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tv   Chasing News  FOX  June 24, 2017 12:30am-1:00am EDT

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>> literaturtravel to the dominn republic where she underwent to procedures. our breast reduction surgery and liposuction. instead, she almost i. linda got an infection after the surgery which attacks your body. >> i have a hole in my right breast and i'm just looking at myself like why? >> this has nothing to do with it. >> what a hypocrite. >> your bunch of incompetent fools not to be fired. >> on my daughter's birth pictures were not there for.
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>> maybe you're right. >> a bronx woman is urging everyone to think twice before going under the knife. especially in a foreign country. >> this i cleaned up my picc line with an alcohol pad. sure that i clean it very well. you could get in and infection through the picc line to. >> how often do you do that? >> twice a day. >> linda is 40 years old. in march she traveled to the dominican republic where she underwent what she thought would be to simple procedures. a breast reduction surgery and liposuction. instead, she said she'll most i. >> a bed to the dominican republic a most ten years ago i did my breast implants with a different dr.. i decided to switch to a different dr.. my girlfriend i asked her if she knew any good doctors in the dominican republic that she could refer me to. she referred me to a dr., i
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searched him to see if he was like ten if he was good. i did not see any negative stuff about him. >> linda got an infection after the surgery called mycobacterium -- which can attack you in the body. she is running a 105 degrees people within 15 days within the surgery. she went to the hospital where she spent the next two months. she is not back home but she said she will never be the same. >> of course looking at my breast i have a hole in my right breast. epicure myself and cleaned myself and just looking at myself like why did i do this to myself. >> the new york department of health said the cases to come in. the infection has been found to ten other woman. a woman in new york city, alone. get this, eight of the woman
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identify with this infection went to the same clinic as linda in the dominican republic known as supply. that's been reported from march through april of this year. >> there's other woman out there going to this clinic getting infected like me but they don't want to talk about it. they don't want to come on talk about it. >> linda will be medicated through november. she's spending about $10000 on the recovery process. that's compared to how much the surgery abroad cost. which is $5300. she went to the dominican republic and think she think it she was getting a bargain. >> to what extent did you know she ran arrest quest mark. >> i don't think should issue it there was a risk. it's interesting coming out talking about this. a lot of other women have been calling her on the phone say the same thing has happened. she's like this is great that your tell me but we need to tell other people. if i knew this happen to come i would not have gone there. >> it's interesting she used google yet there were no google reviews. has she's posted a review so
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other women can learn from this? >> i don't know what she has done online but she's been putting the word out there. a lot of other spanish channels came to interview her, she's in a daily news spread and in newspapers as well. >> i'm sorry to her about what happened to her, but it's just another wake-up call for all of us, especially when you're dealing with surgery. you put your life at risk anyway, no matter what you hear about people who have had shoulder surgery hasn't gone well. it makes you think that you really need to meet your dr. and build a rapport with that person who you are putting your life in their hands. do that before the procedure happen. >> if you not happy with what nature gave you, and you want your boobs to look great, pay the price. don't get discounts for constant body parts. a plane with their health. there's nothing more important to the new health. nothing else matters. >> we wish you a full and speedy recovery, thank you.
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>> check out this trail cam cop i the tennessee wildlife resources agency, two young bucks scrapping it out. we do not know why they got in this fight, perhaps a bar tab. you better pay the bar tab. >> my mama paid the bar tab yesterday. >> that's my mama. >> my mom is better look in the your mama. >> i could watch this for your half. >> there's a city in peru called -- should be called cricket bill. crickets have taken over the schools, the public transportations, they are literally everywhere.
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here's the problem, people are complaining they can't sleep but the city has idea how to get rid of them. for now they are stuck with them. >> it has come to this, bus, my dog is eating my homework that is why am late for work. not exactly that. but, now it is mayors who have commuters back. >> it's a little bit odd to be the mayor of a relatively small community of 16000 residents and seton hall university tried to reach employers in new york city asking them to think about flexible hours, alternative work schedules, perhaps work from home. we are looking for partners right now. i residents and writers are our top priority. >> you cannot, and governor christie. he said he would lower fares but that is liquid help you be late for work. you can't, governor cuomo of new york, he is just talking and there's no concrete hell. here is real help, it's an excuse for commuters to bring to
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their boss to say can i please work from home because nj transit is making me late. this letter by the mayor's cement to help commuters to use the morrison essex and midtown direct line. talk about 4000 people who are affected by this. we are putting profits over people. this is a really big deal for our commuters. if you think about working families and our schedules, that additional hour to an hour and a half commute in the morning on top of what they already do and at nighttime, it impacts time with the family and impacts childcare. >> here's a little extract from the letter. quote, i am writing to sincerely urge you to consider temper flexible hours and alternative work schedule, including options to work from home one or more days a week for employees who reside in commute from south orange. the mayor is working with the mayor of maplewood, they are collaborating on this, making sure the letters are available to commuters. this one from the south orange township website.
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>> i spoke to commuters in south orange. >> right now i'm working for my granddaughter and grandson. i wish i could use that. >> year working for your daughter secant, right. >> are you going to download that letter? >> definitely, yes. >> what would working from home defeat? >> it would alleviate the stress of wasting two or three hours to sitting on the train. >> that will apsley not hell. i'm a bartender, have to make my hours. >> i commuted from philadelphia to new york for three and half years. every time there's a big snowstorm or something was wrong with nj transit, they send me an e-mail, we understand your commute is going to be outrageous, stay home, work from home. >> people don't care about how you get to work, it is that you get to work. if you have to take it 17 hours to get to work, get to work. >> it's amazing that this is how bad it got. mayors are writing excuse letters. >> to be fair, all bad things come to an end.
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nj transit track work will eventually end at the end of the summer. >> you are covered in mud, what happened. >> i'm covered in mud for the preview day of a fun mud run with amazing obstacles and challenges for its participants. it is a 5k course set up at the south reservation in south orange new jersey. participants raise money leading up to the event in 100% of the proceeds go to the national multiple sclerosis society. we wasted no time getting started. we had four awesome obstacles for me to try along with the two biggest fundraisers. one was wearing a white suit, that was funny. jim tell me about the event and their fun name. >> we are going to be here but they starting at 9:00 a.m. is on the first wave goes off. we have over 5000 people going through 18 obstacles with names like big balls and skidmark and
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crash landing in my favorite new is called flippy floppy. >> okay, big balls, that's a good one. >> one call skidmark. so get your backside already for the ride. >> held on for dear life. i got a little cocky and started hanging on upside up a little did i know there is water under me and my exit go pro battery and mike went right in there. i drop them in the drink. sorry guys. >> yeah, i will probably drop jump in there to get it. i have a backup, don't worry. next, we took turns jumping up a platform and crash landing onto a huge target. it was higher than i thought. >> three, two, one. >> that is so much more fun than
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it looks. >> definitely fun, we're left in the entire time. they tell me how this benefits people who are suffering with multiple sclerosis and also research. >> we have raised over $25 million for the mf society and we anticipate raising over $500,000 this weekend in new jersey. >> if you want to come out there still tickets and you can still get part of the run, there's fun for all ages and a mini obstacle course for your kids. check it out for more info. it's about the rain and that's good because i desperately need a shower. >> ways their gigantic rubber ducky behind you? >> that is the mascot. this is my mug face. it's a troubling. >> you always had a mud face. >> thank you. scott back to us when you get dirty.
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>> very clean their nice in that studio. >> area was discharged from his job as narrative for being six minutes late for a meeting he called for with his commander. >> my goal was to actually be a comanche
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countless patients. countless ailments. countless hours. and guess what? you can handle it all. be a leader in your field with a bsn from strayer university. a nursing program created by and for nurses. let's get it, nurses.
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>> you have two young bucks scrap and it out. >> now returning to the left of that makes me feel uncomfortable. >> you're getting a sense of direction. you are getting a sense -- >> what you do when you trying to drive to place you've never been a don't have directions? you bust out the gps. what to be do before gps? >> in my life i've never lived without something to help me get from a place to another. i started off with mapquest and now i am a slave to my gps. >> i spent half my life doing -- user brain arrest people for direction. >> for second installment of millennial versus gen x challenge we decided to go old school and take a road trip
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without gps. only using that map. >> your your two clues, here's your map, a pretty crude map of mercer county. read the x. >> i took her and got her good and lost in her goal was to find our way to well-known landmark in hamilton using just this map. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i made the first right turn and i thought we are off to a good start. >> , just this? i want to say were up there. >> any make a right up there? >> there were quite a few competitions along the way. >> we need to make a left? >> oh my gosh, everyone and
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their mom is on this road. >> eventually you started pulling it off and finding your way there the way people use to, like you knew what was north and south in learning the sense of direction. you said it will point have to go north. >> a half. north but she was looking at the map and getting part of our dinosaur bring coming back. >> when i was driving around with my parents when i was younger they paid attention to where we are going. if my phone died i can get myself home. now, none of my friends can find out where they're going unless they have the phone. >> you know what's nice about having the map? we got to talk. >> what is also what is gained? >> my sanity is gained. >> we had a really good time getting to our final destination. >> and never thought we would make it. it was an enjoyable experience.
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>> there's nothing good in their. >> what is next? >> that's what we said. we asked our facebook followers to assess what they want our next skill to be. >> were learning from each other. >> you know it's really helpful full with gps? when you're getting close to a term. >> after 12 years of serving in the u.s. air force, marriott was discharged from his job as an am in today, friday afternoon. he said it stems from being six minutes late for a meeting he called for with his commander. because of his lateness, he was court-martialed and has what is equivalent to a misdemeanor on his record. that will make it difficult for the sole breadwinner of this family to find a civilian job. >> it takes a toll with responsibility, it takes a toll with your reputation and
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ultimately your finances. >> this is a man who dreamed of retiring for the air force like his father. he comes from a long military background. >> my goal was actually to be a kernel or comanche it feels surreal in a sense that's not going to happen. he had been stationed at lakers for seven years i spoke with him out of his office in hammonton new jersey he requested a meeting with his commander because he felt like he was being mistreated. i was trying to do the docs work that day and i had some folks under me that i had to supervise i was aware of the meeting and i became that i wanted to call ahead. >> maria was court-martialed in march for failing to go to his appointed place of duty.
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for maria there's no when and situation. a week before he was convicted he was to motive from staff sergeant to airman. it automatically forced him and the honorable discharge, they can only have up to eight years of service. marriott had 12 i asked why he was demoted and they said they cannot. they did provide me with the following statement the military justice system is critical in maintaining good order and discipline, behavior that is with the values and this cannot be tolerated his fellow conviction into motion have no connection and are two separate instances. >> and the way he was treated was galling to discuss how he's being treated he tries to use the open door policy and all that happens is that it results in more charges. someone who concert for 12 years there many witnesses that says
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things about his future value to the air force. >> marriott has been very honest and said he has had discipline problems with his the. spee-04 isn't that would lead to that. >> he has not been given a reason as to why he has been demoted. he says he knows he's not perfect and made mistakes. he's still not clear, he doesn't believe that it warrants him the into motive. he's had 12 years so they couldn't put him on a performance improvement plan. >> what happens next? >> there looking at other legal avenues. they don't think it should cost him his job especially since who's going to retire from the air force. right now there trying to figure out what to do. >> ice cream lovers gathered for the grand opening of the new york city pop-up shop.
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>> that is really good. >> and sorry will have to remove
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the box matter what. >> i love the box. >> what is in the box? in three, two, -- >> now i am ready. >> when someone is a part of your life for 15 years they basically become family. that is how rachel felt about her stepdad, brett. recently she came across some adult adoption videos and thought this would be really special to us. >> the written word has always been my strong suit. the spoken word -- because of this i've not always expressed what i needs. >> as she is reading the letter, it's a nice gesture to show. >> so would you do me the honor be in my deck? will you taught me? >> you are here today because bill is in new york city and it
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aired at 5:00 o'clock. it's surprising that they forget they are in washington. part of it is compromised. a 590 billion-dollar tax cut over ten years in the spill. all the while they keep obama caring place premiums go up. >> to watch the clip on my. he's very excited. >> you have ice cream. >> i do. >> foodies and ice cream lovers alike gathered outside 52 -- street in new york city for the grand opening of the milk shop new york city pop-up shop. >> there but to let in the first round of customers. are you excited? >> on like the signage suggest they do not serve any milk.
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>> how is it? >> so good. >> but they do have macaroon ice cream cake as well as specialty flavors of ice cream. >> were also shipping next month ice cream sandwiches and pints. >> before the crowd came inside i had one of the co-owner show me how to make my own ice cream sandwich. >> which labor is this? >> this is coffee crunch which is my favorite flavor. it's so good. the crunchy partisan side of the best. >> i picked a coffee flavored ice cream sandwich and dipped it in white chocolate. then i put dark chocolate chips on top. yesterday the pop-up shop sold out of their green tea flavor. so i was wondering, is there any
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possibility you would take this and open up bricks and mortar store in new york city? >> that would be great. we'll have to see how it goes with the pop up here and how goes in general. to be something we would consider. >> just in case this is the last time they will be in new york city you want to head over there asap. it is done on sunday. nurse expects a pop if you want to get one. i brought some here to share. >> this was started to melt. >> to we have a utensil? >> when we take a look? put one per plate. >> i would love to know the secret to their success. they're gonna start shipping in july. >> i think this one looks the best. >> that is really good. >> it's much lighter than you would expect. >> we h have mint chocolate chi, would expect. >> we h have mint chocolate chi, strawberry with
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