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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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please, to the supports, stay calm, do not argue with people. just keep up the great support. >> bill cosby speaking outside of the montgomery county courthouse tonight. five days of deliberating more than 50 hours and the jury still can't reach a verdict. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney the jury had many questions for the judge today. but they call it a night just another 9:00 o'clock and they will be back at it again tomorrow deliberating. our dave kinchen has been following every major development in the case live outside the montgomery county courthouse and dave, cosby actually had message as he left the courthouse tonight. >> reporter: he really did. it was one of the big headlines here but i have to tell you for all of the pandemonium and commotion that took place after the judge shut things down for the night you would have thought a decision was made but the only decision was to pick things up tomorrow with bill cosby issuing this message to his supporters.
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>> i just want to wish all of the fathers a happy father's day and i want to thank the jury for their long days i their honest work individually. i also want to thank the supporters who have been here. bill cosby message to supporters as he left the montgomery county courthouse with more deliberation and more questions from the jury taking place. friday night jurors asked to rehear testimony from a toronto police officer married to kuser andrea constand's sister. could be bee defense team objected before the question was brought up moving yet again for mistrial. defense attorney brian mcmonagle told the judge the jury said it was deadlocked two days ago with 36 hours of trial time and 52 hours of deliberation already passing by. but the judge said there was in in fact no reason to declare a
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mistrial. he fact he said he didn't are the authority because the jury is still working the judge said the jury is still deliberating he's going to see that process through. it picks up again tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. when this ends, well, we don't know just yet. dawn? >> all right. thank you. fox 29 has been your source throughout the cosby trial again we'll be back at it bright and early tomorrow morning you can watch our live coverage starring at 7am on "good day philadelphia" weekend. now to a developing story out of japan. seven crew members are missing after a u.s. navy destroyer collided with a merchantship off the country's coast. japanese coast guard says it received an emergency call around 2:00 in the morning saturday that the merchantship reportedly crashed with the uss fitzgerald it was about 12 miles off the southeast coast of jap japan. one crew member was injured. but was rescue. new tonight, a deal four years in the making. tonight the philadelphia federation of teachers has
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announced it has finally reached an agreement with the school district but this deal is still tentative until a vote next we week. fox 29's shawnette wilson here to explain it all. >> that vote will happen on but as for now the sun says a series of school closures massive layoffs and other cuts particular schools contributed to why it has taken so long to reach deal his hope is that it will bring back stability to the district. >> i'm glad and blessed they continued on the mission without a contract. stacey before system praising philadelphia school district teachers for staying the course through years of working without a contract. we talked to her at a graduation she attended for hill free man school. >> we have to make sure that our teachers are compensated just like anybody else. >> today the school district and the philadelphia federation of teachers announced a major break in negotiations. they've come up with a tentative contract agreement that superintendent william hite says will restore stability. >> stability means that we have teachers who are not looking to go other places. stability means we can focus
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intently on improving teach and learning. stability means that we can ensure that the climates in our schools are conducive to great learning. >> reporter: little john is a parent. he's relieved to hear there's some movement on the issue. he was concerned about the future of students if teachers didn't get a new deal. >> without the proper tools guidance and, you know, mys how can they take the future to the next level. >> president jerry jordan says they will vote on the contract during a special meeting again dawn that will happen monday evening. back to you. >> shawnette, thank you. some sad news to report out of atlantic city. the mayor says two teenagers who were swept out by a rip current last night have lost their liv lives. the pair were with a group in the ocean. when a 16-year-old girl started to get pulled by a current. a 1584 old boy tried to help her and both were pulled out and then pulled under the water. several agencies searched for the teens last night while the coast guard, police and fire crews swept the water and shore
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line throughout the night. one girl is dead and another fighting for her life after a swimming incident off the jersey coast it happened yesterday evening at beach in belmar township. the girl who died was only 13 years old. the girl in the hospital is 12. officials say the two were found face down in the water and they were in an area where they had no lifeguards. on your radar tracking some rain for the week and live look at the ben franklin parkway. feels pretty nice out there right now but rain is definitely going to threaten your weekend plans. meteorologist scott williams is here with your forecast at 11. >> scott. >> hi there, dawn. we do have scattered showers even some thunderstorms in that holiday father' day weekend forecast not complete washout keep an eye to the sky we do anticipate more clouds than that sunshine. temperatures on saturday 86 degrees. look at sunday. father's day 90 degrees feels like temperatures will be in the mid 90s. so what about those chances for
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that rain? 50% chance. 40% on sunday. then look at the spike by monday 80% chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms. ultimate doppler most of the area is dry but off to the west showers trying to move up from washington, d.c. and baltimore. so some of that will move in during the overnight time frame. it's foggy tomorrow morning. a few scattered showers out there during the heat of the day tomorrow. more activity. look at the temperatures. still in the low 70s philadelphia upper 60s in atlantic city. 70 degrees right now in allentown. so for tonight, we're watching out for few showers. also, beware of developing fog overnight especially down the shore into the poconos. 70 degrees will be that overnight low. for tomorrow, that warm front moves through. we're looking at clouds. 86 degrees once again those scattered showers and look at the forecast for the shore. foggy conditions, cloud cover tomorrow morning low 70s for
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highs. mid 70s for father's day itself. for the poconos, low 70s on saturday. low 80s moving toward sunday and once again dodging some of those scattered showers and downpours. temperatures over the next seven days we're looking at 86 degrees for tomorrow. then 90 degrees on sunday. feeling like the mid 90s. widespread showers on monday. 86 degrees. drying out lower humidity low 80s by tuesday. more pop up thunderstorms wednesday. temperatures climb mid to upper 80, dawn, by the latter part of next week. back over to you. >> all right, steamy, thanks scott. three are investigate a string of smash and grab thefts in new jersey. they happened wednesday morning in marlton police say a group of thieves hit a restaurant on route 70 before breaking into five stores at the allison shopping center. police are working with other law enforcement agencies to trying to link similar crimes in nearby towns. >> the world is not -- it's into the paradise and things like this happen.
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so yes, we have had financial loss, property loss, et cetera, but it's not, i'm in the unique i'm pretty sure. before police are hoping to release surveillance video of the crimes sometimes next week. a major shift tonight in the united states policy toward cu cuba. after three years of warming relations under the obama administration, president trump announcing today that he's developing a more hard line stance toward the island nation. the administration says its main goal stopping the flow of us cash to the country's military services. president trump says the us won't renegotiate with cuba until it meets conditions like releasing political prisoners. new policy will make traveling to cuba more difficult for americans who now will only be allowed to travel in groups. no longer as individuals. meanwhile president trump fired off a series of tweets today appearing to confirm that he's under investigation for obstruction of justice. trump wheat tweeting i i am being investigated for the firing of the fbi director by
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the man who philadelphia me to fire the fbi director. this stemming from reports claiming special counsel robert mueller is investigating president trump following the firing of james comey. up next a trial that captured the attention of the nation. a young girl accused of encouraging her boyfriend to commit suicide through series of text messages. he did and today she was held accountable for her roll. and a hold up at a dollar store what police say an armed robber told workers before he grab the money from the register and ran. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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♪ >> police searching for the man who held up a dollar store in north philadelphia. investigators just releasing this surveillance video. police say the man got away with more than just few dollars. it happened back on june 3rd at the dollar general on the 900 block of west girard avenue. the robber pointed a gun at the employees told them to look away then grab the money from the register. he also took a pack or so of cigarettes before running out the door.
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now to developing story out of massachusetts. a young woman who sent text messages urging her boyfriend to commit suicide is found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. michelle carter seemed stunned in court today as superior court judge handed down that verdict. defense lawyers had argued that carter's boyfriend conrad roy the third had history of depression and suicide attempts. and was determined to take his own life. but the judge says carter's texts created a risk and her failure to act to save him caused his death. roy killed himself back in 2014 by carbon monoxide poisoning. >> when miss carter realizes that mr. roy has exited the truck, she instructs him to get back into the truck which she has reason to know is or is becoming a toxic environment inconsistent with human life. >> carter will be sentenced august 3rd and faces up to 20
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years in prison. well you see it you shoot it, our fresco user are helping us show what's happening in your neighbor. so brad what's going on tonight? >> plenty happening dawn. community coming together tonight inside west oak lane for a youth forum. state senator art heywood philadelphia cease fire another community organizations all teaming up tonight for the forum called peace in the northwest. fresco user tyrone marques at the event sending us the video the group talking about neighborhood issues and how to peacefully resolve them. and fresco user janine tak taking to us william morrow beach in new jersey tonight kicking off the 25th annual summer concert series. starting tonight every friday through september 8th it's going to feature different musical act tonight'ly performer was mike sito. all concerts take place on bay avenue and they are free to attend when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to use that fresco app to zen it
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to or newsroom. dawn. >> brad, thank you. philadelphia district attorney seth williams will stand trial starting monday for bribery and campaign expense fraud charges. us district judge paul diamond will begin jury selection at the start of the government. the federal government estimates it will take two to three weeks to present its case. the defense believes its case will take less than week. sussex county delaware pouring more money into fighting the her row win epidemic. also looking at boosting their supply of narcan the drug that reverses the effects of heroin overdose. of the one suspected overdose deaths in the state so this year, about a quarter of them were in sussex cun tee. two inmates who escaped from georgia prison made their first court appearances today. they killed two guards during a prison transfer on tuesday and the fugitives made it into tennessee and a homeowner there
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being credited with finally stopping the two holding them at gun point after they tried to steal his vehicle. >> i don't know if they really gave up of course somebody pointing a gun at you obviously that could an effect and you t too. >> both inmates have waived extradition and could be sent back to georgia at any time. in your money tonight, amazon making a big move towards purchasing the grocery business. the giant online retail company buying wholefoods for a deal worth a whopping $13.7 billion. yeah, that's a lot of zeros. amazon offers grocery delivery services in five markets this moves offers potential for lots of expansion. meanwhile other grocery companies like kroeger and target saw their stock drop several points today. >> buying wholefoods which is the true pioneer in organic food puts them in position now to be able to own the grocery sector which is a multi billion dollar sector.
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>> wholefoods will still maintain its name the deal is expected to close later think year. and sean brace here to let us know what's on his mind tonight. >> it's show time. the mega fight between floyd mayweather and connor mcgregor is happening and for all the people that are already trashi g the fight, you're looking at it the wrong way. my commentary we'll straighten you out coming up next. ♪ >> now with tomorrow' traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. friday night and we're rolling on the river. the schuylkill navy regatta taking over the city. it's another annual tradition, of course, the kelly drive will be closed all day tomorrow to vehicle traffic and all that extra volume will be pushed on to the schuylkill expressway. you like music. well we got lots of it fire fly music festival taking over dover speedway through sunday. groups non-stop all day on both saturday and sunday. a clog of of course route 1 and route 13 and we'll change it up on sunday new schedules for septa's city suburban and victory divisions change up on
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sun day. a link on our website you're good to go for monday morning. have yourself a great weekend. happy father's day to all the dads. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning for "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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♪ sean brace takes on the mega
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fight doubters in his commentary. that's coming up in 15 seconds. ♪ let's get ready to rumble! >> if that doesn't get juices going come on people. all right. announced this week that the super fight the one where ufc super star connor mcgregor invented himself is finall finay happening. 14-zero floyd mayweather will return from retirement to fight the nutty irish man on augus august 26th live from las vegas for the people who go writ to the fact this fight won't be the sweet science gee you must
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have have work real hard to come with that take. it's a uf. yes fighter stepping into the bocking ring for the first time something we haven't seen the this level before. not will that be tough for mcgregor the part mayweather is 49 and-zero rower perfect it's not a fluke. the reason why floyd has never lost, is because he never gets punched. too quick on his feet for any opponent let alone for a guy whose a stranger to the bocking ring. here's my take. i honestly don't care if the fight lasts for 30 seconds. this is a mega fight from the electrical press conferences leading up to the fight to the trash talking on social media all the way to the buzz we'll be fielding come august 26. if you're looking at this fight as a a sip gel event you're doing it wrong much this is a spectacle. in closing these two names are the biggest in the fight game and beth fighters will walk away with no less than 200 million a piece. so pony up, buy the fight enjoy everything that comes with it
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because this is something we might not see again. dawn? >> all right. thank you sean. self music legends were honored at the song writers hall of fame in new york city. whitney houston, boys two men and baby face inducted into the hall of fame. ed sheeran received awards. he was presented with the how david star light award given to young artist that has left a significant impact on the music industry. you know for mow just to be in room with these song writers is an exciting thing. to be able to play a song in front of them and receive an award that's given by them is pretty cool. >> the night's highest honor went to past inductee and composer alan minkin. for the 11th year classic rock station 102.9 hell its veterans radio thon throughout the day station broadcast outside the national constitution center. that event benefits the veterans
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multi service center in physical with a mission of offering services programs, opportunities and advancement to veterans and their families in our area. we'll need our umbrella tomorrow. >> keep it handy not a complete wash out. we will have some morning forgot there. so be aware of that. otherwise, hot and humid, 86 on saturday. 90 on sunday. you factor in the humidity, it will feel like the mid to upper 90s. >> that will do it. straight ahead tmz and dish nation. stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. >> we'll be live outside the montgomery county courthouse for day six of deliberations in the bill cosby sex assault trial. thanks for joining us and have a great night.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> kim kardashian is really serious about this low-key lifestyle thing because she celebrated north's birthday at a diner. >> yeah, they were at ruby's diner in calabasas. very low-key dressed as well. >> your mom and dad are kim and kanye. give them a little bit of luxury. >> the parents would love to go somewhere else but this is all north west's going to eat. >> chicken fingers and french fries. >> can you start a kid off on different foods early on? >> yeah, like my niece loves olives and gouda cheese. >> what a boujee baby. >> jay-z, he got inducted into the songwriter hall of fame. barack obama gave him a speech. and he might have just spoiled what jay-z and beyonce are having. >> jay and i are also fools for our daughters. although he's going to have me beat once those twins show up. >> they're having girls! jay-z's got the curse! >> wait, what? i'm sorry, what did you say? >> steph curry and his wife, they are walking into delilah. >> after the parade, you think


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