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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 21, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. 11 hours and counting investigators, hazmat crews, the bomb squad combing through bucks county home tonight. troopers found a stockpile of guns and chemical explosives when they serve add warrant in ottsville today. i'm lucy noland. it's been a long night for neighbors who are stunned by all of the police activity on easton road. dave schratwieser is on the scene. that's crazy to me. that is seriously crazy. >> reporter: drew wasn't sure what to think when he came home from work tuesday night and saw emergency vehicles headed to this home in the 8700 block of easton road. that's where state police say they found multiple beguns and chemical explosives while serving a warrant here. >> be worried from this distance or, you know, what i mean,
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nobody said anything it kind of just all happened so briefly. >> it's a little scary when you hear something like that. >> reporter: ed lives right nearby as well he was worried about reports of beguns and explosives at the home. >> when they find chemicals and stuff like that, you think about now a days in this day and age. >> reporter: state police say it was just afternoon they came here to serve a mental health commit many warrant on a 70-year-old man. that's when they made the potentially dangerous discovery. they called in hazmat experts, and bomb squads from the surrounding area. >> it's weird to picture that something like that is happening right next door practically. >> reporter: half a dozen homes in pros close proximity as well as the liberty propane company about quarter mile away. >> that goes up you might as well kiss everything goodbye. >> i'll just be here until i'm told what to do other other kind of situation i guess. >> easton road was shut down for several hours tuesday night and authorities brought in lights so investigator cos continue their work. the state police did not give any specifics on exactly what
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they found inside that home. in ottsville, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. >> wild moments caught on camera down the shore this time it looks like an officer is the one causing the scene. but videos don't always tell the whole tale. fox 29's brad sattin is in wildwood with the story. surprise me because that never happened dr. report roar video shows something happened last weekend but without context or background posted on social media it runs less than 20 seconds and unidentified wildwood police officer striking a man in the face without any obvious visual sign of being provoked. >> that wouldn't be a reason to put your hands on somebody. especially when he's already in a power position. you know, there was no need to punch him in the face no. >> reporter: neighbors say it happened during a parade of marching bands over the weekend the confrontation began over loud music on the other side of the street. reports the man became diss orally leading to the officer's
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hit to the man's face. the officer remains on duty but the wildwood police department's internal affairs division asked the county prosecutor to investigate with the case hand d to the professional standards union. one long-time neighbor says, viewers of video should not be quick to judge. >> we need to know more. we need to know what happened before the officer, d he need to swing or did he just swing out of control? i don't know. and i'm not going to judge him by the small clip that i'm seeing. >> reporter: the man was reportedly not seriously hurt. the cape may county prosecutor's office is expected to release it's findings in this case quickly. in wildwood, brad sattin fox 29 news. on your radar tonight, it's calm and dry as we take live look at the over the ben franklin parkway. big difference after yesterday's wild weather. meteorologist kathy orr has been tracking all of this and she's got that forecast and apparently some changing seasons, too, i love this. look right here. >> well, thank you, lucy.
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>> you hum. >> i'm glad you like this look. >> guess what? >> the equinox. >> um-hmm. >> the solstice. >> that's close. summer solstice summer officially begins tomorrow. very early in the morning. it's just actually a few minutes away. 12:24 the longest day of the year 15 hours of daylight and it's the strongest most direct sun right we'll have. temperatures will reflect it. temperatures get around 90 degrees tomorrow. ultimate doppler surprise. here's a cell that's developed right along 95 in wilmington heading toward 95 work 95, just to the south of wilmington in pennsville and this is going to be crossing over toward 130 toward woolwich near the turnpike and piles grove probably win the next half hour or so. you may be surprised outdoors late toys tonight seen a few spotty showers. 78 in philadelphia. millville 73. shore temperatures in the 70s. with southerly win the owing water temperature at 64 degrees. as we go hour by hour overnight,
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and through tomorrow, skies will clear. it's going to stay pretty pleasant tomorrow with low humidity and plenty of sunshine as high pressure builds into the region. a few extra clouds perhaps down the shore during the late night hours and early tomorrow. all eyes on tropical storm cin cindy. this storm is expected to make landfall between houston and new orleans sometime late tomorrow into early thursday. and this storm is going to continue to hook over toward the tennessee valley by friday 8:00 o'clock. this is a new actually advisory that just moved in. so will this storm impact our regio? maybe increase in humidity over the course of the weekend. and possibly some additional showers if that storm gets caught up in our flow that will be bringing a if you fronts through our region over the weekend. overnight we do know this. partly cloudy and comfortable, the low 67. high temperatures tomorrow close to 99 degrees. with a little more in the way of humidity. skies will be mostly sunny during the day tomorrow for the
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first day of summer. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority. thursday 90. friday 91 with a real increase in humidity. hot and humid and sticky. saturday partly sunny, sunday tie 85 with a chance of showers. monday 80. tuesday 82. lucy looking like a really good first week of summer it all begins just about an hour. >> wahoo! fantastic. thank you very much, kathy. you know thief keep getting away with something people depend on their life. this guy has stole thousand dollars of worth diabetic test strips. fox 29's dave kinchen reports from bensalem where police say the guy struck again and again. >> if you can't test yourself properly, it does -- it shortens your lifetime. >> reporter: theresa farmer is disgusted learning that this man is wanted by bensalem police for allegedly stealing scores of diabetic test strips from area giant food stores. >> as a diabetic, our co-pay for
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diabetic supplies even under and so when you have people who abuse the system like that, it just elevates the prices that we have to pay. >> reporter: bensalem cops say thieves swiped more than $10,000 worth of blood glucose testing strips from area giant stores. they say this man enters the store and hides the strips before leaving. >> he's wearing this heavy coat in this heat. somebody should catch that. >> reporter: police say the man gets into an orange or red chevy hhr driven by a woman. they can be quiet pricey too. a fox of 101 touch steps for example one about 140 bucks. >> very emotional because, you know, we need our mys in order to maintain a quality of life. you have to test yourself. >> reporter: police say that chevy they're looking for has a plate on it with the inscription conserve wildlife resources. it is yellow and has a picture
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of an owl. although police say they could not actually make out the license plate numbers. call investigators if you have any information. in bensalem, dave kinchen fox 29 news. so who were those 12 juror who's could not come to a verdict in the bill cosby indecent assault trial? well, we may soon fin out. tomorrow montgomery county judge might unveil the names of the jurors. dozen media outlet asked judge steven o'neill to release those names. the prosecution and defense argue that could have an effect on cosby's next jury. the jurors could not reach a verdict in the high profile case forcing the judge to declare a mistrial. testimony has begun in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth william. prosecutors told the jury williams took tepps of thousand of dollars in bribes and pocked his elderly mother's pension checks to lead a sometimes lavish lifestyle. the defense says the allegations are not crimes. williams has denied any wrongdoing. concern tonight over that
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long overdue contract between the school district of philadelphia and its teachers union. the deal is expected to cost $245 million. more than the city had set aside to pay for it. it's not unusual for the city to need to find extra money to pay for a labor deal, right? but it is a big gap and the legislature in harrisburg has not shown a willingness to pump lots of extra money into philly schools. still the school reform commission voted for-one to ratify the deal. bill green was the lone voice of decent. >> the crack itself is irresponsible. it is not paid for and there's no commit tom pay for it. >> we'll work with our funning partners and harrisburg and local toll try to find a way to get this done. >> reporter: there will be attacks increase. >> i'm not prepared to say that now and what we're working with our funning partners to fine the money. absent attack hike or big help from state lawmakers green predicts a new contract will lead to massive teacher layoffs. we have breaking news out of
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montgomery county sky fox live over the scene of a crash in horsham. you can see how serious it is. quite a bit of police activity at county line and keith valley road. we know that this was a head on collision between two cars. just before 10:30 tonight. medics have taken one person to the hospital that we know of. we do not know the condition of that person. we'll bring you more as the news continues to break. but this is an area in horsham that you want to stay away from. all right. let's face it. whole lot of folks use uber these days, right? and your next ride it could cost you more. not everyone is upset about it. and here's hank. >> reporter: it's hank. i'm at the mastery charter school elementary school in west philly guess what today is. >> graduation! >>
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♪ many who use uber love that it's different from cabs but soon one of the biggest reasons uber stands out from the rest is completely changing. fox 29's chris o'connell breaks it all down. >> reporter: how often do you take uber. >> every day. >> reporter: how often do you tip uber. >> i never tipped before. >> reporter: it's the biggest complaint from uber drivers. and it's about to change. ♪ >> reporter: we ordered an uber to tell drivers the news.
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in app tipping will soon be allowed. this driver was thrilled to get this e-mail telling drivers tips on fares will be a alcoholic away matching competitor lyft an allowing drivers to make more money. >> some people two dollars, some people one dollar. some five dollars. everybody different. >> reporter: that adds up over a day. >> yeah. >> reporter: major policy reversal uber says the new plan is part of the 180 days of change. from the app riders can choose from one, three or five dollars tip options or custom amounts. but just because you can tip now will customers pony up? >> it all depends on the service that the drive gives you. i have tipped my uber drivers. i tipped might have lyft drivers and they've accepted. >> if it's rolled in i'd actually prefer that than the decision point. >> reporter: right. >> it's a fixed price i don't mind if the tip is in there or not. i hate the deciding of how much. report roar just put it in the there. >> just put it in there. >> reporter: other changes include short cancellation
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windows for rider from five to two minutes. you'll have to pay for wait times. it should be rolled out in philly by july. >> i'll give you five stars. tip comes next time. >> all of these changes come after a year of scandals for uber including allegations of driver sexism and a mass exodus of high level executives. the company promises serious changes for customers. in old city, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. enormous day for the animals of the commonwealth of pennsylvania. a hard fought battle to strengthen actually put team into pennsylvania's animal protection laws has passed the senate unanimously. the bipartisan bill now heads to governor tom wolf's desk. you see right there. promised to sign it he says he can't wait the most comprehensive animal protection legislation the state has ever seen. among other things it make the
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intentional inflict of extreme pain upon a animal a felony. we're joining 47 other stated to this finally. ♪ >> young lady, where you going this summer. >> i'm going to the beach. >> i'm going to be blogger for life, bro. >> it's hank i'm at mastery charter school elementary. you know what you're doing this summer? my take you better figure it out. last day of school. >> this summer i will be going to beaches with my family. >> reporter: if you know what you're doing this summer it's easy to relax on the last day of school. might as well be a field day. >> i'm going to go to wildwood, new jersey. >> reporter: nobody pays attention the last day any way might have dizzy bat races tugs of war water balloons toes. drop teachers in the dunk tank. you win. >> you're done for couple of
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months. unless, of course, you're the principal. >> i get a week off. i'm going to cuba. >> cuba. >> i'm going to cuba. i'm coming right back and we have trainings, we have plan amazing things that we see here. we do this all year long. >> reporter: lot of philadelphia schools finished up today. some didn't have many students. others finished a week ago. the kids at julian masterman high school which is grades through 12th were all hugs and high fives as they left their last classes. >> excited for the season. >> gavin has a full summer itinerary and so do other. >> i'll go to hurt pell beach this week. >> look at you. >> for baseball tournament and have hockey camp the rest of the summer. >> she'll take one week off and do schooling to get her ready for next year. >> stepping stone. >> which is what now what will you learn there. >> to prepare you for the neck grade. >> reporter: i got my plan for the summer. work. so that's all set. but you know as well as i do it's like the rest of the seasons it works out better with
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solid plan. so if you're planning to be at the beach i'll try to catch up with you around labor day. have fun. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ you see it you shoot it fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your unable. iain, what do you have? >> lucy fresco user ma'am takes us to gathering at city hall tonight where people mourned the muslim girl murdered over the week mend virginia. crowd came together to stand against violence. 17-year-old in a bra hasan then was beaten to death with a baseball bat sunday as she left a mosque. police described it as road rage incident and say there's no evidence to suggest it was a hate crime. her funeral is tomorrow fresco user nicole johnson in cinnaminson, new jersey, tonight the town fire department host add swearing in ceremony it happened tonight at the community center on manor road. cinnaminson has three career
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firefighter emt's geno's steaks hosting philadelphia men's basketball coach jay wright for a book signing. wright's new book attitude goes behind the scenes to give you a look at the wildcats i was amazing ncaa win. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use that fresco app zen it to our newsroom. >> big step toward bringing medical marijuana to pennsylvania. the state approved the first permits to grow and process part. two are in our area. both in berks county and reading in sinking spring. governor tom wolf signed the medical marijuana program into law last april. should be open for business by early next year. sean bell you are talking baseball with me. >> the phillies making moves and it's about time. they made a bunch of moves in the off season that didn't pay off at all and now they're finally admitting it. i'll tell was needs to be done to make the worst team in
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baseball watchable again. that's next in my sports commentary. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. well, more work coming our way to the schuylkill expressw expressway. tomorrow they'll be working westbound down to one lane between city and 476 crunch time 9:00 to 2:00 use the blue route to get out towards conshohocken working in pottstown, 422 right near route 724 and tomorrow right after the morning rush hour penndot will be working south on 95 in the work zone at allegheny avenue. probably taking out an extra one or two lanes. we only have three to begin with. so a hot mess tomorrow after the rush. we'll check the jam cams. sue has your hump day forec
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♪ i mean the cold hard truth here is that the phillies are pretty hard to watch right now. so how do you fix that? sean bell has got an idea.
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his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ it's hard to admit when you're wrong, right? i know. i know this very well. today the phillies finally did so. michael saunders and gomez designated for assignment which bakely means the phillies are getting rid of them. it's over. both of those guys were supposed to be all star caliber players this year and the phils got dead wrong once again matt chen tack and pete mackanin knew they needed to make this move a month ago. they drag their feet. for some reason they held out hoping these guys would turn it around and that means why the
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phils are the worst team in the league. they can't continue to ignore the obvious they know tear dead wrong op lot of friends. mychal franco isn't a super star. zen him down to the minors and bring up the guys from the minors. patience is always good at some point you have to see what you have especially when you're the wore the team in the league. lucy fans are sick of this status quo and something needs to change. >> all right. thank you sean bell. so grammy award winning artist john legend postponing his camden concert scheduled for thursday night. he took to twitter to apologize to fans and announce he needs to postpone it because he's not feeling well. he's sick. the singer says he's in the process of reschedule link and if you've got a ticket it's still going to be good. just on the new date. so stay tuned for that. >> all righty then. >> we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia". >> that's right. with? >> sue serio. >> and bob kelly. >> for your weather and traffic. got you covered all morning.
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they're a team just like we
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this is good day philadelphia. good morning, happening right now on good day philadelphia, investigators are swarming a bucks county home after a routine warrant turns up a cash of weapons and explosives. this was anything but routine. >> and it is on. philadelphia's district attorney, says, he did not take cash for favors. his mom's nursing home says he didn't care about paying for his own mother. as testimony in seth williams corruption trial moves into day two. >> also ahead this morning, new look, the battle over pennsylvania drivers license takes a turn. what you'll now be issued if you're headed to the dmv. >> and yes, it is finally summer, everybody in the pool. hey, we're hopping in the pool later this morning. we actually are bringing an entire 17-foot pool right down here tow fourth and


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