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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 23, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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sixers get their man and fans are loving it. 5,000 people pack the piazza to watch the sixers select markelle fultz. >> see you on the court. fresh out of court, and back on tour? >> mr. cosby wants to get back to work. we are planning town halls. >> bill cosby's pr team says bill plans to hit the road after his mistrial, why some are questioning the message he will be delivering in the middle of an opioid epidemic in our area a scary new drug surfaces on the streets. overdoses now said to be linked to an elephant tranquilize your. the new warning and the threat to police. health care overhaul, not going over well. >> no cuts to medicaid, save our liberty.
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>> senate republicans unveil their plan to replace the affordable care act and it is causing division within the party. here at home where people are camping out to protest this bill. it is rough. good day, everybody it is friday, june 23rd, scott's in for sue, bob, of course is here. >> boom. >> i'm like the only lady. >> how does it feel. >> i represent. >> what i get through every day when i leave here and go to the meeting, it is me and 50 women. >> you love being surrounded by woman? is that a problem. >> i was raised by a strong mother and four sisters, scott >> yes. >> it it has ant expected me much throughout my life. >> somebody on twitter, about five people said i thought you were going to run your take on the saturday night fever movie the open to saturday night fever from four years ago, it is four years ago this month that came out. >> i can't believe that. >> well, we made it, here's a
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taste. >> ♪ >> okay. iconic open, right. >> yes. >> john travolta, baby. >> we have recreated this, in "good day philadelphia" fashion. >> yes. >> we will show it sometime before 10, hi scott. >> wardrobe and all. >> oh, yeah. >> can't wait to see that steamy start on this friday, it feels like a zahn, dew points are high and we have tropical moisture heading our way. we will give it a six but grab an umbrella because it is dry now and that rain off to the west.
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77 degrees, look at that humidity 84 percent. here's a look right now you can see rainfall moving in lancaster county, eventually moving into delaware, we will go hour by hour by eight or 9:00 a.m. we are looking at rainfall moving toward philadelphia, it gets out of here first thing after about 11:00 o'clock and then by the afternoon and evening another round of thunderstorms potentially moving in, and that is bulk of the heavy rainfall. here's your planner, temperatures by lunch 84. eighty-six for the high temperature, once again rainfall chances today we will talk about the weekend bob kelly coming up. >> you got it, scottie 7:03. we have a jackknife tractor trailer on the new jersey turnpike connector bridge coming in toward pennsylvania. so anyone leaving new jersey you typically jump off exit number six bringing new to pennsylvania, jackknife fedex tractor trailer etan democrat tractor trailers, that is all starting when another tractor
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trailer, lost its load of steel. your best bet this morning if you typically use connector bridge into pennsylvania head for burlington bristol bridge or go down to exit number four and come over tacony palmyra. another problem we are looking at roosevelt boulevard northbound just now starting to let traffic now move through here at broad street. we had an accident heading in toward broad street some delays on the regional rail lines, warminster, paoli, wilmington and we have a good bridge opening family for pedestrian bridge, that huge bridge overpass between 18th and 19th street, that is opening up to pedestrians, later on today, mike and alex, back over to you. with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia sixers select markelle fultz from the university of washing ton. >> back to the process and it
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is paying off as expect, the team select markelle fultz with the number one pick of the draft and fans are excited >> i noticed that the guys drafted have chosen the bow tie over the traditional tie, is this a trend? maybe monday we should do a bow tie fashion show for guys. >> we know that eagles player malcolm jenkins loves bow ties >> he has his own bow tie line thaw can purchase. anyway sabina wanted to go out in the thick of it while people are commute to go day upper darby are you at 69th street is that where you are, sabina. >> reporter: that is exactly where we are. there was so much hype last night and this morning people were so, so thrilled about this pick, but now, thinks philly, things are set nothing and more real. i have my skeptic here charles so you were working last night thanks so much for talking to us. you had one eye on the draft. you were just hearing about this kid markelle fultz.
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>> right. >> what do you think. >> i don't know much about this kid to be honest with you but i hope he is a good pick inlet bridge and i hope that the sixers will turn this franchise around and i'm looking for good things. >> reporter: you have been a sixers fan all your life you told me. philadelphia born and raised. i mean what do you think about the last couple of seasons and are we getting too excited thinking it is all turned around now. >> a little bit too soon. little bit exited to soon. we need to calm down and wait and see how things go. >> reporter: what about trust the process, come on, why can't we get excited. >> because last few seasons was sort of a let down. >> reporter: hard to let go. >> exactly. so we will wait and see. >> reporter: we know how to hold a grudge in philadelphia. >> here in philly we know how to hold a grudge. >> reporter: you have to prove it. >> that is right. >> reporter: charles, thanks very much. i know you just got off work thanks for let me stop you on the treat here. >> you are welcome.
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>> reporter: thanks so much. so awesome. we have my realist coming out, this is philly, he has prove himself, right. >> there is a love connection, behind you people hugging you can tell people are happy it is friday. >> we have the number one pick process is over. >> everybody hug. >> there are people that are upset. we have gave an assignment here joel embiid said okay your star players, you've got, fultz, embiid, dario, and simmons and then he called them the feds are in town, federal are in town, and then we asked you, gosh darn it, feds are in town. so these the letters we have to work with because you don't like the term federal, we have different letters here first and last names, initial of the first names and last name. >> you've limb nate that had second s. >> i have work on some herey
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eliminated second s. >> bed is not gmeds. >> no, je ms i like look at these je ms on the court. >> spelled incorrectly. >> come on they are je ms, man >> last one is not appropriate at all. >> that is your assignment monday morning, can we come up with better slogan. so, you are right people are angry over this health care plan proposed by the g.o.p., listen. >> save our liberty. >> a lot of people they are being carried because they were in wheelchairs unable to walk, concerned about medicaid being taken away. >> also what is inside this senate overhaul bill. some philadelphians are also
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worried about losing their medical coverage so they planned something, it has been going on for 24 hours straight now, jenny. >> reporter: health carries a life line to people and these people are obviously upset. they want their voices heard. they are standing outside, pat toomey's olde city office. they want pennsylvania leaders like tomb toy stick up for their need and wants and this will devastate people by drastically cutting medicaid and cut taxes on higher income s, eliminate insurance and health insurance mandates but yet still allows young people to stay on their parents insurance plans until age 26. under this bill people with preexisting conditions cannot be hit with higher premiums or denied access to care which is a good thing but people outside toomey's office say is there just too much bad in this bill. >> if this bill passes there are millions of americans who will lose health care, monk those particularly, folks suffering from aid and hiv and
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something that people don't know is that people who have aid and hoff hiv, and they depend on their medication they are undetectable. undetectable means un transmittable. if they lose access to that medication which are provided by their insurance company and cost thousands of dollars if they lose access to that they become transmittable which means this country will be facing a public health crisis, similar to the opioid epidemic right now. >> reporter: not just people with aid but any type of medical conditions can be similarly impacted and these people want their voices heard they will be protesting throughout the day, mike and alex. >> in the control room tell me where this live shot is. >> so thinks same place where jenny is but from up above. >> the helicopter is right above you. >> so this could get somewhat interesting, there at second and chestnut.
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>> hopefully next time we talk to jenny she will that you can to people out there all night. >> yes. >> to see if their voice is heard. >> eleven past seven here. bill cosby is making headlines again this morning. >> yeah, well, the bill cosby is now awaiting a retrial of course on indecent sexual assault charges but cosby, bill cosby, may been to hit the speaking circuit. now explain this to me. this is not a stand up concert that he is proposing, thomas. >> not a comedy tour but did he mention he wanted to do this even prior to his trial a spokesperson made the announcement on good day alabama, a morning program, here's what he had to say. >> i think we move on now. mr. cosby is getting back to work. we are planning town halls. >> that was andre wyatt. he offered very few details but town halls as they are being called will feature
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cosby talking about mens behavior toward women and how it can lead to section aisle assault allegations. legal public relations experts that we talk to say they were quick to condemn the plans. >> this is an opened matter this matter will be retried as d.a. said. any public statements that the defendant makes could come back to haunt him. >> if you are advising him what do you say about this speaking tour. >> sit down, shut up, and don't come out of your house. >> so a lot of mixed reactions mike and alex. cosby plans to start his tour in july, according to a spokesperson he has received hundreds and hundreds of phone calls from civic organizations and churches, to have him come speak. >> what do you say. >> it will be free he will not charge. >> these town halls will be free, starting in a few weeks. so what do you think about that? get on twitter, let me know, facebook, instagram. joining me is attorney chaka johnson, also pop
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culture expert, tanya pendle ton is here. at first blush going around the country, and add veiing i guess on how not to be or how not to end up in court is that what this is. >> i don't know. i think he has been ill advised or miss advised i don't see where benefit is for him possibly playing to publish sympathy. but you are going out to sort of explain to people how to avoid allegations of sexual assault when your situation is still a little merky. >> yeah. >> what do you think of this chaka. it almost seems like let's go out repair my reputation in case we go back to court if that is what it was then this is a failed effort. just like miss pendle ton says , he is being ill advised,
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and mr. cosby has a lot of people at his behest and it seems like perhaps a lot of yes men. there is no way, that anybody worth their salt will advice them to go create a litany of statements that will, in fact, we all know be used against him. he had a deposition in 2005 that was used much to his detriment at his legal trial and to be sure if you go on the circuit and give, even though you are not speaking on your particular set of circumstances people will be in your head, they will know what you think about the issue and that only stand to hurt you. >> he has had a long reputation and long career of advising, especially young people, you know, to clean up their acts. get together. try to get an education and do responsible things. do you see any benefit to this
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>> a lot of that advising was toward the african-american community, as you know inn i think this may be a play for sympathy for members of the african-american community if he still has any credibility, within the african-american community or any community. >> but he was not found guilty >> but is there also the court of public opinion to consider and i think in the court of public opinion when you have 60 women come forward and say with very similar store that is there is a man who has committed assault whether or not that goes to trial or whether or not that you're acquitted, it really doesn't matter. i think the public has decided that his legacy unfortunately has now been tarnish if in the destroyed by these allegations i'm the pr person said that chaka, his power is back. >> well no his pr person has said a good deal of things that i disagree with and that being just one of them. quite frankly he is getting
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ready to in my humble opinion mortgage his future chasing his pennsylvania trying to restore some semblance of order, and, you know, trying to restore his credibility with respect to his celebrity and his lynn age. i think, it is a ship that has already sailed and he need to be primarily and solely focusing on the retrial that district attorney kevin steel has vowed to take part. >> that was a good line. >> mortgaging his future by chasing his past. >> that was pretty good, turf say chaka, that was an appropriate way to look at this situation because at this point the cash he he is earning is based on his amazing leg ace which the cosby show a ground breaking television show that gave black families different perspective. completely different perspective on black families. but that was 25, 30 years ago
7:17 am
now and i think in his case, the real punishment is the destruction of his legacy. you know, jail, i mean i don't think he will ever see a day in jail. if he loses this next trial he will appeal it and appeal it. he has machine toy drag that out for years and he is about to be 80. >> every day somebody stops me and you say this is just the american judicial system trying to bring down another black man. chaka, you have heard that. >> i have heard that. i have heard conspiracy theories. i have her it all. i will say this i tend to think that if there were sock, and we all waiting for something different to happen between the first trial and second trial, that we all could say ah, that is what will do it, i never thought it would come at hand of the defendant himself. i never thought for one day that he would essentially sabotage quite frankly what little bit of credibility he has garnered left. >> shock, thank you. ton, yeah thank you. >> good to see i.
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>> have a great weekend. >> remnants of the tropical storm cindy now heading for our area big time. look at damage cindy caused near birmingham, alabama storm made land fall in lieu san,al bam, mississippi, texas, tornadoes, downpours, 15 inches of rain in some parts a 10 year-old boy was killed vacationing with his family in the state of alabama four other people were hurt. fifteen to 20 inches of rain, scott, in some states. >> absolutely, devastation along the gulf coast and inland sections of the southe a tropical connection will move in our direction. here's round one just off to our west, that will be moving in over the next several hours we will machine for that. main timing this morning for rain between eight and 11:00 a.m. this afternoon north and west, scattered showers and thunderstorms and
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then saturday morning tropical downpours between five and 10:00 a.m. here's ultimate doppler right now already rainfall moving into lancaster, chester county new castle county in delaware and that will continue to head toward philadelphia. so watch the clock by 9:00 a.m. we are looking at it moving toward fail and then eventually down short by 10 and 11:00 a.m. we have scattered showers and storms 86 degrees today. eighty-seven tomorrow. morning rainfall. then a nice stretch look at sunday through wednesday, low humidity, temperatures upper 70's to lower 80's, bob kelly over to you. 7:19. updating our situation here on the new jersey turnpike connection bridge jackknife tractor trailer, at times only one lane zigzagging through. it is exit number six of the new jersey turnpike that connector road that takes you to the turnpike, connection bridge in pennsylvania. if you are leaving new jersey i would avoid it.
7:20 am
use burlington bristol or tacony palmyra coming into pennsylvania throughout the rest of the morning. live look at the boulevard both directions jammed solid, northbound side from broad street, some delays on the regional rails as you get out of the gate. opening up family court pedestrian bridge big one between 18th and 19th street and speaking of the bridge opening i say lets go for a ride down the shore town end inlet bridge which has been closed for months will reopen later on this afternoon and that is great news for everybody that need to travel between sea isle and avalon so grab your beach chair and meet me down there later on this afternoon, mike anal and alex, back to you. it is exactly 7:20 now. >> did you know when you buy paper clips how much do you think you pay for that. >> less than 1cent but i will give you a special paper clip alex holley because i love you >> paper clip, thanks.
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>> here we. >> is what so special about this. >> don't throw ate way. do you know how much that paper clip is worth? it is produced by proda. >> fancy paper clip. >> um-hmm. >> start guessing, how much do you think that is. >> oh, no, don't break it. >> okay. >> alex? >> we will tell you after the break. ♪
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my first paper clip i have got you another one. >> oh, yeah. >> they are made by proda and hillary vaughn i want to know how much a proda paper clip costs. >> $185 before tax so after
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tax probably close to $200. it is made in italy. it is size of the money clip and it does say proda on the side engraved. >> well, lets see it, put it up, hillary. >> i don't have it. >> we have got it. >> i cannot afford a $200 paper clip. difficult in the purchase one but i think this may be a part of, these co may be on to something because we come up with these absurd prices for these ridiculous things and they sellout because they go viral and we cover it and we talk about it. >> it is a paper clip but in the really a paper clip. can we put it up. >> it is not functional it is a paper clip shaped money clip >> okay. >> yes. >> how can they engrave proda on a paper clip but that is because it is bigger. it doesn't mean it it is worth 185 doll arts. >> it is big fit is a money clip.
7:26 am
>> hillary, do you know how bigot is. >> it is 4 centimeters. >> can you speak english i'm stupid. >> four sent meeters. >> staff is what 4 centimeters >> really small. >> really small. >> look at how big this is. >> it is 2 inches. it is one and a half inches long is that big enough for a paper clip. >> i say this is an inch. >> my gosh. >> so yes. >> maybe it is about the same size a little bigger than a paper club. >> it is a money clip. >> you are right hillary, there are these gimmicks did you hear about paper bags, it is a fabulous brand. >> it is a designer. >> yes, they are selling one of their shopping bags just
7:27 am
fancy, made of white calf skin but for $1,100 and it sold out , so people are buying this people want to walk around with the shopping bag. >> if you buy it, wouldn't they put it in a bag? >> that is the question, i don't know you get a free shopping bag with your shopping bag thaw are buying or is that what you are buying >> i freakishly, i like that idea. >> do you. >> a thousand dollar bag. >> only thing i can think office, paris in london people go to harod and they buy the bags, with the little inscription and i may or may not have one of those but that was five dollars. >> thinks a you this dollars. >> little different. >> all right, hillary have a great weekend, see you next week. >> great, thank you. bloomingdales that is those big brown bags. >> yes. >> people look at them, they get coughers and everything. >> does that cost.
7:28 am
>> yes. >> i don't have one of those. >> what are you thinking. penny for your thoughts. >> you know, i think i get that stupid money clip. >> of course, you would. >> it is a novelty. >> yes. >> that is for sure. >> what are you going to do witt, you have a wallet. >> i will tell you exactly what i would do witt, lose it. >> i had somebody shame me in a restaurant the other day. >> oh, no, why. >> they were viewers. i was out doing a charity event. stopped into get pine apple juice at the bar. these two women sisters were sitting there i pull out my what will tote pay. >> you need a new wallet, it is all rat i. >> for some reason it is a, it is a good luck thing. i don't wear wallet while doing television. >> are you being serious. >> i never have a wallet on me when do i televisiony better put mine away. >> when i get up on wide shots , i don't want to mess up
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this. >> maybe that will help. >> at lee there is something in my pants. >> jen's fred at penns landing >> i'm so excited about this. >> we're finally fixing up pence landing you know my kid never went to ocean city, boardwalk until, they were 10 years old. you don't to have go to the beach. come right here. it feels like a boardwalk, midway games and then yes, a ferris wheel, i'll tell you bit. z test text1 p
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it its national tea your dog to work day. bus stop buddy has umbrella, showers will be arriving later this morning from west toe. 77 degrees. 84 degrees. as we zoom in, already the rainfall has begun, sections of lancaster county, chester county, moving into new castle county as well. so, we will time it out by eight or 9:00 a.m. moving through philadelphia area parts of the south jersey, that is round one. round two north and west, later on this afternoon and this evening and then round three look at that bull's eye early on saturday morning with tropical downpours. so once again today's high 86
7:33 am
degrees. weekend forecast coming up. back over to you. >> we have breaking news at 7:33 sky fox went down for food but lets role video that i popped up, here, on twitter, it is is fedex tandem tractor trailers. this happened about an hour ago on the turnpike connector bridge leaving new jersey heading in toward philadelphia , when that tractor trailer there on the left, lost its load of steel and that create that had domino effect accident, there is the tractor trailer, jackknifed right there as we come back to the maps, leaving new jersey heading in toward pennsylvania, use the burlington bristol or the to cone pale my use bridge. accident eastbound 422 at troop are road interchange causing delays, mike and alex, back to you. we are in the middle of an opioid epidemic, you know that by now. >> users are struggling, loved
7:34 am
won trying to intervene and drug counselors can only assist those who want help. first responders face this problem each and every day, sometimes multiple times a day , and now there is a new, dangerous drug on the streets. >> all right. we will give you official name but it is actually an elephant tranquilizer. there have been recent overdoses, deaths in our area, because of an elephant tranquilizer, why would anybody put that into their body. let's discuss many. >> we have two guests devon reese, recovering addict and turned drug counselor and serve on mayor kenney's opioid task force. we have up are darby superintendent mike chitwood to talk about how this is impacting policing and what you are doing every day. >> before we get into policing , an elephant tranquilizer, you take this giant elephant hit witt a dart , it falls down, that is
7:35 am
amazingly powerful. it is so hard for people whether or not addicted to understand addiction why would anybody pull that into their arm. >> truth is people don't know what they are getting. there is so many things out there couple years ago we never heard of fentanyl. last year 50 percent of the overdoseness philadelphia contained fentanyl. >> fentanyl, elephant tranquilizer is add to it is what. >> carfentanyl. >> it is a derivative which means they change a couple molecules around and you have a new substance that is what carfentanyl is. >> it looks like, grains of table salt so fentanyl is 50 times stronger than heroin how much stronger is carfentanyl. >> we don't know because it has never been tested on humans but antelopes and other animal testing it is something that is as much as 10,000 times more powerful then morphine or more toxic than morphine. >> why does anybody ever get hooked on heroin? what is the feel.
7:36 am
>> you know, people become addicted to drugs or develop a substance abuse disorder for multiple number of reasons. trauma in their youth, lot of times people get prescribed by doctors and then doctors cut them off and they have no choice but to go to elicit drugs. >> prescribe painkillers and some people said that heroin is a painkiller. >> it is. >> it is heroin in a pill. >> heroin, percocet, all these medications are in the family of drugs called opioids, and they have this ability to kind of lessen the pain once you become addicted to one substance. >> doctor doesn't give you another prescription, go over to kensington. >> try to find a different things. >> k and a and pick some up on the street. >> we have had two deaths already from this. >> absolutely. we saw first news about car fentanyl death out in pittsburgh coming through ohio but we're shocked to see it here in philadelphia area. very scary.
7:37 am
>> lets talk about the police side of this superintendent. i heard and is this true that it was first responder if you get this stuff on your body, or somehow get it in your eyes , mouth, your hand, you could die. >> absolutely. absolutely. you need to take any officer out on the street, need to take precautions when he or she is doing this work gloves, masks, make sure that when do you thing you are out in the open air and in the in the closed environment. >> what? >> how do they know. >> you don't know. >> that is the problem, you don't know when we have the field testing kits, here's a field testing kit, it is for meant nal and heroin. you can see the colors it is supposed to take, so the officer gets a bag, opens a bag, and shakes it up and see two colors come out it pops up
7:38 am
>> purple it is heroin and or color is fentanyl. there is no test, in the field test for police officers right now. that elephant tranquilizer doesn't to have get into your blood. >> we're talking about, the size of a gram of salt could be deadly to a human being. >> goodness gracious us can narcan effect this or reverse this at all. >> because it is so powerful we're talking about two or three doses of narcan to reverse that. it has such a long half life that somebody could overdose, be revived and then overdose again once the narcan wears off. >> that is one of the treatments that is suggested for an officer who may be field testing and gets overdosed on the carfentanyl. we in upper darby have in the seen carfentanyl but fentanyl we see all the time. in fact they are selling fentanyl as heroin. >> are we over stating this
7:39 am
epidemic. >> no, no it is bad and getting worse. it is getting worse. the thing that bothers me most in law enforcement perspective is all these politicians are running around, and saying different things and they really is no substance. >> what do you mean. >> you need treatment. you need education. there is none available that is going to help. thirty days in a rehab is not going to help. you need months, if not years. it is over and over again we hear it, we see it, we deal witt every day and it is sad, tragic. >> what do you recommend the politicians do instead. >> long term treatment is number one. >> at lee 90 days. >> that is first thing. >> long term treatment. >> those drug dealers they have to go to jail f they are selling dope in my opinion they have to get to jail. >> how old are the users. >> they are getting younger and younger that number one cause of death of people under 50 in america is over dose.
7:40 am
>> but your task force you are working on this to find different solutions, like what the superintendent is talking about long term fixes. >> it is such a complex issue that requires federal change, state change and local change. >> educational change don't be afraid to talk bit in schools. >> the whole gamut. i think any strong drug program has three components: education, prevention, and treatment. it has to have that. >> thank you both. >> absolutely. >> thanks for being leash. >> gosh, break we will be right back. ♪
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on that turnpike connection roadway, between, the new jersey turnpike, and the connector bridge this tractor trailer, obviously who its load, it looks like he was carrying steel beams which then rolled off, on to the roadway, jackknife tractor trailer happened and look at the jammo, leaving new jersey. come on lets go to the maps leaving the house right now, avoid the turnpike connection
7:44 am
bridge, leaving new jersey. go down to either exit number five or exit number four and you can use burlington bristol or tacony palmyra bridge. otherwise we have an accident east 422 on trooper road this says it all not a good way to start your friday morning. delays on some regional rail lines here this morning out of the septa department, and good news, opened for business, lets go for a drive on the ocean drive a townsend inlet bridge between sea isle and avalon will open up later on this afternoon, and that is great news. it has been closed since april . this weekend, saturday, sunday watch for big jams through manayunk, it is manayunk arts festival there along main street and forecast for all of the weekend et cetera, scottie 's got tonight 15.
7:45 am
we have rainfall in the area especially west of philadelphia right now, lancaster county, chester county and berks county as well, as we move into delaware right now new castle kent county looking at those morning showers, we have been talking about, moving in, all morning long. now lancaster right nowe nottingham moving toward west chester, and coatsville, in parts of the chester county and also malvern as we move into wilmington right now, chad ford salem county we are looking at rainfall. as we go hour by hour by eight or 9:00 a.m. it is pushing through philadelphia area parts of the south jersey and then by 11:00 it is in atlantic city and wildwood. we will get a break for much of the day after that but in the afternoon heat of the day more pop up thunderstorms especially north and west of philadelphia and then the bulk of that rainfall take a look at this, early on saturday
7:46 am
morning but it will move out of here. so that seven day forecast showing you 86 today. eighty-seven tomorrow and then tomorrow the rainfalls in the morning so we will salvage much of the weekend, hey, keep it here much more sixers talk coming up. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪
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with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> sixers get their man, as expected, team selected markelle fultz with the number one pick and fans are feeling really good about it. you have seen it last night at piazza they had, been screaming, it was intense. >> i didn't think that they would get 5,000. there were 5,000 people to listen to a skinny bald man announce the name of a 19 year-old young man. >> seriously look at that excitement. >> we are in a drought when it comes to sports. eytan what do you think. >> skinny bald man to a not so skinny bald man. >> we love bald men. >> something about them, right >> yes. >> i love it. >> absolutely love it. energy was there not only here
7:50 am
in fail but at draft last night. >> yes. >> there is something about having four young kid on your basketball team that a 12 year-old, that a 16 year-old that a 21 year-old fan can grow with for next five, six, eight years. >> do you think this will be the starting line up in september, october. >> pending health that is big thing that everybody is healthy. >> that is a heck of a line up ben simmons is 6-foot 11, maybe 7-foot by the time the season starts. he is running the point. >> you don't bring the ball down at that height. >> this is magic johnson 2.0, that is a true point guard. you have added markelle schultz shooting gapped taken last night pure scorer, he shoots, scores, robert covington is a good, three-point shooter and can improve but he is a good defender and you need somebody like that, dario is philadelphia. everything about him is his grit, his hustle, the way he
7:51 am
plays, his personality, we consume dario saric for right reason and do i need to say anything about the man in the middle. joel embiid, that is all you need to know. >> sixers fans are in love with him. >> rightfully so, all over the place, social media the on floor,. >> do you agree with his name are the feds. >> do i not. >> we can do better. >> personally. >> do we have something better >> i think anything would be better. >> i have heard the fortune like f-o-u-r. >> i have her the progress. i have heard over things. there is a shot of the old death row record that has snoop dog and su ge knight that have been replaced with these four, dario, fultz, embiidy saw that last night. >> yes. >> pretty good one. >> what about bjmf. >> is that not what you were thinking. >> no. >> either way works at this
7:52 am
point. >> would you like to e-mail our number one pick. >> what if i have sprinkles and frosting on live tv you will never ask me back. >> there are never reasons we will never have you back but that is not one of them. >> there you go you are all in >> absolutely all in. >> is it true sixers are sold. >> yes, can you believe it, right. >> listen, this will be the hottest ticket in town right now, right next to philadelphia eagles and for right reasons because the place is going to be electric rightfully so, all these young kid, young fan base to grow with them and that man in the middle. >> over 14,000 tickets. >> i believe so and listen, it is an amazing seat if you can get down there. even preseason at this point. >> i just want to say before this even happens i enjoyed going to the sixers games. i had a great time. they were all so much fun. great family atmosphere too. put it out there i was cool
7:53 am
with it. it was having fun before this magic happen. >> one thing that gets lost national media like to rip us and say you are celebrating a draft party, celebrating this but tour point, every single person that went down even if it was only 8,000 or 4,000 they have had a great time. that is a credit to the philadelphia 76ers organization, over the last few years. y was surprised how many shots they had of eight, nine, 10 years old kid. >> that is what it is about growing with the young team. >> stop, you know what last night meant, in more city, in the off season. we are no longer the city and off season who we draft and what moves we are making. this year it is about on the floor. >> fun summer. >> yes. >> and making me wait. >> yes. >> good to see you, man. >> always a pleasure you are choking on that. >> it is a markelle fultz
7:54 am
doughnut. >> cough up a fultz. >> 7:53, 54. there is jen, penns landing. >> what? >> hi there guys. >> i'm practicing my backward skating. you can roller skate and look at that, gorgeous area come on back i'll tell you when this all opens. what are you doing?
7:55 am
watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
7:56 am
7:57 am
this is going to sound weird but the boardwalk today but i'm not leaving philadelphia how are you going to do that. >> plus this, there will be a ferris wheel, midway, games, i'm going to the boardwalk but i'm not taking philadelphia is there a boardwalk in philly. >> penns landing. >> okay, jen. >> it is pretty cool and there is beer if you are someone's mom you might need beer. >> here's the situation, ferris wheel will open up
7:58 am
tonight, it is gorgeous, it has lights, it is really pretty and i have to say that the ferris wheel will be here two times over the summer. they will switch out ride. at one point there will be the thing, pirate thing that is what we are calling it and then maybe a magic carpet. but look at this, is there miniature golf. if you cannot take kid to the beach, but the kid want the shore experience, this is place to be. we have chicky ant pete's here , we have connect four and as i say, mom and dad, grand mom too can be sitting out there, uncle mike, if you will and you will feel thaw are on a boardwalk down the shore at a carnival that kind of thing. it will open up at every day at 1:00 if you come down here during week, with the tourist on the weekend, bismarck, tomorrow night i asked them to play a song. i don't know if they have it, i can sing.
7:59 am
oh, baby, you got what i need, he is going to be here tomorrow night from nine to 1:00, p.m. this is what i'm talking about yes, we have a carousal in franklin square but no, we don't have one in this beachy kind of at months fear. every child love to carry a giant fluffy thing around the midway, sometimes high school kid do it to make sure that they feel good in front of their boyfriend or girl friend this is one of the cool things did i mention there is beer? so mommy and daddy are having beer. >> yes. >> and then you can do this. >> yes. >> hi. >> look at that. >> yes. >> i love those. >> do it for the gram, come right. mike and jared, our intern, sarah they have played jenga. sarah went to syracuse.
8:00 am
jared went to temple. sarah won. i don't know what to say about that. here's other thing if you want to get cozy, just come on in here. >> cozy. >> it looks like a jacuzzi. >> beer cozy. >> i love those little cabins. it is friday, june 23rd, 2017. fultz steam ahead. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia sixers select markelle fultz. >> no surprise here, the sixers get their man, the mood in philadelphia this morning after the nba draft, take that a freak accident, instagram novel killed by
8:01 am
exploding whipped cream dispenser and how it happened and what you need to know before you use one. warm weather and water melon they certainly get together but we have water melon with a twist, delicious way to use it to spruce up your dish plates. we've got a fever. >> ♪ >> good day players are back and honor 40th anniversary of saturday night fever, baby. >> okay. you can tell those are my legs >> you didn't have bell bottoms. >> no, i should have called you because i know you wear bell bottoms still to this day which is a good look on you. alex and i when we get into a spat, which we had yesterday, over the pathcy kline person. >> yes. >> we had a disagreement. after the show this is how we
8:02 am
fight. we learn that from nature. >> look at this. this is how deer fight. >> isn't that crazy. >> i guess those are bucks. >> where is that at. >> in tennessee, tennessee wild life resource agency officers provided the footage, and they shot it. i'm calling hr. >> that is where i learned how to fight, from megan. >> we were, fighting about the pathcy kline performance. you were so up in arms, so work up, what was it again. >> i was distracted by the shot. woman is singing beautifully, and she's a local singer, jenny lee. beautiful woman. great voice but i was distract if we can go back to the wide shot, there is a live shot of what i noticed in the white shot. it is just as distracting. the white part of the wall.
8:03 am
>> that is the lower part, yeah. >> that border down there. >> it is just some bright, too white, it looks like a skating rink. >> you are right. >> yes, the board. >> it is a simple solution we have asked upstairs can we change, charles, a great guy. >> he is watering the plants right here. >> yes. >> can we see him. >> he hates to be on tv. >> it will rain in two minutes >> he likes to water on days that it is raining. >> well, there is an over hang that doesn't get on the plants >> he hates being on. >> anyway, okay. >> there we go. >> he could paint that wall, i believe in under 10 minutes, the solution is 10 minutes away. >> i i can't paint. >> let's do it and not say anything. >> get on twitter, and i am
8:04 am
begging the artists out there can you show it again what we're dealing with here. >> yes. >> we can do a mural. >> just need a solid color scott, just stop it. >> there air lot of murals. >> solid color but what color. >> i say dark blue or black. way in on twitter. >> lets talk about the weather >> okay. >> rain's on the way, so tell them not to water out there but he said he doesn't get wet there. weather by the numbers a scale of one to 10 to day it is going to be a six, a live look outside our studios no rainfall just yet but it is on the way, it is muggy, as well, 84 percent humidity. temperatures 77 degrees. ultimate doppler showing you rainfall in chester county now moving into delaware county, and upper chichester, a wilmington, new castle county, salem county, also looking at that rainfall and it will eventually move toward center city and right outside of our
8:05 am
studios. as we expand the view and go hour by hour we will see morning showers, moving through over the next several hours, we will get a break by this afternoon and evening, pop up showers and thunderstorms and temperatures today, top out in the mid to upper 80's. how are the road out there. >> 8:05, as we look from sky fox earlier when we first pulled up over this jackknife tractor trailer, this happened about an hour and a half ago on the turnpike connection roadway approaching the turnpike connection bridge from new jersey. this fedex tractor trailer with the fuel spill all started when a flatbed truck as you come in here in a second lost its load they look like steel beams rolling off back of truck number one and the result of the fedex guy jackknife. leaving, new jersey coming in toward pennsylvania. getting ready to leave the house right now, typically jump off at exit number six,
8:06 am
go down to exits five or four and use burlington bristol or tacony palmyra bridge. accident here north bound lanes of i-95 right at girard point double decker bridge, we're opening, singing on the way to cape may and use towns end inlet bridge to do it. opening up to vehicle traffic this afternoon, good happy hour between sea isle and avalon down the shore, later on this afternoon, mike and alex, back over to you. >> congratulations. >> we have a 2017 graduate, and does it say yena on the top of her cap. >> i don't know where she's graduating but i'm guessing from next door our neighbors. >> mastery charter. >> is she too old to go to mastery charter. >> she's excited. >> i love this. >> so what do you do once you graduate from high school? you stop by "good day philadelphia". >> or disney world or good day philadelphia, congratulations, way to go.
8:07 am
>> she's so cute. >> adorable. while we take photos you watch this. >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> all right. so, now more people are out at 69th street terminal there, and lets get some reaction from the fans, what do you say >> i like that, sabina, what are they saying they are all excited. >> reporter: i got a true believer here. hi there chris can you hold my umbrella i want to show you something. how far did you get because i try to come up with some too, so i had fed but then defs, medicines, febs, and mess.
8:08 am
>> yes, most def. >> most def. >> yes. >> that sound good. that is better than feds. >> yes. >> so, your reaction you said you had to work last night but you had within eye on the draft. >> i did, i think it was a good draft, and i believe in the process. only thing, i think they need one bench player at least one if they want to make playoffs. >> we have young roster, young team, talented but, you know, inexperienced. >> we need somebody to train them. young team they have to pull young stallions running all day long but if you have no one to tell them slow down when they need to slow down you may have a problem. >> reporter: you are a true believer. we have skeptics. this has been a tough four seasons. >> yes, they have been losing for a long while, a licensing while, what four to six seasons just to get this pick that we got. i think it was worth it. >> reporter: thanks very much. markelle, we have a true
8:09 am
believer, true fan, he believes in you, all right. back to you guys. >> you're welcome. >> i like his idea, and, nice job, and sound you hear is a man ripping paint off of a, and, and, it is so weird, it is an accident, no question bit. bizarre accident. killed a popular fitness blog ger and instagram model. she's french. >> her name was rebecca burger >> yes. >> she was hit in the chest by an exploding whipped cream dispenser. >> people are freaking out i have lucky whip or whatever kind of whip cream you have in your refrigerator. it is not that particular can, not at all. don't worry. >> yes. >> the bottom line is it is really weird, all right. in france a very, very healthy young woman was doing, using whipped cream out of a
8:10 am
canister. >> but not this one. >> not this one. >> we will show tonight a second, canister she was using her family posted a picture because they wanted people to know what can happen. >> it is fancy man, this is what they use in restaurants. >> the bottom line is it caused such a traumatic blow to her chest. >> when it blew blew up. >> she had a heart attack. >> she's healthy, fitness model look at how healthy she is. lets go back out to the set here this projectile hits her wear. >> in the chest. >> sometimes we have seen this in hockey players where they take a puck standing in front of the net and i have seen this before it can cause a writ will problem where their heart initial to a rhythm that is not sustainable for life and can cause contusions, bruising of the heart, leading to significant problem. you don't want to take blunt trauma, that is why people have air bags. so they don't get that chest
8:11 am
trauma. >> does it stop your heart. >> it can. >> jenny joyce just by that. >> does it causes a electrical , it causes an electrical impulse and sometimes back in the day if someone had a problem with their heart you would thump on their chest and cause just enough electrical activity. >> yesterday i heard people talking about it. it is not stuff you buy at the store, it is just okay. and ready whip. >> cool whip i. >> i can have that. >> yeah, yeah. >> are you doing, have a good weekend. >> doctor mike. >> she's so sick. >> i think i need to see you again, i need something. >> i'll fix you up. >> are you doing the sinus rinse. >> you have got to. >> get her one. >> i will go away with you. >> have a good weekend, love y a. >> it is also bizarre that
8:12 am
doctor mike has whipped cream on hand at his home. big weekend. 8:12. is america sick of transform ers. >> the new installment hits theaters to day getting ripped big time by movie critics. is what our movie critic, the ultimate geek think. i say that in a good way kevin mccarthey is up next. p://>[a5df]
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning, everybody. turnpike connection bridge into pennsylvania, a mess, all because of the jackknife tractor trailer, happening an hour and a half ago involving two tractor trailers. that caused a come minute necessity reaction, thus fedex truck etan democrat tractor trailers got all tied up, fuel spill and major mess as we come back, coming from new jersey, into pennsylvania, use the burlington bristol or tacony palmyra bridge as the alternate. normal delays both directions on the schuylkill expressway, expect delays this weekend, at belmont at manayunk arts festival at main street and there is also a triathlon
8:16 am
taking over fairmount park both saturday and sunday that will bring extra volume. lots of outdoor events for weekend what is the forecast, scottie's got tonight 152nd. we have rainfall to get through today and first thing tomorrow morning and then we can even looks nice but right now ultimate doppler is showing you the rainfall we have been talking about moving in from the west, right now, sections of delaware county around media, moving into upper darby, also moving toward conshohocken curve right now, center city looking at that rainfall, moving into the area so grab your umbrellas. as we expand the view off to the west still some more showers moving through sections of maryland that whim head in our direction the next several hours. that will be round one.
8:17 am
round two later on this afternoon scattered thunderstorms especially north and west and then the real tropical downpours arriving, early tomorrow morning but then beyond that take a look at the seven day forecast, much improved as we get those showers out of here, early tomorrow morning, guys, back over to you. destruction of everything that you know and love begins. >> i'm not leaving you. >> i know it seems who but a few brave souls can save everything that we have ever known. >> i know kevin mccarthey our movie critic was waiting, chomping at bit to see this. >> for sure. hi there kevin. >> good morning, how are you doing today. >> what did you think of it. >> it was pretty bad, mike. the film itself, here's the thing, i'm a big transformers
8:18 am
fancy love the first and third one. difficult in the like number two, number four. issue with this one and this will not make any sense, it is incoherently beautiful if that makes any sense. essentially movie makes no sense. i have seen it twice now, i honestly could not tell you what the plot of this movie is if you asked me right now to tell you the plot of the movie and gave me a thousand dollars to do it. i could not tell you kevin. >> yeah. >> is what the plot of the movie. >> mike, i don't know. i actually don't know what the plot of the film is. i'm being serious. i have seen the film twice now it makes no sense. visually the film is incredible, imack 3-d is amazing. i'm a big michael bay fan. i loved bad boys one and two, i loved 13 hours, i loved armageddon, love the rock. he direction action well. so half of the movie is me. what the heck is going on. other half of the film i'm
8:19 am
going wow those visual and axis amazing. it is frustrating as a critic to review a movie of this because i admire the visual standpoint and action scenes but it is a gigantic mess of the film. i gave it 2.5 out of five only because visuals are worth seeing in imax 3-d. difficult speak to mark wahlberg, we know they have the wahlbergs burger joint i wanted to speak about product placement and he tried to get a wall burgers product in the movie, watch this. >> it wasn't a day that didn't go by that i didn't try to get michael to put a wall burgers promotion in there, product placement. i had hat on one day. he pulled it off. i said no, i have a hat on in the scene you couldn't blame me for trying. >> so we know josh duhamel and hes a young child named axle with fergie the musician as we
8:20 am
know. he had an amazing moment when he was in atlanta where he was in a conjoined room with him and his son was until the other room and he invited his son over to watch the first transformers and this is what happened, watch this. >> first transformer was like axle, come here. it was a scene where i was sliding on this motorcycle and it was about to come on. i was like i'm going to let him see this because i just wanted him to like me. he did. he sat on my lap. he watched it. when he did he looked up at me like, you know, them. you know the transformers. he really believed it. he believes that they are real y love that. >> cool story. >> i know, can you imagine, his sonnies axle, fergie the mother. they have another child on the way reportedly announced in january but film itself is just straws straighting. i had a headache both times
8:21 am
because the plot made no sense f someone were to pay me i could not figure out the plot for this film. i don't know what it is. >> vehicle disaster. >> there you go, that is right exactly. >> we will become movie critics. did you do something on instagram. >> well, mark wahlberg direct ing. >> yes. >> this is crazy. i don't know if we have video. >> we do. >> i'm sorry for your viewers in advance. i was in london recent recently and hotel difficult the interview with mark wahlberg was same hotel spice girls shot their famous want to be video. long story short i talk to mark wahlberg and said if we can make a version. he direct myself and four other collogues recreating the dance scene on the same staircase. mark wahlberg was in full director mode get the play back, singing, very, very awkward, very bad but we were standing in the same spot at
8:22 am
the spice girls did the music video, back in the 90's. mark oneberg directed. that i want to say his directing debut, so good for him. >> i will tell what you i want what i really, really want is to not see that again. >> mike, i told you, i apologize in advance to your viewers and i apologize to you as well. >> we will see you next week. >> see you guys. >> speaking of spice girls what does mel-b of the spice girls and our new draft pick markelle fultz have n common. >> you haven't told us anything. >> they have the same birthday may 29th. >> this kid just turned 19 on may 29th. >> and now he is a million air did you know it is take your dog to work day, national take your dog to work day. do we have any sound on this. super. i still don't understand. we will explain where this was shot, are you taking your dog to work today.
8:23 am
why not. take a picture and send it to us on twitter. we just got the keys to our new house!
8:24 am
8:25 am
we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
8:26 am
is it happening tomorrow? >> yes, oh, my gosh, oh, my gosh. >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> it is unnatural. >> yep, so it will be the end of the road it will be the road, for boys two men tomorrow because city of philadelphia will honor them by naming a street after them, it will be called boy two men boulevard, and not just any street but a section one block of broad street, and we have been talking about for a while section of the broad street right outside their alma matter. >> i can't say it. my cold. >> philadelphia high school of creative and performing arts between christian and carpet. >> christian and carpenter. >> it will still be broad street but they will have a extra green sign and then red or blue. >> yes, kind of like gamble and huff when they got their section of the broad street.
8:27 am
>> so cool. >> so, alex, when is the ceremony. when is the ceremony. >> it will begin at 11:00 tomorrow morning. >> 11:00 tomorrow morning. >> if you miss that event, catch them later at wells fargo certainty and another ceremony. >> yes. >> it will be a celebration concert. >> all right. >> it are i'm here for it. >> i think it is great. >> do i sound that bad. >> worse. >> worse. >> my goodness. >> i think you are a troop are foreign coming in. woman on twitter says, don't screw around with a woman who has a summer cold. >> oh, really. >> she will snap off but you have been good this week you better watch out. >> is there still time for me to do that. >> it is water melon season, warm weather, water melon it its one of my favorite combinations but we are in the just doing water melon, everything you see on this table has water melon in it like that cake has a water
8:28 am
melon cake. my god that stupid whitewall in the background too. that drives me nuts. so people on twitter are saying, it has, because of the monitors there, above it has got to be black or dark blue. >> are you going to do something or just complain. >> can of paint. >> can of paint. >> tilt down, will you. >> look at the floor, why don't you match the blue to the dark and the blue. >> just like my face after you hit me. >> difficult not hit you. >> all right lets take a break then. [ indistinct chatter ]
8:29 am
[ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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the time is 8:31. umbrellas up here in olde city and parts of the center city as we are zooming in on ultimate doppler we can see morning showers, we have been advertising moving through norristown, abington, cherry
8:32 am
hill, cinnaminson, pine hill and parts of the south jersey looking at that rainfall but expanding the view you can see delaware getting wet, and, berks county, and lancaster county. we are looking at scatter morning showers, and by the afternoon and evening is there a threat for scattered thunderstorms mainly north and west, and more tropical rainfall early tomorrow morning and then clear out rest of the weekend. allergy sneeze index looking good, and cloud and weekend showers. jackknife tractor trail are on the turnpike connection bridge , leaving new jersey and parks it happened a couple hours ago all started when one big rig lost its load and some
8:33 am
metal steel pipes thaw can see there in the mid of the screen they have rolled off one rig and that caused havoc. as we go to the maps leaving new jersey your best bet, avoid the turnpike connection bridge, because is there the backup you want to head for burlington bristol or the tacony palmyra to avoid that hot mess on a friday morning. >> hey, bob. >> speaking of hot mess but... >> that is really -- thank you , bob for controlling yourself for once. >> but we're all on the a same team, so that means you are one as well. >> i admit that. >> we will create a cold mess because we have water melon, summer, the heat of the summer , and a cool water melon i love those two things. >> yes. >> we sea water melon every where this time of the year. >> sure you can eat it or do something creative. we will learn great ways to serveup, water melon with roberta with homemade dish. >> good morning. >> did you wear this color because it is water melon.
8:34 am
>> no, i didn't. >> no, okay. >> alex, i necessity you are not feeling good. we should start here. water melon lemonade. >> does this help you feel berth. >> it is water melon is hydrating, right. 91 percent of it is water based. >> yeah. >> so mike, it is not spiked. >> that is the term water melon. >> yes. >> isn't that delicious. >> really hydrating, delicious my kid love that. they want sod this morning. >> you know what, that is good >> isn't that good. >> real refreshing. >> it is 50 percent lemonade and 50 percent water melon juice. >> if you want more lemon based you can do that. >> can i say something before we move on. >> yes. >> so excited. >> don't move, do you see this that looks like a cake here, there is water melon in there. >> no way. >> yes, yes. >> that is the big finish, wait for that. >> is what next. >> moving on water melon salsa
8:35 am
>> i have had that. >> there is no tomatoes. this doesn't have tomatoes. >> it replaces tomatoes. >> love the idea. >> it is cool. i use this piece here. half water melon. >> yes. >> okay. >> arugula salad and feta and water melon go together, it is so good. >> is feta goat cheese. >> no it is a base of get but in the really. goat cheese is creamy and stuff like that. this is a harder cheesy hear i >> thinks a cheese. >> instead of, tomatoes. >> yes. >> water melon. >> and i use purple basil. >> i got to tell you, i like balsamic vinegar on sprout. >> with strawberries. >> yes. >> so good. >> all right. >> ready for finally. >> there is in water melon in there. >> be careful with that knife.
8:36 am
>> it it is homemade whipped cream, almond, blueberries, was bring and check late shavings on the top. >> bob's cameras the tight. >> yes. >> here we go. >> are you ready. >> should we step back. >> just missed the plate. >> you are right, that is a water melon cake. >> it is healthy option. take the rines off. take up the paper towel. who taught you how to cut cake >> so excited. >> that is it. >> instead of having cake for like a birthday cake, water melon. >> that is so cute. >> it is cute but i can't imagine that being good. >> you are right i haven't had whipped cream and water melon before. >> later tonight. >> your hand are dirty.
8:37 am
>> you have covered in germs. >> everybody on twitter is saying i necessity how she got sick that i gave you cooties where did you get them from is what i'm trying to figure out. >> i have them shipped in from south america. good to see you roberta. >> stick to the water melon lemonade here. >> do you know what was great about this whole segment we never saw the whitewall because bob, thank you for cropping your shot so tight. >> now he is showing it. >> no, this is what we don't want. it takes your eye away from the segment. >> if you are standing here though. >> but when you are sitting, roberta can we play along. >> we have a bit going to come up. >> just agree. >> it should be dark blue or black. >> yes. >> it just goes all together. >> yes, mike. >> so i'm just going to do it myself.
8:38 am
i will do it myself. i will get to the paint store. is there a hardware store over at third. >> south street. >> i can't go that far. >> i'll get paint and do it myself before 10:00 o'clock. >> like to see you that. >> thanks. >> thanks.
8:39 am
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all right. listen to this. another graphic gives it away. anyway, i saw this research yesterday afternoon and i perk up and i said i think maybe we're getting to our teenagers here and they are listening. american teenagers are not having sex like they used to. i mean, that doesn't sound right. >> what? >> they are not starting to have sex, as early as they
8:42 am
used to. >> 40 percent of teens today said they have had sex by the time, around 18, they are waiting until they are 18. that is almost 20 percent fewer then back in the 80's. >> yes. >> they are waiting longer. i think that is pretty darn good news for being a dad, you know, talking like a dad now. i sound like an old man. >> you are a dad. >> i remember watching oprah probably 15 years ago and she had a special and did an hour on how early kid were having sex, they were in middle school, they were having sex on the school bus coming back from the football game. now things have change, almost half are waiting until they are out of high school or turning 18 and then listen to this, 80 percent of teens say that they do use birth control contraception if they are sexually active now. 80 percent. remember back in the day, oops , willy nilly, you know,
8:43 am
roll the dice. i think that is good news. >> yeah, good for cdc to send out that information. >> cdc. >> you are headed to where the cdc is located on day. >> am i. >> i shouldn't say that in case your fans flockedy don't have any fans. >> i don't have fans. >> people might be out there with net i pots. >> are you going to say where you are going. >> caribbean. >> where in the caribbean. >> 8:43. >> jen, we have a great surprise. >> she's going to sacramento. >> okay, is there a construction site involved, i thought you were going to put your face in the balloons, jared with the face in the balloons. we have a great one, you will want to hear about this guy doing great stuff in this community.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
live look at the pocono mountains woodloch there, mostly cloudy skies and rainfall moving there as well. ultimate doppler showing you rainfall moving through center city, into parts of the south jersey as well, we will zoom in and you can see we have been getting wet in and around center city, sections of camden county, burlington
8:47 am
county as well so grab umbrellas headed off to work and school on this friday. bottom line we have tropical moisture round one this morning, this afternoon we have thunderstorms that will develop north and west and then really tropical downpours early on your saturday morning after that rainfall gets out on saturday morning we are looking at a nice weekend, 86 today, 87 tomorrow. lower 80's with sunday with dropping humidity, alex, back over to you. >> thanks, scott. we got a tweet from someone, earlier talking about larry, markelle fultz, he just got drafted and is a sixer he said that is his favorite cheese stake in the area we realize people in the studio never had larry's, people started shaping us and larry's back or tony is here, he will bring in larry's cheese steaks patients said alex and mike can you let me know if you ever get a larry's cheese stake. it is supposed to be on the way, patients, we will have it , but we will have, actual
8:48 am
patients but it should be here scene, so we will let you know 8:47. it is you go there day we are honoring another person who is making a big, big difference. so jen is live, from north philadelphia getting ready to surprise a person this week, general general. >> it is good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning to the guys in the back seat. so, first of all we are going to a construction site in the rain. is he going to be there. >> yes. >> and somebody in the organization and this is your fiance, your boyfriend. >> yes. >> and what do they do what does the block do. >> what does the organization do. >> they do a lot of community service, and that is pretty much what they do they work around the city. >> you work full-time as a construction worker. >> yes, always busy why is it important for him to do this
8:49 am
do you think. >> i think he wants to make a positive impact for kid and our kid and i just want people to see that there is still good in the city and just want things to help. >> why did you want to surprise him. >> because he deserves it. i don't tell him a lot, how proud i am of him but i am do you think that he will be surprised? your daddy's daddy do you think he will be surprised. >> do i. >> you have to be proud of him too. >> 's's my boy. >> we will be right back after the break. >> ready. >> what do i to have say. >> we will be right back after the break.
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8:53 am
accident on the boulevard, northbound at ninth street, four or five cars all lined up in that inner drive we still have a turnpike connection bridge tractor trailer jackknifed earlier this morning on the turnpike connector road between new jersey turnpike and the bridgette self, coming into pennsylvania. definitely use that burlington bristol bridge and opening up later today, the family court pedestrian bridge that huge one there between 18th and 19th street, that goes over the vine street expressway,
8:54 am
get ready for delays in manayunk, we have manayunk arts festival that takes over main street both saturday and sunday, we have to leave extra volume on the schuylkill. we have a triathlon in town saturday and sunday, mike just can't wait to swim in the schuylkill river, as part of the triathlon. >> no, no, no. >> i signed you up for the swim event. >> the triathlon starts in the schuylkill river, that is what i'm saying. >> you run and then you take a dip in the schuylkill river. >> a little bit. >> and then you run a hundred miles and do a marathon. >> and if you north sick after that, you are good. >> i got this. >> start training right after the show. >> scott, now scott, he was talking to me. he agrees with me that white thing on the other side of the studio, should be dark. it is either dark blue or black. >> that is what we decided on. >> what is this. >> we found an adhesive.
8:55 am
>> if it is fully covers all the white. >> yes. >> that is all we have. >> how about this, let's go bold, in honor of the sixers we have blue floor what about red. >> paint the town red. >> okay. >> where are you going. >> i'm going to the hardware store. >> in the middle of the show. >> only on third street just stretch i'll be right back. >> i'll just stretch. >> i'm get something paint, man. >> yeah.
8:56 am
8:57 am
8:58 am
we're looking at wildwood today. >> well, good day it is friday , june 23rd, 2017. glad to be here we made to it
8:59 am
friday. can you believe, it has been 40 years since saturday night fever hit theaters, 40 years. >> ♪ >> forty years and this opening scene is still, worth watching. we had to do that again. from friendship to love ashton karcher admits his relationship with mila kunis started with friend with benefits.
9:00 am
haven't we both been involve. can friend with benefits ever just stay that way. usually, from what i hear, it goes the opposite way when things don't work out and you stop speaking but they got married because of it. is it really a beneficial situation. we're gearing up for fifth annual philadelphia natural hair show, how to easily take your natural hair, from work to a night out. >> yes. >> we will get great tips. i'm excited. they are in our dunkin' donuts green room. and we have, meredith here. >> you and mike. i was going to have you and mike do something for the q. where is mike. >> he kind of got fed up, he got so angry about the whitewall, he decided to go get some paint, and he went to do it himself. he should be back by now. >> ♪


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