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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 19, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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would have been good. a fast-moving storm blue through wayne. the dark shading below the cloud was torrential rain. far more than dreary. >> fox 29 crew caught this video the rain coming down in media delaware county. you can see the windshield wipers working overtime. be careful if you're driving out that. here's live look at the radar. not looking too good for south jersey and delaware. thanks for joining us at 6:00 i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. we are tracking the nasty weather across our area. fox 29's weather authority has you covered. kathy orr you were talking about this last night even. >> we talked about a line of severe normals moving through that still happening through south jersey even if you're catching a break through philadelphia look what's on the back side. more heavy rain through the lee his valley and our northern and western suburbs pushing toward the northeast first let's focus on the storms through millville, cumberland county extenting across the bay into central delaware. this is a severe cell right here moving toward the northeast. all of this moving eastward as you see it in south jersey.
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so some strong to severe storms moving east at about 50 miles an hour. they will be in egg harbor by 6:19. pleasantville by 6:24 and in atlantic city with torrential downpours by 6:32. so just minutes away. i want to zoom in on cumberland county. bridgeton, cedarville, millvil millville, laurel lakes this is moving toward vineland and in the northeast with frequent lightning and we're talking about two to 3-inches of rain an hour. severe storm threat focus through central and southern delaware and into cumberland county. severe thunderstorm warning continues through the hour. we have a watch for all of south jersey and delaware until 8:00 o'clock tonight. that watch has been loud to expire to the north and west of the philadelphia. no longer severe threat but heff lee vain expected this evening there. as we go hour by hour, we'll see the severe storms move into jersey. continue to move south toward our shore points and beach points by about eight, 9:00 o'clock tonight and some of this rain could still linger into the 9:00 o'clock hour possibly even touching 10:00 o'clock. so what about the lingering
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threats? for more on that let's send it to have scott. hey, scott. >> hi there, kathy much we have heavy rainfall to get through around the i-95 corridor. but in particular, parts of south jersey. live look right now along the parkway. the umbrellas are up and the streets they are wet. so allow extra travel time this monday evening. we still have that flash flood watch for much of the area. that includes the lehigh valley, the i-95 corridor interior sections of south jersey. watching out for ponding on the roadways. current flash flood warnings right now confine to the new york city area where over 2-inches of rain has already fallen. take look at some of the airport delays. quite impressive. newark, jfk, now around philadelphia international airport about 30 minutes so once again call ahead and check with your carrier, also f you're picking someone up they might be delayed. so right now the heaviest of the rainfall into parts of south jersey and delaware. those downpours one to 3-inches of rainfall. gusty winds likely over 40 miles
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per hour. so moving forward, in particular, south jersey and delaware, a high risk of damaging winds, flooding also lightning moderate risk of some small hail and a low threat of tornadic activity. we'll continue to track the radar and have much more throughout the broadcast. back over to you. >> all right. thank you very much, scott. live look at old city where it's still not looking like the kind of evening where you want to dine eelfares coach be sure to download fox 29's weather app so you always know what's coming at you. happening now, a possible break through for philadelphia teachers. the philadelphia federation of teachers will vote in the next few minutes on new contract with the philadelphia school distri district. it has been a five-year stalemate between the two sides. >> tonight just maybe philadelphia teachers can finally rest more easily. shawnette wilson has more from north philadelphia. could be a big day, shawnette. >> reporter: could be a big night, lucy. the doors opened here at 4:00 o'clock at the liacouras center so voting has already started. the philadelphia detachers union
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or federation of teachers i should say actual until a the process of holding a presentation right now of the tentative agreement and after that its members will cast their votes. so just a little bit of background. philadelphia school teachers working without a contract for nearly five years. it's been slightly longer than that since they've also had a raise. then late friday, last friday, tentative agreement was reached and announced. no details have been made public on that. but we talked to a teacher who was headed in to vote. he's been very vocal in putting pressure on officials to get the deal done. >> there are things in the contract that some people like. some people don't like. it's not a slam dunk. so what we're doing today is we're expressing our democratic opinion. we're telling everyone to get out as much as possible and vote and we'll see what the union decides. >> reporter: and jerry jordan the president of the teachers federation will hold a press conference we're told 8:00 o'clock tonight when this is all said and done. so be sure to tune in at 10:00 o'clock tonight. we'll let you know if they septembered this deal. iain. >> shawnette, thank you.
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happening now, gearing up for another court case that sure to make headlines across our area. this time it's philly da who's going on trial. >> federal prosecutors charged him with corruption. fox 29's bruce gordon is the federal courthouse in old city, bruce, today was really all about choosing a jury for this high profile case. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, lucy. the jury selection was wrapped up just short time ago. ten women, two men will now hear four weeks worth of testimony in abreu row extortion and male and wire fraud case that could send philly's top prosecutor to prison for up to 20 years. >> seth williams has been inside plenty of courtrooms during nearly two terms as philadelphia district attorney. but never before in this role. as defendant. >> mr. williams was willing to compromise his position of public trust in he can change for private financial gain. >> reporter: prosecutors say williams lived well beyond his hundred $75,000 a year paycheck as da. and so accepted bribes from
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feasterville businessman muhammed ali in exchange for security favors and legal help for a friend. but he took a used 1997 jaguar from philly businessman michael weiss in exchange for regulatory help. defrauded his mother's nursing home after $20,000. stole cash from his political action committee for personal purchases. and ripped off a federal anti crime program by misusing vehicles for personal business. >> mr. williams simply took money that did not belong to h him. >> reporter: as this scandal grew williams gave up a run for re-election. surredered his law license and admitted his behavior was inappropriate. >> my decision to accept gifts and failed to report them brought much embarrassment, shame and adverse publicity to me and unfortunately to the office for which i love. >> reporter: but the defense insists nothing williams septembered from friends and associates has impacted his decisions as district attorney. >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the out come of a single case prosecuted by my client's office
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was affected. >> reporter: jury selection always a fascinating process. i was there behind the scenes this after as perspective juro s were individually questioned by jude paul diamond and both sets of attorneys. one woman was asked have you ever been the victim of crime. yes, a strong armed robbery at the store where i work. was the man caught she was ask asked. >> he was a little guy i was beating him up. it wasn't a fair fight so i let him government she's on the jury. >> interesting bruce. thank you. victim of a shooting in north philadelphia has been identifi identified. 25-year-old robert rodriguez died at temple hospital after mull pell gunshot wounds during some kind of altercation early saturday morning at fifth and sedgley streets. there are no motives or arrests right now. down to the jersey shore now a group of local students is trying tore figure out their summer plans. not sure that's a word or not but we made it one. there you go, because the place
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they were supposed to live doesn't even exist and they've already paid. >> tonight fox 29's jeff cole went looking for answers as he does. he's in wildwood. so jeff, what did you fine out? >> reporter: well, we first reported this story last week. we're back here to find more answers. the agitated owner the kettle and clover restaurant john shepherd now says he'll pay back in full the eight recent high school grads who tried to render for him from the summer. this as the mayor of wildwood weighs in. that's owner john shepherd driving away from his cattle and clover restaurant on pacific avenue in wildwood. we saw him just after this man said he'd tell him fox 29 wanted to talk. meanwhile, a local motel owner says the controversy is bad ne news. >> i think it hurts everybody on the island, because, you know, there's rumors get spread and, you know, just kind of takes on live of its own, and it's really not a nice thing. >> reporter: last week fox 29 reported that eight recent philly area high school grads say they paid shepherd 22 grand to live in apartments he'd built
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build above his restaurant only to arrive last monday to this. >> so upset. you walk in and there's just studies, nothing, no walls, no floors, just a bunch of wood. report roar the mayor is not happy. >> wildwood is about having fun. last thing we want to do is have somebody come down here and have terrible time. when did will your son pay them. >> i think he already has the money to do it. >> we called a number for shepherd and got his mom. moments later john shepherd called to say the boys were late on two payments which a parent says is false. he says, he'll now pay them back in full starting tuesday. we asked for on camera intervi interview. >> why don't you meet me in front of the place so we can talk? >> well mr. shepherd hung up on me. we've not heard from his attorney either. but the parents of the recent high school grads expect a $7,500 check from him tomorrow, $5,000 in early july and then other payments to get to that 22
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grand. folks, i guarantee you we'll follow this. live in wildwood i'm jeff cole, iain, back to you. >> thanks, jeff we do need to follow that. all right. mack us will achievement and one south jersey high school. we'll introduce to you a straight a student who never missed a day of school but that is just the tip of the iceberg. sean? iain, hold on phillies fans the sixers may not be done yet. rumors floating around the 76ers might bring in big-time player i'm talking about a future hall of famer. find out who later in sports. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> finally here. high school graduation across the delaware valley are recognizinrecognizing the hard r graduating seniors. so many remarkable achievements. >> but fox 29's brad sattin found one in south jersey that may be impossible to top. >> reporter: just two days to go until twins michael and mckenna doubt graduate from williamstown high school and talk about an chief many. mckenna hasn't been absent for a single day this year.
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or last year or the year before in fact well she's never been absent dating back to kindergarten. >> perfect attendance for 13 straight years of school. >> who does that? >> nobody. >> well nearly nobody. her brother never missed a day from kindergarten either. >> at least tell me at some point you came to school late. >> um, yeah. once. >> you got to figure his friends must think that's really cool. >> i really doubt that actually. i think the complete opposite. they might think i'm a dork. >> principal dr. jill dell conte out sick a couple days this year definitely does not think michael is a dork. >> it really is an outstanding unbelievable achieve many to be in school 180 days times 13 years. >> that's 2,340 days without ever being sick. at least when it counseled. >> with sickness like we never really got sick and then when we did it was always like during weekends. >> have you ever seen the movie
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ferris bueller's day off? >> i heard of it. >> he doesn't have fever but he says his stomach hurts and cease owing spots. >> one of the first performances of my career and they never doubted it for a second. >> you think the two sisters madison and allison who garage add few years ago would be impressed? well, guess what? >> neither of them have ever missed a school day either. their parents insist this was not their doing. >> their i wasn't tried to take them to disney wanted to go disney they won -- >> during school. >> wouldn't do dizzy. >> they sold what their other sibling was doing and they just continued to it. >> probably no surprise they're athletes, straight a students, community volunteers, and the unbribable types. >> fifty dollars cash right now if you call out sick tomorrow. >> no. >> two more days then it's off for perfect attendance in college. >> in williamstown, brad sattin, fox 29 news. ♪ that's impressive. i got to say. >> it's amazing. >> my goodness.
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>> all four of them. back to your fox 29 weather authority now as we take live look at wildwood. it's a stormy view along the boards. rain and wind kind of ruining the day across pennsylvania, south jersey and delaware. kathy orr with your forecast in 15 seconds. >> iain just showed i was picture of the boardwalk in wildwood. the rain is coming in a matter of minutes. all this moving toward the southeast as we take a look at millville cumberland county into central and southern delaware severe thunderstorm warning in effect until 6:30 tonight as all that heavy rain moves in. another batch of rain heading into philadelphia so if you're in a break right now, there's going to be another round but this will not be quite as intense. as we zoom in on that severe area, you can see the frequent lightning strikes associated with these storms as they move
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toward the east at about 35 to 40 miles an hour. as that speed, 6:21 they'll be in egg harbor. by 6:22 galloway in atlantic city by 6:35 and sea isle city right on the promenade at 6:45 this evening. now, on ultimate doppler we're going to look at a few of these queries and i'll show you what's happened as far as the damage is concern. house struck by lightning in chester county. a little bit farther to the north and west in our suburbs 2-foot diameter tree and wires down on particular road in parts of upper bucks and upper montgomery in the trenton area some trees down. that was unstorm related but trees taken down to wind on a car to the north and east of trenton and mercer county. when we look at the visibility, we're looking visibility reduced to two and a half miles in wrightstown. down to half mile in millville where that severe cell is and in dover visibility down to three quarters of a mile because of the intensity of this rain. torrential downpours through south jersey and still some warm
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temperatures in wildwood and atlantic city. look at these rain cooled numbers. right now in pottstown it's only 68 degrees. after temperatures near 90 tod today. southerly winds down the shore it's 84 in hammonton the rain not there just yet but it will be. in sea isle 74 degrees and hum humid. dew points are very high. this is the am of moisture in the atmosphere and when you see dew points in the 70s, that means the air is oppressive but drier behind this. for more on that let's send it over to scott. hey, scott. >> all right, hi there, kathy. yeah that drier air will be moving in tomorrow. so conditions will improve overnight tonight and then tomorrow but take look at the water vapor imagery. the dry air behind that front and all of the moisture right now along the i-95 corridor, also, some tropical moisture in the gulf of mexico. but take look at what we're watching right now. a lot of vivid lightning strikes over 200 lightning strikes. so we have severe thunderstorm warnings right now for sections of cumberland county, kent,
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sussex county right now. we also have tornado warning that has just popped up. so we're looking at over 200 lightning strikes and also some rotation with that cell central southern delaware. flash flood watches in effect heavy rainfall, ponding on the roadways. also, as we go hour by hour, you can see that heavy rain moves into south jersey. parts of delaware watching some of that rotation around sussex county, tornado warning right now by nine, 10:00 o'clock most of it starts to diminish as it pushes toward the coast. so rainfall totals so far, trenton almost an inch. reading a little over half an inch. additional rainfall kathy one to 2-inches before all is said and done on top of what we've already seen. >> all right. scott, we'll go back and take a look later at that rotation down in southern delaware. rotating thunderstorm indicating the possibility of a tornado in sussex county that just indicated as scott mentioned. right now we're just looking at overnight lows in the 70s. severe weather will be ending. during the day tomorrow highs in
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the 80s it around 86 on your seven day forecast it stays pretty warm. it's not going to be cooling down hyped this front. 85 for wednesday. 87 degrees on thursday. and then as we continue ahead through the work week, saturday 90. sunday 85. by monday 82 degrees. temperatures still hot and hum humid. we'll be back with sports right after this. ♪
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>> we have tornado warning, tornado warning right now for kent and sussex county. southern kent and northern
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sussex county. this is moving toward the northeast about five tee miles an hour. doppler radar kateed tornado. rotating thunderstorm indicat id on gop pleasure radar moving toward the northeast until 6:45 this evening. severe thunderstorm cell that was moving from the northeast along the eastern shore of the maryland. now moving 50 miles an hour it will be moving across the bay and the severe storm will be moving into places like bridgeton, also, millville into cumberland county once it crosses the bay. you can see the rotation here indicated on the doppler radar. the bright reds and that dark red indicating the possible tornado moving toward the northeast f you live in this area, anywhere between milford, allendale, slaughter beach, milton you are in the path of this dangerous storm. going into the interior room of your home and away from the windows until this dangerous storm passes. possibly even in the basement. so once again around 113 moving toward slaughter beach, this is in sussex county delaware.
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we're looking at the possibility of a tornado. this is doppler radar indicated. so the national weather service indicated a rotating thunderstorm that could spawn tornado in this particular area moving very quickly. that tornado warning in effect until 6:00 45 tonight for southern kent and northern sussex counties. once again, seek shelter interior room of your home, base am way way from windows to protect yourself as this very quick-moving storm moves toward the delaware val bay. as we take a look at the doppler radar, you'll see there is some bright areas indicated right through milford and this doppler radar beam right here looking in the direction toward the northeast. tornado warning was indicated about three or four minutes ago. the national weather service saw rotating thunderstorm and said this right here is the possibility of being a tornado there's also a little bit of a bow here. when we see the radar bulging in this direction, and moving very quickly toward the northeast, we call that bow echo and that's very strong indication of
6:26 pm
straight line winds or at least damage damaging winds when you see the bulging in that region this is the area of concern if we can take zoom in between the southern part of kent county, northern part of sussex county toward slaughter beach through milford, ellen dale 113 toward the beaches in this region or familiar with this area, this is the way you can head down towards the delaware beaches. harrington through greenwood towards slaughter beach until 6:45 a tornado warning in effect. let's send it back to the desk. >> all right. sounds good. about 20 minutes from now it should wrap. so of course we're staying on top of this, 24/7. that does it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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♪[ music ] carrie fisher death investigation. >> just released. the shocking results of the toxicology report. >> cocaine, morphine, oxycodone, ecstasy. they were all in her system when she died. then. >> deborah: as the search for a hidden treasure chest filled in gold claimed yet another life. >> two people have been killed. will you stop looking for this treasure? >> plus, where did bill cosby go after the mistrial? and she spoke for mrs. cosby. >> she sounded mad. >> then megyn kelly's interview with conspiracy theorist alex jones. exclusive. what his ex-wife is saying today after the interview. >>


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