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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 19, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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happening right now terror in london a man rums in pedestrians near a mask killing one man injuring several others. we will have details we are learning about the attack they are morning. plus, jury selection is starting to begin in the seth williams corruption and bribe ry trial what philadelphia's district attorney could be facing if quick. and also ahead, a big vote for philadelphia teachers for the first time in five years, local teachers could get a raise but at what cost? the vote that will change it all. and how about this, done deal, the latest on the trade that could, get the sixers the number one pick. >> can they get it done. great to have you with us on this monday morning, here we go, thomas drayton with karen
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hepp, bob kelly good morning. >> just lake they do with the roller coaster, here we go, hold on. >> did you have a good weekend >> good weekend, yeah, thank you, it was good. >> you. >> yeah, everything was great. >> here we go, as part of the thunderstorms as far as later this afternoon it might be a very bumpy ride. >> very difficult for graduates too they have been out there hit and miss with the rain. if you are a graduate we'd love to see your photos, just send them in using hash tag fox 29 good day. we will share them all morning long. >> it is true for outdoor graduation is it can be a mess whatever is going on today, little league game, softball game, keep your eye to the sky later on. you can see to the west and north, there are some showers, thunderstorms. it is raining in pittsburgh and williamsport but that is moving up to the north ande. it is not until later this afternoon that we will expect anything to happen here. maybe a spotty shower right now around the pocono
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mountains and a little bit of the breeze v breezy yesterday and very hot. we are starting our day, at 80 d at 10 miles an hour, sunrise at 5:32 as we get ready for last couple days of spring. 80 degrees here and in allentown and in reading, and in lancaster, it is 81. seventy-four in wildwood. other shore towns we have 70 in ocean city. beach haven 71. seventy-one in cape may. we're off to a humid start, cloud increase but we will solve sunshine and that will increase instability and the chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms, some of them could be strong to severe. we will talk about all that and time it out, for you and tell what you happens after that coming up in the seven day forecast, so happy monday, bob kelly. >> back at you, sueby. good morning everybody. yes, it is a monday, back to work and we are back at it with the jam cams. we have an accident right behind the trees here.
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this is southbound i-95, right here near delaware state line. you can kind of see the reflection of the police, lights here, bouncing off of the guardrail here and so again, southbound i-95 right before you get to that 495 split there, in wilmington, watch for a slow down with police on the scene and we will try to get a handle on exactly how nasty that crash is but cops are out there, live look at the vine street expressway opened for business , they did not work last night into this morning, but they will be back, every night this week. so this time tomorrow we will that have closure, between the schuylkill and broad street. accident here, just off of the west chester, actually just off i-95, up land in delco and overpass for i-95 closed for vehicle traffic, while using chestnut street, as you roll through chester. new schedule in effect for septa's regional rail lines. they have put tonight effect yesterday, so just a head up,
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city, suburban, victory divisions are rolling on a new timetable this morning. some adjustments only a few minutes or so. they have add sod buses, taken some off line and so just make sure you have the new schedule this morning so you are ready to go and watch for construction, here in the neighborhood today, delaware avenue, aramingo avenue closed all part of that demolition of the girard avenue, stretch of i-95 in the port richmond neighborhood. karen and thomas, back over to you. bob, we will begin with this breaking news out of cobbs creek police are investigating a murder. they say a 20 year-old man was shot in the chest that just happened about an hour ago on the 54th street by market street. police say victim died on the scene, before they were able to get him to the hospital. police are trying to figure out who is responsible, they don't have a motive that the hour. here we go again, developing news out of london this morning police say this morning's mosque attack has hallmarks of the terrorist incident. forty-eight year-old man whom police say was behind the wheel of the van that hit
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pedestrians is in police custody. van struck a crowd of muslim worshipers killing one person, injuring several others, and witnesses say that it unfolded just as worshipers were leaving the local mosque following midnight prayers during this, the holy month of ramadan. >> i seen maybe eight to 10 people, some people, some people lying, driven by the police. >> britain's terrorist alert has been set at severe, meaning an attack is highly likely. this is just late's tack in england. earlier a van drove into pedestrians on london bridge, eight people died before police killed the attackers. then last month manchester was hit by a bombing that killed more than 20 people, at an ariana grande concert. 4:05. happening today, a very big day for our still current district attorney, jury selection will begin in seth williams corruption and bribe ry trial. federal prosecutors have
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charged him with nearly two dozen counts of fraud and bribery. lets get out to lauren johnson with the latest on what we are expecting, lauren. >> reporter: what we are expecting is jury selection to begin here at 9:30. seth williams will show up here at the federal courthouse for the biggest trial of his career and the judge in the case asking for a split trial because williams remains acting district attorney, despite protesters calling for his rest evenings since about march. his law license has been suspended but williams has not given up his role. prosecutors slapped him with 29 charges of fraud and bribe ry outlined in the 50 page indictment. in it they claim that williams accepted more than $160,000 in gifts, in exchange for legal favors. he used government vehicles for personal use, and ebb stole money from his own mother. prosecutors claiming and planning to use some of williams own word against him when they present their case to the jury. >> mr. williams was willing to compromise his position of
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public trust, in exchange for private, financial gain. >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the outcome of a single case prosecuted by my client's office was affected. we look forward to refuting the allegations and to the day mr. williams is cleared of this behavior. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to him. >> williams attorney has been speaking but williams himself has remained quiet. we do know he continues to receive his $175,000 paycheck, until his term end in january, he is really only d.a. in title because he handed over daily operations of the prosecutor's office to his first assistant. we do understand williams could face a maximum prison sentence of up to 20 years if convicted, again, jury selection starts here this morning at 9:30, thomas and karen. >> thank you, lauren. time is 4:07. happening today the person accused of stabbing a city councilman before will go before a judge today. is there the suspect 24 years
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old, his name is shawn yar bureau, scheduled to peer in court for a preliminary hearing. he randomly attack councilman david oh outside of his home earlier this month, in a robbery attempt, the councilman managed to fight him off, and then he did, survive his injuries and back in the office, the very next day. happening today after four years of negotiations the school district of fail and their teachers union they have agreed on a tentative contract this evening the union is holding a special meeting for members to vote on it. our jenny joyce joining us from school district headquarters. here we go, lot of back and forth, jenny. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. both side seem very excited about this tentative contract. teachers and staff for the philadelphia school district have been working without a contract for nearly five years school superintendent doctor h ite said district had been in bad shape financially which we know that is why it has taken so long to get here there was series of school closures,
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massive layoffs and big cuts. doctor hite is hoping this contract deal will provide the stability necessary to move the district forward to keep teachers here, recruit new talented teachers and staff members and improve the overall educational climate for the children. we talked to some parents on friday who say they are impressed that the teachers and staff stuck it out this long and they see this tentative agreement as a positive, yet necessary step, in the process. superintendent hite feels the same way. >> if in fact this becomes ratified and then later approved by src, then the one thing that this provides for us is that we didn't have before is stability. stability means we have teachers who are not looking to go other places, stability means we can focus intently on improving teaching and learning, stability means that we can ensure that the climate in our schools is conducive to
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great learning. >> reporter: tentative agreement was presented to roughly 12,000 union members over the weekend, once approved, members of the union tell us that the contract terms will be in effect through august of 2020. so that vote happened, tonight at 6:00. back to you guys. >> jenny, thank you. 4:10. big news in the cosby case over weekend, we could possibly learn the names of the jurors who could not reach a verdict in the assault case against bill cosby because it has been challenge. the judge sealed their names on saturday but numerous news outlets have asked for the judge to reconsider over the weekend the jury came back dead locked, resulting in a mistrial. cosby was charged with three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault stemming from andrea constand's allegations that he drugged and violated her at his home back in 2004. he is free, on a million-dollar bail. mike jerrick caught up with famed attorney gloria allred this weekend in the pride
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parade and she represents some woman who made claims against cosby and here's what she said >> well, the man is 80 years old. i will be 76 in a couple of weeks. so i certainly have the energy to go ahead with this. apparently, he has been talking about wanting to go back on the theater tour circumstance witt his show, so he has got enough energy to do his stand up show, which was far from finish tour then i think he should find that same energy for a trial at which all he has to do is sit there and not even perform. >> of course you can hear more of mike's interview with all red coming up later on "good day philadelphia" throughout the rest of this morning. sixers fans, get ready, get ready to know this name, markell fultz, team is expected to finalize a deal that will give them topic in the draft and that pick will likely take fultz, guard out
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of washington n exchange for topic sixers will send the number three pick, this year and future first round pick to the boston celtics. our sean bell will break it down in sports in a minute. so they thought they were under attack. >> sailors fast asleep when the unthinkable happened, coming up here on "good day philadelphia", remembering those lost. so there is a burger joint , still recovering from a robbery when all of a sudden the robber came back in? you will not believe what he wanted this time. it is funny, they know his name now. bob kelly good morning. >> good morning, not bad at all on our travel times schuylkill, 422 what kind of shoes do you have on? your boogie shoes on? come outside and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway. hello to pam in, chadds ford she said this is what she jams to getting dressed in the morning as she watch guess day what do you like to dance too
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around the kitchen table, # traffic jamz and we will play a tune for you, sueby has your forecast when we come back. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore. i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. chris christie: don't suffer. don't wait. call 844 reach nj or visit
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welcome back good morning, reading. what did you do this weekend? use our #fox 29 good day. we hope you had a wonderful fathers day. send in the pictures of your grad thaw love we would love
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to show them off. >> can't wait to see them. >> 4:15 on this monday, it is muggy out there this morning, sue. >> we are going to get ready for cold front, coming through and possibly, touch off some strong showers and thunderstorms. we will go through a very typical summertime day, even though, actual summer is a couple more days away. so, this is what happens, we have got showers, well ahead of this front. by the time it gets here it will be this afternoon and that is when we expect the possibility of at least strong showers, thunderstorms, upper 80 ease is what we're expect to go day. heaviest rain will fall we think during the evening rush hour today, and we will be okay, even if you see a sprinkle or two. downpours of one to 2 inches are possible, wind gusting over 40 miles an hour and we already have a flash flood watch in effect that kicks in this afternoon and goes through the night time hours, with heavy rain, ponding on road, out and about on
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saturday, you experienced some of that, quick ponding on certain roadways and that could happen again this afternoon and evening. timing will be good because there will be a lot of peopl ing home today. couple showers in the pocono mountains to start our day. nothing but thunderstorms but the future cast shows us the chance of some sunshine, cloud on the increase, but that sunshine will just make it more hot, more humid so when this cold front does get here we will see possibility of very strong thunderstorms. here's 6:00 and clock north and west, 7:00 in the city and cold front continues its progress south ande, by eight or 9:00 strong thunderstorms are possible at the shore and then left over showers after. that right now we are at 80 degrees. it is only going to get hotter as day goes on. seventy-nine in dover. seventy-two mount pocono. seventy-four in wildwood. wind are coming right out of the south, keeping us hot and
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humid, 10 miles an hour wind today. eighty-four is our average high. we were well above average we made to it 90 degrees. we will be at 88 today before the thunderstorms hit. eighty-five tomorrow. first day of summer is wednesday, it will be in the mid 80's then, and then, 87 degrees, upper 80's where i'm going with that for thursday, and we will get pretty warm on friday, and maybe a shower, friday night into saturday when our next chance of a cold front coming through, that is your seven day forecast, 101.1 more fm we will get your forecast there too, bob kelly, tv and radio. >> because you know it changes constantly throughout the week : 4:18 on a monday. i hope everybody had a great weekend, hopefully dad had a great fathers day and back at it southbound i-95 an accident , i will to have get rid of this tree here in order to see the trash right here, but right new southbound right at delaware state line. anybody heading down right before that 495, 95 split there at naamans road you can
4:19 am
see the police reflection of the police light bouncing off of the barrier, so again, southbound i-95 be ready to hit the brakes. coming back from the shore you are in good shape no problems at all on the freeway, heading in toward philadelphia, and in chester, this is in ridley, delaware county right on the line, route 13 which is chester pike through that area receipt at myrtle avenue watch for an accident police are on the scene there in royersford at fifth and main, watch for a crash, and then for the gang, over in new jersey they are doing work on route 70 right here near i295, just be careful there were lane restrictions until 5:30 or 6:00 o'clock. septa's regional rail lines grab a new timetable, new schedules in play, for the morning rush hour, karen and thomas back over to you. >> thanks, bob. we did have very sad news from over weekend, weekend of fun turned tragic for family in ocean county. they had an 11 year-old girl electric cuted in a lagoon. toms river police said she
4:20 am
touched rail of the metal boat lift. little girl was playing with two of her friend saturday night behind a home. other children were not hurt. adults there immediately performed cpr until paramedics got there but the girl later died there at the hospital. >> it is like a nightmare that we're living in. it is just not, not real. not real. >> she was just a little girl, you know, she loved to sit with things and very excited for her dance coming up, and it is just very sad. she will be truly missed. >> that is so sad. they are trying to figure out exactly what happened. time right now 4:20. navy has identified seven sailors who were killed on the u.s.s. fitzgerald collided with a merchant ship off of japan. sailors ranged from 19 to 37 years old their bodies were found by divers, in flooded compartments. the collision happened early saturday while many crew members were still asleep.
4:21 am
the cargo ship was four times the size of the guided missle destroyer. fitzgerald now back in port where officials are surveying the damage. u.s. navy is promising a full investigation. >> you cannot see most of the damage, damage is mostly underneath waterline and it is a large gash and near the kiehl of the ship. >> navy officials say fitzgerald is salvageable but will require lengthy significant repairs. terror at an overseas tourist resort at least two people dead after a gee had it s opened up fire in a resort in mali. two attackers were killed but officials say it is unclear if security forces killed them or if they took their own life. steve scalise has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. doctors say he went through another surgery saturday and continues to improve. house majority whip was one of the five people shot in
4:22 am
virginia last week after a gunman opened fire at a baseball field where congressional republicans were practicing. the gun man a 66 year-old man from illinois later died during a shoot-out with police still ahead this morning popular health craze that may not be so healthy after all, why you may want to kick coconut oil to the curb, we will tell you. we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah!
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fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly. it is being reported that the trade between sixers and
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celtics will go down, today. the sixers trying to get that number one pick and if they do , pencil in markell fultz. to the philly and diamond backs, ninth inning, phillies up by one blanco with the single to tie this game up. hector nearest blue the save and then in the tenth die machine backs fuentes with the solo shot to dead center. that is 424-foot bomb. phillies lose five-four getting swept in the weekend series. to the u.s. open at aaron hills a no name putting himself on the map on the 16th hole, brooks capka with the pretty birdie that curved in, his third straight. he shoots 16 under for tournament and wins his first ever major. to a little soccer union taking on the red bulls, and a perfect set up to bradley wright phillips, right here and that is a goal, he had two on the day, they lose two to nothing. that is sports in a minute.
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i'm sean bell. time right now 4:25. coming up at 4:30 our top lawyer heading to court. >> jury selection against seth williams. we will have a live report what we can expect today. bob kelly, good morning. >> maria from philly loves safari so we will give her surfing muse thick morning as we look live at rehoboth beach down in delaware what your your favorite traffic jam to dance around kitchen table. #us, traffic jamz with a z, and we will get it on. sueby has your forecast and how burr lottery numbers. good morning, philly.
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one dead many others injured in the terror attack. when will this get a break. also ahead, philadelphia district attorney, the battle for freedom against, i see day one in the trial offset williams happening later today his trial begins today. >> really wick weather could be happening in the heart land and west and now heading our way. could we get damaging wind,
4:30 am
flooding, hail, we will find out if that is heading in our direction in, just a mere second. >> all that heading our way, sue. >> hail, yes it ace good thing it is national martini day on this monday. >> okay, all right. >> little things that math inner life. >> love that. that will perk you up. >> good morning, bob kelly with a check on traffic in a moment, karen hepp, sue serio. >> yes, we will give you a, lower number today because of what we're expecting later on we are starting out with, humidity, a lot of humidity, sorry, my microphone wasn't in the right place. six out of 10 for your weather by the numbers. we have thunderstorms in the western part of the state, in advance of the cold front that will roll through later in the day and give us severe thunderstorms, it looks like just a couple showers in the pocono mountains right now. breezy here and that helps because it is 80 degrees outside and only 4:30 in the
4:31 am
morning. sunrise in about an hour. we have 80 in allentown, reading and 75 in cape may, dover is at 79, medford lakes 77, perkasie is 75. so it is already humid, cloud will increase but we will have some sunshine today, and strong thunderstorms, after we will get to the high in the 80 's probably mid to upper 80 's so definitely an eye on the sky later on. we will time it out in just a few minutes. bob kelly is here right now how is it doing on the road? >> in the bad at all, 4:31, good morning, back at it, hopefully you enjoyed your fathers day weekend, live look downtown, here's 30th street station, they have all of the acela amtrak train, all line up, filling up juice boxes and snack machines there for trains heading south and north in the northeast corridor no problems on the schuylkill or vine street expressway. vine is opened this morning so there is no detour required but they will be working all
4:32 am
this week tonight and tomorrow morning. when we step outside the front door. ben franklin looking good. we have wind coming over bennie. is there an accident south on i-95 for gang heading in to delaware, right here at naamans road right before you get to the split for i-95 and 495, it is being worked on, off to the shoulder. just a brake tap there in ridley, route 13 which is chester pike through that area at myrtle avenue watch for a crash. otherwise schuylkill not bad, leaving town we are good to go coming from royersford and king of prussia no problems or delays but in royersford itself an accident at fifth and main, in new jersey they are working on route zero seven near 295 and septa change it up, a new timetable for the city, suburban and victory division so make sure you have the right timetables so you are good to go for this monday morning, karen and thomas, back over to you. we have breaking news, lets get to, police are investigating a murder, they
4:33 am
say a 20 year-old man was shot in the chest about an hour and a half ago at 54th and market street, police say he died there at the scene before they were able to race him to the hospital, police are still trying to figure out hot gunman is and we do not have a motive at this hour. 4:33 developing story out of london police now say this morning's months being attack had all of the hallmarks of the terrorist incident. forty-eight year-old man whom police say was behind the wheel of the van that hit pedestrians is in police custody. van struck a crowd of muslim worshipers killing one person and injuring several others, witnesses say it unfolded just as people were leaving a local mosque, following midnight prayers. during this is holy month of ramadan. police say man driving the car had been taken to the hospital as a precaution and he will be given a mental healthy valuation and we will be following this one very closely. 4:33. embattled d.a. seth williams gets his day in court, jury selection set to begin in his
4:34 am
corruption, bribery trial. federal prosecutors charged him with two dozen counts of fraud and bribery. our lauren johnson live outside the courthouse in center city this morning, hi there lauren. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. he is still d.a. in title but not necessarily in duty. when he walks here to the federal courthouse in sixth and market it is for most important trial of his career. judge will begin at 9:30 this morning. he is hoping for a swift trial for 50 years old. apparently almost 150 potential jurors from nine pennsylvania counties will show up here this morning and face questions from both side about their ability to remain fair, impartial in trying the district attorney. judge paul diamond says he is confident he can seat a jury of 12 were four alternates in one day so confident he told prosecutors to be ready to call witnesses as early as tuesday. jury will to have decide who they think seth williams is. government says he was in debt living far beyond histamines and willing to sell his soul
4:35 am
and his oath of office to live a lavish life but his defense team paints a picture of a more popular man's with lots of friend, showering him with gifts, well within the law. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to him. president williams was willing to compromise his position of public trust in exchange for private, financial gain. >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the south come of a single case prosecuted by my client's office was affect. we will look forward to refut ing allegations and to the day mr. williams is cleared of this behavior. >> reporter: it will be interesting to go see hot prosecution calls to the stand and what stories or tails they might tell. the jury about the district attorney who was also a friend tomorrow on that list. williams could face up to 20 years behind bars if convicted , we understand the trial is expect to last for about four weeks, karen and thomas. >> lauren, interesting, anxiously anticipate ago this
4:36 am
one. philadelphia teachers, a long wait finally over because tonight they will be voting on a contract. jenny joyce outside district headquarters with what we know , jenny. >> reporter: good morning. for teachers and staff at philadelphia school district it has been a long nearly five years. they had to pay out of pocket for various resources for their classroom. they have not gotten salary increases over last several years so tentative deal is a big deal to the philadelphia teachers union but will it be approved? we will find out tonight when members of the pft gathered to vote on the contract. union leaders have not released specifics, they wanted to from the deal to its roughly 12,000 members over weekend ahead of tonight's vote. school superintendent doctor h ite says it has taken so long to get here because of the district's financial woes, there was a series of school closures, massive layoffs and big cuts, parents that we spoke with on friday say they are impressed that the teachers stuck it out this long. they see this tentative
4:37 am
agreement as a positive and necessary step in the process. >> without proper tools guidance, you know, supplies, how can they take the teacher to the next level. >> being a teacher and curren assistant principal it is very important that the teachers feel valued especially in the era when there is a teacher market. we have to make sure that our teachers are compensated just like anybody else we compensate sports and all of thorough other things and we need to look out for our teachers because everyone need a teacher to get into any profession thaw enter into. >> reporter: superintendent hi te says he believes this contract deal will provide stability necessary to move the district forward to keep teachers here, recruit new talented teachers and staff members and improve the overall educational climate, for this are the children. if approved the contract terms will be in effect through
4:38 am
august of 2020. again, members will be voting thon deal tonight at 6:00. karen and thomas. >> long time coming we will follow that closely. thank you. sewer pump issues causing problems for a south jersey waterway it happened yesterday in gloucester township. officials say pump just stopped working and leaked sewage in the creek. drinking water is not affected there is in boil water advisory but officials are warning residents to not swim, fish, drink directly from the creek or surrounding waterways for 24 hours. time is running out for those who are behind in paying their state taxes. 2017 pennsylvania tax amnesty program business to expire. sixty day program end tonight at midnight, it waves all penalties and half interest for those who are passed due state taxes. according to state record there are almost 1 million people eligible for that program. 4:38. that beehive is butting this morning. >> after reports that beyonce
4:39 am
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time is 4:41. in the nation's capitol it has happened again, someone hung a noose on it side a museum this time near the national gallery of arts. it showed up on a lamp post on pennsylvania avenue near the
4:42 am
museum, and apparently it had been there for several days. the u.s. park police are investigating and want to hear from anybody who may have any information about what happened. all right. 4:42. police say there was a robber who held up a burger joint and came back to apply for a job. >> it went down in the jack in the box in tulsa, oklahoma saturday. employees say the man walked in, took the cash, hours later he came back, filled out an application, asked for a job, so police say his name is corry powell and employees kept him there until police arrest arrested him. >> that there was a guy lingering around the side door and then i hear the employees yelling that is the guy that robbed us from earlier. >> police say he is also responsible for robbing a nearby beauty supply store on the same day, we will keep you updated and let you know if he got that job. >> seriously. >> i doubt it. could there been lead in your babies food. >> cause for concern because there is new research that is
4:43 am
saying, yes. plus also what are fda is doing bit. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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my mansoni up there dances around the kitchen table happy as he gets ready to step out that front door looking for your traffic jams i'm tired of
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giving you traffic jams i want to you give me your traffic jams, jams with a j, use that #as you pop it up on facebook, instagram. we are doing dj and switching cameras around here on a monday morning. good morning everybody. back after a good holiday, hopefully you had a great weekend. live look at i-95 southbound accident right here near delaware state line where 95 and 495 split there in wilmington. you can see officers who looks like we have stuff on both side of the southbound lanes of i-95. just be careful this morning. maybe down the shore over weekend you will come right here into the office, no problems getting there, live look at freeway but you can see all of the pockets of volume and that is the sign that rush hour is underway. as we go to the maps keystone drive at progress drive which is just off of route 309, watch for a down tree, down in delaware chambers rock road at thompson station road, right there by the state line, again
4:47 am
another down tree and here's the scene, southbound i-95 right before the split, for 95 and 495 for the gang down here in ridley, route 13 which is chester pike right at myrtle avenue you'll find an accident otherwise not bad at all, schuylkill running nice, no problems on 422, and forecast for your monday back to work, sueby has got tonight 15. heat and humidity return with the vengeance over weekend and it was 90 degrees yesterday and with that hot air in place and cold front on the way it is a perfect set up for strong to severe thunderstorms later on in the day and that is what we have to watch out for, probably anytime after lunchtime,
4:48 am
depend on where you live and then once that kicks in we have got a flash flood watch which will go into effect after 12:00 noon today possibility of heavy rain, ponding on the road with those thunderstorms and it looks like we will all at lee get some of this action now. it will still be a few hours, we will have a chance to build up more heat, humidity throughout the day but not a good thing because that will increase chance of severe thunder storms. couple areas of lightening, thunder around scranton and other parts of the poconos mountains getting light showers. we cannot rule out a shower this morning but mostly we will talk about it later in the day. timing is maybe four or 5:00 north and west, around 7:00 right here in philadelphia is when we have greatest chance lets say of six to 8:00 o'clock that time frame, nine or 10:00 at the shore and then this cold front eventually will push off shore , but we could get those heavy downpours, high wind, you know the drill with
4:49 am
thunderstorms. we have another chance of rain late on wednesday, we will see if that happens and then friday into saturday, but today is what we're concerned about because it could be strong to severe storms and if you have power that tend to get out that could happen, maybe flooding in your basement with a heavy downpours. it is 80 in allentown. eighty-one in lancaster. all ready warm in those places , better at the shore with mid 70's and as we look back over weekend with the average high being about 84 degrees, we were pretty much there on saturday but we had a very unsettled day with all those storms and then 90 degrees was our high yesterday and was quite breezy eighty-eight today. eighty-five tomorrow. wednesday is the first day of summer, it looks like it might be okay with 84 degrees. eighty-seven on thursday. late thunderstorms on friday after a high of 89 degrees and so far there is maybe a slight chance for a shower on sunday but of course what we always say on monday when there is
4:50 am
dubious weather, we will work on it, between now and then. >> yes, thank you. it will change. >> 4:50. the beehive is reportedly buzz ing because there are two rather exclusive new members. tmz is report ago this beyonce gave birth to her twins. no official confirmation from her or her husband but we will break it down at 5:45. interesting news from tmz. tori will have it all. 4:50. is there a new report that find low levels of lead in all categories of baby food. >> this is scare. environmental defense fund conduct this study and tests found lead in 20 percent of baby foods that they say compared to 14 percent of non- baby food samples, war offenders were fruit juice, cookies, vegetables, beef dinners. they have tested high. lead is toxic and can lead to behavior problems, trouble with cognitive development and
4:51 am
cardiovascular system and immune system. they didn't reveal any brand. it is confusing what they can do they didn't say hutch lead was in the baby food. there is another study out that found coconut oil may not be healthy at all. american heart association issued a report add veiing against using it. coconut oil has become widely popular as super food and often used in lieu of other oils but researchers say they do in the see any benefits in using coconut oil verse other saturated fat like beef fat or butter. data shows coconut oil increased ldl, bad cholesterol in seven out of seven trials which can increase regard ohio vascular risk. olive oil and vegetable oil may be better options. there is a benefit though, they say it is absolutely amazing for hair and your skin don't put it in your body but on your body. >> good one. 4:51. food selection about to get a whole lot better on one of the airline.
4:52 am
>> how about a pie in the sky starting next month chicago based united will start selling deep dish pizza and it is a copycat pizza, from una pizzeria and grill, one of the biggest names in chicago. it will be offered among other cold, warm items in the paid snack cart. airline planning to put together pizza and beer condo -- what aim trying to say. >> mile high club. >> different kind of club. >> 4:52 is the time right now. oh, what a weekend if you were in center city and you saw lots of pride. we will tell but the parade that took place coming up. this kid makes stains like crazy
4:53 am
4:54 am
so we got our new he washing machine but it took forever turns out it wasn't the machine, it was our detergent. so we switched to tide turbo clean. now we get way cleaner clothes way faster he turbo clean. 6x the cleaning power in 1/2 the time
4:55 am
philadelphia a sea of color as pride parade takes over our streets of philadelphia capping it all off a beg festival at penns landing. >> our brad satan was in the middle of it all. >> reporter: despite heat large crowd turned out for 29th pride day parade nearly 100 groups marching through center city. gay, straight, transgender, even pooches and t utu all accounted for and in lack of colorful dress and theater, outfits wildly different but message unified. >> people are people. this is not a diagnosis, this is in the disease these are people, people are people. >> to be here in this community and to be part of
4:56 am
the so many people that feel the same way you do and understanding and give support it is a beautiful thing. >> equality, love, body positivity obviously. >> reporter: and acceptance, a lesson dan kayman and his wife are teaching their kid. >> best way to send it is to come out here celebrate, a little unity, little pride, try to them understand it is okay to be different. >> we want tell to know everybody is normal no matter what you like what you want to wear, whoever you want to be as long as you are authentic to yourself on the inside is all that matters. >> reporter: marching down locust and market street in penns landing for an afternoon of celebration. report report shining what some feel is a shift in the winds politically there is so much hate, aggression, oppression toward this community neglect that so many people would rather us be silenced terrifies me and knowing that there is people here that still are fight ago begins means the world to me.
4:57 am
>> you know what i'm happy. you know what that is all i choose to be. >> brad sattan accounts fox 29 naus. >> great event. people coming together. all right. 4:57. we are following several big stories this morning including d.a. seth williams day one in his trial. lauren, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, thomas. jury selection begins at 9:30 at federal courthouse seth williams will show up for trial that he hopes can defend his freedom, we will tell you about it after the break. she's nationally recognized
4:58 am
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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", terror in london a van rams in pedestrians near a mosque killing one man injuring several others, details we're learning this morning about the attacker. we will begin another big trial, this week, jury selection begins in district attorney seth williams corruption and bribery trial, what we can expect, on this day. also ahead on this monday a big vote for fail teachers for first time in five years local teachers could get a raise, but at what cost? vote that will change it all. do we have a done deal. >> do we. >> latest on that trade that could get our sixers the number one pick. how exciting. >> certainly hoe soap. great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp hopefully dad had a great weekend. >> hup you can senus


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