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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> yes, 34 years old, we are starting to get some basic information, here, kinds of set the scene, dobbins school directly behind me, looking at the back of the school, it opens up into this park, where there is a lot of activity here, there are some ball fields, tennis court and as you see on the grounds crime
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tape, police describing bloody gruesome scene at the park just after 3:00 this morning. the woman found partially unclothed beaten in the face repeatedly, stemmed dozen times april cross her body then, found dead here on the scene found by a park bench in the grass, by a passerby, just after 3:00, at this point, there are a whole lot more questions than answers. but we know that her belongings, were found scattered around the park as are as a result every accumulating police were able to identify the woman, she has not been identified to us, at this point, but as i mention, 34 years old, no sign at this point of weapon being found police did lockdown the area looking for clues it, appears the woman is a local woman, based on her last known address, police spending the morning checking on surveillance video, at the school here, local businesses, even nearby rec center, neighbors say this park gets very dark at night police are
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telling us the attack was vicious and those who frequent the park cannot believe it. >> signs of stabbing trauma, all the way from her leg area, all the way up to her chest, her chest is covered with blood, her hands covered with blood. this was a very brutal savage attack, somebody really wanted to make sure that she both suffered and that she was killed. >> scared, you got to be with people, you need to surround yourself with good people, try not to travel alone. >> and again whole lot of questions still need answers, at this point, we know the police k9 team was out here, they had dogs scouring this area, but early this morning there were also some heavy rains which hindered the
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investigation of course ongoing tonight. so far, dawn, no arrests. >> all right, brad, thank you. happening now: big story we're following tonight. wild weather all around the delaware valley, check out this scene, haddon town shimmed, big huge tree down, at park and ogdon street. also in camden county, a big clean up tonight. >> gloucester city at the local marina there removing pop he'd tree. the strong winds hitting camden county particularly hard overnight. as you can see, lots of hands-on deck for this mess. fortunately, no reports of anybody there hurt. >> but camden county is only part of our region that was really pummeled by these fast-moving storms, much of south jersey, well, they're assessing all of the damage. >> yes, and emergency crews had busy morning, dawn, helping with people trapped by those downed trees and wires. fox 29's sabina kuriakose reports from browns mills.
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>> he was very upset. she was afraid she was going to get electrocuted. >> you can see why. the woman was trying to keep calm, sitting in this car, a fast moving summer storm, had just brought a telephone call self walt wires down on her vehicle early saturday morning along north lake shore drive browns mims burlington county. >> i told her stay in the car, don't touch anything metal. >> it was not their only rescue, feet away pemberton ship police chief says a man was driving by this this -- in this pick up and wires came down. he was trapped for hours. >> pinned down, smartly stayed inside the car, not knowing where the wires were live or not. and we had to wait for the utility companies to get out here to make shear we could make safe ex tran sean for his. >> says the driver is okay, roughly 30 minutes of brutal winds and driving rain brought
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trees, wires, transformers, nine telephone polls down all around town, much of the damage centered on this one and a half mile span. police have blocked off this entire stretch of road here, you can see, just how strong those winds were. it pushed that telephone pole right through the fence, bringing down its wires, along with the transformer. this whole stretch of road had several telephone polls down, these wires were arcing, throughout good part of the morning. well, helping with his church's food pantry, he said the power went off just as their doors opened. but schmidt said the storm won't stop him from helping others. >> it is mother nature for you, you know, that time of year for it. >> the police chief says the national weather service will determine just what kind of storm this might have been. in burlington county, new jersey, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news." onto your fox 29 weather authority, a big change once all of the stormy weather moved out of here giving way to a beautiful day.
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just look at this live wilmington, delaware here, where it is sunny, and just few clouds out there. a comfortable day after that messy start. >> fox 29 meteorologist, monica cryan is here. the worse is behind us, right? >> exactly, amazing how quickly those storms cleared out. we were left with a absolutely gorgeous wrap up to our saturday. here we are taking a look at the ultimate doppler radar, again, you can see, mostly clear skies. maybe a few isolated showers in lancaster county, some may not even be reaching the grounds. as we're starting to see a drier air mass, move through. here is a look at the storms. i looped it through the last 12 hours. that is the line of storms that brought all of that severe weather. headed off into the atlantic, now we're pulling in cooler and drier air. take a look at these dew points. this feels nice. dew points in the 50's, i like to say, any time we see dew points in the 60s, 70s it, gets very sticky. we're at 86 degrees in philadelphia, millville coming in at 85. trenton at 84 degrees.
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84 degrees back into lancaster, and we're going to actually see some cooler air move in, at least for the rest of the weekends. and as we head into the new work week, we are dealing with drier weather pattern. i'm sure a lot of people are happy to hear about that, as well as i'll let you know when we can see 90s return to your forecast. >> monica, thank you. huge sky of relief for family in south jersey tonight. elderly woman missing for four days has been found safe. a k9 dog led rescuers to 84 year old agnella in the woods today, found south of i-295 in moorestown. she was conscious, was taken to the hospital for evaluatio evaluation. her family had been concerned since last saw heroins afternoon. she does suffer from dementia, had been out all by herself in the stormy and hot weather. tonight she is again safe thanks to man's best friends. >> tonight philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in kensington, shots rang out overnight inside a park at kensington avenue and tioga street.
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forty-nine year old man was shot once in the stomach. medics took him to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrest haves been made, there is no word yet on a possible motive. also, in kensington, three people are hurt after a hit-and-run. police say the driver hit two occupied cars, at east venango street and kensington avenue around 2:30 this morning. then he took off. but he came to a stop when he crashed that car into a atm machine on east erie avenue. the suspect and two other drivers were all taken to the hospital, police believe alcohol may have been a factor in those crashes. >> and in south philadelphia, two people are in the hospital after a car struck them while they were riding a bicycle. police say the driver was going around a septa bus on broad street late last night when the biker crossed in front of the car to turn on oregon avenue. a 19 year old woman was riding on the handlebars. she is in the hospital tonight with a broken leg. twenty year old male biker is
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listed in critical condition. the driver did stop at the scene. >> a university of delaware professor is under fire for a controversial facebook post about the death after american college student who was held for more than a year in north korea. several media outlets are reporting anthropology professor cathy detwiler wrote that auto -- otto got what de of the, the facebook post has been removed but reportedly complains about entitled college kids and blamed the parent for that type of thinking. in a statement sent to us by the university of delaware, the school is distancing itself from the comment. the statement reads in part, quote, we condemn any and all messages that endorse hatred and convey insensitive at this toward tragic event, such as the one that otto and his family s the university says thoughts are with the family.
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no word tonight if that professor will face disciplinary action. a big honor for a group boyz ii men, their hometown guys, street named for them, see how the city turned out for that celebration. >> plus this is not your average dog show. and there is a new champ. we're giving awe closer look at the world's ugliest dogs. awe. >> syrian refugee is celebrating a huge milestone, by graduating high school in new jersey. his long road to america and his message for those who have been faced with similar obstacles. sean? >> joyce, future nba hall of famer is working out with the sixers this morning, and has everybody talking. we'll tell you who it is later in sport. warm buyer
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>> philadelphia's own boyz ii men back in town today to receive a special honor. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> group member sean stockman there, doing a little east coast sing with group of student. he and two other members, juan yeah and nate morris were there to see a philadelphia street named after them. original member mike mccarrie was not in attendance. r&b legends joined city officials at their alma matter, philadelphia school for performing arts to help unveil boyz ii men boulevard. it is at broad street, between christian and carpenter, and
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they say, of course it is an honor. >> very proud, very excited that this will be a legacy that will last long after we're gone. >> beautiful thing to be able to be here, in our hometown, and let people see what boyz ii men can do. >> the event part of the kick off for the wawa welcome america celebration. boyz ii men will take the stage at the concert on the parkway on the fourth of july. >> meanwhile, in north philadelphia, community is celebrating some first time homeowners, all thanks to habitat for humanity. meet the hendrix, they just moved into their brands new home at 16th and fountain street, habitat for humanity has built a dozen homes in the area since april of 2016. the hendrix are the last of the new home owners to move in. today is the first day they saw the completed house and they couldn't be more excited for this to be a new place for their family.
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>> lovers the backyards, huge space for the garden, space for the kids to play, for me, i'm just happy to be in a house that's beautiful, quality work. >> wonderful, you think they're excited? >> many of the people who helped build the home were there to help them celebrate it. love it. >> many of our own here, photo george list, george roach at the 111th attack wing out of porche wing for the past few months been activated as public affairs offerser. >> to celebrate father day last week he paid a visit to pottstown annual soap box concern i. george shows us how volunteering can be so very rewarding. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we're in pottstown pennsylvania today, celebrating 23rd annual soap box derby. >> a -- that i pays tribute to what fathers day reflect. >> one, two, three. >> family values, volunteerism, and selfless service. >> i start out doing this for
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my sons back in mid 90s. and just love it, i love the gravity sport, i love getting kids involved with it. it is kind of a ministry of mine, getting kids out doing something different, making memories, you know? >> it teaches me that losing is learning and that it is important not to get down on yourself. it is important to cheer each other on and not let yourself down just because you lost. >> hoping both walk away happy, i guess, yes. >> happy to have friends just enjoying their childhood. >> on three. one, two, three. >> this is an annual event held every year, the saturday before fathers day, for the last 23 years we sends kids ages from seven all the way to 21, down the hill, in three different divisions, at the end of the day we'll send three kids to akron ohio to represents pottstown. >> we've always run on the third saturday, which always ends up to be the day before
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fathers day. >> one, two, three. >> this is such a family sport in that other sports usually you're following it, can be one sibling playing a sport, and you support them. but with this one you can have multiple kids all racing at the same time, brothers, sisters, racing each other. and then the mothers and the fathers to help with the cars, get in them setting up and place, you know, just at the race, and on the off-time is really important. >> you get so much quality time, i mean, i spent hours and hours in the garage with my dad. and we spent all week, you know, before the race in the garage. then i would spend all day with him racing. like he would put me in the ramps and it was just -- it was just so much time spent together that i'm so thankful for soap box derby because of that. >> and when the chips are down, there is always a guards man you can count on. >> my husband who wa was the former director, he got ill. and we needed some extra help.
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>> he loved putting kids in the car. he loved -- he just loved being able to give kids the experience of going down this hill. and it all started with me. >> my husband actually passed, god forbid if anything would happen with paul take over, and he didn't hesitate. >> paul used to always -- was always involved in soap box derby. but he would set up few cars for couple of kids, run them, and in the past couple of years, paul has stepped up tremendously, and in the helping of the running of the race and the actual planning of the race, and the actual execution of the race. >> a leader at the track, or a leader at the 111th attack wing, commands chief master sergeant paul frisco leads by example and mentorship. >> we need to hold that outside lane, okay, hold it
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tight. >> missing in today's society. >> paul is fully committed. from my experience with him, in the air force, if he's doing something there, he is 110%, and the same thing here. we're always cracking jokes, if we're meeting at 6:30, he is here at 6:20, waiting for everyone, you know, he's already thinking of seven, eight steps ahead. his commitment to this and volunteerism is just -- it is un questionable. >> a lot of kids don't have the opportunity to do this. i think it is neat when they get to, because they always remember it. it is something they'll always remember. not like riding your bike every day, i try give these kids the best cars i can, teach them, and let them go. >> if you love it, it is not work. and i love going to work every day. i love every time i come out on the track and run with these kids. good day for frisco racing. >> and it is a good day in pottstown, pennsylvania, reporting from the 23rd annual soap box derby, i'm master
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sergeant george roach. >> and photo journalist george roach is currently serving in the reserves. we look forward to seeing him back here at work at "fox 29 news" in august. >> good job, george. a new jersey teenager who escaped from war torn syria is one step closer to living his american dream. muhammad cha-cha syrian refugee, he graduated yesterday with honors from the school of architecture, construction and trade in patterson, new jersey. he and his family left syria with only the clothes on their backs when he was only 14 years old. the family went to lebanon for a few weeks, then they went onto cuba, from there, they came to patterson, new jersey. and became one of the first syrian families accepted into the united states refugee program. muhammad says it is a long road to graduation. >> i barely was able to ask the question in english how
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are you, like it barely came out of my mouth. i want to set up an example to everyone how refugees do, they work hard. >> wow. >> sweet. wow. now muhammad is headed to rutgers university. he's going to be studying engineering. >> good for him. >> right? >> days after dozens of people were killed in a high-rise fire in london, the uk is facing a new safety crisis. why hundreds were evacuated from their apartments this weekend. >> plus, devestation in china. tonight crews are scrambling to save lives following a mud slide that has burried people alive.
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we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
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tonight more than 200 people are out of their ants after a mass i have fire ripped right through their complex in northwest washington dc. happened overnight, it took more than 100 firefighters to knock down the flames. firefighters used ladders to reach and rescue some residents, while others jumped to firefighters below to get out of there. one civilian, and four firefighters were treated at a hospital. none of their injuries are considered life threatening. that's good news there. no word on what caused the fire. >> and, more than a week after fire at a public housing tower in london killed dozens of people, the uk is facing new security concerns surrounding some of its high-rise
6:25 pm
properties. >> more than 800 people in five publicly owned apartment towers had to be evacuated this weekend, safety concerns, and residential buildings are tomorrow of mind after 75 people died after the again field fire in west london. investigators believe new exterior used in renovations may have violated uk building codes. now authorities in london and other nearby cities are evacuating buildings that have used that same kind of outer walls as the tower that burned, britain's prime minister says that's a top priority they must keep people safe. >> it is government working with local authorities to make sure they're inspecting the tower blocks. we've made facilities available for the tower blocks, concerned about this to be sent in to be tested and when they find that's not you have to fire safety standards immediate action is taken. >> residents are expected to be out of their homes for at least three, four weeks, while fire safety upgrades are
6:26 pm
completed on those evacuated buildings. >> fifteen people have been confirmed dead in a landslide in southwest china. crews continue to search for survivors at the site where more than 120 people were burried this morning. heavy roxanol kind of debris rolled right over the homes and properties there, and the path below the mountain. >> are the stresses of life getting to you? apparently some people are losing control because of it. how the current political climate is playing a role. monica. >> bit of relief from the heat in your seven day forecast, i'll talk about it coming up. do you really use head & shoulders?
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are you stressed out? you're not alone. it could be affecting your health and more though. >> yes. and fox's tisha lewis explains how every day tensions really take a toll on us. >> headlines this week alone may feel like people are stressed out, losing control and preparing to go over the
6:30 pm
edge. and apparent road rage crash after a motorcyclist kicks another drivers car, was caught on cell phone video in california. the motorcyclist appears to try to kick the car with his leg as the two vehicles are colliding. then, there is the giant worker who stabbed her co-worker in the produce section with a knife she was use to go cut watermellon. her co-worker taken to the hospital. she was taken to jail. dint is george said the high stress levels are impacting people's health. >> the stress levels hire. and i really don't think that i've been treating this many cases of people grinding their teeth then probably the same period of time right after 9/11. >> he's talking about people who grind their teeth, in their sleep. they have no idea. >> people are very stressed. patient are coming in with a list of medications, a lot of them, yo you know, cyclotron innings, just anxious, and a lot of people take it out on
6:31 pm
their poor teeth. >> the search is on for outlet, to alleve ate stress. some turning to yoga. >> i notice more first time, yes, the teachers of it the class, usually ask if there are any new students, and just to get a sense of the level of the class that they are going to deliver. and yes, and i have been hearing a lot of newcomb ers. >> time and time again, we've heard many blame their stress on politics. more than half of americans reportedly say the current political climate is a very or somewhat significant source of stress. bars across the district are filled with people that have plenty to say about it all, on both sides. >> as a little more tension, especially in this area. >> no, i don't feel more stressed out. i feel more relaxed. i feel like the climate around here, everyone is arguing, but everyone is talking finally,
6:32 pm
so it is good. >> it is a stressful city which we live right now, with the political times, but i think people are a little stressed out. i think they love to come here to at the cigar lounge, relax, and the beautiful thing, it takes time to sit down, smoke a cigar, so that stress just rolls off your body. >> so stress is good for business, for you? >> stress is good for business. >> there you have t the american psychological association recently reported the first significant increase in the overall average stress levels among americans. since they began keeping track of it, ten years ago. in addition to anxiety over politics, the study cited terrorism, police violence, and personal safety also stressing us out. >> things are nice and calm after a round of storms this morning. probably stressed out some people. folks in central and south jersey are cleaning up now, after being hard hit. >> this video comes out of howell, new jersey, and was recorded by brett, the
6:33 pm
township police department shared. >> this the photographer waiting out the storm in a local home depo. photos of the aftermath show just how rough it got there. the national weather service will survey the damage to determine if the tornado actually touched down. and, now, onto your fox 29 weather authority, and a clear summer day in the delaware valley, and down the shore. here's a look at cape may. and if you chose saturday to go to the beach, you sure picked a good one, from this is from congress hall it, start out little rough this morning with a wild summer storm, but the wet weather went to wonderful. fox 29 meteorologist, monica cryan. and that front has moved on out, monica? >> it moved really quickly and early, around 7:00 in the morning, it was pushing through new jersey. we do have it confirmed micro burst, the national weather service going and checking out some of the damage in browns mills, new jersey, in burlington county, and confirming micro burst over a mile long, winds speeds at
6:34 pm
75 miles per hour, downing power lines, and trees. fortunately, no injuries reported. here's a look at the highs for today. want to go over some of those temperatures, atlantic city, 88. it was hot in philadelphia, 88 g in at 84. but we have got a change in the forecast. here we are, still sitting in those southerly wind, with the jet stream kind of pushing in those winds out of the south. ushering in that more warm air. but here's what's going to happen. as we head into sunday, monday, into tuesday, jet stream start to dip. we've got a bit of a cooler air mass, moving in, and those winds out of the north, and so we're going to actually see temperatures drop over the next few days. sunday, still mid 80s, monday, low 80s, but tuesday, actually talking 70s every day below average. as we head into our wednesday. that's kind of a nice relief from the heat. it has been hot and sticky the past few days, but we're talking cooler air, and also some drier air. here we are looking at your
6:35 pm
sunday night or, excuse me, tonight into early sunday morning. we've got lots of sunshine to look forward to. and isolated shower can't be ruled out with the rain chances, on the slim side. so, we're going to see that as we head into our monday, as women. specking mostly sunny skies, so overnight, mostly clear, comfortable. temperatures dropping because there is very little cloud cover. sixty-five in the suburbs, 85 for your high tomorrow. mostly sunny conditions through tomorrow. and that continues down the shore. we are expecting temperatures low 80s sunday, monday down the shore actually at 76 degrees. but plenty of sunshine to enjoy. so here is a look at that seven day forecast. you can see those temperatures gradually dropping. we've got 81 degrees, on monday. very pleasant conditions. that's why i gave all of them a ten. we've got lots of sunshine, then the temperatures pretty comfortable, those dew points on the lower side, as well. 77 degrees, on tuesday. partly cloudy conditions, maybe an isolated shower, but at this point, most of us staying dry, as we head into
6:36 pm
wednesday, temperatures on the way back up. yes, guys, 90 degrees on thursday. we're going to see three consecutive days all the way into the weekends of 90-degree temperatures. >> all right, can't wait for the 70s. thank you, monica. >> five year old girl fighting a rare disorder. one that only affect girls. now her big sister is asking you to believe in bryn. >> you don't fit into some bands but not others? well, we are shopping for answers.
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>> well if you live in philly you've got brands flew place to roller skate today, philadelphia parks and recreation, hosting a ribbon cutting, as you can see there, for a roller skating rink at the shepherd rec center. that's in southwest philadelphia. the ring was created on abandoned tennis court, and there is also a new track that goes around the ring from running and walking. looks like fun. >> five year old are expected to play in sands boxes and run around and have fun, not have a care in the world. well, bryn connoisseur is five years -- connor is is five years old, prevent her from
6:40 pm
doing things little girls like to do. >> yes, but her big sister has a powerful message, and it is picking upstream. fox 29's shawnette wilson explains. >> eight year old tar inch connor lights up talking about her five year old sister, bryn, who has rhett syndrome. rare newer lodge cast disorder caused by genetic mutation on the x chromosome. mostly affect girls. >> she really doesn't care at times. she is just acting like a normal kid. and she doesn't have it. >> tar inch's caring spirit and busy little minds one night came up with a way to help her sister and other like her, after watching one of her fively shows, she sat down and penned this loving letter. >> hi, my name, i'm eight year old, my little sister bryn she is five. >> she wrote specifically again stefan. >> i she is really into girl power that, i really thought, and i just figured out that rhett syndrome is an all girl disease, so i thought she
6:41 pm
would be a great addition to team bryn. >> in the letter she explains bryn's challenges, with not being able to walk, talk, or use her hands. >> but she is very smart. and understands everything you say. my family's goal to raise enough awareness and money to care for bryn. >> they posted the letter on facebook hoping it makes it to the star, who they hope will help them raise awareness about rhett syndrome. kristin is proud of the voice her oldest daughter wants to be for bryn. >> i think that she has a mission, she wants to change her sister's life. >> to read the entire letter tune get more information on rhett syndrome, go to and university city, shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." >> and still to come, this is not your average dog show. and there is a new champ. we're giving awe closer look at the world's ugliest dog. ♪
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>> you probably flow it all too well. i know i do. a clothing conundrum for men and women alike. sizes, they just aren't consistent. >> yes, i think they're trying to trick you. bonnie found out what a noise shoppers the most about sizing and got to the bottom of why they vary so much. >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> it is not so much size matters, as what's the matter when sizes? >> ever wonder how you can be a size eight, six, two, medium, small? all at once? we took the question: what is your size? to all of you. >> now you're a size bigger in a different brands or size lower in a different brands. >> if you guys were wearing shirts right now, what size would they be? >> large. >> extra -- medium. >> i would be like a nine somewhere else. then like a six somewhere else. >> like a seven, and then it ranges sometimes. >> extra medium. >> oh, extra medium? >> smedium, might as well be a size when it varies so much by brand and store. >> it changes. >> what about you? >> it changes. >> it changes. >> changes. >> all across the boards. >> is it frustrating? >> yes, so do you have try it on. >> if i asked you what size were you, does it make any sense? >> no sense at all.
6:46 pm
>> we went to fax expert pat high spent 20 years as a vp and general manager at neiman marcus, lord and taylor and marshall fields. she said blame the fit models. >> a fit model is the person who tries on the clothe as they're being created. the fit model is there in the workroom with the designer. >> a clothing brands finds the fit model it likes and create a size six based on her measurement. then, uses software to scale the dimensions up and down for other sizes the problem is bodies don't usually size up or down in a uniform way. attempts failed over the decades to come up with better guidelines. there is no such thing as standard size clothe because there is no such thing as standard size bodies. >> we're in the fruit. we're not apples, pairs and bananas. we're womb and we have bodies. our bodies have proportion to them. there is big difference when you know your shoulders broad, or little sloping. garment will fit you very differently in those cases. >> otherwise, it is trial and error. >> i have to look at reviews
6:47 pm
to see if they run large or small. it is tough. >> too small or too big in the thighs, and too small or too big in the waist. no happy medium. >> to find your happy medium, or small, or large, stylists say once you find a brands that works, stick to it. because you don't decide your size, they do. >> fox news. >> california celebrating ugly dogs. >> no dogs are real ugly, in their owners eyes, how about this is the winner, 125 pounds gentle giant named martha. crouds in the 29th annual worlds' ugliest dog contest, the neapolitan mastiff was rescued when she was nearly blind, after several surgeries she can now see, beat out 13 other dogs, most of them the kind of small older dogs we usually see dominating the competition. >> this is rascal the ugliest dog, and he's actually adopted and fifth in line of ugly dogs that i've had that have all
6:48 pm
won here before. >> a dog some with acne, others with tounges frequently sticking out, others getting called ugly, but for their owners, it was love at first site. the contestants were judged on first impressions, unusual at boost, personality, and audience reaction. >> oh, cute. >> speaking of dogs, we introduced to you an amazing one from our area. i don't know if you remember, he was abused, abandoned, clinic to go life when he was found. and it wouldn't be surprising if he never trusted any human again. >> no, but our bill anderson metal lad inch and his mommy and found out that only -- not only does he trust and love, but his life is about to change now, with the help of other. for goodness sake. >> his legs broken, had isdale missing, missing 12 teeth.
6:49 pm
>> lard to hear about and even harder to see the abuse this little dog, aladdin experienced prior to being found in south jersey? because he was zoe mace ate dollars, all of the muscles was gone from his lower back down. so he couldn't control his bowels. he couldn't do anything. >> his injuries were so severe, he could have died, which is why seeing him walk up, tail wagging, and happy to advice ate local school, was so impressive. >> there you are! hello. >> he still walks with a noticeable limp but the dog once viciously abused is now a certified therapy dog, reading dog, works with wounded warriors, the police, and ronald mcdonald house, and like today with his mom michelle visits schools to teach kids about abuse and how to treat animals. >> do you know what to do if you see a dog that's not yours? the first thing you do is ask the person that has the dog, can i pet him. you never pet a dog that you don't know. >> after what's become a
6:50 pm
normal day, in the life of aladdin, just serving people, i sat down with michelle, who stilters up at what a little love has meant in the life of this amazing dog. >> all he needed was a chance, he was someone's trash that they dumped at the side of the road. and, you know, he -- he is, he is my treasure. i'm just going to sit in your lap now. >> that's okay. >> easy to see how loving little aladdin is, how so many people across the country request him to come visit and support various causes, and because of this, he has been selected as one of three finalists for the american humane association hero dog award. i purposely didn't mention until now that al lad inch is a pitbull mix. >> he's definitely an ambassador for the breed. he goes out in the community, and he shows people that it doesn't matter what your breed is. >> michelle and the numerous organizations, that al lad lynn works with, hopes he's the perfect example for people to look at and see dogs every
6:51 pm
all breeds can positively influence society if they're just given a chance for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> let's talk some phillie sports, hall of famer work out this morning at the sixers practice facility. we'll tell how it was, and number one pick markelle fultz, were he believes the six letters turn around fast this upcoming season. we're talking playoffs next in sports. ♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish
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crest... ...healthy, beautiful smiles for life. hdid you get that email i sente wyou...before you wake up. ... when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in less than 20 minutes. because sleep is a beautiful thing. >> i told you last night the 76ers are the talk of the nba. seriously, i'll give you the t wolfs with jimmy butler, maybe the lakers landing alonso ball, but no arguing that the 6ers have everybody's attention, including, future hall of famer, kevin garnet. from garnet's instagram page,
6:54 pm
the big ticket was in town, it swung by the sixers practice fast ills at this, and from the looks of it, nice and sweaty, he had work out with joel embiid and dario charts this morning, i highly doubt we will be signing the big ticket this upcoming season. focusing on embiid here, huge piece of info revealed yesterday was that the sixers don't plan on putting embiid on minute restriction for this upcoming season. head coach breath brown had the chance to address those comments, and as you can tell, brown, he's cautious with his words. >> that's real ambitious goal. evidently, it is possible, and as the coach, you know, like you hold those words that sentence, you remember it, but we've all learned over the years, that it is 82 games, it is a hell of an expectation. and so, whatever it is, it is. ultimately, the same compass rules our day where, you know, the health is what's most important for the long-term future. >> sounds like brown was surprised there. all right, july 3rd is the sixers first summer league
6:55 pm
game, and how about this? it is boston celtics. should be the first chance fans get to see number one pick markelle fultz in a interview, and fultz is confident in his game, from the sound of it, summer league success, or not, he feels this year's regular season will result in a play-off birth. >> on and off the court, they're great guys, they carry themselves in the right way. and trying to turn the program around, try to get back to the playoffs, like i said, just. >> future is bright. >> that's not just me talking just because i'm player. i really think that we can do it. >> playoffs, baby, that's right. one team that's happy for all of the attention the sixers are receiving, are the phillies. currently as we sit, the phils are 24 games under 500. but enough of the bad. how about happy store. >> i have you ever heard of the new jersey institute of technology in you have one.
6:56 pm
phils won last night, a lot to do with the pitching performance by starter, first major league start. he shined versus one of the better line nuns all of the baseball, six complete innings, no runs, struck out five. all while his dad was watching from the stands, a night the 22 year old from the new jersey institute of technology will never forget. >> it was awesome to get a start, and first one in the big leagues, i think i was more excited for this than i was my major league debut, to be honest with you, i've always been comfortable starter, an as a starter, tune get that opportunity, tonight, was awesome. and i'll remember this foreve forever. >> very cool. >> has become a tradition, no, not talking about the masters, during last night's nhl draft, the flyers selected morgan frost with the 27th pick. morgan is currently 18 years every age, and ready to celebrate the happiest day of his life.
6:57 pm
how much, trolls out there like to dig up old tweets on social media. no matter the sport, if there is a draft, people are looking for the blackmailer tweets. when morgan was 14 years of age tweeted not so nice thing about the team who drafted him last night. >> comcommon. >> , the flyers. >> amazing, 14 years old. get that bar of soap out. >> changed his minds, i'm sure. >> congratulations to him. >> be sure to join us tonight at 10:00 after vandal leaves graffiti all over the place, what the marking look like has some giggling, police are not laughing. >> and that's our news on this saturday night. your live lottery drawing is next. stay tuned for major league baseball. the pirates and the cardinals meet in st. louis. we will see you here after the game. good night everybody. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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