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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 29, 2017 5:00am-5:57am EDT

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>> police fear there may be more victims. >> armed in the classroom, where teach coaster soon be packing heat. possibly a vote on. that will. >> also ahead this morning, the search for vandals spray painting houses t may seem harmless. but it is the messages they use to tag the homes that have police on high alert. >> and the countdown to the fourth of july, plan on spending the day on the water. >> friends don't let friends boat dangerously. >> the gadget that the telephone, or message, today our iphone celebrating a major milestone. good day philadelphia at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> this is it. can you believe that? so small. ten years ago the original iphone. >> why do you still have it? >> i don't know. >> collector's ate snell. >> memories. trying to connect to see what my life was like ten years
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ago, afraid to look at the images. >> old pictures. we'll share memories, the iphone, what it replaced, so many things we no longer need. >> come a long way. >> all right there. >> that's straight ahead. let's look at the forecast, gearing up for the big holiday, sue serio, good morning. >> used to be you were going on trip on the fourth of july, used to have to pull out a paper map to try to find your way to the resort. we don't need those any more, do we? we have nine out of ten today. we anticipate our weather change. it is national camera day. bus stop buddy has a giant old school camera. that's another thing that the iphone has replaced. temperatures in the 60s, and it is not a bad start. it is mild. it is a little bit on the cool side, but we will take it, a lot of cloud cover prevented it from getting cooler overnight, but pretty start to the day, 67 degrees, 8-mile per hour breezes out of the south, sunrise time 5:35. other temperatures to look at, 62 degrees, in lancaster, 64
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wilmington, we're at 66 in rehoboth beach, and atlantic city has 63, medford lakes, 62, there are the 50's, 57 degrees, to start the day in perkasie. it will be sunny all day, probably get to around 88 degrees, it will be more humid, but the breezes may temper that little bit. so it won't feel too bad. because it will be breezy, but wait until tomorrow. the 90's will be here. bob kelly? >> the tough thing with me with the iphone, blackberry to the iphone, not pressing the keys. >> i love the keyboards on that blackberry. >> i it was really weird getting used to that with the iphone. 5:03, grab your coffee, your iphone, let's go. 38 miles per hour on the boulevard, otherwise looking good on the major roadways, working your way into and out every philly. coming in from south jersey, live look here at the 42 freeway. again, a lot of unusual patterns probably over the next five to seven days with the holiday weekend, and then
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the holiday landing on an actual tuesday. downtown still closed here on the vine expressway, but as i look here, looks like they're just now starting to allow cars to go westbound on the vine, so, right around the next five minute or so, we should be back to normal in both directions coming into and through center city philly. an accident westbound on 422, it is on the ramp to first avenue, right out there at the casino interchange. and then we have water main break along route 130, the southbound side, at riverton road. otherwise, mass transit off to a good start. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank up. 5:04, breaking news out of olney, police are investigating a homicide, a veteran shot multiple times on west spencer street, we know the suspect in this murder leading police on foot chase right into a stranger's home, jenny joyce on the scene with the latest this morning, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas. so family members are identifying this victim as 47 year old howard white. they tell us he's a disable veteran who despite his
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injuries continued to serve his country only returned from service month and a half ago. now his family members mourning his death after shot and killed this morning on the street of philadelphia. police say they heard gunshot and immediately responded to the area of fifth and spencer street around 1:00 a.m. they saw the man lying unresponsive in the street and two other men running away from the scene. police caught up with one of the men. he was armed with two guns, but explained to police, no, no, no, i'm witness, chase that man who just shot and killed my friend. police say while on the run the 25 year old broke into a random home on the 6100 block of north sixth street. he enters through a back door, but quickly came in contact with the homeowner and the home end err's adult son. the suspect got no physical fight with the home own here was able to hold him until police arrived. the deceased family members are telling us the shooting happened after the relative tried to talk the suspect out of robbing a baron the block. >> a young man who was high came in the bar and he tried
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to rob the bar and howard tried to talk to him and say, listen, man, don't do this, it is not worth it, come on, don't do this. and he got him away from the bar and in the process he got shot in the head and in the torso and died instantly. but his death may have saved many other lives in that bar. and that doesn't bring comfort to us, but at least some other families don't have to feel what we're feeling right now because i wouldn't wish it on anyone. >> friends say howard white was talking about heading back out on active duty plans to head to korea he was waiting on a call back. those plans now cut short by the street violence, police tell us the suspect again 25 years old was transported to einstein medical center with bumps and bruises, he'll ultimately be taken to homicide. that witness who police had also caught up with claiming to be a friends of the victims, he's now at homicide
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talking with detectives, as women, karen, thomas? >> another senseless shooting here, all right, jenny, thank you. 5:06. more breaking news this time out of wilmington, police investigating a shoot that happened overnight, it happened on the 600 block every east fifth street. now, at this point, we don't have any word on the victim's status or even a suspect. we're continuing to work this story. as soon as we learn more, so will you. >> 5:07. despicable story that's upsetting, to talk about, former football coach, in jail, charged with sexually assaulting several young girls, there may be more victims that are out, there that's why we are putting his face out there. steve keel any bensalem with the latest on all of this, steve? >> reporter: well, viewers obviously asking hearing that lead in if he's a football coach, what is he doing around little girls? well, he is around the little girls cheerleaders for the bensalem youth football team. six years he volunteered as football coach. and, believe it or not, working lately around little kids potentially again because he was employed at a chester
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county mall when he was arrested. and because people that do this often do it to many little kids, sandusky, catholic priests, et cetera, the authorities here fear way more than the three victims they found so far who became victims, when they were just four and six years old. one until she was up to 18 years old. and now that the charges and sean westmoreland's arrest and face so public, authority expect to soon have other victims coming forward. he's 47 now, westmoreland was way back in his 20's when the earliest known child rapes in these charges began. >> if you know after young person that might have had association either with the rambler's or the cheerleading squad for the rambler's, they may have been, may have been potentially targeted. and that's why we're making our plea for help. >> after bensalem, as best as we can tell, he became homeless for awhile, he was living in a shelter, and i think in west chester, and we picked him up at the, i
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believe it, exton mall where he was employed. >> these types every cases take on a pattern, and we are just concerned that the pattern supply repeated itself in this instance. >> well since the charges go back to 1999, authorities pulled his drivers license pictures from that far back to show how he looked then, and how he looked through the years. he was charged with raping little girls. and authority say figuring just like those victims, others now grown up, too, may have their childhood memories jarred by seeing the face after monster as he look then, and that's when this happened to people when they were little kids, probably trying to forget it, but now, as young women coming forward, bravely, to stop it from happening to any other kids really a little scary for anybody who drops their kids off at the exton mall to know this guy was working in there in some capacity that we don't know, because little kids are
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known to hang out in food court, video game rooms, et cetera. guys? >> we just pray there aren't any more victim, but you fear the worse, steve, thank you. 5:10, police ramp up their search for the suspect behind violent armed robberies stretching from upper darby all the way to west philadelphia. they've recovered the 2013 hyundai sonata we told but used in the get away. it was connected to the crimes obviously. police just released new photos of the suspect. here they are. they say two women in at least one man are involved. now the sus peck accused every robbing car drivers, pizza delivery drivers, just people on the street at gunpoint. in one case, they robbed two women, 186 years old, of $900, then pistol whipped her. police say they're praying on unsuspecting victims. >> they don't look like persons probably will commit a robbery. obviously that's the bathe. put the female in front, male jumps in with the guns, they take the items. these guys were wreckless, guns drawn, pointing them at people, threatening people,
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using them to assault them. >> so, take another look here at the photos. police believe a fourth suspect may also be involved. 5:11, our pennsylvania teachers soon be packing heat? school workers are now a step closer to being able to carry guns in school. the pennsylvania senate voted yesterday to pass a bill to allow guns. but, employees must pass a psychological evaluation. and meet certain firearms training requirements. supporters say the bill is an added layer of protection. but, a number of education groups call it dangerous, the teachers union in philadelphia calls it reprehensible, the house hasn't voted on it yet. the governor does oppose the bill. >> and new jersey cell phone video captures officers in millville punching a man. now the police chief tells fox 29, the video you're seeing, shows only part of really what happened. the man on the ground, in the yellow shirt, 34 year old barry cottman. police say they saw him jay walking near north fifth and mulberry streets when they tried to question him. the two officers say cottman was uncooperative, combative
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and pushed them. so after a struggle the officer managed to cuff him. cottman facing number of charges this morning including aggravated assault on police and resisting arrest. the cumberland county prosecutor's offers is reviewing the incident. >> and president trump's travel ban will go into effect today. the supreme court is cleared the way for a limited version earlier this week. so this is going to apply to people from six muslims majority countries libya, so mal ya, yemen, suddan, must have connection to somebody here, either visit ago relative, going to a university or they have a job. the supreme court will take up the whole issue in the fall once again when they reconvene. also, homeland security will be taking more security measures for international flights coming into our country. more screenings of our people, of our luggage, of our electronic. you can also see new technology. they will be putting in ct scans, at many of the security checkpoints, this will all happen in the next four months. all right, 5:12, it wasn't
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a drive-thru, but it became one. >> just like that, the narrow escape for customers after a, look at this video, r it is an u-haul. crashes right into a local brewery, everyone trying to figure out, that's the driver running away. >> that's a brewery buzz kill. >> more on this coming up. >> also how about welcoming america to philadelphia. so when we do it, we want to eat. when we invite america to eat we need a the love people. they're making the hoagies right now. here are the big changes, not just the italian, they also have some turkey hoagies. >> getting those hoagies going, watt with a hoagie day, also working, need a hoagie out here on 95 later on today. they'll be working midday right near the betsy ross bridge. open up that door. let's go outside say good morning to the platt bridge, from our airport camera. what get you going on a thursday morning? getting ready for the holiday weekend watch are you listening to on your iphone, as we celebrate ten years? hashtag traffic jams. coming right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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>> welcome back, we are taking a live look at free hoagies being made, some of the philadelphia eagles will be out there helping out, as well. >> look at them work this morning, so tempting not to like taste a little those italian hoagies, they're so good. but we're kicking it off this morning, sue serio, this is all happening inside. so i guess it really doesn't matter what the weather will be, but outside when you grab
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your hoagie, what are we looking at? >> want to eat it right away. it will be hot outside with the hoagie to, you know, go be. all day forecast for you, we just like showing a lot of fireworks for the fourth every july. as we look ahead to next week, tuesday, it will be about 90 degrees during the day, sunshine, hot, humid. that's because of the new weather pattern, that starts today. with southwesterly winds, that means, heat, humidity, and you'll definitely notice the difference it, will feel different outside today. but it probably won't reach 90, potential heatwave though as we get into the weekends, all we need is three days in a row of zero nine or above. you know the drill with that. mid western showers, about the closest we can finds, little bit up to the north, nothing, as far as rain is concerned, now, we look at this future cast, and we stay dry today, and tomorrow, and it is saturday, looking little if-ee now, we see some rain showing up on the model in the morning, but it is more likely
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for pop up showers and thunderstorms to occur on saturday, in the afternoon, keep that in mind, just keep an eye to the scion saturday, and hopefully it will get better on sunday. but every day that it is hot, humid, you know there is always a chance, can't rule it out, of pop up thunder storm. 67 degrees in philadelphia. most of our temperatures are in the 60s, this morning, and because of the cloud cover. and wind will be picking up after sunrise today. so it will be breezy day. eighty-six is our normal high temperature, we've spent few delightful days below average, we don't mind it, when it is this time of year. 88 degrees today. ninety's on friday. potentially saturday, sunday, as well. even into monday, and tuesday, of next week, remember, to get your forecast on the radio after you get in the car. just punch up old 101.1fm. you know that's more fm, bob kelly. >> you got it preset on the radio, 5:18. good morning on a thursday, off to pretty good start, kind of quiet again, this is that
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first week where all of the kids are off from school. so the week-long vacation starts to kick in. so we've start today see some unusual traffic patterns, things little lighter than they've been over the last couple of weeks or so. checking some of the jam cams, south jersey, hello to the shaders. maple shade, new jersey, route 73, here is a live look at route 73, down in west berlin, again, route seven, of course, a lot of volume as folks head down the shore for the fourth of july holiday weekend. now, watch for construction along 495 today. northbound, between terminal avenue, and 12th street. those guys will be out there from about 9:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. the schuylkill, looking good right now, but right after the rush, look out. because they'll be roving on the schuylkill expressway today, crews will be working between 476 and 202, from like 9:00 to 3:00. in both directions, so just factor in some extra time. and if you use septa's trolley, the sun way surface
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trolleys, they're doing the subway trolley blitz in the tunnels, so make sure to grab a schedule so you know exactly the game plan depending upon what trolley you are us g -- using for the fourth every july festive tis. back to you. >> 5:20. police are hoping new surveillance video every brutal attack in west chester will lead them to the guy who unleashed the violence. the video right here shows a man punch the victim, then throwing him to the grounds on east gay street, sunday. that man in critical condition this morning. investigators are trying to id his attacker, police now say two people identified as persons of interest in the case earlier this week, we told you about, had nothing to do with it. >> a 66 year old man recovering from several broken ribs, and a concussion, now, philadelphia police want to find the guy right here, who attack him. police say this man followed the vick time a a garage, took his phone, credit cards, cash. it happened on the 4100 block every decator street in holmesburg two weeks ago. the victim doesn't remember what happened next. but 20 minute later, he called
5:21 am
911. >> let's go up to northern liberties, you can see what happened. u-haul that crashed right in here to real popular brewery, what's left of window in the section right there. people were shocked. everybody saw the whole thing happen. police say the truck goes the wrong way near north second street, hits several cars, slams into the urban village brewing company. then there is actually video of the driver, running away, because people whip out their phones and record it, some people even put it up thereon youtube. take a look what happened. >> so you can actually see the driver jump out of the u-haul, run away, thinks he he'll get away with something, but he was pretty banged up in the episode. actually he went to the hospital because he had some leg injuries, they caught up with him. he is in custody for driving under the influence, witnesses say they couldn't believe it. >> it is to sounds like a bomb what it sounded like a bomb. went over. the u-haul went straight inside the restaurant. so was being looking out for
5:22 am
anybody who did get hurt. >> no one else was hurt. no people. the building damaged, but amazingly, were able to reopen in time for the dinner rush. >> disturbing messages every hate directed at police in south philadelphia. the image depicting communist symbol to the left, along with a anti-police message. city crouds washing away the graffiti at the corner of bouvier and west passyunk yesterday. however the vandals left behind evidence including a sense ill and cans every spray paint. officials are taking this anti-police message and other like it very seriously. south detective are investigating the case, along with the department's homeland security division. >> 5:22, what would you do in this case? walking down the street, center city busy area, all the sinned, someone comes up, tries to take your purse, your pocketbook. well, it happened to a woman. a lot of people watched what was going on, they said this would not happen on their watch. shear video of what happened. so you can see the guy in the white right there. trying to -- trying to tug on the woman and get her
5:23 am
pocketbook, she tries to wrestle, everybody sees what's going on and jump in the action. the victim, kristin, right at 16th near walnut, when all of this happened back on june 18th. welshes turns out, he didn't get away with a thing. >> i don't know what would have happened if they didn't do that. and they didn't have to jump in like that. and it is really showed a lot of charger. >> we would tell people that your life offer physical safety not worth any possession. but at the same time it is a personal decision. do you have decide for yourself a how valuable your valuables are. we don't know what was in that purse. >> here is is another look at the suspect in another location, being caught on surveillance video, they get to zoom right in. pretty good look at him. if you have any information please call police. >> thank goodness for the cameras. almost half million pennsylvanians could soon be seeing checks in the mail. state department of revenue announced on wednesday that more than 438,000 older homeowners, renters, people with disability, will be issued tax rebate totaling more than $207 million, now those checks are going to be
5:24 am
mailed out beginning july 3rd. >> coming up on good day philadelphia, hailing a ride for a loved one. i love this. >> i think it is so brilliant. so my sister and i will be going to the same party or location, i'm dragging her with me. well, now i can get an uber for her, as well, they've made it easy, they can do it right on the app. helping out friends and family, let's go. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ how are your teeth whiter than mine?
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>> uber wants to you share the ride sharing service with someone you love. >> here's what you can do. you can now request a ride for your friend, or your family member, from different location, all going to the same party? no problem. this is directed at seniors maybe with limited mobility, who don't have an uber account or smart phone, all do you have do set up a pick up, away from your current location, select the riders from your address book, then set their destination and request the ride on their behalf. ooh letter also send a text message with the drivers details with the link to track their route. it is brilliant. >> great. then do you have talk to your parent, where are you? i'm in the uber. where? the uber. >> all right, coming soon to town near you. amazon prime delivering olive garden pasta, how about some bread sticks? >> i don't know still unlimited, delicious bread sticks, but here's what's going to happen, olive garden
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ceo, not giving a lot of details, but we know there is a pile up program in the works. so, the restaurant chain already has take out as an option, now working with some other companies to deliver for large groups, but we shall see, what this will bring. >> all right, so, if you were a fan of sex in the city you may have learned about the super expensive shoes, got the red bottom. a lot of the stars and celebrities wear them. they're getting a new look. what you need to know about those. >> chrissy lou's, coming up at 5:30, the big change that will help you coordinate your outfits with your, are we still talking about shoes here? >> it is, it is with your skin tone, the nude collection. man. >> very sexy here at 5:28. stay with us. #p
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>> a veteran has been murdered, leads police on a chase winds up in a strangers home. we've got live report. >> former football coach behind bars for sexually assaulting three girls. why police fear there may be more victims out there. >> kick off to the fourth of july. what better way than with some free hoagies, they're rallying the troops, who are making thousands to give away to you free today,
5:32 am
mall. >> can you imagine the smell in that room right now? oh, g with us on this thursday, as we get moving. it is 53it karen hepp. >> good morning to all every you joining us. gorgeous day, sue, it is a nine? >> yes we go with niittle warmee more humid, our transitional day into the new hot and after e delightful weather we've had allso far nine out of ten today. i think it will be fine. it is national we all had actual cameras? out sunscreen good idea, bus stop buddy attemperatures in the 60s. >> a lot of cloud cover, see the sunshine coming through the cloud moment. 5:35 your sunrise time, so pretty here.
5:33 am
sixty-four in trenton, cape same in rehoboth beach. go little further jersey, 62 in medford laying, 59, still cooleyorge. today, get to high of 88. yesterday, was 81, so breezy, throughout the afternoon. heat's really holiday forecast coming up. morning, bob kelly. >> we get ready for the morning rush hour, speedometer readings starting to drop coming down 6:11, folks coming out of northeast philadelphia hitting the roosevelt boulevard, working your way down in toward the city. let's go over, say good morning to south jersey, live look, 295, looks like little raindrops here on the cameras, on the stretch of 295, as you roll through lumberton, no problems at all for the gang in maple shade for the shaders over there, along route 73. watch for an accident, west on
5:34 am
422, it is right on the off ramp to first avenue. just outside of king of prussia there. route 130, we got water main break, right at riverton road. so watch for construction crews there throughout the morning rush hour. no problems yet on the schuylkill, but you'll see the roaching penndot crews working from about 9:00 to 3:00. on the schuylkill between the blue route and 202. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, we want to get right to the breaking news right now, police work real quick on there one, they've got suspect in custody in connection with the shooting death after veteran who served our country just recently, late 40's, we know his name, his picture, suspect arrested after he ran away, led police on chase and right into a stranger's house, and now we get to jenny joyce at the scene. >> reporter: a lot of crazy details there karen. we are live here at the homicide scene at fifth and spencer street in the olney section of the city. family members are identifying the victim as 47 year old howard white. they tell us he's a disable veteran who despite his injuries continue to serve his
5:35 am
country, and only return from service a month and a half ago. now his family members are mourning his death. police say white got into some sort of fight with a gunman, family members say it is because the suspect was trying to holdup a baron the block, around 1:00 this morning, officers heard the gunshots and immediately responded, that is when they saw a man shot lying unresponsive, in the street, and two other men running away from the scene. police caught up with one of the men, he was armed, with two guns, but explained to police that he was a witness, chasing the man, who had just shot and killed his friends. police say while on the run, the 25 year old suspect broke into a random home on the 6100 block of north sixth street. he enters through a back door. quickly came in contact with the homeowner, and the homeowner's son. the suspect got into a physical fight with the homeowner who was able to hold him until police arrived. the shooting victim's family tells us howard white was one of the good guys, community is hurting this morning. >> he was a hell after man,
5:36 am
all right? he would give the shirt off hits back. >> yes, he would, yes, he would. >> he is what you call not a regular hero, an american hero. all right? and it hurt me to my heart to see my friends laying in the street like a dog. >> basically we will just be in prayer, i'll actually be praying for the young man who took my cousin's life. i'll be praying, and i ask that everyone would keep me and my family in prayer. >> and friends say howard wright was talking about heading out with active duty with plans to korea, a waiting on call back. those plans cut short by street violence, police tell us the suspect transport today einstein medical center bumps, bruises, will ultimately be taken over to homicide where he can begin speaking with detective, that man who police tell us was a witness, who they had caught up first, who was chasing after the suspect, he's also over at homicide talking with detectives now. karen, thomas? >> all right, lots of new
5:37 am
information on that one, jenny, thank you so much. more breaking news this time right now out of wilmington, where police are investigating a shooting, this happened, overnight, there is the scene. it is the 600 block of east fifth street. we have to get more details on the victim, their condition, and if there are any suspect in connection with this. >> a troubling story, he covered youth football for years. but prosecutors say this bucks county man was also committing sex crimes against little girls. authority say they know three victims, but worry more are out there. steve keel any bensalem, a brave little girl made quite a difference, came forward, steve? >> reporter: yes, she is now a brave young woman in her 20's, rape starting when she was just four years old back in 1999 all the way until she is 18 years old. it doesn't get any worse than this. and that's what the police here are saying. and this guy arrested, as you look at the video of him here, being brought in, 47 years old, now, and living now in west chester. you got to wonder what was
5:38 am
going on where he was living down there. because it was all when he was living up here in bensalem, when he was in his 20's, that these charges so far are dealing with. but who knows what he's been up to lately. and he's working at the exton mall in west whiteland. so, parent there, be on the alert, if your kid recognizes this guy. he got close to kids up here, and families, by volunteering as an if the ball coach. and the little youth football team called the bensalem ramblers, well, they've got little cheerleaders squad with them. that's how he got to these little girls. charged so far with raping three of them, and they are thinking, you know what, if he raped three, and we've only had three come forward so far, as we investigate this, one, as late as last week, by the way, they're wondering and fearing that there is a lot more out there. >> if anybody out there has may know of, another victim, a man, we are asking for your help, we are asking that you contact
5:39 am
bensalem township police department. >> we're glad we were able to s. where hopefully he'll never be able to do children. the ages of four to 18, the areg juveniles. >> even if you suspect or you have some kind of information, let usthe judge valuable that information s it is my prayer and hope that victt is my fear that there may so be other there, and that's. >> we are making this plea for your help. >> reporter: these guys did a great job by putting out these three different drivers license photos of this guy, westmoreland, to show how he look back in the 90s when he was charged with doing there is you can see, his hair color changes, his facial colors change, facial hair changes, so, it shows, other potential
5:40 am
previous victims, and jars those potential previous awful memories, too, and then maybe more will come forward when they see the guy if they don't . >> lots of good information there, steve, we thank you and >> after all of those years. time 5:40. bugging out, would you eat insects? well, guess what, our fighting phils did. and apparently they're bats came alive. we'll tell you what they ate straight ahead. e minute you was?
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. >> good morning, i am a he sean bell, phillies coming through in the clutch for the first time in a long time, taking on the mariners, phils boston up and getting it done. this thing went to the ninth inning. down by one, tommy joseph solo homer, andrew, stepping up in a big, big way. he single to right to bring in the go ahead run. right there. the phils go onto five-four, winning first series begins the beginning every june this their second in two month. to the nba, chris paul, headed to houston, cbs-3 took the clippers he was going to sign with the rocket so two teamst tk paul to houston and about eight players to the clippers, d patrick beverly. to a little temple coach, new to that means, there is new work out regimen. the playersrocky on, yesterday s running up the art museum doingf
5:44 am
sees own work outright next it rocky, that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell.
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the fourth every july grilling, maybe couple life ration cents with near the water maybe get on a boat whether it is a lake, on the schuylkill, mayb jersey, the troop theirs already hitting the water to
5:47 am
safely. our hank is ♪ >> ♪ >> the goal for thisis everybod, enjoy the weekend, have a great time, family safely. >> hey, it is hank in bea wet wg family who has a message forfras boat dangerously. up. for this family and thousands other it means the shore, that, that's why the nj state police took me out today to tell >> the weekend coming up. we'll have a decent amount ofuts safe. >> read about it, boating fun turns trooper sergeant says booze is usually to >> 90% of the times, when we drr vessel related accident, where
5:48 am
there is possibly even death, unfortunately, it is alcohol related. >> according to the law, you can actually drink and drive a boat in new jersey, you just can't be loaded. and, you had better have your act together like this family, they got checked last weekend. >> they came on, made sure we had all of our things lined up, registration, what else, the life preservers -- >> laura adds state police gave her a paper confirming the inspection, and she can show that if stopped again. they just got to the shore, and haven't started in with the fun yet. but they know their water safety. they have to. >> so they rock jet skis, got ski boat, and this big cabin cruiser, not to mention the kayak, they say, booze is a part of it, but people not knowing what they're doing on the water, that's the real danger. >> for a lot of people believe that you don't need a boating license to be able to run a jet ski, but do you. >> you do? >> yes. so i feel like that's
5:49 am
definitely a problem. >> how much would you take for me to rent the cabin part of the boat and just slope in there for the summer? not a thing? oh, well. oh, and also told me she once got her jet ski stuck, there were boaters around and no one helped her. come on, we're better than that, one, stop daring yourself. if the boat feels too big, it is, don't drive it. and, two, if you think you're sober enough to drive it, you're not. there will be holiday boating tragedies, don't let them be yours. i'm hank and that's my take. >> 5:49. good morning shall everybody, starting to see some volume pop, little slow going for the gang rolling through media. soup serio's hometown. little slow up there, 202, for the gang up in malvern, through the construction zone. going to take a look at the cameras, here comes the sunrise for the gang in montgomery county. live look just off route 202. and for the gang here through newtown, watch for some delays as well.
5:50 am
starting to poppas you head on down toward 956789 you may have noticed i've been using new traffic maps. check out the new system many one of the cool, like it, i paid big money for this now, one thing i want to show you is the cool future cast just like sue forecast the weather i can forecast the traffic. check it out. fifty-nine southbound from wood half tone downtown. thirteen minute. push it ahead by 90 by 7:10, that delay is going to double. and we will be able to do tha m. i'll be able to use this info, pop it u twitter, instagram, social media. so this will be a tool that we will you, as you roll th the streets of philadelphia, during expressway, looking good. but, as we always like to tell e later on today. they'll be working on the schuylkill between the blue route and 202, starting around 9:00.
5:51 am
expect some major jams through the midday. what's the forecast looking like for the construction crews and your barbeque this weekend? sue has it in 15 seconds. >> that bob kelly is a tough act to follow but we'll see what we can do. headed to the shore today, beautiful day, because today we switch to sea breeze, 78 degrees on the beach, while 88 degrees here in philadelphia, and it will be the lower 80s tomorrow. moderate risk of rip current, keep it in mind, swim near a lifeguard, and, nine is your uv index, the ocean water temperature 67 degrees high pressure moved off shore. we toll but this, the
5:52 am
southwesterly wind with the high pressure does give us the hot air t won't be too bad today, kind of transition into it so little more oppressive tomorrow. sixty-five reading, trenton has 64, and down at the shore, it is 63, atlantic city, 64 in wildwood. as far as winds are concerned, the breezes will help but not feel too un comfort many. yesterday delightful, many temperatures not out of the 70s, 81 in philadelphia, but up to 88 today. ninety's possible tomorrow, saturday, sunday, monday, best chance of some afternoon thunderstorms looks like saturday. and we could stay in the 90s, all the way through the fourth of july. thomas and karen? >> all right, thank you, sue. i got game changer for you. trending right now, a lot of times things start off with high ends products, trickle down with airbags, products,
5:53 am
these shoes, the red bottom shoes, super expensive. here's what's brilliant. i don't know why no one thought of this before. nude collection, and style. so let's take a look, nude line, introduced for the platform, the block heal, cherry sands al, stiletto, ribbon, basically the point is all of the shoes they come out in your skin color. it is like bandaids, not everybody's the same shade. you want the one that matches your leg, your foot, so your leg looks whole lot longer. so the thing is the ruby's are amazing but who has 900 bucks for them? i hope when it all trickles down they make the knock office in just about three month from now we can all affords them. anyway the nude collection originally came outnumber of years ago to compliment women of different skin tones, now they have just before shade out there to have you looking fabulous. >> all right, you can often find bubble gum in baseball, and the dugout, would you look at what that is? certainly crunchy, they got a lot of, you know, spice to.
5:54 am
>> this little sing i, philadelphia phillies eating bugs during the game. while they're out there in seattle. some soft novelty concessions out there, they're cricket, grasshoppers, the bats came alive. they were on fire. certainly works. we should have them eating bugs all the time. they won the game five to four. we'll be right back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs, 20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind.
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so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement. st play oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? you're in for a treat. ew way from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game,e if you'. i won! pretty fast, huh? play.
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5:57 am
this week, a new day is already here, itthursday, and as looking ahead to the weekend. lot of things to celebrate. one of the odd err ones, celebrating the iphone, can you believe it has been i think a decade now, all of the thing replace tape recorders and cameras, so many things. we will talk about that, also, with free food, it is the hoagie day, where they're maki tow. live picture of what's happening over at the visitors center, independence mall, this is also at the constitution center, so we will be there all morning long, hgies for you. >> following breaking new, lot of live report been willing overnight. veteran shot and killed, the latest on that when "good day" continues in two li. intelligent technology can help protect it.
5:58 am
the all-new audi q5 is here.
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[vo] the grille is distinctive. but it's5 here. the next level. hero, an american hero, all right? and it h see my friend lay in the street like aan shot dead in the street less than two month after returning actioe other in the months before he died. >> also ahead thisootball coachd of doing the unthinkable. police say, this sexually assaug several years but couldof


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