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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 16, 2017 7:00am-8:34am EDT

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and, in the world of
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philadelphia sports, things are looking bleak. as we watch, other teams, some of our rivals, celebrate multiple championships. so what reason do we have to be hopeful. we will get some hopeful help. okay, so much to get to here real quickly here i will pour myself some chocolate milk. >> bottoms up. >> i'm optimistic. i'm getting ready to wash down a contact knoll that i people will bring to us at fourth and market. >> undoubted. >> it is national cannoli day. >> we are still waiting. >> you guys are weighing in on what your favorite place is, isgrow's, termini brothers, fritz, i don't know that one. i have two tweet is here please don't tell me, mike that people think chocolate milk comes from brown cows, no , who would think that. >> no way. >> all right. >> what is the number today. >> we have an eight out of 10,
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not perfect. we have had a few showers around this morning, already, cloud cover and get ready to see that unsettled weather pattern continue, and buddy likes his with chocolate chips , added, bring the umbrella today, have it nearby all weekend. it is not a wash out but we will have times of rain and then stop for a while and you know the drill. we have rain rolling through berks, lancaster county, current temperature in philadelphia, it is 67 degrees from 8 miles an hour breezes out of the east ande terly wind keeps us cloudy we will see some sunshine, here and there 82 degrees, good temperatures but it will get hot and humid over weekend, bob kelly. >> a lot going on, fathers day , graduation parties, music festival. southwest philadelphia we are talking to you island and lindberg boulevard, folks jump off there and use it as a short cut, multi vehicle accident at intersection, but patco high speed line, patco
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running on a special schedule today, live look at i-95 heading in and out of downtown philadelphia, in the bad just yet working yourself out of northeast philadelphia up and over bennie, looking good, no problems into downtown. however, accident down tree and wires conestoga road and messner road on route 401, a fuel spill lansdale avenue at state road just outside drexel hill, otherwise normal slow go on the schuylkill but mass transit other than patco looking good, mike and alex, back over to you. bill cosby trial is centering tenth day and fatigue is starting to set in for jury. >> for sure. >> they have been deliberating for 40 hours now. >> fifth day when they show up at 9:00 this morning. they say their dead locked. well, one prediction, i think the judge himself said this thing will take two weeks and new we're at exactly two weeks
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, steve? >> we had five days of testimony and now five days of deliberations and don't be surprised if the next reports of this day end in the dark again, who knows what to expect next, right? we have had unexpected and new we have precedent being set with the lengthy deliberations along the longest ever. people are gathering on the steps again and among them you see there in white lily bernard, one of the many cosby accusers. if you don't know her story she was an actress on the cosby shows eighth and last season where cosby drugged and raped her in atlantic city in the early 19 on's avenue offered to be amen for and told her quote you are one of my kid. she was one of the many here almost every day of the trial. she's also from california, like victoria valentino and boy they were all crying after hearing that the jury was dead lock yesterday. then everybody wanted her reaction to how she felt with
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the frustration going on and here it is, and boy she's fiery. >> i implore all of you to consider the fact bill cosby moral high ground that he carefully crafted, his phony, fix plan patty, his giving of millions of dollars to black historical colleges, his comedy, his doctor huxtable are nothing but a smoke screen they are a diversion to distract the public and the world from knowing his true nature which is is that of a depraved, lying, coward, serial drugging rapist. >> reporter: so, what can happen next? well, i will give you five possibilities. yesterday at this time we warned everybody about that spencer charge. that was accurate to show that yesterday. here's what can happen next. i will have fives about all that canartial verdict guilr
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not guilty or come back e asked through this but she this cosby more than certainly was interesting yesterday, steve seeing the commotion that was going on outside the courthouse. people had drums. some people have signs. they were playing music. >> reporter: that is why we have barricade. we have stuff you only see in new york where it is a thin line. that was added yesterday just as a protection, because it was, nuts out here. i have to use that word because it was a wild scene. after that dead locked note. >> like you said it got contentious there is lily right there the woman that steve just showcased and then, on the right-hand side, no, no , there is in rape here.
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these woman consented. then it got pretty testy, and they were right in their face here, yesterday. >> certainly did. >> search is on right now, this morning in atlantic city off the coast there off the shore for two missing swimmers >> jt,nyhis already started bku jenny. family t search continuesng to look for s whin atlantic city. actually praising t moderateig0 with 30il rare to see him out cannot confirm these syrian rebelsan cd cak, to his coma, karen. >> he ha haslopments, length of time family so a
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hospital in cincinnati. doctors say the 23 year-old ti state suffering from severe brain damage. this video from his trial, last time we had any look at him. officialness north korea said university of virginia student fell in the comaountry do not believe that at to his brain. they saying regime there in north korea brutalized and terrorized his son. >> we have few answers, there is no excuse for the way north e , dad wore of course, ysecured area. his trump administration offcused of takig at this case trying to figure what has happened to this young man. my god. >> what kind of state is he is , wakefullness still but can
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he come out of that. >> can you ever come back from that. doctors refused to say that to his parents, they said well, we don't know yet. congressman steve scalise is i am proving but still in critical condition in the hospital. he is recovering after being shot by a gunman who attacked a baseball practice. that was wednesday morningmorni. >> both democrats and night, n filled to capit turnout for this game with hopes that this would somehow help change the tone here in washing ton. history will record democrats won annual congressional baseball game. it was actually a blow out 11- two victory over republicans but in a moving home plate ceremony democrats handed over trophy asking it be given to republican congressman steve scalise still recovering after being wounded in wednesday's attack at a g.o.p. practice.
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attendance was off the charts for this game almost 25,000 fans came many looking beyond calls of balls and strikes but for a less partisan atmosphere >> great thing, sport brings people together and wonderful way to start this. >> ceremony and, injured, but credited with taking down gunman james hodgkinson who later died as investigators still piece together his politically fueled history five wounded in the attack continue to attack, including scalise whose injuries were much more serious then first thought. at the game president trum april period by video. >> ladies and gentlemen, let's play ball. >> reporter: how long will this new spirit last? maybe not long. responding to questions about republicans who blamed rhetoric on the left for fueling the attack, house my north leader nancy pull lows difficult not hold back. >> how dare they say such a
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thing, how dare they. >> reporter: but for at least this one evening in a ballpark in washington both parties came together offering if nothing else a glimpse at how things could be. >> hopefully it will be that way for a little bit. nancy pelosi, and speaker ryan wearing lsu a tire to support scalise. >> proud lsu tiger, that is for sure. we were on time for sue today. >> how about that. >> yes. >> you know what is happening this weekend in dover, delaware fire fly music festival, forecast for their is very similar to the forecast for weekend in philadelphia, meaning a chance of a shower each day, humidity returns on saturday, very hot on sunday, in the upper 80's. is there a chance of sunshine but it never stops anybody those chances of showers from having a great time at fire fly so started yesterday, continues through to sunday. we have a nearby stationary front that will go back and forth, witt nearby it means we
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have a chance of showers every day but there will be period of sunshine and then this strong cold front comes through on sunday in, to monday and could bring us some strong thunderstorms, starting on monday. so that is how things will go. one area of rain we are watching in berks county and lancaster county starting to edge into chester county a little bit moving slowly but it looks like that chance of showers will continue through this morning, we have a little break around midday and then some showers, pop up thunderstorms this evening. remember that if you are going out and that is pretty much the theme for the weekend, yes , humidity comes back by sunday, when we get up to 89 degrees, and that is a look at your weather authority forecast, don't forget we have your forecast on the radio too , every morning, machine through friday on more fm, 101.1. >> you don't work on weekends. >> what do you mean, yet. >> 7:17. good morning, everybody. live look at the schuylkill expressway into downtown
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philadelphia until the background there we have art museum off to the left, activity on the river this weekend. we will tell but that in a second. multi vehicle accident southwest philadelphia at island and lindberg boulevard. we have the schuylkill navy regatta in town taking over kelly drive and schuylkill river so all that extra volume will be pushed over to the schuylkill expressway, looking good on the bennie, of course, ben franklin bridge also home, to the patco high speed line, by the way, patco high speed line running a special schedule today, and i believe we have on the phone mike williams from patco, mike, good morning. >> how are you. day. hi austin. of the dad out bestk there i'm gushing >> we will >> were you s night. me. he gave megers on nuts. >> sound like you h the
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app twitter world is not hap twn way as lon of the last people bio picktonight.>]
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and, it sound like little kid wrapping. >> speaking of kid, people are crying. cristina writes in on twitter, i'm crying right now, so sweet , bob kelly's kid, calling in austin. >> that was so cute from cocoa it was, it was great. well, you look on your twitter, you have to down load new twitter app. >> we have an update because it is not on mine yet but people are grateful about the way twitter works. >> anytime you make a change about anything. do we have hillary or are we moving on. >> so lets see what we have seen. >> this is what it looks like right now, do you see avatars instead of squares what they used to be they are circles. >> oh, so what. >> yeah. >> is that only thing that has change.
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>> sickles instead of squares. >> has it change. >> no, mine hasn't. >> i don't do the updates or the any of those things even fit is for operating system. i'm terrible witt. i have all of the old versions you know when you are texting and get emojis and question marks that means you have not updated your phone and you need to get latest update. >> i need to get latest updates. >> yours is still square too. >> they are all square. >> go in your app store. >> my app store. >> where is my app store. >> what is this. >> hey sue, ryan. >> there we have a app store. >> do we have any memes that have been created. >> yes. >> old twitter verse new twit ter. >> instead of square face dog you get a round dog. >> is that the only one or are there others. >> we could do that. >> that is from seinfeld when he was looking, crammer reversed his peephole on his door. >> that is funny.&
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>> so everything square is now round. >> we have one more. >> oh, owe >> ♪ >> there w that big deal.ou cannot see number anyway, that is instagram where you cannot click on it so it will be always small. >> yeah. it. >> hi. >> can you push t to reach it bt theneone just asked me is aut it.. >> i will try to get a hold of mike williams. >> of course, is there no mike williams, it is a combination of my name and torey williams,
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who made the call. >> there is a real mike williams. >> sorry, mike. >> will the real mike williams please stand up. >> please stand up. >> sip on that milk there. >> do you know how it is made. >> how milk is made it comes from a cow what about chocolate milk. >> it comes from chocolate cow s. >> chocolate cows they melt check late is that whether you were saying. >> so, you have seen brown cow s, of course. >> yes. >> spotted cows. >> you have to grab one of those. chocolate milk comes out. >> grab them by the utters. >> that is utterly ridiculous. a shocking number of americans that happens that chocolate milk comes from >>from white cows. >> they have black
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it is a day where we need that umbrella at least at some point throughout the day but in the comfortable 60's. buddy is also happy, that phillie finally won last night, a few showers in berks county, lancaster county, and then, downpours, also watching out, for a system off, that will be unsettled over weekend it will be a case where it is dry in one place shower moving through and then another. you need to be aware of that. cloudy skies, in philadelphia
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right now with a high, current temperature of 67 degrees our high will be around 82 and yes , we have the chance for pop up shower or thunderstorm this morning and then another wave moving through later on in the afternoon and evening. it will warm up, get more humid over weekend. you didn't think it would stay this cool and comfortable, bob kelly. >> back to the ac. >> good morning. >> 7:32 on a friday. patco is running on a special schedule today, just a minor adjustment to the schedule. warminster regional rail line reporting 10 minute delays due to signal problems but a new schedule for everybody, this weekend, septa's city suburban and victory division also all changing it up effective on sunday. good to go for monday morning. downtown. friday morning rush airport, st. allha ago we building and
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try toidence that the tower fir. >> they claim he fell in the coma last year after contracting batch list many and taking a sleeping pill. >> come on. >> his doctors in ohio say that is not what happened. twenty-three year-old is suffering from a severe neurological injury. >> they basically say he is in a vegetative state. >> they call it wakefullness. >> explain it. >> so basically what probably happened is that he suffered lack of oxygen to the bufrafersk ofsomehow oxygen didn't gets is. w what is goingse they were so ever come back and condition known as who knows. i anytime will tve keptim in thatng back to yr-oldr
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is year-old they did some mri's but he suffered a knocks i can brain injury and now in the vegetative state. >> his dad said he was brutal ized probably tortured or water board are or something like that and loss of oxygen in the brain. >> there is no evidence of broken bones or anything so he didn't get hit with the baseball bat but something terrifying and horrible happened. >> this is another case of a assault weapon. now when you, have an injury from an assault weapon and according to published report soviet style. >> the situation down in washington d.c. in washington d.c. >> yes. >> injured at baseball practice. at the baseball practice. what happened was the shooter used two weapons a 9- millimeter pistol and assault weapon. now from published reports the bullet went through his left
7:24 am
hip across the pelvis. he was noteably in shock. that comes from severe blood loss. this is your small intestines that i am's removing. >> bullet didn't go through. >> it went through and shattered bones. he has had three surgeries. he was in shock from blood loss. you can see all kind, there is bladder, is there intestines, all kind of blood vessels and he suffered significant blood loss. he wases in shock. surgeons went in. trauma surgeons do amazing things. they stopped the bleeding. but when that kind of a bullet goes through the body, it doesn't just create a little neat little hole, it shatters everything. it is like an explosion in the body. they have to repair tremendous amounts of parts of his pelvis that is yes is requiring three surgeries. >> three surgeries. >> the first it seemed like he would be fine. how can it go south like this.
7:25 am
>> when you have projectiles that come from assault weapons or hallow tipped bullets, when they entered the body they shattered, it is an explosion and causes widespread damage. >> i'm talking about case is here in philadelphia people get shot. they will drive themselves to an emergency room. and then they are dead the next day. it is from bleeding. >> it has to do with the velocity of the bullet and where you got shot. >> some people can drive themselves to the er and then die there or they might do just fine. this is an example of a projectile goes so fast all ken net particular energy and it is like taking jello. >> can you bleed out as they say without blood ever leaving your body. >> oh, absolutely, internal bleeding and hemorrhages. look at all of the blood vessels there you have a projectile going through lip hip across the pelvis.
7:26 am
it will cause widespread damage. he probably had urologist, gastrointestinal surgeons and trauma surgeons. he had three surgeries and orthopedic, everybody was there. >> everybody was there. >> we hope for a full recovery >> he will get the best care possible. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> have a good weekend. >> do you want this head line? >> we will talk about chocolate milk. we will talk about that when we come back. >> i'm tired of teasing the audience. >> we will do it when we come back.
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that is a live shot outside fourth and market. >> it is good day for the block, congrats katie and that be is nt there it is bride made. they have their dress out there. >> you know bride made. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> it will fall. >> she has to wear that today, too takeaners. >> what is that movie night. >> they are stilloi they can he, >> congratulatiohey went into it. that. it.ught bit much didn't have a choice then.
7:31 am
>> maybe that is why i didn't like milk. >> i'm kidding. >> it was great, i love it. my mommies watching probably. >> i have never tasted tasted breast milk. >> you tasted ity just don't remember it. >> but people say, they have offered me, they have, women have, no, no, they pump. >> it was in the bottle and they offered it. >> yes, not from the source. >> with you, i have to ask and i have to double-check. >> i will take two shots. >> no, quick. >> you ever go to the bottom of the cheerios with sugar on it. >> best part. >> they say that is what it taste like. >> that is what i heard, sweet >> is that what she told you. >> yes. >> let me know. >> in a world of philadelphia sports right now, what sit june 6th, event? >> it is june 6th, event, yes. >> it will be a rough summer, things are looking bleak. i'm growing frustrated.
7:32 am
if you don't have hope, what do you have, alex. i have no hope. but i have asked for help, psychological help, spiritual help, to get me through the summer of 17. lets talk bit. ♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality.
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we are a live look at i-95 northbound right at street road, fully cooking here. fire fighters are not even on the scene there just yet. this is northbound i-95 approaching street road, and anybody coming from say, academy road, woodhaven watch for delays, fire fighters too, they will get to come up either right or left shoulder there, again, i-95 north right here near street road otherwise headlights on the 42 freeway in toward philadelphia , friday morning and then we have delays on the regional rails, warminster, paoli, lansdale doyletown line all running with delays this morning and get ready for new schedules to kick in over weekend on septa city suburb and and victory divisions. weekend fathers day graduation , suewye has your information contact in 15. its ad
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weather pattern where we have a chance of a shower every day but also not a wash out. the heat and humidity will return by fathers day and each and every day is there at lee a chance of the shower, we zoom into radar right now we will see rain moving through berks county, through lehigh valley, heading toward montgomery, bucks and chester county. that is what is happening right now. we will see a little bit of sunshine but pop up thunderstorms, warmer tomorrow and very hot and humid on sunday, a lot of showers, thunderstorms on monday and we will stay in the 80's through middle of next week. at lee we don't have another heat wave in the forecast. there is that, mike and alex. >> that is a positive, sue. i think we need positive right new because what is going on with you. >> i don't know, i'm feeling funky what do you mean. >> well, on the weekend, i would watch sports and stuff.
7:37 am
summer filled with sports, philadelphia sports. >> yeah. >> what is there to cheer about really. >> that is true. >> what about the phillies, they won last night. >> what, one to nothing. >> that is not good. >> okay. >> well, that is they who three out of four from the red sox. >> yes, they are coming in today. >> they were walk outs, right. >> walk off home runs, that was real fun to watch all week >> because they have the war record in baseball and they have only won two out of the last 10. >> there is that, war team in baseball. >> or because all of the boston major teams win championships in the last 10 years. >> they have had parade, after parade, after parade, after parade, after parade. >> yes. >> after parade. >> wait, six or seven in the last 15 years. >> patriots, another parade
7:38 am
this year. >> four major teams have all had parade. >> even in our state, pittsburgh penguins they had their stanley cup parade this week. >> my god the penguins. >> they won it like five times since 91, back to back, sidney crosby with that stupid trophy >> golden state warriors they had their parade. >> all right, alex, i get it there were aloft parade, i feel ya. this is what every philadelphia fan looks like right new, right. >> if you don't have hope, what do you have. you know what you have. >> ice cream. >> ice cream and snuggie. >> did you see that. >> just too bad is that how you feel. >> that is me basically. i think that is a lot of us right now. >> we want to give you hope. i don't want you like this we cannot do a show were you being down and stuff. i brought in some people to give you some hope. we have g. cobb. we have tre thomas, and spiritual side this guy knows how to win, reference rob from
7:39 am
villanova university. >> welcome. >> please help me. >> dawn please help him. >> plenty to be excited about. >> carson wentz going in to his second year, make a big jump. we have alshon jeffcy somebody we are getting better. i think derek barnett he will be very good, he is their number one draft pick. this team is going n the right direction. you know they will get better. >> it will be like kissing your sister, it will be like eight-eight. >> we always get excited, that is what he is worried about. we will get to the super bowl. >> i think this is their time. >> nelson agholor is catching the ball at practice. >> that is a plus. he is catching it. he caught the ball. >> nelson agholor is catching the ball at practice. >> we have to get that going in the game. >> tray, how do you feel. >> oh, manny feel like we are coming in the second year, carson will see some improvement. i think just with the team,
7:40 am
you have to trust process. doug pederson is getting an excellent job getting these guys together and boosting moral among guys and their ability to believe in what they can do. i think it will be a strong year. >> did you say trust the process like 76ers. >> they have the draft next week. we got two good players that are healthy now joel embiid, ben simmons, they are young, great players. >> they will play this fall. >> i think they will play this fall. >> then they will make another draft pick next week we will get another good player. >> i'm liking sound of that. >> it will get better. >> we have got rid of sam hinkiey kind of been praying bit. >> let's bring some geez news to this, reverend rob you talk to the villanova team how can we do this. >> you got to keep your faith, just because something hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it is not going to happen. those wildcats, paraded right down market street here they got knock out in the early round in the year before and
7:41 am
these same guys were crying in the locker room but they didn't give up. >> it is a rocky city. rocky who that first fight but never gave up. >> yeah. >> that is it. >> you stick together. >> we are rocky. >> yes. >> we have to start believing, mike. something goodwill happen i have been hurt so much times. we have not won a championship in football since 1960.right. >> sixers 83.t nine years ago. . >> you have to keep the faith. >> a little rain, there is always a rainbow. >> that is beautiful. >> look for the rainbow, mike. >> it will get better. >> come on, tray. >> i'm with you. >> let's go.
7:42 am
>> yeah. >> we will take a break. >> we got to believe. >> we dit.
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jury in the bill cosby case tries again after four days and 40 hours. will they reach a verdict or are they working through weekend or will they announce a hung jury? we watched for a chance to be a philadelphia eagle, and then afer seven days tell am alumni rashawn slie a try out with the philadelphia soul, he joins us live to recap his wild week. plus we have an announcement from the soul. >> ♪ >> big honors for jay-z he is now first rapper in the song
7:46 am
writers hall of fame and got a surprise from former president barack obama why the president , ex-president now says that the two have much more in common then you may think. you know and love his parity movies. >> give me a smile. okay, no smile. don't ever smile again. >> but have we seen last of marlon may opposite spoof movies, he joins us live to share his future plans. couple things. >> so crazy. >> can't wait to come back in the studio. >> he stirs things up. we will do that in the 9:00 o'clock hour. it is national cannoli day, right. >> yes, still waiting on cannolis. >> we're two hours into this stinking show and nobody has brought one cannoli has been delivered. when we did pizza they delivered. >> doughnuts they delivered. >> doughnuts. >> yes. >> i think we just got to get in the news van. >> where are your people from
7:47 am
holmesberg bakery. >> calling them out. >> okay, maybe stock's bakery they are a little closer. >> do they have cannoli. >> if not maybe they can whip one up back there. >> couple people say they make their own at home, you know, you are welcomed on the fourth and market too. >> another thing we are celebrate to go day our dads. >> yes. >> a lot of people have been send nothing stuff. i wanted to say we have two dad here in the studio. i got you a little something. thinks lee meyer, her father. >> yes. >> isn't that nice. >> and her husband. >> lovely. >> i saw her yesterday at olde city block party having a good time. >> lee was. >> was kevin with her her husband. >> he was there. >> yes. >> okay. >> i got some gifts for fathers day. bob, thinks for you, it says all-star dad. >> most valuable pop. >> yes. >> i thought that was nice. >> that is really nice. >> i know you love phillies, i
7:48 am
thought would you energy. that. >> yes. >> and then mike, i got you something as well, this is so you, are you ready for this. >> it says super dad. >> super dad. >> well, a cape. >> i didn't get you a tie. it was determined not to get you a tie. instead i got you this. look at that. >> well, purple is my favorite color. >> look at the face. your face on the trophy. >> you are so muscular. >> yes. >> thank you. >> super dad. i know jessica, jill they are in the here in philadelphia. i wanted to give you something to get something for fathers day. >> very sweet. >> happy fathers day. >> i hope you have a great weekend guys. >> super dad. >> yeah. >> really sweet. >> i was determined not to get you guys ties. >> there is a pair of tights
7:49 am
that come with that. >> i have them on now and they are very tight. >> thank goodness we cannot see them. >> lets get the two number of the day as we get ready for weekend. friday is an eight out of 10. we have cloud, occasional shower or two, the umbrella with the cannoli today that is what bus stop buddy says. phillies finally broke their losing streak last night. anyway lets get to the radar, there are showers moving through. they have moved into chester county and caln township and montgomery county, the northern part of the montgomery county there get something showers. we are socked in with cloud. we are seeing drizzle every now and again. 69 degrees at the moment. plan on some sunshine, today and a high temperature of 82 degrees but we have a chance of those pop up thunder storms to keep as your theme, you cannot rule out a pop up shower or thunderstorm.
7:50 am
>> good morning, everybody. we have got this vehicle fire on i-95, it is i-95 north between street road and 413. fire fighters are on the scene quickly extinguish it last time we check in, fully engulfed but only one lane, again, north on i-95 between street road, approaching route 413. for gang out in pottstown,e on 422 an accident at arm and hammer and then throughout the day, there is going to be six different stops on 422, all the way through 3:00 o'clock. cominge bound pack a snack, grab and extra cannoli for ride because we will see delays throughout the day. delays on regional rails, warm minister, paoli lansdale line and septa changing it up kick nothing a new timetable at city, suburb and and victory divisions, mike and alex, back to you. >> daily news had a head line that says cliff hanger talking about the bill cosby case because of cliff true they are dead lock.
7:51 am
they are ent working. 25 minutes awayyou got word there . >> yeah. >> he was district attorney that did not prosecute. he said quote there was in sufficient credible admissible evidence and andrea constand sued him for defamation because he mentioned that he and his investigators were not as detailed as what she said in her civil lawsuit depositions. anyway, after that in the so and probably others that the jury was dead locked just past 11 was that there was no second note. they were still dead locked. we had no verdict. then no mistrial declared either and judge let them go on for another 10 hours until sending them back to the hotel to get some rest past nine. we are approaching 9:00 a.m. when they are due back here to head back in the deliberating room for fifth day. they will take this trial to the original two week length,
7:52 am
judge stephen o'neill predict before it all began but no one expected deliberations to go this long for sure. >> we have really seen mr. cosby get justice he was looking for in montgomery county. >> only they know whether anyone or a number of any ones on the jury are reconsidering changing their mind and making a different decision. these injuriors are still bein be treated. no one will in and to force them to change thts, theirurwho knows. byod day back in 1999 when bruce castor was running in
7:53 am
the republican primary to be d.a., he started in 2,000, guess who was running against him in the republican primary, in a massive coincidence here. >> hold on, hold on. >> who was running against bruce castor in the late 90's, for d.a. of montgomery county. >> yes. >> remember hint is an a nation coincidence. judge stephen o'neill, the judge in this case. >> in way. >> yes. >> you want another insider, since this is my last hit we are meeting everybody here and judge o'neill is one of our viewers. talking to the deputy who drove the jurors here from pittsburgh, he says that the van or the bus that they will drive back in does in the go even the speed limit on the pennsylvania turnpike which is 70 so it will be a long six hour ride for them once they are finally done. >> i won't go 70. >> it only goes from the jail to the courthouse but he cannot get it much above 65.
7:54 am
>> long ride. >> they will been together for 40 hours what is six more. >> can you imagine. >> episode of the real world jury addition you know what i mean. >> reality show. >> all right. lets get to this, the sun well up now, two hours and search continues for two swimmers, that missing off the shore there missing last night just wait ago long the shoreline you. coming upthe philadelphia s. you want toe any how it went? i got a facebook message, how long before you let us know, how soul try out went, i'm on pins and needles. so inspiring. i'm rooting for him. you will see him here in the studio we will talk to him next.
7:55 am
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. 8:13, ding. vehicle fire now out but everybody is all gathered around. it is northbound between street road, and route 413,
7:58 am
only one lane gets by, it is second day in a row where we had a vehicle fire on i-95. eastbound 422 at pottstown interchange, right at lynn field exit, watch for an accident and then eastbound on the schuylkill starting to see delays, be ready, schuylkill navy regod a takes over river and kelly drive through the weekend and some delays on the regional rails, warminster paoli line running with delays this morning and septa kicks in a new schedule over weekend and patco running on a special schedule, special weekend for dad and grads, sueby has the forecast in 15. here's your sneeze index for today and through the weekend, it is not that bad,
7:59 am
predominant allergen out there is grass and friday, saturday, sunday, monday it will be low to medium or low level of that pollen, just when wind blows around and then you have to worry. now we have a look at the rain situation, rain starting to move into northern montgomery and bucks an there is a little bit of rain in chester county as well, and that is a situation rain is on, it is off, it is off throughout the weekend and pop up thunderstorms possible today and tomorrow, hot and humid on fathers day with a chance of showers and thunderstorms, un settled weather pattern mike and alex as we head in the weekend. >> our viewers have got tone know this young man and they want to know what happened, yesterday. we first met rashawn slieh, who was onhe the novacare, complex where eagles were having a mini camp we noticed him out there. he the eagles. >> he was camped out. he just wants an opportunity. we surprised him with another
8:00 am
opportunity. here's anywhere, yosomehow. not. >> i don't know, i mean to be honest. >> i know someone, at a professional football team. >> yes. the current world champions of arena football. >> the soul. >> yes, get in here. sign this, right. >> it is an official try out. >> this is real deal. >> in my hearty knew i always knew i would play football and catch passes. >> here we go. >> he is here in the studio with us. >> good morning, rashawn. >> good morning. >> absolutely. >> we still have tre thomas, g. cobb and reverend rob from villanova university. >> they gave me inspiration. they are here to dot same for you. >> appreciate it.
8:01 am
>> first of all before we make the announcement what the philadelphia soul decided after your try here. this basically is a highlight real of your week on "good day philadelphia". >> i appreciate that. i can play it back. >> you had quite a weeky don't know if we had a drum role or not. what was their decisio inexperienced in the a reen game. i thought, that was the general consensus, you know, and it is the nature of the beast. you have to learn to adapt on the fly and one of the issues i was, football you play best a, i think difficult a good job. coming off of college. >> yes, football guys, is it
8:02 am
tough, to translate from the field of professional football to inside football. >> it is a different game. the game outside and game inside, it is different. there is less area, and things happen quicker. so it is definitely a difference but maybe you stay witt, maybe they give you another shot but because the fact that they looked at you seriously, that is a step in the right direction right there. >> absolutely. >> it shows courage doing what you do. >> what advice. >> justin to work at it. you know, in this game you never know how people will transition anyway. you justin to work at it, keep pushing, keep doing what you do to tighten up your craft. then also, you have to, become a student of the game. even if there is, if you want to be someone that will try to continue to push in this game there are different websi on, ty of film and start becoming student of the game and
8:03 am
finding those little niche that he is can make you berth. >> yes. >> and there are players that will work with you, but you willirection it seems like you love football. there are other opportunities and careers in football where you love it so much, is thereoag and a lot of guys don't play that long in the nfl they get these other careers too. they pay pretty g. >> you keep following your heart,od you , lot of successful attorneys in here, failed the bar, once, twice, three times, and failed business that is come back and they succeed. you keep following your heart, god his big plans. >> thing you showed is courage , man, you do that where you have enough courage to go out and do something it is taking a chance but you have to do that nerd to make it happen. >> is what the next move this just happened when you just found out. >> i kind of knew, my thing
8:04 am
was, you have to get film and it might in the work out. but, you have to never give up never give up on philadelphia sports. i will not give up. i didn't go into this thing looking for attention, i went in having my heart set on playing and doing things outside football, and having to platform to do that. that is what i will keep doing keep working. go back to the drawing game, keep training, become student of the game and hopefully i will get another opportunity. >> a lot of people in philadelphia because they are used to seeing you outside complex, people dropping off things. >> yes. >> will you go back or are you done. >> i will be out there. >> yesy will be back out there >> i saw him out there one day >> people want to see you. >> absolutely. >> keep us updated. >> hey, how is the new girl
8:05 am
friend. >> she's doing good. >> keep us updated. we're rooting for you. philly's rooting for you. >> yes. >> hang in there, buddy. >> philadelphia soul head coach says this rashawn is a competitor and pleasure to have him join us for the day. at this time they are going in a different direction in the receiver direction but they continue to work and pursue your dreams. we wish you the best of luck. >> yes, their head coach over there wrote that. keep us updated. thank you all very much. fun. keep on swinging. >> absolutely you are inspiring. people have been writing saying you are an inspiration. >> appreciate that. >> in fact jay-z said he will write a song about you. >> he should. >> you want to get a piece of it though. >> big honors for jay-z the first rapper in the song writers hall of fame and got a surprise from former president obama, why former president
8:06 am
says two have a lot in common more than you would think.
8:07 am
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8:09 am
like all of you, i'm thankful i have been listening to jay since i was a young, hungry state senator. i sampled his lyrics to close my speech at selma and tweeted reference to my first song as i was putting finishing touches on my final state of the union address. i had to brush some dirt off my shoulders during the campaign. so i'm pretty sure i'm still only president to listen to jay-z's music in the oval office. >> probably so. >> is there jay he is talking about. listening to jay-z's music as he writes his state of the union address his last one. big honor for jay-z last night , he became the first ever hip-hop artist to be induct in the song writer's hall of fame. >> and highlight of his induction had to be that speech given by former president barack obama.
8:10 am
>> all right, cool. >> it was just pretty cool to see they are obviously friend. they have so much in common. >> jay-z was tweeting. that is so rare for jay-z. he has twitter but doesn't tweet. he was on a rant thanking people that inspired him, and started, you know, talking about other wrappers out there who worked with him. it was real interesting to see he just kept going. >> he was doing that on twit ter because he could not make it to the actual ceremony but wanted to make sure how was. >> i promise i'm not please, itd >> is he sending pictures of your dad in, happy fathers day to the two best men i know, hubby and dad. that is danny virtualso, he habe dad, his name is guy, his d
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
so, normally bill cosby gets out of that suv 8:35, 8:40 so really any minute is this the last day of his trial at montgomery county courthouse? we will soon find out. today would have been tupac's forty-sixth birthday, the new movie about his life, all eyes on me hits theaters today, directed by a guy from philly, and we will be joined by someone who knew tupac veryrf the last people who sawdi comin. we wil tonight. >> fun night. >> because then you are bus stop buddy is it i chester county to 82.few, n woodhaven up tohat has been extinguished but one lane, lot of fire fighters in and out, so keep that in mine on the northbound side ande on 422,
8:14 am
leaving pottstown in toward limerick, watch for an accident. travel times west on the schuylkill about 21 minutes, 10 minutes into town on 422 and the schuylkill, navy regatta rowing on the river, so that takes over our kill drive and that will be pushed on the schuylkill expressway, mike and alex, back to you. one of our favorite things to does surprise people? you know why, because they are doing great things in our community. >> they sure are. >> jen will tell us about today's honorary someone who goes there in the community. >> hi there, jen. >> hi guys, we're in with my new friend good morning. >> hey girl. >> here's the situation we will honor this amaze would go man. we can't say who it is, super secret surprise. she runs an macing organization. that is what people want to hear about. >> i really care. this organization is set up, how to be, toave a voice
8:15 am
everybody e a the power of four her children arouamn. well.s a philadelphia chapte she's a two time breastsurvivor. >> yes. we are talking about double mastectomy. >> mastectomy. and went through all of the sickness and still ran the program. nothing stops her. great mentors around her. she missed not a beat. that is why i called you. >> well, we have amazing sponsor that will give her some stuff. it would be great. >> i'm so ready. >> we want a whole parking lot full of people ready to surprise her.
8:16 am
so guys... >> we're breaking up there but we will get there, that signal fixed and have a great surprise coming up in a little bit. >> we want to make sure it is perfect. >> perfect. >> valedictorians become a thing of the past. >> this is weird, why many high schools across america are rethinking class rankings, maybe no more valedictorian or soluteorians. >> oh, alex, hold on. >> hey alex we are mtb and we can't visit you on good day, but we will leave with you this. >> ♪
8:17 am
>> they want to stand
8:18 am
8:19 am
8:20 am
best father in the world is albert blastinggame. >> should we stop having people send in pictures. >> that looks like another good dad right there. >> yes. >> fall into the gap. >> and, okay, so, it is national cannoli day and man, are you sending in, everybody has their favorites, man. carleno's market, a lot of votes for that, termini brothers. >> yeah. >> a lot of votes for them. >> yes. >> there was one, i never heard of here, oste are heria.
8:21 am
>> and tweet after tweet after tweet, isgrow's, so have we shamed, any of them into coming in, yes, we have, is grow's. yes. >> it took two hours and 40 minutes but we got someone to show up. >> let get rid of my check late milk and my trophy. good to see you. you always come through, man. who are you. >> i'm gus isgrow. >> owner third generation my son aj fourth generation. >> is what up, brother. >> what did you bring. >> these are our most popular cannoli, recota making it number one seller, macking it this way for 113, vanilla custard all home cooked. this is a chocolate muse, rich , light, delicate, and the one that is following up is the marscapon, italian cream cheese, and, we mix it with
8:22 am
heavy whipped cream, and little bit of sugar, flavoring s and it is light. >> how many do you make a day. >> on average, i would say, on average during the week, 250, 300 a day. >> who does all of the squirt ing, all of the filling. >> mostly you. >> that is my job. >> we fill them by spoon. they are not filled ahead of time. that is why we are who you are you get fresh. ideal cannoli when you eat a cannoli should be filled fresh , crisp and when you bite in it snaps and it dissolves in your mouth with the cream and as it goes in, it just permeates. >> yes. >> i think you are turning me on. >> i never heard someone describe the contact knoll that i way. >> yes, that is the key. >> thank you so much. >> thanks, happy cannoli day. >> appreciate you guys calling on us, and enjoy.
8:23 am
sueh, we will. has got some,d to see you. th you. day, guys. >> h are giant turtles. they are big sea turtles. >> they are sea turtles mike from world sea turtle day. we're here at camden aquarium. look at how close we are, we are feeding them i have a couple partners here, it is kyle and i have riley here turtles we will show you more up
8:24 am
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74 degrees today. eighty tomorrow. fathers day 83 humid with a southerly breeze but rip current risk is moderate so just be careful. we have a lot of showers around, lot of places where it isn't raining and that is the theme for the weekend. some showers north and west of the city, keep that in mind, we have umbrella nearby, all weekend long get ready to sweat on fathers day with a high of 89, showers and thunderstorms around on monday , and staying in the 80 's through thursday of next week. lets take a look at twilight
8:27 am
last night and media, beautiful, things that we auctioned off including a wheel barrel of beer but most importantly we raise add lot of money for programs at tyler arboretum, just a gem of delaware county. it was a beautiful garden part with perfect weather and we get to see, under the tents, great time, a lot of people getting fathers day gifts would i imagine there. speaking of which there is my daddy, this is sirca1980 something or something my late father's name was joseph a serio. i was than the on tv yet when this picture was taken, so, he would get a kick out of this that i'm showing his picture on tv. happy fathers day, in heaven. >> that is so sweet. >> yeah. >> no matter how long they are gone always your daddy. >> that is true. >> watching from up in heaven. >> so, i'm not sure if you saw
8:28 am
this, but get the kid around the tv right now. the united states coastguard and two marine organizations came to the rescue of an ailing, thinks called a lagger head turtle near lewis, delaware, alex. >> 252-pound sea turtle was spotted covered in marine growth having difficulty diving under water. they realized it was sick and they were fortunately able to save it. >> wow. >> so now we will see it. >> that is a great story especially when we consider that today's world sea turtle day, who knew. >> hi, jenny. >> yeah, how much fun. we get to sea see turtles at adventure aquarium in camden. sam, can can you point out a lagger head. >> is there bob our sea turtle she's a female. you cannot tell the difference see we named her bob and we found out she was a female. >> bobbies a big girl. >> she's about, 400-pound and she's a total deave a he loves
8:29 am
hanging out taking pictures you say they are friendly. >> they will check out divers. they love out windows and seeing everybody that comes to the aquariumy didn't realize you can pay, for an additional fee, come down and do what we're doing, feeding these sea turtles. i'm joined by kyle, riley, how are you doing. >> good. >> are you scared at all we are close. >> no. >> how cool is this. >> cool. >> tell me have you ever done anything like this before. >> no, it is really cool. >> really cool. we were told we can pet them if they are close enough because they are pretty friendly. now, it is world sea turtle day. we have to put out awareness. they are endangered. >> yes, six out of the seven species are endangered and they are endangered from catch where fisherman get fish they are not targeting like sea turtles and or ocean pollution we will say sea turtles will mistake a plastic bag for a
8:30 am
jelly fish and of course that is a deadly meal. ll as them they love not see here different area. >> released in the sea turtle. >> he came at 98 grams and now he is 1700 grams. >> we have to see him next. >> mike and alex, happy world sea turtle day. >> now come back to the studio and make it snappy. >> good one. >> thank you. >> i had a turtle won you know what i named it, shelley. >> i like that, shelley. >> shelley. >> because he lived in a shell >> you didn't to have explain. >> no. >> okay. >> all right. lets keep putting up fathers on the screen. one of our great producers ber linda garnett that is her daddy. >> he watches every day.
8:31 am
>> it is great. >> happy fathers day. >> and he has opinions about how we do on the show. >> he does. >> yeah. >> good won. >> every now and then they are ♪
8:32 am
8:33 am
8:34 am
♪ do i have a national cannoli day, and folks coming to philadelphia, folks stacked from sit line into the vine expressway and north on i-95 we had an earlier vehicle fire near route 413 still causing minor delays for the gang heading in to levittown, and sunday on fathers day i like too wish a happy fathers day to my dad, bob senior, who is watching right now, up there in brideberg, he has his coffee, he has his doughnut. >> hi, bob senior.
8:35 am
>> everybody give a wave to big bob. >> happy fathers day, to my dad, mike and alex, back over to you he looks concerned there. >> of cou>> he is a father. >> standing with his sonsince 6. >> yes.>> so, lyft, cafe twist. so,or monday.s basically to >> i come. >> throw them in aut that. >> me. marlon way >> yes. >> ♪ >> are they the next boys two men? they are called mtb philly young men who are on the verge of stardom they will bring for you.
8:36 am
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8:39 am
thanks for pictures of your dad. >> from karen. >> thank you so much. >> that is a great one, nice selfie. >> keep sending in your photos kitkat kline and her dad. >> yes. >> that is beautiful. >> look at them. >> his name is shell. >> look at them coming downstairs, their first dance. >> yes, yes. >> that was wedding i was than the invited to. >> yeah. >> and then milkie way, with her dad that is a nice. >> babe on the phone, old school, how cute. >> hey, hold on, pick up the phone and punch yourself up and there she is, to day. >> yes. >> look
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