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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 15, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. [ gunfire ] early morning baseball practice quickly turned no a life or death situation when gunman opened fire on a congressional republican baseball team. tonight, calm reigns in the capitol quite a change from 12 hours ago. two people are in critical condition tonight and concluding a congressman. good evening, i'm lucy noland. much more is now coming in on the gunman who opened fire on the lawmakers at a baseball practice in virginia he shot four people and left many more injured. the fbi is now on the case and authorities are trying to figure out why james hodgkinson targe targeted them. house gop whip steve scalise is critically wounded shot in the hip. police say hodgkinson also shot
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capitol police officer a congressional staff an lobbyist the two capitol police officers protecting scalise shot and killed hodgkinson. now authorities say he's from illinois but he had been living in a van in have a is since march. earlier doctor the president addressed the nation. >> congressman scalise is a friend and a very good friend, and steve, i want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you but of an entire nation and frankly the entire world. >> president trump and the first lady made surprise visit to congressman scalise in the hospital tonight. meanwhile investigators say the gunman had a history of anti republican activity and had been a volunteer for bernie sanders 2016 campaign. senator sanders strongly condemned the violence today. the gunman shot congressman steve scalise in the left hip the bullet fractured bones and injured internal officer gans.
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he faces more surgery. republican congressman represents louisiana's first district which stretches from the outskirts of new orleans to northern louisiana. he has served in congress since 2008. in 2014, he became the majority whip one of the leadership positions in the party which is why he had police protection today. scalise is married with two children. now the shooting is not stopping lawmakers from playing ball annual congressional baseball game between republicans and democrats will go on as planned. more than 50 members of congress are participating in the game at nationals park tomorrow night. now managers of the team say the players are not united by their political parties but instead as united states representatives and americans. >> and we've decided that, um, we're not going to let incidents like this change our way of life or our daily routines. we're going to go ahead and play the ballgame. players on both sides want to do that. they think it's the right thing to do.
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>> the congressional charity baseball game has been tradition since 1909. bill cosby left montgomery county courthouse for the third night in row. not knowing his fate. jurors have continued to pour over evidence but have yet to come up with a verdict. they've made several requests to see testimony again. our chris o'connell was back in the courtroom today. he's live in norristown. chris? >> reporter: lucy, three days, 12 jurors and 28 hours of deliberations and still no verdict in the case against bill cosby. >> how you holding up, sir hawaii hey. >> reporter: bill cosby leaving court once again with his future happening in the balance. >> obviously everybody is working really hard. we're all exhausted and we'll go home and get some rest. >> reporter: it's becoming clear the jury in the bill cosby case is taking its job seriou seriously. for the fifth time since deliberations started, jurors returned to court to ask a judge to re-examine testimony they already heard during trial. just how close they are to
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verdict is now anyone's guess. >> mr. cosby he's resilient, he's just pleased that the jurors are taking their time to try and look at the evidence, look at the case, and trying to just get everything right right now. report roar cosby's spokesman says the legendary comedian has been spending the last three days in a court meeting room huddled with small group of close friends, reportedly the most relaxed man in the room. >> he's telling old stories. you know, he's telling stories, um, i spy stories, cosby show stories, family stories, family values. you know, it's just -- it's almost like it's in his home. he's calling that room is dressing room right now. >> reporter: now the jury will be back at deliberations starting at 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. but there is growing concern now, lucy, with three days into this, this could be headed towards a hopelessly deadlocked jury which could mean the
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possibility of a mistrial. >> yeah. there's a couple other possibilities though, too. right. so complete vindication or guilt. now, if he's found guilty, what would happen to him? >> reporter: well, if he's found guilty there will be a sentencing phase. that could either -- he could either go right to jail, be put in handcuffs and go right to jail. prosecutors most likely will ask for his bail to be revoked. that means he will go to jail, or there will be awaiting period and he'll be able to stay out on bail until his sentencing hearing that could be a month or so away. >> we shall see what tomorrow brings. chris o'connell live there in montgomery county. thank you so much. on your radar tonight not a bad nice to cruise around witness windows down as we take live look at south philadelphia. meteorologist kathy orr is here with your forecast at 11. i'd like a little bit of help with watering my garden from mother nature. >> you'll get it but not going to be consistent. it's not the kind of rain you're going to want it's going to be more scattered and heavy at
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times as well. we do have showers and thunderstorms coming up in our forecast. tonight looking good. crack the windows turn off the air-condition and the fans the temperature 70 degrees after a high of 85 degrees. the wind is calm tomorrow not so calm with an easterly flow right now we have clear skies over philadelphia. south jersey and even delaware. vick in the poconos. a far cry from 76 in allentown. a 20-degree difference. not that far away. 70 in philadelphia. 64 in millville. 62 in atlantic city. that's at the airport but you can see on the boardwalk milder at 67. 66 in sea isle. a persistent easterly wind with ocean water temperature at 65. down the shore tomorrow, we'll have some gusty winds it's going to be cool there. so be prepared if you're heading down the shore. during the day tomorrow, we see this front well to our south an easterly flow clear skies it's actually the pick of the week the best day of the upcoming four i would say. 81 degrees, sunny, breezy, pleasant. very comfortable with low
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humidity. so for now, the hot air is going to stay to the south but it will slowly be moving back into the region over the course of the weekend so when we look at the chance of rain we call it the probable of precipitation, thursday no big deal. nothing. nada but friday at least a 50% chance we call that likely the same for saturday. sunday father's day looking at a good chance of showers and storms especially late in the day as it gets hot and humid again throughout the region. 60 overnight tonight. partly cloudy skies with an east wind. tomorrow a few close below average but 81 pretty nice with partly sunny skies for your thursday. definitely the pick of the week. as we look ahead on your seven day forecast from the weather authority check it out friday afternoon showers and storms. most likely in the afternoon. the high temperature 82. we go 87 pump up the humidity saturday. not going to be raining all day just some afternoon storms again during the heat of the day. the same for father's day the high 90. more numerous widespread showers and storms on monday. tuesday a few pop ups and by
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next wednesday it's dry with a temperature of 86. we have book ends here, lucy. tomorrow and next wednesday the two best days in the seven day as far as dry days. >> all right. enjoy tomorrow, then. >> thank you very much, kathy. police in san francisco trying to figure out why a gunman went on shooting rampage at a delivery facility near the downtown area this morning. police say he killed three employees and injured two others. the gunman then shot and killed himself as officers closed in on him. police say he was wearing a ups uniform but they have not confirmed that he was an employee. the violence unfolded during a morning meeting. >> so quick in front of you thinking about your kids. thinking about your co-worker of the thinking about the possible that you know, that you care. my co-worers mine whole family everybody. >> he was right behind me. he was six, seven shots at least five to six outside. i was just running. i didn't wait to look at the g guy. >> police searched the gunman's home this afternoon for evidence
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and removed computer files and boxes of his property. developing right now, a warning from philadelphia poli police. neighbors in fairmount to keep their eyes open a they have or thieves are targeting jeep wranglers they're not stealing the suv's themselves they're taking a valuable part of them, they're batteries. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at the ninth police district headquarters in spring garden. so what's going on here? >> reporter: well police definitely want anyone who owns a jeep wrangler to be on alert. they say this happened in the fairmount area but could be more widespread. >> how do you feel hearing that? >> i mean this is one of the safe areas in philly. so not too good about it root now. >> reporter: fairmount resident pat collins is on edge knowing that someone is going around his neighborhood snatching up batteries from jeep wranglers like this his. >> the way jeep wranglers are built it's pretty easy to access the front of the car. i feel uneasy about the whole
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situation. >> brian kovacs has the same worries. >> my car has been burglarized once already and they just check your handles to see if it's ok okay. that happens frequently. >> philadelphia police tell fox 29 the thefts happened over the weeknd with most taking place in parts of fairmount, francisville and the surrounding area. it also happened on arch street. two jeep battery thefts took place on north 20th. also, corinthian street, wal less street, brandy wipe and so on. >> definitely don't like it. hate to work up in the morning going to work and jeep doesn't work. >> reporter: the owners we talked with say they will take preventive action. >> may look into invest something to lock the hood of my car. >> reporter: physical police major crimes auto squad working hard on these cases. they're also looking for surveillance video to help in their investigation. lucy. >> thank you very much, dave. this looks like a normal playground but looks can be deceiving. why this brand new play area isn't quite what it seems. and two officers hailed as
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heroes for rescuing a boy and his dog from a hot car
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in wilmington police say homeowner helped bust two men who broke into his home on monday. they say joshua perry one of the guys and that they caught him after he ran from the home on harwood road. police say the homeowner fight and held down a second man.
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joseph basher. the home opener has minor injuries. both men face various charge. >> tonight we're hearing from the heroes who rescued a toddler an pup trapped in hot car. grandma accidentally locked them inside made a frantic call to 911 as soon as she realized what had happened and we've got the dam cash that capture the rescue now. >> the troopers say it was about 90 degrees that day this happened and about 100 degrees inside that car. there was no time to mess around with jimmying the lock they immediately broke the window. >> new jersey state police troopers dash cam captures live-saving moment. watch as trooper pulls a crying two-year-old boy out from from a hot he was accidentally locked inside. >> we got there and saw the baby was in distress sweaty, his cheeks were red. >> reporter: trooper jacob sherri and his partner got the
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call 5:00 o'clock friday afternoon. a grandmother called 911 saying she had accidentally lock the baby and the dog in the car. by the time they got there the two had been in the car for 30 minutes they immediately told the grandmother they had to break the window. >> the dog was pacing back and forth. you see him breathing heavy. broke it. we were able to unlock the car and get the dog and baby out. get them water. >> it happened while the grandmother was filling bats s soville lap. after she put her grandson and the dog in the car she went to open the driver's side door and noticed her keys on the passenger seat and the doors lock. >> looked like she was upset that she made the mistake of leaving dropped in the car and that was it. pure accidental. it wasn't anything malicious. >> reporter: ems also arrived on the scene lucy and check out the baby and the dog. the good news they are both ok okay. >> i was looking at the tape with the troopers and i thought, what was really interesting, shawnette, one of the laugh
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things they said on that tape was basically, we were asking is there anything else you what and the to say and you recall what they said, right? >> reporter: no. because you're going to get them in trouble. >> i think it's great. >> don't say it. >> let's just say they had a lot of personality and i think it's super sweet. [ laughter ] >> they did. they were very humble. they didn't want to be called heroes but this is just what they do. >> i know. that's what heroes always say. always humble. thank you very much, shawnette. skyfox over a serious crash in newark, delaware. you can see the shape of that black car. police say that driver crashed head on into a senior center bus it happened near song smith drive in symbol court around thee this afternoon the degree was trapped in his car and firefighters had to get him out. police say he's in writ cal condition and in his early 20's. passengers on the bus are injured. but they'll be okay. you see it you shoot it fresco users helping us show what's going on in your
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neighbor. iain, what you got tonight. >> local job seekers had a chance to explore some new opportunities this afternoon fresco user john rouse takes to us an aldi supermarket in northeast physical. grocery store hosting a hiring event for all of its local stores. store reps were there to answer any questions and they're looking for manager train notice to join their team. the delaware county summer concert series opened tonight in rose tree park in media. the delaware county symphony kicked off the series today the festival will feature local artists throughout the se seas season. when you see news happening take out your phone shoot it and use that fresco app to send it oh our newsroom. you just might get paid. resigning clinic paying off big time for new jersey elementary school children they have a new playground equipment. made from recycled too many brushes and toothpaste tubes and other recycled stuff. hawthorn elementary in willingboro won the recycle playground challenge which what i was a contest to collect the most dental high jeep products for recycling.
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the estimated value of all of that fun stuff you see right there, $50,000. all right. we have tom srendenschek in the house tonight. which is always lovely. >> lucy pleasure to see you and you know as well as i do in a sports town rebuilding seeming every turn the hope of this city may rest on the feet of just one man. i'll explain coming up.
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♪ tom srendenschek says the hopes of philadelphia sports lie at one man's feet. his thoughts in 15 seconds. ♪ eagles have one more off season workout tomorrow. then summer vacation begins. after tomorrow just 38 days until training camp begins and summer comes to an end but really who is counting. after tomorrow almost six weeks avoid football questions about sickth wide receiver, who will be the starting corners and oh, my, how is carson wentz's foot work? well all of those mechanics and time with
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quarterback guru this off season pay offs? got to be in the shoes, money. the guys feet analyzed more this off season than miguel barish know could have. the fact of the matter carson wentz team and it's his talent a lot of pressure when you're 24 years old. playing quarterback at the toughest sports job in philadelphia even on the bright at the time of summer days and it is now more than ever. in a city with morey building projects than home bee depot eagles still offer hope. in a town hoping to step forward this city now hopes every time carson wentz steps back to pass. after another session in the sun tomorrow, carson rest up. summertime the living is easy because come july 24th when the eagles it off for training cam app city will turn its lonely eyes to every step you take hoping the steps that you take backwards to parse the ones that will take this city forward. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, tom srendenschek. it's party time in pittsburgh.
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650,000 people curbed out downtown for the penguins stanley cup championship parade. >> what are those? >> i know. >> that is call the stanley cup by the way. not bad for city -- >> right here in pennsylvania. >> fans got chance to get up and close and personal with lord stanley's cup i know you're being facetious here. the penguins are the first team to win back to back totals in almost 20 years. noisy soup for you no money for the soup nazi the company that inspire the legendary seinfeld character filed for bankruptcy. superman is going through chapter level. former coo didn't pay income tacks, medicare and social security for its employees it's going under. >> is that a problem. >> apparently so. wife of dare definitely is gearing up for a stunt of her own tomorrow. now, her name is erin willenda. you know that last name. lives in in order planning on
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hanging from helicopter by her teeth. >> over niagara falls. >> over niagara falls, kathy o orr. >> does her dentist know about this. >> i don't know that her dentist does. it's 300-foot drop her stunt on the fifth anniversary that her husband nick walked over the falls on tightrope live on television. >> i remember that. i can't beef that. >> i'll would still rather walk than hang by my teeth. >> if i had the option i'm walking. >> how are they going get her there just to hang. >> she goes out of the helicopter probably. >> and lower her down. >> with the thing she gets lowered. >> is she allowed to wear a mouth guard. >> i was wondering, right? >> sounds dangerous. >> anyhow we got all kinds of scheme coming up tonight. look at that right there. tmz and dish nation, simpsons all kind ofs of stuff. we're back here at
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>> this is good day philadelphia. (gunshots heard). >> happening right now on good day philadelphia, horrifying moments. congressman steve scalise and three other victims recovering after a shooting during a baseball practice. the plans tonight for that scheduled baseball game, it is a charity game, plus what we're learning this morning about the gunman and his criminal record. >> verdict watch continuing. more hours, more questions from jurors. what does this mean for the fate of bill cosby? >> president trump under investigation, the white house firing back at the new reports that president trump may have obstructed justice. >> suspect description, real slippery character there, can you see it in the


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