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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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not even know it. where a winning powerball ticket was sold and the six numbers that are your ticket to being a millionaire. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin at 6:00 we key testimony in seth williams trial. philly's deputy police commissioner testified that he alerted the fbi after a lunch meeting with the da and the da's friend. federal prosecutors say williams accepted bribes in return gave legal favors. thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> again to today the defense tried to diffuse those claims. jeff cole is live right now in front of the federal courthouse in old city. da seth whim jumps and deputy commissioner joe sullivan came face to face in federal sullivan testifying he gave william direct advice from the
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fbi. deputy commissioner joe sullivan spent 36 years climb to go the top of the police department proud of his position and his reputation. >> do you believe that seth whim jumps in isn't way set you up and put you in contact with someone of ill repute? >> it would certainly appear that be that way. that's why there's checks and balances in place. that information came to light. >> reporter: in court monday he testified when acting as chief inspector, in charge of the airport, the da urged him to help a friend, mohammed ali, from being stopped at the airport by the tsa. sullivan says he spoke to federal authorities about ad ali and even attend add lunch with williams and ali about the issue only to be told by the fbi he and the da should stay away from ali. a warning he says he passed ton williams. >> i just know that i fulfilled my sons ability to him, and thanks to the relationship i had with the other federal agencies, the right information eventually came to light. >> reporter: ali has plead to federal charges and testified in the trial for the feds.
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he showered williams with gifts and trips. williams attorney argued the da never ordered sullivan to do anything for ali. also, on the stand michael weiss, a restaurant owner and convicted tack cheat who testified he paid for trips for williams and his girlfriend and children in part so the da could help him with legal and business troubles. williams attorney had this to say at the end of the day. >> attorney burke, give us a little.on sullivan today. >> month comment. >> do you think he hurt your client today? >> no comment. no comment at all? >> sorry. >> seth a little bit on sulliv sullivan. a little bit. seth, when he warned you why didn't you back away or did you? >> as for michael weiss who has been on the stand much of the day today, seth williams referred to him as his super friend and testimony was that williams actually provided him with a special da's badge paid for by his political action committee. what's expected to be aggressive cross examination should happen sometime tomorrow for weiss at the federal court building, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. all right, thank you jeff.
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breaking news for you right now. skyfox is live where a truck has plowed into a house in eagleville. the newsroom just watched someone taken away on stretcher this is happening on the 2600 block of woodland avenue. we're not sure if there are any other injuries as of right now but there's substantial damage as you can see to that truck. we of course will stay on top of this and bring you more ass soon it is comes in. developing right now, the supreme court decides it will review present president's travel ban. the high court striking down lower court decisions that prevented the president from blocking travelers the supreme court deciding do allow a limi limited version of president trump's ban an travelers from six muslim majority countries drawing protests across the country. the white house calling the decision a victory for national security. in an off camera briefing at the white house, sean spicer answered some questions about how the department of justice will now roll the ban out. >> right now we're just pleased with the supreme court has done and once we have a better idea
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of its full impact, we'll be able to have better analysis. the court went ton say the ban does have an important exception it can't be owns for forced against foreign national who's have credible claim of bonafide relationship with a person or ten the in the us the bulk of that ban is approved for now. tonight we're learning no nowing into of information about woman brutally murdered outside a north philadelphia high scoop school and those who knew her are talking a chilling crime that we first told you about this weekend. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is here now. what are we learning sabina? >> well, iain this was young woman who cut through a neighborhood park to get home as police say she had done many times before. but on saturday morning, police
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believe somebody else was in that park and what happened next has left a trail of broken hearts in our area. >> you hear these thing on the news, and, you know, you don't know the person. so you're kind of, you know, cold to it. >> reporter: but this time ron, recognized the name on the news. his childhood friend the one who used to live on the same block, beaten and stabbed and left to die early saturday morning inside this park at 21st and lehigh in north philadelphia. this is a photo of 31-year-old debra gulliver from a gofundme site that's been set up in her on nohonor. >> we're asking for the public's help if anyone has any information about this brutal murder. debbie had just left a get together with friends getting off the bus at 21 and lehigh with a mail friend. debbie decided to take a short cut through the park three blocks from her home. >> she cut through the park area as she normally would, um, but this time she encounter individual or individuals who
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fond her to the ground, brutally beat her and stabbed her multiple times. >> reporter: half hour later a passerby found her body. her clothes disheveled and her purse dumped out. police believe her attackers may have already been inside the park when debbie cut through. they say it's too early to tell if this was a random attack or if she was targeted. ron says debbie's wide circle of friends are consumed with grief. >> she wasn't that, like, you know, prom queen type popular she was the top of popular because she was a good person that people that met her were touched by her and she left a lasting impression. someone who was capable of something like that being out on the streets f debbie was here she would be concerned for the next person. >> reporter: and that's why police are so eager to find whoever did this. authorities are looking for two eyewitnesses who called 911. but left when cops arrived. means are awaiting on an me report to see if debbie was sexually assaulted. iain?
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>> sabina, thank you. a university of delaware professor says she is getting death threats over some controversial comments made about college student who died after being held in a prison in north korea. our bruce gordon was on the campus today where the issue was sparking new debate about free speech. >> reporter: student orientation have the university of delaware campus bustling on monday. these kids hung around they could have gotten lesson in free speech. and its consequences. courtesy of add junk professor kathy detweiler. she didn't answer my knock at her door. instead detweiler call the police on us and later e mailed me to say that quote because of all the death threats i've been getting i am not speaking to the media about any of this. on sunday the university of delaware essentially fired detweiler from her teaching job explaining that quote her comments do not reflect the values or position of the university. some students told me they understood the school's decisi decision. >> yes, she has a right to say it. wary free country. you can. but no, she shouldn't have. like she knows where she works.
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she knows that she work with students and stuff and she -- most people would know consequence boss come with. >> reporter: u of d parted ways with her after she posted to her personal facebook page that college student otto warmbier quote got exactly what he deserved. warmbier died last monday after serving harsh imprison in north korea for an alleged act of vandalism while touring that country. detweiler went on to link the dead student to quote the clue less white males who quote lee tighe teenly get away with raping women. on campus monday we met 31-year-old james catalano back in college after a decade out of school. he says he had detweiler for an anthropology course in the spring. and claimed she often added her political and other opinions to the facts of her lectures. >> i agreed with her but i didn't like that i had to sit through it during what was supposed to be academic course. >> reporter: free speech on college campuses has been under fire of late.
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students at some schools staging violent protests should shut down visiting speakers with whom they disagree. i asked catalano whether it bothered him detweiler lost her job for voicing her opinion outside the classroom. >> i guess the more i think about it does. it wasn't part of her academic, um, career, it was -- it was her personal life, and it didn't -- it was obvious it did not rep the views of the university of delaware. >> reporter: it's important to note that the free speech inshrined in our constitution means, for example, that your criticisms of government can't get you landed in prison. but they in the case of an adjunct professor without tenure protection cost you your job. at the campus of the university of delaware, in newark, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. if you've been hoping you could pull your four wheel drive on to the beach in wildwood, congratulations, we take life look at wildwood from our camera down there. city commissioners have approved an ordinance to allow permit parking at baker avenue wildwood of course known for the wide
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beeps. the move will create more parking and also add a little revenue but there are some rul rules. you'll need four wheel drive vehicle, daily parking is ten dollars and special events will cost outwent bucks. someone in philadelphia is a million dollars richer tonight. someone bought a ticket at the fifth variety store on the 6,000 block of north fifth street. those numbers ten, 22, 32, 3658. check those tickets. you've got a year to claim that million bucks. medical marijuana it's already used to treat things like cancer and multiple sclerosis. could it also be used as a treatment for another common condition, scott? >> iain, beautiful monday here across the delaware valley. even down the shore. 80 degrees right now and low humidity. coming up we'll time out some pop-up showers for tomorrow. it look like a brewing heat wave. sean? scott, the all rookie team came out in the nba today and basically let you know who can cross off the list. who is not winning the rookie of the year. i'll let upping who that is later in sports.
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encouraging news tonight for millions who deal with chronic migraines and cluster headaches. study making headlines in europe finds chemicals in marijuana may offer pre left to patients for whom no other treatment seems to work for long. as you can imagine, the research is controversial but a local migraine expert says it may be the most credible study he has seen yet. our joyce evans is here now with a look. joyce? >> reporter: iain, there is concern that chemical chemicalsa extract the from marijuana might make the pain of migraines better in the short term but possibly worse over time. it's happened before with other treatments. differing effects on different patients. trying to find a balance there but a local neurologist and a chronic migraine patients say to them the pros out weigh the co cons. >> that would be crazy. that would be a amazing for -- i know what's like to suffer. report roar sidney kess sell knows what it's like to get a break from a lot of that
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debilitating migraine pain that left her bedridden in a dark room that was most of high school. >> how do you feel? >> i'm a awake and my head hurts. >> i waited year and i was dead ridden a whole year, and when is this getting better? >> not soon enough for her to graduate with her class. until she got an last ditch trial study for different medication. now she's able to sit here and socialize in the sunlight after a work out while she's home from college. >> got through year one. >> sidney says if medical marijuana can spare somebody else her kind of misery -- >> why not? if you're in so much pain as i once was, i was willing to try the most, you know, obscure treatments for my migraines. i was just so desperate. i just wanted something to work. >> this is a very residential option to look at. >> reporter: possibly fewer side effects? >> possibly.
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>> reporter: while it's still very complicated and controversial science, neurologist dr. william young director of jefferson university hospital's world name muss headache center says the new study out of amsterdam looks to be the most promising one. focusing on treating migraines and cluster headaches with chemicals found in marijuana. like cbb and thc. that affect brain and nerve receptors. >> it's possible to get fairly pure cbd and the question is, is that going to work alone? will you need combinations with thc, can you find treatments that don't have any inn tock indicating effects? >> reporter: and is it safe and effective long term? he says the us is still years away from figuring out any of this. >> until a few months ago, it would be a class one felony for me to prescribe it. >> with all the treatments sidney tried, it took years for her to be pain free most of the
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time. >> trust the process. i truly believe. don't give up. ♪ >> well sidney is not giving up and neither is jefferson. university just set up a whole center devoted to studying treatments using medical marijuana for all kinds of chronic illnesses. they hope to be breaking ground on some new treatments soon. iain? >> interesting joyce, thank you. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take life look at ben franklin parkway gorgeous start to the week. is it going to stay this nice, though? meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds. high temperature today in philadelphia 82 degrees. below where we should be for this time of year. really comfortable. low humidity, 77 right now in
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wilmington. 78 degrees in millville. 80 in dover. upper 60s look at the pocono mountains right now. moving down the shore, 74 north wildwood. 76 sea isle city. along the boardwalk in atlantic city 74 degrees. water temperatures rising a bit right now 60 degrees. so we're dry and quiet as we look at ultimate doppler get outdoors in the garden or walking the dog this evening. no problems. but north and west, you can see some scattered showers and thunderstorms. a little disturbance will move through tomorrow afternoon during the heat of the day we have that threat for some pop-up showers. there might be a little bit of small hail with any activity tomorrow as well. so you can see the clock by four, five into the 6:00 o'clock evening hour watching some of those scatter thed showers across the area and then things settle down for tomorrow night. so for tonight, once again it's going to be comfortable. low humidity. 63 degrees in the city. open up those windows, let in some of that cooler and drier
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air and then for tomorrow, temperatures in the poconos look at that, 66 degrees. 75 in pottstown. 80 in dover. upper 70s to low 80s down the shore. looking pretty good. don't forget that sunshine if you're headed outdoors tomorrow. so late week warmth. keeping temperatures next couple of days below average upper 70s, low 80s but look at thursday. 88 degrees. none on friday. that weather authority seven day forecast showing you 79 degrees tomorrow. that afternoon pop-up shower threat. lots of sunshine. 81 degrees on wednesday. 88 on thursday. heating up and look at friday into saturday. low 90s. a pop up thunderstorm chance can't be rule out for the weekend. hot on monday. 90 degrees. and let's go ahead and preview that holiday forecast for the fourth of july. it looks like a high temperature in the afternoon of 90 degrees. evening fireworks temperatures will be in the 80 mid 80s. we will be right back. ♪
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actually especially in the clutch. yesterday they lost their sixth straight games in extra innings. today they decided to spare us all the drama and just basically lose this game early. phils already down two to zero. basis load the. nick walks chris herman. you had one job to do, kid. you can do anything in the world but don't walk that guy and did he it. that brought a runner. bases loaded once again in the third. he let's up a single now there's a play at the plate. but andrew fumbles it doesn't hold on. that's another run that comes in and he had an awful outing. two an two-thirds. seven hits. five walks. giving up six earned runs. the phils are currently down six-one in the seventh. terrible once again, and congrats to former flyer mark recchi he'll be inducted into the hockey hall of fame as part of the 2017 class. he played over 600 games with the flyers. he's a seven-time all star and he's a 12 all time in scoring in
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the nhl. something i didn't know. great player, well deserved. congrats once again and in the nba award time. joelle embiid and dario saric up for the rookie of the year. joel embiid is the best player by far but no way he should win this thing. only playing 31 games in the season. clearly the voters agree with me look how the rookie team was voted upon. dario saric and malcolm brag don received 100%. the award will not be embiid. progress don or door eighty seven the 76ers might have two guys in it. ben simmons is ready to go. check this out all off the wall. dunk. i don't know if we want to see that actually. calm that down. i know you feeling spry. you feel good from the foot.
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but chill out, man. we don't want to see nothing freak happening because you want to throw it off the wall and dunk. okay. be ready. get it done. if you're going to give yourself a nickname the feds we better úsee -- at least the playoffs next year. >> we going to see the playoffs. >> provided they're healthy. hem and embiid are healthy we'll see the playoffs. >> when ever has that been a stand. >> first time for everything. >> when are we ever healthy. >> join us tonight for more fox 29 news at 10:00. this was police chase of a different kind. this horse was not going away quietly. how one cop turned cowboy to bring this chase to an end. see all that and more tonight on fox 29 news at 10:00 that. will do it for us here at 6:00. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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hanging on for dear life. >> oh my god. >> she's just 14. then, strangers to the rescue. >> they'll catch you, they'll catch you, honey, go ahead! >> here they are. >> i yelled up to her, let go i promise i'll catch you. then, the plane is shaking like a washing machine. but did the pilot make things worse when he asked his passengers to pray? >> survival depends on your cooperating. >> he didn't seem very comforting. and beyonce's baby mansion. inside the 16,000-square-foot estate the twins came home to. then, here comes the brides. erin andrews, olympic champ tara


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