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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 27, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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is already coming in. >> maybe start a new movement. >> baby on board, it is vacancies on but should you bring your young child on a long flight. why one local mom says boarding a plane early is a bad idea. >> we have breaking news on this one serena williams we have seen this picture before when she let whole world know she was pregnant, showing off style for fourth of july and she could not find a bathing suit. there is a new picture out from vanity fair, it is body issue. >> um-hmm. >> looks good. >> national sun glass day, so lets look good in the sun, how you can rock latest trend for men and women and protect your eyes at the same time. we will tell what you to look for. >> did you hear about this news, steve harvey has reason to celebrate, he just announced his young stepdaughter has been engaged. she's engaged to a professional soccer player. but, i am afraid to say his name right but memphis. >> she posted a photo on twit
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ter. >> yes. >> and this is what steve had to say bit. he said this young man, is a good one, congratulations, he posted it. >> so cute. >> do you see dates they have on there, and they are coming down. laurie is 20 year-old. and he is 23. >> so after they posted this on line, lot of people said wait a minute, aren't you young to be getting married. and some asked if she was pregnant. but, so she responded i'm 20. my pea an say is 20. when it is young, right, why wait. then she called them young and in love. look at that. >> and, it is a some people, i have seen on line some people are like yo, he need to tell her, we're young you guys can wait, is what rush. she's a great teen she should live her life. >> everybody used to get
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married young back in the day. average age is still 27. you get engaged in 20, 23 if they wait a little bit. my normal advice toys wait. i. >> everybody normal advice to wait. >> they are too young. you can live a happy, life, loving and adventurous with your wife. i mean these two they are not just good you are getting married and settle down. you are 20, 23. they will get married and go to europe and have a good time together. mesh it. >> true. >> they have some money. >> yes. >> yes. >> have you seen her ring. i want to say you can afford a ring like this maybe you should get married. it is huge. >> imagine her, biceps after a year wearing that thing it is enormous. >> it is just too big. >> yes. >> it is too big. >> she can get married, that is okay, then it is okay to wear this ring. when i think about, and listen
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i know i'm one who is not married here. personally was at 20 and personally am right now is completely different. how do you know if that is the lifetime forever. >> which one is more fun, old alex or new alex. >> i would like to say old alex but you never know. >> you evolve and you change and grow. >> when did you get engaged. >> twenty-five. >> so. >> did you picture yourself married at 20. >> no, you are hitting college , you are in the mix, hanging out but i met my wife in college as well. i feel like a lot of people do that. >> why did you wait then. >> were you having fun. >> we really had to think bit. it was awesome. she fridays buffalo. i'm from down here. love brings people together. >> they do say though when you know, you know. i guess it is just you know. >> you think you are the one until they are not the one. he is cute, soccer player, all these things are great. let's do it.
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you break up. >> yes, he is the war. >> yes. >> then you put it on twitter don't date him he was horrible >> they are both so cute but i wish them luck. >> and here's the thing if she doesn't get married now, you wait, you start getting questions from family members. i went to my family reunion in atlanta one of my cousins about 80 years old. we have a picture. he said, sitting down, how are you doing. oh, it is good. alex, i need to you get married before idea die. i said you will live a long life. >> yes. >> reason i am in the marrying anytime soon. >> okay good response. >> he looks like a fun guy. he wants to show up, hang out and party. >> i said will you help pay for it since you want this to happen so fast. >> that is a cousin. >> my i mean family reunion not my first cousin, it takes a long time to explain but yes , he is my cousin. he is looking good for 80. >> yes. >> my parents are good, my
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mommies like i got married when i was older. i'm not worried but. live your life, have fun. when i go to big functions, so , anything? i'm like nope, nope. >> do you take a date to the family reunion. >> if my family if you are, then you guys have to be serious because if you bring them to us, you got to have a good foundation and rooted because we are all over the place. >> we are getting questions, whole 9-yard. >> that is what a good family does. >> do you bring dates. >> you know what, i have four sisters so it was always, it was always one of those things , a lot of judging when you brought girls around. >> you have to serious when you brought her. >> yes. >> did they all get engaged and married. >> yes, everyone was around the 25, my little sister still , she's soul searching in canada she might be tuning in right now. >> yes. >> what is her name. >> alexis. >> she's been on the webb watching, so up in canada
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she's exploring something new and trying some different stuff and who knows a canucks will come in the family. we will see. >> keep us updated. >> with the alexis saga. >> yes, when you are in high school, lot of people we all remember high school experience and i feel like there is categories for people , as we look back. >> i'm still living it. >> you are, high school, yes. >> i'm seeing it you can really speak to it. >> apparently where ever you were what category, popular, in the popular in high school that effects you later in life psychologists say popular teens grow up to have greater professional success, make more money and have stronger relationship. popular changes wiring in the brains that effects our social perceptions and emotions and bodies response to stress. it is weird to me. i feel like running joke are not won that are successful and class nerd are super smart and they are won running company. >> you are going to be my boss because i was not like the popular kid in school. i was more like let's make
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jokes. >> class clown. >> but that makes you popular you are lovey. >> you don't have to be captain of the football team. >> you should have told some girls that in high school because i really needed help there. >> did you. >> do you still think of, certain situations that make you think about in high school , this happened to me and i think this way. >> it is funny, i see these kid that are me in high school i try to sit them down, like listen... >> listen to you. >> this is my senior year, i look like i'm 12. >> so cute. >> look at that hair. >> i went to pen ridge high school in bucks county. i mean look at this. i look like i stuck my finger in the electric socket. >> yes. >> but i didn't even hit puberty until i was like 22, lie a this guy. >> my husband is like that, a late bloomer, physically. >> yes. >> i was 55-pound. >> did you start lifting weights in college. >> yes. >> trying becaus i was just so tired of being the small
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guy. >> yes. >> you know, it was like a 50/50 thing, some did, some didn't, you know. when you look back you can still be pretty, sad. >> just thinking about it. >> i guarantee karen was popular. >> were you a cheerleader. >> no, i was middle. you float into different groups. >> girl look at that dress, look at that hair. >> these were my prom pictures that is sophomore year in high school. i. >> and i was just talking about this my husband and bye being bullied, and, mean to you and terrible stuff that they would say. >> natural hair color. >> yes. >> getting called out.
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>> looking good. >> just had time in the sun. >> yes. >> lightened. >> my experience was really weird with high school because you guys saw, flashing earlier , but i would like to say i was like fake popular in a way, only because. >> you look exactly the same. >> do i, really. >> this is a gorgeous picture. >> thank you for me i was voted home coming queen. >> oh, my goodness. >> wait. >> let me get it you are not popular and you are home coming queen. >> it was so clear, no one hung out with me, they were pity me or i split the vote because i was than the invited to parties, boys were not checking for me. it was a weird thing. then would i get voted. but would i speak to the different groups. i was an athlete, decat lon and choir. i had a weird reach with different groups. i said hi to everybody. i was not how call to hang out or have the latest outfit, no, i was not one of those. >> you understand the problem here. i feel like everybody out here will understand too.
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you were too hot. you were too up there that everybody was like oh, i'm not going to, she will tell me know. men air frayed of rejection. i understand that t i can't do it, alex, she's everything cool, academic. i can't. she will say no. that is why nobody asked you out. >> would i like to think that is how it was. >> i have memories passing a note to guy and he was like no >> i am not even kidding. >> i remember, really quickly, wayness student council. would i stay after school in the student council room and do things. one time this guy who said he was interested in me, and we talk on the phone a little bit and there were rumors he was still talking with his ex. i sad are you still talking to your ex, no, i'm in the talking to her, whatever. one day late after school i was coming out of the city council and see him walking down the hall way with his ex. he says i will stay here and
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see what happens. i stay there. he was walking with his ex and his sister. so will you say hi? he looks at me and says, nope, and catwalking and ignored me. then laughing. laughing at my face. i said all you have to does drop my books or trip and fall i was so embarrassed. >> what happened was she heard that he was into you and she's like turf get him back and then she schemed with her sister, to get him back. >> yes. >> yes, the sister was there. >> yes. >> we know what you guys were trying. >> why blame sister blame him. he was not strong enough. >> yes. >> high school they are never strong. >> no. >> he started calling. he had his father call me, hello, alex. yes, mr. williams. can you pick up my son, he is really upset. >> like a secretary i was so embarrassed. >> they didn't like for my age facebook, twitter, instagram.
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you dialed and called home. >> you used the house phone. >> hello, hi, can i talk to lindsey is she available, right. >> yes. >> i used to hate. that please don't pick up. lent don't pick up. come on mrs. so and so can i please speak to alex. it always made me so nervous if the parent picked up the phone. all right. enough about high school. now i'm getting flashbacks. serena williams, she's on the cover of the vanity fair, girlfriend looks good. i mean, wow. look at that. >> remind me of the cover that demi moore did back in the day , somebody else did the same one but so gorgeous when you show off pregnant body. she's expecting her first baby she looks amazing in this picture. it is a wonderful mom to be moment. she's taken by celebrity photographer ann lieb wits who take pictures like this. >> iconic pictures she takes. >> six months pregnant and due in the fall. we are getting new information because she's on the front cover.
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we can't wait to get details from it. >> is that a belt, what is that. >> it looks like a diamond thing to adorn her hipps. a little bling. she's planning to be back on the court as soon as january. >> that is incredible. >> she talks about feeling physically different. she learned she was pregnant. she suggested that she take a pregnancy test. serena agreed saying she would do it. i'm not pregnant, whatever. she saw results, like my gosh. she bought five more kid just to make sure that the test was correct. >> that is like movie june owe to confirm that she is. >> yes no one ever just takes one pregnant i test, if you get positive hit you hit two more for sure. i feel like everybody would agree with that. no one ever just taking one and like it is there. >> karen, did you take multiple won. >> sometimes. >> yes. >> it is a plus mark. sometimes.
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>> little worse, those indicators do nothing for me. i'm like you look back at the instructions, it maybe look like that but it you will also could be that. >> your wife said. >> she's the one crying and trying to decipher if she's happy. it is just a lot of excitement and good for serene. negative, plus, it is hard to understand is that what you are saying. >> what does the plus mean. >> it is very faint. you can see the other line. >> yes. >> so you are trying to get pregnant it has been a couple months it starts out as a negative. waiting for line to come. you pre10, visualize, thinking that it is, sometimes it is faint but shows up at all, you are. >> give me conn if the that i pops out. >> yeah. >> it just need to be blatant, you are pregnant right on your forehead. >> you did it, good job. >> now, i encourage to you look at pictures because she has beautiful, very sense you'll photos with her fiance. check them out. we can't show them. >> a lot of people are doing
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those body issues. espn did their body issue. >> it is my favorite issuey bet it is, karen. >> ezekiel elliott. >> i was like a.m., my gosh. >> it is intense, man. >> like the thighs on this guy , i said wow. >> you are looking that closely. >> i might have looked really close. >> double take. >> trying to figure out. >> someone did weigh in on the chat, joyce said my brother and sister got married at 20. one has been mardied 47 years. 140. it can work just fine. >> we hope so. >> another 40. >> yes. >> and the new philly magazine came out and this is it, they are finding out more women in the city, and, they are celebrating all of the would american. alex holley, fabulous pictures >> 55 percent now. we would men are taking over so philly magazine they approached women around philly and said we want to talk about what they think philly means. so is there teachers, you can
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see here, on the page, activist, mothers, dancers, singers, all kind of people and they talk about issues all the way from having more stroll are parking options, to equal pay, and so, i was really fortunate, i was glad philly mag shot me and asked me to give my two sense so i can observe. here's some photos. >> they are awesome. >> they took these photos. she's amazing. photographer. >> look at this one. >> that is so beautiful. >> thank you. >> i love these. >> these are out takes from it >> yes, kind of cool to see because if we are majority now we need to be able to take a stand and say this is what we need to have happen. i talk about, i think that self-defense classes should be made available for women. >> yes. >> kind of stories we talk about on a daily base business kidnapping, attempt add salts and that kind of thing so we can protect ourselves and feel safe. >> someone in the park that woman that just happened a couple nights ago. >> yes. >> you should check it out. philly mag. great suggestions for people.
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and there is a lot of our face s there they asked 20 women. >> you should be so proud you have been doing a great job for philadelphia. >> thank you different things like this, nice to get recognized in such a prominent philadelphia magazine and your picture is in there and it is awesome. >> i will say, my mother has been going to all of the cvs and buying up all of the magazines. >> typical mom thing to do. >> yes. >> sending it to my glan pop and family back home in texas. >> you may be one of the youngest people in the whole spread, an accomplishment. >> look at that. >> now, we are not guessing peoples ages. >> they all look equally young , would i say somewhere between 25 and 30. >> equally fabulous. >> is there former d.a. lynn abraham, people, all their age s that have contributed to this wonderful city. >> thank you july issue. also, the front cover, tony luke, a friend of the show, he really opens up but what he has been through. he has had a rough year work his family and a member of his
9:18 am
family, his son passed, a very good story. he talked about the opioid crisis. we say these numbers and is what happening but he was directly affected by it, it means so much more. we can do something in our area. >> that is how he who his son, to drugs. >> find this magazine and bring it to the station. >> my mom hasn't gotten to it first good luck. >> she will get a signed copy. >> my gosh it wouldn't be worth anything. >> financial success for millennials may come down to a choice in lifestyle. most they go out to eat or other take out five times per week. 25 percent said they buy coffee out three times a week and almost half they go to the bar once a week. it is higher then all of the other age groups. surveys from bank do you think millennials are not thinking long term i got money, i want to spend it. >> uber eats, come on, people deliver food to you, why not. >> yes. >> let's say this we live in
9:19 am
philadelphia is amazing, so many places to eat why would i cook for myself when i can go out and eat somebody else. >> money add up. >> it definitely add up. >> you can say that but as soon as someone calls do you want to go get breakfast? yeah, see you there. >> do you want to go to brunch three dollars here. if you add it it, you are like wow. >> it is time of your life to do it. if you are not going out then to go to the bars and restaurants that is when you should be doing it because when you get old, boring, you have kid and stay in every night, you just don't have the time to do it. it is not good financial advice. they would all, say they are mad at me. you don't make as much money in the 20's. when you make more money in the 30's. so charge it. >> so, get a credit card, kid. >> look at you. >> that is the biggest trap out there, are you kid me. >> think of the all of the money credit card, just get another credit card. >> no, no. >> and pay it off with other one. >> you get a free t-shirt if
9:20 am
you just sign up. >> bank of america, loves us. >> yes. >> my gosh, karen. >> someone asked do you take advice from karen. she has great advice. if you know in the commercial breaks when it comes to dating , men and now money, taking advice from karen. >> it is great, it is time in your life to go out with your friend because you have that time. live your life, do things that are fun. you don't get in extra credit for sitting home watching tv. >> just pay those bills or you can be in a lot of trouble. >> i love that. >> lets go to wood loch lodge, i hear now she's going to the spa. >> finally. >> hi. i'm just trying to live and relax. oh, yeah. i'm at the lodge atwoodloch, working, journalism, oh, yeah my life doesn't stink today. come on back.
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people are starting to call us out here we were talking about the fact steve harvey's daughter is getting married and she's 20 years old you are saying, 25, you should wait. we have a tweet here, this is from shawna who said i gor move i had in april at age 22. and richard officiated and dj ed my wedding. >> from code of conduct and i have to see the love, shawna and brandon they had the love. >> you approved this. >> of course, i approved it. it is seal of rich curtis stamp of approval. shawna, thanks for watching. >> thanks for calling him out, looking out there. kid have been out of the school for a few days. you might need spa time. just to relax. you have been telling me about this place. >> this is an amazing spa, woodloch, wonderful for a girl trip. you want to go with your moms. jen's going with the spa section. i was there. my sister saw deanna miller in
9:25 am
the spa area. this can be fancy. >> look at her, this is unbelievable. >> it is actually... hello, this is my job, and i woke up very early to be here, and it was worth every minute of lost sleep. so this is lodge atwoodloch and this is one of the reasons why a world famous spa, yes. >> we are top 10 destination spa in the entire world, by traveler, by travel and leisure, organic spa magazine and trip advisor so just don't take our word for it. >> this is just outside. inside is just as magical. we have video of this amazing room we could not get a live signal because it is in the middle of the beautiful building but it ace float therapy room. >> we have a float therapy cabin and you, lay down, flat, float for as long as you want, maybe 50 minor 90 minute treatment and like floating in the dead sea. very high concentration of up
9:26 am
son salt which is very cleansing and detoxifying. >> so as people come out here, jared, show camera over there. it is just amazing, that people can be here, and just detoxify and make sure that they are having a great time. you said a lot of people come here from new york city. people come from philadelphia average stay is what about. >> about three days. it takes two days to start relaxing but by your third day you don't want to leave. >> okay. you gave us a little bit of the tip. if you want to come when it is lower priced, january, february those times of the year. >> january, february, march are great times and also may and september are kind of secret times because weather is still spectacular and it is not quite the heavy summer season just yet. >> you are a lucky duck to work here. >> i am, i count my blessings. >> so guys, i would love to, you know, come back but i don't know, at lee for a day or two. >> that looks so amazing we
9:27 am
will be doing segments atwoodl och for the next week. >> it is a good report. >> thanks, jen. 9:27. babe on board. >> it is vacancies on. issue is if you have family across the country and you want to fly and don't want to have an unhappy kid what are secrets. well, mom, that is a writer who just took a trip has her baby and tips that you need to hear. ♪ having a baby. caring for your parents. learning you have a condition. these are moments when people realize that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks
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>> welcome back, at 9:30 straight up. taking a live look outside at cape may new jersey, it is the beach, this is kill yan, he want to go to the beach, because he loves to travel. so, parent, you know, this is
9:31 am
killjohn, in is kate. >> i thank you for having us. >> so when you want to get on a plane, your babely make noises, bop up and down, want to do things. as a parents that can be real stressful when you have your kid doing all kind of activities, but you just took a trip with your baby. >> did i. >> eight month olds, killjohn is awesome. you did research, and you have great trips. >> philly voice. com. so we go through some of your tips. he is your first child. >> he is, yes. >> you get nervous whether you do something for the first time you. >> do. you know, my husband and my focus is always on our son, right, you're a mom, you understanded. you don't want to put them through the ringer. you want to make sure that it is not going to be trump i can for the baby. but when taking your first flight as a parent, you also don't want to be the annoying family on the plane making everyone wish that, you know, you took different flight. luckily, for us, killjohn was phenominal. he's a really good kid, but he just blew our minds, he was so
9:32 am
good. you know, we timed the flights with his naps. >> start at your tips. going out to montana to advice out your husband's family, you had two flights. you came up with strategist. >> first thing, talk to your pedestrian tryings, right? we called his doctor and said is it okay for us to travel with him. he's eight months almost nine months olds, is this a good idea? you know, we wanted to wait until he had gotten vaccination toss be sure he was innoculated against all of the dirty germs on the plane, and so our pediatrician gave us the go ahead. she said absolutely go for it, he's in good health, good spirits, now is the rhyme time to fly. we also wanted to check with the airline, before you book a ticket check with the airline that you're hoping to fly, with you want to understand their policies. you know, he came on as infant in arms, most airlines kids under two are allow to fly flea or adult's lap. but you have to understanded their policies for delta which is the carrier we flew, we had to give his full name which they checked when we went
9:33 am
through security, so whether we went through tsa, another thing to keep in mind is you can bring on juice, breast milk, formula, while there is obviously the prohibitions on other liquids, you can bring what you need for your child. >> i think one of the secrets to pack that diaper bag, so you have absolutely everything you need. interestingly, when you went, you didn't think it was good idea to board early. what was your experience? >> , no there was another mom, mom, two babe which is her, like a pro, she like ya, get on the plane early, like no way. you're ultimately going to coup your child up on the plane for longer. >> yep. >> so i was lucky, this first flight was with my husband, and i was able to get on the plane first, take our carry on's, because we wanted to make sure we got our stuff overhead, did have some things for him we wanted to get in that overhead space, that coveted overhead space, but my husband stayed back at the gate. he literally was the last person to board on the plane with killjohn, tan just, ya,
9:34 am
you know, you don't want to put your child on the plane for extra half hour or 40 minutes, just going to leave potentially to an in-flight melt down, which he did not have. the other thing important us to, we timed the nights are which is happens, we get to the airport, breakfast, took on the flight, morning nap. lay over, having lunch, next flight, going onto monday tan, a he took his afternoon nap. he was an angel. you know, you talk about the well stocked diaper bag, you have the usual suspects, the diapers, the bibs, the food. >> did you bring your carseat? because you can bring your carseat on the plane in you wanted? >> we didn't. my pediatrician recommended when i called for the very last timing do i have everything right, she said you bought him his own seat right? i said no. >> that's very expense disbelief yes. >> my advice i would never buy my own child a seat when they're two and still can be free but i would buy my carseat, here is the trick, i put the wheels on the carseat, get the baby wheels it, becomes like a stroller, you can check it at the gate. so even if there is not enough room for the carseat, what happens is no one really wants to sit next to you and your
9:35 am
kid, they see you and want to run away, so sometimes you get empty seat and you can put the kid there in the carseat, and didn't pay for it. >> great tip. we actually because we were going to yellowstone national park doing fun outdoor adventures for our little one, we had osprey baby back pack, so my husband carried him in the airport. i said we're bringing the stole, our car carrier, clicks into the stroller. that's what i thought we should do. he carried him on his back and it work out well. faa for full disclosure does recommends that you buy your own, your child, his own seat, you bring the carseat on the plane, strap him in. my husband was like there is no way we're -- >> very expensive. >> and gate check it for no extra monday. >> i plenty of parent do, great option for the next trip. >> amazing, great job little one, wonderful baby, eight months and showing well on you, we absolutely love it. let's look at other kids, having so much fun at camp. bob camp kelly. >> hey, gang, it is day number
9:36 am
one, at camp kelly. who is ready to learn how to play baseball? >> okay, come on, hit it, the first thing we'll learn thousand do grounds balls. hit it. boom. all right, that's a good one. go ahead, hit t how are we doing? stay there, coming right back.
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fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play
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with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. >> school's out, that means it is camp time. >> this week bob kelly is playing baseball. >> live at crispin gardens in northeast philly. batter up, bob!
9:40 am
>> you got it, batter up. hold on, got to keep my eyes and ears open here, balls coming at me, already hit by a pitch once. good morning, everybody, camp kelly day number one, we are at baseball camp, the richie ashburn harry kalas foundation baseball camp. with me, rick muller, now, rick, up here northeast philadelphia, how many kids do you have altogether? >> about 85. >> eighty-five, and you're practicing basically the funds mentales? >> yes, the fun. >> the fun in the funds mental, right? >> yes. >> so we go through the line here, we have them lined up. what's the first station smear. >> the hitting station, we teach them how to hit the ball. >> show me what you got. come on, go ahead. go ahead. >> so boom. right into our cameraman. this guy, sign this guy up, all right? over here, what do you have on this one. >> the throwing station, teach them thousand grip the ball, mechanics. >> you step aside, one second. >> at the end, once we teach them how to throw, they throw the ball into the barrels, it
9:41 am
is a game. >> ready, here we go. >> can you make it? >> awe. >> boom. >> do we have a speed gun on these guys? he's got good arm. >> yes, he does. >> sign me up. >> that was a ball, so far i'm o for two. what do we have over here? >> field and drill. teach you the mends metals of fielding, good position, come up, throw the ball. >> show me you what got. >> get up. throw it back, right? >> here go. >> what do we have over here? >> teach them how to use the speed ladders, how to use your feed, and slide the proper way. >> sliding? >> our most important station. >> i think i can do it? >> ya. >> think i can do it? i can slide? okay, ready, tommy? all right, had guy, you may need the glove off. i know that. smart alec. >> hands up. hands up. make the four. >> what is it? >> make the number four. >> i make the number four with my legs and down on my butt, right? you guys ready? you ready, cheer me on. here we go. here we go.
9:42 am
(laughing). >> get in there. get in there. >> baseball camp northeast philly. what time is snack time? that's what i want to know. >> we were worried for a second, bob, but you turned out all right. that will was great. we're impressed. >> good stuff. >> can't wait to see more that far camps. he goes everywhere, all kind of camps. it will be excite to go see. >> did you know it is national sunglasses day? let's take a good luck in the sun, can't we? how to rock the latest trends, oh, ya, and plus we will tell you how to protect your eyes at the same time, some of the hottest glasses out there. we'll show you.
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>> musements were spinning just a minute allege, the spinning wheel, loading folks on and off the roller coaster, taking some loops. well will our weather take any loops? we'll check right now with sue in 15 seconds. >> 9:45, not only watching them start to crank up the rides, get everything ready for today, at the peer in wildwood, but looking at the dark clouds.
9:46 am
why? because there are a couple of showers at the jersey shore right now. show now second on radar. it will be comfy today, tomorrow, then the heat and humidity, return, just in time for the hot, hot holiday weekend. this is what we are talking about, just couple recall clouds and showers around, on their way out away from the jersey shore, your day will be fine, will not be ruined. the northern showers, they never made it here to philadelphia. so, as we look ahead, we will get to high of 08 degrees today, mostly sunny, few clouds here and there, and tomorrow, 82, those are our two low humidity days, it is breezy on thursday, so that won't be too bad, even though warmer 88, and then in the 90's, friday, saturday, and maybe even sunday. looks like a hot one as we start the month of july, karen? national sunglasses day, al, is rocking there with some friends. >> yes, talking about national sunglasses day, and so i have
9:47 am
some expert here, they know sunglasses, all right? they know all about them. we have tracey, and steve, from owe mega optical. where are you guys located in a. >> located inside the comcast center and also on cheltenham avenue. >> okay, and how long have you guys been in the glasses business? >> seventeen years strong. >> so you would say you guys know little something about sun glass there is? >> just little bit. just little bit. >> what you guys about to show us some of the trends we're seeing this season. >> yes, some of the latest trends. >> perfect. who do we have here up first starting with the fellows? >> celebrity musician local philadelphia artist, ryan banks, and he has on a gucci frame, it is a statement piece, and it is sporting the oversized look, which is very fashionable, this season. >> very nice, i like it. >> look at you! >> that's hilarious, okay, put them on blast. oh, i love this. >> and this is kate. she's wearing a tort us prada, over size is really in right now. color is really in right now.
9:48 am
they look fabulous. >> they do. i like that. i love the tort us shell, my five. i feel like you can wear it with brown and black and get away with it. >> goes with everything. >> so oh, cat eyes? >> yes, this is barbg, cat eye, anbarb the founder of positively for you. it is an image and fashion design company. >> let me look through these, though. i know more than just the look, it is also being good for your eyes, what should we be looking for when selecting? >> the fashion is great but the lentz is the most important part of sunglasses, some people assume because it is a hire miles, it is because of the name or design, but usually because the lens is a little bit bert. you want protection from uv rays, because uv rays are causing all kind of damage, to not only your skin, but also, your eyes. and it can lead to glaucoma, age-related, immacular degeneration, cataracts, so you want that protection. >> now is there a difference, look at the lovely gentleman
9:49 am
here, if you have like the dark black shade on your lenses, or if you have the brown, casino every like what he has. >> well, the brown, as well as the gray, because black you can't see through, so really dark gray, the brown is just a color choice. but it will still give you protection from the sunlight. but it is the uv filter the most important part about cameron washington sunglasses, arthur and co-founder of the new o2 eye wear line. >> okay, thank you. >> big wigs to model for us today, ya. >> fancy models here. okay, for more ladies, wow, pop one. >> this is a statement piece. these are prada. this is lauren simmons. she has a blog, fearless fashionista, you can tell she is a fearless fashionista, also one of our really good clients, yes. and these are really in. the circular in right now, too, over size plastic kind of going back to the 70s look. >> yes. >> yes, she looks good. you are fearless, honey, fear lust and fabulous. >> let's quickly, we have 30 seconds. quickly bring in the next
9:50 am
couple of people. >> okay, and this is jacky. jacky is with aec partners, wearing a gucci frame, a cat eye, and it looks fabulous. >> it does. who do we have here? >> nice and simple. i like his, too. >> yes, rob, headlight consulting firm pr. and that is aviator classic aviator. never goes out of style. >> i'm a fan of aviators, very nice. who do we have here? posing. >> this is nia also from positively for you. has on mirrored look, circular, very in and fashionable l all about making a statement. >> okay, i think we have one more, so let's make this one good. who do we have? >> oh! >> very nice. >> last but certainly not least, we have fashionable richard from obviously fox 29. he's sporting the mirror gucci with the transparent look. so this way, it goes with everything in your wardrobe from dressy as richard is, but co-have on cargo shorts and t-shirt with that same frame.
9:51 am
it doesn't matter. he looks great no matter what. >> oh, flipping the hair back, i love it, fling the hair back. very nice. you guys expecting a lot of people then for national sunglasses day. >> yes, having a lot of good sales, charity event, 5:30 to 89:30 at the comcast center that's tonight? >> that's tonight. we -- >> show up in sun glass it is you're coming. >> i would like for to you show up with some sun glass. >> buy some specially if it is for charity. >> very nice, wonderful, thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> on the count of three, we will do the look down through our glasses, ready? one, two, three, hey there, ya. >> hey you all looking good. those are awesome. >> whew. so cute. >> i like to get that look and then just go to tj max and get them for like 20 bucks. how about this? serena have you heard, game set match on this one. fiery come back after tennis legends bad boy john mcenroe says something you may not believe people thought it was sexist, well, she just takes him on and goes tow to tow on
9:52 am
twitter. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ p://>[a5df]
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> 95:00, former tennis star jock machine inch row known as a bad boy, but his latest come bent serena williams are getting a loft push back. this is an interview he it, right? >> yes, what he said. so he was asked if he thinks serena williams is the best tennis player ever male or foe mail, he said because it is him, no. in fact he said she would probably be like number 700 in the worlds if she had to play the mens circuit. he said he hasn't seen a woman player who is the best in any sport including tennis. sabrina wouldn't let that go away and tweeted: dear john, i a duran respect you but please, least, zero police, keep me out of your statement
9:56 am
that are not factually based i never ranked anyone there expect me or my privacy us a i'm trying to have a baby. good day sir. >> i like the ending. good day sir. >> he poured big opened, what the heck? she is a beast. she is a true athlete in every sense of the form, 700, give me a break, her forehead smash is lethal. >> what is he thinking, seriously. >> like the comparison between men and women. i remember famous tennis match, billie jean king was playing, so it was like the first time had men playing women. we've had this argument before, men in tennis get this way, we're not the same, not doing it, real famous bobby rigs was the male contender it, she win? she won, right? she won. so thank you. >> for the women folk, thank you. >> ya. >> she is so decorated, has the most, the most wins out every any female tennis player of all time. come on, now. >> i just love the way she responded, classy way to let him know, listen, keep you
9:57 am
should handle your own business, i'll handle mine. leslie joan making headlines for the second time this week, remember she hosed bet awards. apparently it got kind of bad. after she hosed she went back to the ritz carlton hotel and didn't have great experience. she went to twitter and wrote wow such a great night at the bet awards but the worse day at the ritz carlton. don't stay there. they do not like black people. we don't know exactly what happened. she didn't give detail. but the ritz carlton responded and they said oh, we're sorry to hear this. we employed ourselves in providing excellent service to all, please dm us we'll look into this right away. celebrity man, you tweet something out, they respond quickly. >> i guarantee she has a week free stay if she want to, any ritz carlton in the world. >> in the world. good to go. good to go. well i need to go get my sunglasses, hopefully the sun little later will come out so we can truly enjoy it, enjoy national sunglasses day. >> it will be good day. >> thank you for spending your good day with us and joining
9:58 am
us all morning long, richards, come bang. >> we should do it again tomorrow. >> we will. >> you guys aren't doing anything, see you then.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? it's hot topics. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching! [ applause ] my co-host, my studio audience.


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