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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 22, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i got a pretty high goal for myself. i want to be mvp. the process? er. >> toy bed, early to rise, not so much for teenagers, the new study that says what time they should be hitting the sack. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. start right now. >> oh, teens, if you even figure it out, let us know. can't get the whole sleeping thing down. if you're up this thursday, apparently you are if you are watching us, get out every bed, get the day going. good morning, car glenn the sun's up. beautiful day. i'm excited because there is a day baseball game at the ballpark today, sue serio. what's the forecast going to be like? >> looking pretty hot for the afternoon. let's hope the phillies bats heat up, and we can salvage a little game of the series with the cardinals. we've got a warm afternoon for you. we've got eight out of ten, we have bus stop buddy in the backyard, hoping his eclair doesn't -- yell, it is national chocolate eclair day. so it is a little cooler than yesterday to start with
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temperatures kind of on either side of the 60s, and we see an isolated shower here and there. we will show that you next time. but it is really not a big deal. it is 07 degrees in philadelphia with calm winds. and 5:33, still our sunrise time, and now that we've had the summer solsus, days are starting -- going to start getting a little shorter. you won't notice it right away. 48 degrees mount pocono, very chilly up there. 70 degrees in wildwood to get started. trenton has 63. reading, 62. headed to the shore, cape may point is 70 degrees. inland, mullica hill is 64. so, plan on a mix every sunday and clouds throughout the day today. we will either get close to or reach 90 degrees, but we're not starting a heatwave because we have some changes coming and some rain on the way as well. we will tell when you all of that happens coming up in the seven day forecast. bob kelly, good morning. >> hey, sue, good morning shall everybody, 5:01, we begin with a fatal dump truck accident that has route 55 shutdown here in vineland.
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let's roll some video from the news van, when we pulled up on the scene, this overturned dump truck occurred northbound lanes of route 55, between vineland and route 40. now, state troopers, emergency crews, are still out there on the scene. the clean up, and the investigation, at least lasting through the beginning of our morning rush hour, again, the northbound lanes of 55 closed. they're pushing all traffic off at vineland, which is exit 35. the accident occurred a little further up near route 40. so if you get off at vineland, you can pick up route 47 from there, or any of the other side roads through the townships, but again, the northbound lanes of 55, closed, for at least the start of our morning rush hour. another accident, lower val forward, main street closed at maple. here is the accident scene here. police blocking the roadways. so some local detours, in bordentown, some left over from last night downed wires along route 130 at dunns mill road. same, whitemarsh, malitia hill
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shutdown at joshua road. debris, downed trees, branches, maybe trash can lids blowing all over the place, and as sue mentioned, phillies afternoon game, 1:05, that will lever us with some extra volume during the lunchtime hour, and then bamm instant traffic jam when the game is over. then john legend picking up the guitar, playing across the river here in camden tonight. that will will give us extra volume. both event today into and out of the city up and down the i-95 corridor. karen, thomas, back to you. >> 5:03, to the breaking news at this hour. police have located a car in west philadelphia that was towed with a seven year old girl inside. it happened around 2:30 this morning at south 45th street in chestnut street. officers located that car about ten minute later at 50th . they say the girl is doing fine this morning, has no injuries. we have a crew on the scene, gathering more details. we'll have a live report coming up in just a movement. >> 5:03. a day of summer fun took real
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tragic turn when a 17 year old boy disappeared while swimming with friends. our jenny joyce is there at the scene where they'll have people out there once again today. jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen. so apparently these four teens were celebrating an end to the school year yesterday was the last day of school for hamilton township when their excitement turned to panic. four teens out in rowan lake here in roebling park, not far from trenton, they say their friends was sucked under, strong current, swimming in the lake after quick but strong storm rolled through. the hamilton fire department responded and began their search. the new jersey state police searched from the air while dive teams enters the water. after four hours in the water the rescue mission turned into a recovery operation. that got called off after dark. a boy who was swimming with the missing teen tells us he tried his best to grab hold of the 17 year old who can't swim. his hold was not strong enough. and horror set in. >> the current was so heavy, like it took him, and i
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reached out to try to grab him, but like we were like this, and then since the current so strong it, took him away from my hand. then he went down, he was like going under, gasp for air, go back down, gasp for air. then he went around the corner, i lost site of him. >> the hamilton township swift water rescue team was quickly dispatched. approximately 12 firefighters enters the water to start an investigative search for the child. it is considered a recovery operation. all operations for the fire department has stopped due to lighting. and concerns for the safety of the firefighters. >> crews will resume that recovery effort later this morning. even though school is no longer in session, hamilton township school district says that it will have grief counselors on hand, on campus, for anybody who needs to go to talk to someone as they try to digest this difficult news. karen, thomas? >> it is going to be tough emotional morning, jenny, thank you.
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5:05, investigators still searching for the suspect who shot a 64 year old man in the head. outside a home in ogontz, it happened yesterday afternoon. this is along the 2,000 block of spencer street. that man in critical condition this morning at einstein medical center. neighbors identified the victim as a long time local musician. >> very sad, very sad, and in shock that this happened in this neighborhood. this is a nice neighborhood. i've been living here all my life. just sad, you know, rick's been a friend all my life. so i don't know what to say. >> that man says the victim used to play drums outside of the sports complex in south philadelphia, no word yet on motive for that shooting. >> still no arrests in a deadly shooting behind a popular restaurant in burlington county. we do know that the victims name is devon young, 26 years old, gun down behind the iron hill brewery.
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he worked at appliance store. investigators think the shooter targeted the victim but they've not released why. >> a juror in the bill cosby sexual assault trial describes his experience as an emotional roller coaster. a judge released the names of all 12 jurors, we told but that yesterday. he gave them strict instructions, barring them from discussing actual deliberations. some of the jurors, they agreed speak to the media off camera. they say two hold-out reportedly refused to convict cosby after 52 hours of tense deliberations. one juror said they weren't moving. no matter what. montgomery county prosecute remembers planning to retry that case after the jury dead-locked on saturday. >> it is day four in the corruption trial of philadelphia da seth williams. yesterday a nursing home executive wrapped up testimony. she told jurors she spent month trying to collect more than 20 from williams for his mother's care. prosecute remembers trying to prove that williams took bribes, worth tens every thousands of dollars, in
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return, for favors. williams maintains he did nothing wrong. >> police in philadelphia are taking a good look at what went wrong after they inadvertently released accused rapist t all happened on tuesday when police were transport that guy, russell allen bryant, from a prison to the 18th district headquarters, being rained on different case. somehow the paperwork between the two cases got separated and they released him because just looking at the lesser charge. he was free for about 16 hours, until he turned himself in with two police. a new season, new players, and new outlook for 76ers, and their fans, today of course, is nba draft day. sixers get the league's number one draft pick, choice, top one, markelle fultz, guard from the university of washington. in addition to players like ben simmons, joel embiid, philadelphia is building up it roster with young, talented starters, of course, coming offer of the losing era. sixers fans are hopeful the
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team will rebounds and have a winning season. all right, right now, 5:09. just clicking over. we've got a pretty big tropical storm cindy is threatening the gulf. >> still ahead this morning, the tropical storm churns toward land bringing heavy rain and whipping winds. we'll have a live report from the area coming up in just a moment. >> plus: pour on that salad dressing, another reason to add some olive oil to your diet. want to remember something? it could be the key to fighting memory loss. bob kelly? >> what? what? good morning, everybody, 5:09. 495, down to one lane, as you roll through wilmington today. speaking of wilmington, let's open up the front door. go outside. oh, look at that cool shot. what's your throw back thursday traffic jam? mark from wilmington said, hey, how about a little moody blues this morning? put your favorite tuneup. use the hashtag, maybe we'll play your tsongas we wake up on a thursday morning. sue's got your forecast, when we come right back.
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>> welcome back, back to breaking news, police located a car in west philadelphia we told you about, towed with a seven year old girl inside. >> can you imagine how scar at this must have been for her? let's get right out to sabina kuriakose to explain what happened. >> take a look hine me.
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you can still see the vehicle in the tow truck remain on scene. police holding the scene here. again, this call came in as abduction around 2:30 this morning, 18th district officers responded to abduction in progress at 45th and chest nut. that's where they met a 26 year old woman who told them that she had ran into her workplace for about five minutes, she left her seven year old daughter in that van, and that's when a tow truck apparently came and towed away her van with her daughter still inside. let's get to the video we have for you from the scene as mother and daughter still here. now, officers eventually caught up with the van at 50th . they pulled the tow truck driver over. they found the seven year old girl inside of the vehicle, she is okay, and she, again, was reunited with her mom. police are tracking to the tow truck driver, he told them he didn't know the child was inside of the car. apparently this was a reposition. he was repossessing the van, been tracking it, that's what he told police. so right now authorities tell us they've two questions.
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first, why this mother left seven year old daughter inside the vehicle even though it was only for a few minutes, and second of all, they say, they are talking to the tow truck driver about why he didn't check inside of the vehicle to see if that child or if anybody was inside. they say he did have the paperwork for a reposition, but again, they're saying that they're wondering why he didn't make sure that nobody was inside. so, again, that's the very latest out here, again, that daughter back with her mom, both of them are doing okay. >> that's certainly good news, still a lot of questions remain, sabina, thank youment. >> the time right now 5:14. let's get check of the forecast on this day. pretty nice thursday, sue. >> it is, kind of the opposite of what's going on down around the gulf of mexico, whereas we speak tropical storm cindy is making landfall, right near the texas-louisianna border right here. the eye of the storm is still approximately 30 miles away, but his was the 5:00 update, i'm talking about here,
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40-mile per hour winds, moving to the north at about 12 miles an hour, then it will take that northeasterly turn, but here is a zoom in of where that storm is right now, just the eye, just coming ashore, pretty much as we speak. so, the winds will weaken, but the rains will not dissipate. and you see as we look ahead, that by saturday, early in the morning, this storm is in kentucky and tennessee, getting pretty close as that could affect our weather at least for the early part of saturday. right now don't have anything organized in the way of weather systems bringing precipitation, just couple of isolated showers seem to pop up, go away, just as quickly, one right here around tabernacle, one near the shore at surround every city. looking at the future, late tonight, into tomorrow, see some showers roll in. so maybe 10:00, 11:00 we see rain on and offer throughout the early morning hours tomorrow. so, around this time, it could be raining. we get break for awhile, then
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more rain coming in, in the evening, into saturday morning, still looks like that rain will be out of here by noon at the latest, on saturday, so you can salvage the rest of saturday and the rest every your weekends. as far as right now, concerned, it is very chilly in the pocono mountains with 48 degrees, 62 in reading, 740 wildwood, and 68 in wilmington, delaware, we have an average high of 85, and we had been above average sunday and monday, but as far as yesterday is concerned, 87 degrees, pretty close to average. zero nine today, probably not as humid as it will be tomorrow with 87, and scattered showers and thunderstorms on and offer throughout the day. saturday morning, we get rain. sunshine in the afternoon, high of 86 degrees, looks like very pleasant day for sunday, with a high of 83 degrees. slight chance of shower monday, and then, pleasant weather in the upper 70s, for tuesday and wednesday. don't forget your forecast is available atmore fm101.1.
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every morning, after you get in the car, make sure to tune in, thomas, karen? >> we want more of that, sue just showing us the most recent 5:00 update. tropical storm cindy has made landfall coming ashore in southwestern louisianna. winds about 40 miles per hour. >> we know that area for several days now. they think going through the heavy rain of course high tide, officials from texas, all the way down to florida, warning resident to take caution. >> let's get down there right now, with the latest on the flooding and the storms already deadly, right, good morning. >> good morning, right now we are only getting just the beginning of some of these wind gusts, it is still dry after a very wet day here in new orleans. yesterday we do expect there to be quite a bit more rain. there were some street earlier yesterday that were flooded. some in some areas up to 3 feet. now today, what we will be watching; a lot of this rain. these winds are not very high, specially for tropical storm. but it is bringing a lot of
5:18 am
rain. some areas of alabama, louisianna, and mississippi can expect up to 15 inches today. so folks here are going to be watching that to make sure they're driving down roads that are flooded, and making sure they're staying safe. at this point, it is dry. we are watching to see when it will begin range, we expect that perhaps a little later on this morning, and eve even in jt a few hours that i've been out here, i've in the dollars quite an up pick in the wind. getting some gusts, but at this point, it is still relatively calm where i am in new orleans. >> we know officials are telling residents as we mentioned to take caution, any mandatory evacuations, any evacuations in place. >> reporter: no, at this point, all voluntary evacuations, telling those elderly or those who have medical concerns, that perhaps they should evacuate, make sure you're getting into higher grounds, out of areas that do have flooding but at this point no mandatory evacuations. >> lauren, thank you so much.
5:19 am
it is coming up right now on 5:19. >> so tragic. you mention, technical boy with his parent, send outside, wave brought along, struck him and killed him on the scene. so certainly dangerous situation that we will be following all morning long. let's get right to it. 5:19. let's get a check on your morning traffic, thursday morning traffic with bob. good morning. >> 5:19. route 55 northbound, closed all from an overnight fatale truck accident. let's roll video from the news van. we arrived on the scene, dump truck involved in the crash here. northbound lanes of 55 closed between vineland and route 40. so vineland's exit 35, mile marker 35, just to kind of give you an idea, mile north of there. so as they clean up, and investigate, again, all northbound lanes, as we come back to the maps, closed, they're pushing everybody off at vineland, the accident about a mile north of there, approaching route 40. so coming from south jersey,
5:20 am
typically 55, that's your main highway, coming up from the shore points, and from south jersey, want to go old school and use route 47 this morning. lower salford, main street closed, may toll harleysville. overnight accident with a clean up. 495, only one lane open, again, today, southbound at exit number three. they say they should have this thing wrapped up today. they've been replacing those expansion joints. so if you are headed to or through wilmington today, you want to use i-95. northeast philly, roosevelt boulevard, at some i avenue. throw back thursday for you. remember, benny and flynn's there at the corner, the boulevard and solly there is one for you. live look at 422 interchange right near trooper road. no problems yet as you work your way in toward king of prussia and mass transit looking good with no delays so far. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> that was flashback, bob, thank you. 5:21, now, on capitol hill, top senate republicans putting
5:21 am
the touches on their plans to dismantle obamacare. after weeks of closed door meetings the gop senate will unveil a revised healthcare bill today. the vote, will come next week. rapid pass has many democrats and some republicans fuming over the gop leadership's decision to craft that bill, behind closed doors, without any public debate. >> there is some good news this morning, for the congressman shot while practicing for a charity baseball game. congressman steve scalise's condition has now been upgraded to fair. meanwhile, the fbi says that man, right there, the gunman, did not have a specific target in minds when he shot the louisianna congressman and several other lawmakers in alexandria, virginia, he shot several people. the fbi says 66 year old james hodgkinson acted alone and had no connections to terror groups. hodgkinson died after being shot by police. >> 5:21, philadelphia police are asking for the public's help to get a robbery suspect off the street. but they're calling him is the shush bandit. take a look. there he is coming on in, then he gets inside.
5:22 am
then everybody start screaming. so police put out some video of the attempted robbery. it happened at this grocery store right, there on the 1400 block of south sixth street. so the store owner said that he had a guy walk in with a gun, then that's what happened. starts demanding money from the caught here is work the cash register. she screams so loud, that he started to put his finger up, shush, don't say anything, shush, shush. didn't work. >> rather unique fashion, he actually put his hand over his mouth, his fink nerve like a shush sound. and says something to the effect, shush, i'm robbing you. i know it may look somewhat humerous because of his gestures and mannerisms shall but it is serious, we presume that gun is a real gun. >> well, he was rattled by all of the scream that he ran away, didn't get anything there at the store at all. they say you can see the backpack, pretty distinctive, acqua colored. if you have any information call them. >> actor george clooney, he's been in a few things, right? kind of good looking?
5:23 am
i heard he's rich. well, guess what? he's really cashing in now. >> yes. just had the new twins. look at this one, he's a billion dollar deal and it has nothing to do with the movies.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> your money. why is it that rich people aways just keep getting richer. they just can't do something without making tons more money. george clooney cashing in, oscar win is her selling tequila, his company now, ready for this, a billion dollars, it all translates to house of friends, being bought by british distiller. he's partners with another very good looking man, businessman, ran i gerber, also the husband of former model cindy crawford. he said here is the thing they found that whole company by accident. >> this guys, will drink the tiquila and make you richer. >> 5:26. if you want to guard against memory loss, and associated with altzheimer's disease, the secret may lie in a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil. >> new study in mice sports the idea that extra virgin olive oil may have some positive effect on memory. shows mice with a diet high in oil retained memory and learning ability.
5:27 am
bathe in it. benefits for humans, still being studied. all right, i'll hoped off. past research has linked olive oil in the mediterranian diet with a low altzheimer's racing. >> 5:27. we know that teens, they like to stay up late. night owls. >> researchers say they know the perfect time they should be hitting the sack. >> so there is new study that found teenagers have later body clock making the operate much bed time for 17 to 18 year old, 12:30 a.m. seriously, they found they should wake up 8:30 a.m., go to bet later, wake up later. all of the blue lights, smart phones, tablets consideration alter all of that based on data from almost 54,000 people over more than decade. okay, guys, ready for this one? it may be summer but winter is here. >> coming up here at 5:30, here is the new game of thrones teaser. what's going to happen to john snow and the gang?
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to tinto a flamecker you'll need a spark. new emergen-c energy+ natural caffeine from green tea to focus your mind. 7 b vitamins plus vitamin c to fortify you. spark the energy within you every day. emergen-c energy+. emerge and see. 5:30, braking news here on "good day" philadelphia. a seven year old, is safe and sound, after the car she was sleeping in is towed away. >> and also, a day in the water, takes a tragic turn, a 17 year old boy, missing, after taking a swim with friends. >> also ahead, vandals take
5:31 am
aim at kids playgrounds, some of the graffiti so awful we can't show it to you. parent are not hey. they have a lot to say. >> all right, it is the day the sixers make their selection, raise. >> draft kay. >> the guy we all want. we excited if he'll make our process complete. >> we'll learn more about him. great to have you with us this thursday, karen hepp, good morning. >> good morning to you and all every us joining us, i predict it will be a darn nice day. how about that, sue? >> mice and hot. bus stop buddy poolside this morning. now that school is out. buddy still with us all summer but he will be making appearances everywhere from camp to boating, to the beach, to poolside in the backyard. now, most of our temperatures are in the 60s this morning, and in most places, it is a little cooler than it was yesterday. we have couple every clouds around, we have a little bit of precipitation, but not much. and we also have a gorgeous sunrise happening, welshing pretty much right now at 5:33,
5:32 am
the official time. it is 70 degrees, in the city. but some of our other temperatures, 68 in wilmington, only 60 in allentown, how about 59 in pottstown, and 48 very chill any mount pocono this morning with camden, new jersey at 67. ocean city, new jersey, at 70 degrees. we do expect to be around 90 degrees later on this afternoon, it will be hot, not necessarily as humid as it will be tonight and tomorrow, but 90 degrees is still pretty hot. so, whatever you're doing outside, just take it easy as drink plenty of fluids, bob kelly. you know the deal. >> i'm still wet from being in the pool yesterday. >> that was fun. >> my car smells like the chlorine pool. good morning, everybody, 5:32. we will show you some video that far later on. route 55 northbound, closed this morning, all because of overnight fatal truck accident. let's roll video from the news van, when we pulled up to the scene, it is a dump truck overturned, spilling it load here, all over the northbound
5:33 am
lanes of route 55. now, here is the deal. northbound, closed, between interchange exit number 35, which is vineland, up to route 40. while they investigate and clean up. so everybody pushed off into vineland, then use route 47 to go north into route 40. fire location at hanover, route 100, hanover street. that's just south of pottstown there. phillies playing an afternoon game at 1:05, so we'll see some lunchtime volume. bamm, instant traffic jam when the game is over. heads up. remember the john legend concert canceled, originally scheduled for tonight, he's got little cold. so they're going to reschedule that for july 24. so hole onto your tickets, again, we don't do -- don't have the concert over there tonight, in camden, now, lower salford, main closed at maple. early morning overnight accident, boulevard and solly. police activity up there in northeast philadelphia, here is a live look at route 309 right near the ft. washington interchange. i'm not sure what's going won this guy here just sitting
5:34 am
offer to the shoulderment maybe taking a cat nap there? get ready. construction coming our way on the schuylkill, westbound, penndot will be taking it down to one lane today from city out to conshy, starting at 9:00 a.m. mass transit so far so good. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you, 15:34. can you imagine this scenario? you have child that's sleeping in the back of the car for couple every minute, while you run in to do something and your car gets towed with your little girl inside? it happened. sabina kuriakose in west fill toy explain. sabina? >> reporter: hey, good morning, karen, cautionary tail, so many levels, now, of course there is child was missing, so this call came in as abduction to police, it was right around 2:30 this morning, you can still actually see the vehicle and the tow truck are on the scene. police holding the scene right now. let's go to video that we have for you. again, around 2:30 a.m., 18th district police officers responded to abduction in progress at 45th and chestnut. that's where they found a 26 year old woman, a mother, she has toll them that she ran
5:35 am
into her workplace just for five minute, just ran in to do something real fast. but by the time she came back out she realized a tow truck had towed away her van. so, officers luckily were able to catch up with the tow truck, just a few short distance away, that's when they pulled the tow truck driver over. they found the seven year old daughter inside of the vehicle, in the video there. you can see the daughter and mother reunited. she is okay. here is chief inspector scott small talking about this whole incident this morning. >> why did this 26 year old mother go inside her place of employment for several minute, leaving her seven year old daughter in the back seat all alone at about 2:30 in the morning? also, of concern, is why did this tow truck driver, who is repossesser, and he has paperwork to repossess this van, why did the tow truck driver repossess this vehicle
5:36 am
without first checking? >> reporter: back out here live, so again as you heard there, police have a lot of questions, not only for the tow truck driver, but more the mother, as well, again, as you heard there, this was reposition. so the tow truck driver actually told police he was tracking the van, and when the mother went inside of the building apparently that's when he towed it away without realizing, or checking, that this kid was inside. but again, mom and daughter okay and together. right now police are talking to the tow truck driver. >> you would think little one asleep in the back seat, thank you. 5:36. recovery effort resumes this morning in hamilton township for a 17 year old who was swept away while swimming with friends. our jenny joyce in hamilton township new jersey, very difficult morning, jenny? >> yes, it certainly is, thomas. so this was the 17 year old who was here at the lake, but he can't swim. so when he got pulled under by a strong current, the teens that he was with new that they were all in trouble. emergency crews were called here to rowan lake in roebling just before 5:00 yesterday.
5:37 am
>> this was after a storm rolled through which meant the water was a little roughed up. four teens from hamilton township were at the lake celebrating an end to the school year when their excitement turned to panic. one of the four was suck away, fire crews responded and combed the marsh that leads to the delaware river. new jersey state police searched from the air and dive teams entered the water, after four hours, and no success, the rescue turned into a recovery mission, that got called off after dark. a boy who was swimming with the missing teen tells us that he tried his best to grab hold of the 17 year old, when he got pulled away, the boy's mom says that as soon as she heard about the rescue, she returned to the park thinking that it was her son who was missing. >> i got ahold of james' mom, and jr was safe with james' mom. the other two boys, i wasn't sure of. then the one boy like i said they're still searching for him. i just hope they can find him. >> i feel like maybe he shouldn't have gone in, and we shouldn't have gone in.
5:38 am
>> so even though the school year is over, grief counselors through the hamilton school district will be available for students as they try to deal with this news. we are also told that crews will be back out here to resume this recovery effort, sometime this morning. karen, thomas? >> all right, jenny, thank you. 5:38 now. it is a spot built just for children. but the marking some vandals left here, they're pretty x-rated. our shawnette wilson talk with neighbors who say look this isn't the first time someone has targeted this playground. but it is to has never been this bad. >> reporter: graphic graffiti caught families in the cool spring tilton park neighborhood off guard. >> this is a nice park. >> reporter: randy said his six year old son plays at the tilton park almost every day. he was in disbelief over what happened. the words and symbols so vulgar we had to blur them. >> last couple of weeks they had festivals, everything was smooth, and then this just happened. >> reporter: vandals hit the park mostly the playground area sometime between late
5:39 am
saturday night and early sunday morning. they also doused swings and sliding boards with paint. >> disgust, i was walking my dog, and i noticed it on the bench. >> reporter: nora's husband nate takes their four year old southern carl to the park often, nate is also the president of the neighborhood association. >> when we came out here on sunday and we saw that, it was like man we worked so hard to keep it clean. >> reporter: the neighborhood immediately came out sunday to clean up what they could. but the job was too big. they called the city and workers came out to pressure wash the playground. nate says this has happened several times before but never as bad as this. >> people in the neighborhood work so hard, and for something like that to happen was essentially really just a kick in the gut. >> reporter: the park don't have cameras, but the city very response i have to vandalism and maintenance issues. >> all right, thanks, shawnette. we're just talk about john legend. he just got sick, supposed in town, but people think you look like john legend. >> poor john legend.
5:40 am
i do, i get that a l you remind me of john legend. if i could only sing. >> you can sing little bit. >> little bit. in the shower. >> was supposed to come to town today. but he had to postpone. we'll tell when you he is coming back to town. >> all right, but first, here's tom sredenschek. >> the 76ers expected to draft markelle fultz with the first pick every tonight's draft. he'll tell you why he trusts the process. and the filling east finds a new way to lose every night. you won't believe how it happened last night with the cardinals, it is coming up.
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, the 76ers hope the final piece of the process falls into place tonight when they make the first pick in the nba draft. >> that should come around 73 sixers expected to take markelle fultz, 19 year old barrelled, who played one season at the university of washington, very level headed markelle fultz, who says his biggest challenge in the nba will not be on the court. >> i think it will be more off-court. just keeping the people that's not for me away, and that's going to try to justice me, the stuff on the court is just hard work and dedication, stuff i've been doing since i was limb. so on the court i don't think will be any big adjustment. >> phillies finds new ways to lose every night, last night against the cardinals, at one point had five-nothing lead. ninth inning, solo homer ties the game up at five. in extra innings, watch the pick off throw by ramos. ya, air mail. cardinals beat the phillies seven-six in ten innings. and the expansion draft,
5:44 am
flyers lose bellmawr, to the las vegas golden nights. >> that's sports in a minute, i'm tom sredenschek.
5:45 am
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>> i saw the tweet go out on this one, so excite, i love game of thrones. >> i am. i start today watch last night, just the season, to get ready. >> new season starts in a couple of weeks, but this
5:47 am
morning, getting a preview, and the chilling trailerment take a look. >> (movie clip). >> we are discussing different actors, i just blanked on that one. >> i have to say, yes, i saw one of the ac force in new york. >> pete ever link letter, something like that? >> all right. thank you. >> game of thrones, season seven begins july 16th. one of those, you know, you kind of freak out celebrity sitings, freaking out with bob kelly right now. >> that's right. i pull my sword out, you freak me out, 5:47. we got closure, route 55, over here in vineland, new jersey, let's roll some video, news van pulled up to the scene, with his dump truck, blocking
5:48 am
all of the northbound lanes, now the accident investigation and the clean upgoing to take place for moist of the rush hour, heading north on route 55 this morning, all traffic diverted at exit 35, right here in vineland, the accident scene, about a mile north of there, approach 40, use route 47 as the alternate. fire route 100, hanover street. are you hungry? i know you are. come on, breakfast with bob, today, i'm going to go to one of the top 100 brunch spots in all of america, and it is right here, in west philadelphia, meet you there on baltimore avenue from 9:00 to 10:00. bring the kids if they're off from school. put them on tv. got downed tree in northeast philadelphia, the boulevard at solly avenue. the inner drive blocked, northbound side of the roosevelt boulevard. afternoon baseball, phillies, 1:05, south philadelphia. see some lunchtime volume. how hot will it be at the
5:49 am
game? sue has that answer in 15 seconds. >> the answer to bob kelly's question is very hot at the game today. you know, business person's special, with the cardinals and the phillies, they start at 10:00, a almost 58 degrees by then, bring your sunscreen, and wear cool clothing, because it will be probably about 90 before the game is through. so, tropical storm cindy in the process of making landfall. it is pretty much happened right here between the border of texas and louisianna with 40-mile per hour winds, rain is really the big deal, with this storm, you see, the eye of the storm just kind of just entered landfall over the border from texas in
5:50 am
louisianna. so any place in it path, and the bands that are pretty far out from the center of the storm, going to get between six and in some places 12 inches of rain. so the rainfall will march up to the north and east it, could start to affect our forecast, friday night, into saturday. so we'll keep close eye on this. there is the leading edge of some of the bands moving as far north as northern alabama. for us, though, we don't have, well, we don't have any more rain to show you. had couple of isolated showers but looks like they've disappeared just as quickly as they arrived. future cast, looks pretty good for the daylight today. the daytime i should say today. but tonight, into tomorrow, some rain rolls in, looks like it could be raining 4:00, 5:00 t little bit of break in the afternoon. then, we move into saturday morning, with another chance of showers and thunderstorms, some of this associated with cindy moisture, but out of here by about noon or 1:00 in
5:51 am
the afternoon, on saturday. so, hopefully that forecast will hold and you can salvage the rest of your saturday after a rainy saturday morning. 70 degrees right now in philadelphia, but, much chillier up in the mountains, 48 degrees, it is a cool 59 in pottstown, 70 degrees in wildwood. to get it started. yesterday's high was 87. it looks like we will get to 90 by the end of the day today. but moderate over the weekend, after the rain of tomorrow. and pretty nice start to next week. thomas, karen? >> thank you, sue. all right, we are excited, basically, the day that we've been waiting years for. the process finally entering a phase that should bring some more winning. >> that process, philly picks of course, tonight's the nba draft. they got the first rounds pick. likely taking guard markell fultz, one of the talents the league has seen in quite some time. a lot it breakdown this morning, got our friend in the program, 97.5 joining us, good
5:52 am
to see you, my friends. i feel like we've been down this road before with the first rounds pick. things haven't quite worked out. >> here's what we know, the kid asset i and expected to play, okay? right away. not going to be a year off to wait to see if he get healthy again. markelle fultz is the completion of this process. we have waited karen you said for years. and think about what fans have gone through to see the terrible product that they purposely put out on the floor and told us by the way, hey, just so you know, going to be real bad product out there. we see ben sill operation. we see joel embiid briefly. >> this kid will walk in, light it up, great personality. he has been loyal to the university of washington now he comes into a city that can't wait to see him out there. >> oh, huge party on good day today. we have breaking news from overnight with joe em embiid. he sent out a tweet. we will show you the tweet. can you explain what this means? >> at the ends of every year there are exit meetings with players and all sports. nba is just the same.
5:53 am
a giant, a beast. >> talking about a possible, another acquire? the sixers could pick up? >> where we are at right now. joel embiid is so in tune not only with social media but what happens happening in the nba world. nicks are actively looking to shop chris, big, shoot the three, do everything, play three positions, he's a monster. joe em embiid knows everybody knows that chris skipped the exit. that's him saying your welcome here. so the sixers could very well get in that mix, though have to give up fultz and most likely dario, which again, people may not want to part w but what would you get back, oh, my goodness. >> real quick. >> embiid, simmons, looking good? >> yes, yes. the beauty whatever we're dealing with these guys, we know their talent. it is not like other sports. the nba it is all about health. joe em embiid is a big question. nobody can sit here and tell you don't worry about joel embiid's health. ben simmons, don't worry about ben simmons' health. freak injury. he'll come back, and he has
5:54 am
talent. that's what we know in the nba. it is all matter of staying health when pick this high. same with put. it's got it. >> we -- we have a lot to talk b stick around, chat can mike and alex, too. we appreciate it. >> let's take a look right there. the pocono mountains, nice place to be on this beautiful thursday. stick around. we'll be right back.
5:55 am
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>> welcome back, all right, i saw something soaring in on the summer breeze, got my attention, wanted to share it with you. kind of cool. >> this moment whether a bald eagle swoops down on a guy, who is fishing, coming right in, snatches his salmon he just caught, get the catch right there, right off the boat. here comes again. can you imagine that huge bird? a raptor coming in just like taking off with your catch? pretty cool on that one so it is 5:57 right now. we do have some breaking news right now on good day, seven year old sleeping in the back of a car. and they towed the car. good news, safer and sound. live report on that, and so much more. when "good day" continues, in two minutes. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, what happened here? a mini-van, towed away, with a seven year old girl inside the van. >> the driver, and the child's mother, driver of the tow truck, and the child's mother being questioned by police. but the driver, did he own know there was somebody in the car? as the car was toted away? >> the current so strong it, took him away from my hands. >> day of summer fun turns tragic, teen gets carried a by rushing water. crews call off their search after hours in the water. when they'll be back out to try to find him. >> a cosby juror speaks


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