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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 28, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. first at 10:2 teen women are in the middle of a streak of violent crimes. right now what police know that the dangerous dee woe is driving a round in that car behind me. i'm lucy noland. cops say they're around 18, 19 years old and armed. pulling guns on unsuspecting people. investigators want these two off the streets before things turn dealed. our dave schratwieser has the story from upper darby delaware county. >> i was so scare. no option i give money. >> reporter: muhammed was terrified when young woman passenger got into his taxi cab and stuck gun to his chest as he arrived to pick up a fare in the 200 block of coply road in upper darby. >> quickly she opened my door
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and she put -- took out gun like this here. >> reporter: he handed over 90 bucks and ran from the vehicle then call police as the two teenaged gun toting bandits fled. superintendent michael chitwood says he was the second cabby robbed by the female bandits in two hours. >> these are violent violent predators. >> superintendent says the two female suspects were back at it friday morning as 52 year old march martha chris cone and maria car danciest walk out of his garage on kent street they were confronted at gun point and ordered to turn over their handbags. >> they don't want to let them take the bags. so they grabbed them, and the woman take out a gun and just punch with the gun. >> they go in scum bag category when they attack an 86-year-old woman. >> reporter: suspects fled in this dark gray hun today sonata with 900 bucks and two cell phones. robbery victims are visiting from the summer from ecuador. >> i dub the robbery welcome to america.
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and we need to get them off the street. >> reporter: superintendent chitwood says, he's concerned about the escalating level of violence here. police are trying to track the phone that was used to order the two cab rides. cab drivers tell us they are on alert for the two female suspects. in upper darby, dave schratwieser, fox 29 news. developing tonight, whose jow fell out of a suitcase that is among the questions police are asking after construction crews found parts of what may be a woman's body in north philadelphia. who was she? how did she die? fox 29's shawnette well son reports from olney. >> reporter: crime scene investigators working well into the evening sifting through dirt on this vacant north philly lot examining bones. the medical examiner's office says they are in fact human remains found at the corner of 17th and atlantic street. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: floyd says he saw with his own eyes what our cameras captured when we got to the scene. >> all i seen a leg like this long.
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>> reporter: that's not all. police say had he got the call before before 4:00 o'clock tuesday afternoon about possible humane remains here. a private contractor told them they found a jawbone with teeth and skull mixed in dirt and did he beach cakes vader digging on the site monday of last week saw bones then but didn't call police. >> when he got about 6 feet under ground they found some bones. now at the time a week ago they thought they were bones belonging to an animal. >> reporter: police believe the bones make up one body and based on some clothing on some of the parts they say it might be a woman. >> ribs, a spine, pelvis, arms and legs, some of the body parts are missing but most -- most of the bones are intact. >> reporter: it was the last thing monique fowler expected to hear when she came home from work to cop cars everywhere and crime scene tape stretched from a store on one corner to house next to the lot. >> the deli getting rob. i thought the deli got rob. >> reporter: vest gathers believe the body has been there for about a year.
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the medical examiner' office will be using dna and dental records to determine who this person is and how they died. reporting from northwest detectives, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. on your radar tonight a couple of really nice days. going to be -- wouldn't be a bad idea to ask the boss for a couple days off. lord knows that would be nice. head down here to the shore. it's been a great week to catch rays. meteorologist scott williams is here. scott as for tonight, what do you think? >> can we give the air-conditioner break? we really can, lucy. isn't in fact some folks might need a light jacket tomorrow morning the temperatures will drop into the 50's especially north and west, but down the shore right now, it is comfortable. low humidity. folks have been out and about really taking advantage of this late june bonus that we're calling it. 71 degrees right now. dew points blow 50 and look at that humidity at 42%. already into the low 50s mount pocono. 53 degrees. pottstown checking in at 63. we have 66 right now in wilmington.
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62 in millville. and look at those dew points. i-95 north and west, upper 40s to right around 50 so that is comfortable. so definitely open up those windows let's some of that fresh air in. temperatures by tomorrow still below average. 81 degrees. 89 though on thursday. and then look at the 90s. friday 91 degrees. 92 on your saturday. ultimate doppler also dry and quiet earlier in the afternoon we saw couple of pop-up isolated showers. but take look as we go hour by hour. clear conditions a lot of sunshine for tomorrow. high pressure will be in control and it will be a beautiful day. so look at those lows for the i don't have note. upper 40s in the poconos. low 50s pottstown, allentown, 5. upper 50s to right around 60 degrees for philadelphia. mid 50s for tonight in millvil millville. planning your day hour by hour, a pleasant start 7:00 a.m. 61 degrees. mid 70s by noon. 81 for the afternoon high temperature.
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still below average. but look at the up tick in the temperatures. thursday heating up. 89 degrees. not that humid just yet by friday 91 degrees. hot and humid into on saturday. there could be a pop up storm on saturday. a better chance on sunday. high of 90 degrees we could have our next heat wave monday into tuesday upper 80s it looks like for the fourth of july. with the threat of an afternoon pop up thunderstorm. temperatures will drop into the low 80s for those evening fireworks displays. hard to believe lucy we're talking about the fourth of july already. >> that is quite the graphic behind you. love it very patriot tick. i know. look at that. lovely scott williams. all righty. republicans in the senate just couldn't make a vote happen. senate gop leaders today postponed a vote for health care overhaul that means more than five months into his term president trump has yet to fulfill his promise to repeal anreplace obama care due to thee five senators they said they cannot vote in favor of the
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billeted a recent congressional budget office report. that report found the senate bill would leave 22 million more americans uninsured after ten years. supporter it's of the bell say that's in part because people would have no longer have to buy insurance. wouldn't have to do it. democrats are urging the republican colleagues not to as they say take away anyone's health care. they even held posters of their constituents outside the capitol building. >> this is who we're fighting for. not some obscure government funding program. not some ideological desire. >> the schedule may have changed a little bit one thing that hasn't changed and thats obama care is collapsing. >> the white house invit invited senate republicans to closed door meeting with the president after the news broke a vote on their health care bill would have to wait. delaware county youth football league trying to regroup aft someone stole just about all of its equipment from a storage shed. the burglary comes week before football season is set to start. our chris o'connell spoke with
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some of the kids and their coaches who are devastated. >> reporter: it is one thing to steal it's another to steal from kids. well that's the kind of people behind the theft and destruction of a chester township youth if the ball clubhouse and tonight that league, those kids are out thousands of dollars in stolen equipment just days before the season starts. >> 13-year-old demia smart is smart enough to know right from wrong much that's why the quarterback of the chester township queue cougars you'll football team was stunned when we told him crooks made away with most of his team's equipment. >> that's sad. like we worked super hard for that equipment. >> reporter: last week coaches found this, their storage shed in ruins. windows busted, doors kicked in. inside, they realized even more losses. >> we were missing helmets, some of our tackling pads are missi missing. we had trophies missing from out of here from kids that didn't
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make to the our banquet. >> reporter: it took years of fundraising for these kids to get all the money to buy this stuff. now, just a month before the cougars kick off the season, they're starting all over again. >> it really was disheartening to find out somebody would come up here and not only destroy the shed but pretty much destroy the moral of the kids that really use all of this equipment. >> the losses are a kick in the gut. more than five grand. and to the crooks if you're list septembering, words from the coach. >> i hope it was worth it. what joy did you get out of it i don't understand what the purpose was, but we'll bounce back. enjoy it because we'll bounce back. >> police are still looking for tips in this case. in the meantime that league has set up a gofundme sight to try to raise money to recoup some of their losses. we've put a link op our website in chester township, chris o'connell, fox 29 news. straight ahead huge drug take down right in our area.
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dozen of people arrested them. one of them, well, you've seen his son before. he's been in trouble with the law himself. and here's hank. it's hank. turning 100 apparently puts a song in your heart. multiply that times 30. you get hank's take coming up. here's a chance to step back in time. beautiful 17th century cabin up for sale in gloucester coun county. ♪ -- >> historic log cabin tucked away in gibbstown, new jersey it's for sale for just
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authorities in chester county say 46 people who were selling open 88 based drugs are now off the streets and facing criminal charges. among those who police arrested man haason you've heard a lot about in the news recently. >> while his son was beating up a man with a disability, barry baker, sr., was selling us morphine. >> that is right. police say barry baker, sr. not just any drug dealer he's the dad of that guy right there. now infamous for the cheap shot police say he landed on a man
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with cerebral palsy in west chester last month. also, they say that he mocked him. you saw it on the video. all part of a stink called operation wildfire where chester county detectives and investigators from six police departments have been busting dealers in all out assault on the opioid crisis. in philadelphia's lawn crest section an opportunity for a second chance council woman sherell parker held workshop for those with a criminal record. they learn information about how to combat employment discrimination and also about a pennsylvania law that can potentially seal some old criminal convictions. act five went into effect last year. that's what it's called to make it easier for non violent former offenders to start over. you can make money by helping fox 29 what's happening -- cover what's happening in your neighborhood much it's very simple. summit video bite fresco app and we pay you for it. making good bucks too. >> one of our fresco users was at the scene of an accident in brookhaven, delaware county, this afternoon. this happened around 4:00 along
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dutton mill road near route 352. the driver of his honda civic lost control and hit utility pole. the road was blocked while emergency crews and peco secured the area. we are hearing injuries to the driver were not life-threateni life-threatening. may jim kenney and the city of philadelphia signed a sister city agreement with frankford, germany marking it as -- make it philadelphia's 11t 11th sister city. the sister cities are way to foster relationships around the globe including bolster economic development. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and use fresco app to zen it to to our newsroom. lucy. >> hangs toe tosses take on centenarians it's not unusual though special to see someone done 100-year-olds. when 30, 100-year-olds are together to have lunch that's whole lot of living. hank went out to chester county to check it all out. ♪ the things you used to say
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make the world go away. >> reporter: that was remarkable. [ applause ] >> it's hang that was 101 joe dugan one of 30 centenarians here in this room at penn oak country club. you want to get old my take is you're probably better off being a woman, if not you better be able to sing. >> that's joe's trick singing he'll do it sol sole. >> ♪ >> reporter: or with his girlfriend of 17 years. when you're the only guy at a party for people over a hundred you got to sing with someone. >> everybody else is women. what's going on with that? >> they got all the money. we men die off working for them. >> reporter: whoa, my life just flashed before my eyes. that happened a lot today at penn oaks country with hackin hg
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at golf carts, cars with the keys left in them. >> i'm 101 another two months i'll be 102. >> reporter: when you lived as long as claire has, picking one memory to tell is a good size chore. >> saw so many things happen that i -- i get them all mixed up. >> reporter: chester county through the lunch to honor 100-year-olds and about 30 of them showed up. >> do you watch matlack. >> yeah. >> do you? um-hmm. >> what is it about matlack? >> i don't know. >> even 100 bertha is a younger centenarian much she likes andy griffith but delighted by the surpriseses each new day brings. >> different things happen. >> right. >> 100 years you still don't know what's going to happen, do you? >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> less than two in 10,000 people make it to 100 years old in the us so go ahead, you win. not often in the middle of county commissioner's i almost did yours. the world is yours centenarians
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you've done very well at the game of life because 100 years in you're still playing. i'm hank and that's my take. story you'll hear on oh fox. a man's day at the golf course ended with his live saves. through mercer county golf course employees saw a man face down on the course on monday. course manager and two others rush over saw the man was blue in the face and acted really quickly using an aed on him. within minutes the man started to bring again golf course manager called the rescue a team evident. apparently the man was having a heart attack. he is now restin resting ease tl hospital. from what i understand, he's doing a lot better which is great. we're talking tennis here, is that what we're doing. >> your boy john mcenroe -- >> my boy john mc roane. >> i know how you feel about his
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loud mouth. he can't even shut it or dodge question. he made a couple comments about serena that left me a little annoyed at him, the media and anyone still asking this question. i'll physical you why next in my sports commentary. >> now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. get ready for delays the 59 expressway closed again till about 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. the stretch between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. a lot of construction happening this week in that area. as we get ready for the big fourth of july here in downtown philly also south on 95 through wilmington actually 495 sagathy will morning ton watch for construction crews between 12th and terminal avenue and the roving penndot crews will be hitting the schuylkill tomorrow both directions between 476 and 202 so keep that if hyped if you're heading out to king of prussia. we'll check the jam cams. sue will have your hump day forecast when we meet
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♪ so john mcenroe once again in the middle of controversy but this time sean bell blames the media. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ best female player ever no question. you mean the best player in the world period. >> best tennis player in the
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world. why say female player? because if she was -- if she played the men's circuit she'd be 700 in the world. that doesn't mean i think serena is an incredible player. i do. but the reality of what would happen on a given day serena could beat some players i believe because she's so incredibly strong mentally but if she had to just play the circuit the men's circuit that would be an entirely different story. >> this whole situation annoys me for a couple of different reasons. first of all the media needs to stop doing whatever to get alcoholics and views i'm sick of it this is why players hate the media. the headlines and the soundbites being played have only been the part where he says, she would be 700. play the whole clip. let the people decide for themselves. don't just play one part and then sensationalize that as spec secondly can we stop with the comparisons much serena williams is great at what she does. she doesn't need to be compared to anyone. okay? she doesn't need to be compared to men. let her be great.
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let's appreciate appreciate each player in their own individual sport against their own competition. lucy? >> all right, thank you much sean bell. dust off the blockbuster card and grab your pager to alert your friend, yup, popular '90's drink is coming back. seem ma. is that what it's called. seem ma. i didn't know seem ma. miller coors says it's bringing it back to store shelves just in time for the fourth of july weekend. never actually completed went away apparently. the company discontinued it in the us in 2008 but it is still been available over seas. so -- i didn't know seem ma. did you know. >> i did. >> i remember the commercials and everything. >> why bring it back? because apparently it's very popular they think they can make a buck off of it. >> that's the trend. >> bring old stuff back. >> this is true like nintendo thing coming back. i was a big nintendo freak i loved it. >> i have one. >> do you? >> this is what um talking about. guess what? we got what happens
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life dish nation, chasing news the simpsons back
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>> good morning, breaking news, the search for a shooter after a teenage girl is shot five times while hanging out with friends after a barbeque. >> and more breaking news, a man has died after being hit, not once, but twice, while he was trying to cross a street. very, very dane are you intersection there. >> thelma and louise, they're not. police on the hunt for two young women behind a violent crime spree. authorities want to get them off the street before they can strike again. >> and, finally, our fighting phils, the bats came alive. so if you went to bed before the game was over, and likely you did, you missed an great one, late night game. our offense catapulted our team to a much needed win. >> kind of sad when we say finally. >> it's been a


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