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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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and first at 11 we are tracking some nasty weather making its way through our area tonight. downpours and strong winds are what we're dealing with to start off our weekend. it poured earlier in all kinds of places including reading and it's not over yet. good evening, i'm dawn timmy the threat of severe weather will linger throughout the night. let's get straight over to mike masco. mike, you've had your eye on this all day and night. >> it's been coming in waves and it's north and west that's been dealing with all the heavy rain. here's the shot in reading it's 83 degrees right now with a south breeze coming in at 13. that's been pumping in all the moisture from the south up towards the north and that's also been allowing for temperatures to stay well into the 80s for this late at night. 11:00 o'clock at night we're still at 83 degrees. 81 in millville. 77 in atlantic city and dover checking in at 83. the big story these dew points that are up around 70 to 75 degrees. that's the tropical they shall hold that's why we are thinking the overnight storms into tomorrow morning will produce localized flooding.
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nasty thunderstorm developing from reading down towards lancaster i want to flip ultimate doppler on its side we have to examine this storm it's coming in around 30,000 feet this is up into the vert al atmosphere so we're thinking at this storm is intensifying according to ultimate doppler it's possible we get gusty winds and also the possibility of cloud to ground lightning. this will make a run for am mitt and limerick and milford. another storm that's starting to develop just outside of chester county. that's going to push off towards the east. so a lot of activity for the overnight hours. the storm prediction center highlighting the entire area under the possibility of scattered severe storms from now until 8:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. i think the highest threat from the these storms will be flash flooding, possibility of gusty winds in excess of 60 miles an hour. low threat for tornadoes we'll watch that pretty closely. here are the remnants of our system that's pushing up towards the north. cindy is now interacting with a cold front out to the west.
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we're getting a squeeze play effect bringing all the moisture from the south to the north and that's why we are expecting a lot of rape for the overnight hours. by 4:00 o'clock tomorrow morning, it's now entering our northwestern suburbs here in philadelphia around 7:00 o'clock and then off the jersey shore around 10:00 o'clock. and that sets up a day tomorrow where it's going to be absolutely fantastic. so it's wet to wonderful for your day tomorrow as that coastal system pushes off towards the east cold front is out of here and if you're going for the beach or the boat just know it's a beautiful afternoon he is supperly around 3:00 o'clock 86 degrees. uv index up a nine and there is the possibility of a moderate risk for some rip currents. so 88 degrees with morning storms on saturday. turns into a stunning sunday. 85 degrees. touch cooler as we get into next week and really the perfect pick will be by next tuesday with a temperature of around 78 degre 78 degrees. we'll continue to watch these storms for the overnight hours and scott williams will be here tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". guys? >> all right. thanks, mike. now to the jersey shore where folks are dealing with the
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long clean up from super storm sandy and other nor'easters. but not everyone is happy about what's happening. fox 29's dave kinchen explains. as soon as they start pumping sand, then they do it 24 hours a day, and you'll have the noise of the machine and nobody -- where is anybody going to go on the beach? >> reporter: irene has spent most of the her life in a home very close to the beach that runs along ventnor and margate city. she is less than thrilled about having to look at all of this sand dune construction equipment for most of the summer. >> with each storm that comes, the dunes they build will wash away report roar officials say the army corps of engineers project has been a long time coming giving back what mother nature has taken away. >> as the project moves down the beach and replenishes, 200 to 300 feet into the ocean which is -- which is huge gain for the beaches that eroded overtime since sandy and other nor'easters. >> reporter: ventnor pub luck
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safety commissioner says the dune construction was shut down three blocks with a beaches at a time in sections running through the first part of august. and many worry it will leave summertime beach goers high and dry. >> it doesn't feel g doesn't make me feel good when i see digging. >> i've been in margate since 19 -- it was my grand parent's house 1938. we've never had a dune on this beach. >> reporter: but ventnor officials say have no fear. >> it's really not a catastrophe for our summer. we've got restaurants, beaches, events like our movies on the beach here every monday night. >> reporter: after ventnor crews will work their way through margate city and then longport. in ventnor, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. speaking of the shore open again bridge connecting two popular shore towns the townsend inlet bridge connects sea isle city and avalon reopened today it's been closed for the past two and a half months so crews
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could repair one of the supports. good news for beach goers and the start of the summer. a developing story tonight on a missing person that has her community on high alert. she's an 84-year-old woman with dementia and wednesday afternoon she wandered off and hasn't been seen since it's been nearly three days family, friends, neighbors are desperate to find her. shawnette wilson has more tonight from moorestown, n. >> take good look at these pictures of 84-year-old agnella. moorestown police say she has dementia and has been missing for three days. flyers are plastered all around town as the search for her intensifies. >> it's very upsetting. we're all concerned. >> her neighbors around this house she lives in with her son and daughter on cottage avenue are devastated. >> we checked like the back of our yard and our shed. anywhere she may have been. police say her son and daughter say she walked away from the house wednesday afternoon. there was a storm that evening. >> they had last seen her at
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about 3:00 o'clock and a neighbor who was driving by apparently saw her in the driveway around 3:30. >> reporter: police fire crews and k9 have been searching a 2-mile radius ever since including this area around straw bridge lake. they've called in support from state police, concerned about the times she has been gone. the heat and the possibility of more storms. >> they've had aviation unit down here twice with a helicopter and we've since had the emergency management bureau along with task force one search and rescue people. >> reporter: ronald lundgren is a long-time neighbor. >> very nice, religious, sweet lady. >> reporter: police say the woman left with her purse but so far no activity on any of her credit cards. in moorestown, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. happening now, unusual rescue on the delaware river. a deer found its way into a muddy area of the river and couldn't get out. if it had to get stuck it couldn't have happened in better spot. fox 29's brad sattin has more
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tonight on this rescue. brad. >> reporter: dawn this doesn't happen every day. fortunately the deer got stuck in plainview of people. several of those folks called 911 as the exhausted shivering deer was running out of time. >> his little head he was just bobbing it look like he was sw swimming doggie style. >> reporter: not swimming. the dinner crowd at the chart house watching a deer being swept by the current getting stuck in the mud in three and a half feet of water and rising. >> tide was coming in. i just didn't want him to get stuck because it's very -- the mud is very thick over there. we were all afraid he was going to get stuck and sing in. >> reporter: calls to 911 in the philadelphia police marine unit was quick to respond. >> it's not the first call of service we've ever had for this. we've had a few calls in recent years for animals stranded in the water. >> reporter: team trying to lasso the deer pulling it over the pylons toward the boat each time looking like the deer was saved. >> oh, they got him -- >> oh. >> not yet. [ applause ]
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>> he's almost there. >> eventually though success. >> obviously, it was probably, you know, wanting to get out of the situation it was in. it didn't give us any struggle or any issues. once we got it on to the boat we were able to cover it with blanket to prevent it from moving around so it didn't injure any of the officers on board. >> worn out but the little guy was okay eventually released down river. >> we put it back on the beach. it relaxed for a little bit and then it left wip a few minutes got up on its way and continued. continued into the woods. >> spectators starting cheering after the rescue when the officers said they did appreciate. fortunately that deer was in shallow water. if it had been swept in the main channel the water is 50 feet deer. >> get that deer a lottery ticket. >> lucky. vineland police say the owner of ice cream parlor was secretly taping young female employees as they changed into work outfits. 65-year-old lower bostic facing ten child endangerment charges
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and invasion of privacy. he is in the county lock up tonight. police say girls working in the ice cream shop came to them with concerns investigators searched and found hidden camera, a monitor and recording device in the cool breeze ice cream parl parlor. police say the victims right now. they're asking to call if you have any information or if you know of any other victims out there. big sigh of relief tonight thanks to these five men. police say they arrested a man wanted for murder. that murder police say happened all the way in schuylkill county, pennsylvania, but police got word the suspect may be headed to atlantic city. officers were alerted and they arrest the the suspect on the ac boardwalk. coming up next, the search is on for a group of men accused of burglarizing businesses in homes all across our area. their latest hit a local deli and police say they even struck again at the owner's home. and researchers amazing 3d printing discovery that kim pack the lives of thousands of women.
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the ground-breaking findings coming up.
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♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal. we must want our fellow human beings to have rights.
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stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at ♪ tonight crew of serial burglars on their hands. four man crew of burglars broke into mark kim's deli and home in
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marple two and his family business in the house of cheese deli one day later. surveillance video shows the four suspects wore gloves but had no disguises or mask. this burglary crew has a cut a path of crime from delaware county to philadelphia. >> we believe we can attribute four different burglaries to this group so far. we don't know how many they committed at this point. >> it really messed with our lives really. >> police are asking anyone who may recognize these suspect toss please give them a call. you see it you shoot it we pay you. our fresco users are helping us show what's happening in your neighborhood. so chris, what's going on tonight? >> dawn, our fresco user today at the scene of a fatal car crash in east germantown. police say it happened on the 1300 block of east washington lane. around 7:45 this morning. a 50 year old woman was driving an suv, hit a tree. she died at the scene. this accident remains under investigation.
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and drumming, dancing and stomping that's how the royal excellence step organization is raising money to help the homeless. today was their first annual stomp out homelessness charity event. thanks to emma on fresco we got the video to show it to you. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app and send it to our newsroom. dawn? >> all right, thank you, chris. delaware county just turned up the volume on its fight against apoidea abuse today leaders unveiling a van. it features a place people can drop off drugs to keep them off the streets. leaders say by collecting unwanted drugs into our homes we have a better chance of making sure they don't get into the wrong hands. to your health now, researchers say they have successfully used a 3d printer to create a fully functioning prosthetic ovary in mice and it's not too far away from human use. more importantly, it has the potential to change the way infertility is treated in cancer
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patients. is all possible. >> reporter: at first glance this they look like a typical 3d printer but it's sophomore it created a fingering 3d prosthetic ovary that not only loud mice to ovulate but to give birth. >> we used it by putting bio innings into the 3d printer and are able to print actual organ structures. >> reporter: in this case, that structure was a mouse ovary. here's how it works. northwestern researchers removed mouse ovaries and preserved tissue or follicles isolating the hormone producing cells. they then used the 3d printer and a special gelatin ink and printed the basic structure or scaffold creating layers in precise angle that is replicate add real ovary. they then inserted the ovarian follicles to make a prosthetic ovary. >> northwestern researchers say the key to success was to fine tune the scaffold structure so that the follicles could survive
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and grow and fingers as natural ovary. imagine it like this. the scaffold just like in building construction is used to house the cells in an artificial environment. once the newly created prosthetic ovary was transplanted back into the mice, here's what happened. the egg cells began to mature and ovulate. blood vessels started forming a allowing hormones to flow the result a fully functional bio progress set tick ovary that not only restored hormone function but also allowed mice to get pregnant, deliver pups and lactate after birth. even though it's a few years down the road scientists are excited that this technique could restore function in cancer patient who's have lost their fertility. >> so this i think is a first indication that there is a glimpse of hope. >> reporter: for alyssa kelly the news is exciting at the age of three her daughter evelyn underwent cancer treatments. alyssa had doctors safe evelyn's ovarian tissue with the hope that technology would some day make it possible for evelyn to
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have her own biological childr children. >> you know my kids are the best thing that ever happened to me. they're wonderful, um, and i wanted that option for her. >> reporter: alyssa is hopeful by the time her daughter is of age the prosthetic ovary or something similar will be a routine procedure. north we were researchers say that's a very good possibility. they believe human trials are just three to five years away. >> we've accomplished something that we didn't expect, and it doesn't come along very often biological research. >> reporter: sylvia perez, fox news. >> pretty amazing. sean brace here with look what's coming up in sports. sean. >> dawn, all sixers are fired up right now. the fans are going crazy and rightfully so. but there are a few issues we need to clear up. my commentary on good nicknames, chick-fil-a and a play off run is next. ♪ >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody.
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good news for everybody down the shore. the bridge is open. the townsend inlet bridge open for vehicle traffic. good news for the gang between sea isle and avalon. so grab your beep chair, your flip-flops good news if you're down the shore. now another bridge opened the family court pedestrian bridge that opened up earlier today. that's that big one between 18th and ninth street right in front of the family court. busy weekend here in town. a couple of events the big one we have the manayunk arts festival that's going to shut down main street both saturday and sunday. and believe it or not, we got a triathlon in town that's taking over fairmount park which also includes swimming in the schuylkill river. we'll see how that goes. have yourself a great weekend. we'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia" weekend.
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♪ sean brace needs to clear up a few issues with the situation sers. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ exciting times in sixers land but we need to clear a few things up. first, eagles beat writer cooked up the nickname the feds joelle embiid tweeted the following to let everyone know he like it. folks no diss correct to johnny, when i feel the feds are coming i need to call my accountant second number one pick markelle full his love for chick-fil-a.
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>> i'm going to get chick-fil-a i'll get it catered to my house for month something like that. >> that's your favorite chick-fil-a. >> the place to go. >> markelle, come on man. skip the fast food. federal doughnuts. check them out. you'll thank me later. finally, how soon will we get from the process to the progress of making the playoffs? good question that all sixers fans want to know. the only thing i will say in this. take look at how many studies the minnesota timberwolves have right now. they both have andrew wiggins and carl anthony that lead that list and both were number one picks overall. wiggins averaged over 21 points per game and townsend started all 82 games last year. guess what? they won 31 games last season. just because you have a solid foundation doesn't mean success is a given. in closing, sixers fans need to enjoy the season no matter what but temper expectations an allow the seeds of process to bloom into a beautiful bouquet of
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progress. dawn? >> all right. thank you sean. every once in while the essence of sportsmanship wins out over the drive to win and such was the case for steven resnick. steven runs on the souderton high school unified track team which has special education program where students run alongside regular ed kids. during the country -- county finals i should say in may steven was running well ahead of the nearest competitor. i was actually there doing a story on one of his teammates. any way that competitor fell and without hesitation, steven turned around and helped the other runner back up. i witnessed this. he could have run the race -- won the race. last night the school district honored young steven for this sportsmanship and honor certainly well deserved. way to go. all right. you probably heard today was bring your dog to work day. so i couldn't resist bringing the big guy in to see his friends at fox 29. i just want my boss if he's watching he's not on the news desk. we're in the scratching up the
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news desk. >> note tow shopped. >> he's standing on these two chairs. >> oh, gotcha. >> we hoisted him up last time he was here he was a little bitty guy but now he's 85 pounds of loving. >> did you get to say hi. >> beautiful dog. >> paws were this big. >> i'm a fan of bring your dog to work day. >> we had fun. i have to thank tammy and lea for watching hip while i was on the air and keeping his nice and calm. i don't think we had anything bad happen. >> no issues. that i know of. all right. entertainment news straight ahead on fox 29. with tmz and dish nation then stay tuned for chasing news followed by the simpsons. we are back here at 7:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia" weekend. your news, weather and traffic covered all morning long. thanks for watc watching. have a great night.
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harvey: we were right, lonzo ball is going to the lakers and it looks like his family could become the next kardashians. >> lonzo! lonzo! >> they have a camera crew following them. they have a bunch of reality show deals coming. harvey: this is super scary. >> why? harvey: take you back to khloe and lamar going to dallas. it did not work out well there. >> he was on crack, dog. [laughter] >> scott disick and bella thorne are back together. >> she's embarrassing herself. harvey: i will be bella thorne's agent for a minute. bella, here's the deal. you're one of 1,000 actresses right now -- >> who has a show. she's doing well. she doesn't need scott disick. harvey: what's the show on? >> i forget. [laughter] harvey: ok. >> julia roberts' lab got lost


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