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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 27, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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news himself recently. ♪ it's a home that's nearly three centuries old. a log cabin for sale. you got to meet the conditions if you want to live in this piece of history. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. help might be on the way for neighbors feeling be sieged by the crowds and late night noise generated by the annual fourth of july 5 work on the ben franklin parkway. i'm lucy noland. fireworks are just one avenue growing number of big events on the iconic parkway. and many neighbors are fed up. fox 29's bruce gordon joins us live in studio with some good news to deliver, bruce. >> reporter: sure hope so, lucy. philly's fourth of july fireworks draw huge crowds from all over the region and often begin until late late at night. help for locals on both those issues. the fourth of july on the ben
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franklin parkway is one of the biggest and best events on the philly calendar. unless of course you actually live near the parkway. >> in this area you're stuck. >> reporter: you leave your car where it is on fourth july and hoof it. >> yeah. yup. yup. leave it parked where it is. >> reporter: that parking couple with late night festivities force some locals to simply hunker down until the fifth of july mercifully arrives. >> can you get out of your house and go anywhere. >> no, it's tough. it's tough. it's usually mobbed. there's people all over the place coming all over just people picnicking over here. >> reporter: it's part of a growing problem for the fairmount neighborhood. over time the parkway has become the go to location for just about every big even in the city. papal visit, to made in america concerts. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: to this year's national football league draft extravaganza. the nfl thing was mess because they took over for like a whole month. all the parking spaces out here.
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>> reporter: fairmount civic association now tells me the city is notified them of two major changes for this year's july 4th events. police will enforce residents only parking access to the immediate neighborhood. exact boundaries still to be announced, and the evening's concert will now end around 9:30. with fireworks quickly following. no more pyrotech nick at 11:30 or midnight. frank, has managed the massive philadelphia condominium tower overlooking the parkway for six years and likes the neighborhood friendly changes. >> actually the city is starting to get much morey septic and much more a tuned to the, um, neighborhood with the residents go through. >> reporter: that new tune just might make things easier for fairmount residents who love their front row seat to big events, but with fewer inconveniences. >> you know what, the city is the city. it's all about the hustle and bustle, and something that brings this area together to are a good cause i'm all about that.
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>> reporter: now, as long as the parkway continues to offer those beautiful picture postcard visuals to the tv audience, it for big events but the folks in fairmount hope these new logistical tweaks will make a little easier for them to survive all that fun. lucy. >> let's hope it does. thanks, bruce. happening right now, philadelphia bar owner back on the stand in seth williams fraud and corruption trial. michael weiss owns popular spot woody's prosecutors which introduced documents that appeared to show weiss gave williams a jaguar and money for loans he never paid back. weiss testified that williams wrote letters to their california liquor control board so weiss could get his suspended license reinstated in that sta state. however, when the defense asked weiss, weiss said did he not believe he bribed anyone. federal prosecutors say williams accepted bribes in return for legal favors. williams maintains he did nothing wrong. operation wildfire but no
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flames nor smoke involved in this chester county sting all about taking down street level drug dealers and police say they've had a lot of success. fox 29's jeff cole joins us live in west chester with that story. jeff? >> reporter: lucy, caught up in the sting tonight a local man haason was accused of in a horrible attack. we paid a visit to the family home. >> a confidential informant and a downingtown man meet here for a doug police. the dealer is barry baker, sr. caught in a county wide drug sting. >> i was shocked. off family here that has two severe instances caused by their bad judgment. >> reporter: chief knows baker not just because he's lived here for years, but because his son barry, jr., is charged with clocking a man with cerebral palsy in west chester last mon month. the violence sparked outrage. we knock at seep your's door. >> looking for barry, barry, sr. >> is that you, barry baker, jr.?
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>> who are you? >> jeff cole from fox. >> in regards to what? >> arrest. did you get arrest the? >> barry, sr., you got arrested, is that you. ? >> got are a revved new york city, sir. >> he resembles the guy in the mug shot and the chief says looks like senior. >> while his son was beating up a man with a disability, barry baker, sr., was selling us morphine. >> reporter: hogan says opioi opioids and heroin claimed 95 lives in chester county last year and may kill 150 in 2017. a six-week sting nabbed 46 dealers he says. barry baker, sr. of the infamous baker family is in the group. >> da says barry baker, jr. sr., got arrested on opioid charge. >> i have no clue. >> is that you? >> have a good day. >> can i show you the picture? >> absolutely not. thank you. >> get off my prompt. >> i will. you got it. >> reporter: district attorney
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says philadelphia is ground zero for the opioid crisis. control it there and he says and you'll control it in the counties. live in downingtown, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy? >> thank you, jeff. valor -- stolen valor when a person impersonates a soldier or -- that became officially a crime. governor tom wolf signed the house bill into law it's important especially since pennsylvania has the fourth largest population of veterans in the country. for fraud lenderly present themselves as worthy of the benefits and the gratitude that the men and women of the armed forces have earned that's really inexcusable. it's actually offensive to the memories of our veterans and it should be offensive to everybody in pennsylvania. >> indeed. the bill originally end introduced by representative rick is a cone. >> -- si cone. >> skyfox over north philadelphia where a demolition
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crew found human remains. police confirmed the medical examiner is now on the scene. as we learn more, we'll bring the to you. here's a chance to september back in time. a beautiful 17th century cabin for sale in gloucester county. it will cost you a cool $3 million and it comes with a few conditions. actually several conditions. joyce evans has more. i open the door and you open the other door. >> reporter: okay. and here's just some of the history inside. >> this one was about roof the big barn. >> reporter: that grainy old photo of charlie and cows in the backyard is far from the oldest artifact that comes with the hits he knock nagl cabin in gibbstown, new jersey. >> what is that? this was all covered with dust. real quaker boy's hat. >> art facts dating back at
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least 150 years before the colonies rose up against great britain. >> you see the window right there. >> reporter: yeah. >> that's our kitchen. she can eat her breakfast and look right there. >> reporter: it's all part of the 1.3-acre property where hear and doris rink are owners curatorcurators and tour guides. hear bought it from uncle charlie, jr., 50 years ago. >> you guys live in the new part of it. >> that's old between 1730 and 1750 and the newest edition on the house was like 1900. >> reporter: it could be all yours the asking price, $2.9 million. >> i'm 88 years old. and we wanted to come to& somebody that will take care of just like we took care of it. >> we just thought we better get serious about this. he's 88. i'm 74. he's not physically able to do a lot of things that he used to be
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able to do. >> reporter: like finding similar clay and patching the place himself. >> this is the second time i put clay between here. >> reporter: there's another condition. the rippings are asking that they be allowed to live here as long as they can. >> it's reasonable that they're going to do something that may be we wouldn't do. but we wouldn't have the resources to do it. >> it's fun in here. we meet people all types of people. >> reporter: even we type of people. the rings won't charge to do any tours here they won't even accept tips, lucy. they say they'll never ever think of even selling the rare artifacts they have inside. there's no price you can put on preserving history. >> indeed. >> cool here. >> looks beautiful and pricele priceless. >> thank you so much, joyce. >> new health care bill for our nation's delayed lawmakers postponed a vote on the reformed bill after the legislation began losing support.
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the decision of all of this happened after senate gop leaders began losing support particularly after a report from the congressional budget office this week that reported senate bill would leave 22 million more uninsured after ten years. now supporters of the bill countered that's because people won't be forced to buy insurance any longer. democrats held posters outside the capital urging their colleagues to not take away anyone's health care. meanwhile, some republicans don't see this as too much of a set back. >> this is who we're fighting for. not some obscure government fu funding program. not some ideological desire. >> the schedule may have changed a little bit but one thing that hasn't changed and that is obama care is collapsing. >> white house invited senate republicans to closed door meeting with the president after news broke that a vote on their health care bill would have to wait. a popular trend come local museum. while you'll want to escape the
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franklin institute. scott? >> hi there, lucy. full weather for now on this tuesday. get ready for building heat and humidity. coming up, details on your holiday weekend forecast with the seven day. >> john mcenroe does not know how to hold his tongue and he's at it again. hear what he had to say about serena williams. decide whether it's fair or foul. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ members of philadelphia fire department are celebrating promotion. big congratulations to the 30 firefighters are par head dicks who celebrated this morning their recent promotions. families of the hard-working men and women filled the room for swearing in ceremony. the first for science museums nationwide happening right here at the franklin institute. island escape inter galactic escape are two themed escape games experiencing coming to the franklin starting tomorrow. the two rooms are the
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institute's first go at reality entertainment and it's touting it as the most technologically advanced escape game experience. >> we're very very very proud of these experiences. we loved working with the franklin institute. i think there's such a forward thinking organization and, you know, i hope you all get a chance to play the games. >> basically they lock knew a place you got to figure how to get out. a claustrophobe like mine nightmare. the director says these games are part of move to appeal to new audiences. spirit airlines flight one of them landed with one more passenger than it took off with. a pregnant woman had her baby on the plane. christina was on a flight from florida to dallas. when she went into labor on saturday. she was 36 weeks pregnant at the time. luckily for her see what's going on a pediatrician an nurse were on board to help with that delivery. well she gave birth mid flight to a healthy baby boy named
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chris staff. >> when the first contractions started, my water broke within 50 minutes and then ten minutes after the water broke the baby was pretty much out. it went really really quick. there was no time to prepare or land or do anything. he did what he wanted. we were just all along for the ride i think. >> kind of what kids do. they take us along for a ride for the rest of our lives. spirit airlines gave her baby gifts and listen to this that includes an annual free flight for chris tough an guest for the rest of his life. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. live look at reading. temperatures isn't that pretty temperatures have been cooler today. heat is coming back, though. meteorologist scott williams let's us know when in 15 seconds.
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>> it search has basketball nice stretch of weather especially considering it's the latter part of june. high temperature today right around 80 degrees. we should top out around 86 degrees for this time of year. so as we focus on the weather headlines there might be a hit or miss shower most of us will stay dry, comfortable for the overnight. then a winning wednesday weather forecast. a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. but then building heat and humidity it looks like the potential is there for, yes, our next heat wave. we have 80 degrees right now at the airport in atlantic city. 79 in dover. mid 70s in reading and pottstown. low 70s allentown. look at the poconos right now. pleasant, 64 degrees. temperatures down the shore, 75 right now. cape may point. 79 ocean city. 78 degrees in beach haven. 80 degrees right now in camden. so here's a look at what's been happening much we have a trough
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in the east allowing for cooler temperatures but by the latter part of the week, a ritter much of high pressure that will build in and, yes, you guessed it those temperatures will feel more like summer as we move out of june and into july. so take a look at temperatures expected for tomorrow. right around 81 degrees. but then look at thursday. 89. low 90s as we move toward friday and into the upcoming weekend. that humidity will build as well. ultimate doppler right now, most of the showers and thunderstorms have been focused into sections of new england. a couple of severe thunderstorm warnings right now in vermont. we've had a couple of scattered showers and downpours as well. but right now we'll focus in on sussex county. you can see moving toward brid bridgeville also georgetown looking at a quick little downpour. some of this activity may move toward lewes and also rehoboth beach but nothing is severe. so by 8:00 o'clock, still watching especially southern sections of delaware.
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but overnight tonight it's dry, it's comfortable. give the air-conditioner as break and tomorrow, wall to wall sunshine as high pressure sets up in the temperatures will be comfortable as well. so upper 40s. look at the overnight lows in the poconos. 52 allentown. 52 in pottstown. we're looking at mid 50s in millville, upper 50s to right around 60 degrees in the city. for tomorrow, once again, a late june bonus looking at a lot of sunshine, 81 degrees. humidity stays in check as well but take look at thursday. 89 degrees. low 90's friday into saturday. 92 degrees. 90 on sunday. so it look like we could have our neck heat wave there could be some pop up storms on saturday but better chance on sunday. monday into tuesday, temperatures top out in the upper 80s for the fourth of ju july. high of about 88 degrees. there could be some afternoon thunderstorms and then evening firework temperatures in the low 80s. over to you. >> i love that.
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talking to sean bell. that graphic was amazing. all kinds of stuff going on. >> i have to ask you. what do you think about john mcenroe. >> he's loud. >> has a lot to say. >> he's got a lot to say. >> never shy about his opinion. this team he aimed his opinion at serena williams. hear what he had to say and hear serena's come back. russell westbrook won the nba mvp award. guess who gave him a special shout out afterwards. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ phillies back at it again tonight taking on seattle the last two months they've only 11 series. they lost eight out of their last ten games. they're awful right now and it doesn't look like it's going get any better. last night nba award show russell westbrook capped off a crazy ridiculous season with winning the mvp award and he even got a shout out from somebody who supposed to be his nemesis arch enemy kevin durant. they're supposed to hate each other. kd congratulated russell and
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said he played like a video player. now to tennis. john mcenroe wraps this mouth and this time he was directing his mouth at serena williams talking about his book he was asked about serena and was kind of baited in to saying this. take a listen. >> best female player ever. no question. you mean the best player in the world period? >> yeah, best tennis player in the world, why say female player? >> well because if she was -- if she played the men's circuit she'd be like 700th in the world. that doesn't mean i don't think serena is like incredible player. i do the but there's, you know, the reality of what,, what would happen on a given day serena could beat some players, i believe, because she's so incredibly strong mentally but if she had just play the circuit, the men's circuit n would be entirely different story. >> listen, 700 is ridiculous that's wrong he know i don't know if he's that are a if you have. serena said this. dear john, i adore and respect you but please please keep me out of your statements that are
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not factually based. i never played anyone ranged there nor do i have time respect me and my privacy as i'm trying to have a baby. good day, sir. basically listen, keep my name out your mouth. that's basically what she's saying. but to be fair to john, he was sort of -- we didn't get to play the whole thing was baited. she kept asking. what about women, what about williams. she's a great player. >> this reminds me back in the day, billy jean king and bobby rigs. there's that. that was a long time ago. >> serena one, what, the australian open? >> yes. >> pregnant. >> yeah. >> she's unbelievable. >> but, you know, john went crazy with the 700. she still wouldn't be a top player and she admitted that before. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next.
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serena versus mcenroe. >> did he really say she would be ranked number 700 on the men's circuit? >> would with you like to apologize? >> no. >> and baby doe murder uproar. she was found washed up on the beach. >> happy birthday, bell. >> why would the mom walk free. >> what happened to leslie jones inside the swanky ritz carlton? >> she was staying here after the hosting of the big awards show. >> medical crisis. her son went limp in her arms. >> we have an infant with shortness of breath. >> the mom said she was trapped on a plane during a heat wave.


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