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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 15, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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late tonight. the jury still deadlocked and record setting deliberations. what now? >> your news starts in 32nd. ♪ tonight this will make your blood boil. an elderly woman stalked, shoved to the ground, robbed. so who did it? ♪
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>> pitches and prayers in the nation's capitol. lawmakers targeted in a shooting stand together from both sides of the aisle. >> now fox 29 news at ten. we have breaking news to start the 10:00. skyfox live over atlantic city where there's an all out search for two missing swimmers. our chopper just getting there while the search is underway in the water. emergency boats in the water no indication if that's the us coast guard ac fire department officer the beach patrol but you can see how dark it is right n now. how difficult it must be for them to comb through the waters. it's happening just off martin luther king boulevard. dispatchers got a call for help just past 6:30 as the news continues to break here, we will bring it to you. day nine of the bill cosby trial and the fourth day of jury deliberations is in the books. the judge has called it a night for the juror that is happened less than an hour ago. so four nights with no verdict. thanks for joining us at 10:00.
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i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. jurors told the judge they were deadlocked late this morning. he put them right back to work. chris o'connell has been at the courthouse all day long. another dramatic day. >> reporter: lucy, it is hard to believe that after 40 plus hours this jury is still going at it, still deliberating. tonight judge steven o'neill sent that jury home still deadlocked and possibly headed towards a mistrial. >> day four of jury deliberations and the pillows are now being brought into the courthouse as the long wait for a verdict continues. >> it's usually a small minority that's -- that's holding out. >> reporter: former prosecutor dennis mc andrews wouldn't be surprised to see a hung jury. he's monday the trial watch watchers that have flocked to the montgomery county county courthouse to see a high profile case. it's brought out some of the bizarre. >> it's like a circus atmosphere
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from a drum squad playing up and down the street to a blow up dinosaur. the molinaro family are cosby fans from plymouth meeting. they've been every day sin the trial started dan they got a surprise invite to meet cosby for a few minutes in private. >> as soon as he went in he shook me and my sister's hand, and he was talking to us and he was like -- he was like forgetting about all his case and he was talking about his tv show and like all different world with us. >> reporter: among some of the stranger moments of the day this tweet by cosby accuser andrea constand playing the theme of the harlem globetrotters she's scene in the courthouse shooting basketball with the words always follow through. >> meanwhile cosby himself is reportedly tired but encouraged. the jury is still deliberating as the sparks continue to night. >> i think the judge should at least go and approach them haven't a conversation and say, hey, look, you guys, are you still in the same position from 11 am this morning? are you in
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the same position, you know, let's end this. >> i'd say to mr. wyatt, hold your fire and if you want more information about how the justice system works, there are a number lawyers including me in the hallway. you can come over and i'll be happy to give him the class. >> reporter: as for those jurors were dismissed tonight the judge made it a point to say how remarkable this jury is going. although records are not kept, it is believed these jury deliberations are set a record for the longest deliberations ever in montgomery county. just how long they'll go on is anyone's guess. guys? >> indeed. you heard chris. it's back at it tomorrow morning. we will of course follow every development on "good day philadelphia" as soon as the jury reaches a verdict or if the judge declares a mistrial we'll bring the to you live on fox 29. the other major story developing over the last 40 hours or so the congressional baseball game tonight with one of its key players representative steve scalise still in critical condition.
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the crowd roar to go night during the game ceremonial first pitch. throwing out the that first pitch capitol hill police officer daily bailey on crutches still recovering from injuries yesterday's shooting bailey what was one of two capitol hill officers in alexandria yesterday as part of congressman scalise's detail. lawmakers giving credit to those officers for saving a lot of lives by helping fire back at the gunman. >> fox 29's dave kinchen traveled to tonight's congressional char the baseball game in washington, d.c. where one common theme brought everyone together. >> reporter: ticket sales for this charity game sky rocketed after the tragic shootings in virginia perhaps one of the greatest signs yet that americans will not be deterred by acts of violence. >> by part tan ship delaware valley style. with bucks county republican congressman brian fitzpatrick and democratic philly rep dwight evans traveling to the congressional baseball game in
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washington together. watching their colleagues run the bases for charity and above all, unity. >> we're all family. dwight and i are great friends and, um, we want to set a tone for everybody sitting together. >> this is just a continuation of the things that we've been doing in our communities. we think that that's what our constituents want. >> reporter: inside nationals park the political players take a knee honoring whip steve scalise, two capitol police officers and others injured in ambush shooting during a practice wednesday. roger williams walked across the field with crutches after suffering a leg injury in the attack. >> we have diss of opinion but it shouldn't be around violence in any way. violence should never be a part of it. >> yesterday was a very emotional exhausting day for all of us. our hearts and prayers still go out with those in recovery, and they still have a long road ahead. >> in the stands those who know the inside baseball of washington root on their respective parties with perhaps
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the loudest cheers reserved for the greatest experiment in self government. >> good symbol of our americanism and our dedication to democracy for us to continue this game. >> reporter: whether this year's victory goes to the red team or the blue team, it's america's favorite pastime that at least for moment helped heal the divides in a town that does not see solidarity that often. >> i told brian we'll within this game. this is most important. this is a game we split. we'll work together to make a difference. >> reporter: organizers say more than $1 million was raised in this event that money will benefit several charity like the boys and girls club of greater washington n washington, d.c., dave kinchen, fox 29 news. doctors performed another surgery today on congressman steve scalise. he is still in critical condition. but the hospital says his condition has improved in the past 24 hours. he faces another surgery tomorrow. meanwhile investigators are still trying to figure out what
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set off the gunman. james hodgkinson's wife spoke today. >> you know, i just don't know what to tell you people. i had no idea this was going to happen. and i don't know what to say about it. i can't wrap my head around it. okay? and i just want my neighbors to be in peace and you guys leave them alone. >> hodgkinson says she never saw any signs that her husband was planning the shooting. the four people he shot two remain in critical conditions. doctors released the other two. skyfox flying over theism rs building in university city some tense moments because police say an envelope was delivered to that building on 20th and market that was wet with a sweet smell. homeland security and botch bomb squashed both on the scene around 10:45 this morning. however, crews determined the substance in that envelope was not hazardous. no word yet on any arrests. in kensington a 15 year old boy is recovering aft being shot in the leg. this happened around 1:30 this afternoon on north third street.
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police are still looking for the shooter. police are after two men who last month defrauded goo bee louie's deli. her the name right. you can see a man buying a soda he got $100 bill. he and his buddy then asked the clerk to make all kinds of change with other bills breaking large bills into smaller ones, changchanging smaller ones into bigger ones by the time all of that was over they were out almost $700. police say a scorned ex set fire to oh northeast philadelphia home. he is wanted to night. four children were among the people that were sleeping inside at the time. but a knock at the door helped save the family. one of the fire victim recount to do our dave schratwieser all that unfolded that night. >> get out the house, get out the house there's a fire! >> sheena mount, her son, sister and four children were fast asleep at 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning when they heard pounding on the door and those screams to get out of their brill street home. >> i actual wall scared for my
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kids life. nothing like this ever happened to me before. >> reporter: mount says police and firefighters quickly sevenned the house and pulled everyone out after neighbors called 911 to report the rear of the house engulfed in flames and people trapped inside. four children ages two to 16 were rescued along with her 23-year-old son and her sister cameron. >> this could have ended everybody's life. everybody in a second. everybody's life. >> reporter: fire marshal in northeast detectives quickly determined this was arson. they focused on cameron's ex boyfriend john copes. police say he pour the accelerant on the rear deck and accept it on fire after cameron ended their relationship. >> obviously he's still upset about this dispute he had with the female. so we're worried for her safety and want to get him in custody. >> my children is my life. and that's all i really worried about. >> investigators execute add search warrant at copes residence on nearby darris street. sources say they recovered a gas can and some prior threatening
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text messages. >> this could have been, you know, catastrophic event. >> reporter: sheena mount meanwhile praised 15th district officers and firefighters from engine 52 for their bravery. >> they saved seven lives that day. four of them were children and you guys are heroes. i just want to let ya'll know, thank you. >> thanks to police and firefighter nos one was seriously injured. copes has 17 prior arrests and is already wanted on a probation violation. at northeast detectives, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. a fiery crash as blimp goes down near the us open in wisconsin. the pilot of that blame is that in serious condition right now. some witnesses say the blimp just burst into flames before it hit the ground there in the field. the pilot thankfully was the only person on board. he does have some serious injuries includes burns washington county sheriff's office says it looks like mechanical problems were the issue. no one on the ground was hurt. >> take a good look. pictures of men, women, even kids all killed by guns.
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heart broken families together to make sure people they loved and have lost are not forgotten. needles, piled on the ground, drug dealers and users out in the open. a new deal tonight. the city hopes will clean up this open heroin den and get addicts help. kathy orr, any way you can get this magnificent weather to maybe, maybe please stick arou around. >> i'm sorry, lucy, i wish i can. it's not going happen. we have humidity and storms coming in for the weekend just in time. we'll take a look.
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>> different sight on the steps of the philadelphia museum of
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art tonight. all of these faces have one thing in common, and it's breaking the hearts of those who knew them and loved them. all of those people had their lives cut far too short and their family and friends joined others who share that similar pain. >> they hope the image will touch your heart and make a change. shawnette wilson has the story. >> my name is marie larkins. i'm here for stephanie who was killed july 30th, 2015. she was 22 years old. >> my name is eulalio robbins i'm here on behalf of my son james walker murdered february 23rd, 2016. he was shot 12 times. the shooter stood over top of him while he was pleading for his life. >> dozens of heart broken families and friendships torn apart by gun violence. >> it's really like a big ache in my heart. >> reporter: they gathered on the art museum steps to stand in solidarity with one another. >> i wouldn't wish this on anyone. the pain is everlasting. >> reporter: after 13 years, sophia fleming's wounds from
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losing her son adam hammer who was murdered when he was 17 years old are still raw. >> we really need to get together and start seeing what's going on and saying what's going on instead of leaving, a blind eye or deaf ear to what's going on in your community. >> reporter: they held pictures of their loved ones, wore t-shirts bearing their names. there was a bold display of what the aftermath of gun violence looks like. felicia pendleton knows it all too well. >> my son deserved way better than this. he had a future. he was in college. you know he had a plan. >> she says her son javon was shot to death by a 15 and 20-year-old who will stand trial in the fall. >> you have to ask yourself, what is going on in our community for a 15 year old to take a gun and murder someone? >> the recall system organized by helen a columnist for the daily news. she's touched by the tragedy she covers every day and wants to give victims a voice.
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>> just how hard people fight for their lost loved ones, you know, how hard they fight to sort of put their lives back together again after losing their mother, their father, their kids, and it's heartbrea heartbreaking. update tonight on the story of guy widener of lewes, delaware last week fox 29's jeff cole reported he was running short of a drug he uses nightly to clean his blood. he suffers from kidney failure. and he says the drug's manufacturer baxter had run out much baxter admitted it was having problems filling the orders. but yesterday he got seven boxes of the drug. enough to keep him going for more than a month. baxter tells us it sped up its shipments to him. ♪ developing to night it's a well-known fact that the opioid epidemic is reaching every corner of our area and here in philadelphia, one neighborhood has been hit especially hard. now the city is partnering with a private company to try to get a grip on it. >> the focus is on a railroad
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track where philadelphia leaders say the situation is just out of control. fox 29's jeff cole joins us now. jeff, some neighbors say today' as announcement is really long overdue. >> reporter: as does the mayor. the open air heroin haven in the kensington fair hill section has become a national black eye for the city and conrail. the sinned indicated doctor, dre rubble of the needles and trash on tv. mayor kenny climbed all over conrail. now, they've got a deal. >> um, i've been using heroin on and for the last 20 years. >> reporter: flate-year-old mother of four she never sees her children and spends much of her day stealing to get cash to buy heroin. >> reporter: did you use today? >> yes. >> reporter: will you use again today? >> probably. >> reporter: we met lisa in fair hill kensington neighborhood of philadelphia home to a notorious open air heroin den sitting in a gorge on conrail property. >> it's been a long journey to get to a place where conrail
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accepts the responsibility report what has been their neglect. >> reporter: mayor kenney opened a broad side against the railroad over the site. broken fences, track and under brush concealing the sale and use of heroin below. kenney's it department of license and and inspections ci cited conrail for violations the property maintenance code. now, conrail appose to have had enough. >> conrail will work with us to clean up the property, secure the property. we will work to give people into, new york rehab beds and into shelters and permanent housing. >> reporter: aunt and agreement signed with the city conrail will cut away the vegetation, remove needles and repair and install fencing the city will provide police protection and hall trash those citations against the railroad will be dropped. the district's council woman says she wants to change the story of kensington. >> change the narrative about it is okay to come to kensington and buy some of the purest cheapest drugs. >> reporter: lisa says lives will be saved but users will now be seen.
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>> where are the drug user going to get high? you know, they're going to end up being on the street corners where people can see them. kids can see them, you know, it's bad enough people are leaving needles around on the street as it is. >> reporter: conrail vp and general counsel said the railroad wants to do its part license be working closely with our partners to make real difference to the communities we work in every day. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy? >> the neighbors of those communities will be very happy to hear that. thank you, jeff. the family of unarmed black man killed by a police officer in oklahoma have now filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the officer. terrence krutscher's family seeking at least monetary damages and calling for police reform. tulsa oklahoma officer betsy joe she will pee shot and killed krutscher last september claiming she feared for her life. last month, she was acquitted of manslaughter charges even though the video of the interaction shows krutscher with his hands
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up. u.s. college student sent to prison in north korea but now home in a coma. they called it a rare disease. doctors here say no way. so what happened. that's a lot of trash on fire. the smoke so thick it's showing up on radar, non one knows what set it off. ♪ pro tip for fruit lovers:
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giant has unbelievable produce prices.
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so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. firefighters in colorado trying to at this point simply keep a big fire at a trash plant
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near denver contained this is what it looked like earlier tonight when the flames spread across the trash and into and through two buildings on the site. right now crews say the fire is still contained to the waste management property. authorities say they know of no one hurt at this point. developing right now, what happened to an american student finally home from a prison in north korea in a coma. his father devastated. >> there's no excuse for any civilized nation to have cep his condition secret and denied him top notch medical care for so long. >> fred warmbeir's fir statement since his son otto was flown home to ohio. 22-year-old was imprisoned in north korea and returned home with severe brain damage. >> north korea explained his medical condition by saying he contracted botulism and took a sleeping pill but never woke up. no one is buying that story. north korean officials arrested warmbeir at an airport in january of 2016.
10:24 pm
well in march of 2016, north korea sentenced warmbeir to 15 years of hard labor for they say stealing a propaganda poster. it's last time anyone in the west saw him until this week. he had to be carried off the plane and into an ambulance in cincinnati much his father says the north koreans terrorized h him. doctors say he has extensive loss of brain tissue. >> he show nos signs of understanding language. responding to verbal commands or awareness of his surroundings. he has not spoken, he has not engaged in any purposeful movements or behaviors. >> warmbeir's release coincides with dennis rodman' latest trip to the country state department and the warmbeir family absolutely insist the nba star has nothing to do with his release. the apprentice and donald trump are in the headlines together tonight because president trump signed an executive order about
10:25 pm
apprenticeships. the president says the executive order will shift federally fund add prentice ship programs from the labor department to the companies that run them eliminating labor department oversight. it adds another $100 million to the president's 2018 budget request. >> meanwhile pundits say the white house considering changes to the us policy with cuba. including tightening trade and travel rules. the changes could make it more difficult for americans to visit the island and for u.s. companied to business there. president trump will have a speech on this tomorrow. you could soon get fined 500 bucks if you release balloons in new jersey and the balloon lobby you heard me they're not happy. >> all right. >> you see that lady right that she is stalking an 82-year-old woman down the sidewalk. across the street, then takes her down. all for her purse. despicable. ♪
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♪ we have people in our community that most of us look
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out for offer a hand to if we see that need it sadly others prey on them. police are searching for the person who mug an 82-year-old woman. the person responsible police say a woman but that's all they know. tonight neighbors are mad and reconsidering how safe they feel in their own neighborhood. fox 29's brad sattin reports from mayfair. >> reporter: imagine if she were your grandmother, police say an 82-year-old woman was walking on tyson avenue approa approachinapproaching battersbyt just before noon on june 1st. behind her a woman police are looking for victim crosses the street as the cameras recorded what happened next. the video blurred so the victim won't be identified. >> bam, she grabs that pocketbook tries to rip it. the old lady wouldn't let it go and she swung her on the ground. you see her fly down on the ground. >> she suffered cuts to her right elbow. that suspect runs off. >> i think they stalked her. waiting for old people for their
10:30 pm
social security check. >> the news has neighbors angry. >> i think it's a disgrace. >> i think it's up believable. to see something like that happening. no one in their right mind would do something like that. >> reporter: barbara perry shutters watching the video she lives with her 90-year-old father in the neighborhoods and he takes walks by himself. >> you don't want him out by himself now. >> absolutely not. these folks want to have the ability to go out and enjoy their lives. they should be able to feel safe. >> reporter: suspect being describe as a hispanic woman, 5-foot five, a heavy build with shoulder length hair. if you have any information give police a call. in may hair, brad sattin, fox 29 news. >> tonight two escaped inmates are back in custody. donny row and ricky dubois were captured tonight they've been on the run since tuesday when authorities say they killed two guards on prison bus in georgia. they were taken into custody after a car chase in tennessee. they are both previously in prison for armed robbery. >> doctor is back in jail tonight prosecutors say he
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showed taupe trump hotel with guns and ammo in washington, d.c. authorities say brian moles violated his probation by retu returning to d.c. yesterday and by posting information about the congressional baseball shooting on facebook. police originally arrested moles two weeks ago. they say they found him with guns after he checked into the trump international hotel. dc of course has strict gun la laws. a friend tipped off police saying moles threatened to go to the white house to see president trump a judge banned him from going back to d.c. unless it was for a court hearing. balloons may not be a part of your next celebration he is special physical you live in new jersey. tonight the balloon council had a s mad because manage state senator gimmal whelan response sergeant a bill that would ban releasing helium filled balloons into the skies of the garden state. $500 fine if you get caught. local balloon lobby spent over million dollars in the past five years lobbying against balloon regulations across the country. supporters say animals can die
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if they eat the ba loops when they may mistake for food. >> who knew there was a balloon lobby. something for everyone. some apollo creed is smiling down because rocky is back. legendary rocky statue reopened yesterday for the firs time since april. it was off lips because the nfl draft the last weekend in april, then. the department of rec kept it closed off so they could improve areas around the art museum. history runs deeply in filled and national trust for historic preservation just named our historic neighborhoods a national treasure. the organization says mayor kenney reached out for help protecting i connick buildings and places. happening now, residents in one philadelphia neighborhood upset. it's about the cars on their block. >> cars that aren't going anywhere. neighbors say somebody is abandoning them then want those cars out of there. dawn timmeney joins us now studio. dawn, these neighbors are saying they've been asking for help. >> reporter: yeah, lucy, they
10:33 pm
call police but the cars still just sit there collecting garbage and and becoming a neighborhood nuisance. >> just dump them. you know what i mean? it's not right. >> reporter: residents along the 1200 block of north 12th street are fed up with abandoned cars on thayer street much this saturn suv been sitting here with flat tire for months. the tags and registration all long expired. neighbors say they've repeatedly called police and nothing. >> come out and tow it if it's registration is not right on it you really don't have no business on the block. >> reporter: how long has it been sitting there. >> since the winter 2016. >> reporter: no? >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: besides taking up residence parking donald gordon says he's most concerned about illegal activity happening around his car. he says it's become a popular place to stash drugs. >> they can stick it anywhere. they can just hide it when the coast is clear they come get it, make their sale and put it back.
10:34 pm
>> reporter: those had live on this block are trying to improve the philadelphia neighborhood and this is not helping at all. >> they sit for years and we want to clean up, upping, it's in the way, trash build up up under the cars. >> scared and concerned. we lost kids here and i'm one of them, i have grandkids, too, come here and visit us. i'm very concerned. >> reporter: i spoke to philadelphia police and this particular car has now been put on the list as abandoned so hopefully these residents will get action very soon. we'll keep you posted. iain. >> let's hope so, dawn, thank you i'm sure you'll stay on top of it. ♪ that's grammy winner adele in tears at a massive and deadly fire in london trying to comfort those who just lot of everythi everything. a deputy almost crushed a car barrels in rips the door o off. what did the guy tell troopers when they pulled him out. no doubt i've been drinking. yeah, that's what he said.
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♪ close call for florida deputy near orlando. she barely got out of the way of a speeding car. it hit her during a traffic st stop. she had to quickly squish up against the car she had stopped. the other car ripped off the door right there of the stopped one. >> she's very very grateful, um, she realizes that somebody was looking out for her and she's very grateful that her training was able to kick in and she knew exactly what to do in that situation. she said she didn't even panic. it was just afterwards when is he was reflecting on it she realized how lucky she was. >> deputies say the driver who almost hit the deputy was drunk. they say they found him and arrested him later. heartbreak in illinois tomorrow night five senior from natural causes. police say a driver did not stop at a train crossing and a train slammed into the car. pe in. a is in the middle of the state. medics pronounced three of the people dead at the scene.
10:39 pm
the other two others died at the hospital. all five people in the car were 78 years old or older. a tragedy made more heartbreaking police say the grandson of two of the passeng passengers was one of the first responders at the crash scene. tens of thousands of fans are converging on dover, delaware, for one of the biggest music festivals the fire fly festival kicked off today for its sixth year. fans can enjoy more than 40 acts that include the weeknd, chance the rapper and 21 pilots festival runs through sunday. and british singer adele visiting again felled towers in london grammy award winner stopped by the apartment tower the day after flames engulfed that 24-story building. firefighters are still facing hazardous conditions as they search the debris. while the death toll stands at 17 right now authorities believe it may be on the rise. >> many people, many people are still missing and tonight british prime hipster theresa may ordered a full public investigation. >> we need to know -- have an
10:40 pm
explanation of this. we owe that to the families to the people who have lost loved ones, friends and the homes in which they lived. investigator do's not know what started the fire. officials are also quite concerned for the firefighters the city's fire positio commissr says many of them are traumatized by what they witnessed. >> she walked a starbucks and says the barris at as bullied her and named her drink build a wall. >> kathy i'm happy about this weather. can it stick around for the weekend. >> i wish. the heat is coming back just in time for the weekend and storms as well. we'll talk about father's day coming up. tech: when you schedule with safelite autoglass,
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights.
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stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at new world record tonight for the highest suspension over niagara falls. that's indira willenda dangling
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by her tooth from a hoop out of a helicopter. she's 300 feet above the falls. the 36-year-old mother of three spent about eight minutes of the ten minutes stunt hovering over the fall. my goodness. new jersey based golden platter foods recalling pre cooked meat products. the products contain milk that's in the list the on the label. chicken tens, chicken nuggets and meatballs is among the recall list. no one has gotten sick they were sold in new jersey and pennsylvania as well as some other states. a full list of all the affected úproducts are on our website jut head to and trader joe's issued a recall for grain less granola. there's concern about listeria. no one has gotten sick either pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware all got the recalled product. you can toss it or bring it back to the store if. bought some and find information about this recall on our website at well. a parking pardon going vir viral. wisconsin parking control officer was just about to write
10:45 pm
a tick for expired meter. >> that's right. but then he spot add hand writ tepp note tucked unthe car's windshield wiper it read please take pity on me i walked home. safe choices. then he saw smiley face. the driver had apparently been drinking and made the decision not to drink and drive. smart move. the officer said he appreciated the honesty so he gave the driver a warning instead of a ticket. the police department posted the note on facebook with the caption, pity granted. just a warning. that's very very cool. a lot of us make a stop to grab a cup of joe before we head on in to work every dale. well north carolina woman says her local stand bucks hasn'ted over a lot more than than her cup of coffee one morning. >> employees harassed her because of the donald trump shirt she was wearing. >> i don't know what politics has to to do with getting a cup of coffee. >> caylee heart walked into this starbucks wednesday morning wearing a donald trump t instead
10:46 pm
of being greet width a smile the cashier left and harded was label with political message. >> they shouted out build wall and shoved my drink at me and all of the barristas in the back started cracking up laughing. >> the commotion catching the attention of nearby customers. >> i just walked out because everyone was staring. >> reporter: hart believed she wapull lead for wearing her dond trump. >> she called customer service. >> i fine it very sad i can't wear a t-shirt supporting our president without being humiliated or made fun of. >> star buck says we failed to meet this customers expectations of us and we apologized and working directly with her to make it right. this experience is not consistent with our standards or the welcoming and respect full experience we aim to provide every customer who visit our stores. we have spoken with our store partners about this situation,
10:47 pm
and are using this as a coaching opportunity for the future. >> this isn't may me trying to get people stop going to star buck at all. i kind of just want it to be put out there people know this is what is occurring. go back to that star buck. probably not a good idea not to go back since you had a bad experience. >> if they gave her gift cards. >> here's a couple of gift cards and you're all right. >> i like how those barristas can fill all those orders. >> on your radar tonight heat is sticking around kathy orr spent the day in i believe is that reading? what happened what we were seeing. >> reading our temperatures will climb over the next couple of days but we've also got a chance of some storms kathy has those details in just 15 seconds.
10:48 pm
it was not quite as hot as it was a couple days ago but temperatures are still hanging in there. the high today made it into the 80s. 83 degrees. temperature 69. easterly winds at 10 miles an hour. very pleasant day down the shore as well as i was in wildwood this afternoon. 69 in the city. 70 in wilmington 70 in dover. 68 in wildwood. and right now down the shore temperatures in the upper 60s because the owing water temperature is 68 with on shore flow. warmest air when we have cool temperatures down the shore. some of the warmest ocean waters with that easterly fetch. across the region right now we're seeing a partly cloudy sky to the north and we have. patchy clouds through philadelphia these storms are going to be falling apart as they get a little closer to philadelphia. we could see a few overnight tonight. otherwise, we're looking at a mostly cloudy sky a temperature around 65 overnight. patchy fog and a chance of a few spotty showers. now this is going to be happening. we're going to watch that
10:49 pm
easterly flow continue with scattered showers and possible al few thunderstorms late tomorrow. the high temperature 83 degrees. it will get increasingly more humid has this warm front continues to push back towards philadelphia when we look at the probability of precipitation or the rain chances for the rest of the week and into the weekend you can see good chance, 50/50 for friday we call that likely. saturday 40%. sunday 40%. monday 60% all in the range that we are definitely going to see some rape in in spots. this is the way it will play out during the day tomorrow some spotty showers possible in the morning. and then coming back in during the afternoon. a line forming through the lehigh valley falling apart through philadelphia. i-95 corridor at about 6:00. more storms coming up through d.c. into maryland and also south jersey. by saturday morning, we see some spotty showers and we take break. then some afternoon showers and thunderstorms. so it's kind of like little in the morning, more showers and storms possible in the afterno afternoon. during the day tomorrow, the high 83. patchy fog. you can see those afternoon scatter the storms down the
10:50 pm
shore this weekend, well, it's lookly pretty good. pop up storm possible friday and saturday. sunday looks like the pick of the weekend the temperature 76. saturday 87. 90 on father's day. monday more widespread storms 85. tuesday unsettled. less humid on wednesday. drying out and very pleasant next thursday with a mix of sun and clouds the high temperature 87. looking like the boys of summer will definitely see some summer like weather maybe boomers coming up over the course of the weekend. lucy. >> thank you much, kathy. folk got all dolled up for the annual ball on the square. the charity event helps raise money money to keep rittenhouse square spic and span. >> sean, what's coming up in sports. >> all eyes on malik monk. the sixers final hal somebody in town they might actually draft next we're hear why monk thinks he's a perfect fit for this organization.
10:51 pm
the phillies steady coming up short in the clutch. see if this time would be different. that's coming up next in sports. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv,
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10:54 pm
against the red sox. two away, one at home and the two road games were in extra innings. so it's been tight. tonight was another home game luck killly this time things were a little different. nick pavetta studly in this game in the second innin inning the w panda sand val on the pitch. he went seven innings with nine strike outs but he left the game with no score in the eighth phils threatening kelly comes in in the clutch. and gets the job done. doubles to left to bring home a run. he gets there. that's all it would take. the phils one within one-zero breaking an eight game losing streak. to the 76ers nba draft is a week away and anything can happen the this point. dope listen to the rumors you're hearing. me personally i'm all about fox. he's a study. josh jackson may be the best fit for the 76ers with the their pick in the draft there's a chance the sixers trade down and get more picks and if they do,
10:55 pm
this is the guy to go with mal leak monk he worked out for the sixers dan everyone was there to watch him. he's 6-foot three and can flat out get instant buckets very much like jamal crawford that's the guy i see him being like after the work out monk talk about how he could fit with this sixers team. >> being here a great passer i can play on the ball, off the ball. they need a shooter like me terrence ferguson anybody that can shoot the ball. i don't want to like name call or anything like that but i think i'm a perfect fit. >> eagles wrapping up money knee camp today and doug pederson says the biggest thing he took away from the last couple of weeks is how resilient this team is. the biggest thing i took away was everyone is relatively healthy. that's always the best part. to the us open at erin hills ricky fowler was on fire. the nice birdie putt.
10:56 pm
he shot 65, seven under for the day. this course was supposed to be hard. but it was light work for most of the golfers here's leader board. fowler witness lead there. two tied at six under and three more at five under. dustin johnson the world's best is three over. back to the eagles now that mini camp is over, the guys get a little break. okay. they get a break until july 24th in the meantime mills has decide to go where dreams come true. >> actually going disneyworld. i'm going to enjoy that with my girl friend. so just go out there and be a big kid, man. >> can you fit mouse ears on top of the hair. >> i'll try my best. if not i'm definitely going to force it regardless, you know what i mean, for sure. i'm going wear mouse ears. >> will you post that photo of the. 100%. >> with pride. >> with pride. >> can your kids get that green hair what would you say? >> field day they color their hair. my kids probably wouldn't do
10:57 pm
that. if they did i got other problems to worry about. >> if they're in the league. >> that's okay, too. lucy. >> neck at 11:00 you want fries with that? maybe. no you know the tots, hash browns and fries aren't the best chance we've got whole new reason why sadly. wake up weather and seven day forecast in the first five minutes. pro tip: giant has great prices on produce.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. four days of deliberation and the jury in the bill cosby trial just cannot agree on a verdict on any of the three charges the comedians faces in fact they told the judge today they're deadlocked. but the judge told them, get back to work. and after several more hours of deliberations, that jury left the courthouse late tonight without making a decision. i'm lucy noland. that means tomorrow will start day ten of the cross bow trial in montgomery county. the first state day of deliberations much chris o'connell has been following the case since it began live at the courthouse now, chris rt report lucy that jury of 12 told the judge about 11:00 o'clock this afternoon they were hopelessly deadlocked. they cannot agree on a unanimous verdict. that judge told the


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