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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 16, 2017 6:00am-6:45am EDT

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♪ they say they are tired, cosby case,and they will be told t cannot two young swimmers search will resume, and then this. >> ladies and gentlemen basebal,
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last record crowd gathers to a gunmanpracti. emotional first pitch plus ansc. still pennsylvania 6:00 hi everybody realize itnno. >> it is. >> yes. >> of course. who wouldn't want cannolis on a frida. >> is what your go too place if you crave it, you had a jones for cannoli where do you go. >> we will ask the people. let us know on twitter, facebook, instagram use the # fox 29 good day. >> sue, we're never shy about begging. if you make cannolis, we're right here at fourth and market. i'm just saying. >> fill up those little flutes
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there and, yes, we will be happy to talk bit. cannoli day is a good one at lee to start, it is an eight out of 10 because we have a chance of a shower, look at bus stop buddy's giant cannoli , a phillies cap, they finally won, last night cloudy , comfortable out there we have rain to the west a few downpours in lancaster county and a few light showers in berks county and we are watching this area of rain off the coast of atlantic city maybe around brigantine there we will see what happens with that. those are your lancaster showers right there. so be prepared for that to happen here. we are sock in with cloud to start, we have 66 degrees, at the moment, and we're heading to the lower 80's by end of the day and yep, chance of an afternoon and evening, pop up shower and thunderstorms, basically all weekend long, bob kelly, you cannot rule it out. >> disabled vehicle in front of the termini brothers, i'm
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just saying, throwing it out there. 6:02. live look at the schuylkill, curb check, live look at op on a friday morning comin freeway. right here we are looking and 20 when we see wsdowne and state road. head upcoming from pottstown today they will be doing work on 422 at eastbound at harm and hammer. they said six times they will block traffic for about 15 or 20 minutes. so pack a cannoli for the ride so we can get stuck east on 422 and a accident south on the new jersey turnpike, at exit 8a but otherwise mass transit off to a good start. mike and alex, back to you. bill cosby sexual assault trial is now entering its tenth day, and fatigue is set
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nothing for the jury, it seems >> they say they are tired and dead locked. steve, again at his position in norristown, steve. >> reporter: well, they won't get wet, we have got showers here but they are driven here they are not walking and they are not outside long so nobody can get a shot of them. little rain falling. maybe that is why we don't see anybody in the steps but they added barricade because the scene out here got crazy and wild yesterday right after jury we cannot reach a consensus note at 11:00 a.m. after that that became a big surprise because we had no more notes, questions, and of course, no verdict for the next 10 hours. so, no mistrial declared either which blew apart all of the commentators from a retired judge to defense lawyers who all said after that 11:00 a.m. jury can't agree note it would only be two or three more hours at most and most likely cases four out of five similar dead locked juries, we tried but we
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still can't agree second note and then mistrial. it seems some major legal precedent being set here with the jury now 10 hours beyond that dead lock note, going into a fifth day of deliberations, taking this trial to the original two week length that the judge overseeing this all, originally predicted. >> we have really seen mr. cosby get justice he was looking for in montgomery county. >> only they know whether anyone or a number of anyones on the jury are opened to reconsidering, changing their mind, making a different decision. >> we just hope right now that these injuriors are still being treated the way they should be treated, in one will come in and try to force them to change their decision, change their thoughts, change
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their eye december. >> reporter: question why is a hung jury or mistrial if we get one always seen as a win for the defense? we have opinions of all of the commentators out here yesterday and because defendant walks away free, charges are dropped and they have to be retried, defendant recharged even before a re trial, so it is all up to the victim in a sexual assault and rape case. if they want to go through it all again that influences the district attorney's ultimate decision. those that know kevin steel know he is not give in, give up kind of guy, real victim's advocate so many expect a re tile if we even get to the point but is there still a possibility of verdict since we had 10 hours of meeting from this jury. so they are still working. >> a lot of juries come in on a friday, for sure, they wouldn't do this again fit end up in a hung jury. >> and if you have any clue what andrea constand tweeted yesterday she said with her
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message her in the hallway, always follow through. >> just like that shot. we have first light now. search will resume in a matter of minutes in atlantic city for two missing swimmers. >> jenny joyce is in new jersey with the very latest, when they might resume the search, jenny. >> live here mike and alex, emergency crews are gathered at the base of the waterline here. there is also a bunch of people who have arrived since our last hit, presumably family members, we will go talk with them after this hit, it is done, and we have not seen anybody entering the water yet this morning. we do necessity they called off the search late last night , there is a coastguard helicopter overhead, searching from above, and they searched several hours so this is a re pete, search, rescue recovery effort. last night they were calling it a recovery after they called off search because it got too dark. press of atlantic city is
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reporting two, 15 years old a girl and a boy, they actually interviewed father of the girl who was hailing the boy a hero , he actually ran in after his daughter went under water yesterday. this was about 6:30 at night. we know life guard goes off-duty at 6:00 p.m. mayor of atlantic city had a few word to say about that saying yesterday was cold, wasn't a hot summer day, wasn't a day when anybody was even in the water, the water is cold and he said it was is surprising. rip currents were high, taking another live look video you cane those are are about to enter down effortse resuming he of luck morning. breaking news rush ace claiming it killed leader of ice is in in an air strike in
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syria. russian defense ministry said the leader was killed in the late may with 30 mid level militant leaders and about 300 other fighters. u.s. led anti islamic state group coalition says it cannot confirm reports at this time but if confirmed this could mark a major military success for russia which has conduct a military campaign in support of the syrian president as sod , since september of 2015. this is incredibly sad, heartache, heart break and mystery still surrounds the health of an american student released from a north korean prison. my gosh. he is still in the coma. what doctors say may have happened to him as his parents welcome him back to the united states. bitter sweet. new deal to fight opioid epidemic in philadelphia, who is helping city clean up one of the war heroin districts. sll
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expected to rise >> meanwhile, british p mini what happened as eagles wra chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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olay eyes. ageless. look at these pictures do you have a fathers day message for your dad.
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it is friday before fathers day. share it with us with the photos using #fox 29 good day, beautiful pictures. >> keep them coming whether they are fancy pictures or not >> these are some from our staff. >> exactly. >> you get the idea. >> lets go to the next one here, it doesn't have to be. >> i love the wedding day photos when you see parents helping. >> i like that. >> yes. >> they are, i know the man who is the groom here they are turning a screw in his back and winding him up like a doll >> stop it. >> aaron is a producer. >> what are they doing. >> suspenders together. >> really. >> right. >> well, i know it is for his wedding, but they are working with the back thing where you put your hand in there.
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here's sue. >> number one, dad, it is this sunday fathers day and it is going to be hot and humid. cool and comfortable right now , not by sunday. high of 89 degrees. we have a stationary front nearby and that will keep it kind of iffy throughout the weekend. not a wash out but there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms every day. we have a few showers not showing up that light drizzle but heavier showers in lancaster county. lets get you through seven day forecast ashers day we will be close shower get loud waves. remember forecast is too, bob k, more 101.1. >> 6:17. the 422 working your way in toward king of prussia, a
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pop tart becauan 3:00 o'clock, y will block alle bound lanes, near arm and hammer. they are setting up some new beams, there is no rhyme, reason or time line whenever construction guys have to be ready to go, bam, we will stop traffic and in six different closures set between now and 3:00 o'clock. live look at the freeway coming in toward philadelphia, of course between 12 and two when we see crunch time, folks heading opposite way down the shore for weekend. new schedules kick into play on septa's regional rail, city , suburban, victory divisions all change it up on sunday o they have, new timetables available at all stations where you can down load it on line. we are fire fly music festival down at dover speedx, back over s a severf unresponsie fullness. his father addressed the media he said north korea brutalized
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and terrorized his son. >> even if you believe their explanation of botcholism and sleeping pill causing a coma, excuse for any civilized nation to have kept his condition secret, and denied him top notch medical care for so long. >> otto's release coincide with dennis rodman's latest trip to the country but his family otto warmbier's family insist nba star had nothing to do with the release saying it was trump add martial that brought their son home. >> just heart breaking. >> how about two escaped inmates we told but a couple days ago accused of killing two guard in georgia, they got them, they are in custody this morning inmates were found in tennessee, some 300 miles away from where they escape. police responded to a call about a home invasion where the two held an elderly couple captive, and they were lanning to steel their car.
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the paris now being extradited back to georgia t charges as well as federalchargd what do you think according to p administration. an official with the trump administration. it comes after the top u.s. command inner afghanistan told president he does not have enough force toss help afghan army's fight against taliban. an official announcement is expect as early as next week if not over weekend. we're going back in. big time to afghanistan. well, next stop, eagles training camp. >> here's motivational message from carson wentz to his teammates as eagles wrap up mini camp. then we will take a live look at constitution center where wmgk is holding its 11th
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hitting. taking on the r double, go ontoe to nothing snapping that eight game losing streak. to the sixers nba draft less than a week away and malik monk was in town to go to work. everyone was there to watch. afterward monk talked about how he fits in with the sixers organization. >> being here, great passer, i can play on the ball, off the ball and i think they need a shooter like me, but anybody can shoot the ball but i dent like name calling but i think i'm a perfect fit. >> eagles wrapped up mini camp and doug pederson biggest thing he has learned is the team is resilient. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> is that what we learned. >> that is what they learn. >> they are resilient. >> we will learn once season starts. eagles tweeted out a video to mark end of the mini camp. coach pederson gave a pep talk and turned it over to lets not e
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eaglesh. >> super bowl, baby. >> 6:25. here's sue. >> let's not lose site of our goals, to have fun this weekend, and bring the umbrella because occasionally you will need it. we will have your weekend forecast coming up, we will even go beyond the weekend, jenny. >> good morning, sue no fun down here in atlantic city think morning as crews search for two missing teens in the water here off atlantic city, crews entered the water continuing the search, hours after these teens went missing , we will be right back hours ae
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still dead lock. missing a tt went in the ourr las annual baseball game n local representatives, day,s. you are weighing in cannoli place. speaking of cannoli place, put them in a little van, drive
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them over to fourth and market and we will display them here. >> exactly. >> we just want to them. >> we beg of get a giant umbrella we have seen finally we will see some sunn the seveny i-95 through girard lifetime we will get a chance to drive on there through fishtown. other jam is on the freeway coming in toward philadelphia look at how light on the opposite side. that won't be the case after lunchtime. folks heading to the shore at 12 to two we will see the jams heading to the beach. we have down tree and wires in cestoga road at messner road. through cr
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type oft at he guys worki regatta comes alex, back over to, just teens. y jenny. >> repor we're dealingas well , but off-d of these missingo talk with us this morning, as this search effort continues, out here, and also mike and alex, one of our colleagues, tony caputo who works for another network in new jersey said he tweeted me and said unfortunately i'm on a very similar story in bellmawr covering a story of two elementary school girls who got stuck in the water, one drowned, one is on life support this morning. so definitely want everybody, all of the beach goers this is early in the summer season for anything like this to occur. just a reminder out there you
6:27 am
have to be carawr happened around 6:00 o'oc off-duty. another reminder t ao p trip to the shore, >> little bit out on the of our viewing area. >> it is not jersey shore town , but like i said, very, very similar story this morning up there as well. >> are you hearing about rip tied or anything like that. >> reporter: it is unclear. is there a moderate risk right now according to the national weather service but taking a look it looks sloppy, it looks choppy, crews out there are kind of struggling to get over the waves themselves. or on rafts. we have seen some on the wave runners and that boat off in the distance. we saw that helicopter go
6:28 am
above but that only crossed one time we have not seen that back out here. it is unclear, no updates at this point. >> i'm never comfortable swimming unless there is a life guard on that san. >> just as they were going off , still light out. >> it is light until well after 8:00 o'clock now. jury deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial are entering the fifth day. jurors are struggling to end their dead lock on the charge that he is the comedian drugged and constand in 2004. they have yesterday saying all three d ision. >> steve has his feet there ste. deliberations. here we are, at two week point and only thing correctly predict comes from the judge himself who thought this would last two weeks and then he thought he was wrong because testimony went so fast but he probably never had a clue he
6:29 am
would be right because deliberations are taking so long. that is where we are right now after that not so surprising note they were dead locked after 11:00 a.m. we went 10 more hours without another note and with more deliberations until he finally sent jurors back to their hotel rooms after 9:00 p.m. here we are waiting for 9:00 a.m. to come around again and more deliberations to begin. >> it is not unusual for jur ies to be dead locked and there have been cases in which jury where is dead locked, they were given the instruction essentially to go back and continue to deliberate, try to reach a verdict and sometimes they have. >> that shows you why bruce castor decided not to bring any charges. bruce castor decided not to try this case 12 years ago but you have a d.a. by the name of
6:30 am
kevin steel who used mr. cosby as a catapult for his ambition s. >> so does the 10 hours after the jury's dead lock note hint at progress we will see. we are coming back to our live picture and there is louie bernard with another victim n a half an hour you'll hear frustration and the anger in her voice when she spoke at the podium last night when reporters wanted to know what her reaction was to this situation in the deliberation process, and the note that they were dead locked, guys. >> all right. >> here we go again, we shall see, a lot of people are saying because it is friday they think it will happen when they walk back in there at 9:00 and announce to the judge we have made a decision but i don't know, i don't know. >> 6:37. breaking news, out of london, again british media say police are responding to an incident outside of parliament. >> apparently a man with a
6:31 am
knife has been arrested, but we're working to get more information and we will keep you updated but they are responding to an incident outside parliament. >> london is so on edge after this month. 6:37. emotional night for annual congressional baseball game at nationals park. >> game went on for 36 hours after a shooter opened fire at a g.o.p. team practice. game started with roaring cheers, as capitol police officer david bailey threw out first pitch. >> could barely move. he had to use crutch toes get out there. >> he was able to make that first pitch though. he was one of the officers hurt as they brought down shooter during that gunfight. >> look at that. >> his crutches they are giving him back there. >> it is emotional because other capitol office ever crystal she's still in the hospital. >> crystal grinner that was neat. >> several congressman from our area were at last night's game, thomas drayton is in the
6:32 am
news room. a couple ofhe jerseys too. >> they got dirty,oong on.magind al additionalatg, 20,000 fans wg as the players took the field getting dirty, among them ryan costello of pennsylvania, several highlights including this double play and also on the mount, congressman pat meehan who pitched a strike out. we caught up with a couple local representatives who were there to watch that game. >> wife difference of opinion but it shouldn't be around violence. violence should never be part of it. >> yesterday was a emotional exhaust continuing day for all of us. our hearts and prayers go out to those in recovery. they have a long road ahead. >> one run home. >> in the end democrats won the game 11-two. they raised a million-dollar for charity, it was capitol police memorial fund. by wait mike and alex, they
6:33 am
are giving that trophy to congressman steve scalise who is still in critical condition but he is improving this morning. coming together. >> yeah, yeah. >> speaking of steve scalise, did you see the sign last night, we will show you that in a couple minutes. do you see the sign there? this guy loves scalise. >> i love that. >> pretty cool. >> scalise strong. >> there is our representative pat meehan, he was pitcher, he didn't get dirty but look at ryan costello. you are proud when you slide, you know, on your belly or something like that. >> plus wearing a fightin phillies jersey. >> fightin phillies. >> nicely done. >> all right. 6:40. one of the philadelphia's war areas could soon be looking a whole lot different and better. >> apparently we have an agreement between city and conrail to clean and secure the property in the cities fair hill kensington neighborhood. cording to the agreement
6:34 am
conrail and city as possible but in later then end of nexto remove veget trash and trespassing place where conrail accepts the responsibility what has been their neglect. >> conrail will work with us to clean up the property, secure the property, we will work to get people into rehab and shelter and permanent housing. >> eye meeting to discuss at agreement and next steps will be held june 20th at 5:30 p.m. , at 240 east cambria street. >> well, the day we went out there with our camera, we could not find trash. this is what this place really looks like, they are frantic to clean this up.
6:35 am
needles every where, trash, look at them. >> furniture. >> people would say, all right conrail will clean this up. but people will use heroin, i mean, they will go anyplace, won't they. >> it is an addiction. >> they will move around from place to place but this is really bad. thank god for that agreement. 6:42. valedictorian, my brother was valedictorian. >> was it rocket scientists. >> he is a nuclear physics expert. he was valedictorian but valedictorians is a thing of the pennsylvania why many high schools across america are rethinking class rankings, no more valedictorian, no more third honors. ♪ ♪
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you make together. we have people send nothing message from his becky cruz who says vincent riveria was best father in the world. i miss you so much. rip dad. he died about 17 years ago. so thank you for sharing your memory with your father. we're asking to you share your memories and photos of your fathers, for fathers day. if you send it with the #fox 29 good day we will share them throughout the morning, and we have more from our staff. oh, this is torey and her
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father, a segment pre duesers, that fridays tori's take, beautiful photo. they are so beautiful. and then dawn timmeney, and her father, oh, so cute, lovely photo. so keep sending them n we will keep showing these pictures, we want to honor them today. we should. they should get the whole weekend. >> okay, i'm out, what do you say. >> bye, kid. >> mike drop, patco high speed line running on a special schedule, today, why? i don't know. but that is patco, right. be ready for some delays. new schedule going in to play on septa's regional rail lines , cities, suburban victory divisions all changing it up on sunday. they have new schedules on the platforms make sure you grab one so you good to go for monday morning. buses, trains, trolleys off to a good start so far this morning. not that way on the schuylkill we are seeing slow down
6:39 am
westbound call it this reverse commute. more folks leaving town then coming into town at lee right here at belmont avenue, a slow go up the hill there in to belmont on the schuylkill expressway, and a live look at bennie, ben franklin bridge up and over into center city philadelphia we are off to a good start. all e forecast for weekend, 15. we have the shore for tomor. eighty-three on the beach remember this rip currentwater l there is a chance ofeach day o. that is because of kind of give us rain sundas r as we but doesn't
6:40 am
even show up on radar, 67 in philadelphia. everybody else except mountains are in cool, comfortable to start but boy will we warm up, the humidity comes back tonight, tomorrow, but by sunday we are close to 90-degree and we have those chances of pop up showers and thunderstorms not a wash out but you have to be aware and keep your eye to the sky all weekend long. it could get loud, dramatic with thunderstorms on monday but we do not see any heat waves in our immediate future. speaking of weather and how perfect it was yesterday, it was best night ever for garden party we call tyler arboretum in media, there we are auction ing off barrel of beer, wheel barrel of beer there. it was very popular needless to say. all money raised goes to the great programs at tyler arboretum, look at how lovely, we were under a tents, breeze was blowing, no humidity. lots of people there. food from 11 different
6:41 am
restaurant. plenty of livevations as well. >> a barrel of beer. >> barrel of beer. >> yes. >> wheel barrel. >> mini version of the big ball in rittenhouse square last night too. >> yes. >> very feigns. >> perfect weather for that as well. >> yes. >> i need my bottom teeth whitened. >> you neat your bottom teeth to look white. >> yes. >> so did you see this, u.s. open the golf, playing golf in wisconsin. it wasn't a big good year for blimp but caller blimp caught fire and crashed. luckily nobody got hurt. >> pilot was only person on board. >> yes. >> he is, there is video. >> look at that. >> serious injuries that includes burns but expected to survive. sheriff's office says it looks like mechanical problems may have been an issue, no one on
6:42 am
the ground was hurt. just amazing he was able to walk away, seeing this, my goodness. >> i thought he said he would be okay but he has got pretty bad burns. it remind me when i see that, most famous blimp accident probably in the world, it stopped blimp travel in the world was hindenburg. do you know that was 80 years ago, two or three weeks ago was 80th year since. that listen to this. >> well, i have never seen footage where the guy wasn't announcing it or famous phrase oh, the hugh mant. oh, the humanity. >> all of the smoke. >> yeah. >> a lot of people were on that they flown over from europe.
6:43 am
it was going to be a new way to travel across the ocean and that basically ended that kind of travel and travel by blimp. do you know, how chocolate milk, well, it is made? >> where it comes from. >> well, milk comes from a cow >> yes. >> of course. >> the shocking number of americans who believe that chocolate millioning. >> don't even say it. >> it is embarrassing. >> where almost 16 million people in this country think that check late milk comes from. >> it will shock you. >> yeah. >> after the break.
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apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. it isn't just about you, like all black men you have a bull's eye on your back. >> they are going to give you the tools that you need to destroy yourself. >> it looks good. >> it was so good. all eyes on me hits theaters to day, people, tupac shaker's
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forty-sixth birthday. this is bio pick, tupac's life his story and from his early days with his mom and stepfather living inside black panter party in new york and also when they moved to baltimore, california. it takes you through tupac getting discovered and signed. the beef he had with notorious big and untimely death at just 25 years old. it was so well done, dimitri ship junior who plays tupac looks just like him. >> it is incredible how much he looks like him. >> amazing. >> you saw it last night. >> there was a screaming they had at river view movie on columbus boulevard. literally in the first scene when dimitri ship junior came out. >> it is tupac. >> it looked just like him. >> it makes it special the director of this movie is from philadelphia. he went to temple university. and he started doing music videos and stuff with nicki
6:47 am
minaj, diddy, 50cetnt. all eyes are on me. yesterday is tupac's birthday. he said this was on purpose. he talk about the movie, what he went through to put this together. it has been a long time coming so many people have been waiting to see this lets look forward to this philadelphia director a lot of music. >> yes. >> people were in the audience singing lyrics. and also talks about his perspective about his story what he wanted told and director says, tupac knew you only have a limited time on this earth and he pushed out so much music, and he wrote so much to show what he was thinking. >> so we have asked one of his , good friend mar license wayans with him on the night he died, maybe within of the last few people that saw him alive to come in and talk about this, so marlon will join us, in our 9:00 o'clock hour this morning of good day philadelphia marlon's here all weekend, he is here at punch line philly. >> he is doing stand up.
6:48 am
>> he is. >> he has a lot going on. there is a lot to cover. all eyes on me movie and comes out today. >> all eyes will be on, all eyes on me, okay. >> three minutes before 7:00 jenny, what are you seeing out there at the beach. >> yes,coastguard helicopter just came back into view, going very slowly along the shoreline and hovering low here looking for two missing teens that went under water last night we will be right back.
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