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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 24, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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job kansas city has done just to get back in this race because of the lack of offense they have. they are now kind of in it. rallied. >> matt: 0-2 the count do buster posey come i want to get this number out there because i find it so amazing, we had discussed it earlier. how good the royals have been a late, 111 of the last 13 and scoring a lot of runs in doing so, this team was given up for dead by a lot of the so-called experts. as recently as may. >> john: the story line was this is a team that's going to trade a lot of their pieces because they've got some free agents to be and their run is over, they traded davis or basically gave up on him. ned yost has got his team believing in the central.
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>> matt: a ball and two strikes. you know what i'm reminded, he punched that ball foul in red, i wanted to follow up on something i talked about a moment ago. how hard it is for a right-handed batter to go deep in this ballpark. this place opened in 2,000. just guessing normal baseball player, how many home runs do you think a right-handed hitter has hit house to right field here? >> john: since 2,000? >> matt: yeah. >> john: at less than 50, i bet. >> matt: you are correct, that's a base had for buster posey. 40. >> john: barry bonds doubled or tripled that you would have to believe, but he's left-hande
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left-handed. >> matt: you're talking about almost two decades of games here. were not talking about just by giants, let's hitter's period. the dimensions, you have to hit it up over the wall. it doesn't go to right field per se. that is a shockingly low total in two decades of games here. here's brandon belt with a runner aboard and one gone. on the ground to second, cabrera to ray us, back to due to come out that one might be taken a look at, very close at first base. >> john: i thought he was safe life. >> matt: if you're going to challenge it's got to come quickly, you just saw bruce bochy indicates that he wants is one challenged, he's going to be safe when they take another look at this. >> john: he got down the line quickly on a ball hit pretty firmly to second base, not
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taking anything for granted her here. >> john: the change to the rule stems from a game last august, cincinnati and st. louis when the reds wanted to challenge the final out of the game but everybody had walked off the field including the umpires. after the game they said you didn't get the challenge and quick enough, that's why he immediately signaled he wanted it looked at scum of the is overturned. one more out to get for addison reed. a lot of fans just sat right back down. >> john: it's a great place.
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>> matt: what else would you rather be on a saturday afternoon? he will do so unchallenged as crawford swings and misses and the giants are down to the last couple of strikes today. series finale tomorrow. matt moore and rafael montero tomorrow afternoon. matt's back on s ny, giants back on nbc bay area. from here the mets go to miami. when you are playing out west, we got the giants and dodgers you might as well get the marlins out of the way too.
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>> john: i had this discussion is a player forever, i know it's not the easiest thing to do, the schedules, but my goodness. there has to be a better route. >> matt: that's a rough one. >> matt: giants staying home for the rockies. this ninth-inning is going to get a little bit deeper. belt will come in to score as crawford gets to second it's a 5-2 ball game. >> john: he's got a great arm and certainly was trying to get the runner at home, if this were a closer game, you really can't afford this kind of throw. you see right here, he can get it to home easily unaligned but he knows as soon as he lets it go, way too high.
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>> matt: now ryder jones who in making his debut has gone 0 for his first three. this is his first chance with a runner on. >> john: the part of closing or even relief pitching that used to drive me crazy that's why you can't pay attention to era. runner on first walks to second. two out, a little blue pit, scores, that happens more than you think in the course of a season where you would typically hold a runner on and not let him just walk to second base. >> matt: 0-2 the count good >> john: as you can see i haven't let it go. it was my number one pet peeve, we don't need to protect the line if it's a bad pitch it's on me. i don't want guys to go to second base to see my signs or location or really anything if i don't have to.
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i'll let it go. >> matt: get yourself all worked up. 0-2 the count to ryder jones. for the giants staring at the distinct possibility of a 50th loss. for the mets a chance to think about it may be series tomorrow and a flipping what had been a disastrous start to this long road trip when they were swept in los angeles. two balls and two strikes. >> john: good job laying off those two pitchers he was able to swing at early in the count, recognizing them.
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broke his bat, cabrera is up to finish off businesses afternoon. the mets with some light insurance offense and some great starting by jacob degrom that made it to in a row in san francisco after a 5-2 win this afternoon. >> john: the two starting pitchers content efficiently better. johnny cueto didn't get the los loss, -- >> matt: a5 habit to win for the mets, we are saying it so long, see you next week in houston. //>[a5df]
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>> kevin: welcome baseball nights in america, after a really rough series in l.a. go up to san francisco and take the first two games, and kevin burkart, is not a lot to celebrate about the mets but jacob did promise been pretty darn good. >> kevin: he's throwing well, has less three starts he's been dynamic. today, he was great against we have to be honest, and anemic giants offense. in his last three starts he's thrown 25 innings and only allowed two earned runs. this is the guy we hope to see all year long, he is throwing
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well they just need to somebody else to help them out. other highlights, let's go check on that. of pirates in the cardinals, josh harrison is up against lance lynn and he is going teet teeth. pittsburgh was in for, angels red sox. fernando allowed called for a block, that scores are run. that means john farrell is going to go ballistic. >> kevin: this is a good action, with the advent of instant replay we don't get to see arguments as much. bill miller a former classmate of mine at ucla we used to drive one another at ucla baseball field at the tryouts, he didn't make it, he took the umpire out and now he's a big league umpire getting yelled at by john farrell, wow. that will do it for us, here in los angeles, don't forget
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tomorrow on fox, it's a confederations cup coverage beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. we'll see you back here again next week, for baseball night in america, see you
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>> breaking news out of lehigh county. they got on a scene, someone fired at them, we're live at the scene. >> keep it here, unique is next.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 10:00. and first on "fox 29 news" at 10:00 shots fired at police, a barricade, and homeowners ask to get out of the area. people in one lehigh county town spending their weekend on edge tonight. police say someone fired shots at them. thanks for joining us, i'm dawn timoney. >> i'm joyce evans. those shorts were fired hours ago, and now we're getting some new and tragic information from police. let's head straight out to our brad sattin, brad live in upper sol kin township. brad, what's this all about? >> reporter: well, it has been a chaotic day for sure that
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lasted about ten hours, neighbors here for the most part, not sure what exactly was going on, and franklin, neither were we up until about ten minute ago when the district attorney and police chief held news conference to announce this ended with a case of a murder-suicide. let us backtrack, and tell us what we know now, starting around quarter to 12:00 just before noon today. police trying to serve a warrant with some passengers in a car, they tried to pull over that car, the male and the female in the car apparently fired single shot at police, jumped out of the car, ran through cornfield, and that's when the chase ensued. no officer was hurt, the couple went into a neighborhood off line port pike not far from where we are. they interact dollars with several neighbors at gunpoint apparently trying to get some of the neighbor car keys to take off. neighbors would not give up the keys, the male and female kept looking, eventually, winding their way into a home where police for many hours
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tried to coax them out through all of this i nays of, neighbors not sure what was going on, and police did use tear gas, all of this ending in the 9:00 hour it appears with a case of murder suicide. again, the district attorney and police chief speaking to us just moments ago. >> they left their car and fled on foot. the officer gave chase on foot. it was at that point that one of the suspect fired upon the officer. >> obviously still a lot of questions tonight. we asked the da was this couple local. he tells us they were not. they're not from the area. police again never fired any shot. it appears just one shot was fired at the police. no one else was hurt. a chaotic scene again that ended with a murder suicide. no names at this point. neighbors at this point getting this news relieved that what was a ten-hour ordeal tonight is over. >> thank you so much, brad.
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>> vicious murder behind north philadelphia high school, somebody stands year old woman over and over, in a park near dobbins high school. passerby made the gruesome discovery just after 3:00 this morning they believe the attacker meant for this woman to suffer given the multiple stab wounds from her legs to her chest. who did it and why is unknown at this time. >> huge sigh of relief for family in south jersey tonight, elderly woman missing for four days has been found safe. a k9 dog led rescuers to 84 year old agnella in the woods today south of 295 in moorestown, she was conscious, taken to the hospital for evaluation, her family had been concerned since last saw heroins afternoon. the woman suffers from dementia, and had been out all by herself in the hot and stormy weather, tonight, she is safe, thanks to man's best friend. >> philadelphia police investigating deadly shooting, shots rang out overnight inside park at kensington
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avenue tioga street, 49 year old man there was shot once in the stomach, medics took him to temple university hospital where he was pronounced dead. no arrest haves been made in this case, and there is no word on possible motive at this time. also, in kensington, three people are hurt after a hit-and-run. police say the driver hit two occupied cars at east venango street, he then took off, came to a stop, when his car crashed into a atm on east erie avenue. the suspect and two other drivers were all taken to the hospital. police believe alcohol may have been a played tore in the crash. >> fast moving storms this morning, leaving behind damage throughout the garden state. this video comes out of howell, new jersey,. >> the photographer waiting out the storm at local home depo. national weather is advice
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will survey the damage to determine if intact it was a tornado that thumped down. >> camden county big clean up in gloucester city, just look at what crews had to tackle at a local marina there, removing a toppled tree, big one at that, the strong winds, hitting camden county particularly hard overnight. as you can see, lots of hands on deck for this mess. fortunately, no report of anybody hurt there. >> camden county isn't the only part of our region really pummeled by these fast moving storms much of south jersey a session the damage still. >> emergency crews had a busy morning, helping people trapped by down trees and wires, fox 29 sabina kuriakose reports from browns mills. >> she was very upset. she was afraid she was going to get electrocuted. >> you can see why. the woman was trying to keep calm, was sitting in this car, a fast moving summer storm had just brought a telephone pole and several wires down on her vehicle early saturday
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morning. along north lake shore drive in browns mills, burlington count. >> i so i told her do not move. stay in the car. don't touch anything metal. >> mark says emergency crews arrived and helped the woman escape. it was not their only rescue. feet away, pemberton township police chief says a man was driving by in this pick-up truck when within seconds a storm brought wires down on his vehicle. he was trapped for hours. >> pinned down in the car. he smartly stayed inside the car not knowing whether the wires were live or not. and we had to wait for the utility companies to get out sure to make shear we could make a safe extraction for him. >> he's okay, the 30 minute of brutal winds, driving rain, brought trees, wires, transform earnings, at least nine telephone polls down all around town. much of the damage centered on this one and a half mile span. >> police have blocked off this entire stretch of road here. uncle see just how strong those winds were.
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it pushed that telephone pole right through the fence bringing down its wires, along with the transformer, this whole stretch of road has several telephone polls down. these wires were arcing throughout good part of the morning. >> helping with his church's food pantry, he said the power went off just as their doors opened. but schmidt said the storm won't stop him from helping others. >> that's mother nature for you, you know, that time of year for it. >> in burlington county new jersey, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news." and now taking a live look at wilmington, after those storms moved through, it really turned out though to be a beautiful day and evening all across our area. but depending upon where you live, you had early morning wake up from those powerful storms. >> sure did. monica, a lot of people are still cleaning up from them tonight. >> right. a lot of it was from this micro burst that we now are confirming was an actual micro burst in browns mills, new jersey. national weather service will go out and survey the damage, they looked at the polls and
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those downed trees and saw that they were all down in the same direction. which is indicated to them that it was straight line winds and not rotation, like a tornado. let's take a look at the information, winds speeds estimated at 75 miles per hour, for over a mile. and once again, we had a lot of those downed power lines and treason crescent drive in burlington county, new jersey. >> cleaning up, a lot of the clean up was easy. we had some sunshine through the morning and into the afternoon. there is a line of showers, going to roll through, kind of move on through very quickly, through berks, lancaster county, otherwise we keep it dry through the overnight. and those dew points have also dropped, which is great, any time we see dew points in the 50's, and into the lower 60s, it is pretty comfortable. we get to the mid 60s and 70s, that's when things get sticky. so starting to see drier weather move in, temperatures at 78 in philadelphia, trenton coming in at about 77 degrees. look at allentown, 73, so we will be cooling things down
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quickly overnight because we don't really have a lot of cloud cover, but we have the dry weather pattern setting up with some cooler air to start the new work week, and the 90s return later in the week. i have the forecast coming up. >> thanks, monday carpet developing tonight the drama over russia's involvement in the 2016 presidential election continues to unfold. the president taking to twitter this weekend. and he's talking about former president obama in russia. >> fox's kristin fisher has the details from the white house. >> president trump may not have any public events on saturday, but his doesn't meanest's staying quiet, especially, when it comes to the russia investigation. president trump is now placing some of the blame directly on his predecessor by saying on twitter, quote, since the obama administration was told before the 2016 election that the russians were meddling, why no action? focus on them. not t. i believe that t means trump. >> this all stems from washington post report out friday which alleges that president obama received a
10:29 pm
classified cia report three month before the election with evidence of russian president putin's direct involvement in the cyber attacks on the democratic party. the report goes on to say the obama administration wasn't quite sure how to respond without seen as influencing such a politically charged issue. >> i just heard today for the first time that obama new about russia a long time before the election, and did he nothing about it, but nobody want to talk about that. >> former member of the obama administration now firing back on twitter by saying quote what did trump say when obama administration issued statement in early together on russia meddling? he spent weeks calling the election rigged. in a interview on fox and friends, president trump is also criticizing the media for not covering president obama's response enough. >> the question is if he had the information, why didn't he do something about it? he should have done something about it. but you don't read that. it is quite sad. >> the post also quoted a former senior obama administration official as
10:30 pm
saying that i feel like we sort of choked, in our response to rush a at the white house, kristin fisher, fox news. coming up: use g mail? google will stop reading your emails, the details behind the major move. >> local program changing the lives of those living with autism and other challenges. how they're becomin become amazg assets to their community. >> plus, a vandal leaves graffiti all over the place, the images, though, have some people giggling, although police are not laughing.
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>> beginning later this year
10:32 pm
the company will no longer scan users g mail accounts for advertising purposes. >> but as fox's jennifer laymer tells us, many people didn't even know google was doing that if the first place. >> most of us know by now that pretty much anything we do on line is being watched. >> whether you have a facebook, an instagram, anything you post on there, it is not extremely prove. >> the google recently announced to it g mail users it would stop looking at their emails in an effort to target ads, led many customers to say wait were you looking through our emails too? >> i don'i don't like. that will that's invading my privacy. >> alexander, ceo of security score card. >> it is not actually somebody sitting and reading your emails, but it feeds into this giant algorism, and they analyze different type of key words, they analyze what type of sentence structure you use. >> he said google's decision to stop scanning emails is a smart one likely based on
10:33 pm
growing concerns over internet privacy brought on by widespread, highly publicized hacking scandels. >> i think there is increased scrutiny from legislators, there have been court cases, where some of the companies have been considered guilty after they looked through the courtesies tell, many customers don't understands what's in them. >> that doesn't mean google ' days of watching are you over t still plans to get your info through search and youtube history. >> there are ways to make sure that doesn't happen as much, google chrome has incognito mode, brouse in private. best defense knowing when it comes to the internet, there is no such thing as privacy. >> there should be but there isn't, not this time and age. >> philadelphia's own boyz ii men back in town, to receive a very special honor. legendary r&b group in south philadelphia to see a city street named after them.
10:34 pm
they joined city officials at at their alma moth err, to help unveil boyz ii men boulevard. it is at broad street between christian and carpenter, event part of the kick off for the wawa welcome america celebration on july 4. >> well, there are few things more important in life than doing a good job. being rewarded for it and developing life skills. so, imagine what it means to people for whom none that far is really guaranteed. >> local program within special services community is making it all possible. their goal to become proud professionals. productive, sociable, great as tote their community and they are exceeding everybody's expectations and it really feeling good about it. >> creative cruises are flowing, producing crafty creations of all kinds, from the fingertips of some very special artists inside the workshop at the yellow daphodyl flower shop in
10:35 pm
langhorne, pa. >> it opened up my inspiration. >> it is opening up a whole new world for people on the autism spectrum. adult, who have physical, developmental, and other challenges, at woods communit community. >> and i like it here because this is my home. >> nathan walk is her kind of mayor around the shop. he's 45 years old and a resident for about 30 years now. >> i own this job here. >> yes, a job. >> donald home paint nerve chief here and getting paid. >> makes you feel good, makes you want to do more. >> barely made time to stop and talk to me, with weddings, graduations, they got deadlines to meet, and they don't play. >> and they take it very seriously, i mean, this is work to them, and they really
10:36 pm
want to work. i have to make them take a break. >> i like it. i think it helps me with skims. you know,. >> graduating and looking for work on the side. >> good thing i'm here. >> how changing their lives cannot be measured in dollars or product, but his is part of what success looks like, just last fall, on the program's 50th anniversary, they opened their first off campus shop. >> i'm holding the shop down. >> this is one shop bill is holding down, his own house, his own mind about what customers really want. >> i'm 65 now. >> and still working? >> that's right. i'm not going to retire. >> she which is he was here every day. >> he'll work until he physically, like someone i think will have to stop him.
10:37 pm
>> that's right. >> i keep going. >> yes, he does keep going. they went from a weekend stands at a farmers market to now two stores, dawn, and other local communities are asking the woods services if they might bring those artery cents of theirs might bring a yellow daphodyl near them. >> i love it. beautiful craftsmanship, pace for workers salaries and expansion plans, great story, juice. >> you should see what i bought. well, coming up: days after dozens of people were killed in a highrise fire in london, the uk is facing a new safety crisis, why hundreds were evacuated from their apartment this weekend. >> plus devestation in china. tonight crews are scrambling to save lives following landslide that's burried people alive.
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>> tonight, more than 200 people are out of their ants, after massive fire ripped right through their complex in northwest washington dc. happened overnight, it took more than 100 firefighters to knock down the flames, firefighters used ladders to reach and rescue some residents while others jumped to firefighters below to get out of there. >> we have number of people hanging out windows, not only in the front where you see, but the u shape building, so they were in the corridor also, number of rescues happened at that time. we were able to get back in there and do a primary search, a secondary search. we believe we got everybody
10:41 pm
out of the building. >> one civilian, and four firefighters retreated at the hospital but none of their injuries is considered life threatening. no word yet on what caused the fire. >> devestation in southwest china. fifteen are confirmed dead in a landslide that burried people alive. crews continuing to search for survivors at the site where more than 120 people were caught in the middle of that slide. the force pushed heavy rocks and debris onto homes and properties in the path below the mountain. >> a university of delaware professor is under fire, for controversial facebook post about the death after american college student who was held for more than a year in north korea. several media outlets are reporting anthropology professor cathy detwiler wrote that otto warmbier got quote what he deserved the the facebook post has been removed but reportedly complains about entitled college kids and
10:42 pm
blamed warmbier's parent for that kind of thinking, in a statement, sent to us by the university of delaware, the school is distancing itself from the comments. a statement reads in part, quote, we condemn any and all messages that endorse hatred and convey insensitive at this toward a tragic event such as the one that otto warmbier and his family suffered. the university says it thoughts will with the warmbier family. no word tonight if the professor will face any disciplinary action. coming up next, think you have an awesome pool in your backyard? well, this guy just might have you beat. >> and oppressive heat crime, part of the country tonight. but how are things looking for our forecast here at home, monica? >> we actually do have bit of relief from the heat of the we are talking temperatures in the 70s, i'll let you know when in your seven day forecast. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness
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>> we're dealing with hot temperatures here, but out west it is almost unbearable, not trying to make a joke, but the heatwave hitting the western part of the country, is growing. >> advisories expanding to the part of the southwest and parts of texas. more on the scorching temperatures. >> oh, the heat, man, it is hot. >> summer is officially here in parts of the country the heat is pushing past normal in to extreme. >> i've lived in san jose for over zero six years, i've never seen a heatwave like this that lasted song. >> heat warnings, advisories, crossing across the pacific southwest and parts of southern texas, triple digit temperatures are becoming the norm in some areas pushing above 110 degrees. sixth grade nerve arizona pictured this picture of mailbox that melted in the heat. sizzling water putting strain on the region's power grids, which means utility contractors are out in the sun battling the elements. they're trained to watch out for each other for signs of
10:47 pm
heat stroke. >> wet zero sweaty, sitting down, fatigued, sunburn, someone is acting funnily, maybe because of dehydration. >> not just people who are fighting to beat the heat. zoo keepers in oakland gave the bears ice to play with and animal rescue workers helping people to surround survive the heatwave. >> put out shallow water dishes or hoses so they don't get so dehydrated. >> good news, meteorologists say relief may be in site. temperatures will be much closer to average for late june. in los angeles, will car, fox news. and turning to your fox 29 weather authority, here at home, actually talking about some cooler temperatures on the way. live look at wildwood, on this beautiful saturday night. just great weekend to be down at the shore. some spots saw little rain,
10:48 pm
then blue skies after that. >> yes, let's check in with our monica cryand n. temperatures going down a little bit over the next couple of days? >> gradually see the afternoon highs drop degrees over degrees. so looking at your high today, 88. above normal, but here we are, watching the temperatures through the evening time, already, dropping by 10 degrees to 78. don't have a lot of moisture, not a lot of cloud cover, lower humidity, allowing temperatures to drop. here's what's going to happen. this is the reason we're still holding temperatures into the upper 80s, and that jet stream sending those winds out of the south. here's what's going to happen. see the jet stream start to dip right here in the northeast and mid-atlantic. that will switch the winds out of the north kind of pushing in some cooler air as we head into monday. and tuesday, you'll be able to feel bit of difference out there. here is how it pans out. tomorrow we're still in the mid 80s at about 85 degrees, bit cooler from yesterday, from today, but then we head into monday, low 80s, look at this, tuesday, looking at
10:49 pm
highs only in the 70s, about 77 degrees, as we head into tuesday, so below that average of 85 degrees. not bad, as we head into the new work week, looking at your future cast, you can see, we are contending with a few isolated showers through the rest of your evening and into the overnight, but tomorrow morning, looking at lot of sunshine to start. by the afternoon there could be few passing showers, few passing clouds, but for the most part talking mostly sunny and dry weather, as we head through our sunday afternoon into the evening, and early monday morning, starting off with nice sunshine. so most clear overnight, temperatures at 56 degrees in the suburbs, kind of refreshing overnight. sixty-nine in the city. those winds, anywhere from five to 10 miles per hour. then we head into tomorrow. we have that high of 85 degrees, mostly sunny skies, and we're going to stay mostly sunny even as we head into our monday. for those every you enjoying the shore forecast, mostly sunny into sunday, 76 as we head into our monday.
10:50 pm
rip countries being, moderate. so be aware that far as your water temperature still a very chilly 61 degrees. here's a look at your seven day forecast, you can see monday, very pleasant conditions. i gave the next few days ten's, because we've got lot of sunshine, and temperatures a bit cooler. so little relief from the heat. tuesday, 77 degrees, make sure to water your plants over the next few days, look at this, we have drier stretch. doesn't mean we're not going to see isolated showers in the afternoon. that's always a possibility in the summer. but it will be very isolated. again maybe water some of the plants as we see some of the drier weather as we head into wednesday, 81 degrees, mostly sunny, staying clear all the way through thursday. and possibly friday, guys. >> all right, thanks, monica, now, to texas, where one man's vision after backyard water park has come to life. this park in the houston suburbs started out as a hole in the grounds. deep into the woods. but 38 year old chad mayor
10:51 pm
sold his two construction businesses, and decided to use the lands to build backyard water park. the owner says, the idea came from his love of country. >> i don't like cement, i like the country shall barbequing, county of everybody looked at me like i was dumb, really builds a water park out in the middle of no where? >> he proved his doubt ers wrong, the park has attracted nearly 10,000 theme in six weeks after opening. it doesn't just have water slides. there is also a zip line, and 12-acre campgrounds. >> and straight ahead, a vandal leaves graffiti all over the place. what its markings may look like has some people actually giggeling, but police are not laughing. and as if a trip to the dentist isn't nerve wracking enough, how about getting a cavity filled while bees are buzzing around your head.
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>> check it out there is graffiti in saint peters florida is having some do a double take. police trying to figure out who is drawing the outlines what some people look like
10:55 pm
back sides on walls, dumpsters and coffee shops all over. investigators have documented at least 20 of these drawings. most of which have already been wiped clean by the property owners. >> i don't think it is funny at all. i don't think it is very good either. not very creative. >> i like it, i think it is fun. >> classic, is it art or not? my personal angle on it, it is just vandalism. you know, one funny. beyond that, no moth more. >> the problem beginning to spread. >> well, saint pete police say they've seen 50% jump in graffiti compared to this same time last year. >> weirds. >> well, going to the dentist puts some people on edge, the drill, the bright light in your face, the poking, the prodding. >> speaking of weird, ya, but in one dental office in arizona patients have something else that they need to be worried about: bees. you heard right. this dental office in peoria has a bee infestation. there are beast buzzing all over the place, look at that, would you go in there?
10:56 pm
>> no. >> there are even puddles of honey on the floor. crews are working to get rid of all of it, but the kicker here, the dentist is still open through all of it. >> it is a little awkward. we have to ask our patient if they are allergic to bees, and have to forewarn them when they are in the chair that i might come in, they might hear some loud noises when i'm smacking the bees. >> we feel we do sweet root canals here because of it. >> oh, my goodness. >> well, maybe they're able to drown out the drill. i don't know. bee keepers are saying it could be as many as 30,000 inside the office walls. >> i'm not going there. well, the furniture in home furniture chain ikea dealing with a strange problem, man claims one of the ikea company bowls can start fires. investigating claims after man says his grapes, which were in a ikea stainless steel bowl, caught fire. richard walter says the 11-inch bowl was out in the
10:57 pm
sun, the fruits spontaneous burst into flames. he posted video on line what appears to be piece of paper smoking in the same bowl. ikea says the risk of the bowl catching fire is very low. we will be right back.
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>> get your tickets ready, your live powerball drawing is coming up in just seconds.


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