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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 20, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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first came the heavy rain then high winds snapped trees like toothpicks leaving a mess from reading to the jersey shore. look at this house in audubon, new jersey. my goodness. on top of that, the storm unleashed lightning strike after lightning strike. i'm lucy noland. in chester county the weather got so bad and so wild bolt ignite add fire that bout out engine company after engine company. with more our chris chris o'connell is with us from east marlboro township. >> i was in my living room, even just saw a big white flash go off and house kind of vibrated and shook. >> reporter: within matter of minutes, five chester county homes were hit by lightning. leaving fire crews running through the night. >> you see lightning strike and then you hear the clap of thunder right away. so you know it's nearby.
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>> reporter: deborah shot video of her next door neighbor's home where lightning is to blame for this three alarm fire on osbourne circle in pocopsin township. >> there was smoke coming out of the chimney and putting a roof -- hole in the roof, and breaking the front windows to let the smoke come out. >> reporter: house sitter inside the house made it out safely and was able to save the family cat. and talk about heartbreaking. the homeowners who were out of up to had just signed a contract to sell the home list the at $1.1 million. >> we're lookin looking at aboue $50,000 damage to the structure and probably 250,000 if not more to the contents. >> reporter: weather made fighting the fire even tougher and since there were no hydrants nearby, fire crews had to truck in pumped water from local ponds. fire officials say the particle board in the attic helped fuel the fire. >> once the fire condition that particle board is gone worse than pack of matches. >> reporter: as fire crews
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continued to mop up the mess, the homeowners and/or think way back to chester county. unfortunately, not much left to come back to. >> so sad. how do you prevent chimney strikes, you know, really mother nature. >> reporter: county fire marshal tells us that is just one of five homes that were hit by lightning as those storms rolled through the area. luckily no one was injured. in east marlboro township, chester county, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. not a good thing indeed there. in delaware the national weather service issued tornado warning this is what it look like diner time in rehoboth beach. the rain fell so hard you could barely see and the wind whipped at more than 40 miles an hour in that time lapse right there. meteorologist kathy orr is here to tell us if the worse is the over. kathy. >> you know what, that tornado warning earlier prompted many questions, and it destroyed some areas trailer park in that area in sussex county. >> oh my goodness. >> we'll see if the national
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weather service will investigate the damage and see if it was indeed the work of tornado or just damaging winds. take look outside. we're looking at drier conditi conditions. some breezy conditions in old city philadelphia temperature 73 after a high of 90 degrees tod today. winds out of the south becoming westerly tonight that west wind will be driving us out. we're looking at this precipitation continuing to move toward the northeast. you can see through ocean county, atlantic county, cape may county still some showers moving up from delaware. we're seeing less in the way of intensity but still additional rain expected during the early morning hours. and some heavier rain you can see along the coastal plane that will be moving out within the next two to three hours. rain so far because it's still falling dover nearly 2-inches. atlantic city over one. the same in trenton. pottstown, reading over half an inch. wilmington nearly half an inch of rain. right now temperatures mainly rain cool in the 70s. 65 in the poconos. still in the 70s down the shore with southerly wind.
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that will be shifting. we still have high humidity across the region the dew point the measure the true measure of the moisture in the atmosphere. you see all those 70s. well that is oppressive and it's also helped to really fuel the storms today. that will be drying out we'll get into more more comfortable air mass overnight tonight. south jersey and delaware pockets of heavy rain overnight, additional downpours with accumulation possibly an additional half an inch especially in sussex county, delaware, when the storms are going to be moving up f you've seen the most rain. winds gusting to about 20 miles an hour. in the wake of this front, we see a shift in the wind but temperatures will still be quite warm tomorrow with that june sunshine. the official start of the summer season is wednesday. so we're real close overnight 7e winds ease. they shift to the west. tomorrow you can see that sky becoming more of a deep blue with lower humidity the high temperature 86 degrees. with increasing sun. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority the phils are home and it's going to be feeling like summer.
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summer begins wednesday, 85. 87 on thursday. friday near 90. that's when we kick in the humidity. 90 degrees for saturday. sunday 85. a good weekend to head down the shore. by monday, looking at a high of 82 degrees with mix of sun and clouds. lucy, most of the kids will be out of school by then. >> yeah. >> summer is beginning. >> absolute i'm so sorry so worried about those people in the mobile home park. i'm praying they're okay. thank you much kathy. >> you bet. >> jury selection is now complete and opening statements& are set to underway in the trial of seth williams. ten women and two men will hear the case against williams. prosecutors say he accepted cash and gifts in he can change for favors for those who ponied up da is not seeking re-election and has surrender the his law license. if the jury convicts him on all counts williams could face as long as 20 years in prison. we don't yet know what happened during jury deliberations in the bill cosby trial but tonight we're hearing from someone who was as close as
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to those deliberations as you can get without being part of them. alternate juror told pittsburgh radio station he probably would have voted for a convict. montgomery county da plans to retry cosby prosecutors charged him with drugging and assaulting former temple employee andrea constand in 2004. the alternate juror heard all the testimony in court but did not deliberate with jurors. that juror said they road back to allegheny county together in complete silence on saturday. he called it erie. british police are holding a man on suspicion of terrorism tonight following a deadly van attack you saw it as break hearing last night. 47-year-old darrin osbourne swerved in muslims leaving a london mosque. one person died at least nine others are injured. in paris authorities are looking into why a man rammed his car into a police vanity famous champs he will cease shopping list district today. the driver died when his car filled with weapons and explosives blew up.
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no police officers nor pedestrians are hurt. french authorities had flag the 31-year-old driver for links to extremism. the heightened alert in europe is changing how police are conducting their rounds here in philadelphia. fox 29's dave schratwieser has more from north philly. >> i tried to leave in peace. >> reporter: muhammed stood outside the mosque in west philadelphia monday night with his friends. concerned about the latest terror tack in england that targeted muslims leaving a london mosque after more than prayers. >> we worry, too. we say go bless. we live to live peace with everybody. >> hopefully we don't see this happen again. especially the people that attend mosque or church or any kind of worship. >> reporter: worshipers here at the mosque expressed sorrow for the victims of the attack as philadelphia police increase security around houses of worship citywide.
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>> we'll have our people do some extra patrols around the mosque. stop in, you know, particularly people from homeland security. >> reporter: investigators say the man drove white van into a crowd leaving a mosque not known to police. he reportedly shouted, kill all muslims, before he was captured by civilians who held him for police. >> i don't know what they're going to say. >> someone that just goes off like that assuming no one else knows is particularly alarming. >> reporter: commissioner ross expressed concern over a second terror attack in paris. in which a man carrying a rifle and driving a carloaded with explosives -- >> it doesn't matter where you are. you wear uniform and you're target. >> reporter: suspect in the london tack remains in custody. this is the third such attack on police in paris since april. officers here in philadelphia were given warnings at roll call tonight to be very careful. in north philadelphia, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news.
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a sad development in a story of the american college student who ended up in a coma while in north korean custody. otto warmbeir has died. just last week, north korea ya sent the 22-year-old to ohio after detaining him for nearly a year and a half. doctors say he had severe brain damage. north korean authorities had sentenced the university of virginia student to 15 years hard labor for they say stealing propaganda poster his parents say they tortured him. we still dope know exactly what happened. members of congress want to pass a law to restrict or ban americans from traveling to north korea. developing right now, a sigh of relief years in the making for philadelphia teachers tonight. they have just approved a new crack for the first time in five years. this comes just days after a major break in negotiations between the school district and the union. fox 29's shawnette wilson was at the teacher's meeting to night has what went down in north
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philadelphia. >> i'm elated. i'm ecstatic. >> george is one of many teachers happy that the five-year wait is over. >> there may not be everything we wanted in there, um, but at least we got contract. >> reporter: tonight members of the philadelphia federation of teachers and other teachers from all over the district are approved a deal reached by the school district and pft last friday. >> i'm happy that teachers who have been frozen are once again allowed to move up their pay scale. it's not the money that they're owed. there is significant sacrifice that was given by people in the mill. >> reporter: union president jerry jordan saluted teachers for staying dedicated through it ought. >> have gone to school day after day after day and they have done their jobs to make sure that our children are educated. >> reporter: spokesperson for the school district says the contract will now go before the school reform commission for approval tomorrow night. in north philadelphia, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. you know, never the easiest commute to begin with but if you use the schuylkill expressway
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every day, you better be ready to zen. >> there's called man's best friend for reason. how a local veteran is giving >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing. >> testing.
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tragic discovery in atlantic city. a margate police officer found the body of a teen pulled into the ocean by a rip current thursday night.
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the girl's body had washed up on the beach. a boy saw her in trouble in the last -- in the water last week and he jumped in to save her. he's still missing. officials called off the search for the two friday. atlantic city mayor don guardian says this is a very sad day for atlantic city. sky fox keeping an eye on roadways from the sky if you use i-76 montgomery county you'll want to fact in extra travel time in the upcoming weeks. penndot started the process of repaving the expressway between city avenue and 476. today was the eastbound lanes. on wednesday, well crews will work on the westbound lanes in the very same stretch. happening right now, a veteran's bond with his dog driving him to do some amazing things. when vets diagnosed -- when veterinarians diagnose his pup with cancer, he dropped everything to save his life. dave kinchen has more on moving story you'll see only on fo fox. i am beyond guilty right in you because i'm taking a part of my
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dog that he absolutely loves away from him and can't ever be given back. >> reporter: army veteran david of california is dreading the amputation his service dog bones will be having tomorrow. his best friend on four legs will be losing one of them because of ross tow yo sarcoma cancer. his back leg has to be amputat amputated. >> every dog owner's worst nightmare. battery act. i turned into a faucet and became a mess on the floor. >> reporter: former member of the 82nd airborne division is not currently working and has limited finances. you can imagine his surprise when he says two friends created a gofundme page raiding money for the medical procedure outside of philadelphia. at a place more reasonably cost. they made cross country caravan hitting the mountains the desert and ride aig cross the midwest fearing it could be their last trip together.
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>> in case the worst news was delivered when i got here i wanted to make sure we got some really, you know, cool adventures. >> reporter: that operation happens tuesday and while they're both nervous, david says he's forever grateful. >> it's very nice to see how many people have really -- i mean like thousands at this point have come together to try and make things happen for all of this. >> reporter: david says bones will have to heal from the surgery for a few weeks. they plan to stick around and celebrate the fourth of july together before heading back to california. in havertown, dave kinchen fox 29 news. hope the surgery goes well. tripods by the way can leave very happy lives. victim of violent attack posted on social media speaking only to fox 29 tonight. a group of kids cornered mark smith who has intellectual challenges and attacked him on germantown avenue two weeks ago. his caregiver pam pendleton cannot bear to watch the video someone up loaded to facebook.
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mark never told her what happened. she found out from police. but the good part about this story mark and pam say people have sent them supportive and loving messages from around the world. >> i want everybody to see that that it's okay to come out. it's okay to continue living your life. you don't have to hide and you do veneto blame yourself because of somebody else's actions. >> you have been in my thoughts and prayers and i wish you much love. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. >> that's wonderful. all right. the boys who attacked mark police say will face charges. you see it you shoot it fresco users helping us show what's going on your neighborhood. iain, what you got. >> in springfield delaware county our fresco user at the scene of a nasty car accident. our fresco user philly news certainly us this video. police say the person inside the car was trapped and had to be cut out by emergency responders.
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that person was taken to a hospital. no word on a condition. visitorvisitors at rutgers n campus can enjoy a new welcome sent. joe hall take us to the web bon cutting ceremony earlier today on the first floor of the cooper street housing complex next to alumni house. in fishtown tonight, mother nature reward for all that torrential rain beautiful shot of a double rainbow overlooking water. thanks to lawyer up philly and lawyer up delaware for that. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> that's one way to advertise your company. >> thank you much iain n wildwood a group of local students has gone back to the drawing board for their summer plans. the high school grads gave $22,000 to a man named john shepherd who promised them rentals this summer. it turns out, he never built those shore rentals. we first reported this story last week and today we zeroed in on the property owner. the mayor is now involved and the students want answers.
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>> so upset. you walk in and there's just studies. nothing. no walls. no floors. just a bunch wood. >> wildwood is about having fun. last thing we want to do is having somebody come down here haven't terrible time. >> shepherd tells us the boys were late on two parents which a parent says is false. shepherd says he will pay them back in full beginning tomorrow. so sean bell this was kind of like huge day for the sixers and their fans. good little bit. little bit. now that the 76ers trade is complete and we now know who the sixers will get in thursday's draft it's time to break it all down. see wait really means much the question is, are we done with the process? i'll let you know next in my sports commentary. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for road work again. cherry hill allll this week alog route 70 the stretch right near 295 over toward haddonfield ro road. you'll see the work crews out there. and if you thought the timetable
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or i should say the conductor was little late today on the trains, maybe you were a little late. they kick new schedule over the weekend all of the septa regional rail lines the city, suburban and victor did he visions changed up the timetab timetable. make sure you get a new one before you hit the train tomorrow and watch for road work again coming our way the construction zone 95 near girard avenue. we'll check the jam cams. sue will have your tuesday forecast. i'm going to meet you
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so now that the sixers have the number one pick can we finally retire the process? sean bell has his thoughts in 15 seconds.
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folks brian colangelo is playing. the process is over. dead. rip. i don't ever want to hear that word again. sorry joel em bed. trade await number thee pick and first round for the number one over all pick markelle full. he's the end of tanking. for the first time in five years the sixers will actually go into a season trying to win. this is the court. this is the team that's supposed to dominate the east for the next decade along with boston joel embiid, ben simmons, dario saric and now markelle fultz is
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what years of suffering brought philly and it is what the next decade will look like for this team. now of course this all depends on health. hopefully guys can stay healthy, simmons embiid if one guy goes down or not the losing is over. coangelo making moves to be great and things are finally looking up for the sixers. lucy. >> there you go. about time. thank you much, sean. because we trusted the process. [ laughter ] >> tonight we're learning more about what may have led to the death of actress carrie fisher an autopsy revealed she had cocaine ecstasy and heroin in her system when she fell ill on a plane last december. still investigators cannot determine what impact the drugs had on her death. and when she took them. on friday the coroner's office blamed her death on sleep apnea and a combination of other fac facts. bob barker out of the hospital tonight following nasty fall. tmz is reporting barker slipped and fell in the bathroom of his hollywood home and his his head
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reportereportedly he has no vise injuries but he was shaken up. doctors released the 93-year-o 93-year-old. he is back at home tonight. so that is a good thing. >> how do you feel about drew karo. >> i like drew carrie. >> he does a good job. i was never big price is right person growing up. i don't know. >> i grow up in the bob barker era. >> price is right haters. no one feeling it i love it. >> i like it. >> would you go down and run down whoo and, you know, to the thing. >> yeah. if it's going get me money. >> who! >> i'll do whatever i need to do. >> okay. good to know. >> i like that. the neck time we see him on tv in the middle of the day, price is right. >> i might be there. >> all right. >> back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". if you win the showcase will you share? sue serio and bob kelly have you
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good morning, happening on "good day philadelphia" fight willing for freedom fate of philadelphia district attorney seth williams is in the hand of the 10 women and two men as opening statements get underway in in his fraud trial sigh of relief years in the making for philadelphia teachers their final act that will give them a contract for first time in more than four years, now question is, how will we pay for it. also ahead the american university student who returned from the north korea in a coma loses his fight for life, what some u.s. officials wanted to do now to prevent another tragedy like this from happening. and, it is a done deal sixers trade with boston, it is happening, right now so two days to the draft team still making moves possibly but it is looking g. >> will it be a win/win. we


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