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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. breakinbreaking news out ofe gate at 11. the search for a teen swept away doctor today's storms is now a recovery effort. the 17 year old was taken a swim with his friends on the first day of summer when a current suddenly swept him away. i'm lucy noland. one of the teens friends desperately tried to save his friend but just couldn't. fox 29's dave kinchen has more from mercer county. >> the current was so heavy like it took him. >> reporter: jared is in shock as the search for his friend the 17-year-old boy takes place from the air with new jersey state police chopper scape scanning around the lake near roebling park in hamilton township, new jersey. >> like i reach out to try to grab limb, but like we were like this and then like since the current was so strong it took him away from my hand. >> reporter: jared he and three other kids were celebrating the beginning of summer and went swimming in
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rowan lake when trouble struck just after a storm rolled rolled through. >> he went down, he was going you under, coming back up gasping for air, going back do down, gasping for air. when he went around the corner i lost sight of him. >> reporter: trenton and other fir responders helped with the search efforts as dives work the lake which connects to set of creeks noon the delaware river. >> we did an exhaustive search a mile to a mile an haver down towards the river. >> jared's mom feared the wore the for her son. >> my boyfriend came home and saw the news. roebling park that the boys were swept away. right away i thought it was jared. i got in the car and got down here. >> reporter: as crews did their work the missing teen's friends tried to stay hopeful a daunting task as each hour passes by. >> i just hope they can find h him. >> reporter: school let out for the summer here in hamilton township, school officials say they will have grief counselors on hand at campus thursday for students who need a place to go. in hamilton township, dave
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kinchen fox 29 news. >> you heard dave talk about the storms and things have cooled down since tonight's storms cleared out. meteorologist kathy orr is here with that first forecast at 11. crazy evening. >> crazy evening. yeah line of severe storms that did not quit from the time they were in our north aren't western suburbs and cleared cape may by 9:00 o'clock tonight they were fast and furious at one time lucy they were moving at a speed of 50 miles an hour and these winds gust to do about 70 miles an hour. right now, it's pretty quiet out there. the temperature is cooled down into the 70s much it's 71 in philadelphia. 81% humidity. so that humidity is up and it's only going to get worse over the next couple of days. it is 56 degrees in the poconos. 68 degrees in trenton. 67 degrees in millville and down the shore after highs around 80 today, we're down to 60s with southerly wind. one mild spot north wildwood at 70 but that southerly wind bringing cooler ocean water only 62 degrees.
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dew points in the 50s are comfortable. so in the poconos it's comfortable but elsewhere in the 60s that's muggy and by tomorrow, it's going to be sticky as temperatures soar to around 99 degrees. on ultimate doppler we are also tracking tropical storm cindy right about to make landfall. late tonight into early tomorrow morning making landfall along the eastern corner of texas with a western corner of louisiana right along that border and it has maximum sustained wind at 5. it will take a turn toward the northeast and be in the tennessee valley by friday. some of the moisture at least the humidity will be moving toward us for the weekend. some showers associated with this. some remnants could get caught up in our weather pattern enhancing our showers over the weekend. we'll keep an eye on that. overnight tonight dry conditions. partly cloudy skies the low temperature skate with westerly win. tomorrow the high temperature 90 with some humidity making it feel somewhat uncomfortable the humidity will really kick in during the day on friday.
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on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, 90 for friday. saturday 86. sunday 85. monday, tuesday and wednesday high temperatures in the 80s but comfortable, lucy, we'll send it back to you. >> very comfortable. thank you very much kathy orr. more drama in the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams in center city's federal court. prosecutors argued that williams took tens of thousands of dollars meant for the care of his own mom to pay his bills. prosecutors accused of williams of taking bribes in return for favors. williams says he didn't do anything wrong. the judge in bill cosby's sexual assault trial released the names of the deadlocked jurors ton night one of them is talking to fox 29. he is part of the 12 member jury who could not come to a unanimous decision regarding cosby's guilt or innocence. fox 29's chris o'connell has the story. >> reporter: after a request by a dozen local and national media outlets the names of the allegheny county jurors in the bill cosby trial are now public. we tried to contact all of them
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to get their take on the high profile trial of one of america's best known entertainers. most jurors are in the case that ended in a mistrial are still keeping quiet after the judge gave strict instructions barring them from discussing actual deliberations. but i did speak on the phone with one juror who asked not to be identified. he tells us deputies showed up at his door today to let him know his name was going public. he says we're pretty much scared to talk because we are afraid we'll all get in trouble. the man tells me, this was his first time being seated on a jury and called the trial quote interesting and emotional. he also stopped short when asked if he thought cosby was guilty. saying, i'm not going to answer that. both the defense and the prosecution were on the same side of this issue. claiming the release of the names could impact finding an impartial jury in cosby's retrial. but in his order, judge o'neill
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wrote, the press has a qualified first amendment right to the names of the jurors in this ca case. but how many of those jurors wanted to convict cosby on three counts of indecent aggravated assault is still not known. neither the prosecution or defense has commented on the release of those names. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> you can call him the shushing bandit. cops say when he hit a south philly store he tried to quite the workers who started to throw a fit. the whole thing is on newly released surveillance video. like almost everything these days, right? and the store owners talking to our dave schratwieser about what went down. >> i see the gun. i see the man hold a gun. my daughter in here. >> reporter: stone owner was stunned when a mask the man came into her family's grocery store in south philly, pulled out gun and began demanding money from her daughter who was behind the cash register. >> i just -- screaming.
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>> in fact pun screamed so loud she started the gunman who put his finger up to his lips and started telling her to be quiet with a shushing gesture. >> he does it in a rather unique fashion. he actually puts his hand over his mouth his finger like a shushing sound and says, something to the effect of shh i'm robbing. >> shushing bandit was wearing halloween mask and robber gloves as he tried to rob the store in the 1400 block of south sixth street. when her husband tried to intervene the robber pointed the gun right at him. >> he tell him get the money. my husband say no business, no money. >> reporter: robber began to panic running around the store motionings for being people to be quiet. he gave up the ill fated stick up and fled empty handed he wore a distinctive aqua colored backpack police hope someone will recognize it. they say despite the peculiar behavior, this is a serious matter. >> i know it's peculiar and may look somewhat humorous because of the gestures and his mannerisms but it's very serious like all robberies. we presume that gun a is a real
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gun. >> reporter: this is the second time that store has been robbed and the owner installed new surveillance cameras. now police are helping that surveillance video will help them put the suspect behind ba bars. at police headquarters, dave schratwiesr, fox 29 news. tonight burlington county community is shaken up after a deadly shooting behind a popular restaurant. police say someone gunned down 26-year-old devon young this morning it happened behind the iron hill brewery on east kings highway in maple shade. young worked at a nearby appliance store. now investigators think the shooter targeted young but they're not sure why. no arrests has of yet. it is a spot built just for children. but the markings some vandals left are x rated. neighbors who are shawnette wilson have been talking with say it's not the first time someone targeted this may ground but it's never been this bad. >> reporter: graffiti caught families in the cool spring tilton park neighbor off guard. >> it's a nice park. >> reporter: randy wright says his six-year-old son kaden plays
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at tilton park almost every day. he was in disbelief over what happened. the words and symbols so vulgar we had to blur them. >> last couple of weeks they have festivals. everything went smooth and then this just happened. >> reporter: vandals hit the park mostly the playground area sometime between saturday night and early sunday morning. >> disgust. i was walking my dog and i noticed it on the bench. >> reporter: nora haass husband nate takes their four-year-old son carl to the park often. nate is the president of the neighborhood association. >> when we came out here on sunday and we saw that, it was like, man, we worked so hard to keep it clean. >> reporter: the neighborhood immediately came out sunday to clean up what they could but the job was too big. they called the city and workers came out to pressure wash the play ground. duran says this has happened sever times before but never has bad as this. >> people in this neighborhood, something like that to happen was essentially really just a kick in the gut. >> reporter: the park doesn't
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have cameras but neighbors say the city is very responsive to vandalism and maintenance i. in wilmington, shawnette wilson, fog 29 news. protecting the people who safe children and animals from hot cars. yeah. that's right. they actually need protection so they don't get sued. >> it's hank. philly is more in love with skateboarding than ever and put its money where it's mouth is. you still angry? hang's take coming up. [ indistinct chatter ]
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♪ pennsylvania lawmakers want to make sure your children and your pets don't get stuck in hot car. today in harrisburg pennsylvania veterinary medical association joined lawmakers to show how to save an over heated animal and they unveiled legislation to help stop that from happening. really by awareness here. similar bill aimed at saving children is also in the legislature right now and they both protect first responders who have to break in a car to save life. leave animal or child in a car you won't be a toil sue their rescuer. bucks county representative frank ferry who's also a firefighter so he knows this stuff first hasn't says a lot of great people have no idea how quickly it can get deadly hot in car. >> they park in the shade. they crack the windows. i'm running in the store for ten minutes everything will be fine. ten minutes later your pet could be dead or have life altering
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injuries so that's really, awareness issue but also making sure our first responders have the proper protocols as well as protections within the law. >> under the legislation you could get cited for leaving a pet in car under condition that is could hurt its health of course you already face all kinds of stuff if you do that with a kid. when it's 85 degrees outside, it can reach 104 in a car in just ten minute. ♪ three, two, one whoo! >> hank i'm at pains park. philly opened up yet another skate park today. you still grousing about this quote unquote fad? my take is sale skateboarding -- a lot of chaos in skateboarding you get hit with a board you fall a lot. sometimes hard. you get back up do it again. then you land something incredible and possible trip out including you. >> whoo! >> it's fun. it's art. >> it's like the world is our
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canvass and we're the painters and we're painting on our canvass. going around having fun and not doing anything wrong. people just having fun with our wooden toys. >> reporter: it wasn't all that way. skaters used to get bad wrap. sometimes they do do. catherine o only o lovell doesn't buy the. opening up a new park in west philly. >> there's some folks that of course might have ideas about skateboarding but for the most part our experience has been when you give them great public spaces they can use it's' fief tour kids and helps them gross as younged difficulties. >> reporter: wednesday was international go 68 day so there was a lot going on. pains park was packed with action. people focused on getting better at skating. not critics. darrell richardson says that critics don't factor into the conversation because they don't understand the sport. >> some people who dope have experiences with it only see skateboarding through the spectrum of it damages property. they're unaware of what skating means to other people because they never had the opportunity for it to touch them the way skate boring touches us.
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>> reporter: they keep wiping out these guys and improving. you can watch them all day. 68 philly is a bass chess does and deeper meaning to it. why do you think kids love it. >> it does beat you up but it teaches you some really great life lessons that you'll have to get up and try again. you'll have to keep going after whatever you want to succeed in. >> reporter: to be honest there's no problem here. at all. >> skateboard sag chance for kid to mix physical activity with clothes, gear, music, a chance to be cool. so if you don't like it after all this time, the skaters, the sport, they don't care. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ you sigh it you shoot it our frescoes users are helping to show what's going on around you. iain what's on tap tonight. >> the rain came down in buckets in norristown earlier today. fresco user jim heck sent us this video you can see the intersection here flooded by that quick downpour. crews were working to restore power to thousands across our
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area. and in the city's rhawnhurst neighborhood jeff myers shows us the damage left behind outside rhawnhurst elementary school. trees snapped in half by those powerful winds that moved through earlier. fresco user who goes by the name of philly news takes us to haverford where you can see a truck ended up on a pick up. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon at township line road and foss avenue. when you she news happening tack out your phone and shoot it and use the app to zen it to our newsroom lucy. >> to your health, gentlemen got little something for you if you plan on having children and want them to embody the traits of, say, um, steve jobs or bill gates. got to wait until you're older. joint study from researchers in london and new york tested 15,000 sets of british twins for what they call geek like traits that comes from long line of proud geeks by the way. these include iq, focus on subjects, social aloofness and level of concern over peer
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acceptance. each child was given geek index and those born to older fathers had the highest geek index sco scores. i'm a proud geek. you're wonderful geek as well. >> well -- >> tom. >> i've never been called that at least on wednesday. thank you for that lucy. >> you're welcome. >> it's a compliment. >> thank you young lady. when it comes to trusting processes like being a geek, i've had enough. but philadelphia sports fans you're going to hear it for quite while. just not with the 76ers. i'll have my thoughts in a couple of minutes. don't touch the remote! trust me. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here bob kelly. good evening, everybody. look out for delays tomorrow up in bensalem route 1 right at street road right by the philly interchange of the pennsylvania turnpike construction delays again tomorrow. penndot is coming back and working west on the schuylkill expressway down to one lane again from 9:00 to 2:00 o'clock. hot mess all day today. plan ahead. the drives or the blue route
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will get you at least out to conshohocken for the gang in chester county working overnight on the 30 bypass the ramps to 202 are closed until 5:00 o'clock. we'll check in with the jam cams. sue has the forecast. i'll see you right here starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning much fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection,
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♪ when it comes to trusting process tom srendenschek says philadelphia you're going to have to hear it for while. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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sixers fans you're hoping against hope the process ends tomorrow night when the 76ers select markelle fultz. years of ago gonysing and tanking reaping the fruits of em bed, saric simmons and fultz your patience about to pay off. phillies fans getting equal amount you need the same dose. baseball has been atrocious sometimes unacceptable in highlights. phillies are 26 games under 500 and i hear fans cry constantly call up the kids. bring them up now. but a plan is in place that can't be rushed. unlike the nba you can actually see the fruit growing in the farm system pun intended. and you can't rush it. you like eating unripened bananas i don't either. there's no greater example what i'm talking about than maikel franco came up in early august in 2015 when the phillies tired
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of cody ashy. franco was not ready and now a core guy you count on might be fade rag your eyes. the numbers have dropped steadily sips 2000 zapped 15. look at them. not only average but in his slugging production. point is the free agency class in 2018 is bountiful. phillies have lot of cash and hopefully farm fruit ripe for the plucking bringing up kids who aren't ready is a down right mistake it may leave you 20 games under 500 instead of 25. pass the champagne. i won't sip it. phillies fans relax and take a really deep breath atrocious one after tonight and trust the process. even if it is by now a copyright infringement. lucy. >> i like the produce references do we get strawberries witness champagne when we are,ing. >> beautiful this time of year. jersey fresh. [ laughter ] >> jersey fresh. love the tomatoes. kim and kanye expanding their family. tmz is roaring they hired
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surrogate and paying her $45,000. 5,000 extra if she has twins. what if she has sextuplets. they have two young children north and saint. kim had trouble with her last pregnancy. doctors advised against another one. the boss is headed to broadway bruce springsteen will perform five nights a week at a theater on the great white way. he's going to perform a paired down version of his rock sets and a more intimate setting now the theater seats less than thousand people five nights a week for eight weeks straight no word yet on tick sales. did you know his son is a lifeguard in wildwood. >> you can't get those tickets. >> why not? >> you better know somebody. >> i know you. is that good enough. >> you're in for two. [ laughter ] >> you'll get us a ripe banana and that's about it. we're back here at 4am for "good day philadelphia".
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harvey: kim kardashian has been dethroned in "paper" magazine because when you look at this guy, there's clearly a new ruler. >> milan christopher, he was formally on "love & hip-hop" decided to go full frontal. the biggest black bar ever created for "tmz." >> oh, my god. >> i love the way he's adjusting his headphones. [laughter] oh, you're looking at that? it's like he can hear it. [laughter] >> kim kardashian is having a third kid and has already hired a surrogate. this surrogate cannot be around cat litter. harvey: cat litter is toxic for pregnant women. >> that is something women have made up to get out of changing the cat litter. >> that's natural balancing, cat woman don't get pregnant. [laughter] >> chanel west coast. charlamagne tha god went on a --


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