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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 28, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> hey, karen, how are you? >> loving the orange this morning, are you boring? well, turns out a lot of us wore that i we are. there are signs out there, that you are making your friends yawn apathy don't want to hear about your amazing vacation (? >> the bizarre beauty hack. you guys got to hear this one. why she is against lip balm and swears by a cream meant for different part of the body. >> oh, no. >> oh, ya also, the best of the best, i thousand someone on this. so exciting. philadelphia magazine, fish ooh out, best dub from shopping to butte toy nightlife. so there is the places that you will want to check out right now, and some fabulous photos. >> so we will hear the top picks for editor in chief, out there, see those. but did you hear, and have you seen, steve correll lately? >> it is hard not to. >> he is delicious looking now apparently. >> i haven't seen him, have not seen him yet.
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new silver fox, the internet going wild over the new steve correll. there he is on the left. old one. >> oh, wow. >> and comparing, now compare to like george kueny, anderson cooper, being discussed so much, and on the tonight show with jimmy fallon last night, he discussed his new title silver fox. >> move over, clooney, steve core sell our favorite silver fox now. move over. move over, clooney. like not totally leave but just move over a little bit. show the side. just -- side. do you get invited to silver fox like meetings, do you go it a club, like anderson cooper is, there andy cohen? >> there is a -- >> a license. >> it is he can siting. >> on the other side of the bracelet it says hung of men meat. >> that makes you warm to the
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heart. >> oh, ya. >> you know what my wife finally said she's in love with me. >> he's certainly looking distinguished. >> absolutely. he's embracing his adult ness there. i like it. >> i haven't seen not up that late the mustache so funny like maverick. >> yes, tom celek out there. >> people react on twitter to steve correll. honestly take your knowledge and give me 2017 steve correll. these photos i like. >> okay. that's what we are talking about. >> that's the look. that's the look. >> here is another one. high steve correll, exboyfriend doing better without you. >> oh,. >> and another one, someone, please tell me when steve correll got gray and turned into george clooney's brother. i mean, those pictures we just shot a second ago, those were nice. see nice and blew. then thinking because the guys once older and gray in their hair oh, hello. like george clooney. i mean, he was kind of goof
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when he was younger, then as he got older the hot factor was going up and up? >> and he's wonderful, smoldering, great at any age, but something about the way he looks right now is awesome. >> how does he do that? look at the transformation, he get better. that's not getting worse. >> what about richard gear? i know h he had his gray hair when he was younger i think that's why people love him so much. return away bride. oh, the hair. >> i think as a guy immediately as soon as you find out what do they say you get your hair from your mom's dad. women, my grandfather has the smoothest, white he is silky he is hair, pushes it back like he just got out after cover vet like driving and, and i'm just like please, please, please, my other grandfather, bald as they come. constantly checking my hairline. is it running away? no. stay there. stay there. >> do you ever like sit or stands in the mirror in the bathroom and like look and say i wonder what i would like like if i had all gray hair?
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>> i'm already starting to speckle little bit. >> do you wouldn'ter? >> to r sure. >> let's find out right now. >> oh. >> there go. does he look hotter? >> i did not know that was coming. >> live tv. >> oh,. >> there you go. >> ya. >> other side over here. >> directors will here about this one. >> so ladies and gentlemen, what do we think? >> hold on. >> oh, baby powder, smells so good. >> all over. >> now he smells good. >> i like it. >> cool. >> ladies, not too bad? >> and he's everywhere. >> we can't breathe right, but - >> yes, covering. >> now do the labron james. >> yes, thrown, throw it up. >> maybe we used too much? i don't know. >> but we can get the sands off of us better now. >> i had no sand on the me at all, no sand on me at all.
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>> sorry, we to do it. >> listen, actually, the good thing is i just turn a little bit more right there is camera has no oohed eye, as far as it is concerned. see? they have no baby powder on the suit. >> nope. >> let me ask you this question though seriously, honestly though, like i'm not hating this. then maybe go ahead and die your hair gray. people have been doing it, trend for a little bit. >> or young gray, anderson cooper, showing earlier, he was gray in early 30's, super white thing. so -- >> or even -- not even the top of your head, like the beards? so look, they love this, like the pepper look. >> but a look alike? >> i mean, 50-50 shot. >> i wouldn't stretch it that far. >> well, let us know what your wife thinks. >> don't get her mad. >> are you kidding me?
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we do anything on live tv. >> i don't know if we're about to agree with that one, but going to florida. >> sorry. >> all of the summer vacation plans she had for her daughters. taking it off? magic richards, look at him. >> see, ought sudden? >> you have to put your microphone back on though t came off. >> bob kel did i that the other day, tacking his jacket off. >> and mike offer with it, i can't. just trying to help. >> i'm newman. >> your hairline though. >> yes, what's up with the hairline? i have to figure this out. >> we will get it together before 10:00. >> go to commercial. >> no. >> okay, so, this mom, scrapping big summer vacation plans she had for her daughters and encouraging other to do the samement entitled why we are doing nothing this summer. on facebook. thousands of people have like it. she said she plans to take her
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daughters to the beach for educational activities, but instead, first day of vacation lounging on the couch, doing nothing, tire of chores, schedules, pressure, so taking it day-by-day. no planned activities, see what happens. she tells parent it is okay to just go with flow. allow your kids to be board. >> i like the idea. just little bit. then boredom sets in, takes over. and everybody just loses their minds. >> well, your kids aren't doing camps, over scheduled, just little activity, not craziness. >> hanging out. and look i'm doing activity here too this morning and i'm not bored each other, too. i would tell but a stuff myself but i don't want to sound bowering. >> it is a sign about yourself if you find yourself boring. true if you are always talking about yourself then people might view you as boring. six a% worried they have become too dull. might and clue. newspaper survey says one in seven people feel they don't have any interesting stories.
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they don't. here is a good sign if you're boring, no sense of humor. >> so true. when you have a sense of humor, like george clooney factor, cute but also so funny and warm and nice. >> makes people like him. okay, complaining a lot. that means you're boring. people as you say the same thing we know, you don't like there is you don't like. that will nobody wants to hear that. repeating the same jokes and stories. mike jerrick. >> (laughing). >> oh, honey. wait until the end of the night, all of the jokes, all of the stories, all of it, we love them though, just the same ones. >> horse came into a bar. why the long face. >> timeless. >> guilty of the next one, constantly checking your phone. that means i'm boring, guys, very bad with that. and then the biggest sign, only being interested in talking about yourself. >> they want to be able to contribute to the conversation. and if you talk about how doing those fancy stuff, well, we haven't been there.
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we don't know what that's like. >> i don't even know where very say is. is that italy? >> look at you. >> antartica? >> see i've heard every these places but hard. if you haven't been. >> tough to see. >> karen? play it? >> maybe you want to tell everybody out in the audience they don't know. >> it is a big state. capitol thing. >> notice they got to you say that even though he says where it is? i wonder -- >> been there twice, twice. >> really? >> look at you. you want to tell us about yourself. >> you can go anywhere in those 3d goggles, walk around, virtual reality, very beautiful. would you love it, there love it. a lot of white hair men there. >> that's true, they wore the wigs. >> powdered wigs. there you go. >> men look hot and distinctive. >> you're bringing it back. do you have friends who only talk about themselves? my kids, and i'm doing there is i'm doing that. >> also when it comes to dating, i know my sister, all
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he did was talk about himself the entire time, you're trying have a conversation but that's all, you know, ugh, never again. i won't go out with him again. >> i think it is important with your friends not to be too show off owe, me, me, me, i'm going on this great trip and mimi me. >> the worse. >> pen epp pea toppers. yes, we have to at any t you say this, they got to say this. i wonder if it is because inside themselves they're thinking maybe i'm not good enough if i say these things, put it out there when i'm doing, you'll think i'm cool. >> that's the only thin i think. you must not think you're cool but make yourself sounds like you're cool. >> like you went to france twice in goggles. >> not cool. >> not cool. >> celebrities have been known to think out of the side box when it comes to their beauty treatment, remember the vampire special, they are own blood, they would move it? a lot of the actress margo, opening up about how she keeps her lips so soft.
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and selfie red foyer movies, interviews, and photo shoots. so, she is only 26 by the way. every time i hear that oh, my gosh, she doesn't look 26 to me. but she says get ready for this. she uses butt and nip he will cream for breast feeding mothers on her lips. and she says that keeps her very plump and hydrated. so believe lip balm have additives in them, conspiracy theory dry out the lips, use it over and over, nope, i'm not doing that, i'm going for the butt and nip he will cream. >> she is 100% right. my kid's lip was hurting him, i gave him the a and d ointment. those things work miracles. this is one of the few celebrity things i think she is so right. >> let's check it out. we have here -- >> nip he will cream? >> cvs right next to the studio here, ya. so we will try it. who want to go first?
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>> i think we know who is going first. >> soothes and -- is that one for the butt? >> skin is skin, right? >> oh, okay, the same one. >> it is all over the body. the same as the lips, as it the turn. >> oh, lord. i have to get through -- here, we'll open it this way. >> i can't open t just dot little one. >> little bit thicker, which is why it is great. >> they child lock all of these things. >> it is intense. this is why mike always says, make sure you open these things. >> before you're on tv. so you don't have these awkward moment. >> use the paper to blot my lips. >> there you go. >> oh, richard as got it. >> so look, the consistency is exactly the same as lip balm. plus, you dab. >> oh, our little chapped there. kidding. you. >> you noticed. >> what does -- >> slow it to the rest of the group.
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>> karen, you got to blot my lips. >> sorry. >> that's all right. >> i think it is little thicker than normal -- little bit -- >> might be something onto here, actually feels real nice. smooth, silky. >> as long as it doesn't burn. >> no. >> you have heard first the butt cream works. >> we give it three thumbs-up. three or two. like it? >> you can hand that out at dinner. people are like what was this? >> my butt cream and giving it to you orr four apps. >> imagine on a date? hey baby, i got my nip he will cream up. all kinds of meanings to t i remember though when i was in school. studying at mazoo for broadcast, he was really, you know, let you know what's up. he said i really had bad bags un my eyes, which is something i have. so he's telling me you know what you should put hemorrhoid
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cream, he told everybody in the entire class. member road cream? >> did you try it? >> no. i just started piling make up on. we will just make this work another way. >> any time i get a a for the class, i would put it all over. >> latter it? >> they have the wipe. i would put the wipes underneath, like if you have too much salt, too much soy sauce, too much alcohol, up, and your face is puffy, i used to keep some on my desk, one of the, you know? >> just the words hemorrhoid, cream action together, just get me. ahh. >> or use yellow proud tow cancel out the dark circles and stuff, i like to use underneath. >> banana prouder? >> have you heard -- you don't theus? >> no. >> how about full make up tutorial. >> my wife gave me one thing powder then added slowly to it. >> you don't use that much. you got the look. let's keep the baby powder. that will work. let's talk about grandparent, because, for a lot of grand
9:15 am
parent when having -- >> i like how he is still checking himself out. >> i don't hate at this just want this to go away so i can get the full look. >> you don't have a wipe where you can get that part? >> we got all kind of wipes, but should i be man pressing in the middle of the show smear. >> go for t you're already looking at yourself. >> while we talk about this, this is pretty funny picture went out there you. >> guys know i love grandparent, so special. >> so for this one, this is -- trying to tell the grandfather that he is -- his grandson was born, right? so sent baby of newborn grandchild to the grandpa. look at his text response. okay. that's t really? your grandson was born, here go. and that's all do you have say? >> like cute. looks like me. looks like you. i think sometimes the grandpa, strikes my for example, depend on technology. my mom is all over instagram, but she doesn't like facebook. >> she post on instagram or
9:16 am
just looks at other people's stuff? >> you're right, she only looks. she only looks at other people. >> she follows along. >> to text is like a whole high mom. >> sometime just trying to acknowledge it. >> my dad so funny it, would take 40 prints to put out a tech. and so proud of himself. >> my grand another 87 years old, good texting may take him five minute but really good. so earlier this week because he know i'm sick, he check on me, he sent me this text the other day. oh, really appreciate you checking on me. i am. is your mom with you? >> she is with me taking care of me. wish were you here too. >> just said the word and i'll be there. >> okay here is the wordsment come. >> he goes suddenly maybe i should wait to see how things go. then he goes here is the kicker, stay in touch. >> stay in touch? >> yes, stay in touch. >> grandpa, really? i think my grandpop played me, like really? >> you called his bluff. all i could be, i got to get
9:17 am
out of this, you should be new phone, who this? >> you want me to hope on a plane from texas toll to filly? no, tell me how things are going. >> but he is cute with it, g because he believes, hi, grandpa, because he watches every morning, but he says bye, at the end of every text. grandpa the conversation is still going. you don't have to say bye. he'll be high how, are bye. and i'm fine grandpa high are you? >> great. >> what are you doing today. bye. >> so cute. >> i have an aunt who does the same thing, she is so polite. one of the canadians, so polite, i'll go by, and she'll go bye. >> i can go okay about bye bye. >> you can hear the phone getting bye, bye. she doesn't want to be the last one, so now i started messing with her, bye, bye, bye. >> it is hilarious. >> so cute. >> phone etiquette, right? >> right. does she text too? >> she does. >> how is her texting skills? >> good. she is real good. we stay in communication.
9:18 am
when you're that far apart. it is almost like you talk more because you want to see what's going on. >> try to make up for it. >> my grandpa said he went to the phone story need a phone i can use i want to text my grand baby. so is there any way i can tell her all the time and talk. so for how old they are and what they are doing, listen, anything he says, i say okay, bye, i stay back. okay, sudden turbulence for mother to be during a flight to texas, after it was over she got off the plane, newborn baby. boom, just came out. so here is phone video of the moment after this woman gave birth on a spirit airlines flight. her name christina, oh, look at the baby. she was flying from florida to dallas, then the went into labor. luckily for her, they had a doctor on the plane, a pediatrician and a nurse. they were there to help with the delivery. gave birth mid flight to healthy baby boy. named christoff. >> oh, my gosh. >> how wonderful. >> contractions started, water broke within 15 minutes, and
9:19 am
then tint minute after the water broke the baby was pretty much out. >> so it went really really quick. there was no time to prepare orland or do anything. he did what he wanted. would were just all along for the ride i think. >> look at the baby. that baby came face. so spirit airlines decided to give baby gifts, including annual free flight for christoff, the baby and a guest for the rest of his life. >> oh, be flying spirit forever. he'll be going around the wormed. >> you can't bring a bag though and won't get any drinks and you won't be able to lean your chair back, but it is fine. >> i might just try to plan it out so i end up like on cooler airline, i mean, spirit sounds great, but i'll trying maybe american airline first class, have the baby in, what, did you see what spirit did? common. >> something. first class, for the rest of your life. >> that would be nice. >> that would be good. >> still pretty cool.
9:20 am
once he get older hope he invites his mom. >> yes, she has to be the guest. >> just saying. >> 9:20. steak woke, operating dictionary has new words including woke and the word thing gets new dock ooh mention. well, we have to see this over here. people can't get enough richard of you and your baby powder moment. let's see it in slow motion. >> pure surprise. pure unsolicited surprise. hold the smile, rivered after, hold it. >> you got me. >> i should have known. >> love it, love it, love it. >> come on.
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some use equipment to be at their best. and some use it to sleep their best. the beautyrest black hybrid provides exceptional support and unique conforming feel. exclusively at mattress firm.
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>> 9:23, looking good. >> coming up there, richard?
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>> mercer museum having a bun of of stuff. if you have never been to doylestown, hidden treasure every bucks county. everyone knows about it, but it is just so beautiful this time of year. so definitely got to get down there, check it out, tons of stuff going on for of the fourth, this weekend it kicks it off. make sure you guys get down there. >> event going on throughout the weekends, owe the oxford english dictionary keeping up with the time, just released new list of words, and here is a look at a few of them. first woke is now in the dirk sean area, defines it, see how this is, originally, it says, well informed, up-to-date. >> stay in woke. >> i wonder how they tuesday in a sentence. >> oh, i'm going to the gym, i'm getting woke. >> what? >> like almost positive that's how you should use it, like nowadays? not now. >> like if you and the boys going to the gym, let's go get
9:25 am
woke fellows. >> heard it, karen? >> i've not. maybe plays differently in different groups. >> listen, somebody sweet in i'm almost positive. >> like let's get woke. >> that's not the meaning they mean. woke? >> no. >> i promise you, they'll -- i agree with richard. >> obviously richard is not woke. >> one time i lifted a week, it was like 10 pounds, right bicep. >> no, about somebody -- things going on make sure you're up on it recognize what people are going through, if you do and you're aware some of the inch just cents people face, you're awoke, your eyes are opened, all that's happening, things are happening, do you have stay woke. >> yours sounds cooler than mine. >> at least morrell owe went in. >> you're in a gym. maybe something they say in a gym. go to the next one. things, new --
9:26 am
>> typically someone appreciative. often questions conveying surprise or -- >> okay? >> i'm good with the just i have a thing. >> just a thing. >> nip he will cream, by the way. >> all good. no big deal. you know, just a thing. >> like everyone, this is old thing, would be like it is a flash mob, oh, it is a thing now, apparently that's a thing now. >> ahh. >> there you go. >> karen, good job. because we just got -- >> can you rye write the definition? >> that was much better than the other one. >> thank you. >> that's the thing. >> i appreciate it, here is another one. come to jesus. >> oh, come to jesus meeting. >> exactly. >> talking about an it moog, et cetera, results intend today result in a significant shift in the current way of thinking about about or doing something. >> oh, ya.
9:27 am
>> now that one makes sense. >> when is the last time you had a come to jesus meeting or moment? >> like where my husband and i are having an issue, when you finally have the moment, you both get it together, you get that, arguing about waterproofing the basement. >> oh, you are? >> have you actually said come on, let's have a come to jesus moment or meeting? >> i haven't used those words, just screaming and things back. >> maybe? >> i think mine was going to go on a man weekends with other guys, turn some other things that i previously said i could do down, and my wife told me very politely that that wasn't the right thing to do. and that was a good come to jesus moment. >> yes? >> that's what you need. you need to come to jesus or the guiding light in your life. >> why wives are so special. do you have listen to your wife. okay, 9:27. the best of the best. philadelphia style magazine, they have new issue out. and it goes from shopping, beauty to nightlife. the places, the things you want to troy and check out. we have them outside right
9:28 am
now. we will gave you a overview. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> testing. >> ment. >> testing. >> testing.
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philadelphia's style magazine's best of stylish you is on news stand, right now. >> and it is so a nation i just got mine, beautiful pictures, and i saw our own alex holley is in it with the amazing stores, beauty services, dining, night life. alex's outside with the editor to give us a look. >> well, thank you, karen. this is why this is one of the most popular issues they have because we have the best things going on in our area we have kristin, editor and chief of philadelphia style. hi, good morning. >> good morning. >> what a hard job it must be to go through and find best
9:32 am
things in our area. >> it is not terrible. >> what kind of research goes into it. you just know what people love and pick best won. >> we go through like what is trending, is what opened, what are classic and then we will work across categories to put it all together. we do not just do one winner we will bundle it together because it is too hard to pick favorites in philadelphia. >> so we will go over our categories. we will start first with beauty. you know about beauty. isn't she gorgeous. >> about these skin care, actually my favorite i love ladies over there, that have the latest laser treatments, great products, they have their own products. they have great beauty products that you read in the magazines winning award and these really cool, which i have to talk about these foam mirrors that you stick. >> yes. >> you stick them on the back of your phone and just do touch ups, with your uber. >> i love that. how many times i will be only one to admit this but i will put my phone in camera mode. i don't have a mirror. >> it doesn't work, these are great. >> these are great.
9:33 am
>> lets get to the next one. there is so many great stores in center city. >> tons of great stores but shopping local definitely much better feel, you are getting items thaw won't find anywhere else and work with the woman in the store, to kind of, you know, pick your style. linda larose, chop 65, former, celebrity stylist and a boutique owner and she knows what she's doing and has a mix of great rock and roll pieces like cool on trend jean skirts , sunglasses and then has a great selection of cocktail dresses. for all of the events that go on all the time. >> i like this clutch. this is different. >> this is actually from, another thing she supports, local designers. this is by tosoreo, based out of west chester and they do all leather hand bags. >> i like a splash of like gold in there. >> metallic. >> it is very inn. >> right. >> lets get our home together. we cannot forget about home decorations. >> perfect lead into metallics , but going through, the home accessories are the fun part of putting your home together to swap them out
9:34 am
depending on trend or season. these are from bow concept on chestnut street for a number of years and some of the things trending metallics and marble and more conn tell preparey that is a clock? i love that. very nice. >> what about the food, i love to eat. >> ahh, that is a tough category but some of my favorites tredici we pick two spots but same owners. we have spaghetti squash and broccoli, cold broccoli and avocado salad, perfect for summer. >> i have never put avocado with broccoli. >> it is good for summer. >> i like broccoli and avocado why not put them together. >> they have great cocktails, fun vibes, outside reading, tr edici has a beautiful bar. >> so this is what philadelphia style magazine looks like. thinks cover for this month. make sure you pick it up, to find the best of the best. >> in addition to our pictures we have our personalities to talk about some of their, best of, and favorites and i know that you were, one of our
9:35 am
personalities involved this year. you can talk about that. gorgeous photo. so glam. >> well, thank you. so many great people. senator anthony hardy williams , brandon brooks from the eagles, i think we are showing their pictures that they had. and yannick with the kimmel center. >> orchestra and molly sullivan from the sixers we have a great group. >> and john fried, the president of the drexel. i don't know how i got on that list but thank you for thinking of me. we have all pick our best places for this summer. when you pick it up, you can see places i like to go. i like to be outside, so amazing on thee coast in the summertime. >> i loved that you shared your behind the scenes secrets here at fox 29 which was fun for me to read. >> thank you so much. so this will be out all july. >> yes. >> july, august and big party at end of the july also. >> always a big one. keep me updated on. that we love it. thank you so much this looks good avocados and broccoli. >> that looks surprisingly
9:36 am
good. those are my favorite pictures of you ever, alex. you look so beautiful, natural >> did you eat that ice cream cone or no because that was a large ice cream cone. >> it was, franklin fountain at spruce street harbor park and yes, i did eat it, you know me, i have to eat it. >> look at that thing, wow. >> all right. well, we will show you more pictures in a minute. wonderful things in our city we love to celebrate. 9:36 is the time. did you hear lala, opening up what will she do with melo, you know there was a huge blow up. are there kid. what is happening. she has surprising things to say about what will happen.
9:37 am
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9:40, coming up on that. lala anthony and carmelo an tone a parentally are not divorcing anytime soon. they have been together for seven years. they have been together for a total of 12 years but they officially separated in april. lala discussed where she thinks their marriage is headed with wendy williams. hear what she has to say. >> are you divorcing carmelo. >> no, not right now. you know, marriages are tough. you know that, we all know that. we have ups, downs. we are going through a time right now but him and i are about the are the best of friend and our number one commitment is to our son, we have to set an example for him >> do you think there is a chance maybe you can work it out. >> listen if i can predict the future we would all be multi millionaires. i don't know what the future holds. we are doing an incredble job , being great parents to our son. we are best of friend. i have been with melo since he was 19. you are not with somebody that long and it just goes out the window. i love him with all my heart
9:41 am
and we are best of friend. >> she's really honest. since she he was 19. >> long time. >> it goodies they are saying no matter what we will there been for our son, and we have put that first. >> sometimes you get your feelings hurt. he stepped out one way or another. you can stand outside the door but what you gain by throwing away your relationship with the person you have loved and grown w it is not always good to put up with cheating necessarily but they are on a long journaly carmelo has been hard on twitter, instagram trying to win lala back. he has been doing different things. >> wendy brought that up. wendy was like we hear, you know how wendy is, we hear carmelo wants me back. she was like, why wouldn't he. she says no, i have been his wife. we have were together for seven years. why wouldn't he want his family back and his wife back. i said you go girl. >> i'm sure if he could take back what he did, i'm sure he would. >> it is not worth losing your family. >> absolutely not. a lot of people would take back a lot of things. >> you have something to take
9:42 am
back. >> i would like to take something back, right now if i could, twitter, thank you, thank you very much because you were very quick to the numbers and. >> what are you referring to, richard. >> well, i am in a situation right now. it is not woke. it is yoked. like i'm yoked at the beach or i'm yoked at the gym. >> you thought it was woke. >> i was wrong you are woke to being yoked. >> way to go it is a double one. >> yes, there is so many things people put up. someone thinks lou like tony romo. when i see this i can see re semblance. >> i can too. >> put your head up like he did. >> oh, yeah. >> i see you. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> oh, are you a cowboys fan. >> one thing in philly i will never, ever be and i have been a lifetime eagles fan forever. tony's retired now.
9:43 am
tony's done we can let bygones be bygones but no, i'm not a cowboys fan. i have heard that for a while. you look like tony romo. stop it. if you want to still be my friend, if that is the case, don't ever say that again but i do see resemblance. >> i feel like we are picking on richard. apparently your mother sent this in. >> way to go, mike. >> grand pop. >> thinks your grand pop. >> i told you, look at that whitehead of hair there. >> it looks good. >> you are on your way, man, we helped you along there. >> we like it. >> we look forward to it. >> another five years. i'm kidding. >> tomorrow. >> this might not come out. >> she was like right now. if only she could see is what happening but she's at a basketball camp. hi there. >> here we go. here's what we are doing. we have bria, my new buddy. >> hello you might know what she does for her job when she's not the coach here and coach mcgee, you will go up against each other, boy verse girl, are you ready for this.
9:44 am
>> ready we have all of the kid here, at the herb magee basketball camp we love this place every year in malvern. come on back. ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ we are looking atwoodloch in pocono mountains. we will find out what the weather will be in 15 seconds
9:47 am
july 5th, we have not got tone july 4th, just yet but by the time we do it will be hot, it will be humid, so, perhaps there is a parade in your neighborhood, just, take precautions. 91 degrees, sunny and humid but that is the fourth of july it is not today. high pressure is still on shore, it hasn't moved off just yet and once it does that is when humidity comes with the southeasterly wind. right now we have 69 degrees in philadelphia 57 in mount pocono. already reaching 70 in wildwood. we are heading to a high of 80 today about low humidity. don't get used to it. sunny and breezy tomorrow. won't be too bad. wind gusting to 25 miles an hour tomorrow. won't feel too bad with 88 degrees but once we get to 92 on friday it will be really heating up and humidity added as well.
9:48 am
same for saturday. sunday some possible thunderstorms, and still in the 90's, through the fourth of july. >> thanks, sue. looks fabulous. fabulous holiday forecast. >> yes, i can't wait. >> i can't wait. >> it will be perfect. >> from the city to the suburbs basketball camps are always popular. so how about a twist on the old favorite. herb magee has a female globetrotter helping him with his camp. >> jen's doing it right now in malvern, hi there, jen. >> first of all, all respects to the coach, we will play professional basketball currently with the harlem globetrotter good morning. >> good morning. >> but you played, you have seen this guy. you have played girls basketball at philadelphia university. >> yes, i have. >> so you know you have to be respectful of the shot. >> we have to. >> however, we are actually friend. >> that is right. >> i want to see what you are made of. >> well, you just saw i made 10 in a row. >> it only matters under pressure he gets three chances to make it. >> there is one.
9:49 am
oh, no. >> i did it on purpose. >> he wants a special ball. >> what did he do wrong. >> i think he flip the wrist to much to the right. he is shot doctor he will fix it. >> he will get one more. >> nice so you got four shots, three in. no pressure at all. >> what do you like about her shot. >> she will make it what do you tell kid in the backyards trying to do this. >> i don't know. >> that is it. >> she has got two more. she will make it. here comes the last one. >> now we are tied. >> now we have girls verse boys. >> yes. >> will do you this. >> why sit important to have someone like herb here at camp >> why is that. >> why sit important to have b ria in camp. >> she's a tremendous young woman. secondly she can really teach.
9:50 am
beside the fact that she can play she's an excellent teacher. having her here is a big plus. >> it is cool for you because these kid have seen you on the court as a globetrotter. that is more fun but this is like all business. >> it is all about learning fundamentals and giving back to the kid, and coach me gee, we want to have a good impact on them. >> look at these guys and girls, dribbling is what you are doing too. >> dribbling, shooting, all important aspects of the game. >> how many times have you been asked to spin the ball on someone's hand. >> about a hundred times. >> yes. >> let's find a ball. she will spin the ball on my hand. >> you are not just doing this you have elite shooting camps as well. >> yes, we do. >> hold this. >> okay. here we go. >> yes. >> oh, yeah. >> my goodness. you want to lecture here at camp or what.
9:51 am
>> thank you, thank you. >> when they come to the shooting camp what do they get other than just advice, they get a lot of leadership. >> this camp is for everything , ball handling, dribbling, everything. when we do shooting camps we restrict to it shooting. here we don't touch on it every single day. >> what we hope kid will do is number one, have fun and number two go home with some knowledge of the game. >> thank you very much. thanks for being a great role model. thank you for the everything. and, i will practice my shots, once again, you guys did awesome, thank you. >> hey jen, that was my high school. >> did you play basketbally didn't play basketball. >> patriots in my neck of the wood. >> karen hepp went to the school here. >> look for her banner. >> look for the banner. >> hang ago above the rafter. >> her number is retired,. >> mens bathroom more likely. >> oh, karen what do you have to reveal. >> well, i am a mean. >> after the commercial break
9:52 am
we will get into that. >> ladies another reason to swoon over ryan reynolds he once saved his nephew's life, we will tell you how and what he wants to you learn. //>[a5df]
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
we have prince. beautiful day. what more can we ask for. >> look at that. >> ryan reynolds out there saving live. ryan ren held in and blake lively, are hosting, cpr classes after he saved his nephew. hi porsche from dish nation. >> i love the dress, as usual. >> thank. thank you. so yeah, ryan reynolds is a real life hero. he posted this picture on instagram, basically, like you
9:56 am
said promoting cpr classes and he did it a year ago talking about how he took the red cross class and he was certified because he knew what to do he was able to save his nephew's life in real life. and, of course, his wife blake lively, you know, she posted but her text was more, straight to the point, but, ryan let everybody knows he is the hero. if you didn't already love him before, love him, and hope that if something happens to you, he is around. >> very nice. >> so nice, encouraging other people to have this training to save other lives too in that situation. >> exactly. it is for everybody. >> what about brittany spears, she's talking about her break down that she had and getting real candid about it. >> exactly. i think her fans have wanted to know insides of what happened back then. she was dealing with mental issues. her break down was in 2007. she referred to it as one of the most awful times in her life, to the best time. she had hits.
9:57 am
she was at peak of her stardom but she said her life wasn't her own. people were controlling it. she was going through that big custody battle with her baby, her kevin fedderrerline. >> she shaved her head. >> yes. >> yes, beating up a paparazzi 's car, she went through so, so much and she had this break down and she's opening up to her fans, and talking about it and she also talks about the fact that she doesn't really like, you know, everybody else has this joke about brittany is not singing but lip singing. she doesn't like it. you are wrong. she dances the entire time and yes, there is a little play back after her vocals but it is a lot of her singing at the same time. i don't know if you believed it, i don't know if i do but, she said that she is up there singing and dancing, and that it actually, tics her off that people are saying about this when she's up there killing herself to put on a great show all the way around. >> yeah, it is unfortunate.
9:58 am
>> yes. >> fool us won shame on us. >> have a great day everybody. >> see you guys. >> happy wednesday. (vo) this fourth of july
9:59 am
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flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle. >> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? it's the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: come on now. thank you very much for watching our show. say hello to my co-host. [ applause ]


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