> happy everything. happy everything. i'm jen frederick. this is mom-o-log. what are you doing? watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing.
8:17 am
maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
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introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at when you think of nascar you think of speed drivers and pit crews running around.
8:19 am
but it's not all about the car, bill rohrer introduces us to one man on the team whose focused on foo food. >> reporter: most nascar races the glory primarily goes to the person driving the car. any driver will tell you it's a victory for whole team. inside the track is as grueling as the race itself. 16-hour days, sometimes seven days a week. the team on the road 200 days a week. >> we're like bar numb and bailey circus, you pack the circus up and move to a newtown the next week. >> reporter: jeff wouldn't have it any other way >> find something you love you'll never work a day in your life. i don't know what i'll do if i wasn't doing this >> jeff wasn't hauling over 80,000 pounds in the team's tractor-trailer. he works as the team's cook. >> i don't claim to be a chef. i'm a guy who can cook a little
8:20 am
bit. never trust a skinny cook >> he makes it possible to go through nearly 20 pounds of bacon per weekend for the crew. the car runs on it >> you can pretty much smell it everywhere. smoked rib, hot dogs and burgers. this isn't burger king, you don't it your way, you get it my way >> it fuels his competitive appetite. >> that's the great part about dover. that's all you'll hear now rest of the day. >> reporter: bill rohrer fox 29 news. >> don't forget you can catch live nascar action at the poconos raceway today 12:30 right here on fox 29. coming up. rose day all day, you've seen the t-shirts, the signs, a taste
8:21 am
of summer wine inside the bottle. why it's been called the it drink this season. quin was crazy about curls.
8:22 am
but it took a twist of fate to find a high-end curler at such a head turning price. and that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it. ♪
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welcome back, the search is on for two men police say stabbed an injure three men in lawncrest after an attempted robbery. this happened around 3:00 on the 600 block of mayfair street.
8:24 am
the victims are said to be in their 20's investgators say two men stabbed and ran away from the scene, they were taken to einstein medical center where they are in stable condition. also breaking this morning, a man is dead after the car he was driving crashed in langhorne. it happened on i95 south at wood burn road around 11:30 last night. investigators say the car went off the road into the woods leaving the driver trapped. he died on the scene. police are now looking into the cause of that crash. 8:30, no winter weather, it's time for summer temperature, scott >> we're heating up rapidly. live look right now down the shore. looking if, that is the place to be, temperatures by this afternoon down the shore, low 80's. by tomorrow mid 80's, with a little bit of a sea breeze, let's focus in on what's happening across the area, ultimate doppler looking good. down the shore, delaware beaches moving along the i95 corridor. north and west, no problems,
8:25 am
towards scranton, harrisburg, that's where we have a little disturbance bringing with a couple of sprinkles that will fall apart before it moves any farther to the eject. hour by hour, mix of sun and clouds by 11:00, looking good, a nice saturday on tap. pretty much area-wide, 68 already in the lehigh valley. 69 wilmington and philadelphia, 71 in dover. as we move down the shore, sea aisle city. more of a land breeze. the sea breeze will kick in later on. 87 degrees, later today. 93 for tomorrow, and the jet stream looking well to the north and that will set us up for a heat wave looks like sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures at or above 90 we'll talk much more about when to expect a break in the heat, lauren, coming up. >> thanks so much, scott. prosecutors rested yesterday but not before using bill
8:26 am
cosby's own words to try to portray him as someone who used drugs to have his way with women. prosecutors read from a decade old transcript from a deposition tied to a civil lawsuit. in it, cosby describes getting prescriptions for quaaludes back in the 1970s. he admitted using the so-called party drug on women he wanted to seduce. andrea constand claims cosby drugged and groped her, at his cheltenham estate back in 2004. the defense will present its case on monday. bill cosby's spokesman said his client could possibly testify. >> we have not ruled out mr. cosby testifying any time. we're weighing our options as you know >> nothing is ever off the table when you're in a trial of this magnitude. you have to look at your option >> i would say that that is about as likely as any of us leaving for the moon on monday.
8:27 am
i guess one never know >> legal experts say cosby testifying would pose a huge risk, open the door to allowors to hear testimony from dozens of other cosby accusers, what a week it was. let's talk about it. albert solar, joseph marrone joining us. thank you. what do you think we'll start with you albert. >> fireworks i think is what we anticipated. we saw a lot of testimony. a lot of fire, a lot of emotion. we heard from the victim's mom and we heard things that were frankly shocking and now we know the posture between the prosecution and defense, we kind of see where they will go. >> joseph what's your take? week one? >> compelling case, like i said before, it's going to come to a lot of small pieces together to make a pretty compelling case, not only was the victim believable, mom came forward, the story was consistent. the other victim allowed to testify. she testified well. you tie that in with his own words, which i always said was going to be really a difficult
8:28 am
obstacle for him. not only the deposition transcript but the interview with the detectives were they came back in '05. objectionable of experts, one key expert i thought they qualified a counsellor was able to say a lot of times in sexual assault cases victims don't come forward for a year or never. but her case, and also, i believe they had a toxicology expert who came forward to justify what her complaints were that she was drowsy, dated and that's consistent with either, specifically benadryl because cosby said i gave her benadryl but quaaludes which also his sex of choice when he wants to have sex with women which he also admitted. if you take that bulk of evidence it's pretty damaging >> they did good in that department. anything they didn't didn't do you think might benefit the defense this week coming up >> only thing that i can see, i know the defense had major scores on levels of inconsistency with the victim's
8:29 am
story. they got into the phone calls because even after the incident, another victim made many calls to cosby. and tried to show that really it was a consensual relationship but they were able to come back and the prosecution said he was returning voice mails she went home and went back to toronto. >> i think the prosecution did a wonderful job and we got a glimpse of what the defense might pull which i'm going to call the disco disk. the idea because in the 70's prescription medicines people often used them engaged in sexual activity. somehow because it was ok, 70's a recreational that somehow it was ok now, i think is weak, i think the idea of the -- mr. cosby saying that the sex is consensual and the same breath needed prescription medicines and pills and quaaludes, i don't
8:30 am
think the jury will buy it. i think it will find it disingenuous. the discos defense probably isn't going to fly >> we heard before bill cosby will not testify now we heard nothing is off the table >> given the fact the way the case went they feel there may be a state of desperation, what they're probably doing, probably going through some mock trial and practicing cosby and see how he's doing under intense cross-examination to see if he can survive. he if doesn't work out and starts to fly off the road a little bit. it's over >> we heard from him before for the first time in a long time on the radio before the trial started and it was like that's your chance to say what you want to say, is this going to be a smart move if that's what they do >> you got to look at, bill cosby when this happened, this was back in the 60, he could
8:31 am
have had a litany of attorneys, he decided to come forward and speak to the mom and tell the story. he decided to speak to the detectives and tell the story and take his deposition and tell the story. consistent. here ap guy being honest. admitting to what he did. he's saying i'm wrong but it was consensual. i think the jury may believe him only because of his longstanding reputation on a national level >> tipped off for her cell phone >> she's a professional put but even may have 18 feet t-mobile when it happened, forgot to turn the phone off >> i was a little bit surprised >> makes an interesting case >> i think the judge did great job trying to control the courtroom. he didn't let the oj circus happen. no tv. he ruled early on. he knew what he was going to get with a lot of's potential celebrities coming in. he didn't want to have that. he wanted to stick to the facts let jury focus and ultimately render a decision >> will it help or hurt with who had shown up and who is not showing up? the first day we
8:32 am
kesha night pulling in. his tv daughter. what about his wife >> she's supposed to make an appearance. at the end of the day i hope that that has nothing to do with it. the criminal justice system is supposed to show everybody has a fair trial and shot. the idea of a celebrity or he walks in that with his tv daughter is going to influence this, this is serious both for mr. cosby. >> you don't see some of the, the people that were there obviously have some level of loyalty to him because he broke them in. where were the a listers? you didn't see them, quincy jones, anybody of that magnitude. where is jesse jackson? they probably said inconveniently i'm not going to be there, hang up, you're going to do it we love you and not going to show their face because they're going to be part of what's happening. >> week two coming up. thank you both. appreciate it. it's inside a bottle called
8:33 am
rosa, it's the it drink this season, we'll talk more about it coming up after the break.
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♪ ♪ . ♪ . ♪ . ♪ .
8:36 am
shawn, i was on my feet the entire show when i saw this >> it's the final. week of the academy of music welcoming motown, the musical. the show end tomorrow. special surprise this morning, you know what it is? >> stevie wonder >> me dancing, kidding. the owner of tiffany's bakery and his little chef joining us on the show this morning. hello. >> hello. >> come on over. >> what did you bring. >> we brought our sweet potato my this morning. >> really? >> we brought a couple of slices >> i love this. tell me your connection. did you name this something unique and creative >> well, the kimmel did a bright promotion called sugar pie honey bunch. saw the show too wonderful
8:37 am
>> who is this cute little helper >> this is my katina. >> thank you for stopping by. >> thank you. pleasure to be here. >> quickly tell people where they know find you. jefferson station at the soon to be fashion house of philadelphia. open seven days a week, seven day a week delivery and online delivery. >> do you make her go in the kitchen >> i have to hold her back. >> give me a had little taste >> did you know americans consume billions of pounds of ground beef every year? it's healthy, maybe? it's tasty, maybe. but we're going to have the the battle of the burgers, but there's no meat. can you call it burgers? >> sugar pie honey bunch.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
ultimate doppler showing you it's quiet across our area, toward the harrisburg vicinity to find showers with a little disturbance that will weaken before it movies to the i95 corridor. those temperatures looking good right now, 71 degrees dover, 70 in millville. 70's right now down the shore with more of that land breeze. temperatures around philadelphia, trenton,
8:41 am
wilmington, upper 60, upper 60's right now in the lehigh valley. so today, a mix of sun and clouds, breezy, temperatures, topping out above average, 87 for today. but then building heat as we prepare for our next heat wave of the year. we're looking at low 90's on sunday, look at monday, 94 degrees, and 95 on tuesday, the heat will peak on tuesday, down the shore for today, 81 degrees, sunny, nice, tomorrow, 87, water temperatures low 60's, swim where the life guards are present, moderate risk for rip currents, seven-day forecast showing you suddenly summer, 93 degrees tomorrow. 94 monday, 95 tuesday. then heat relief the middle later part of next week, clouds few showers and temperatures back where we year. outside to youscott,hi so we sent sabina to the uptown
8:42 am
their own beers andna. >> reporter: the lines were s le talking about beer. but what goes than barbecue. we have, and here's head chefcraig, what do we got? what's this broccoli >> we have grilled hot sauce and w highlight the beer . d so barbecue. s why thisan
8:43 am
>> reporter: thanks for having -- d working over here, it is sonk b you're working. we're going to talk teddy hi. ni are doing a lot of cool dast whs kyd g on. barbecue to kick every kegbeers this week >> it's b an official bee phill
8:44 am
ac of their beers solar baby. as well, copper we name them. wanted a few things differently. so we the beer garden. added beer before you did. we had lighting, extra ba so mu. >> tomorrow is the last day g a open seasonally this summer is when you can back to you. >> a good things that goes with burgers. right? burgers if it's good it tastes >> thank you guys for start her. tell me your name and w from, is a l me what goes into l
8:45 am
tomato, romaine do people say k >> t from the pope it's on passyunk and today we have akasha and aged chedda > and this is our people >> over here? >> marburgers. >> it's a burgers. bella mushro
8:46 am
burger with onions, to me,ch andcheddar, cheesesteak on 19th burgers or patty >> it's a burgers and we got a slibeef to cheesesteak ket, springtaan pot. he's got the burgers. tastes like a burgers? patty? what does it taste like >> i like the texture, the fresh tomato. >> i'm on the beat >> and he drops it. >> oh, no.
8:47 am
>> it's still in there. >> we'll let them keep tasting through the commercial break. but what better to wash down a burgers with than rosa? all day, it's the summer drink we're going to talk about it break the down coming up after the break. type 2 diabetes, listen up. we're not professional ath wter. i'm in this for me. along with diet and exercise, farxiga helps
8:48 am
lowering a1c bfarxiga.n such as rash, swli difficulty breathing have severe kidney problems,u are on dialysis, tell your doctor right away or pain while you urinate. farxiga can cause seris genital yeast infections in women and men, low blood sugar, and kidney problem doctoy if you have signs may lead to death. which d i'm in this for me. and learn how you can get it for free. if you can't afford your medication,
8:49 am
astraz ♪ sun to the farm ♪ ♪ to the seeds in a row ♪ ♪ plant that oat and watch it grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ seed to the oat ♪ to get made to an o ♪ ♪ o from the farm ♪ ♪ straight into your bowl ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around ♪ ♪ good goes around and around... ♪ what did you have
8:50 am
>> unbelievable >> this is port bell loo. >> guess what we're washing it down with? rosa >> get over here my friend, you're here from >>my lan >> how is philadelphia >> amazing >> and you're from scar pet at a at the rittenhouse. i had to throw that in there. millan, scar pet ta. we're talking about rosa >> rose say came back ten years ago, it's kind of a new fashion theme going on, good, light, generally served cold perfect for the summertime. a burgers, what are we sat toe, g from the southeast of it's going to have a little characteristic o
8:51 am
strawberries. it's on the sweet refreshing. >> i the microphone. smell a li toe for amazing price for optioe tuscany. it's a little bit more earthy. it's enjoyable for a light meat course. let's have a taste of that as well. cheers. >> cheers. it's definitely drier. >> dry side. >> scar pet toe. homemade fresh every morning, it will go perfectly with that.
8:52 am
the third option is on the list for $65 a bowl. zi price. zi price. th impress pasta, it's have a hi of that?
8:53 am
alex: coming next, helping injured and sick turtles. plus, a large horse falls into a well. can rescuers save the equine? this is "animal rescue." [captioning made possible by telco productions, inc.]
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