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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 22, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. all right. so the guy back here he's no santa claus but investigators say he call himself dirty old santa as he tried to lure a 14-year-old girl. at least that's who he thought he was talking to. i'm lucy noland. turns out it was a police officer posing a as teen. cops were ready when he showed up. our dave kinchen breaks it all down. my daughter is a manager here at receipts to's that's kind of disheartening to think someone would do something like that. >> reporter: it's hard for melissa clark to believe this man, 56 year old william mckinley, of northeast philadelphia was picked up by cops at this rita's water ice in ridley township for trying to meet what he thought was a 14-year-old girl named stephanie. police say it was actually an undercover officer posing as the girl and that mckinley sent her
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graphic pictures while calling himself dirty old santa. >> that's gross and disgusting. i can't believe it many. >> reporter: fox 29 found he build himself as santa actor at the macy's store in center city philadelphia. notice the red shirt he's wearing in this mug shot. >> you're sending your children to see santa claus, and here, upping, he's a predator. that's very sad. >> reporter: investigators say it all started when the undercover officer answered a post on a website made by the suspect who wept on to lead them in sexually explicit chats. delco's da says he's also accused of -- >> bringing up sexually explicit material. wanting that child to do certain things, sending nude pictures to that child. >> reporter: even allegedly telling the girl how to touch herself sexually and ordering her to do homework. police say mckinley a ranged to meet the girl at the rita's telling her to only wear a sleeve less t-shirt, shorts and
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sneakers. he allegedly took the bus from northeast philly to delco, telling the girl -- >> you'll recognize me because i'll look like santa in shorts. >> reporter: the suspect is facing first degree felony sex charges tonight. we reach out to macy's corporate trying to get a comment. we have not yet heard back. in folsom, dave kinchen fox 29 news. life and sirens near philadelphia international airport tonight. delaware state police say two men robbed a store in new castle at gun point then led police on a chase across the pennsylvania state line. troopers caught up to and in fact caught the two right near the airport. on your radar tonight, we are tracking showers. live look at old city on this beautiful summery thursday night. i love that. so how are things looking down the shore over the weekend ask you? >> well, lucky for you we've got fox 29 meteorologist monica cryan in the house. what is going on? >> well, it does look like we may get a wet start but nice enzo let's get right to it.
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your temperatures starting to cool down. slowly but surely we're in the low 80s in philadelphia. some areas also into the 70s. 79 degrees right now in pottstown. your current setup, though, showing we were contend wig few showers towards lancaster and berks county. it is starting to dissipate most of us should be quiet at least for the next few hours. but here's what we're dealing with. that is the remnants of tropical storm what was once tropical storm cindy now tropical depression. but out ahead of it we have winds out of the southwest. that's really ushering in all of that moisture from the tropical air mass. and really raising that humidity and some of our rain and even storm chances. i do say storm chances because we are under a marginal risk for severe weather as we head into tomorrow. now, marginal risk is on the lower side. but it's a risk nonetheless meaning there could be few pop up thunderstorms tomorrow that become strong producing heff vo rain and very gusty winds. something to watch out for tomorrow. let's track it out for you on
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your future cast you can see those showers and possibly thunderstorms arrive eight, 9:0g becoming a little bit more scatter the in nature as we head into friday afternoon. so it's not all day rain. there's just periods of rain and that continues at least into our saturday morning, you can't see another line of showers thunderstorms then we start to dry out as we head into saturday afternoon. sunday looking really nice as well. overnight temperatures dropping into the mid 70s. 74 degrees in the city. suburbs at 70 degrees. mostly cloudy. rain star starting to month thrh the overnight most of usie that rainy activity as we head into the morning hours. same thing down the shore. temperatures low 80s through friday. saturday 81 degrees. those winds breezy 15 even 20 miles per hour down the shore. look at that seven day forecast. high tomorrow 86 degrees. showers and thunderstorms possible through tomorrow. and then we head into our saturday. 87 is your high. i like these temperatures better. low 80s. a little bit more average as we
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head into sunday and monday. a lot more sunshine. next chance for rain tuesday. lucy? >> all right, duly noted, match, mon any casm little girl safe tonight after string of events in west philadelphia. police say around 2:30 this morning a 26-year-old tom notice employee pulled her mini van up to the restaurant and left her seven-year-old daughter asleep in the back seat. she came out the mini van was gone. she called police saying someone had object duct the her little girl. turn out her van had just be repod but the tow truck driver took it away with the girl inside. >> i could visually see right through the pack of the car and there was no occupants of the vehicle. >> within minutes, officers pulled over the tow truck and the van. the little girl was still asle asleep. she is not hurt. she's with family members to officers are holding the mom on an unrelated warrants. rep for bill cosby say the comedian plans to get back on stage soon. as a motivational speaker and
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here's the subject. sexual assault allegations against men. our bruce gordon has covered the cosby scandal from the beginni beginning. joins us in stewed eighty seven bruce, i just got to ask, is this real? >> reporter: it appears to be. legal and public relations experts are wondering allowed why cosby would touch this third rail with a retrial on the way. the spokesperson's for cosby and his wife reveal shocking plans on a morning tv show in birmingham, alabama p. >> mr. cosby wants to get back to work. we are planning town halls report roar the subject parent apparently some kind of discussion of sexual assault allegations. >> this issue can affect any young person especially young athletes of today. and they need to know what their facing when they're hanging out and partying, when they're doing certain things that they shouldn't be doing. and it also affects, you know, married men. >> a brush against a shoulder, you know, anything at this point can be considered sexual assau assault. it's very -- good thing to be educated about the law.
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>> i just can't think of a positive to come out of this. criminal defense attorney william brennan notes that any public comment by cosby could be used against him in the planned retrial of this indecent assault case. >> the best thing a client can do is keep his his or her mouth shut. >> i don't believe that a spea speaking tour of any sort will rehabilitate his image. >> that's public relations executive jeff jubilierer. he says the idea of talking frankly about men's behavior toward women could be productive but the lesson should not come from someone still hip deep in a criminal case. >> so for him to be the person to the spokesperson for those wrong al accused he doesn't fit the bill. no pun intended. >> the idea of cosby talking publicly about a subject even closely related to the case in which he's accused of, is even more surprising given that at least one juror in his first trial has said they were ten-two in favor of conviction on two of
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the thee indecent assault char charges. lucy it will be fascinating to see if these town actually happen. >> and what the exact subject matter will be. thank you very much, bruce gordon. 76ers fans are ecstatic tonight. they are feeling good about this whole trusting the process thing. as expected the sixers selected markelle fultz after trading picks with the boston celtics earlier this of this week. tom srendenschek a historic night fort sixers. >> one hopefully we'll look at lucy for years to come this is the player they wanted all along. 19-year-old guard markelle fultz from the university of washington. flash she, dynamic. sixers president and basketball operations bryan cole angelo plays with chip on his shoulder. >> he was in philadelphia last weekend as details of a trade with boston began to fill in place. by monday, the deal was done. 76ers had their man and tonight it all became official. >> this is dream come true
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really. just all the hard work i put in coming into this. i'm looking forward to going to this organize and guessing the my all. that's one thing i always want to do. come in and give my all. >> as a person and as human being you're talking about a young man that, you know, has dismayed high character in every way, you know, he's a grinder. he had to earn this opportunity to be selected number one. >> has talented he is on the court sixers coach brett brown loves fultz attitude and his approach to the game. he says he's ray but those intangibles will take him a long way in the nba. >> shredder, do you think it will big 84 for us. >> i think it's a step root right direction. >> sixers fans out in full force to see the team's first shrek in the nba draft. chris o'connell has more from northern liberties. ♪ >> reporter: it's been awhile since sixers fans had this much to cheer about. >> it's good time to be sixers fan. report roar more than 5,000 fans blocked to the sixers official
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draft party in northern liberties with one thing on their mine the number one overall pick. >> i really trust the process that, um, the sixers are going to be a great team next year. report roar sixers fans have been trusting the process of rebuilding for years and now say it's time for the payoff. >> i'm excited. i cannot wait. i just want to hear them say markelle fultz. >> the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz. [ applause ] >> reporter: fans erupted when first pick markelle fultz from the university of washington walked across the stage as the newest sixer and newest hope for sixers championship. >> once they bring markelle fultz in they have all the pieces they need and only other thing they need to do is add some veteran leadership. >> that was great pick. that's what they featured scoring guard. >> now they got better nucleus of players they drafted and put together that can grow together. so ride with the process. new motto we going to do it. >> after years of hanging their heads in shame all of a sudden it's cool again to be a sixers fan. >> a lot of my friends teased me
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when i went down to the games. say what are you going to watch them? they're not trying to win. yes, they are trying to win. it will just take little time. >> now they'll want your ticke tickets. >> now they want my tickets. you can't have my tickets. >> with names like embiid, simmons and saric is it time for new slogan? >> i'm so hyped. go sixers. we changing from it trust the process to trust the progress. >> that's what we talking about. >> new slogan. >> yes, sir. >> you heard it. >> trust the progress! here we go. >> reporter: all the excitement affecting the box office. the sixers have already announced they sold a record 14,000 season tickets for next season. the team believes every game will be sold out. in northern liberties, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. going to be a great year. up next, the risk their lives to protect their neighbors and they volunteer to do it but fewer and fewer people seem to be lending their hand to join the ranks and our shawnette wilson introduces
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to you a five-year-old girl fighting a rare diss or. it only affects girls of the now her big sister is asking you to believe in brynn. [ indistinct chatter ]
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[ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the e300 for $569 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. ♪ in center city walnut street between fourth and fifth is closed through tomorrow morning. scaffolding collapsed this morning and crashed ton a roof below injuring two worker.
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they only have minor injuries thank goodness. what exactly went wrong is under investigation. afternoon dirt bike ride took tragic turn in hupping park today. a 30-year-old man was riding that bike along whitaker avenue right around thee this afternoon when police say he tried to pass a box truck. lost control and ended up skidding under it. medic rush him to temple university hospital where he died. police have not released his identity em i'm mott sure that's the why rid video. >> skyfox flying over mercer county tragic discovery. crews have found the body avenue 17-year-old boy swept away while he was swimming with friends hamilton township much police recovered his body. right around 8:30 this morning in the water at john amount robe bling memorial park not far from where witnesses say he disappeared. five-year-old girls are expected to play in san boxes, run around and, you know, just kind of have a lot of fun. well brendon nor is five years old. and she has rare neurological
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disorder that prevents her from doing most of those things. but her big sister has a powerful message and it's picking up steam. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the inspire race. >> she's still hab happy to be happy. >> reporter: eight-year-old taryn connor lights up talking about her five-year-old sister brynn who has rhett syndrome. it's a rare neurological disorder caused boy a genetic mutation on the x controlling mow so so many mostly affects girls. >> she really doesn't care at times. she's just acting like a normal kid and she doesn't have it. >> reporter: taryn caring spirit and busy mind one night came up with way to help her sister and others hike her. >> after watching one of her favorite shows, she sat down and penned this touching letter. >> dear gwen stefani, hi, my name is taryn connor and i'm years old this is my little sister brynn much she's five. >> taryn wrote specific toll singer gwen stefani. >> she is really into girl power i really -- i just figured out that rhett syndrome is all girls
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disease. so i thought she would be great addition to team brynn. >> in the letter she explains brynn'ss challenges with not being able to walk, talk or use her hands. >> she's very smart. and understands everything you say. my family's goal to raise enough airways 93 and in to care for brynn. >> the parents posted the letter on facebook hoping it makes it to the star who they hope will help them raise awareness about brett syndrome. kristin is proud of the voice her oldest daughter what about to be for brynn. >> she has a mission and she wants to change her sister's life. >> to get more information on rhett syndrome go to in university city, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. >> it would be great in gwen stefani responded. fox 29 viewers helped of helps us bring you nice every night with our fresco app. you shoot video and send it to us and get paid. what's going on, iain. >> constituents of senator toomey held candlelight vigils
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outside his offices and carrying into tomorrow. they are mourning those who lose their health care if obama care is repealed and today senate republican leaders revealed their draft of a bill to repeal and row place obama care. it slashes tax on higher income and one protester today said he was there to show senator tommy that his life was on the line. a lot of pink in center city us from fresco user roxanne takes to us thomas pain plaza where planned parenthood, parents and other supporters gathered for a pink the night out rally. fresco user nicole johnson takes us to an event in mt. holly with our own bill anderson. nice gathering outsider at the robbins nest restaurant the event called sips and tips raises money for the burlington county animal shelter. so when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure you to use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you very much, iain. police in moorestown, new jersey, need your help finding this woman. she is 84-year-old ago nel la
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sap knock knee. and no one has seen her since yesterday. she has dementia. big search is happening right now. suspended for the evening but will begin a new tomorrow morning. so big shortage of volunteer firefighters going on. all kinds of communities are trying to recruit new members and haddon township his department like so many across the state and country need more men and women to fultz ranks and lend a hand when the calls come in. the department has lost 20 of its volunteers over the past few years. >> i don't think people are aware. i mean 75% of every firefighter you see is volunteer. and people aren't aware of those stats. >> officials in both new jersey and pennsylvania are looking for ways to attract more volunteers with incentives like tax credits and tuition reimbursements. all right. just kind of a slightly big day in sports. >> slightly big day for your team, your town, your 76ers, lucy noland a night for sixers fans to celebrate. markelle fultz is a 76er. the process may finally be
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complete. but one guy is getting far too much credit as the pieces of this puzzle fall in place. i'll tell hugh next in my sports commentary. >> now with tomorrow months traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for delays in chester county. northbound lanes of 202 and route 30 the bypass right at the ramps there crews are working through the overnight, closed till 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. also for the gang out in pottstown they're working along 422 at route 724. you'll see lane restrictions all through the day tomorrow. gang in bensalem expect babb ups along route 1 and street road due to road work. check the jam cams. sue has your weekend forecast. i'll meet you right here tomorrow morning starting at 4:00.
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♪ tom srendenschek says the process may be over but one guy is getting way too much credit 40. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ mercy please let the process end tonight. 76ers selection of markelle fultz gives them a core to build around and has the potential to be good if not great for years to come. fultz, simmons and embiid, czar rig. a lot of unpolish pieces that will test brett brown' ability as chemist. i'm not trying to be a debbie downer here, but i have to get this off my chest. the over glorification of former
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gm sam hinkie in this whole thing among sixers fans is completely off base. fans raised tribute banner to him during the draft lottery. for who? for what? his mistakes outweighed accomplishments. my carter williams. jahlil okafor. joel embiid fell had his lap and the move from three to one to get fultz this past weekend, it's brian coangelo. heck sam hinkie may traded pick back for more assets that was always his mo. sam hinkie was flying plane that never would have landed i'm stunned at the continued admiration. how many nba teams have come knocking on the door since he stepped down. problems to what brian coangelo is building right now and the patience of coach brett bound sift his through this debacle. please once and for all burr receipt process and hopes it now work going forward. lucy. >> thank you very much, shredder. the sal vague army and
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philadelphia phillies teaming up and they made sure 500 children had a great day, a day with the phillies. 500. you know, hanging out at the park catching phillies and cardinals game up close and personal. hers donated $25,000 to the sal vague army. good stuff. >> more days like this could happen. shredder. >> probably would never actua ay see in person only on tv. so we are excited to bring a busloads of kids to the phillies game to experience this opportunity. >> listen to this to add to the perfect day the phillies shredder won five to one today and this even has been going strong for four years now and every single time the phillies have won. >> they got to come more often. a winning streak, you know. >> back in the race. >> let's get them back out here there. we're back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly have your weather and traffic covered.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: donald trump, another big scandal, from putin to putten. >> president trump golfing, driving his golf cart over the greens. >> that's a huge sin. >> it's debatable that it's even on the green. >> this is a fairway here. >> no! that's the green. i worked at a public golf course. >> private? >> public! >> i was a server! >> you were a server? >> floyd mayweather training at the ten goose boxing gym. he's training as hard for this one as he is for any other fight. >> what do you think conor mcgregor thinks if he sees this video? does it make him a little bit scared? >> conor mcgregor is making $100 million for this fight. he would fight floyd if you gave floyd a knife. >> alex rodriguez just started filming "shark tank." he's the first hispanic guest shark. >> how do you feel about being the first hispanic on "shark tank"? >> i had a great time.


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