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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 27, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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testifies against district attorney seth williams do believe seth williams set you up and put new contact with someone with ill reput. >> it would certainly appear to be that way but checks balances in place and that information came to light. >> why deputy commissioner joe sullivan says he felt uncomfortable with some demand by the d.a. her controversial word on line, got her fired, but his, did not, and, so what is the difference here. the two very different outcomes for two different local professors under fire over on line outbursts, we will examine the first amendment. sixers stars in the national spotlight but did joel embiid and dario saric get snubbed? we will discuss first ever nba award. we're all trying trying to diagnosis alex. >> sue thinks it is bird flu. >> bob thinks it is sars. >> i think it is allergies, you know, have you change the
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filthers in your apartment. >> i don't want to get too gross here but the color, how you can determine. >> you mean in the bucket here >> thomas just said do you sleep with your mouth opened. >> i don't know i'm asleep. i don't know that. >> questions during commercial breaks. >> yes. >> all of the dirty tissues are sitting right here underneath me. >> you can feel it, your throat is dry. >> yes, your mouth is dry then your mouth was opened probably >> next time i'll think about that. >> keep a journal and when you wake up, write it down. >> i'll give you a full report good day everyone it is tuesday, june 27th. yesterday, it was amazing. >> it was perfect. it was even 10er then 10. >> exactly. >> because we had rain overnight and there could be a few more stray showers today we will get down to a nine because humidity is still down and it is going to be a decent day. it is also national sun glass day so bus stop buddy is still
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at camp and he has got sun screen, for national sun glass day. so, you will be out and about you need that sun screen. having said all that we are watching an area of rain about to move into southern delaware and another one skirting by the north and west a couple showers up in the pocono mountains, and we will take a closer look at that coming up in a few minutes at 64 degrees right now, delightful outside in olde city, we are expecting a high of 80 below average for this time of the year, stray shower isn't out of the question later on. 58 degrees, skies clear, seven day just ahead. >> 7:02. we are drying out, live look at 95 northbound heavy from 322 up through delco you can see the my, fog still laying out there on the ben franklin bridge starting to see sun glare trying to peak through, here. delays on the broad street subway, earlier equipment problems, couple delays of the
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fox chase and cynwyd regional rail line, watch for construction delays rolling up and down 202 in the area of route 30 in chester county an accident coventry and valley road, delays on the boulevard your normal spots same deal on the schuylkill westbound delays from the boulevard out to belmont and then in new jersey north on 295 watch for an accident at mount holly willingboro interchange and then south on i-95 a half an hour delay through construction and half hour delay on the turnpike from philadelphia over to valley forge, alex and thomas back over to you today marks day six in seth williams federal corruption trial. >> we know philadelphia district attorney accused of taking bribes worth tens of thousands of dollars in return for providing legal favors. >> lauren johnson outside federal courthouse right now, lauren. >> reporter: alex and thomas uncomfortable is the word that the deputy commissioner joseph sullivan used to describe his interactions and how he felt when dealing with the d.a.
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dating back to 2012. he told jury here yesterday at federal courthouse as we entered week two of the bribe ry and corruption trial. he said seth williams requested his presence at a lunch, venue the union league social club, reason to have lunch and meeting with the businessman federal agents warned both sullivan and william to avoid. >> do you believe seth williams in some way set you up and put new contact with someone like this. >> it would appear to be that way but that is why checks and balances are in place and that information came to light. >> reporter: sullivan says warning from fbi agents came a year prior when williams asked him to meet ali at the airport he told d.a. several times but nothing happened. sullivan says he was torn with the information he had because the d.a. requested him to show favoritism to his businessman, ali testified that he showered williams with gifts worth thousands of dollars including a trip to the dominican republic in hopes of trouble with his legal issues.
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another local businessman will be back on the stand. he owns iconic bar woody's and he will testify about bribes that he offered the d.a. in exchange for favors dealing with the bar over in california. we will have more on that coming up at 8:00. alex and thomas. >> thanks, lauren. bill cosby will face era cues inner court today, less than two weeks after montgomery county judge declared a mistrial in his sexual assault case. a hearing is scheduled in santa monica, california, to set a date for cosby's next criminal trial and in this lawsuit comedian is accuse of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old, at plate boy mansion more than 40 years ago. agony that the jury could not come to a consensus, at least that is according to a juror in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. bobby dugan says some jurors were crying visibly upset when they could not come to a unanimous verdict. they tried for more than five days but ultimately it ended up as a mistrial. >> i feel regret, i guess,
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when we came to the final dead locked decision and it kind has been in my mind like this could all be said and done. >> do you think there is something that could have happened differently to change the outcome. >> evidence. we all said it, you know, a million times in the room, if there is other evidence, more substantial evidence we would have had a better verdict then dead locked. >> they went over that testimony for several days, dugan who is 21 years old would not say who thought cosby was guilty and who thought he was innocent mainly because judge said he cannot say or talk about other jurors police are learning more about the woman who was fatal ly stabbed at a north philadelphia park. now, that they know who that women is. the big question is are they close to finding her killer. >> steve keeley is at police headquarters with the very latest on this one, a horrifying attack it was. >> reporter: her name is
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deborah gulliver, upper darby grad who moved to north 25th street, one of the four people murdered over weekend but her killing for sure the most sam age and lee explainable, petit 31 year-old out with a friend for saturday night dinner and detectives wondered if when she walked in the park across from where phillies played at connie mack stadium at lehigh and 21st street there a mace called ray burn park they wonder if someone saw her coming and saw it as a crime of random, opportunity, or was there somebody following her, and then maybe an attempted rape or robbery. either way, whoever it was she tried to fight off as much as she could with her last breath , stabbed at lee 15 times, with such force, that the knife broke apart from the handle. stabbed from her legs all the way up to her chest, her pants , found around her knees. >> an individual did call 911, come in the homicide unit, we
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did talk to him. he has not been ruled out yet. however would i like to add there were two other young males that called 911 but were not there when he showed up. we need to talk to them. if they see this we need them to reach out to us and come in they were in the park during the time, probably of the murder or shortly thereafter. so we need to talk to them as well. >> they contacted police. when police arrived they walk off. we can see that from the video we can see who they are. they did the right thing they called the police but we need to talk to them as potential witnesses. >> reporter: you hear captain clark talking about what they saw on surveillance video. what else they saw? deborah gulliver walking in. they didn't see anybody following her. they think somebody came in from the park from the opposite way or they already had been in the park and you heard him say they they didn't rule out the guy, one of the 340 called 911 and alex and thomas he said he was also a robbery victim, just before he came across her body laying on
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the pavement there, and that is what made him call 911. not being a victim of a robbery himself. they are wandberg his story. >> so much to learn in this disturbing case, steve keeley, thank you. also new this morning investigators are investigating an apartment fire here it is on north 11th street, crews say fire started building around around 1:45 this morning. it took fire fighters an hurry to get the flames under control. the good news is there are in injuries. and authorities in york say a delaware girl do you remember this video we showed you yesterday at an amusement park ride at six flags, she was dangling from that ride, 25 feet up. >> so she landed in arms of bystanders at queensbury park. ride what had stopped and she was dropped 25 feet to the crowd. the girl was taken to the hospital. investigators have not said what she was doing before she fell but they believe she may have been trying to kick at something or she tried to slip under that safety bar. >> authorities are saying that
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she's to blame for slipping out of that ride. we will follow that one. lets talk about scorching temperatures and dry wind. they are causing major problems out west for fire crews, look at this scene, fire fighters are up against quite a battle, multiple wild fire in utah, nevada, oregon, california, and utah officials say 1400 personnel are fighting the massive brian head fire that started on june 0 percent contain, and the agency that though had gone through all of the numbers and with the personnel they say it should be out around july 15th to get it fully under control. 7:10. white house says it has found potential evidence that syria 's preparing for another chemical weapons attack, similar to the one which happened back in april. that attack killed, dozens of innocent people including children. assod has denied responsibility. white house says syria would pay a heavy price for another such attack. today could be make or break day for the republican health care plan in the senate
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>> the move to replace obama care will face steep challenge s from hold out republicans and democrats who are pulling out all of the stops. doug lou said inner washington this morning. it will be very telling with this procedural vote scheduled for today. >> reporter: that is right procedural doesn't sound all that excite bug there is a lot of anticipation around here because they have to do this thing in the next day or two if they want to stay on track. republican leader want to have this thing wrapped up in the senate by the fourth of july. >> it is almost 11:00. we have a long week ahead. >> reporter: democrats burning midnight oil on capitol hill overnight vowing to oppose just about any g.o.p. effort to scrap or at lee overhaul obama care. adding to the debate, a new congressional budget office score the g.o.p. plan showing it would offer big savings for the country but that 22 million people would stop buying insurance as a result. some because of cost, others because they would no longer
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be forced to do so. republicans, now want to move back. >> i just think that the policy isn't going to get better if we drag this thing out and politics certainly isn't going to get any better either. >> reporter: g.o.p. leaders will need just been republican vote in the senate to make it happen and there are hold outs , some who think plan goes too far, others not far enough >> it is very painful, so please, police report report from the white house, growing pressure, vice-president mike pence meeting with americans frustrated with obama care. the president on twitter saying that republican senators are working very hard to get there with no help from democrats, not easy. perhaps just let ocare crash and burn. but democrats are amping up their rhetoric saying a slow down in medicaid growth will cost lives. >> we do know that the many more people, millions, hundreds of thousands of people will die if this bill passes. >> one to 2,000 people will
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die if you cut 750,000 people from medicaid. >> reporter: that medicaid argument may resonate, entitlement program that has been expanding by leaps and bound. there are now 70 million people that rely on medicaid, more than medicare, alex and thomas it is coming down to the wire. what will we learn from this procedural vote could it very well stop it cold. >> reporter: it could. if they don't have the votes to start debate and that is what this procedural vote will do they cannot go anywhere and you know, we are getting this feeling from republican lead their they just want to get this thing over with whether this passes or not they want to move on to other issues. >> if it doesn't pass they could move on to tax reform. >> yeah, tax reform is something that republicans have been hoping to do for a long, long time. problem with tax reform is it was predicated on getting savings out of this health care bill so it is a 1/2 punch if they cannot get health care
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reform done and it makes tax reform inner difficult. >> they are all connect. thanks, doug a lot of negotiating going on. victory for trump administration, u.s. supreme court agreed to reinstate president trump's travel ban set to take effect thursday. >> justices will hear full arguments, as well. >> in the meantime supreme court decided to allow limited version of the ban which effects travelers from six muslim majority countries. foreign nationals who can prove legitimate connection to the u.s. like family, employment or school, they must aloud back in the country trending this morning, john mcenroe, known as, of course, the bad boy. >> but his comments about serena williams have her upset so, they are getting push back from a lot of people including serena herself, karen. >> no audioy don't know if we can hear you. >> here it is, sorry. >> it happens.
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>> i think your lips knocked the mike off. >> hey. >> thomas? >> we talk about this yesterday, karen had sunburn lips and they puckerd up. >> is there nothing wrong with a full lip. >> your lips look amazing. >> edge's loving to have it, it is fun. so mcenroe has made sexist comments in the pennsylvania and this is what happened again, according to serena and critics on this one. he talked about how she is as a tennis player. here's what he had to say in an interview. he was asked if williams was best tender player ever, male or female. she would probably be like 700 in the world if she had to play mens circuit. mcenroe said he hasn't seen women's player best in any sport including tennis. serena was not letting this one lie. she tweeted out dear john, a dor, respect you but please, please keep me out of your statements that are not factually based. i have never played anyone ranked there, nor do i have
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time, so respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby. good day, sir. other incident mcenroe got in trouble for some of his views about female tennis players because he argued in 2010 that the women's 10 ace so, be scaled back because female tennis players were not physically or as mentally strong as men are. >> you know, it doesn't take away from his ability as a player but after a while doesn't it just become noise, all of the comments. i liked her reaction. i'm trying to have a babe over here. >> leave me alone, bye. >> thanks, karen. sue, please tell me today will be another repeat of yesterday. >> well, i think balance of the day, will. we have a slight chance of a shower here and there but wanted to show you just 65 degrees in philadelphia and temperature in phoenix arizona where it is still kind of the middle of the night there, 92 degrees. now rain that we have promised
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to show you there it is, predicted into southern delaware, this one area here, and this area that appears to be moving toward the north and west, clipping berks county, and poconos mountains there we will go down to sea ford, delaware starting to get rain. this is what we mean but most of them are not even in the future cast until later in the day. very few and far between. balance of the day looks good. high on to 8o we will warm up in the 90's by week end and add humidity as well, july 1st is on saturday, july 4th is on tuesday, and then promises be hot and humid as well. once you get in the car we just saw your forecast here we will remind you on 101.1, more fm, every day, bob kelly. >> call for a song request too >> i got influence. >> you got it. an accident on the westbound sky kill expressway
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approaching the 202 interchange. this fellow looked like he rear ended a back of the pickup truck. thinks where that stop and go traffic starts to build as you head out toward king of prussia mall. we have a fuel spill here on the roadways. so westbound on the schuylkill expressway, heading out to king of prussia and mall boulevard. watch for delays. that build up around conshohocken. otherwise we have sun glare, the 42 freeway seeing sun glare and drying out from the rain we had on the overnight, and those heavy thunder boomer took down a tree in lower merion, ethan avenue blocked at montgomery avenue, we have free firewood and eastbound of the pennsy turnpike off ramp from the philly delaware valley interchange, which is route 13 here at bristol, watch for an accident and construction zone. mass transit, minor delays on the broad street subway, thomas and alex, back to you.
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>> the 2017 rookie of the year is... >> malcolm brogdon. >> oh, man. >> we were just as surprised we were rooting for sixers. i'm upset about this but not as upset seeing how good she looks. and, not all the way right. malcolm brogdon with the milwaukee bucks taking honorable i of the year award. dario saric and joel embiid were both finalist. how does he stack up. who is this guy to beat our guys? he averaged 10 points, four assists and two rebound per game and he also helped bucks make the playoffs. we will take joel embiid out because he didn't playful season. he is amazing. he will come back strong this season so what about dario. >> lets look at numbers. compare that to dario here. he averaged 13 points per game
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with six rebound and two assists. so lets throw in embiid in the mix. >> well, did he get something yesterday. >> he didn't have the games. >> he only played 31 games. >> so i'm sure, had he played all the way, then there would have been. he had best numbers by far. 20.7 rebound and two blocks per game. but big number, yep is that 31 biggest number out of all because that is how many games and that prevented him from getting it. if he played more games i think it would have been hand down joel embiid. >> isn't he the first, i want to ask ryan this our producer. is he the first non-first round pick to get selected as player of the year? >> you're talking brogdon, yeah, he was the first, second round pick last year, first time ever to win rookie of the year in the second round. >> since 66, right. >> i don't know how far back but he was first one to do that. >> but you have to say this about, he asked, he had milwaukee, he asked, who is his team.
7:21 am
>> milwaukee bucks. >> the bucks. he asked them to make a charitable donation. >> that is nice. >> we can't hate him. >> campaign for rookie of the year. >> sound inspirational. >> we will let him have this one. >> do you feel better next year the federal are coming for you, you know what i mean for the federal, nickname for sixers. >> that is right. >> embiid and saric didn't go home empty handed completely they were both named to the all rookie team. saric received 101st place vote and embiid received eight i will take this as a sign of good things to come. did you see that article in the metro today they are saying are we putting too much pressure, expectations too high for sixers right now. >> no, i don't think so at all >> we're expecting great necessary now that we have everybody. >> we will get it. >> thinks the season. >> we will see. >> we're excited. >> 7:21. why these bad habits are hurting millennials long term.
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it is not because of
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student loans. >> lauren, haven't they learned anything? you are supposed to put away for a rainy day but they are busy buying dunkin' donuts coffee and all that good stuff >> dunkin' donuts coffee is cheap stuff, millennials are buying fancy star bucks, remember the lattes and avocado shell. >> i only said that lauren because they are a sponsor. >> okay. >> you call it cheap we call it worth the money. >> very nice. >> brought to you in part by ... >> that is best coffee there is. >> has a survey and millennials are eating out five times a week whether that is star bucks, dunkin' donuts, local coffee shop or ordering on grub hub and going to the bar and building that bar tab. problem is they are eating their savings. they are not saving for the future like buying a home, moving out of their parent's basement. but there is so many, star bucks, to choose from. >> five times a week. >> five times a week.
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>> are they going to the high end places. >> all sorts of places they are going to. it is about the experience, also. millennials are all about experiences. i argue they don't want the house with the white picket fence and 2.2 kid and the puppy. >> until they get older and they realize i don't have a penny, in my account, i'm getting married, what do you do. >> do you eat out five times a week. >> but do i take advantage when we have segments here on the show, i make sure to take some for later. >> you take them home you guys don't think you eat out five times a week between ordering in, coffee runs and all that. >> i do five times a week. >> coffee run isn't eating out , it is a drink, that is not a meal. >> i get a coffee every single meal. >> you are such a millennials. >> it add up. it add up. >> that is for sure. >> thanks, lauren. >> guess i belter start cook something more you don't start saving until you are in your 30's right.
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>> my parent were big stickl ers on saving, they say you have to pay yourself first every time they give me something i had to take some money and put it in. >> do you still do that. >> um-hmm. >> you don't save at all. >> i'm going to be a mess. >> you are fine. >> from what i hear you are fine. >> you are my retirement plan, that and power bally don't want to bank on that i'm just saying. 7:27. you could probably go here jen fred at lodge atwoodloch in the pocono mountains, show us around, jen. very cool, right. they have stuff on the inside we will introduce tout great wall of yoga but take a look outside, just breathe it in, be relaxing. yeah, gorgeous, location we will be here all morning long. just chilling.
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majority of you are giving wrong doses of medicine to your children. what are we doing wrong? there mike will break it down in a moment. snap chat's new feature comes with serious privacy concerns, how it may be leading strangers straight to your kid. but first we are waking up to cooler weather from
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yesterday, beautiful day, rain showers this morning. what can we expect today, sue here is ocean city, new jersey , looking good there. look at people with their bikes. this is vacation week for a lot of folks. so that is good. we have bus stop budd which his sun screen because it is not sun glass day. you will need them today. we have rain in southern delaware and one to the north and west of us that may miss us but bright sunshine here in olde city, so just depend where you are, 65 degrees with calm wind and high later on of 80, 81, stray shower later in the day, nine instead of the 10 but humidity still low, very pleasant weather for today, tomorrow, thursday, starts the change and we will talk about how hot it will get over weekend coming up, bob kelly.
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>> hot, hot, hot. good morning, everybody on a tuesday, everything wet, wet, wet from the rain we had overnight and not sure if the slippery roads had anything to do with this accident here westbound schuylkill expressway right before you get, to mall boulevard, out there in king of prussia. that backup starts around blue route. here comes sun glare on national sun glass day you will need this morning. north on the freeway coming from new jersey, everything damp and wet overnight. two big jams southbound i-95 half an hour, 41 minutes on the turnpike from philadelphia over to valley forge. lower merion at montgomery avenue a crash in the neighborhood at valley and welsh road, and then pennsy turnpike itself eastbound off ramp to delaware valley watch for an accident, and, septa says just a minor delay on the broad street subway, from earlier, and back to you. >> thanks, bob. well, there have been three recent incident
7:33 am
involving local professors that have us wondering where is line when it comes to expressing their freedom of speech and towing the line for a employer. >> most recent case university of delaware professor was fired for expressing her opinion on her personal facebook page, catherine detwiler wrote, a now deleted post is it wrong to think that otto warmbier got exactly what he deserve. warmbidied after being released from prison. detwiler had been an adjunct professor in their anthropology department. university of delaware they released a statement reading in part quote we condemn any and all messages that endorse hatred and convey inn sensitivity toward a tragic such as one otto and his family suffered. >> then there was a exchange on tucker carlson this month by now fired adjunct communications professor in newark, new jersey. >> what i say to them is bo, h o, ho, you white people are angry because you could not your white privilege card. >> wow, wow to get invited to
7:34 am
the black lives matters all black memorial day celebration wow. let me, context you'llized it for you. >> a official said she fired her because quote the character of this institution mandates that we embrace diversity, inclusion, unity, racism cannot be for the with more racism. >> so those two were fired but on the flip side drexel university's, associate professor of politics and glowingal studies george mayer was able to keep his job after controversial competes, back in march, he said he needed to vomit at site of the passenger giving up a first class airline seat to a uniformed member of the military. it wasn't first time that his tweets raised eyebrows back on christmas eve he tweeted all i want for christmas is white genocide. >> so this got us thinking is what the difference how come some professors and universities can say certain things and it be okay. while others, well, they get let go. legal analyst ken rottweiler is here to understand the
7:35 am
difference. >> no easy answers here, by the way. here's what we have to distinguish. is there a difference between public institutions and private institutions. cry tear eyes different with regard to first amendmnt rights. i have a law firm. i'm a private entity. i can fire any of my employees for any reason. i can walk in today and because i don't like somebody i can fire them n a public institution, it is different. private institution you don't have any first amendment right in a public institution you have first amendment rights. so people that worked at these difference institutions thaw talked about depending upon whether they are private or public have different rights. drexel is a private institution. so the criteria there is different but essex county college that tucker carlson story you talked business a public institution. that person was fired. they may have a valid lawsuit arguing that they are first amendment rights were violated same with the university of delaware, a private institution but receives public funding. fact that person was fired also may have a lawsuit because of the violation of first amendment rights. >> but can they turnaround and say look whether public or
7:36 am
private your word could very well hurt the image of our institution. >> it could and that is why there is a courtroom, right. i mean look, first amendment allows to you say certain things which may hurt people. that is why we have first amendment rights. you can say whatever you want. you have to deal with the consequences, right. consequences may be and in this case they were fired but then, when someone is fired is there a resource course. now you can say you were, fired and violated my constitutional rights and a jury makes and decision. >> what about the professor in delaware talking about her constitutional rights. she made her statement about otto warmbier on her personal facebook page. do you think she can bring that up. it is my personal page. i was ant fill eighthed with the university. i was speaking about me, the individual. >> that is one of the things she will say. university will say do you remember you signed a contract that in your contract there is , there could be a moral's clause, language that says if you say anything derogatory about the institution or about members of the public that you might be subject took fired. it depend what the contract
7:37 am
says. >> even on your personal page. >> even on the personal page. i don't know if there is any distinguishing factor bait is a personal page if you work fun an institution and out there saying things, you could be subject to this. >> it is a broad stroke. even watching at home i work at the bangor even work at wawa and i powe something on my personal face can my employer look at that and say we didn't like what you posted , you are out of the job >> is there a difference between private and public. with private, you don't have to have any reason at all. hand off. private you can fire, without any reason at all. publish it is a whole different criteria because you have first amendment rights. it is balancing first amendment rights verse employment situation. it gets tricky. >> irony here is private institution is one that kept their professor while other examples where they were let get they were public. >> that is what i thought. i thought drexel had right to fire, didn't fire him because they are private. other institutions were public and fired him. i think there will be litigation. university of delaware story there was at lee a comment
7:38 am
from a lawyer who said there is probably going to be a lawsuit. >> pennsylvania is at will state. >> allstate are at will with the exception of the montana, for some reason montana is at will. people don't know your employer can fire you basically for any reason. most people work in private, you know, co with the private company they can fire you for any reason. >> wow. >> it is unbelievable. we have no protection. >> can you talk about our handsome news director coming in here. >> yes he is extremely handsome. >> yes, really. >> we love you, drive safely. >> yes, we do. >> thanks, ken. >> see you again too. >> people will be weighing in on this as it moves forward. we will see if it hits a courtroom. what would you do if you sat next to this guy on a plane. see what he is holding in his hand a 20-pound lobster. >> how can you miss it. >> that lobster was allowed to fly first class, maybe.
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that is a 20-pound live lobster found packed in the carry on in boston. despite their intimidating
7:42 am
claws lobsters are allowed to fly, you can check them in the care on bags as long as they travel in the clear plastic spill proof container. tsa spokesperson says this lobster was cleared for flying and fully cooperated with the pat down. >> where do you think his final destination will be. >> on a dinner table. >> someone's stomach. >> big lobstery saw a pig flying won, it was a companion pig. >> what are you talking about. >> on an airplane. >> yes, that is only way pigs can fly, yes. >> that it actually flew. >> it was on a plane. >> it did, waitness business class. >> no. >> it was in business class. >> which class were you in. >> i'm always in the coach. >> i don't do bow wow style. >> life is good when a piggies flying before you. >> chickens cannot fly, on a plane. >> really. >> yeah. >> how do you know this. >> just some of the things you can bring on and off a plane.
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>> yeah. >> interesting information to have. >> chickens can fly, dogs can fly, cats can fly. >> what do they have against chickens. >> frogs can fly as well. >> they are small. >> let's go to jen fred. >> she is atwoodloch at pocono mountains a cool type of yoga. >> yes, so what we will do is we will show you this thing it is called great lodge, we have already tried one move, difficult okay. we will see about the upside down move. come on back. we will tell you why this is so unique. ♪ this is a story about mail and packages. and it's also a story about people. people who rely on us every day to deliver their dreams
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they're handing us more than mail they're handing us their business and while we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country, we never forget... that your business is our business the united states postal service. priority: you ♪
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good morning, 7:46. jammo on i-95 a half an hour delay southbound as we work out of northeast philadelphia through the construction zone, and north bound, truck here heading up toward cottman avenue a live look at the ground on 42 freeway everything still wet, and we are starting to see sun glare, delays north on the freeway toward walt whitman. southbound 495 watch for delays between street and terminal avenue. sun glare up and over delaware memorial bridge there this morning. on the westbound schuylkill expressway, you will find some delays, leaving south philadelphia, as you work your way through university city, into downtown, we have got some delays westbound from city up the hill into belmont, eastbound sun glare at
7:47 am
conshohocken but they started last week this whole repaving operation on the schuylkill, yesterday roving crew where is working, coming back again today bet today, tomorrow, and thursday, it is all centered out between 476 and king of prussia so from 9:00 to 3:00 expect lane restrictions between blue route, 202. but as we saw yesterday even though they are working out in kop the delay began in center city heading west all the way out to king of prussia. sorry, hooking up with the blue route 476 from the get go we will have sunshine for work crews today. >> sueby has answer in 152nd
7:48 am
in wildwood nj, all ready for you, once they open up. it should be a great weather day if you have vacation this week you will like it because it starts out cool, comfortable and nice, hot for you, perfect time to be at the beach. we have another disturbance coming through, pretty loudly overnight, show you what it is doing bringing rain to heading toward the new jersey shore, and, quick shower this morning. that should be it hopefully for the day, another area of thunderstorms to the north and west of us, it looks like that is moving north east and will probably just clip berks county there and pocono mountains. so here's the southern delaware rain around seaford, dover we are seeing decent rain this morning and as far as the pop ups later in the day, yeah, they are showing up in the future cast, few and far between but they are there so keep an eye on on a quick shower later on this afternoon 65 degrees as we get started in philadelphia.
7:49 am
sixty-eight in dover. not until tuesday next week but we are looking ahead to the fourth of july. it looks mostly sunny, appropriately hot around 90 evening fire works about 82, as far as seven day forecast here it is. eighty today. eighty-two tomorrow. tomorrow will be breezy. you don't get that oppressive heat and humidity until friday , saturday, sunday chance of thunderstorms saturday into sunday our greatest chance over weekend but kind of appropriate, for fourth of july weekend, hot, humid. >> true, respect the heat. >> still can't believe it is next week though. >> where did this year go. >> it is moving. >> spot at the lodge at has open. this is woodloch resort. thurman curing the lawns out there. >> are you a golfer. >> i have been to a range, once because i used to live in myrtle beach. i can at least try, golf
7:50 am
capitol of the u.s. >> how did you do. >> not so well, that is why we forgo greens and we head straight for the spa. >> jen knows what we're talking about. >> hi, guys. this is one of the world's best spas, in doubt, right. >> absolutely. >> you look outside, just so gorgeous, you get relaxed and then someone says these word to you the great wall of yoga. this is picture that everyone takes when they come here for girls weekend. thinks on their facebook page. >> what is this. >> this is a yoga system based on a type of yoga where we use straps, belt and give greater yoga pastors. >> we talk about this inversion or being upside down is really the fun tane of youth and it helps flip your whole body. >> yes. >> not everyone is as trendy and perfect. we have talked about this. my pants are not only loud but they are slippery.
7:51 am
we will go in here. this is a regular class. >> grand finally of the yoga class. >> lift on your tippy toes and put one knee up and then other knee and then stand. >> these brackets are in specific spots. >> you are sandwich in there they look precarious but they are fine. >> bring your feet closer together and spread your knees out wide and through are, upside down. >> so forget about beauty cream and sleep. >> aging process has stopped. >> do i want to try to go all the way back. >> let your head relax. >> yes. >> how long would i do that in a regular yoga class. >> some people do it for minutes. others can do it for 30
7:52 am
seconds. it seems like forever for the first to times. >> but that is cool. >> it feels good. >> definitely. >> when you first start yoga practice you feel awkward trying to get upside down and feel like you will break your neck. >> you have the support of the wall and you get benefit of the being upside down without the effort. >> we have been talking off camera. would i like you as a yoga teacher but you said unpleasant part of the downward dog. this helps dot good moves and make them all feel good. >> right. >> i will move my thingys around here. this it is all about helping your body be where it need to be. >> training your body to be happy and in a powe you might not be so happen any. >> yes, exactly. >> here we go i will lean out here. >> yes. >> i know, it is hard to be very yogaish with equipment on would i come up here for downward facing dog.
7:53 am
>> let your hand drop down. >> now the head gives traction to create more length in your back. >> you are taller for sure. walk your feet up the wall and put your speaker thing and lift up we will be back after the break i will be taller, younger and you'll love it. (dog) mmm. this new
7:54 am
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7:56 am
senate will decide future of the health care system. >> big question will this have an impact on you, your doctor 's office what does this all mean. doctor mike joining us this morning. good to see you, doctor. >> well, this is wild, wild stuff. i'm a real doctor in real life the bottom line is this is going to potentially have tremendous implications. now, couple things, one ben franklin who used to walk around these places around here, all right, a penny, your
7:57 am
penny wise and pound foolish. i'm all about fiscal responsibility, but when it comes down to it if you don't have health care and you get sick it is going to cost a lot more money if you are in the emergency room and we didn't catch it early. that that is my point of contention. there was a study done in tennessee where they made cut backs in medicaid and they found a dramatic increase in the number of women with advanced breast cancer. now, how much does it cost to take care of someone with advanced breast cancer before or compared to someone who gets it real early with a mammogram? forget bit. it is not good. i don't know why we as a nation don't have universal health care for everyone. that is my take. i'm in the a political guy, but i'm telling you, it is not good medicine. it is not good for anybody. it will cost more money down the road. >> we will certainly learn more today when we get engaged , politicians feel
7:58 am
about this. >> doctors are all happy about the current health care system >> i don't think so if things change lake this. i'm in the front lines. looking at people, that are making hard decision about whether they can get health care or not. it is ridiculous. it is horrible. heart wrenching. it is in the right. it cannot continue. it just can't. >> let's skip to this other thing though, parents are giving the children the wrong doses of medication. >> it says give this, six and under, it is hard to keep up but beer's in the doing it right. >> well, what you should do is what i did i married a pharmacist. but other than that what you need to do and what the studies shows is that 83 percent or so of parents were given wrong dose to their kid what made a big difference look, you have to get an applicator with numbers that are clearly on there. do you see that. they fund a dramatic decrease
7:59 am
in the numbers of problems, and errors, by using instruments like this, or like this. and what that does is you get the exact amount and you give it to your child. i have two children, and believe me i have been there and done that. you can make mistakes, especially if they have, if they are using some large vat to give a small amount you will give the wrong dose. >> when in doubt call your pharmacist or marry one. >> yes. >> i was in sea isle, believe it or not, at the beach and i found dock mike's pancake house, the best breakfast place in sea isle. now do you see those legs of mine? that is me with the blue? they called the cops because they thought something washed up and was dead. >> oh, doctor mike. >> i want to say that is emily , chris, and mike. mike was going to be a doctor but got smart and opened up a couple restaurants. >> they are great, they are friendly, the food was awesome
8:00 am
, they had healthy choice, i had a vegetarian thing you are looking good. >> it is national sun glass day. >> those legs are shining bright. it is june 27th, 2017. a split second change her life. >> it was like someone just snatched her breath away. >> a young girl hit by a train , now this dancer has who both of her legs what happened in those moments leading up to the accident. her aunt joins us live with how you can help. car seat criticism, kim kardashian is mom shamed after posting this photo of her son, can you tell what is wrong here? why some parents are calling her out and others are coming
8:01 am
to her defence. snap, map dangers. a new snap chat features is raising privacy concerns, the warning for parents and how it may be leading strangers right tour kid. baby on board, it is vacancies on but should you bring your young child on a long flight? one local mom says boarding a plane early is a bad idea. what did you call it. >> i called it snap gram think of instagram and snap chat. >> all of the kid are using it let kid know i'm hip on is what going on. >> you are a hip man. >> yes. >> great to have you on this tuesday morning. i decided, i will have a brief conversation with my knee and let it go. >> you should talk bit. >> talk about conversation. >> yes, two hours ago. >> yes. >> hates been weighing on me, whether or not i found my knee with a opened bottle of beer and i will have a conversation and let her go.
8:02 am
her mommies on vacation she will never know. >> yes. >> yes. >> i just hope all of the kid are out of the house from that big party. >> i will be home by 11:30, clean up after yourselves. >> yes. >> little bit of evidence they always do. >> leave me a beer. >> here's a look at the number of the day, so again, i would say this is a day where you can plan to take a grill outside, nine out of 10. bus stop buddy looking forward to national sun glass day, he has got his shade on, any we keep saying this now having said that there is a little bit of green showing up on radar that one area to the south of news southern delaware is heading toward south jersey, this should move through pretty quickly and then the other areas to our north and west kind of clip the pocono mountains there it is calm here in philadelphia, 65 degrees, 3-mile an hour breeze and a high temperature later on of 80. humidity still low, can't rule out that pop up shower later in the day but generally a
8:03 am
nice one and, we will get it and not ruin your day bob kelly as we won't let it. >> that is right, watering the plants. >> yes. >> good morning. live look at i-95 southbound jammo into allegheny disable tractor trailer, trees blocking it here but southbound, we're bumper to bumper from cottman avenue into allegheny, and looking live at ben franklin bridge. hit and miss with sun glare depending upon where you begin and end your trip. as sue mentioned sun will be out for everybody on national sunglasses day. pennsy turnpike eastbound an accident at delaware valley interchange in lower merion, the storm last night pulled down the big old oak trees so ethan avenue blocking montgomery avenue and crash at valley and welsh road and watch for roving crews coming your way again today on the schuylkill expressway. they will be between 476 and 202, it is a huge backup yesterday, they will be back again starting around 9:00,
8:04 am
thomas and will ex-back over to you. testimony continues this morning in the federal corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> he is accused of taking bribes worth tens of thousands office dollars in return for providing legal favors. lauren johnson outside federal courthouse, set to begin here shortly. >> are. >> reporter: that is right, usually d.a. seth williams showing up here around 8:45, we will catch him going in, usually in good spirits. lets talk about yesterday. deputy commissioner joseph sullivan telling the jury he had no reason to believe anything funny was going on when he received directive from the d.a. why would he since he is highest law enforcement official in the city. prosecutors say it is because seth williams was using his public office and title for personal gain. he took them back to 2012 at chief inspector. he said williams asked him to have officers meet his friend muhammad ali at the the airport when he returned from the dominican republic to help ali avoid security screenings. after that sullivan said he
8:05 am
was warned by federal officials to avoid ali and any dealings with him but he didn't know y he passed the information on to williams who says did he nothing. >> i just know that i fulfilled my responsibility to him and thanks to the relationship i have with the other federal agencies, you know, the right information evidencely came to light. >> reporter: year later sullivan told jury williams asked him to meet with lunch with ali at the union league. he said he felt uncomfortable when both men showed up there pressing him on the issue of the airport security clearance yet again, sullivan said at some point he became angry for what he was asking him to do compromising both his integrity and his reputation. testimony continues today this time, we will also hear from a man who started testimony yesterday michael wise, he owns a popular iconic bar here in center city. he admits to bribing d.a. he says to help him with a liquor license deal, out in california. alex and thomas.
8:06 am
>> the defense, heat up. bill cosby will face era cues inner court today less than two weeks after montgomery county judge declared a mistrial in, his sexual assault case. the hearing is scheduled in santa monica, california to set a date for cosby's next criminal trial n this lawsuit comedian ace cues of sexually assaulting a 15 year-old at the playboy mansion more than 40 years ago. bill that proponents say will close gender wage gaps will soon become law in new jersey. state lawmakers barred employers from asking job applicant about their salary history. a move supporters say intended to promote equal pay for woman bill has to be signed by governor christie. kim kardashian is finding herself in the center of the car seat safety controversy. >> she kind of did to it herself. karen hepp joining us. this is a picture that she posted on facebook. >> she put it out there and didn't think twice.
8:07 am
there is mom police that are happy to let you know what i are doing wrong. we do things that are wrong. here's whole family, kid air adorable with kanye, so cute and daughter right now business four and sonnies 18 months. that is what is important on this one. take a lot photo she posted this one. eighteen month-old little baby so cute right from the car seat and he looks absolutely adorable but there are people concerned about his safety because he is facing forward and you are not supposed to face forward unless you are over two. american academy of pediatrics recommend children re remayor rare facing until two or maximum height and weight for their seat. so lots of reaction to this one. so somebody writes in on facebook he is so cute, lets protect this handsome boy by making sure he is rear facing. then another mom writes should we support each other and not criticize every single thing another mom does in matter who she is. >> here's one more if people want to complain about the car seat police why don't you first read up on the dangers of the child this young facing
8:08 am
forward. here's the law pennsylvania under two must be secured in a rear facing car seat until child outgrows the maximum weight and height limbs by the manufacturer. children from age of four to eight must be restrain, booster seat, kid from eight to 18 must use a seat belt. we all should be using seat belts. new jersey car seat law is there under age of two, and 30-g , and you need to have a five-point harness. kid eight and under and less than 57 inches tall must ride in the bac seat properly secured with the booster seat, and if you don't have a back seat children must ride, and properly secured in a appropriate seat. and in delaware, accord together law there, child have to be in a federally approved car seat, and through the age of seven, until the child is heavier they be 65-pound, and infants should be reclient no more than 45 degrees. this is very nuanced, until they are at lee a year-old and 20-pound. here's the deal, okay, it used
8:09 am
to be your kid could be turned once they turn one. then they just changed to it two. problem is when you have a second kid they see first kid doing something and they want to do it. i'm sure kim followed rules with the first child. second one crying, wine they want to sit same way too. we understand this in the pennsylvania there was a issue before she took a picture of north in the toddler car seat. didn't seem like she had straps on right. we figure it out. we will make mistakes. just calm down give her a pass and i totally get it karen is the kim kardashian reporter. >> that was most intense in depth report. >> i will have my child on the roof. i will follow you karen you can tell me what to do. >> your first child you want to have them in a bullet-proof vest buy second and third you are like they are just not screaming can i get you in the seat belt. >> we quickly learn that. >> i'm a second child. >> karen knows, she has three boys too. >> thanks. >> third one is pretty much.
8:10 am
>> he wears a seat belt, yes. >> he is in the trunk no worries. snap map dangers a new snap chat features raising privacy concerns, so there is a warning for parents and how it may be leading strangers right tour kid. this one breaks my heart, this morning a split second change her life, now very dancer has lost both of her legs and what ma happened in those moments leading up to the accident and her aunt will join us live with how you can help out. thanks for the ride around norfolk! and i just wanted to say,
8:11 am
geico is proud to have served the military for over 75 years! roger that. captain's waiting to give you a tour of the wisconsin now. could've parked a little bit closer... it's gonna be dark by the time i get there. geico®. proudly serving the military for over 75 years.
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8:13 am
good morning, everybody. southbound i-95 extra heavy cottman into downtown. disable tractor trailer right here near allegheny avenue. bennie looking good here at the moment but we have a overturn tractor trailer now on the turnpike. this started out as an accident, getting word of an overturned tractor trailer, it is eastbound off ramp to the delaware valley interchange. only good thing they have got going here it is not a busy interchange, eastbound bristol interchange, which connects to you route 13, 413 and also anyone who head up and over
8:14 am
the burlington bristol bridge or that connector bridge will bypass it but it is eastbound off ramp to that delaware valley interchange and down tree at ethan and montgomery avenue. we will eventually see the sin and for how long sue has answer in 15 and, it is a beautiful, ben franklin parkway, here in center city philadelphia. and, we have, designed after it. anyway, comfortable today and tomorrow. we have got great weather, pattern in store with a couple showers here and there heat and humidity will return just in time for for the hot, holiday weekend. here we are with rain, rolling through, southern delaware, and now a couple of heavy
8:15 am
downpours, down there in cumberland county and some thunderstorm activity to the north of us, as well, most of it up toward i81 there, here's a look, in millville, new jersey. this should be out of here pretty quickly and we have a couple isolated showers popping up, maybe between three and 6:00 p.m., it shouldn't be a big deal 80 is our high today, 22 tomorrow, warming up to the upper 80's by thursday, 90's, friday, saturday, sunday, possibly we could be headed for another heat wave just in time for the weekend, thomas and alex. >> thanks, sue 8:15. the happened in an incident, an 11 year-old was hit by a train three weeks ago and now she's lost both of her legs. >> her mom says she's willing herself to get through this but she will need help. >> she has been in t utu and dancing shoes since she was two years old.
8:16 am
>> it was like no, not my baby >> natasha ward got a call after her daughter had been run over by the wheels of the csx freight train in southwest philadelphia she aged some friend just left school and taking roxanne trying to get by the train. they say siena slipped and her right leg got severed at the hip. this is video of siena at children's hospital after losing her right leg. and just last week doctors were forced to amputate her remaining leg, infection threat then little girls life. >> i'm like take it, would i rather have her here with me then worry about a leg that is potentially killing her. >> reporter: several surgeries and relentless fever have kept siena in the icu. >> she's strong, she's so strong. >> her mom reassuring her that she's in control of her life. >> it is not end of the world.
8:17 am
you will still be able to do all of the things you need to do. >> so, we now have the mother we just heard speaking. thinks siena's aunt. >> good to have you with. >> it is difficult. >> it is. >> yes. >> relax. >> what is latest update how is she doing. >> the wound are starting to look better. they are doing another surgery today. she has had surgeries every 48 hours since the accident. she's not out of the wood yet by any means but doctors say she's going in the right direction. still a fever, sometimes present. >> surgery every 48 hours. >> is she alert. >> she's alert. >> she's full a leather. >> what was the conversation you had with her about the accident. >> we really haven't really pressed her. she has been agitated. she has had nightmares maybe,
8:18 am
so we do not press her. we want her to get better. we keep reiterate to go her that she will lead as normal a life as possible, when she comes home. we are all going to make changes and are respective hems just to accommodate her so she won't miss a beat because she will come to my house, my parent's house. we don't want her to miss a beat at all. >> looking at those videos, talking about how strong she is, she's smiling, there. just being there because you have been there around the clock. >> yes. >> it has lifted her. >> yes, it has. >> it is just some days she's really up and alert and some days she's sleepily and tired but just a fact of her knowing that someone is there even if someone sits in the family room, and check in with her and say i'm here, she will request us but there are just
8:19 am
an on slaught of everybody is there. so she's never alone. >> she's surrounded. >> she's family, friend. >> you have had to stay strong by the way how is her mother doing how is she handling this >> she's doing as well as she can. she has to be strong foreseen a. >> you have this precious 11 year-old who was a dancer, full of life, still is what do you tell her. how do you get her through what is next. >> i just told her that, you know, things will change. i said but we need you here in the present right now and i said, do you want to get home with us. she said, yes. the doctors need to do whatever they can do to bring you home to us and that is priority number one is to get you home. i said, god brought you through this. all of these things fell into place. she could of easily bled out and when she got to the hospital, it was clothed. >> she was completely awake,
8:20 am
alert, talking, and able to give personality fur to get her family there. >> so please tell her she has purpose. she's here for a reason. >> that is what we definitely tell her. you have a go fund me page. >> yes, we do. >> we want to talk about that. i'm sure it is extremely expensive her care. >> is there a get fund me page it sound like you have been getting a lieutenant of sport. >> it has been about two weeks a little bit over. >> i see 23,000 so far, but is what the goal. >> the goal, $100,000. i just feel like, i'm not saying that is all we need. >> but she has more surgeries. >> she has more surgeries. she will need rehab. we don't know if there is rehab or not, house need to be completely modified for her, so she, her mother has a sport y car so she will to have at lee get a van able to accommodate her and possibly a wheelchair, equipment that she
8:21 am
might need to continue on. >> you have been getting support around the world. >> people are sending, prayers to france, vatican, different places like that, restored our faith. >> yes. >> faith in humanity. these sort of things go on. >> we will have all that information on our web site at fox >> yes. >> please, we are asking our good day viewers show your support. let's make sure she is well taken care of. >> she has the best foundation >> loving family. >> yes. >> great way to start. >> please tell her we are thinking of her and to stray strong. >> i definitely will. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. >> keep us updated. >> definitely will, definitely will be updates. >> thank you fox if you want to donate and help out with the go fund me page. 8:21, snap map danger, a new snap chat feature is raising privacy concerns warning for parents and how it may be leading strangers right
8:22 am
to your kid. plus jen's in the poconos mountains this morning is she still upside down or not. >> no she's rowing. >> but look at how gorgeous and relaxing, it is lodge atwoodloch, ladies and gentlemen, best way to start a morning if you are going through all kind of everything at home. ♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish
8:23 am
and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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8:25 am
twenty-five most influential people. >> those that make the list are grade by global impact on social media and their overall ability to drive news. so president trump made the list, the president, he has been famous for using twit tore push his policies and rail against his enemies and critics. >> and there is no surprise christie teigen is a super model, wife of john legend and she's known for being out spoken on social media quick witt, honest and she's really big on taking down internet trolls and she has a big twit
8:26 am
ter following. >> chance the rapper also included after bypassing traditional path toss musical success, instead he used internet to distribute his music and really connect with fans. and we cannot forget carter wilkerson, he tried to win free chicken nuggets by garnering 18 million retweet. now he is one of the most influential people based on those retweets. >> he got 3.7 million retweets , that is yes made the list. >> all he wanted was chicken nuggets. >> he got it for a year. >> so we will see him in about a year. >> look at you. >> all it takes to be on twit ter. >> yes, we need to ask for something, burger king, sponsor, dunkin' donuts. >> pizza, pizza hut. >> yes, you see jk rowling. >> yes. harry potter fan, look at. that kim kardashian, katie perry also made the list. baby on board it is vacancies on, right. >> it is but should you bring
8:27 am
your young child on a licensing flight? why one local mom says, boarding the plane early is a bad idea with this one.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
but is there one detail, that some people are unhappy with her age. is 22 young to make this kind of a commitment? do you think steve harvey should step n weigh in. it is national sun glass day, well, what good in the sun how to rock latest trend for men and women and protect your eyes at the same time. we have the perfect sun glass model richard curtis who is back who joins us for 9:00 o'clock hour. sue, he is just too cool for school and that is yes is here >> he is in the building.
8:31 am
i saw him not too long ago. lots to look forward to here's buddy celebrating national sun glass day, and even if you are in an area where it is raining right now, it won't last too much longer. we have an area of showers moving through into southern delaware, and, into southern new jersey, and then, another area with some thunderstorms up around pocono mountains but again short lived, 65 degrees our current temperature, and after, today's showers are finish we will get to a high of 80. mostly sunny, pop up here and there throughout the afternoon but heat and humidity are returning. we will time it out coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> good morning. 8:31. problems on the pennsylvania turnpike, overturned tractor trailer, first of all, westbound pennsylvania turnpike, here's an accident, right at the philadelphia bensalem interchange. this is westbound, right at route one, and then, on the off ramp to the delaware valley interchange look at the
8:32 am
tractor trailer. do you see it laying on its side, here's the cab, looking at front tires, is there truck and then rear tires. only thing about this about is it is on the off ramp from the turnpike getting off of the interchange. it shouldn't impact main line in anyway but two problems on the turnpike. there is disabled tractor trailer southbound on i-95 approaching center city causing a jam out of the northeast. >> hey bob pay attention to this one because your kid might be doing this did you hear about the new snap chat feature that allows people to track your child's every move, it is called snap map and it sound innocent but it literally puts you on a map for your friend that will find new real time. is this a good thing so you can see people bit emojis or are we concerned about our privacy, we will bring in our tech expert anthony mongeluzzi so you have your snap chat page up. >> lovely picture, super professional, looking good.
8:33 am
>> many feyes of anthony mongeluzzi, love it. >> so with this, what is the point here why did snap chat do this just to be fun. >> to get more users, things like. that people don't realize snap chatties only five years old. more people use it then twit ter. is there 10 billion views on snap chat every day. we're talking big stuff here. again their demographics 13 to 24. what do you do? you want to take pictures. let everyone know your life. police department are warning this could be a little bit scary. let me show you you will show us how. >> we will snap you. >> we will do it on the big set. i have a new friend, thank you there. we swipe down like this, people don't realize it here, look. >> look, be careful now, i can close that out real fast. >> that is what happens, when people have you on the fly on tv. >> is that what is going on. >> we will give a pinch here and there is.
8:34 am
>> you pinch screen and that takes to you snap map. i don't have too many friend, over a hundred on snap chat. people don't realize when we were playing in the green room we were saying where is the map? people don't realize you have to pin much it down. there i am, right. looking cool. >> holding it in blue. >> aim in white you know why because i'm in ghost mode. you cannot see me. >> so these are friend thaw can sianni you zoom in. >> absolutely. >> hi, alycia. >> right on arch street by betsy ross house. that is our intern she should be in the studio. >> she's right over there. so, snap chat gps is not exactly perfect. >> it is in the area. >> pretty close. look at our other intern sarah right here right's right there in the building here. she is right here. but. >> she's just green, the fact that she's unless ghost mode. >> yes, she has no bit emoji.
8:35 am
>> that is right. >> other decent stuff with snap chat. lights say she wanted to listen to music. her bite maine gi would rock headphones. you could see what they are doing what people are doing. >> but problem is let's scroll back here, pretty big world, imagine this now, if you have predators out there, other things and people just turn on snap chat you could see where all of these people are, what they are doing, their live video, where they are at. can browse. >> you would have to be friend with them but remember in this world you can be a friend with a friend and they are snap chatting. if you know how hang out with you might be able to find someone. >> how can we get in ghost mode. >> right here that little setting we will give that a click. i'm in ghost mode. i will turn it off. i can show to it my friend or do it to select friend or i can say hey, you know why, you can see me, now you can see me
8:36 am
i will hit my friend which i will shut off but just for demonstration purposes only, you know, now look at me. >> look at me. >> you pop up as a silhouette. >> now i'm purple. nice easy way to show if you are a private mode or not private mode. >> only reason why we see you is because this is your snap chat, your profile but someone else, you wouldn't pop up here at all. >> i would literally be a ghost. >> you have to actively and put tonight ghost mode, does automatically put you on the map. >> so what happens is when you first opinion that much screen to bring up map mode it tells you do you want to allow this. first give it access and then it says, do you want to be in ghost mode, select friend or regular friend. so again they do give you very simple, easy security but one thing you have to question when you are 13, 14, 15 years eld do you read anything. >> think it is cool you might think yes. >> my friend are doing it. >> parents are like go check and make sure your child has
8:37 am
that off in ghost mode. >> that is a great point. >> one thing that these social media platforms which i always suggest if you are letting your kid do this, guess what, make sure you have an account and make them add you as a friend. that is only way you can see is what going on. if you want to be big boys and girls the 13, 14, 15 let your parents see it. it is a scary world out there. >> thanks, anthony. we appreciate it. we will go ghost mode after this. >> lets do it right now. >> i'm done. >> buckle up drivers in philadelphia are in for a bumpy ride new survey proving what we suspect, we're rude, on the roadways so what makes us so angry behind the wheel.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
local drivers air monk most rude on the roadways, whether it is tailgating on the highway or stealing a parking spot pennsylvania drivers are rang the eighth most rude drivers on the roads survey done by non-profit cars for kid asked drivers and ranked all 50 states, new york topped the list of the rude drivers, and so what makes a rude driver? people say cutting off their driver's, oh, cutting off other drivers and not using your turn signals. they don't like that though. >> and tailgating. it drives you insane. >> um-hmm. lets drive up to jen fred
8:42 am
at lodge atwoodloch. >> i have a concept for you guys, forest, bathing, what does it mean, how do you do it can you be fully clothed. find out, right? we will talk after the break. >> tell you all bit. >> emily: i want to live on my own but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food,
8:43 am
bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
8:44 am
8:45 am
different view, we are looking closer in the water already, it is start of the beautiful day. this is your sneeze report, grass pollen is the worst. we are in low to medium level, today and tomorrow and medium thursday and friday. so take action accordingly. we are almost finished with this line of showers, that is continuing to move out of delaware and through south jersey and then another round, hitting, some of our pocono resorts. it didn't look like much was going on rain wise up in woodl och so this is about it for this round of rain. we had another round in the overnight hours, millville,. >> we will show you, pop ups,
8:46 am
isolated showers and thunderstorms. starting to get hot by thursday. so it won't be too bad and then still in the 90's on saturday, thunderstorms, saturday and, knocking down temperatures just a couple of degrees but hot weather, just in time for weekend, alex and thomas. >> perfect, i'll take it. >> too early for archery? not for some people. >> jen's at lodge atwoodloch this morning what does she have in her hand. >> okay here's the situation. i will do archery, in a minute but we want to talk about forest bathing which japanese swear by it. >> japanese government sponsors it, it is just slow, contemplate i have type in the florist which cleanses you from the inside out. >> so part of it is we're walking slow.
8:47 am
>> walking slow, taking notice of every single thing around you using your five senses talking about what you smell, see, what you hear, and, all of that will reduce your stress and diseases. how long would someone be walking through, an hour thing or however long it takes you. >> ideally it is about three hours, uncomfortably slow. our class is about an hour and 50 minutes. >> one of the things that you will do is you will stop and kind of look at some leaves and notice, cemetery in nature >> you want to notice everything about nature and miracle that it has, so, look at a life life. >> jared the camera guy out there on the lake and doing paddle boarding thing. i was listening, part of it is like reconnect go to nature so everything gets a little, like as you said, stress reductions >> right, it it is about almost realizing how small you
8:48 am
are in a great big world and that helps make you realize where you stand where your problems are or are not and helps to put everything in perspective. >> we have a little tea set up here and that is what you might do. >> forest bathing is you want continue on variety nature in. we even with the fifth invitation is taking in tea, drinking nature in. >> all right. >> here we go. >> cheers. >> yummy. >> okay. >> now that we are relaxed, lets do some more. >> let's do it. >> i spoke with some friend, and one of the cool things is the variety of stuff that you guys have here, obviously upside down yoga, and the forest bathing but then you just want to get physical, right. >> absolutely, something for everyone, something for everybody which is really nice you can be as relaxed or active as you want.
8:49 am
>> we should be honest. i learned how to do this 202nd ago. you seen my skills. >> i am very impressed. >> yes. >> lets see. this would be one of the classes you could take while here. >> you could take a class to learn just exactly how to do it or also just come on your own, there is free time, or you can do these activities on your own. >> let's try this. >> inner hunger games. >> did you well too. >> yes. >> okay. so this is cool. i will try one more time for a bull's eye. >> i should have stopped at first one. >> we will see spa, spa. we have seen work out. >> okay. >> just making sure. this isn't the most relaxing
8:50 am
glorious place, and we want to say thank you to the sponsor the poconos mountains visitors and tourism bureau. thanks for letting us come here. >> thank you what sit called forest bathing. >> yes. >> very zen. >> have you dune before, jen, you were pretty good. >> you don't done archery with a march mellow at the end of it, and you did offer the child sized bow. >> we do have a child sized bow you want the manly type. >> yes. >> going all out, jen, thank you. did look very peaceful. >> if do you forest baithing or do you take care of that out in the forest. >> i don't think you have to. >> let people know, this is not, this is not substitute for regular bathing. >> do you bring the soap? what do you wear. so many questions. >> yes. >> thanks, jen.
8:51 am
>> we want to thank our viewers. we did a story about siena, her aunt tina came in. >> look at that number. >> both those girls had to be amputated after she got hit by a train. $200 in the pennsylvania 30 minutes. now we are close to $300. so we are close to 24 how dollars. our goalies hundred thousand dollars to pay for medical bills to change her home to accommodate her. thank you for supporting her. she is 11 years old. tough journey. >> our viewers are amazing. we appreciate it. thanks for the help. parents, should you care fur children are popular, after you hear this one you may, how popularity in high school effects your happiness as an adult. we will break it down. pro tip for fruit lovers:
8:52 am
giant has unbelievable produce prices.
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the flavor with a kick just for adult, it is a pop sickle made with rosea. it is 5 percent in two flavors , coconut and water melon mint lemonade, order them on line for ten dollars a pop or make them yourself. >> easy to do put lemons, and water, sugar and then, pour in the alcohol you are fine, just ten dollars. pricey though. >> it does seem pricey, yeah. >> but there is, and people will pay for it. >> get you through the day. >> you know it is great with a pop. >> putting on your sunglasses, sitting outside in the sun with your face, national sun glass day we want to look good in the sun. we will show you some of the latest trend for men and women and how you can wear these great trend and also protect your eyes at the same time. also big congratulationness line, steve harvey's daughter engaged but is there one detail that people aren't too happy about, it is her age, is 20 too young to make this commitment.
8:56 am
>> does she necessity what she's doing. first kid
8:57 am
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you ready? by their second kid, every mom is an expert, and more likely... choose luvs than first time moms. luvs with nightlock plus absorbs wetness faster than huggies...
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...snug & dry, for outstanding overnight protection at... ...a fraction of the cost live, learn, and get luvs. okay. it is time to start the 9:00 o'clock hour, we're in ocean city, new jersey enjoying that morning breeze. look at that, right, riding their bikes. >> that looks beautiful, doesn't it. >> it does. >> great day. >> it will be a good one, excited. >> good day, it is tuesday june 27th we have richard, we have karen. >> good to see you guys. >> good morning. >> loving the purple. >> you know what is funny, i got up this morning and orange tie ready to go, went on twit ter and i saw thomas wearing orange tie. i can't do the double orange. >> no. >> he looked good in it or range. i didn't want to be second orange.
9:00 am
>> next growing a beard too it is already coming in. >> maybe start a new movement. >> baby on board, it is vacancies on but should you bring your young child on a long flight. why one local mom says boarding a plane early is a bad idea. >> we have breaking news on this one serena williams we have seen this picture before when she let whole world know she was pregnant, showing off style for fourth of july and she could not find a bathing suit. there is a new picture out from vanity fair, it is body issue. >> um-hmm. >> looks good. >> national sun glass day, so lets look good in the sun, how you can rock latest trend for men and women and protect your eyes at the same time. we will tell what you to look for. >> did you hear about this news, steve harvey has reason to celebrate, he just announced his young stepdaughter has been engaged. she's engaged to a professional soccer player. but, i am afraid to say his name right but memphis. >> she posted a


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