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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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philadelphia. images depicting a communist symbol along with anti police messages. good evening and thanks for joining us i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. crews spent the day cleaning up the mess as police try to figure out who is behind that vandalism. our jeff cole is south philadelphia following the investigation. jeff? >> reporter: you know it lucy messages of hate scrolled on walls and walkways here. police are pulling video and investigate way particular interest on an anti cop message. bouvier and west passyunk have an old world feel of neighbors chatting, sipping coffee, passing time. not this day. today hate intruded. >> are you bothered by all this ma'am. >> everybody would be bothered by such things like that, but i believe that we -- we should think -- we should think better. >> reporter: long time resident of south philly by way of lebanon and it's middle east she was incensed by the scrollings kill a cop, save a life, the symbol of communism a
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hammer and sickle drawn on walls doors even sidewalks. >> around 5:30 this morning, neighbors on the 2100 block of south bowyer street and 1700 block of passyunk woke up to find disturbing things on their properties and on the pavement. >> reporter: police walk the narrow street seeking security camera video and clues they found a working camera focused on the intersection at kj auto sales and took the equipment. >> do you have the images on -- >> i can't for sure say it is but i'm quite sure it's there. >> reporter: you think that's? why do you think it's there? >> because before the monitor went out, we were able to go back and search and see everything that went on. >> reporter: south detectives are working the case with city homeland security probing the anti cop graffiti. messages of anarchy have emerged in philly before. neighbors hope never again. >> why would somebody write these things? here. >> i suspect, arc i'm not from this area.
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those people are not from this area. this is a good area. >> reporter: this is a good area she says. now if police can retrieve that security cam video that would be big help in their probe. meanwhile, neighbors here and residents here have already made their judgment on all this folks. they think it's just down right ugly. live in south philly i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. lucy, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. templets night philadelphia police are searching for the shooter who opened fire on a teenaged girl in kingsessing. the 16-year-old was just sitting on the front steps of a home with group of friends when someone shot her three times. it happened just after midnight on the 5900 block of springfield avenue. she's in the hospital stable. no arrests yet. prosecutors have charged a former youth football coach with sexually assaulting three children. police arrested shannon sean west more land at exton square mall where he works as maintenance worker. he now faces various charges of rape and sexual assault. bensalem police say one of his crimes dates to 2005 when he was a football coach with bensalem rambler's athletic association.
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they say the victim was 15 at the time. but a league officials say west more land has not been a coach witnesses organization for yea years. police also accuse westmoreland of repeated sexual assaults on two other children. saying those assaults started when the children were just four and six years old. police say a u-haul was driving the wrong way when it crashed into a brewery in northern liberties this afternoon. the accident happened early in the afternoon at urban village brewing company. no one was inside was hurt. but the driver of u-haul had to be taken to a hospital where police say he hur his leg a witness describes it's chaotic scene. >> sounded like a bomb. that's what it sounded like. ran over to the u-haul went straight inside the restaurant. so we was looking out for anybody who did get hurt or anything like that. the guy was screaming. my leg is in the door. open the door if you can. he's like try to open it. me and some other guys tried to
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pry the door open and he jumped -- tried to pull him out. >> no word yet on the driver's condition. happening right now in philadelphia, remembering a woman who was murdered in a brutal attack. family and friends gathered at dobbins high school in honor of debra gulliver a person walking by diss covered her body saturday morning at a park near the high school. someone stabbed her a dozen times all over her body. >> the situation that could have ended much worse. a woman attacked from behind for her purse. she wasn't going to let th the y get away and made the decision to fight back. >> it happened while she was walking on street in center city and good samaritans were there. fox 29's bruce gore didn't joins us live from center city with her story. bruce? >> reporter: lucy, it's a decision we all hope we will never have to make. do i surrender my belongings when a mugger attacks or do i stand my ground and if i fight back, will anyone come to my aid?
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>> the would be they have jogs up from behind his target at south 16th and walnut around 10:00 o'clock on the night of june 18th. >> it just didn't even dawn on me to be cautious in that area. >> reporter: 30-year-old christas is not about to give up her purse. especially with a crowd of bystanders at the corner. >> i think there was a point where i realized he didn't have a weapon on him, and so i'm like, there's nothing this guy can do in front of this many people, um, if i hold on it to. >> reporter: as christa and the crook wrestle over her purse, several good samaritans advance on the thief, boxing poses are struck and the bad guy realizes he's out number. >> the bystander effect is a huge problem when there are people around everyone assumes that someone else is going to handle it and these guys just didn't give 82nd thought and jump right in. this was another thing i probably shouldn't have done but it was a sense of pride i kind of got in the guy's -- attacker's face when the guys were there and they told me to back off. >> reporter: the standoff ends quickly and the would be thief takes off. for the record, here's what he looks like. take a good long look.
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police say fighting back against an attacker can be a risky move. >> so our advice is always comply but i'm certainly not taking issue with the complainant's decision to fight back. >> reporter: foss for the good samaritans. major prop. >> stand up, and get involved again it's a personal choice because we don't want someone witness intention to help of course that's a good noble intention we don't want them to get hur either. report roar christa says in all the chaos that night she never really got the chance to thank the guys who stood up for her in her moment of need. >> i don't know what would have happened if they didn't do that. and they didn't have to jump in that like that. it's really showed a lot of character. >> of course if that crook looks familiar to you, by all means call philadelphia police. christa tells me this incident has caused her to be a little more aware of her surroundings. a little tighter grab on her purse but she says it will not cause her to change her basic daily routine. that she says would mean the bad guy has won. not going to happen. iain and lucy. >> all right, bruce, thank you. well animals in pennsylvania are now better protected from abuse thanks in part as a new
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law that aims to prevent cruelty in the commonwealth. [ applause ] >> both governor tom wolf an little doggie named libra signed the animal abuse statute overall into law today. among the provisions of the sweeping new law intentionally inflicting extreme pain on an animal will now get i was felo felony. get convicted of felony animal abuse and you cannot get your animal back. you can no longer tether your dog outside 24/7. and veterinarians and humane police officers will have protection from frivolous lawsuits. >> no one should be allowed to get away with cruel animal treatment. no one should be allowed to get away with the neglect of animals and now thanks to this statute they won't be able to get away with it. [ applause ] >> so again -- that's a big deal. yes, it is. >> known as act ten of 2017. takes effect in 60 days. the comprehensive by partisan legislature actually now puts teeth in pennsylvania's animal
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protection laws. lansdale montgomery county now authorities are warning residents avenue new exam called tax man scam. they say that scammers are manipulating caller id's so they pretend they're the local police are calling you. then they'll claim their irs agents and threaten you to pay tax money or get arrested much police say theism rs will never call you to collect money. flying is going to be bit different very soon. department of homeland security just announced new screening rules. >> for flights coming to the u.s. from more than 250 locations. fox news correspondent he will son barber has more from washington. >> reporter: those long security lines could get a little longer at airports overseas. the tsa unveiling a new set of enhanced screening protocols for flights coming into the us from 280 locations in 105 countries. including increased screening of passengers and luggage. set to take effect win 120 days. >> with this announcement we
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send a clear message inaction a not an option. >> reporter: announce many follows through threats related to explosive hidden in electronic devices. u.s. officials say if the airports don't comply, their passengers could be stopped from carrying laptops and other electronics in passenger cabins. that ban is already in place at ten airports in the mideast and north africa. but if the new screening rules are adopted, the ban could be lifted. >> we'll work with our partners to ensure these measures are fully implemented. again, today is just a starting point. >> reporter: nouns many comes just days after the supreme court a loud parts of the president's travel ban to go into effect, and some overseas travelers are now worried the new screening combined with confusion about the travel ban could keep them from getting to their destinations. >> it's a very onerous process. it's a process that takes a lot of time. >> reporter: tsa also working on using new technology including ct scans the some
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airports hoping to increase efficiency and get passengers through security more quickly. in washington, ellison barber, fox news. >> fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at rehoboth beach. couldn't really ask for much better summer day, right? but the heat is making a come back. >> meteorologist scott williams has details. scott. >> it is going to make a come back for the upcoming holiday weekend just a winning wednesday. 86 is our average high for this time of year. look at atlantic city. 81. philadelphia 81. wilmington 81 degrees. and upper 70s for trenton and allentown. so calling it an evening delight. warming up thursday and that holiday weekend forecast with the seven day all coming up. over to you. >> all right. scott, thanks. newest family member of the philadelphia zoo still needs a name. the unique process being used to name this baby gorilla. >> a gift for some local seniors they have waited for for years. what they received that will help them regain a sense of independence. sean bell?
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>> lucy, ding, dong, the witch is dead. knicks fans haven't been this happy since joan starks stomped on michael your. see what happened that has all of new york celebrating much that's coming up later in sports.
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♪ new castle county police a routine traffic stop turned into a drug bust. morris ross faces various drug charges. police say they pulled over ross on monday for a traffic violation and. when officers say they discovered drugs in his car. police say that included pcp and crack cocaine. >> in new castle county made another drug arrest officers say donald was selling her row went out of a home on hun row in the manor park community. detectives say 900 bags of heroin were recovered during a search. the street value worth about $2,600. target taking aim at amazon prime pantry with its next day delivery service. it's called restock. target is testing it in minneapolis area. you can fill a box with as much
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as 45 pounds of stuff for flat fee of $4.95. the service cost as dollar less than amazon's and also promises faster delivery than prime pantry. to lawnside, camden county now senior citizens have a lot to be excited about because they just got a new bus to take them all around town. officials presented the bus today at the lawnside senior citizens center. their old van was unreliable. >> it means an awful lot to them, because they, um, need to get out to go shopping. they need to go out to, um, medical appointments. they need to come to the center for their nutritional meal, and it's just a beautiful thing for them to have this bus. it's just awesome. >> the bus was purchased with the help of $80,000 of grant money from the county. we now know the name of the new member of the philadelphia zoo. >> baby gorilla's name is aja boo meaning miracle in sal
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hallie. >> the mom kira picked the name all by herself. zookeepers decorated boxes with three names to choose from. and the box with aja boo inside was the winner. the baby gorilla was born earlier this month. we got breaking news right now now from burlington county, new jersey. skyfox is live over the 300 block of landing industry street in lumberton a child has been injured after being hit by a tractor. we know the child is being flown from the area by helicopter to a hospital. no word on how old that child is or how that accident happened. we'll stay on top and bring you details as they come in. meantime back to your fox 29 weather authority now as we take live look over allentown. you couldn't really complain about the weather today but don't get used it to. changes are on the way. meteorologist scott williams has your forecast in 15 seconds.
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it's late june average high for this time of year is 86 degrees. we'll take temperatures top out in the upper 70s to right around 80 degrees today across the region. look at the temperatures receipt now. upper 60s mount pocono. allentown 78 degrees. mid 70s in pottstown. 79 in wilmington. a pair of sevens in millville. along with wildwood. 80 degrees currently at airport in atlantic city. so that trough of low pressure that will be exiting the eastern seaboard so that will allow for some warmer temperatures really over the next several days. we'll crank that heat up tomorrow and then as we move toward the upcoming weekend, an area of high pressure that heat pump will set out to sea. so we're looking at that flow coming in out of the south and west and that will really warm those temperatures up. so for your thursday, 89 degrees. 92 by friday. look at saturday. 93 degrees. when you factor in that
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humidity, though for saturday we're looking at feels like temperatures approaching the upper 90s. 90 degrees the high temperature on sunday. ultimate doppler try dry across the area looking good in west chester, norristown, doylestown, trenton and her zero county looking good over to mount laurel as well. no weather problems. around parts of the great lakes look at this disturbance in the red those are active tornado warning in yellow severe thunderstorm warnings. some of that energy will head in our direction by the upcoming weekend we'll have pop up showers and thunderstorms mainly during the heat of the day but i don't anticipate a washout for the weekend. more sunshine on tap for your thursday. but once again those temperatures will be warmer than what we saw today. overnight low temperatures still comfortable for tonight. 59 in pottstown. 59 in allentown. we're looking at low 60s in trenton philadelphia and millville. temperatures tomorrow morning comfortable but the sunshine that southwest wind heating up.
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we're looking at 89 degrees for the high temperature tomorrow afternoon. down the shore, 76 degrees tomorrow. 78 degrees for your friday. looking pretty good. the seven day forecast showing you, the up tick in the temperatures that potential heat wave. best chance for rainfall and evening thunderstorm chance on saturday followed by maybe some morning thunderstorms on sunday. pop-up showers and thunderstorms likely for the fourth of july. and afternoon high right now of about 89 degrees. and then low 80s for those evening firework. back over to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. all right. sean bell -- >> listen nba is lit right now. i'm loving every part of it. okay. way better than the season right now. all season moves are crazy. big-time super star just got traded and knicks fans are celebrating like they won a championship. we got all the latest updates with the nba plus the phillies in act early trying to win their first series since the beginning of the month. see if they could finally get it done next in sports.
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>> phillies have only one win. one series within in the past two months. it's been bad baseball combined with sub par locker room. yesterday they finally got good pitching and hitting on the same day. they got the which gets them a chance to win the series for the first time since the beginning of the month. guess what they're selling out in seattle. roasted crickets. what? a couple of guys passing this thing around and trying it out. that's nasty. that's gross. let's get to the game. top of the phils phils down on one-zero. kelly let's one rip. phils two huff one lead. we led to the fifth tied at fifth. robin cano rushes one. he's still a big time player. the phils are currently down in this one, four-three in the eighth. to the nba. it's off the chain right now off season just got started and it's already more entertaining than
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the actual season was. today the new york knicks made the smart test move they made since drafting patrick ewing the knicks are parting ways with phil jackson. jackson probably one of the greatest coaches of all time but the worst executive i've he have seen. but the crazy part about this is the knicks just gave jackson a contract extension and then -- and then let him run the nba draft. that's too idiotic moves at least now they've cut their losses. but the franchise will still be trash until they get rid of james dolan. here's second bomb of the day. chris paul is headed to houston he told the clippers he was going to the rockets so they negotiated a deal to make it happen and rumors have it that now that paul is with the rockets carmelo anthony might join him after he possibly gets a buy out from the knicks. another super team forming down in houston. college football loo look at the temple owls working out rocky
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style. check this out. the guys ran the art museum steps did that whole rocky thing that the rock used to do. and look at that. listen i can never do this. okay? >> that's a little much. >> college athletes doing their thing. never in my life. >> exactly. >> that was impressive. tell was. >> exactly. >> tonight at 10:00 you see children playing with them everywhere. those little fidget spinners your kids like them, iain. >> theofed to. >> they're out now. >> one mom says while her son was fidgeting with that intine they are in his room she heard yelling it had burst into flames. her warning to other parents. that will do it for us here at 6:00. >> see you right back here at at ten. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it?
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play fast. win instantly. on a plane! >> the baby has been delivered on a flight. >> a doctor and nurse were on board. >> this is the doctor who delivered the baby. >> reporter: what president trump said when he met this tv reporter. did she find it offensive? plus, the molester next door. >> 100 yards away is the man who did this to me as a child. >> reporter: sexually assaulted by her uncle when she was three years old. on the 18th anniversary of their depths, the untold story of jfk's wife, carol b


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