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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 23, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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he's in trouble with the law. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at six. >> we start with live look at wilmington as people get ready to enjoy the first official weekend of the summer. and there's some rain on the horizon. possible al storm or two headed our way. take a look outside our old city studios that rain doesn't mean it's a total wash out. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm chris o'connell. >> i'm done timmeney. potential for severe weather could be headed our way right now as we start the weekend. let's get over to fox 29 weather authority and meteorologist mike masco. fill us in, mike. >> well we already have the severe thunderstorm watch we brought to you right around 5:15 it's basically from philadelphia points north and west. but we now have active severe thunderstorm warnings as you get to the north and the west berks, bucks, lehigh and montgomery county that's a severe thunderstorm warning that's up
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until 6:15 warning you that we do severe weather on going in your communities to the southern flank of the storm we have a severe thunderstorm warning again for berks, bucks, cheddar and montgomery county this up until 6:30. i want to bring you right to ultimate doppler it's a very impressive looking storm. just to the west of 476, just outside of pottstown, you are probably seeing the lightning. if you're looking out towards the northwestern skies f you're in pottstown it's time to seek shelter because of this dangerous thunderstorm moving in your vicinity and then norristown right along 276 that's another spot we're going to have to watch. watching radar closely and there's some indication there my be some rotation in the storm. there is no tornado warnings just yet but we'll watch this very closely as we're seeing the gusty winds and now some turning with direction and height which would be indicative avenue severe storm possibly going tornadic. no warnings just yet we'll watch very close -- keep a very close on it. you can see it's up to 50,000
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feeder. that's indication that it's producing winds in excess over 60 miles an hour even the possibility of large hail. so this is moving for upper dublin, northampton at 6:21. moving to the east at 25 miles an hour. good ready to roll and we have a lot of weather to talk about. all night long dealing with damaging winds, flooding and dangerous cloud to ground lightning there's lot to talk about an lot to track for you coming up in just a little bit. guys. >> all right. i know you'll keep us updated, mike, thanks. police believe they may have crew of serial burglars on their hands. from delaware county to philly police think a rash of crimes may be the work of the same group. ton night police are piecing together clues. >> fortunately some of these were caught on camera. police have something to go on much fox 29's dave schratwieser in university city with the story. >> reporter: authorities say this crew struck at least four times in delaware county and philadelphia. each time, targeting asian business owners. some sometimes at home and sometimes at work. >> it's just scary knowing that
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they walked in to our home, you know, they broke into our home. >> reporter: mark kim's family feels like they've been violat d after four man crew of burglars broke into their delaware county home, then the family's business in south we have philadelphia. >> they were having trouble just dealing with the pain of losing a lot of money, a lot of their goods, a lot of jewelry. >> reporter: kim owns the house of cheese deli a few feet from a police district on woodland avenue in southwest. the burglars ransack his home in marple township one day, then hit the business the next. >> anything from lunch meet to cigarettes to cash. change that we have. that we store. >> we their they're watching on surveillance and have their habits down pitt well. the only good thing they're going in there when the people are home. >> reporter: suspects wore gloves but no masks or disguises. they're not camera shy and they're ambitious. investigators say the burglary crew has cut a path of crime from delaware county to philadelphia. >> we believe we can attribute
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four different burglaries to this group so far but we don't know how many they actually have committed at this point. >> it's just really messed with our lives really. >> reporter: investigators from the county and philadelphia believe the four suspects may be in the philadelphia area. they hope someone will recognize them and contact investigators. >> i don't want this to happen to anybody else. >> reporter: investigators say sometimes this crew is caught off power to the homes hoping to disable the surveillance camer cameras. in other cases they've simply ripped out the surveillance cameras. but investigators got lucky. some of the video had been up loaded to the cloud. in university city, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. a state senate committee hearing is canceled at city council today after protesters made their thoughts clear about philadelphia soda tax. the people causing the disruptions, well, guess what, they're in favor of the soda tax. meeting was meant to be an open forum to discuss citizens issues with the policy and it couldn't
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even get underway after protesters yelled and blue horns inn says tanly one of the primary functions of the took pay for free pre-school education for children. i just want to let the crowd in this room recognize that your city council members did care about this issue many we're paying at innings to it. we're interested in hearing that is also fair and balanced. it's important to understand why or how a hearing on the impact of the beverage tax would exclude a number of people. of course after much controversy, the soda tax took effect back in january. 66-year-old woman is in jail accused of setting an ocean county home on fire. police say this woman diana wills set the fire along king fisher way in manchester back on april 7th while the person who lived inside was in the house and was able to get out. a man who lived next door died of smoke inhalation. wills is now facing arson and manslaughter charges. absolutely sickening allegations out of local ice
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cream parlor and tonight the shop's owner is in trouble. police say he secretly recorded his employees and they were teenagers. fox 29's jeff cole has the latest from vineland. >> reporter: it is the type of crime that has neighbors shaking their heads in disgust and police searching for still more victims. >> i have vanilla chocolate strawberry mint chocolate chip and butter pecan. >> reporter: driver for philly water ice made the trek from the city with seven tubs of ice cream for vineland's cool breeze parlor only the to fine the doors lock and neighbors seething. >> he should should be sentenced much that's nass team that's people's kids out there. that could have been my daughter. my daughter one day will be there one day trying to get a summer job and you know, no. >> reporter: owner 65-year-old larry bostic is in the county lock up after police say they found a hidden camera in the dressing room. a monitor and recording device was in his locked office. the girls who work here tipped
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police. >> so far we believe we have five juvenile victims. we're not certain or not whether there may or may not be more. >> reporter: he has trouble on two fronts. ten counts of child endangerment and invasion of privacy. and $9,300 in unpaid property taxes which may put the parlor on the tax sale list in objection. >> i really don't know him, but anybody that does that is, hmm, that's not cool. >> reporter: driver duggar prison got back in his truck and headed for philly with those seven tubs and a bad feeling. >> i have twin girls. it's pretty shocking, you know, i feel bad for the parents and the girls that work here. >> reporter: police say bostic had prior business. that's why they are seeking the public's help to find if there are any more potential victims. in vineland, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. sentencing is now set foreman convicted of sexually assaulting six girls and fathers
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two children. 52-year-old donald -- lee donald kaplan will be sentenced in bucks county in september. prosecutors say the girls parents gifted their oldest daughter to kaplan because he helped them financially. that couple has been convicted of child endangerment and will be sentenced next month. to gloucester county, n, now, where a woman was sentenced today for recruiting a teenaged girl to be a prostitute. 23-year-old barbara will spend five years in a state prison. police say she met the teenager who ran away from home in 2,016 and invited her to live with her at a local hotel. police say she then convinced that girl to be prostitute with her. she bled guilty to human trafficking charges back in march. a paraplegic man from south philadelphia speaking out tonight after a violent assault allegedly committed by his own uncle. it's not just the attack that caught our attention here. >> it's the fact the alleged victim is talking publicly about what happened. our bruce gordon joins us in studio with a story you'll only
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see on fox. bruce? >> reporter: chris and dawn, this is not the crime of the century. simple assault and recklessly endangering another person. but the victim and the accused are indeed family members. asian-american family members. and that makes this now public story worth your attention. >> 40-year-old marks foo knew he was taking a risk when he invited to us his south philadelphia home to talk about the attack. >> my family, um, wanted me to, you know, keep it on the hush hush just like every other incident like when i seen growing up and if you do, um, speak about it, basically you're like betraying your family. >> reporter: foo is a paraplegic an accident caused him the use of his leg. earlier on the evening of june 14th he got into an argument with his 62-year-old uncle with whom he lives. things quickly turned violent. >> he basically through me down to the ground and i couldn't get up and run. after he punched me and i was
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bleedinbleedinged hitting me. basically dragged me down. i was on the ground. >> reporter: foo is vietnamese and chinese. but grew up in the u.s. as child he says he remembers witnessing acts of domestic violence and being told keep it to yourself. >> as a family matter rather than showing it to the public. they will feel embarrassed. >> in this case battered and bleeding, foo ignored his experience picked up the phone and called 911. >> i had to call the authorities because i was feared for my life. >> reporter: studies show aches-americans are less likely than many other ethics groups to report domestic to police. there are language and cultural barriers to coming forward. city council david oh explains -- >> it would be, um, embarrassi embarrassing, shameful to the family, um, it would be exposed out in the public, and it may have consequences that the family members are not pro paired to deal with. >> reporter: foo's call led police to arrest his uncle.
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lamb has now been charged with simple assault and reckles recky endangering another person. >> i just got my stitches removed yesterday. >> report roar mark foo could have cep this story quite but he will no longer remain silent. in hopes his community will follow his lead. >> they shouldn't be afraid just because of the unknown. >> reporter: foo tells me his uncle's wife that is to say his aunt tried to break up the attack but was thrown aside and suffered minor injuries herself she actually arrive at the home as we were talking to foo and did not appear happy that he was talking to us. p chris. >> bruce, thanks, could it be philly's new hang out spot where city officials hope folks will gather for food, fun and a little entertainment. sean? yeah, besides loud mouth lavar ball the sixers were the talk of last night's draft. coming up in sports, hear from sixers decisionmaker bryan coangelo why he welcomes the attention.
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♪ open again. bridge connect two popular shore towns townsend inlet bridge that connects see ale city and avalon reopened today just in time for summer it's been closed for the past two and a half months so that crews could repair one of the supports. well first it was dilworth plaza on the outside of city hall. now philadelphia wants people to enjoy the building's courtyard will city leaders unveiled the new features in the city hall courtyard today. including a stage, seating and a shade umbrella that collects rain and waters the plants in the area. they hope the courtyard becomes a gathering place and somewhere that people want to enjoy when the weather is nice. the stage and other features will be in mace through the fall and will return every year. >> good idea. yeah. >> little competition can certainly be a great thing. >> but every once in awhile the essence of sportsmanship wins out over the drive to win. such was the case for steven resnick. steven runs on the souderton high school unified track team
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which has special education students running right alongside regular ed children during the county finals in may steven was running well ahead of the nearest competitor when that young man tripped without hesitation steven ran and turned around and helped up that other runner before continuing his race. last night the school district honored young steven for sportsmanship and honor well deserved. >> i was actually there. >> that's right. >> we were shooting another athlete on that team a special ed he had athlete, and witnessed the whole thing happening. it was unbelievable. >> that's great. >> every cheered it was mazing because that young man could have won the race. but instead he stopped to help somebody else. he wasn't on his -- who wasn't3 on his team. >> that's sportsmanship right there. >> absolutely. back to your fox 29 weather authority. let's take live look at atlantic city. the shore is probably going to be crowded this weekend, but will it be beach weather? meteorologist mike masco has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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and yes, it will be a beach weekend but we do have to get through a round of severe thunderstorms through the rest of tonight and into tomorrow morning here's live picture very ominous sky cam you notice the sun is still out here in philadelphia and especially as you get into south jersey. so the instability is still in play. and that is going to set the stage for more gusty storms for the overnight hours. 87 degrees in town right now. southwesterly breeze coming in at 20 miles per hour. and we are talking humidity values that are way up there. we've been looking at heat indices, heat index values the feels like temperature feeling like closer to 100 degrees earlier this afternoon. severe thunderstorm warning has now been expanded to 7:00 o'clock for berks, bucks, lehighly montgomery county. this is right along 476 north of philadelphia. and this is because we've been watching this severe
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thunderstorm that came out of kutztown and now pushing towards the east. actually show you this on a third dimensional view with ultimate doppler we can flip ultimate on its side. look at storms in the vertical. this storm is billowing to 50, 60,000. this is producing severe winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. let's time this out for you moving to the east at 30 miles an hour. hatfield at 6:25. montgomery at 6:33. and warrington at 6:37 this is again pushing off towards the east. the entire region is under a severe thunder storm watch up until 10:00 o'clock this may be expanded into tomorrow morning as we're expecting another round of severe weather. so high likelihood of wind gusts in excess of 50 miles an hour for tonight. nash flooding is on the table and with all the humidity in play there's a high lylely hood of a will the of cloud to ground lightning.
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rain cooled 78 to the north and west and still close to 99 as you get down into south jersey. feels like temperatures into the knife to near 100 range and then again the atmosphere very poe ten for the continuation of some severe weather. these -- that is right here actually the remnants of once was tropical storm cindy. this is pushing through the lower ohio valley at the same time there's a cold front over chicago these two are going to come together as one storm and impact us as we go into late tonight and into tomorrow morning. look at the track of the remnants of the storm going right over philadelphia. setting the stage for a lot of rain for the overnight into tomorrow. so let's take a look at future cast. at 11:00 o'clock we'll be trac tracking more storms for our northwestern suburbs an line of severe weather through here at 8:00 o'clock it's out of here by the afternoon hours as early as 11:00 o'clock we're back into the sun, setting the stage for a beautiful weekend. wet to wonderful for your day on saturday. beautiful afternoon. sunday if you're making big plans. know it's a stunner of a day and
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take a look at the weekend plans. beautiful. 87 degrees on saturday. 83 on sunday. so just got to get through the rough weather for tonight. and then smooth sailing from there. we'll let you know if there's severe weather. break on tv and let you know if there's any kind of major severe weather that's on going. we'll have update and do facebook life coming up in just little bit. guys? >> all right, thank you mike. as sean brace in here with sports and all eyes are on the draft. >> yeah. >> but not the nba draft. >> the flyers draft. >> the flyers draft draft. flyers looking for a little process of their own this night. >> i like it. >> out with the nba draft, chr chris, in with the nhl draft. the flyers will land one of the top two players in tonights draft we'll tell you who and the sixers are ready to start talking about post season play. yeah, you heard that right. coming up next in sports hear from bryan coangelo when he expects to compete for championships.
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♪ after watching last night's draft it was very easy to realize that most experts feel the sixers came away with the best player available in markelle fultz. on top of that the second round pick the sixers landed showed serious skills we don't know how their crack cracks shake out unw details are ironed out this summer. let's focus on subtle for second. the pairing of fultz last season's number one pick ben simmons has the chance to become one of the most talented guard combos the nba has to offer. still forehead of basketball ops bryan coangelo realizes just
6:25 pm
because the foundation is strong doesn't mean success is a given. >> everything is designed with a championship in mind. but it's about building it and building a way and doing it organically and we want to look at this group, we've got a young core of talent that we feel is very capable of becoming that group. we've got peaces that look like and feel like they are going to fit together and be the basis of that championship dna if you will for a club. >> over to the ice, nolan or nico that is the question that all flyers fans will have the answer to in about 30 minutes as the nhl draft is set to start at 7:00 p.m. of course, the flyers had the second overall pick. nico or patrick both centers will most likely go one and two and the flyers will take whomever the new jersey devils decide to pass on at the top spot. the good news for the orange and black, both are solid players and both who have an immediate impact no matter who drafts th
6:26 pm
them. finally let's have some fun. last night dodgers/mets game the question is simple. was dad out of line for trying to catch the foul ball while holding the baby? i'm going to my -- as you can see after the juggle, mom was not happy. look at this. she take the baby right away. i'm impressed. he did make the catch. but here's my guess, guys. and dawn i'll go to you. this is not his first baby. >> no. >> not his first baby. because he's not handling his first child like that. >> no. >> where is his beer? >> he caught the ball. nice grab. >> i can empathize with his wife there. [ laughter ] >> all right thanks. tonight at 10:00, now that summer has officially gun it's time for relaxing days along the shore but people in the jersey towns say a major project is making that impossible the battle over dunes. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00. ♪
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>> outrage over actor johnny depp's crack about the president. >> when was the last time that an actor assassinated a president. >> then the granny pulled over for driving the wrong way for a cup of coffee? >> we are trying to stop you. open the door. >> she didn't think she did anything wrong. >> i was trying to find a place to have a cup of coffee. and 42 bedrooms, 79 wives. all living under the same roof. >> this house was your world. she was wife number 65. what was it really like living with all of those other wives? plus, is bill cosby really going on a victory tour. >> will he be giving advice on how to avoid being accused of


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