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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 26, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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♪ right now rude drivers in philadelphia? can't be. why drivers right here are being called some of the nasty yesterday. and one minute a peaceful evening and quiet neighborhood and the next a bock truck plows into a house. >> now, fox 29 news at 10:00. >> breaking news out of kensington right now investigators say a 26-year-old woman was shot one time in the leg. this happened about an hour ago in the 2800 block of north lee street. the woman was taken to temple university hospital. she is in stable condition right now. philadelphia police have the gun but right now they have no arrests.
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now to that truck crashing into someone's home earlier tonight. tonight we are learning that there are injuries as well. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm iain page. what caused this nasty crash that left a gaping hole in a montgomery county home? well, for the developing details let's get out to fox 29's dave kinchen joining us now from the scene in lower providence township. dave? >> reporter: well, iain n investigation is underway at this hour. but without a doubt a scary situation for neighbors and for the driver. >> hit like a boom. >> reporter: loud crash that caused this truck to violently take out the side of a house on the 2600 block of woodland avenue in lower providence township. barry newell saw the driver pass him monday evening. >> at this point he swerved up on to the grass and went directly into that house, and there was -- i didn't see any other cars no other actions. my guess he must have had some kind of a medical condition. i heard him yelling out for help
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and he was pretty much hanging out the front of that truck and wedged badly. the engine was pushed back and he was pushed forward. >> you could his hear distress in his voice. he was definitely -- he was very coherent. >> reporter: sam spoke to the driver before he was taken out of the wreckage and airlift to do a hospital. >> i kept asking him, like, you know, can you feel all your body parts? he kept saying he could feel his leg. >> reporter: crews hall the mangled truck away as restoration team went to work on the house. neighbors won't forget what they saw. >> grown man seeing something like that it was pretty tough on the eyes. >> reporter: police have not released the condition of the driver or the cause of this crash. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. well it's official. president trump's controversial travel ban is heading to the supreme court. as the court today struck down lower court decisions that prevented that ban from going into effect. the supreme court deciding to allow a limited version of
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president president trump's ban on travelers from six muslim majority countries. the justices will hear full arguments in october. it's drawing protests around the country white house calls the decision a victory for national security. in an off camera briefing at the white house, sean spencer -- spicer answered questions about how the department of justice will now role that ban out. >> right now we're just pleased with the supreme court has done and once we have a better idea of its full impact, we'll be able to have a better analysis. the court went on to say the ban does have an important exception. it can't be enforced against foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bonafide relationship with or person or identity in the u.s. important information about that senate health care bill. congressional budget office would lead to 22 million more uninsured americans over the next decade compared to the current law. supporters say that's because people would no longer face fines for opting out.
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gop leaders are trying to pass the deal this week. the cbo says the house version would lead to 23 million more uninsured compared to the current law. philadelphia police are on the hunt for driver they believe tried to take out officers. police were in the middle of a carjacking investigation early this morning when another car came barreling toward officers. our dave schratwieser joins us live now from police officers. dave, police think this was intentional? >> reporter: that's the way they're treating this tonight, iain january. they have not found that driver at this hour. they're still looking for him and the vehicle and tow they will us half a dozen officers are lucky they weren't seriously injured. they jump out of the way saving their lives. >> reporter: police say catastrophe was averted early monday morning when police officers guarding a crime scene during a carjacking investigation at i and erie saw speeding black nissan maxima headed right for them. >> no swerving. no braking going approximately 60 and the officer as they were trying to get out of the way flashed their lights into the car to try to get the person's
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attention. >> reporter: the car plowed right through the came scene and ran over at least three bike patrol officers bicycles seng the bikes flying through the air as the car sped off. >> we're operating as if this was intentional given the fact that the person didn't stop and also the significant police presence that was there. >> there's no respect here nor nobody no more. no respect for nobody. no officers were injured but several police bikes were seriously damaged. police and people who live in the juniata neighborhood could not understand how this could happen. people are crazy down here. every day you see something different. could so crazy now here. >> never safe. 24 hours always that to have your head a on swivel and thankfully none of the officers were hurt. >> reporter: investigators searched the area for the car and driver. they went to several businesses looking for the surveillance video of car and drivers speeding away. >> it would be in everybody's interest for them to come in and tell us what happened. they can clear that that up for us? i hospital they got the guy.
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>> reporter: police two arrests in connection with the original carjacking investigation. they haven't found any video yet. the driver could face assaulted assault charges. >> iain. dave, thank you. developing right now, some key testimony today in seth williams trial. philly's deputy police commissioner testified that he had alerted the fbi after a lunch meeting with the da and the district attorney's friend. federal prosecutors say williams took bribes then in return gave legal favors. so again today the defense tried to diffuse those claims. fox 29's jeff cole has the story from the federal courthouse in old city. >> reporter: deputy commissioner joe sullivan spent 36 years climbing to the top of the police department proud of his position and his reputation. >> do you believe seth williams in some way set you up and put in you contact with someone of ill repute. >> it would certainly appear that way. that's why there's checks and balances in place. that information came to light. >> reporter: in court monday he testified when acting as
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chief inspector, in charge of the airport, the da urged him to help a friend, muhammed ali, from being stopped at airport by the tsa. sullivan says he spoke to federal authorities about ali and even attended a lunch with williams and ali about the issue. only to be told by the fbi he and the da should stay away from ali. a warning he says he passed on to williams. >> i just know that i full mild my responsibility to him and thanks to the relationship i have with the other federal agencies the right information eventually came to light. >> reporter: ali has plead to federal charges and testified in the trial fort feds he showered williams with gifts and trips. williams attorney argued the da never ordered sullivan to do anything for ali. also on the stand michael weiss a restaurant owner and convicted tack cheat who testified he paid for trips for williams and his girlfriend and children in part so the da could help him with legal and business troubles. williams attorney had this to say at the end of the day.
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>> attorney burke, give us a little bit on sullivan today. >> no comment. >> do you think he hurt your client today. >> no comment. no comment at all. >> sorry. >> seth a little bit on sulliv sullivan, just little bit. >> no comment. >> when he warned you why didn't you back away or did you. >> reporter: it was learned da williams gave the man he called his super friend michael weiss a special da badge paid for by his political action committee. aggressive cross examination expected tuesday. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. the feds wire tapped the cell phones of powerful labor union johnny dock dougherty and philadelphia city councilman bobby heenan for more than a year as part of on-going investigation. the philadelphia inquirer reports that prosecutors revealed this in a disclosure letter. properties kate connected to dougherty and heenan were raided last august. dougherty runs the once local 98. no charges filed as of yet the
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roads around philly are not for the faint of heart. new survey proves what we already know. we're rude to our fellow drivers. in fact the entire state of pennsylvania getting a failing grade in a survey. our chris o'connell live tonight in university city with a closer look at what the survey says about our bad manners behind the wheel. chris? >> reporter: well, at least we're not as rude as new york drivers. i can say that, iain. but that's not saying much. according to a new survey of rude drivers, we are among some of the worse. admit. you have you've done it. you've cun someone off on the road, maybe you stole that prime parking spot at the mall. why are pennsylvania drivers so rude? >> i don't have to answer that question. >> reporter: if you didn't know already, drivers around here are, well, pretty rude. >> cutting people off. gestures that go on with. >> reporter: what makes a rude driver. >> cutting people off and not using your signals. >> reporter: survey bun dye
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cars for kits foundation asked drivers about their driving habits. do you take gate? will you let someone pass on the highway? it broke down those results into states. >> go bleep yourself. >> sense p among the most rude. 42 out of 50 states scoring a d saying we're likely to cut off other drivers during traffic backups. new jersey drivers got a c ranked 32. but the second most likely to steal your parking spot. >> ran a stop sig hit him and ht his hands up like whatever. >> how rude are we? i have one question. can i ask you one question. >> i don't want to you. >> some drivers actually admit car i say embrace the rudeness. >> i learn to drive the same way otherwise you'll have a panic attack and have to go to hospital. >> reporter: who are the rudest drivers? do we really have to ask? >> um-um, new york got us beat by far. >> reporter: that's right. new york drivers are among the
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worst. are we being rude or do we just have things to do? >> anyone under pressure, under time constraints. >> reporter: like you are now? >> right. >> reporter: now we know the most rude drivers, iain, i got a question for you. >> okay. >> who do you think is the most polite drivers? what state do you think they come from? >> i was going to say jersey because that's where i live we got c. >> reporter: not jersey. >> okay. >> reporter: it would be idah idaho. >> really. >> the most polite driver. most likely to allow you to merge on to highway. good for idahoayn i guess they call them. >> chris, thanks. that delaware girl who fell off that six flags ride authorities authorities say that accident may have have actually been her fault. an important clue that could help solve a mystery. do you know who owned these swim
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trunks. traffic accident a little girl's live changed forever she lost her legs after playing on train tracks. tonight her mother tells fox 29 what's helping their family pull through.
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north wildwood police hope these shorts can lead them to the identity of a man whose body washed up on beach over the weekend. these are the shorts the guy was wearing. police say he's a hispanic man they think in his 20's. he has a scar on his left shoulder. police say there was no trauma to his body but didn't say how he died. happening now, a little girl had her second leg amputated
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after a devastating accident. she was hit by train three weeks ago and tonight, her mother is speaking to fox 29. our shawnette wilson joins us outside children's hospital of philadelphia with more. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, i remember when i first reported on this story about three weeks ago and i distinctly remember there were some people on social media just criticizing this little girl for what happened that caused her to be in this condition. we are talking about an 11-year-old girl who made a mistake this is a mistake that near cost her her life. and tonight the family is asking for your help, our help, in helping her recover. destined to be a dancer. siena ward has been in tutus and dancing shoes since she was two years old. >> that's her thing. she's dancing. she don't care if it's her formal dancing or like the kids little dancing videos. >> natasha ward lights up thinking about all the recitals her daughter has had over the years. siena now 11 years old was also in the philadelphia movements
10:16 pm
dance company. ♪ >> but an accident almost three weeks ago has changed her life forever. i talked to natasha and other relatives outside children's hospital of philadelphia. >> it was like someone just snatched my breath away. no, not my baby. >> natasha got call after see nanny had been run over by the wheels of a csx48 train on the 57 hun block of grays avenue in southwest philadelphia. police say she and some friends had just left school and were throwing rocks and trying to touch the train as it passed by. they say siena slipped. her right leg severed at the hip. >> this is video of see nanny at chop after losing her right leg. and just last week doctors were forced to amputate her remaining leg infectious threatened his little girl's life. >> a life or take death. take it i'd rather have her here with me than worry about leg that's potentially killing her.
10:17 pm
>> several surgeries and a fever she remains in icu. >> she's strong. cease so strong. >> her mom reassuring hershey's still in control of her life. >> it's not the end of the world. you're going to be able to still do all the things that you used to do. >> see nanny's aunt tina says support from the community has been incredible. even strangers are reaching out. >> someone just sent a card and said that they sent prayers all the way from france. >> from france. >> and to the vatican they're sending prayers for her. >> you know, i never thought in my while defendant dreams it would reach across the world that somebody is praying for h her. >> reporter: and see nanny is in the hospital up definitely her family set gofundme page. you can take look at it it details exactly what she'll need when she's allowing to home. we put a link on our website go to fox iain? >> shawnette, thank you. tonight authorities in new york say a delaware girl is to blame for her fall from a ride at six flags. fortunately that 14-year-old landed in the arms of bystanders
10:18 pm
at the queens berry park in upstate new york the ride was stopped and she dropped 25 feet into a crowd. the girl was taken to hospital in albany but police aren't saying how bad her injuries are. investigators haven't yet said what the girl was doing before she fell but they believe she may have been trying to kick at something or tried to slip under the safety bar. park officials say that ride remains closed as of now. more fallout today after a university of delaware adjuncts professor made harsh comments about the death of otto warmbier who died after serving more than a year in a north korean prison. the prof says she's receiving death threats now the university announcing yesterday she was fired. bruce gordon was on the campus today where the issue is sparking some new debate about free speech. >> reporter: student orientation have the university of delaware campus bustling on monday. they could have gotten lesson in free speech and its consequences courtesy of professor kathy
10:19 pm
detweiler. she didn't answer my knock at her door. instead she call the police on us and e mailed me to say quote because of all the death threats i've been getting i'm not speaking to the media about any of this ". on sunday the university of delaware essentially fired detweiler from her teaching job explaining that quote her comments do not reflect the values or position of the university. some students told me they understood the school's decision. >> yes, she has right to say it. we are free country. you can. but no, she shouldn't have. like she knows where she works. she knows that she work with students and stuff and she -- i feel like most people would know consequence that is would come with that. report roar u. did you have parted ways with detweiler after she posted to her personal facebook beige that otto warmbier quote got exactly what he deserved. he died last monday -- detweiler went on to link the dead student to quote the clue less white
10:20 pm
males who quote routinely get away with raping women. on campus money we met 31-year-old james catalano back in college after a decade out of school. he says he had detweiler for an anthropology course in the spring and claims she often added her political and other opinions to the facts of her lectures. >> i agreed with her, but i didn't like that i had to sit through it, um, during what was supposed to be act chem dem mick course. >> reporter: free speech on college campuses has been under fire of late. the students at some schools staging violent protests should thought down visiting speakers with whom they disagree. i asked catalano whether it bothered him that detweiler lost her job for voices her opinion outside the classroom. >> yeah, i guess the more i think about it it does. it wasn't part of her academic career. it was her personal life, and it didn't -- it was obvious it did not represent the views of the university of delaware. >> reporter: it's important to note that the free speech
10:21 pm
inshrined in our constitution means, for example, that your criticisms of the government can't get you landed in prison, but they can in the case of an adjunct professor without tenure protection cost you your job. at the campus of the university of delaware in newark, i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. a stolen boat beached how the guy accused of stealing it got the keys, well, that's a long story. tourists knocked unconscious, bad guys so brutal they go through their pockets when one of them is out cold. ♪
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two unsuspecting tourists became victims of a group of bad guys who attacked in the french quarter in new orleans over the weekend. both guys knock to the ground. one guy almost out cold. bad guys steal phones and wallets from the victims. police say they have caught one of the four men involved in the robbery. one of the victims is still in the hospital after the attack. here's something you don't see when you come to head the beach a boat run ashore. the person who put it there told police he was drunk when he did it. the bad part it wasn't even his boat. fox's kelly joyce has the story from daytona beach florida. >> reporter: goers were baffled when they saw this arthritic foot boat crash to the daytona beach shore. there was no driver on board. >> this is a first for me. i've never seen a boat of that size drifting right on the beach there. >> reporter: for while, police and beach patrol were worried maybe the boat driver had fallen
10:25 pm
over. but it turns out, it was no accident. it didn't take police long to find the suspected boat bandit jonathan race. >> i guess he abandoned ship at some point, and he left his shorts with his id on the boat so police were able to track him down. >> reporter: police say race admitted he'd had a couple, four low companies alcoholic drinks and walked over to the day tennessee in a marina and boat works rummaged through a few boats before taking the ethel jean out for ride. >> there's debris all around like someone was rummaging through it. >> police called back to tell them they bigger problem. ethel jean was beached miles away. police say he ditched the boat on the sand jumped down and passed out. when race woke up cops say he staggered to friend's house where they tracked him down. >> so, yes, he was very fortunate that he didn't get hurt when he jumped off the boat and he didn't hurt people on the beach that were on the sand, and
10:26 pm
maybe someone she was swimming or other boater. >> he's in jail tonight on $100,000 bon. well kelly joyce, fox news. >> next what happened to debra. the last time any wasn't saw her life she was walk in a park and her killer may have have already been there. and this. you've gotta see this. unexpecexpected visitor surpriss boaters off the coast of new jersey. eyre that really happened.
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to night the pieces are starting to come together in that brutal weekend murder outside a north philadelphia high school. police have now identified the victim as 31-year-old debra gulliver. someone stabbed her to death outside dobbins technical high school. as our sabina kuriakose reports police say whomever did it wanted they are suffer. >> she loved the beach. you know, she wanted to travel. she wanted to see europe in particularly rome and the churches and the vatican. >> reporter: ron says his childhood friend debra gulliver
10:30 pm
had big dreams an big heart he's finding it hard to fathom how quickly those dreams were ripped away. this is a photo from a gofundme site set up for the 31-year-old upper darby native who was found stabbed and beaten to death in the park by dobbins technical high school saturday morning. she is very loved by a lot of people. >> she was brutally assaulted. she was stabbed in excess of 12 times. >> reporter: homicide captain james clark says debbie was headed home after night out she and a friend got off the bus at 21 and lehigh around 2:30 this morning. the friend told homicide detectives and he debbie headed in opposite direction. she cut through the park. three blocks from her home. a typical route for her. but debbie never made it home. police are reviewing surveillance video. >> we did see the victim entering the location. no one following her. whoever did this we believe was already in the park at this time or entered from another direction. >> reporter: half an hour after she left her friend, a passerby found debbie's body stabbed, beaten and her clothes
10:31 pm
disheveled. investigators are appealing to the public for help and so are debbie's friends. >> always wanted to help people. so, um, you know, i think the more we can do to help her now, you know, and obviously we can't bring her back. if we can give her justice her family some closure, you know, that's where we're at. >> police are looking for two eyewitnesses who called 911. but left when cops arrived. authorities are awaiting on an me's report to see if debbie was sexually assaulted. in the studio, sabina kuriakose, fox 29 news. a pennsylvania man is hoping an online petition will allow him to honor those who have served our country. his local council decided that he couldn't play taps every day outside his home. it was his nightly tradition. but the crazy yesterday part of the story that man was on the local council himself, five council members voted at a borough meet to go restrict joshua corny from playing taps
10:32 pm
to sundays on holidays but one council member was not there. corny himself who says council members knew he wouldn't be at the meeting because he was having surgery and the issue was not on the agenda. he's asking residents to sign a petition to allow him to keep playing every night. >> taking 57 seconds out of each day to show our community and our country that we stand behind the men and women of this country and what they do on a day to day basis, 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, that's what this is for. >> the borough council president said in a statement the issue was on the agenda but not e-mailed out ahead of time and none of the council members new corny was not going to attend. in your health tonight, encouraging news for millions who suffer from chronic migraines and cluster headaches. a study making headlines in europe finds that chemicals in marijuana may offer relief to
10:33 pm
patients for whom no other treatment seems to work for long and as you can imagine the research is controversial. bought local migraine expert says, it may be the most credible study he has seen yet. our joyce evans has a look. joyce? >> reporter: iain, there is concern that chemicals from marijuana might make the pains of my wayne grain better in the short term but yours over time. it's it's happened before with other treatments trying find a balance but a local neurologist and chronic migraine patient say to them, the pros out weigh the con. >> that would be crazy. that would be amazing for, you know, i know what it's like to suffer report roar sidney knows what it's like to get a break from a lot of that debilitating migraine pain that left her bedridden in a dark room through most of high school. >> how do you feel? >> i'm awake mine head hurts i wait add year and i was bedridden a whole year, and when is this getting better? >> reporter: not soon enough for her to graduate with her
10:34 pm
class. until she got an last ditch trial study for a different medication. now she's able to sit here and socialize in the sunlight after a workout while she's home from college. >> got through year one. >> reporter: sidney says if medical marijuana can spare somebody else her kind of mise misery -- >> why not? if you're in so much pain as i once was, i was willing to try the most, you know, obscure treatments for my migraines. i was just so desperate. i just wanted something to work. >> this is a very residential option to look at. >> reporter: possibly fewer side everybodies? >> possibly. >> reporter: while it's still very complicated and controversial science, neurologist dr. william young, director of jefferson university hospital's world famous headache center, says the new study out of amsterdam looks to be the most promising one. focusing oh and treating
10:35 pm
migraines and cluster headaches with chemicals found in marijuana. like cbd and thc. that affect brain and nerve receptors. >> it's possible to get fairly pure cbd and the question is, is that going to work alone, will you need combinations with thc, can you find treatments that don't have any intoxicating effects? >> reporter: and is it safe and effective long term? he says the u.s. is still years away from figuring out any of this. >> until a few months ago, it would be a class one felony for me to prescribe it. >> reporter: with all the treatments sidney tried, it took years for her to be pain free most of the time. >> trust the process. i truly believe. don't give up. sidney isn't giving up and neither some jeff son the university just set up a whole center devoted to studying treatments using medical marijuana for all kinds of
10:36 pm
chronic illnesses. and they hope to be breaking ground on new treatments and really soon. iain. >> thank you joyce. definitely something worth keeping an eye on. ♪ all right. check this out hump back whale breaches the side of a fishing boat this week right there. just off the new jersey coast. video has gone viral. the whale appeared in the raritan bay area just off am b boy. the man who caught the video the hamp back was chasing bunker fish when it tap his boat. >> police chase with real house power. it's not a car it's a horse and buggy. this is real horsepower. how do you stop them? very carefully. >> getting summer tan not great idea. your dermatologist would be appalled. using your coca-cola to get deeper glow is even worse idea but it's a trend. ♪
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>> in ohio wild police chase but suspect not even human a run away horse ology pulling a buggy down this road and this horse had no intention intentions of g caught. >> you can see the horse and
10:40 pm
buggy fly by officers. eventually a brave officer jumps in, grabs the reigns to slow the horse down. the horse which was panting eventually collapsed. officials say vet check the horse out, gave it some water and gave it a clean bill of health. new survey finds millennials are filing victim to flubs. bank are millennials goes out to eat or orders take out five times lot. 29% of millennials they buy coffee three times a week. 42% go to bar at least once week. those numbers all higher than older americans. all those minor expenses really add up. the survey found just 16% of younger millennials have enough saved to covered six months worth of expenses in case of an emergency. this seems like common sense. it really does, but there's new warning not to use coca-cola as tanning oil. the sticky trend is going viral. why i don't know but some people
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ >> they can they can out this dramatic video from a man being rescued from a river in california. he was swimming in when he was swept down the river. a california highway patrol helicopter found him cytogene rock in the middle of the river. not far from a 50 waterfall. they lowered a rescuer and basket from the helicopter and got him to safety. california highway patrol also had to rescue his girlfriend who got stranded on a ledge in the same area trying to find him. thanks physical neither of them
10:45 pm
was seriously hurt. too often we're seeing homeless population in philadelphia forgotten or even ignored. some want to help but don't know how. trying to find resources for people without food and shelter can be an overwhelming but today bill anderson revisited a man who started giving free haircuts to the homeless but now his mission is growing for good mess sake. ♪ >> to me it means a l it means someone cares. shows me somebody sees what we go through. >> reporter: earlier this year we trip dude you to brennan jones and his haircuts for the homeless. >> when you're on a mission and god puts you on this path nothing should stop. >> this week he starts the cuts of compassion tour. >> we do free haircuts. we do bags of it to let trees, bag lurches all around the homeless and less fortunate. >> concept remains simple go to areas with large homeless
10:46 pm
populations and give out free haircuts when his story went viral people wanted to help. first at a larger local event. i had seven barbers from all over philadelphia and surroun surrounding areas two hairstylist set up outside salon and cut 89 people hair that particular day. >> reporter: and now in seven cities, from camden to charlot charlotte. >> i came up with the idea if it's needed here in the tri-state area i'm sure it's needed where are else isn't catching up with brennan after a few months very little changed about his mindset he's personally given 200 free haircuts to the homeless and less fortunately with no desire to slow down. >> lot of people ask me, when will you stop? i'll never stop. i'm invested. my heart is invested into it. >> reporter: one thing he does seem to have grasped exposure can be a good thing if it's used in a positive way. something that explained to me why he now does many of the hear cuts of homeless on the median
10:47 pm
at broad and walnut. >> so people can see what's going on. and no excuses. i'm challenging everybody to do something about it. >> reporter: brennan jones is one of people shining a light on the needs of our area's homeless population in hopes that we will all respond. but at least for few weeks this summer, he'll also spread that awareness to other cities and show the importance of cuts of compassion for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. on your radar tonight, it's clear and comfortable as we take live look at the ben franklin parkway. beautiful shot there you might be a able to give that air-conditioner a little bit of a break but not for long. scott williams has your forecast in 152nd.
10:48 pm
it was beautiful monday across the area. the high temperature made it to 82 degrees. that several degrees below where we shall be for this time of year. so comfortable for now as iain was talking about give those air-conditioners a break. for tomorrow, mainly dry, there could be a pop-up shower and it looks like our next heat wave potential system on the horizon. but look at the temperatures right now. 61 degrees mount pocono. 62 in allentown. low 70s in wilmington. mid 60ing current until millville. 67 degrees right now in wildwo wildwood. most of us are clear and dry. we do have few spotty showers northern sections of berks county some of this moving toward the poconos also the lehigh valley but that will dissipate overnight tonight. our next weather maker still off to the west. and upper level low. a trough of low pressure that will swing through during the heat of the day tomorrow to spark off a few spotty showers perhaps a rumble of thunder but
10:49 pm
once again, not anticipating widespread problems out of any of the activity that pops up. it will really just be hit or miss. mainly between a window of about four to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow. but look at the temperatures for tonight. upper 40s in the poconos. 56 degrees in allentown. we're looking at 59 in millvil millville. mid 50s in pottstown. low to mid 60s in philadelphia. 61 in wilmington. 61 degrees in dover. so a few high clouds for tomorrow morning. and then during the afternoon and evening those spotty pop-up showers, high temperature tomorrow in the city right around 79 degrees. blow the average for this time of year in the mid 80s. so the weather authority seven day forecast shows you that pop-up shower chance for tomorrow. then lots of sunshine for wednesday. the pick day of the week. yup degrees. heating up though look at thursday. 88 degrees. 91 on friday. into degrees on saturday. there could be a couple of pop
10:50 pm
up afternoon evening thunderstorms late in the weekend. look at monday. 90 degrees. and then as we move toward next tuesday, the holiday, july 4t july 4th, yeah, afternoon high expected of 90 degrees it look like temperatures for evening fireworks will be into the mid 80s. sean bell. over to you. yeah, scott. even in the off season the sixers out here taking, the first nba award show was tonight and sixers fans were nor very happy. the phillies doing what the phillies do. they tried to avoid losing another series but it didn't go too well once again much that's coming up next in sports
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
♪ the first ever nba awards was tonight but only thing we really care about is the rocky of the year award. right. joel embiid, dario saric and progress don is the best player. not even close. but really it's about dario and progress don embiid didn't play enough games the sixers fans were not going to like the
10:54 pm
results of tonight. >> the 70 between kia nba rookie of the year is -- malcolm progress don. >> sixers fans real saul tee he became the lowest drafted player to every within the award. he had better statistics. so i kind of get it. embiid still showed some love to the rookie of the year. no hard feelings right there. congrats to fail com for the award. you deserve it roy. >> both guys were name to the first team all rookie team and buddy hill, willie her nyong'o mose. >> they wouldn't have made it in there oh year but this one. at the phillies they've been bad in every possible way. especially in a the clutch they
10:55 pm
lost six straight games in extra innings. they decide to spare us with all that drama and just get this game over with quickly. phils already down two so nothing bases loaded right here. nick only one thing you can't do. you can't walk the guy, right, no way. exactly what he does. let's another run come in. that made it three-zero now in the third bases loaded once again. he had no control in this game. let's up another hit a play at the plate on this one but andrew nap bobbles the -- baubles the ball. the run comes in. two and two-thirds with seven hits and five walk. giving up sick earned runs. the phils lose six-one. luckily it wasn't all bad news for philly fans today. nhl nouned 2017 hall of fame class and the former flyer mark recchi made the list he played over sick hundred games with the flyers. seven time all star. developth in scoring in nhl
10:56 pm
history. something i didn't really know. i didn't know he was that guy up. recchi holds single season points record for the flyers. well deserved. great player. getting it done. the only good news we have in this city right now. that's unfortunate. >> we still going markelle fultz, man. >> that's all we're learning on. two rookie of the year candidates next year. >> on the same team. >> on the same team. >> simmons and fultz. >> i'm sick of that. >> let them fight it it. the feds, man, we got the feds. >> i'm happy about the feds. i like the squad but can't we just within something? not even an award? >> i know. well, if em bed hadn't gotten hurt and played more games. >> all right. that will do it us for us here at 10:00. for news at 11:00. if you spent any time driving around philadelphia you've been honked at for something. you're not the only one. why drivers in pennsylvania are among the rudest. new jersey wasn't far behind. wells got your wake up weather and seven day forecast in the
10:57 pm
first five minutes. we'll see in you a few. stay right where you are.
10:58 pm
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. philadelphia police are on the look out for a driver who they say was aiming to take out some officers. it all happened when several officers were in the middle of a carjacking investigation early this morning. that's when another car came barreling toward them. thanks for joining us at 11:00 i'm iain page. thankfully no one was injured but several police bikes were hit. our dave schratwieser has more on the investigation tonight. >> reporter: police say with thinking helped prevent a catastrophe early 91 monday morning when police officers car investigate a carjacking saw a speeding black nissan maxima headed right for them. >> they jump out of the way saving that are lives. >> reporter: the car plowed right through the crime scene and ran over three book kell sending the bikes flying


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