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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 13, 2017 4:00am-4:57am EDT

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happening right now on "good day philadelphia" here we go, heat wave, day number three of the intense heat, in fact heat is so hot schools are affect. we will tell what you i opened and closed in a bit. four hours of deliberations yesterday, no verdict in the trial against bill cosby, now jury is preparing for their first full day, of deciding his fate. there it is, redemption for golden state, one of the great runs of all time is complete. >> there it is, champs again golden state warriors stealing the crown from lebron james and cleveland cavilers this morning a look at nba championships. it is straight up 4:00 o'clock good day it is a tuesday, it is june 13th
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thanks for joining us, tomorrow as well come back. >> great to be back. good morning. good to have you with us. sue serio, feeling the heat. >> that is right. >> heat is on. >> now, this is going to be the day that it becomes an official heat wave and humidity is so bad, or just so high, that we have a heat advisory for counties you see highlighted in orange there and it is half of the chester, montgomery and bucks, half closest to the city, delaware, philadelphia mercer county in new jersey, and half of burlington, camden, gloucester and new castle county in delaware. those are places where it is most oppressive. so once again lake yesterday we will give you an eight out of 10, but we have a dry conditions, at lee as far as precipitation is concern here in olde city and 75 degrees, bit on the muggy side. sixty-eight in allentown. sixty-one in mount pocono. 77 degrees in cape may. seventy-four in beach haven and medford lakes at 72, over in reading, 73 degrees to
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start your tuesday. sunny, hot again, we will already been at 91 by lunchtime and the record is 95 we got to 94 yesterday didn't quite make the record we will at lee tie to it day. we could even beat it. sunset time 8:30, so will that be it for the excessive heat? we will let you know in the seven day forecast which is coming up, and we are one more day bob kelly's vacation so we will check traffic with this shot of i-95, northbound, where they have the construction at the scudder falls bridge, slowing you down this morning, luckily not too many cars on the road. vine street expressway, closed in both directions for the overnight construction, the bridge construction that has been going on for months and months and months and months and in norristown we have an accident east marshall street at high street we will keep an eye on volume and hopefully, everyone will be behaving themselves on this tuesday morning. thomas and karen? >> sue, thanks very much. we have breaking news coming
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in right now as we approach 4:00 seer 30 from norristown there has been a shooting at least one person shot just before 1:00 about three hours ago at powell and spruce street there is a car struck with multiple bullets. you can see evidence markers there on the ground, at least 45 shell casing where is found at the scene. we do not know the condition of the victim at this hour and in word on any suspects or an arrest. jurors in the bill cosby sexual assault trial will return to court this morning for day number two of the deliberations. the defense and prosecution made their closing arguments yesterday, and now cosby's fate is rests in the hand of the jury. steve keeley in norristown this morning and the end is near, steve. >> reporter: four hours of the closing and four hours of the deliberations and less hours of sleep for these two folks waiting in line a big crowd out here last night and probably bigger crowd today. so after the deliberations, before the jury went back to their hotel, they also called
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their home away from home, since see sequestered two weekend ago. will this be the last night at hotel will jury reach a verdict today they quickly very earl any to the jury deliberations wanted again to see the part of the key in evidence this case cosby's 2005 deposition where he admits giving andrea constand pills. that came, after the total four hour of closing arguments , andrea constand was in court for both, bill cosby 's wife, camille here in court for the first time yesterday, only sat in the courtroom for cosby's lawyers closing not the prosecutions. >> you saw probably one of the most, i'm sure johnnie cochran and robert kardashian is looking down smiling saying we left the legal world in good hand today. >> he doesn't want to us see the forest, he only wants to us see the trees, and be confused because that is his
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job is to try to raise reasonable doubt. >> victim assassination is exactly what i witnessed this morning accusing all of us of lying and pointing to us because we're here bow of you but we're here because of him, plane and simple. >> reporter: so at 9:00 this morning before the jury goes back to the deliberation room, jurors first will go back into the courtroom for their second request, to go back over some evidence, they would then start deliberating once again. they had another request just around 9:30 last night, we really don't know what that is coming up at 4:30 we didn't run this last night karen and thomas so i will tease with you this. i don't know if you find it odd but we will run it odd anyway bill cosby did something leaving the courtroom right after those main doors and we will play it for new 25 minutes or so. >> all right. we will look forward to. that coming up at 4:30. of course, catch everything as it happens we will get it right on tv during the whole length of good day which we're
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on six hours and watch it on fox, as well. difficult that last night watched right there from my phone, you can stream it, any of the live breaking news coverage. more than a dozen penn state fraternity members are still wondering if they will go to trial over the death of penn state student timothy piazza. prosecutors have accused 18 former members of the beta theta pi at penn state of hazing piazza as he ran to multiple drinking stations gusteling alcohol. prosecutors say that his blood alcohol level was four times the legal limit leaving him stumbling, tumbling downstairs with 12 hours pass before anyone called 911. final hours played in courta's yesterday but his parents left before, it was played. the piazza family whole heartly and without any reservation and unapology get cally support this prosecution. >> defense attorneys will have a chance to cross-examine
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witnesses when judge continues then decide if it will go to trial. a quick reminder be sure to tune into "good day philadelphia" at 7:30. attorney tom kline who was in the courtroom he will join us live in the studio with the very latest on this hearing. it is 4:07. happening today it will be hot , it is already in the zero seven's as we step outside going to get hotter so school district of philadelphia knows some schools do not have air conditioning and they will close all of their schools at noon time today. also, all after school activities have been cancelled and a lot of people will be looking for ways to try to cool off. lets get tout sabina kuriakose outside district's headquarters good morning, sabina. >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas. i'm looking for a way to cool off so myself photographer chris, it is so warm out here and it is only 4:00 in the morning. can you imagine what it will be like later? as we mentioned schools are closing early today, kid will get a half day. today is the 13th so we only
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have one week until the end of this school year but of course school district is in the taking any chance west this weather. it is third straight 90 something day we have had so far and as you mentioned no air conditioning in some of these schools, we know that. i know family members, friend of mine who go to school around here and they say their classrooms are only equipped with fans and kid with the elderly and pregnant woman are most vulnerable to the heat. packing up that school bag for a couple hours to send your kid off to school make sure you are getting in a couple extra bottles of water and some sun screen as well because it is never good to have too much sun. i'm sure city will have cooling centers opened. we will have more info on that when that is released but schools, and the city of philadelphia, closing early at noon to day, it will be a half day. don't know if you have to make that up because they only have one week until the even of the school year. no after school activities as well because this heat wave is continuing, guys barks to you. >> they don't to have make it
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up, only have half day, that is what they will do. the next round of the senate russia probe will hit a new level of intensity today attorney general jeff sessions becomes highest ranking official to testify, on the matter before the senate intelligence committee. he will be asked to clarify what involvement he had with the russia investigation, before his recuesal as well as requested today's hearing be public because he wants the american people to hear directly from him. and man who is leading the entire investigation in the russian meddling could be removed from the case. a friend of president trump says that the president is thinking of terminating special council robert muhler, news max ceo chris ruddy made that comment during a televised interview on pbs. under current regulations such a firing would have to be done by deputy of attorney general sessions not the president. another key rolling against president trump's
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revised travel plan the san francisco's ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals, it upheld a earlier ruling that the ban discriminates based on their nationalities. judged said the president failed to show how entry by six mostly muslim countries would hurt u.s. interests. former nba stay dennis rodman is going back to north korea he says he will open up the door with the communist country but says he has in plans to discuss the four detained americans, you may remember, famously rodman traveled to north korea three years ago and developed a friendly relationship with the dictator kim jong un. here we go did you get a chance to watch, golden state warriors are your 2017 nba champions. they beat cavilers, in game five, 129-120 to clinch the title. kevin durant named mvp with the 39 points and steph curry dominated with 34 points. lebron james led all were 41 points. it wasn't enough for caviles
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to get it done though. here's what the star players had to say after that win. >> i come to bring it every day. i work hard. i believe in myself. i respect the game. i love the game. i knew at some point in my life, that, you know... >> this was just a blur of pure emotion, energy and you could feel it. so for to us do it in front of our home crowd, something i'll remember for a very long time. >> blur but they got it done. warriors second nba championship in three years. 4:11. taking the stand, against pan handling. >> still ahead on good day fail the city doesn't want to give on you out, loose change but they have a high tech way that could help what do you think about this? we will share it coming up. give it a hand up. we have heard about this one in cases like this all
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around the country, it is happening where we are, kid embarrassed in front of the whole school because they don't have lunch money, lunch shaping? all right, sue serio,. >> it is a scorcher it is the reason that schools are dismissing early, heat advisory in effect, it will be day number three of 90 or above and heat wave number two we will have a lot of numbers to throw at you when we come back.
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welcome back. 4:15 on this tuesday morning, good morning everybody to just waking up, or going to bed in allentown. thank you for joining us, so sue it will be an important weather day. >> well yeah, it is third day in a row of 90 or above and of course we were just saying it incessantly it is an official heat wave and important parties how uncomfortable it is and how much you need to take care of yourself and especially those who need to you take care of them, small children, older folks as well, make sure everybody stays hydrated and cool as possible. heat advisory of the counties you see highlighted here in orange is where humidity and heat combined will be at its war and we still have an air quality alert, so folks hoff breathing issues will have particular problems, in heat and humidity like this, as well, so it is still early in this season.
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it is not even officially summer yet but we have to treat it as fit is middle of the summer and take care of ourselves. right now temperatures 75 degrees. we have got a head start on the high temperatures for today here in philadelphia it is 75 in wildwood and atlantic city. sixty-one in mount pocono. is there your area of comfort and 68 degrees in allentown. dew points that is our measure of moisture and humidity and higher dew point is the reason we have heat advisory we didn't have yesterday. so we have got, for instance, a 68 degrees dew point in philadelphia, and that is, in the uncomfortable range for sure. by the end of the day we will have dew points in the 70's and that is oppressive heat, thus the heat advisory. not too much breeze but what we get is out of the southwest where the warm, humid air comes from so as we look back before we look ahead we have had two days in a row of 90 or above. we did not get to the record
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yesterday which was 95. record today is 95 setback in 1956 and it looks to be the at least tying it because we have more head start with the higher temperature in the morning. eighty-four tomorrow. we have a chance of the shower or two in the morning. more importantly it is a weak cold front that will come through and take temperatures down a little bit. still a nice day on thursday, and around 80, 81 degrees and at lee a chance of the shower or thunderstorm each day through the weekend. don't forget when you get in your car we have prepared you for your day check out more fm 101.1 and refresher on your weather authority forecast on the radio all morning long. time to check traffic on this tuesday morning, another look at i-95, northbound and the scudder falls bridge, 322 and scudder falls bridge where we have construction this morning that construction, continues, boy is it going to be worth it once we get finished with this bridgework over the vine
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street expressway, but now we have to of course take our alternates like kelly drive and et cetera, this morning. sensors, they dot job of checking our speed throughout the area and it looks like everybody is going the posted speed limit this morning, thomas and karen. >> 4:18. you see them at intersections people pan handling asking for loose change or couple bucks? philadelphia leaders said they are getting a aggressive to stop it. they say it is not just a problem for pedestrians anymore but concern for cities tourism. >> they have come up with a pretty good solution. jeff cole talked about how they are planning to lay down hall and give a hand up. >> reporter: for six months jeremiah sanders has work intersection of the fifth and roosevelt boulevard pan handling motorist for cash. you are doing this so you can just eat? >> eat, drink do whatever i can to survive. >> reporter: he claims he is not using drugs but does need medical care despite his sad situation, city leaders say don't give him cash.
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>> you know, i'm type of person that has empathy for people and i have an extra couple bucks i tend to want to give to it them but it doesn't help them in the end. >> reporter: kenney argues the cash we found this man near sixth street ramp of the vine street express weighed or this man in the northeast, seeking cash for weed. >> city doesn't want anybody giving money directly to money like you what do you think of that. >> i think that is wrong. >> reporter: city says now it has a way to help panhandlers and home less without residents giving them money which is often used to buy drugs and fuel the raging drug crisis. text to 280077, type in share and you'll make a five dollars contributions to groups helping homeless and sit will match 59 bucks. it is a pilot program running through the summer, the root of the crisis: opioids. >> long tentacles of the opioid crisis affecting life on the street among the most
4:20 am
vulnerable people. >> reporter: city hall is working with the tourism industry, in the audience but not on the panel to see law enforcement. we asked why? >> city mayor on a sidewalk with the cup is not harassing people for money, getting in someone face and following them down the street that is different situation you should call 911 and allow police continue on investigate. >> we want to tell you at 4:20 about the teenager from havertown who had his bike stolen but he got it back thanks to his detective mom. carolyn buttco said she paid more than $600 for her son's beige a fuji, mountain bike for her 14 year-old son aidan after he told her someone stole. she was determined to get it back. she got a tip that the bike was listed up for sale on offer and she searched social media, found the name attached, to the powe, found the person that was listing it she tracks down their house, calls the police, officers go there, talked to the family and they get that bike back.
4:21 am
>> i was happy that i finally got it back and found out who took it. >> did they offer you a job? >> we're working on that. >> difficult ask for an honorary badge but i don't know if that will happen. >> cute mom. look at. that the mom hopes that is there consequence for the teenager who took the bike, aidan has learn his lesson and learned to lock up the bike so he is happy to have it back. wear a helmet, hey. >> good detective work. 4:21. lets go over to frankford a man posed as a customer and they be pulled a gun on the 7-eleven clerk. he walk up to the counter holding a bunch of touch and as the clerk rang him up, the man pulled out that gun and demanded clerk put all of the money in the bag. he took it and they are still searching for him this morning a new jersey high school year book advisor has been suspended after several students say year book sensored reference toss president donald trump. student was wearing his trump make america great again shirt on school picture day, even on the school id but when he got his year book the shirt was
4:22 am
completely different, no logo as you can see right there another girl from the same school also claimed someone changed her donald trump year by quote, the school says it is investigating and now a teacher involved with the year book has been suspended. finally free, it took 17 years in jail but is there a man who is now finally out of prison. >> seventeen. the lesson he hopes his case teaches, but first, here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a minute, phillies go to extra innings in boston see if they can come through in the clutch and end a five game losing streak, that is next in sports
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good morning i'm sean bell , phillies definitely looking to end a five game losing streak last night they took on the red sox and this thing, went to extra innings. and in the 11th, inning, justin bedoya puts this to bed devon morero beats the throw, at home plate, and that is the ballgame phillies lose six- five. their sixth straight loss. in the mlb draft phillies selected adam paisley an outfielder from virginia left that i bats .390 in the junior year after the draft director of amateur scouting johnny alvarez talked about why they picked this guy. >> he can hit, he can hit with power, he has got incredible inn tankables for the game and he has got outstanding make up what we consider make up his character his intelligence,
4:26 am
his field awareness, and is really good. >> former eagle, jeremy maclin signed a two year deal with the baltimore ravens, finally, finding a home, that is sports in a minute i'm sean bell. four hours of deliberations and no verdict. >> jury is preparing for their first full day in deciding his fate. could it come today.
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it is officially a heat wave today. how hot is to it day? so hot philadelphia schools are giving the kid a half day. also ahead all eyes are on norristown where case against bill cosby has now gone to the jury. oh, yeah, he is sorry now punishment this politician is getting for decking a reporter on election eve. >> here we go. great to have you with us on this tuesday, 4:30, the day where air conditioning will go , i don't feel like working. >> someone pointed out in the news room i'm doing what we are not supposed to do you are
4:30 am
supposed to wear light colored clothing today and i'm wearing all black. i plan to be staying in air conditioning thing. but that is not possible for everybody. so we will have some tips later on of other things you can do, meanwhile is there a heat advisory. we have a yesterday but we're expecting higher humidity levels around 100 degrees, anyplace around philadelphia, it is included in our heat advisory that goes into effect noon until 7:00. that is when it is at its worse the heat and we will go with another eight out of 10 in your weather by the numbers there is buddy, it is cup cake lovers day in one hand he has got a cup cake that will melt and the other is water bottle which we have to take it easy, of course and stay hydrated. now we have got 75 degrees in philadelphia with sunrise happening at 5:32 and 68 in allentown, 74 in trenton and in wilmington and mid zero seven's in wildwood and atlantic city as well, muggy
4:31 am
again to start, hot again, by lunchtime we are already at 91 o 95, tying the record for this date since 1956, sunset time 8:30 that is your planner from the weather authority, lets get to the road, this morning and hopefully, a lot of folks will have air conditioning in their cars as well, to get through that, otherwiseou openen accident this morning in lumberton at route 38 near eastick avenue. east marshall street at high street, avoid that area effect until 5:00 this trial wil continue their day. they will go through some specific evidence that they requested as they are deciding his to steve keeley with what we are expecting. we don't know what they have asked for jus steve. >> reporter: no but we will find out first thing at 9:00 that means everybody has to be in court first thing at 9:00 the jury, cosby his
4:32 am
lawyers, and any spectators who want to hear what the evidence is. cosby left the courthouse main front doors here last night singing, you will hear that, first you will also hear after that reactions to the closing arguments from both his publicist andrew wyat and one of the victims very upset after brian mcmonigal's closing last night when he referred to her and other victims many of them in the court room. >> brian mcmonigal showed that andrea constand long with gloria allred took an opportunity and seized on it to distort this man, distort his legacy and his credibility but it will not work. the jurors i believe see this. brian laid it out perfectly. >> if i were a i would vote guilty just based on his
4:33 am
aggressiveis a really great actor like his boss. >> reporter: it is back to the urouse at 9:00 promptly and we will hear what that evidence is before the end of the good day maybe it will leak out because after the evidence is done, everybody usually leaves. karen and thomas weav ahead ands night right now as those jurors are in their hotel room may be their last night. >> four and a half hours to go we will see what the day will bring. steve, thanks. the heat is on, outside looking up at the parkway here temperatures right now about 75, 76 degrees still warm but it will get hot how hot? school district has called for an early dismissal as all students will be getting out at noon. fox 29 sabina kuriakose live at district headquarters in spring garden. so it. central ac schools are closingl
4:34 am
this is take nout from the end of theweather because they are calling for straight 90 something degree day w know thah vulnerable to the heat so tkings drink mor or two and again as district is closing schools around noon time but they are canceling those after school activities. this is not kind of weather to play any sports in or any strenuous activity, best thing to stay indoors and in air we do have to stepheck on
4:35 am
those relatives you have maybe k to you.hank you philadel recklessly on his dirt bike. struim. he is onresults of the internaln mchugh was driving northmped thl she could to save her children pushing them out of the way. daughter cleared the scene just in time. she managed to shield her son but she was trapped underneath
4:36 am
that suv and the hospital at st. christopher's with broken bones and a head injury. that suspect faces numerous charges including homicide by we now know the name of the one of the men want forwar father and toddler in philadelphia police are asking for your help to find harris, h guy, fired off 16 shots, on may 19th on the 3300 block of malta street, they hit the father once in the neat and his two-year old son over and over again. police have not yet identified the other shooter. here's a sight you certainly don't see every day a car, up a pole in camden yesterday morning. police say it happened at intersection of mount evefram avenue and fair view just before noon. fresco user cynthia snapped this one. car was cleared within an hour and we understand nobody was hurt. head over heels. new congressman in montana who has ties to our area who has been sentenced for body
4:37 am
slamming ao this assault. hewell, prosecutors t guardian to the ground, on and played football for shore, thatt home in the
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manchester police are issuing a new appeal for information in the arena bombing that happened in the u k. they have put out these images of the manchester bomber, salman abedi just yesterday in an attempt to jog peoples memories. maybe having seen him, police are appealing the people who maybe saw vehicle or any person going to or from it, 22 ariana grande concert goers were killed last month, dozens more were injured. man from missouri wrongly convicted and he is hoping his story teaches others about cracks in the system. >> richard jones is free after spending 17 years in prison, he was quick for 1999 robbery, two organizations worked to prove his innocence and granted a new trial after
4:41 am
supporters found another man matching the description of the person responsible for robbery. jones was released due to a lack of evidence tying him to the case. generals says what he has been through is simply surreal. >> to get the type of attention that it should get because it is purely injustice and that is in the right, we are supposed to be able to depending on our justice system. innocence project which worked to free jones say it resulted from investigative errors and that the case relied on eyewitness testimony that critics say, just wasn't reliable. where is the most safe place to live in pennsylvania. >> take a gets, use our #fox 29 good day. break it down by county, what county would you think would be the most safe, is it in our area? start guessing.
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beach goers won't a due to an ie pa plover, the small area, by law, tow are e to e keystone state are right here in county are
4:45 am
ury web site safe wise looked a course, population. buck ham, warwick, newtown, northampton, new britain and plumstead township, that is according to the report, and pennsylvania's crime rate is about 25 percent lower then the national average. >> all right. making a run in bucks county right there. a smidge cooler, lets check the road there sue serio >> we have the new accident to tell but in happening in abington on big road old york road is blocked at the fair way, until the accident is cleaned up. so avoid that if you can, leaving early this morning, another lot at vine street expressway in about a quarter hour left of construction there until they pick it up all and let you go through. one sidings through. that happened justblue route ats , everybody moving along okay whoever is on the road,
4:46 am
not too manyav times you are okn the schuylkill the very vine to the blue route and on i-95 south from woodhaven to the vine street expressway. we will keep an eye on that situatio a and, bring you the forecast, coming in 15. all right. so we have our hot weather ideas you will feel like you are in hot water when you go outside. some of them are so obvious bye worth remembering you need to slow down in weather like this and stay in air conditioning if you can but we know that is not an option for folks. so you don't to have tell me this twice a void using the oven on days like this, today and close your curtains so the sunlight doesn't make it hot
4:47 am
inner your house. the bowl of ice near a fan it is like makeshift air conditioning get a fan, bowl of ice and that will, do it. drink plenty of water once that ice melts. just a couple ideas for you. heat advisory for heat index of around hundred degrees even they we will get in the mid 90 's it will feel hotter then. that all of these counties issued heat advisory today because of that and good portion of our viewing area is under an air quality alert once again because of the high concentration of air pollutant s in the air with the stifling heat and humidity. day number three of this. 75 degrees to start, it is muggy in many places this morning, dover, delaware at 75 so is wildwood, new jersey. little cooler in allentown with 68 degrees and 61 in mount pocono. watch dew points on days like this because that is an indication of the moisture in the air, humidity that makes it feel even hotter then it is and we're in the uncomfortable range right now with most of
4:48 am
the dew points well into the 60's and it is only, not even 5:00 in the morning yet. 6 miles an hour wind. so we are working on that heat wave, keep in mind average high is 82 for this time in june, 94 sunday. ninety-four yesterday. one shy off the record. today's record is 95. we will tie that at least today. eighty-four tomorrow. we will get a break from the 90's, for most of the rest of the week. thursday looks good with a high of 81. at least a chance of showers and thunderstorms even through fathers day just a little un settled as we head in the weekend and then that is your seven day forecast, one more day. >> it is so hot, sue you don't want to do anything. >> you any this day would come >> i knew it was coming. 4:49 is the time. children today they have a lot of challenges they could be facing and school could be a wonderful haven but a wonderful new phenomenon we have been hearing it, lunch
4:49 am
shaping. when kid don't have money to lunch and whole new issue. >> our bill anderson found school officials and legislators trying to help out here, lets take a look. >> reporter: keep hearing stories of something called lunch shaping in schools that may me wonder when did embarrassing kid whose parents can't pay for food become acceptable behavior. >> it was something i never knew until i had a constituent who wrote me a letter explaining how her child was being should, and shamed in school. >> reporter: sound ridiculous but as i visited dave rival he explained how some schools have taken to punishing kid if their parents get behind on paying for their meals. >> account went low or went to zero, didn't know it and child was in line to get lunch. they select the card. there was nothing in the balance and lunch woman put him away. >> reporter: it is just one example of why assemblyman rival joined local and national legislators introducing bills to stop lunch shaping. parent will to have pay debt,
4:50 am
schools cannot publicly humiliate their children because of it. >> some schools, they are making them to do chores, we will give you a lunch date to clean the tables this is common sense legislation that we have to do it because adults aren't acting like adults in schools. >> reporter: lunch shaping is not an issue at the many school in vineland. children are fed regardless of their status but like a lot of schools they have had children whose parents get behind on their accounts. >> some years we have been up to about $6,000, in back lunch es in arrears. >> reporter: payment can be a challenge for parents but they look for other ways to address it including an anonymous donor who heard about lunch shaping spreading nationally, and they wanted to help. >> we had a grandparent of a student come in and mrs. o'donnell and i happened to be in the office. she came n she talked to her. she took out her checkbook and wrote a check for several hundred dollars that she wanted to help some of our students pay down their lunch
4:51 am
balance. >> reporter: many staff told me they, prefer to work together rather thankid. why? the kid are as young as six. so let's call it common sense. >> it effects the kid. they cannot help pay the bill. >> reporter: parents who can pay their bills should but as adults can we fol assemblyman rs lead to work on ways to help them rather than publicly shame their children. for goodness sake, i'm billande. everything is better with a friend. karen's mine. >> ah, thank you even your health. latest study showing why it is better to buddy up. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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folgers, the best part of wakin' up. welcome back, little red hot chile peppers this morning because it will be a red hot scorcher today up to the 90's. good morning to you. >> you have the day off great day to head to the beach and cool off. 4:55. more than 2 billion people around the world, suffered from heart problems related to being overweight. >> it is you had, heart our country and china that have highest number of obese adults china and india have highest numbers of obese children. additionally study discovered obese obesity rates have doubled in more than 70
4:55 am
countries since 1980. how much do you value your friend? according to new study out of michigan state university, your like quality could depend on your answer. researchers looked at 300,000 people and those who put high value on friendships are happier, healthier in general. study found those with stressful friendships are more prone to higher rates of disease and illnesses like diabetes. let's talk about your money because we have a recall , to tell but this morning. >> every other day we are having a recall. >> always something. >> this time it is tyson, the latest to have the latest one. they are pulling 2 million products, their ready to eat breaded chicken because of undeclared allergen specifically milk. not listed on the label, limited to food service customers products are not available for purchase in retail stores. i don't know why we are telling you but you can get tonight your schools. the items have been, they have
4:56 am
not had any problems or interaction was people being allergic to them but it is out there. >> we have all that information on fox as well. children's clothing chain gymbore has filed for bankruptcy. >> they have said they will close a lot of its stores, 375 of them. >> company has nearly 1300 stores all across the country and struggling financially for quite sometime. it reportedly owes more than $1 billion. like other stores they have suffered from declining mall traffic and on line competition, and retailers say it plans to restructure and slash its debt after winning approval for its bankruptcy claim. 4:57. we are coming in the top of the hour, our top store thinks morning will be weather and bill cosby, steve. >> well, it is day seven and good thing air conditioning working fine here at the courthouse, sabina. >> yes, steve those people standing in line for cosby have the right idea right now but they will get more
4:57 am
uncomfortable when sun comes um, so hot that some schools are closing early today and everything you need to know, stay with us back in a minute.
4:58 am
4:59 am
it is straight up 5:00 o'clock happening right now i'm sure you feel it heat wave day three of the intense heat, heat so hot schools are affect we will tell you what is opened and closed in just a yeerday, four hours of deliberations, no verdict just
5:00 am
yet in the trial of the bill cosby now jury's preparing for their first full day of deciding his fate. split is, redemption for golden state. one of the great runs of all time is complete. >> there it is, champs again golden state warriors stealing the crown from lebdn cavilers ts morning a look at the nba good morning to all of you , straight


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