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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  June 22, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> it is 4:00, happening naught on good day philadelphia, swept away, day of summer fun turns tragic. as a hamilton township teenager gets carried away by rushing current. now, what began as a rescue, has become a recovery effort. >> and a community on edge, as police are searching for the shooter, who killed a man behind a popular restaurant in south jersey? also ahead this morning, tropical storm cindy. taking aim at the gulf coast. bringing heavy rain and flashflooding, will it impact our weaken here in the delaware valley? >> coming in, rookie year, i i have a pretty high goal for my s i want to be mvp. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we are excited. we're going to have a party today on the show, bringing
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everybody in, it is draft day, and that is guy all of the eyes are on, will the it be with us, ready to trust the process? he said what we are learning about him. >> oh, we have a party every day. great to have you with us on this thursday, right before we started the program, i was like happy friday everyone. >> then you realized? >> wah, wah, wah. >> friday eve. >> there you go, friday junior, love to celebrate every day. >> good morning shall everybody, thursday, ready to go, boom. >> let's do it. >> again, once again, i sit here, what number did i select, that was probably about an hour ago, let's see. >> seven? eight? >> let's look altogether. think we went with eight. >> eight is great. >> i got to change a little pointer. i wish it was a nine. >> and you said eight. >> yes, well, any which. >> one of those days. >> it is morning and we're finished with thunderstorms. we had some rocking and rolling yesterday in the afternoon. a lot of us had severe thunderstorm warnings, a lot of branches down in my
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neighborhood, probably yours, as well, so cleaning up today, start of 70 degrees, westerly breeze at 6 miles an hour, sunrise, 5:33, hate to break it to you, but from here on in now the days will start getting shorter now that we've had the first day of summer which was yesterday. but it is a cool start in mount pocono, with 49 degrees, 67 atlantic city, 69 degrees in wilmington, 64 in lancaster, 72 in cape may. medford lakes at 65 and allentown, 61. so that's when we are starting we should end the day at around 90 degrees, not too, too humid, northerly breeze, but still, 90 degrees is pretty darn hot. we'll tell you what the weaken will be like coming up in just a few minute, bob kelly. >> good morning, it is thursday, 40:00 it, live look here at route 202, as the guys are getting up on the old dump truck there, the bulldozer, it is all part of the paving operation, underway, on the
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overnight. they love the cooler temperatures, cooler, as in 69 . but, it is hot, along 202 and route one, so watch it down to one lane, live look here, they're working on the ben franklin parkway. this is a live look, they got vine st. local blocked here, heading up to the parkway, and then this is that overpass, that they've been working on demolishing, the vine expressway is open this morning, but just heads up, they will shut it down every night next week. so we got to a zero a reprieve the last couple of days, more about that as we move through the weekends, whitemarsh, a a lot of left other, downed trees, storms from last night, close in the words end town, alternate stenton, maple to harleysville ville because after accident, and an investigation along route 55, the northbound lanes are closed at route 40 here in south jersey. we had big delays on the
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regional rails last night because of downed tree and power lines. the fox chase, the paoli, wilmingon, will come back to that, fix that, with a spell check. but we ends the the night last night with delays of about 30, zero minute on these three lines, waiting to hear word from septa how we start the morning rush hour on those couple every lines. and then the route 30 bypass, watch for the ramps to 202, they're still closed until about 5:00 this morning, karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 4:04, to the breaking news at this hour, police have located car in west philadelphia, that was towed, with a seven year old girl inside. it happened around 2:30 this morning, at south 45th street, chestnut street. officers located that car about ten minutes later, at 50th and woodland. they say the girl is doing fine, has no injuries, we're still getting ought of the details in this case as soon as we learn more we will pass an it along to you. >> 4:04 the time right now. developing at this minute, there was a rescue effort that has turned into a recovery effort. sadly, it will resume this
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morning, in hamilton township for a 17 year old who was swept away while he was swimming there with friends. it took a tragic turn. let's get right out to jenny joyce there with the latest on what's happening. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, so these were four teens who were just out celebrating the ends after school year. yesterday was the last day of school. they came down here to the park when excitement turned to panic. four teens, out in rowan lake, in roebling park here in hamilton township. they say their friends was sucked under water by a strong current. the teens were swimming in the lake, after a quick but strong storm rolled through. the hamilton fire department responded and began their search, the new jersey state police searched from the air, while five dive teams entered the water. after four hours, in the water, the rescue mission turned into a recovery mission that got called off after dark, boy swimming with the missing teen tells us he tried his best to grab hold of the 17 year old, who cannot swim. his hold was not strong enough
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and horror set in. >> the current was so heavy that like it took him, and kind of like tried to grab him, but like we were like this, and then like since the current is so strong it took him away from my hand. then he went down, he was like going under, gasp for air, coming down, going back down, gasp for air. then around the corner i lost site of him. >> hamiltohamilton township swit water rescue team quickly dispatched on scene in three minute. approximately 12 firefighters entered the water to start an investigative search for the child. it is considered a recovery operation. all operations for the fire department has stopped due to lighting. and concerns for the safety of the firefighters. >> crews will resume the recovery mission this morning when the sun comes up, even though the school year is over, grief counselors through hamilton school district will be available to students as they try to digest this difficult news. karen, thomas? >> that it is, jenny, thank
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you. 4:07. investigators still searching for the suspect who shot 64 year old man in the head outside a home in ogontz, it happened yesterday afternoon along the 2,000 block of spencer street. that man is in critical condition this morning at einstein medical center. neighbors identified the victim as long time local musician. >> very sad. very sad. and in shock that this happened in this neighborhood. this is a nice neighborhood. i been living here all my life. just sad. you know, rick's been a friends all my life. so i don't know what to say. >> that man says the victim used to play drums outside of the sport complexes in south philadelphia. no word yet on motive for the shooting. also, still no arrests in a deadly shooting behind a popular burlington county restaurant, 26 year old devon young was gunned down right there behind the iron hill brewery, over on east kings highway maple shade yesterday. he worked at a nearby appliance store. investigators think the shooter specifically targeted
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the victim, but they have not said why. >> a juror in the bill cosby sexual assault trial explains his experience as an emotional roller coaster. judge released the names every all 12 jurors, gave them strict instructions barring them from discussing actual deliberations. some of the jurors agreed speak to the media off camera. two hold-out reportedly refuse to convict cosby after 52 hours of tense, deliberations. one juror said they weren't moving, no matter what. montgomery county prosecutors are planning to retry the case after the jury dead-locked on saturday. >> it is day four in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams, yesterday a nursing home executive wrapped up testimony. she told jurors that she spent months frying to collect more than $20,000 from williams, for his mother's care. prosecutors are trying to prove that williams took bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars, in return for favors. williams maintains he did nothing wrong. >> philadelphia police right
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now are taking really good hard look at their policies and practices after they inadvertently released accused rapist. happened tuesday when police were transport that guy, russell allen bryant. he was going from one of the prisons over to the 18th district headquarters for arraignment on unrelated theft case. somehow that paperwork from the two cases got separated, and they released him on the lesser charge. he was freed for about 16 hours. until officers caught up with him yesterday. >> all right, 76ers fans, get ready. hopefully we can rejoice, it is draft day, and philadelphia has the number one pick. it is no surprise who they're going to select here. sabrina car coast live in south philadelphia, it is not you, is it? >> reporter: i wish, i think i'm a little too short for that. this guy probably has a foot and a half on me. but markle fultz, remember that name, write it down, write it on your arm, this is the kid that philly fans say that they have been waiting for, and he just turned, get
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this, guys, 19. when i say 19, he turned 19 literally a month ago. so let's take a look at video. here he is. again, he used to be a university of washington point guard. he only played for a season before declaring for the draft. he is of course generating a lot of buzz on social media, fans who say that they've trusted the process all along, say they've reason to finally be thrilled, so there is a lot riding on this. now, here is markle talker talking at a media event earlier this week. >> i think it already more off court, just keeping the people not for me away, and just try to get stuff from me. that will be the biggest challenge. stuff on the court is hard work and dedication. so literally on the court i don't think it will be any big adjustment. >> so you can tell he's already got his head in the game there. the nba draft at 7:00 in brooklyn, at the barkley center. by the way, he also signed a shoe deal with nike. so, he's already gearing up. so again, sixers, they have
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the number one draft pick, and this kid is expected to be it, we'll all see tonight, guys, back to you. >> getting ready. trust the process of, sabina, thank you. >> we have to show this crime. always like a dumb criminal report. this is one of those. a crime that failed to leave the victim's speechless. >> yep, coming up next here on "good day" philadelphia, the would be robber being dubbed the shush bandit for trying to quiet his victims. >> shush, shush. don't make any noise. >> also making a lot of noise, lashing out, tropical storm cindy closing in on the gulf coast, but very heavy rains and flashflooding. i already hear you, bob kelly. >> i hear you, i can hear it in my ear, i can hear it as we go for a ride. 202, they're working, route 30, the lanes to 202, right here, in chester county. some construction on the overnight. come on, open up that front door. it is thursday, looking live at the ben franklin parkway. sue has your thus, and your weekend forecast, when we come right back.
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>> storm expected to approach the coast, moved inland around daybreak, heavy rains forecasted for part every louisianna, mississippi and alabama. >> so, they're going to be watching all of that, of course, they already had the power outages there, been a lot of areas really hard hit,
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prompting the governor of louise ann, a john, to declare state of emergency, for that state. >> last year this those two storms, most of the injuries, and certainly the deaths, occurred when individuals tried to drive across flooded roadways, not worth it, just don't take a chance and try to drive across high water. >> we had problems during hurricane rita. when the water came into our house, and we had to gut our rear bath, so just don't want to have to go through that this time. we want to shake sure we're prepared you. >> don't want to take any chances here. alabama's governor has also declared a state-wide emergency, and a ten year old boy died. he was struck and killed yesterday, by a log that washed ashore from the storm surge. >> and we have som some news. giant tree, in the logan section of philadelphia, it ripped up the sidewalk, when it came out. this is over on wind ram avenue. that will was just one of many that came down.
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this one, toppled on to the rodeway inn rhawnhurst right there, came through around 5:00 when they came whipping in. the city mayfair section, a lot of cars on the 6,000 block every charles street that were damaged when a tree came down in that area. >> yes, sue serio, i know you will be watching the storms very closely, as they move through. >> right. we have another round of course set for tomorrow. i think today will probably be okay. but we're also keeping an eye on cindy, the tropical storm, with 45-mile an hour winds, this is the 5:00 a.m. update. it is 65 miles a i weigh from lake charles, louisianna. so just about ready to make landfall, as you heard earlier. by daybreak, that should be happening. so really it is not the wind that's a problem as much as of course 45-mile per hour winds are pretty strong, but it is the rain, and the storm surge, that causes the most problems with the storm like. >> this and you see, it taking a northeasterly direction, by
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friday, it is in tennessee, we'll see where it decides to go after that. so far it is not really threatening our weekend forecast. but stay tuned. so lots and lots of rain moving in to the gulf coast area. for us, weaver just couple of isolated showers to show you, just here, in south philadelphia. waterford, in new jersey, just couple of isolated storms popping up. that should probably be it. it is tonight into tomorrow, that we see another system coming through, and this one, looks like it will be with us all day long, on friday, and initially we thought it might just be an afternoon event. it, like we'll have rain in the morning, rain again in the afternoon, and another round moving in early in the day on saturday. this model shows everything clearing out by noon on saturday, so you may be able to salvage the second half of saturday. looks rain toy start, to start the weekends. 70 degrees in philadelphia, right now, it is cool in a lot of places, 64 lancaster, only 61 allentown, and 49 degrees,
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chilly, in mount pocono. sixty-nine in wildwood, winds are kind of -- the direction all over the place, but we don't have breezy conditions this morning. it is kind of calm. eighty-five is our normal high. we were little closer to that yesterday with a high of 87. and today, we expect to make it to 89 or 90, and then those showers and thunderstorms on friday, into saturday morning, by sunday it, looks like, we do dry out, and it the early part of next week looks great with temperatures right around 80 degrees, and probably low humidity, as well. bob? >> sue, 4:18. good morning, everybody, of course you can always get sue's forecast on the radio, more fm. and then we go for a ride. problems on route 55, northbound, route 55, closed, between vineland, actually, approaching the vineland and route 40 interchange. overturned tractor-trailer, sounds like a nazi situation,
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but northbound lanes of 55 closed at the vineland end change, if you are getting ready to leave the house right now, route 47 is going to be your best bet. we have got a news van on the way to the scene. we'll bring you the pictures as soon as they arrive. in bordentown new jersey a lot of leftovers from all of the storms last night, route 130, attunes mill road closed with downs wires, in while marsh, malitia hill road closed, joshua road, with downed trees, stenton avenue the best bet there. up in lower sal fond, closed maple over to harleysville. one more day of this closure, 495, the expansion joint project, the southbound side only one lane open, so if you are headed through wilmington today you want to use i-95, and they're coming back, again, penndot will work on the schuylkill, right after the rush hour, so if you are leaving the city today be prepared for only one lane between city avenue and the blue route starting at 9:00 a.m., karen, thomas, back to you. >> 4:19. over on capitol hill, top
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senate republicans puppet g finals touches on the plan to dismantle obamacare. gop senate will unveil revised healthcare bill today. vote could come next week. rapid pace has many democrats and republicans fuming over the gop leadership's decision to craft a bill behind closed doors without any public debate. >> there is some good news this morning, for the congressman shot while practicing for a baseball game. congressman steve scale east's condition has been upgrade today fair. meanwhile the fbi says the gunman did not have a specific target in mind, when he shot the louisianna congressman, and several other last week in alexandria, virginia. the fbi says 66 year old james hodgkinson, you saw him moment ago, acted alone and had no connections to the terror group to any terror groups. hodgkinson died after being shot by police. >> also, take a look at this guy, shush, shush, please, please don't scream. that's actually what happened when the robbery victims there started to scream, and that guy tries to quiet them down.
4:21 am
didn't work. the screams scared him off. police released the store surveillance video that captures the whole thing. our dave schratwieser talked to one of the workers about those moments. >> i see the gun. i see the man hold a gun. my daughter in here. >> store owner was stunned when a mask man came into her family's grocery store in south philly, pulled out a gun, and began demanding money from her caught here was behind the cash register. >> i just -- >> in fact, she screamed so loud, she started the gunman who put his finger to up his lips and started telling her to be quiet, with a shush gesture. >> he do cents it in a rather unique fashion, he actually put his mouth, in like a shush sounds, something to the effect shush, i'm robbing you. >> the shush bandit wearing halloween mask and rubber gloves as he tried to rob the store in the 1400 block every south sixth street. she said when had he husband tried to intervene the robber
4:22 am
pointed dollars the gun right at him. he tells him get the money. my husband say no money. >> the robber began to panic, running around the store, motioning for people to be quiet. then he gave up the ill-fated stick up and fled empty-handed. he wore a distinctive acqua colored back pack. police hope someone will recognize it, they say, despite the peculiar behavior this is a serious matter. >> i know it is peculiar, may look somewhat humerous because of the gestures and his mannerisms, but very serious like all robberies, we presume that gun is a real gun. >> this is the second time that store has been robbed, and the owner has installed new surveillance cameras. now, police are helping that surveillance video, will help them put the suspect behind bars. at police headquarters, dave schratwieser, "fox 29 news." >> all right, dave, thank you. >> it is 4:22, you know the times we live in right now, see all of the commercials on the news, people sue over absolutely everything nowadays. >> so, should police be able to break your car windows, if there is a child or padlock inside? what do you think?
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we just got the keys to our new house! we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry
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do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
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>> goods morning, i'm tom sredenschek. the nba draft coming up tonight in brooklyn, the sixers will be on the clock about 7:30 in the pick with the draft. this is the player the sixers expected to take: nineteen year old guard markelle fultz for the university of washington. a player who believes you have to trust the process, but not in the way you might think. >> me, i got cut from jv. so staying at the same high
4:26 am
school, big thing back home, just trust the process, not transferring schools. i didn't really know about the saying trust the pros necessary philly until my senior year going onto college. i saw lot of basketball, i seen all of the treats about it. i thought i came up with it at first, i found that out, so that's pretty good. >> phillies and cardinals last night at the bank. phillies have fa five-four lead in the ninth until this. hector gives up game tying homer to tommy pham. the pick off, joe em embiid don't even catch. winning run scores. herrera ran through a stop sign. was thrown out at the plate. it was a mess. phils lose. that's sport in a minute, i'm tom sredenschek. >> good morning, everybody, they got the ferris wheel all lined up, and ready to go down there in wildwood. what's the traffic jam tune that get you bouncing around the kitchen this morning? put it up thereon social media. use the hashtag
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trafficjamz. we got your lottery numbers, all of that and more when we come right back. pro tip for fruit lovers: giant has unbelievable produce prices. so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices.
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it's time that we bring addicand into the light.kness to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone. it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now. pro tip: gianraspberries for prices on produce. john... strawberries for amy... what's a jicama? thanks! take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. >> day in the water takes a
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tragic turn, 17 year old boy missing right now after a swim with friends. >> also, ahead this morning, vandals take aim at a kids playgrounds again. some of the graffiti so awful, well, let's just say we can't show it to you. parents, they have a lot to say about this one. >> and it is draft day. sixers selection, we got the number one pick, so there is is the guy we all want. >> and we all want it to happen. this is going to be the year. great to have you with us on this thursday, 4:30, thomas drayton with karen hepp, the introduction of bob kelly. good morning be bob. >> good morning, everybody. >> that guy will have your traffic in just a moment. sue serio, good morning. >> i guess we could call this a first full day of summer, because summer came half hour into the day yesterday. but the point is, it is going to be very summary today, very warm, but not as stormy as it was yesterday, in the afternoon. a eight out of ten. a couple of isolated storm, showers popping up throughout the area, but they're real
4:31 am
quick, so no big deal. 70 degrees in philadelphia. sunrise, 5:33, same as it was yesterday. the lent of the day will be about the same as it was yesterday, but little by little those days will be getting shorter now that the first day of summer has already happened. anyway, 70 degrees in philadelphia, but 49 in mount pocono. 62 degrees in reading, and lancaster at 64. down the shore we've got 70 degrees to start your day in ocean city, new jersey, north wildwood, 71, going inland to cinnaminson it is 65 . we'll be mid 80s by lunchtime, so that will be warm, we will be hot by the end of the day, and probably top off around 09 d today. we're saving that for tomorrow, along with showers and thunder storms be bob kelly. we will break it down for you coming up. >> more thunder boomers, a lot of leftovers from last night's storms, as we roll through the morning, 4:31, morning, lower salford main street closed over to harleysville pike, a look at the accident, police
4:32 am
still on the scene, they got the horses up here blocking that stretch of main street. there is also a nasty accident, involving an overturned tractor-trailer along route 55. let's go to video from the news van when we arrived on the scene this overturned tractor-trailer, look like dump truck here, spilling the contents, un for the lip, it turned fatal. an accident involving that dump truck and another vehicle. so with the accident, the investigation, you can see here, all northbound lanes every route 55, closed right now, and this is -- they have everything closed at the vineland inch change, which is exit 35. the accident itself, if we can come back to the maps, is right between vineland and route 40. so it is in this stretch here. so if you are headed north, from, say, south jersey, you're going to be pushed off at the vineland interchange. you can use route 47 as the alternate. also, up in boards end town, downed wires from last night, blocking route 130 at d un ns
4:33 am
mill road. back to you. >> 4:33, here, the recovery effort resumes this morning, in hamilton township, for 17 year old, swept away while swim withing friends, jenny joyce, on the scene in hamilton township, new jersey this morning. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas. so this is the 17 year old who cannot swim. but he was here at this lake, when yesterday, he was pulled under water by a strong current, that's when all four teens new they were in trouble. emergency crews were called to rowan lake in rower bling park, after a storm rolled through, which meant the water was a little roughed up. four teens, from hamilton township, were at the lake, celebrating an ends to the school year, when their excitement turned to panic, and one of the four was sucked away, fire crews responded and combed the marsh that leads to the delaware river. new jersey state police searched from the air, and dive teams entered the water, but after four hours, and no success, the rescue turned into a recovery mission. that got called off after dark. a boy who was swimming with
4:34 am
the missing teen tells us that he tried his best to grab hold of the 17 year old when he got pulled away, that boy's mom says as soon as she heard about the rescue, she rushed to the park thinking it was her son, who was missing. >> i got ahold of james' mom. and jared was safe with james' mom. the other two boys, i wasn't sure of, and then the one boy, like i said, they're still searching for him. i just hope they can find him. >> i feel like maybe he shouldn't have gone in. we shouldn't have gone in. >> so even though the school year is over, grief counselors through the hamilton school district will be available for student as they try to deal with the news. crews will continue that recovery mission once the sun comes up. karen, thomas? >> heart breaking scene, jenny, thank you. 4:34 now. it is a spot built just for children, but marking some vandals left, they're pretty x-rated. >> fox 29's shawnette wilson talked with some neighbors who say it is not the first time someone has target in the
4:35 am
playgrounds. let's just say it has never been this bad. >> reporter: graphic graffiti caught families in the cool spring tilt on park neighborhood off guard. >> it is a nice park. >> reporter: he says his six year old son place at tilt on park almost every day. he was in disbelief over what happened. the words and symbols so vulgar, we had to blur them. >> last couple weeks they had festivals, everything went smooth, and then this just happened. >> vandals hit the park mostly the playground area, sometime between late saturday night and early sunday morning. they also doused swings and sliding boards with paint. >> disgust. i was walking my dog. i noticed it on the bench. >> reporter: nora's husband nature takes their four year old son carl to the park often. he's also president of the neighborhood association. >> when we came out here sunday and we saw that, it was like, man, we work so hard to keep it clean. >> the neighborhood immediately came out sunday to clean up what they could. but the job was too big. they called the city and workers came out to pressure wash the playgrounds.
4:36 am
did your and the says this has happened several times before, but never as bad as this. >> people in this neighborhood, we work so hard. for something like that it happen essentially just a kick in the gut. >> reporter: they say the city very responsive to these issues. shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." >> the time right now 4:36. it is finally here. having a party on the show. there is lot of parties in our city tonight because it is draft day for all of of course basketball and our 76ers. we're so excited. have the number one pick, sabina. >> reporter: yes, that's right. and we know that all of the fans, especially on social media, they've been saying that this is it, this is what they've trusted the process for. they're ready for tonight. now, let's take a look, this is who all eyes are on. his name is markelle fultz. he's 19 years old, karen, if you can believe it. university of washington point guard. and he's going to be expected to be the number one pick, in
4:37 am
tonight's draft. and of course the sixers have the number one pick. so here he is talking about his reaction to the sixers trading up to get that number one pick which means more than likely by the end of the night fultz will be putting on a sixers jersey. >> something i've been dreaming of since i was a kid. finally had a chance, i went to go work out, hopefully i get drafted by them, so -- >> reporter: all right, so, he's already looking forward to coming to philly. so the draft is tonight, 7:00 at the barkley center in brooklyn. >> this kid's already got shoe deal by the way. coming up in a half hour, i have to tell you there is kid, he was working out with the sixers, the other day. he still has got a little bit to learn about philly, if he's going to come here. you won't believe the fopaux he committed talking about the draft coming up. you'll want to hear t he's 19, it is forgivable. but we have a lot to teach him when he comes to our sit.
4:38 am
>> i hopefully he's a fast learner, sabina. 4:37 right now. flashing your boarding pass, your phone at the airport, becoming a thing of the past. >> yes, forget about that confirmation code. one airline says you're pretty face is your confirmation.
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4:40 am
>> time is 4:41, stabbing every a police officer at airport in flint michigan being investigated this morning as an act of terrorism. >> no indication at this time
4:41 am
that the suspect was involved in a wider plot, but they do know he acted with some malace. they say lieutenant jeff neville is in stable condition after being stabbed in the neck, at the bishop international airport. the suspect's name is patoi from canada, originally from tunisia, in custody, the fbi said he said something about americans killing people in syria, iraq, after began stand during the attack. also getting words that police in canada are searching an apartment in montreal. they say three people staying at that home have been take never for questioning. will remain in custody until a bond hearing on wednesday. >> more gut wrenching video from minnisota the police involved shooting death of fill and -- philando castile. >> put in the back of a squad car, we can just show, obvious heart break in the situation, take a look. >> i don't want you to get
4:42 am
shooting. >> okay. my phone just died. >> traumatic for everyone involved. specially, that little girl right there, the dash cam video of the actual shooting, it was released yesterday, showing the moment the officer approached catille's car and then opened fire, that officer was acquitted last week, sparking protests around the twin cities. >> time now 4:42. still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia: delaware officials weighing whether to raise taxes there. >> also, coming up: we want to show you, little bird brain, high flying thief, taking away the spoils from that fisherman, he has a fishtail on that.
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fill and dough
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>> man sucker punched by group every teens on germantown avenue. the incident unfolding earlier this month. now, something unexpected is happening to mark smith. see the flyers, they're stepping in, in a big way, to pretty much say that they'll not tolerate any type of bullying. >> i love our fly guys, i love when something good happens to somebody, can certainly use it, so tom sredenschek has this great story. >> ♪ >> it was a day mark won't soon forget. he had the chance to spends a day with the flyers, and they had a chance to put a smile on
4:46 am
his face. >> two of our players want to meet you here. >> hey, how is it going? >> chance to meet them, to get his own autographed signed jersey and other goodness sport filled with wins and losses, today, was a win-win. >> it is awesome. i mean, good to have him in here, smiling, ear to ear, just giving him his jersey. he really lovers his jerry? but the other flyers stuff won't be in mark's house for long. that's to understand mark smith. make it harder to understand, why anyone would hurt him. >> the thing that caught me off guard the most was how he said right away, he didn't want any of the stuff. he wanted to give it to little kids, make them just as happy as he was today. i think that really struck me inside. >> great story there, the orange and black. we've got a problem on route 55 in south jersey. northbound lane every route 55, closed at the vineland interchange, all because after nasty fatal accident that happened on the overnight.
4:47 am
if we have the video, we can roll t it is an overturned dump truck that route 55 northbound just north of exit number 35, between exit 35 vineland, and route 40. so that stretch there is closed where the accident occurred, all traffic being forced off at the vineland interchange, and from there, you can use route 47 to reconnect. looks like it will be out there for most of the morning rush hour. another accident, main street at maple avenue. here is a live look at this accident scene, again, police blocking main street at maple in harleysville. watch for some local detours this morning, double bubble today. we got phillies playing an afternoon game at 1:05, then john legends across the river in camden tonight, at 8:00. so, both of those events are going to throw a lot of extra volume in what would normally be an afternoon and evening rush hour. so just be prepared for that. one more day of this 495 project, crews down in del
4:48 am
dot, repairing the expansion joint along 495. so only one lane is open at exit number three. if you are headed into wilmington today, you want to use i-95 through the rush hour. the turnpike crews still working out couple of spots, ft. washington, valley forge, also working on the northeast extension near lansdale. how hot is it going to get? the sun coming back out today? sue has the answer in 15 seconds. >> they call it the business person's special, it is the phillies and cardinals this afternoon, maybe they'll salvage the last game of the series, today, starts at 1:00, and the important thing to remember, if do you have ticket to the game today, is bring your sunscreen, it will be very warm, we will be at 85 by game time, and that's at 1:00. so we will top off at
4:49 am
90 degrees, and that will happen during the game. we've got tropical storm cindy just about ready to make landfall, in southern louisianna, you see the circulation around the eye of the storm. but the outer bands, produce ago lot of rain to the south of us, for us, right now, just a couple of pop up showers with very weak system, that's nearby, that is expected to dissipate pretty soon. but around evesham, you may see little sprinkle or two this morning, as far as the future cast is concerned, we see some rain rolling in late tonight into tomorrow. some of this is associated by friday afternoon into saturday. some of this is associated with remnants of tropical storm cindy, which by saturday will be close enough to kind of hook up with a system that was going to come through in the morning anyway. but it, does look like by saturday, it is only morning rain, and that it clears out by the afternoon. that's the way it is looking so far anyway. 70 degrees in philadelphia, right now, 49 mount pocono, 63
4:50 am
lancaster, 69 in wildwood. so off to a pretty decent start. it is rather comfortable out there this morning, not too breezy, winds are calm, and 85 our average hi, pretty close to average yesterday, high of 87. but well above today. we will probably get close to or reach 90 degrees, tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms, looks like they'll be with us in the morning and in the afternoon, on and off, not continuously throughout the day, and then the morning rain on saturday with mid 80s, sunshine in the afternoon. sunday looks terrific with high of 83 degrees. by early next week, we are just a little bit below average, with comfortable temperatures, around 79 or 80, monday, tuesday, and wednesday. thomas and karen? >> for the next couple every days just keep that umbrella next to you. just strap it to your hip, right? >> right. >> thank, sue. with summer officially here, pennsylvania lawmakers want to make sure that your children and your pet don't get stuck in those hot cars. >> so they brought all of the pet right there in their arms, made some announce.
4:51 am
because if there is a child or pet in a hot car, rescuers would like to have them saved. now there is a law that says that you cannot sue the person that's rescuing your pet or child when they break your window. now there is one ledge later, he's also a fire fight fresh our area, and he says people just don't realize how hot it can get. >> they park in the shade. they crack the windows. i'm running in the store for ten minutes, everything will be fine. well, ten minute later your pet could actually be dead or could have life altering injuries. so that's really the awareness issue but also making sure our first responders have the proper protocols, as well as protection within the law. >> also, you can be cited for leaving your pet in the car in conditions that could harm their health. here is the thing, when it is 58 degrees outside, it can reach 104 in your car in just ten minute. >> taking a look at your money news right now, consider this is a sign of some high-tech times. girl scouts will soon be able to earn badges in cyber security. starting next year they can
4:52 am
earn up to 18 new badges in this field. so if you have a cyber crime, call a girl scout. will learn about on line security, to encourage girls to pursue carreers in the tech industry. >> so far ahead what i learned in the boyscouts, that block car and race, never get that down. >> your face could soon be, mike always says, this is my reservation, her to is my rsvp, well, that could be your rsvp when going to the airport. >> sorry it, won't get you very far. delta airlines is the airline, debuting self-serve kiosk for checking bags in at minneapolis st. paul international. one of them uses facial recognition technology to match photos one their passport photos. only for checking in bags, and don't replace the security lines, still have to show your i.d. but you can also print your tags at the self serve kiosk for your bags. >> how about that one? oh, everybody in the pool. >> oh, we kicked summer off with a little pool party yesterday. right? if you didn't get a chance to join us, don't worry.
4:53 am
your pool time is about to come.
4:54 am
daily hair damagen stop before it happens ...with these roses. one is treated with dove. both are exposed to damaging heat. the rose without dove is dry and brittle. dove deeply nourishes and stops 90% of
4:55 am
daily hair damage before it happens. is thno, it's, uh, breyers gelato indulgences. you really wouldn't like it. it's got caramel and crunchy stuff. i like caramel and crunchy stuff. breyers gelato indulgences. it's way beyond ice cream. >> so many fun thing continuation for to you do, swim classes, play time, little bit of information our public pools. zero seven of them all over our city, indoor and outdoor, will be opening this week. eight of them will open today,
4:56 am
will be open every day of the week. for additional fun for one specific area, murphy rec center, new playgrounds. >> take a look at this right here. stunning video this morning of the moment a bald eagle swoops right onto a fishing boat, bamm, you saw it, still piece of salmon, in british columbia a we'll slow it down to you, guy on board said he was filming the eagle flying around well, got little hungry, it was easy catch. took it. and he flew away. >> can you imagine being that close to a raptor? >> it is 4:56 right now. a lot of breaking news, a lot of stories we're covering from overnight. let's get out to jenny joyce with one of them. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, teen went missing during swim here at rowan lake at roebling park. the latest coming up. do you really use head & shoulders?
4:57 am
4:58 am
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4:59 am
>> this is "good day philadelphia". >> happening right now, on good day philadelphia, a day of summer fun, in the water, turns tragic. >> the desperate search to find a teen swept away in rushing water, now becomes a recovery effort. >> we now know who was on the jury for the cosby case. what we are learning about the mistrial. >> it is draft day in the 76ers have the number one pick, they're expected to select markelle fultz.
5:00 am
>> i got a pretty high goal for myself. i want to be mvp. the process? er. >> toy bed, early to rise, not so much for teenagers, the new study that says what time they should be hitting the sack. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. start right now. >> oh, teens, if you even figure it out, let us know. can't get the whole sleeping thing down. if you're up this thursday, apparently you are if you are watching us, get out every bed, get the day going. good morning, car glenn the sun's up. beautiful day. i'm excited because there is a day baseball game at the ballpark today, sue serio. what's the forecast going to be like? >> looking pretty hot for the afternoon. let's hope the phillies bats heat up, and we can salvage a little game of the series with the cardinals. we've got a warm afternoon for you. we've got eight out of ten, we have bus stop buddy in the backyard, hoping his eclair doesn't -- yell, it is national chocolate eclair day. so it is a little cooler than yesterday


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