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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 19, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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on though. megan if you don't fix this, then i will go out of my mind. >> yes. >> i will help you. >> you will do it. >> yes. >> there is a lot going on this weekend. but, man this is kind of like the top story in the country, one of them, anyway as far as entertainment beyonce and jay- z welcomed two new additions to their families, twins, somebody spilled the beans though. the president of the united states possibly and beyonce's dad. >> and broadcasting your life, would you be okay, were being watched, 24/7. the web site that will pay you $200 a month to put cameras in your home. and we will be talking about this one... >> we will go to breaking news because seth williams, our d.a. has a day in court. this is jury selection day for him we have a live shot getting out of the car. this is a piece of tape we shot two or three minutes ago,
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going in for jury selection. d.a. seth williams arrives for that selection. >> this is beginning, they are saying they expect this trial to begin before the even of the week or within a weeks time. >> that is fast. >> they think it will go four weeks which is real interesting considering the cosby trial was only two. >> sorry to interrupt. thought it was a live shot. what were you talking about. >> the big movie that came out over weekend new tupac movie all eyes on me. it did better than people thought at box office but is there blow back from people,. >> why are you making fun of me. >> tupac. >> you read the story. >> tupac. >> unless you are describing my abdomen a two pack. >> i have a half pack. >> interesting to see, their comments about what he this think about this and jada's not too happy, jada pink it smith. >> may make 30 million-dollar. >> they will get their money but was it good.
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>> and philadelphia dude directed it. that is why i was rooting for the movie. >> he still made the money so that works. >> let me scroll past this and get on to our next thing, yes. >> okay. >> hold on one second. you cannot use this pedal. >> when you do, this is the better pedal. >> drive me insane. >> it is this it is our prompt er petal. we do it with our feet. you have to press it. only, is there three anchors we only have 2a lot of times it is trying to put the foot on the petal. >> three people, two, one rarely ever works, so three, on one. >> it makes for an interesting time. >> it is nostalgic for me. >> why is that. >> it takes me back to the late 1907's when i was in tope ka kansas i ran my own prompter. >> lift.
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>> yes. >> so, on instagram i follow the shade room. >> yes. >> you follow the shade room. >> i don't you should. >> clue me in. >> that is where we get mess of our material. >> stop it. >> i don't know how they do it they say look at this, glow in the dark hair. now, wow. >> wow. >> look at that. that is original shade room, post that i saw. >> it is kylie jenner, there is casey, look at that, it looks like alexis sky it is technically called phoenix hair. >> yes. >> created with rainbow hair d ye. >> i thought it was highlighter hair. >> here's the deal you put up a black light and it glows in the dark. you go to the club that has black light or whatever and would you stand out. >> wow. >> you would get noticed. >> let's try it. >> we brought in sequoia, across the studio over there,
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and what is your model's name. >> kayla my model. >> hi there kayla. >> hi. >> sequoia. >> yesy won't even mention -- >> i have gotten them my whole lifey will not bark up the tree. >> where are you from. >> i'm from lehigh county, i'm based out of philadelphia now. i work at architect salon on tenth street by jefferson hospital there. >> cool. >> architect. >> how long have you been doing glow in the dark hair which is a new thing. >> this is a new trend we have been carrying this hair color since beginning of the time. they are vintage shade. they are bright, bold colors and now they introduced a black light top coat that goes overtop of the hair color and will make it glow. >> lets get started here on your, is your model looks kind of apprehensive. >> she has been with me before , she's good. >> yes. >> getting. >> how long does this last. >> so it is super semi
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permanent so it will wash out, black light top coat will wash out, hair color will wash out over about eight to 16 shampoo s. >> and i have very short hair could that work for me. >> we could give it a shot. >> i want some of this before we end the show at 10:00 o'clock. >> sound good. >> can you get started sequoia >> yes. >> now. >> yes. >> at least put the gloves on. >> i'm putting gloves on. >> she cannot rush greatness. >> that is right. >> can we talk about the beyonce thing. >> we have been talking about it all morning. some people are like enough already. >> some people, are like whatever. >> she had twins. cord to go, and, they have not left behind yet. >> yes. >> i don't know it was on tm-z >> yes. >> and, that is what we know so far.
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>> yes. >> bring us up to date. >> so, multiple reports that people are saying that the twins have arrived. >> okay. >> we don't know fit is boy or girl. do we know. >> there is conflicting stories. some reports say boy or girl and we have other information maybe it is two girls. we know they are at the hospital in l.a. we have reported that part. issue is, according to beyonce 's dad there was an interesting tweet. you guys were talking about this one earlier. >> yeah, dad tweeted out they are here with a birthday card for the twins. happy birthday to the twins loves grand dad. people are like really grand pop, poppa knowles will announce news or confirm news before beyonce can you will jump the gun there? some people didn't like. that we would rather wait for her to say it before we announce it. >> is what the deal, she and her dad don't get along. >> i don't know if they don't get along but they have had differences in the past. she moved away. he used to be her manager and
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now she's in control of her own career and her own thing. they have distance. they have worked through it. he came to her tour last year, and was part of that and he will always be her father. >> do you think it was a grandfather mistake. >> but say, the beans were spilled before. >> well, you and i, let's discuss this let's set up this so, former president barack obama, he was talking, he was saying, what was he saying. >> just give me the facts. >> jay-z was induct in the song writers hall of fame so president obama former president obama put together a video message, congratulating jay-z and he started talking about similarities he and jay- z have. they both didn't have, a father growing up. it wasn't it. there are some other things that he mentioned that they had in common. when they came to talking about children, that is when some people think he may have spilled the beans about the
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twins. i don't believe it. >> just listen closely here to what the president had to say. >> jay annie are also fools for our daughters, although he will have a beat once those two twins show up, and lets face it, we both have wife's who are... >> president has two daughters jay already has one daughter. so they would be tied if they just had one daughter, of the twins. so now he would have him beat if he has two daughters. >> i need a qualifier. i don't know answer so i'm asking out of ignorance. >> does he have any other children from a prior relationship. >> if so, we don't know about it. >> then that is definitely not >> he hasn't confirmed that. >> all i'm saying is once they are born, he is in the saying they were already been you will have me beat. >> let's say that once they had the twins which was just days ago would they have
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called barack obama to let him know, they are close. >> they seem to be close friend. >> even before he was president they got to know each other during the campaign >> yes, they would campaign for him. >> either way aim sure in a month she will post a photo and then we will know. that is one thing we have to give her respect they are celebrities. i feel like stuff just comes. when it comes to beyonce she's controlled about what we know about her and her personal life. when she's ready to tell us, you tell her. >> maybe jay-z called the president and told theme just don't think he is spilling the beans with that message. >> then what did he say. >> he is saying eventually those twins will be born and you'll have me beat. not twins are already born. >> can you rerack. that didn't he mention daughters. >> he is talking about girls he is not saying they are born yet. >> we are debating two different things. >> oh, i can give a rant about that.
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i say president is revealing the sex of the twins. >> we are arguing different things. >> what did you think. >> whole discussion was matthew knowles, the father already confirming that the twins were born so that is why they are connect in my mind. i didn't know were you talking about something completely different. >> when they are born he is not announcing birth of the children eventually you will have me beat. i say he is revealing. >> jay and are fools of are for our daughters but he will have me beat once those two twins show up. >> yes. >> you will have three girls and i only have two girls and you will have me beat so why revealing sex. >> boy and girl and just two girls. >> but then tied. >> this is a lot of discussion over somebody just having a baby. >> that is why some people are saying on social media i'm sure. i hear you. >> having a child is like most important thing of your life. >> interesting, when you heard all of the won, things that president obama saying one he
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commented with jay-z, i don't know, it is cool. >> yes. >> to have a president, you know you made it when a president is like we are homes >> what they name him. we have blue. people on twitter saying they call it, caller idea say they have one kid named blue. >> scarlet. >> and, blanch. >> red, white and blue for the flag. >> blanch. >> white you just said white. >> blanch is like blonde. >> yes. >> blanch. >> what language is white blanch. >> you are saying because it is closey don't see them having a kid named blanch. >> they are like golden girls. >> that is a great show. >> blanch. >> i will name one of my kid frazier. >> you love that frazier show. >> lets get back into this because i need to know how much money would it take, how much money would it take for to you live stream your life.
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we come to your house and put up basically a surveillance video cameras in every room of your house. >> yes. >> yes. >> but this web site that is willing to do it will only pay $200 a month for you to have cameras in every room of your house for 24 hours a day. the company says nudity or sex is not required it is okay if you do it, not required you have to be 18 or older. >> they also pay for your internet. >> that is a savings. >> yes. >> well, i think you have to be in every room not just in your bedroom, not in your bathroom only three cameras. >> okay, i thought it was in the bedroom but a knew bathroom was a no, no. >> bedroom is optional. you pick three rooms you want. >> there is nothing happening in mine soy i wouldn't need a camera in there but, okay, i did it. >> you did what? >> i signed up.
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>> for the sake of the show. >> yes, sure. >> but i didn't know they installed them when i was away but the security people at my apartment building, they installed it, you can the even tell they are up, i didn't know they were in there. they have been in there for two weeks. >> i need to see this. >> we don't have footage. >> we don't. >> i refused to show it. >> i think we do. >> here it is. >> what. >> you sleep with a doll. >> bunny. >> i'm just watching tv. >> oh, my god. >> kitkat kline did do you this to me. >> i wouldn't be surprised if she did. >> is that me. >> om, my gosh. >> really. >> creepy, inappropriate. >> this isn't good. >> do you like to watch tv with me. >> anyway. >> lets get back to the
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original question. >> really. >> either the cut out or you. >> cut out will do. >> get on twitter here. $200 a month, no, you would have to pay me more than that to stream my life. >> it is that exciting, worth that much. >> it has got to be worth 300. >> that is an invasion of your privacy. >> oh, thousands. >> right. >> for some people it is worth it. >> lets get back to the movie. i have a review hire in front of me from the daily news. i will not reveal what the daily news how they reviewed the movie, the tupac bio pick. >> you won't reveal it what do you mean. >> first of all, tell me what else other people are saying. >> it exceeded box office expectations so that is a good thing, it earned 27 million-dollar. >> yep. >> you are right, reaction to the film has been mixed. >> lay it on me.
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>> snoop dog said he found it to be very honest and snoop dog knew tupac. 50cent disagreed. then jada pink it smith. >> my god. >> she was a critic. they were in high school together. she wrote something that was very interesting. she said forgive me my relationship to pac ties precious for scenes and all eyes on me to stand as truth. to reimagine my relationship with tupac has been hurtful. you will know what we say means. she said he never read my that poem. i didn't know that was existed until printed in the book. he never said good bye before leaving for l.a. it wasn't to pursue his career i have never been any any of his shows by request, never had an argument backstage. she complicated the actors in the film saying they did the best they could with the material and she ended with saying, happy birthday, pac you will cade until my heart for eternity. >> i have not seen it. >> she broke down all of the scenes, that she was in, nope that didn't happen. nope that didn't happen or not
9:16 am
in that way. >> my god. >> um-hmm. >> people are like wow. >> now one of the producers, l t hutton responded and said hurt and disappoint that had she bashed the film adding it all came from the truth and places and moment of her actual dialogue and they were from ideas that pac would actually have. this brought out this big, discussion when it comes bio picks, can you really take it literally. i said i thought we knew when it comes to about that you are not supposed to take them literally. people were upset. people were commenting it is supposed to be about someone's real life, real person and yes we take it literal but i just thought it was -- >> it is not a documentary. >> it is always an expression, artistic expression. someone's views and what i thought they would do is they would take events that will happen. only jade and tupac know what went on between them and what happened. you take you know something that haze happened, and recreate it and try to put together something to display or to show what happened, right. >> it is hard to cram that have leave into an hour an a
9:17 am
half. remember straight out ofment company ton. that was a six or seven years they crammed in the hour and a half. >> true. >> you don't want to think bit , big moment with jamie fox had a scene with regina king and they are in the hotel room he looked and said hit the road jack. i refuse to believe that is how it happened. >> yes. >> background singers. >> hit the road, jack, don't you come back no more, no more >> it is an interesting discussion though. >> real quickly here the daily news. >> yeah. >> they say this movie is all over the place and they call it lazy. i feel bad because our director bennie boom from philadelphia directed this thing. >> he sure did. >> yeah. >> all right. we will go see it. >> so many people like it. it is making money. maybe there will be other movies made as well. >> real quickly punch this up over here. >> wow. >> does that look like purple or blue you put on her hair. >> blue, purple, neon green and some pink.
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>> so that will eventually put it under a black light and it will glow. >> it will glow. >> that is cool. >> i want this. i need this. >> have you seen this, high school graduate, madeline ter in recreate aid photo from her mother's graduation when she was two years old. >> cute. >> on her father's solder, 17 years later she updated photo for her high school graduation >> i love this i have been seeing this all over the internet. >> oh, yeah. >> people take a picture of kindergarten and senior in high school. >> yes. >> mom and dad look amazing. >> that is neat you feel like grown ups change they both look fabulous as well. daughter is a full blown woman at this point. >> mike, you wanted to ask people to send in photos. you are seeing this all over. >> yeah. >> you guys have any at home have any photos you recreated, moments from the beginning all the way until 12th grade, send them to us. show them to us.
9:19 am
>> there was a little girl running in the arms of her dad at the end of the kindergarten , first day, recreated it, senior in high school she ran into his arms. i'll find it, show it to you. >> well, speaking of graduations because i feel like thinks a billing moment and you remember your graduation, you walked down. >> to this day. >> yes. >> well, i recently learned one of our interns didn't walk in her graduation, come here, alycia. she's one of our interns. she's from italy. >> yes. >> have a seat, graduate. >> she doesn't know what is happening here. >> okay. >> so, what happened. >> i go to drexel, it is a master in tv management. >> why didn't you walk for your graduation. >> because my whole family is in italy, my grand mom back home, my mom and dad, and not it didn't feel right but having my name called and having no one there. >> i wish you would have told us we would have gone for you.
9:20 am
>> i would be your dad. >> it was 10:00 a.m. you would have been here. >> i would have quit work. >> you know what i'm thinking we should recreate graduation. >> here's your gown. >> put it on you are a hard worker my friend. we will go across here. mike, get ready. we will get your things. say her name and walk across the stage. our little fake stage here. >> so, stay right where you are. >> okay, hold this stuff. >> you do this. >> mike will re -- read the name. >> you have to go over here, mike. >> sorry. >> move. >> hello, ladies and gentlemen >> welcome to the "good day philadelphia" graduation ceremonies. >> yes. >> we're quite honored many of our graduates with us. >> one graduate. >> okay, is there only one. >> please welcome to the stage our graduate. >> with the masters of. >> tv management. >> masters of tv management. she will soon be managerring
9:21 am
this tv station. >> managing us. >> alycia ocari. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> applause. >> congratulations. >> and we get flowers and a lovely card. >> we consider us your good day family. we wanted to make your graduation special. >> and, i bought you a car and a watch. >> okay. >> well, where is it. >> after the show. >> long after the show. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> nicely done chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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it can happen to anyone. help is within reach. all you need to do is ask. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore. i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. chris christie: don't suffer. don't wait. call 844 reach nj or visit
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. that's right honey.
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bye! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. ♪ >> listen to that, you two rocked lincoln financial field last night, 50,000 fans were there to sing along to their
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favorite songs from the joshua tree. >> so neat because 30 years since album came out, one of the few times you had a band come out and do an old album first released in 1987 and still so current that was ronald america's america when this album came out. they are talking about turmoil , and then to come do this concert. wish i was there so many people were i saw all over instagram. >> yes. >> i was a child of the 80's. i loved all of those songs. they played all of these throw back songs as well as that weren't on that from other albums, and they went, you are so lucky, you are so jealous you should have gone. >> it was fathers day. >> yah. >> wake up, yes. >> i love this song vertigo that is my favorite. >> yes. >> loved it. >> what if the right age to buy your child a cell phone. i know your kid are too young because they are what. >> three, seven, 10 but by 10 they are starting to be people that have cell phones. i'm holding the line. >> at 10. >> wow.
9:26 am
>> okay in colorado is there an effort to stop the sale to sell cell phones to children under the age of 13. >> thinks brilliant. by middle school so many kid do have them and let us know what you think but this group is called, up against under age smart phones and they are collecting signature to try to get this on one of the ballots right there coming up in the next year. this toys require the stores and customers to submit age reports on how old the kid are when they have them. pretty interesting. >> um-hmm. retailers sell the phone to someone under 13 to use they could be find for it, $500 for the first offense. what are some parents do if they want their child to have it at 11 or 12? hey, i'm a parent i authorized this i want my parent to have a cell phone good debate. so many people especially if their kid are home by themselves and they want to reach them in an emergency, there is a lot of people that advocate for it but it is one of those, i'm trying to wait as long as possible. >> i understand that. more monthly money, more
9:27 am
minutes. >> my uncle and aunt have my watching their little cousin. so i follow her on instagram, snap chat. if i see anything, not that i'm a tattle tail but i'm helping them out. you know, yes. >> watching you. >> you have to do what you have to do. mike's not here because he is walking over to the red owl tavern he has a great you gott a try this, a clam bake, lobster clam bake not just anyone. >> twenty-five dollars. >> yes. >> so he is going to partake and show us yes got to try this >> emily: i want to live on my own but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer
9:28 am
joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
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>> welcome back. checking in on glow in the dark hair trend. she's all painted up. >> she's all painted up. i have four different colors on i have four different colors on here.
9:31 am
her and we'll dry it out and put the top coat on. >> will people know it's going dark. >> it will look like normal bright color. >> then you'll see it when you turn out the lights. >> wash her out. we have to get ready to turn off the lights before 10:00. we'll check back in thank you. let's check back in with mike. he made it to a lobster clam bake. >> we're pretty jealous. >> we can't wait to see it, mike. >> i have to tell you, alex, this would be agood alexa round town. this is right up your alex alley. you can tell where i am? hotel monico at 5th and chestnut. >> just down the street. >> i love this place i hang out quite a bit. >> we know. >> red all tavern is their signature restaurant here at the hotel monico. the reason i like this place,
9:32 am
it mixes new hotel and restaurant with history. it is in the shadow of independence hall. come here. caityln, swing around here. this is kailt lynn. where did you go up. >> south jersey, philadelphia area. >> now you're big time. >> kind of, kind of big deal. >> she's a big time chef at the red all tavern. con gatlations. >> thank you so much mike. >> i think you did this last year and we wanted to showcase it again, clam bake. >> yes, we did. >> and lobster. >> huge deal. >> when will you have this dish ready. >> dish is ready every single night. monday we sell for $25. total steal. >> tonight. >> tonight. >> ready? >> ready. >> do you want it. >> let's do it. >> how bad do you want it? >> all right. there it is. >> man. >> we have over a pound of lobster in there. >> let's start here. >> shrimp. >> grilled shrimp. >> corn. >> finger length potatoes, muscles, clams, lobster.
9:33 am
yeah. >> all that would be for $25. >> all that $25 monday night. >> how many humans would that feed do you think. >> i could eat it myself. i have a big belly. a lot of people share. but a lot of people come and get their own. >> i could do that all on my own, no question about it. even though there's scaffolding up on independence hall, still, come on. >> i know. >> birth place. >> birth place and we're the only full service restaurant right here on independence mall. >> you have a lot of people from out of town. >> we have a lot of people, yep. >> all the tourists and school groups still walking through. >> yep. >> you hold this. i am a big fan of lobster. you know lobster is a bottom feeder it eats poo of other fish. why does it taste so good. >> because it's delicious it's lobster. >> i know that. >> all the pro teen and other fish. >> this is what i like here. >> look at that. >> yep. >> do you have drawn butter and all that. >> drawn butter, all the good
9:34 am
stuff. >> mmm. >> that was about $100 i just put in my mouth. the whole thing is for $25. >> $25. >> that's fantastic. >> all right. i'll see you here tonight. >> awesome. >> it's a date. >> thank you so much. >> you are married woman. >> i am a married woman. >> children? >> i do, four children. >> what did you do for father's day. >> you have four kids. >> you look 20 years old. >> a little older than that. >> four children? >> yes, four children. >> what did you do yesterday. >> i worked. >> aww so daddy didn't get anything. >> no, he's fine. >> alex, i'll see you here, karen, boom. love it. >> boom. >> we're coming. >> looks good. come on back so you can get glow in the dark hair going. jen is at the delaware museum of natural history. >> hey, jen. >> okay. guys, hi, guys, where am i. >> natural history of museum.
9:35 am
>> hello. that's where we are. what's starting today. >> silver camp. >> silver campp. >> we'll introduce you to li lizard and do the cat. dude the cat is coming, man. okay. dude the cat is coming, man. okay. come on back it takes a lot of people to make a good school day. miss hoffman gets us there safe every time. mrs. migliaccio teaches us all about fractions - and haikus - and the erie canal! miss reeves makes us sound amazing. and miss santoro always takes time to see how we're doing. miss simpkins keeps our school looking great. recess wouldn't be recess without miss basile. and mrs. mccarthy always has tons of good books to read.
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which makes for a pretty good day at school. ♪ perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa! almost had it! maybe next time. what about this time?
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pay me! the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'!
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>> so mike asked for those graduation photos. we recreate the moments. look at this one. this one says my little girl was born and when she graduated preschool that's cute. that's a great one. i love that. and here's another one patti jacobs 17 years apart. >> i love that. >> as a great one. send them in. you can use#fox29goodday.
9:39 am
he's on his way back to the studio. get back to the delaware museum because this is the home of dude the cat and some new friends and some dragons. >> what, jen? >> yeah, this is very, very cool. i've never been here before. good morning. >> good morning. >> summer camp started today. that's why you're seeing kids here. this is part of treasure trail passport basically brandywine valley wilmington passport we can visit a bunch of places. >> with you pay one price for a family or individual and get to go to all of the great museums and gardens in the brandywine area. >> i mentioned dude the cat. dude the cat is over there. explanation the situation with dude the cat. >> dude showed up eight years ago adorable little guy. our facilities director fell in love with him and he's now our unofficial mascot. coming out with third book this week. he's a published author and his book this time is about
9:40 am
dude goes exploring outside. so all the fun things that kids can do outside at the museum. >> i love it. >> and we have two ladies. >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> and so, i'm not talking about these two ladies, do you know this is a girl? >> yes. >> so how does she feel? >> how does she feel? >> like a little bumpy. >> little bumpy. now you guys are looking for names right? have you had any good suggestions so far. >> we have i think leader is sydney and adale. two sydneys and australia. >> is that where they come from. >> beard dragons found in desserts of australia. she's active right now. >> hi sweetheart i know. >> they're good climbers as you can tell. >> one of my friend here said it was a reptile they're reptiles is that true. >> that is true. yes. >> all week long what will they be doing, interact with these guys and -- >> yes, tops of stuff. they'll be studying about animals and biomes and
9:41 am
exploring the museum outside playing on trails and having a camp fire for lunch to cook lunch friday. lots and lots of stuff going on. >> this is amazing. thank you. this is just one of the things. we have to say hi to my frien friend. she's adorable just graduated from kindergarten. are you excited for camp this week. >> yeah. >> are you excited for camp this week? >> yes. >> hi buddy. >> so this will wrap up wilmington. again you get all these things on this passport thing. and here's dude the cat's new book. >> what's happening. >> how are you? >> three books more than me. >> geez, wow. >> that's awesome. >> thanks, jen. >> that seems like something i want to do today. like a room full of kids screaming and yelling. >> it sound lovely thing to d do. >> yes camp kelly instead of that we'll accepted you. >> didn't you do that over
9:42 am
the weekend. >> my saturday night i was invitesed again this year do i it every year daddy daughter dance over in bala-cynwyd at the hilton hotel over there saturday night. here's the idea. so the guys the dads dress in tuxedos they have their daughters, 18 to 3, aww. >> so hi to take out my camera. >> here's some music. come on. ♪ >> aww. >> she got moves. >> so anyway the reason it is
9:43 am
shot that way it's facebook live. you cannot do horizontally i apologize for that. these girls knew how to dance. >> oh, my gosh she's moving i love it. >> and dresses are so beautiful. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> these are the memories you create and they will last. i remember going to daddy daughter dances with my dad and we dance together to this day. >> i noticed that on instagram over the weekend. >> he can bust a move. plus, too, when we go out he opens the car door and says this is what i man is supposed to do. i'm doing this because i'm the first man in your life and if i show you how it's done you recognize when you find a good one. >> the bar is set here and how is that going? >> that's why i'm single probably. >> no. >> it's important to know. how you should be treated. it starts at that age. so cute. >> girls were having such a good time. and dads were so proud. >> dancing the night away. >> i love that event. >> by the way, happy birthday
9:44 am
to ryan. she's the wife of our director. is mike directing now michael baedy. look at that. beautiful family. >> happy birthday. >> she's beautiful. >> uh-huh. >> nicely done, mike beady. >> mike. >> yeah! okay. now these kids have skills, too. they join -- i saw these two young men on the harry chronic show. i go whoa. they're unbelievably talented. can we have them in our studio "good day philadelphia", harry said sure. they're in our studio ready to said sure. they're in our studio ready to play for you
9:45 am
♪ come to sesame place before little kids become, big kids. before dress up, turns to make-up. and tag becomes hashtag. before furry hugs, become first loves. come to the only place, that makes little hearts race. now, the earlier you buy, the more you save. only at sesame place you know new pantene.r tangles the minute you wash it? the first shampoo with active pro-v nutrient blends fueling hair 100% stronger that's instantly smoother and tangle free. because strong is beautiful.
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>> we're taking a look at bushkill falls in the pocono mountains. how hot will it get today? i hear we have limited amount of time to enjoy the nice weather and severe warm comes in. sue let's us know in 15 weather and severe warm comes in. sue let's us know in 15 seconds. >> we're going to see severe thunderstorms this afternoon. heaviest rain during the evening rush hour. we may have a popup shower
9:48 am
before then. downpours come with strong to severe thunderstorms. 1 to 2" of rain or more in a short period of time. winds gusting over 40 miles an hour. severe thunderstorm we're under enhanced risk of high wind and hail along with these storms and flash flood watch already about issued for this afternoon and evening and because of the ponding possibility on the roadways with strong thunderstorms. so everything is still out to west. maybe like weed is a couple showers in advance. and but heavy stuff comes in later this afternoon. and then tomorrow is the last day of spring first day of summer on wednesday. weather both those days looks g starts to warm up friday. severe thunderstorms possible again on friday afternoon. meek and alex. >> i was just reading up for my base magazine. do you take this magazine. base. >> no but i know about it now. >> bass. >> all about that bass. >> no trebl today on "good day philadelphia".
9:49 am
so i'm reading about our next guest the i first heard them when i watched harry conick jr. and they performed on his show. here they are. >> we invited six young musicians to learn from the best in the business my guys in my band. ♪ ♪ that is josh grant on skins there. he's nine. nine. josh welcome to "good day philadelphia". thank you. >> and toy to on the bass. >> we deposit have all six show up these two are from our area. who are favorite bass players.
9:50 am
>> stanley clark i love him. he just likes -- how long you have been playing drums. >> 21 months. >> what that's when you started. >> yes. >> look at him now. >> from diapers to "good day philadelphia". ready to play for us? >> yes. >> here we go. >> let's hear it. >> josh. ♪ ♪
9:51 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
9:52 am
chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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>> live from philadelphia outside the courthouse. say hello to wtxf fox 29 reporter steve kaylee hi stev steve. >> if they love him satellite they've love him in studio. you have to hear his how are you doing. >> how are you doing. >> reporting on the cosby case. >> there he s there he is doing it with the hands. in studio this time to do it. >> let's see what plaque light hair looks like. that looks school. >> what is your model's name. >> caityln. >> we used color and put black light top coat over top it makes it glow under black
9:56 am
light. >> guys. josh can we pretend like we're in a night club. i'll cue you to play music. turn the lights down. let's turn off the lights. you'll need a black light if you do this at home or do at home and go out to club. exactly. oh, yeah. oohh let me see. >> i don't see anything bit. >> i see a little bit. >> turn this way. >> maybe if we zoom in. >> put it above her head and shine down on it. >> can you see 'little bit. >> i can see a little bit. >> give me the flashlight. >> there you go. >> now we got it. that's awesome. >> that's pretty cool. >> it's like storm from xman. >> storm is here. >> so with real long flowy hair would it show up. >> yes. >> on most highlighted piece pieces. if you have blonde hair and
9:57 am
put this over top it transforms that color into uv. >> do you have to have blonde hair then. >> to get the most maximum brightness, yes. >> okay. >> interesting. >> josh grant let's do club music right to get you. >> they're nine and ten they know what club music is. >> they have their own web sites. >> yeah. >> what's yours. >> >> and josh wda >> play us out. >> leave the lights on. >> there you go. >> dance around. ♪ ♪ she's a very subtle dancer. >> move your head. >> move that hair around.
9:58 am
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live from the wendy williams show. >> wendy: how you doing? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy! >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching our show. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience. how you doin? [ applause ] have a seat. let's get started with "hot top eubgs." [ applause ]


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