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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 29, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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danger in the classroom? >> device that changed our lives forever. >> and we are calling it iphone. >> apple released first iphone ten years ago today the evolution and every gang at the time has replaced over the last decade. >> so we will go overall that far, give the iphone a proper birthday celebration. >> look who has shown to up wawa. now, here is the dilemma not wearing his jersey, but we have a lot of great producers out, there we don't know, do you know which e-a-g-l-e-s they will is in let us snow. >> we are hearing more eagles players will show up and help with this, first time they're doing there is so witching it up on us, yep, lot of lines.
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i wonder if they want the people turkey one line, people want italian in the other in just luck of the draw? >> what about mayo, can i order special orders, special orders don't upset us? >> they i go you box, mustards and mayo in it. >> mayo! lou look, getting ready, washing his hand, getting ready. >> you get free hoagie today. >> a shout out. >> i was down here last year when they were making it, it is nut, insane, all of the employees excited, the energy level is there. >> then of course an eagles player, just off the hook. >> make sure to come early. people line up for. >> this i mean, they have 20,000, 23,000 shore i's, everybody will get one, but a loin. >> great day for it. >> right. >> if you're already hungry and cranky because you're hungry, then it is hot on top of being cranky and hungry, it
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is not a good thing. come early. you are right. >> bus stop buddy, sunscreen in one hand, camera in the other. do you even remember what a camera is? yes, now on our phones, a lot of people still have cameras out there, temperatures in the 60s, and we are looking at a breeze, 67 degrees our current temperature north of us also 67 allentown, miler start than it was yesterday in cut town, 62 degrees temperature. down in millville, new jersey, rehoboth beach, 678 as well, head today 88 today. much warmer than yesterday's 81. low of 72 degrees, it will be a bit of a muggier night tonight, with partly cloudy skies. and get used to it, bob kelly, the muggies will be around for
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awhile. >> the muggies are happening, hanging around with us for the holidays, 7:03 we call it, good morning shall everybody, rough go on the schuylkill expressway, gladwynn interchange, two dump truck is taking out the left lane here, plus, also, a fuel spill, not sure if this guy is part of the accident, or look at the difference, different color on the road surface, gasoline or oil. >> jam cams, west of city, and then jammed solid from belmont on out expect delays, bumper to bumper. another accident willow grove, 611 fit watertown road, delays 95 southbound out of the northeast down to 15 miles an
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hour for the bound side, a disable, mass transit looking good, thomas, alex back to you. >> we want to get to olney, police investigating homicide. veteran who had just come home, hadn't been home two month, was shot multiple times on west spencer street, the suspect and his murder led police on foot chase, into a stranger's home. >> apparently he was waiting on another assignment. talk about that suspect who tried to get awayment didn't last long. jenny joyce? >> police tell us the cuss in custody at this time. at fits street, spencer avenue, olney section of the city. family members are identifying the victim as 47 year old howard white. they tell us he's a disable veteran, who despite his injuries, continued to serve his country, only returned from service a month and a half ago. now his family members are mourning his death. police say white got into a fight, family members say because the suspect trying to
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hole up baron the block around 1:00 a.m. officer heard the gunshot and immediately responded they saw man lying shot in the street, two running from the scene. one of the men happened to be a witness, police say, it was the 25 year old suspect, while he was on the run, he broke into a random home on the 6100 block of north sixth street. he apparently entered through a back door, and quickly came in contact with the homeowner. the suspect got into a fight with that homeowner. who was able to hold him in place until police arrived. the shooting victim's family test us howard white was one of the good guys, a community is hurting this morning. >> he was a hell after man. woe give his shirt off his back. he is what you call not a regular hero, an american hero. all right? >> it hurt me to see a man
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laying in the street like a dog. >> actually be praying for the young man who took my cousin's life. i will be praying for, and i ask that everyone would keep me and my family in prayer. >> friend say howard white was talking about heading back out on active duty with plans to head to korea he was waiting on a call back that was plans cut short by street violence, they tell us the suspect transport today einstein medical center minor injuries. he will late be transported over to homicide where detective will be anxious to talk with him. thomas, al next. >> and they will be learning more, no doubt. jenny thank you. 77:06. more following news out of wilmington, police investigating a shoot that happened over night on the 600 block of east fifth street. at this point, still active. we don't have any word on the victim's status, how they're doing or possible suspect. but we're working the story to learn more. >> he worked closely with children, for years. now, this former football coach is accused of using his
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position to pray on little girls. >> that man right there, this morning, he's behind bars in bucks county charged with several sexual assault, and investigators fear there may be more victims out there. >> so steve keeley live in bensalem with more, steve? >> well, this all occurred as far back as 1999. this guy, as you're going to see video of him arrested yesterday, he goes by couple of names, even shannon or sean westmoreland, 47 now, in his late 20's, when he was a volunteer football coach here, for the youth football league, the bensalem ramblers. so, how did he get close to little girls? they weren't on the football team. they have cheerleading squad for the ramblers, and that's what these victims were. little members of the cheerleader squad. that goes as young as four years old. one of the victims, he started raping her when she was four up until she was age 18 efforts six to ten, other to
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up 15. coming forwards as this investigation began more than six months ago, started out with one young woman, adult, who came forward and talk about what happened when she was a kim as detective search for more information, they finds more victims. the latest victim they found the third one just last week, so that's why they fear they're going to be a lot more victims now that this story is so public. >> if you know in association with the ramblers or cheerleading squad for the ramblers, they may have been, may have been potentially targeted why we are making our plea for help. >> after bensalem as best as we can tell he became homeless for awhile, living in a shelter i think in west chester. >> we pick him up at the exton mall where he was employed. >> these cases take on a pattern. we are just concerned that the pattern supply row pete philadelphia self in this instant.
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>> chances are those victims will recognize one of these pictures even more than the current video, because this is how the guy looked back in the late 90's, they pulled drivers license photos sin then, and that's almost 20 years. you can see how much his look has changed just like a lot of people's looks have changed but this guy even the hair color different. boy, isn't that disturbing now, alec, thomas, to hear the guy now working in a mall. we're in bucks county bensalem, hasn't lived here since zero five, but working at a mall where more kids are known to hang out down in he can ton. so people down there should be a little alarmed, too, and maybe make sure their kids don't know this guy, as well. true, mall is not the place where he should be. >> 7:09. >> police in australia claim cardinal george pell committed those crimes sometime ago, although, how long ago these crimes are suspect today have taken place isn't yet clear. he is due back in court in
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july, taking leave of after sense in the wake of the charges, but denies those allegations. >> coming up 7:10. young woman facing charges for killing her boyfriend, and what police say is a youtube prank, gone wrong. >> karen hepp in the news room. what's this one about? >> about a quest to have internet fame, to do pranks to get there. does go horribly wrong, very young people, one teenager one very early 20's being fablely members say youtube stunt gone wrong, man from minnesota dead, his pregnant girlfriend, who is now charged with manslaughter for pulling the trigger, her name mona lisa perez, pulls the trigger while trying to record a video for youtube. according to the criminal complaint, she fires 50 caliber handgun at her boyfriend, who was holding a book, over his chest. he mistakenly thought the book would stop the bullet, it was the boyfriends who convinced her to dot whole thing. he had different bullet where he tried it in the past where it shot and didn't go all the way through. video of them in happier
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times. they have one child already, and she now pregnant with their second. but, she accidentally killed him. family members say they were just trying to get famous. she is now facing those manslaughter charges. so a tragedy just trying to get famous on the internet doing a prank, that goes horribly wrong. >> just trying to get famous. and now look where she is. wow. thank you, karen. >> 7:11. president trump's travel ban goes into effect today. there are also new guidelines for certain travelers from six muslim majority nations comes as homeland security department trying to beef up security at number of airport world-wide. doug luzader i guess you better have good reason to come into the country, right? >> yes. that's the thing. a reason, a connection, something like that, the administration has come up with these new specific rules for the kind of connection you need to have to make it here. and this should all be implemented later today.
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>> we have seen the protests before. when a travel ban first went into effect back in january. this time, more warnings for travelers, but still, some potential confusion. just days after the supreme court overruled lower courts, that had block the ban, today, the administration will begin limiting travelers from six muslim majority nation. >> can't just prevent everybody. >> no, they can't. secretary of home lan security john kelly was asked about the new policy at appearance yesterday, talking about a cautious approach. >> i told my folks that i didn't want to come anywhere near close to get in cross wise with the court. >> to follow the court's guidance, travelers from the country's in question will have o prove they have some connection to the u.s. specific professional or family ties that are now spelled out. and while all of that plays out, the administration also leaning on airports, and airlines, overseas, to increase their own security for flights into the us. which could lead to lift ago ban on carry on laptop computers and other
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electronics for some international flight. and the tsa has been testing new carry on screening technology, in phoenix. >> unless we all raise our security standards, terrorists, who seek commercial aviation, is the greatest take-down, will find an attack the weakest link. >> now, if they refuse to cooperate, some of tees airlines and airport overseas, could be faced with a ban of their own, no longer being able send aircraft to the united state. alex, thomas? >> that would be a consequence. okay, thank you, doug. >> 7:13. >> so, was w president trump, prom i g big things when it comes to the republican healthcare bill. >> you got to wonder, will it be enough to secure a vote or support whether it comes up for a vote? >> republican senators say they're still on took have a revised version of the bill ready for re have you by tomorrow, before heading out for july 4th recess. senate leaders postponed a vote earlier this week, a mid rising gop opposition. the bill has been widely criticized by both party.
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president trump is staying optimistic. >> healthcare is working along very well. we could have a big surprise. >> with the demise of this bill, yesterday, its inability to get enough votes to proceed, we have an opportunity to go back to the drawing board. >> meanwhile, 40 protesters were arrested yesterday for staging sit in's and demonstrations on capitol hill against the republican healthcare plan. >> okay, mystery solved. >> what? >> yes, back at the beginning of the hour, we showed you the wawa hoagie build going on, and there is eagles player who came out. we couldn't tell, oh, who is it? we asked you guys, someone said al sean jefferies. no, it is not him. but, we do know who it is now shall it is anthony denim. and he is tight end on the practice squad last year, released but then resigned back in january. so, we don't have him in his eagles jersey just yet, but he's new, getting to know the
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area. what better way than to start with a hoagie from wawa. >> as you said, resign late december, january, six-four, 25 years old. >> with a position? >> tight-end. >> all right, so, sue, i guess he likes his hoagies. >> some people move to the area don't even know what a hog ski. >> true. >> with a pot expect after heatwave on the weaken, so far in heatwaves, we've had two, both three days in lent, may 17th to the 19th, then earlier this month, where the hottest day that far heatwave was 96 degrees, if you remember, welshing we may not get that warm this weekend, but we could easily string together three days in a row of 09 degrees or above, with those southwesterly winds, and the hot, humid air rolling in. as far as precipitation is concerned, we look ahead, not to today, not to tomorrow, possibility of friday, maybe
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some afternoon pop up showers and thunder storms, with 67 degrees if philadelphia, still pleasant morning, just a lot miler than it was yesterday at this time. sixty-seven, in allentown, and close to 70 in wildwood. and with the southerly wind, starting to pick up little bit 10 miles per hour in philadelphia, so the breeze will help it feel little better. once it get into the upper 80s, we got to 81 degrees yesterday, so did wilmington, some places like trenton, allentown, were only at 79 loverly, 90s tomorrow, probably saturday, sunday, good chance nine's monday and on the fourth of july, on tuesday. and don't forget, when you get in your car, if you forgot any of this stuff, we're got reminder of the forecast, at least for today, tonight, tomorrow, on more fm101.1. sort of like cliff note, if
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you forget what you were teaching. >> refresher. >> when you get in the car, pop on the radio. >> jammo on the schuylkill expressway, accident, involving two dump trucks, in the westbound lanes here, at the gladwynn interchange. see the two dump trucks here trying to get flatbed in, also fuel spill, if you look close, you can see the discolor case in the road surface, so right now, only one lane and using the shoulder here on the westbound schuylkill schuylkill. talk about double jelly donut delay. we got it for you. here is the interchange at belmont avenue. it is where jam coming out of manayunk, going westbound, barely moving, and look at the delay, already, rolling all the way back to montgomery drive. if you're leaving the city right now, forget the schuylkill. let's go old school. at least use one of the drives, the kelly or martin luther king drive to get you out to city line avenue from there, you can take, main street through manayunk, or
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maybe conshy state road. for the gang in willow grove, 611, crash at fitzwatertown road accident, southbound to two, in malvern. i'll wait for thomas to finish gulp down his coffee. thomas and alex back over to you. >> thanks for the pause, bob. >> the phillies coming through in the clutch. in the first time, in a long time. taking on the mariners in seattle. they went into the ninth down by one, after tommy joseph solo homer, nap stepping to up bring in the go ahead run. the phils go onto five-four, winning their first series since the beginning of june, and it is the 21st in two month. but you won't believe what may have contributed to this win. >> the secret to their success. grass hopper. >> not just grasshoppers. eating grass hopper. >> would you do it? chilly lime combination, has a lot of salt on it, sold at a concession stand at seattle field.
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>> what? oh, my gosh. >> they're munching. >> oh, eating them. >> actually not that bad. >> ya, you can see, see them passing them in the dugout yesterday. pitcher gave it a shot. some of the other ones were like, i don't know, here take the whole thing, i don't want it. >> depends on how they're fried. fried like with chicken, taste like chicken, just absorbs the oil. >> they say that about everything. everything takes cents like chicken. not everything tastes like chick glenn i'm say whatever they are frying in the oil, like if you taste the chicken, if you fried fish, you taste the fish. >> but then the little legs and stuff, oh? >> you would be surprised what you actually eat some of the bugs just hop in. >> i guess if i'm really hungry, and i have nothing else and i need to live, maybe i would consider t so would
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you order them? grasshoppers let me get me some. >> i tried it once. let's bring in some grasshoppers, chilly lime, have alex try it. >> i think i will ' pass. what are the odds of us finding grasshoppers in the area anyway? >> one phonecall. >> him ' hoping, nobody call in. >> all right, go ahead. >> 7:20. caring more than just books controversial law, a plowing employees to carry guns l it help keep student safer or just put them in more danger? state senator is weighing in coming up. >> fawn someone who will make some grasshoppers for you. also ahead this morning, ten years every iphone, can you believe it? apple released first phone, june 29th, on this date, 2007. things have been better ever since. how rich you had to be, or how rich you could be if you bought stock ten years ago when the phone came out watch it is worth now. >> oh, should have, would have, could have. rear.t's usually se
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the all-new audi q5 is here. in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits.i. bonds will be forged. and memonew york state. all her. to last a lifetime. it's only here. plan at explosive. the all-new audi s5 sportback.
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>> ♪ do the stevie wonder ♪ ♪ happy birth gay to you, happy birthday to the iphone. apple's iconic phone celebrating its ten anniversary. ten years ago it came out. >> so throw back thursday. let's look at the very first apple commercial. we have that, right? >> hell snow. >> hello. >> hell snow. >> hell snow. >> hello. >> hell snow. >> hello, hello, hello. >> oh, hello, bathroom. >> i hello. >> hello. >> hello. >> hello? >> bridges back memories, have the iphones all lined up there. i have someone, on instagram, of course the screen crack, so perfect of the that's how it
7:25 am
goes, rid? >> that's how you're forced to get another iphone. >> you have the 3s, 4s, all of that. someone on instagram told me they've had every single one of them. like you're fans. >> i the original iphone on ebay going as much as six, $7,000. >> lauren, what do you think that far? did you have the first iphone? >> wow. no, i was a blackberry girl, i remember bbm my friends. >> let's see the fingers. you have really small fingers for the blackberry. >> i know, i know. and i had nails, they would get in the way. but i've converted, guys, i have the iphone, i have the six. i have two of them. here is one of them. we've come a long way in the past ten years, and i want to talk to you about what comes next when we are done with iphone, but, the first iphone on this day back in 2007, i mean, it was pretty basic it only ran on the a and t and t network. people would signed up outside the stores, had actually had
7:26 am
to bring in police, undercover police, make sure there were no fight, robberies that breck out. >> wow. >> it is crazy. the first iphone cost $600, back in 2007. here is a tip. well, maybe you don't want to hear this. but if you inch advice that 600 bucks in apple stock, one share, would be worth $5,000 today. based on the rise that far. >> what? >> 600 becomes $5,000 over the core of time. yes, pretty unbelievable. >> 744% jump. what's worth now? couple of grand, right? >> yes, apple shares are i think about a thousand dollars each, right around there. >> because of the iphone gone up 500%. >> basic model what was it four giga boys and the upgraded, what, 200 something? >> quickly discontinue the four gig, but yes, they had four gig iphone, i think that was $500, had to cut the price, anyway, analyst,
7:27 am
prominent apple analyst said yesterday in a couple of years, it is not going to be about the iphone. it will be about apple glasses with augmented re al. >> i really? >> i thought we tried the glass thing. it is going to have a lot of fit yours, i'm thinking google glass proved to be big failure. we'll see. but they're coming out with three new iphones to celebrate the tenth anniversary. they'll be really expensive. i don't know how much fancier the phone can get. so the question is what comes next? when we're done? >> someone said they want a see through iphone. >> why? what do you want to see? >> either way, i remember, you brought back memories, you said only at&t. i was on family plan with sprint, that's why i didn't get the iphone until it was like four or five. because i didn't have, well, eventually they spread out. >> first you had to stick with apple or with at&t. >> i remember that.
7:28 am
wow. >> real quickly guys, i want to correct myself. apple shares are $145 each. 145. amazon anal if a bet -- >> how did we get $5,000 if you had invested in a. >> because if you just take that number and increase it by 750%. that's how. >> oh, okay. >> ya. >> you ask me too many questions at once, i get my numbers mixed up. >> three hours later still going to be calculating this. >> lauren with fox business. we trust what she says. >> okay. >> thank you, lauren, we appreciate t make sure to tell your iphone happy birthday. a lot of sam function folks, oh, we're team samsung and letting us know this morning. >> do you remember the razor phone back in the day? >> at of my friend had it. >> the next tell push to talk. >> so many different ones. let's go get to jen checking out quick summer get away today, new york city. >> and this is one of my favorite places. it is called the high line. it is free. it is awesome. look, there is someone
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gardening back, there you can get coffee, clothes, and the kids can have a great time too. did i mention that it is free? come on back, i'll show you. pea past.
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>> bus stop buddy celebrating national camera day, go to my facebook page, i pictured picture after camera with a
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flack cube, only a few of us remember what a flash cube even is, you may not remember what a camera; anyway, takes some pictures today in honor of national camera day, bus stop budd which his camera lens, it will be bright, sunny one, 60s to start. , 67 degrees, nice breeze out the south, southerly breeze does mean that it will be more humid today than it was yesterday, so most of the temperatures as you three are in the 60s, headed to 88, warmer afternoon, we will tell you when it hits the nine's in the seven day forecast, bob kelly? >> love the 90s. 7:32, sue, remember the kodak boot in the mall parking lot? we waited whole week to see our pictures, can you imagine, throw back. accident on the schuylkill expressway just cleared out of the way, traffic moving again westbound past gladwynn, but the damage is done. double jelly donut delay here.
7:33 am
leaving town, we're bumper to bumper from the boulevard all the way out to gladwynn. so, pack your patience go, for jumbo coffee if you are head that way. even the boulevard back up, you can see, one of the cameras becomes ten minute delay from broad street, all the way down through the schuylkill expressway. then travel times, pennsylvania turnpike headed westbound from philly over to valley forge. thomas, alex, back over to you. >> thank you, bob, we take it from here, 7:33, pennsylvania teachers packing heat. school workers are now step closer to being able to carry guns in school. the pennsylvania senate voted yesterday and passed the bill to allow guns, but employees must pass the psychological evaluation, and they must meet certain firearms training requirement. the philadelphia federation of teachers they call yesterday's vote reprehensible. the house hasn't voted on it yet, governor wolf has said he opposes this bill, but we wanted to discuss because it did pass. it was 28-22, so to talk more about the vote, joined by
7:34 am
state senator anthony williams. and dom giordano from wpht12:10 a.m. thank you both for joining thus morning. >> thanks for having us. >> state senator, i want to start with you. what was your reaction to the fact this this passed yesterday? >> consistent with the pattern in pennsylvania, unfortunatel unfortunately, retirement teachers, other educators have not asked for this bill, nonetheless idol gentlemen driving the policies? harrisburg. >> were you surprised then? >> no, i wasn't suprised at all. >> your reaction? >> i respect the senator greatly, but i think freedom issue, fan school district want to do it, they can do it, philadelphia will never do it, some of the rural district might do it, what in the world is wrong with freedom making a choice? >> we keep talking about these rural district, support remembers saying, the reason why we to would be good for the rural areas, because whether it comes to police response times, and that way there could have a quicker response in case there are a
7:35 am
situation. >> i would say places remote, but reality if educators in those areas thought this was good idea i would have expected them to articulate it a long time ago, know had. circumstance use of safety not part of community that respects guns, happens to be more urban areas with problems with shooting than rule areas do, frankly confused anybody would make the arcment rule pennsylvania wants it, they haven't asked for it. >> i would make the argument alec we saw in the recent shooting of republican congressmen, we all know there is big take away interest that, two brave capitol police office theirs able to return fire. otherwise would have been killed. so why would we not give school district the chance, psychological testing, training, to make a decision, that's what they were elect today do, just like the senator was elect today reflect his constituents, were not shot at that and philadelphia doesn't want to do it don't did it. >> dom the key word there were capitol police officers. we are talking about teachers, counselors, caring guns.
7:36 am
>> i would argue my sense of that with proper training, psychological all of this, these people are every bit as good. i'm not a big fan. >> we should dismiss teachers and other we ask to pro tech our kids with their tonight do it. >> senator william this has dollars passed in nine other states, ohio, mentioned yesterday there is bill modelled after ohio. they haven't seen any problems there. >> well probably haven't seen any shootings either. so of course, because they've energy been tested. i would certainly suggest those every us respect law enforcement, those of us trained in america to do this, are much different than i, who would take a football field, huge football fan, but i certainly would not take the field with a nfl professional trying to emulate the same thing. so teach here is responsibilities to educate,
7:37 am
not shoot not protect, take on the responsibility of protecting the school let alone the territory. >> i what's the alternative? we know many times sadly police officers won't rush in or even in sandy hook places like that relatively slow to get there. it took the arlington police i think it was 180 seconds to get there. what do did we do during those 180 seconds, pray if. >> no, i don't think we pray, we replicate what we've done across pennsylvania, frankly have sane, intelligent policies. we've not had hand i -- sandy hook incident in pennsylvania. so we are seeking a problem and provide ago solution that's never been requested by rural educator. if you can fine me one teacher in rural pennsylvania who said move this bill forward, their own initiative did not responds to the bill. then i may even consider it, reality is we've not had a problem in pennsylvania nor has most of america had a problem. and to suggest that what happened in washington dc replicates what happened in sandy hook frankly is
7:38 am
disrespectful to those in sandy hook different than that which occurred in washington, d.c., not analogous, not connected and most importantly i don't want people to protect me even though i'm a public official. >> well i would say that sandy hook with all due respect brought up by one of your colleague, said they wouldn't have been helped by. >> this i respectfully differ f someone is returning fire we all know it is much different to massacre people that n if a crazed lunatic can mow down kids and reload and kill more. >> seems interesting. i know some people saying it hasn't happened yesterday. -- yet. don't we want to have some type every solution before, and god for bit something happens in a school? >> well, talk about being pro-active, if we allow 500 school district to make their
7:39 am
own policies, wouldn't it make more sense like city council's borough council ills, which by the way the author of the bill actually voted against and voted for preempting local gun laws in philadelphia county. that means, did he not allow us to write our own policy, now giving our school board the ability to write gun policy in philadelphia county? let's do something that is sane, intelligent shall rational. and that is let those most responsible, who work every day to make policy, make policy. school boards are not designed to do that. nor are teachers in those places. but, police departments, the mayors, the governor, those counsel's, those representatives who represent those areas, they should be the ones involved in these policies that if they're going have guns, we should be allowed to write our own as opposed to sort of cherry picking and being hypocritical. it doesn't make real a lot of sense but allow for school district that does not involve itself in this area to design it policy.
7:40 am
>> couple of seconds to respond to that? >> i'm not here to defend some of these wacky republicans in rural areas that would ever come one stuff that's political and he's inside the political game. i think all of the stuff in harrisburg offer, i don't know how sane people put one it, but i want kids to be protected in the schools and i still maintain this is the secret to doing that. somebody there armed, the sense, there might be somebody armed, helps to stop lunatics from thinking they can target these gun pre zones. >> i want to thank both every you senator williams and dom for talking with us this morning, also needs to be noted philadelphia federation of teachers have issued statement saying they are against this, as well, as another group of when it comes to teachers. so that's a state's education association, they also issued a statement. but now it will go to the house. okay, it is clock 40, we'll take a break and be right back. p://>[a5df]
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>> delays around the board, set the phone for funnel roads into 76, due to accident. there is your speedometer reading headed westbound near the gladwynn accident delays on the boulevard, drays on the turnpike from willow grove, over to valley forge.
7:44 am
two dump trucks collide here, on the schuylkill expressway, this was the westbound schuylkill, right near the gladwynn interchange, so, traffic moving again, but look right here, looks like there is either a vehicle, maybe even a police car, that is still kind of hugging this right lane. so, see everybody moving over little bit? that's just causing a delay, that stretches, pretty much, from center city here, the roosevelt boulevard, all the way out to the accident scene in gladwynn. you put it altogether, we're looking at about 40 minute trip from downtown, heading out to gladwynn. checking with some mass transit tweets, septa tweeted out, thorndale train, operating with some delays, amtrak northeast corridor east of new york, running with delays, because after disable train, for the rest of the northeast corridor, mainly that washington dc stretch where we had that bad faith al accident yesterday. everything is running normal. and, then outside we go, live look at the roosevelt boulevard, about 12 minute trip. you you see it changes instantly, travel times here, southbound from broad, down
7:45 am
through the schuylkill expressway, 422, slow going, into king of prussia. and delays on the turnpike, about 37 minute, from philly, over to vale forge, forecast for your weaken, and your barbeque on tuesday, sue has got it in 15 seconds. >> a the love places will have fireworks before, over the weekend, but for tuesday, specking 09 degrees day, and it will be about 83 degrees, in the evening, if you're enjoying the fireworks here in philadelphia. but, i'm sure, many of your shore towns will have it, as well, just got the potential after heatwave as we get closer to the weekend. plenty of sunshine for today. for tomorrow, saturday
7:46 am
afternoon, when we have to watch, maybe, about three, 4:00 for the possibility of pop up showers, thunderstorms, we will keep an eye on that situation, but really, pop ups are possible any time it get hot, humid, and that's what we will be over the weekend. 67 degrees, philadelphia, right now, every place else in the six's, little bit milder than yesterday. >> eighty-eight is our high, 92 tomorrow, and around 90 saturday, sunday, and monday, and tuesday which is of course the fourth every july. we head up to nyc. to say hi to jen, high. >> i have to say the weather you provide not just philadelphia but here, glorious, the high line, something philadelphia is thinking about doing, having park setting in a urban space, new york city sure is looking
7:47 am
beautiful this morning, come on back. i'll tell you how much this visit could cost you.
7:48 am
perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa! almost had it! maybe next time. what about this time? pay me! the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers) keep on scratchin'!
7:49 am
>> my old stomping ground, you're -- >> guys, i don't know if you no, i know you know about it,
7:50 am
thomas, but as mom with kids, this is what i do, been doing it for two summers now, if we take the kids and we do the central park stuff, we do dillon's candy's, walk around there, before we leave, sometimes we want to take the holland tunnel. we come down here, i have to say, when doing day trip, up and back, in one day from philly. do you want to get out a little bit before you get the kids back in the car. this is a great place to do it, it is called the high line. and it is several miles of a man maids park, and what's really cool is that you feel like you're in the middle of nature, even though you're in the middle of lower manhattan. one of the reasons why i want to show you guys this, the city of philadelphia has talked about doing something very similar to this the spaces are amazing, one of the
7:51 am
first time i had seen here with the kids, seen a website that said you know top 15 things to do with the kids. and what the high line has, is they have a website that's called friend of the high line. and there is a kid section in there, so say you're coming up for the day, maybe you have ticket to go to see, you know, lady liberty later in the afternoon, but want to come up earlier in the morning, when you look at this website, it will tell you what things are available to do if you're a grown up, if you're a kid, and we will keep walking little bit. so i can show you, a lot of the coffee shops, bars, they're not open yet. but, during the day, that's one of the real cool attractions, you can come here as you can see, a lot of people are kind of jogging and enjoying all of this stuff. but again if you have the kids you'll need something to feed them or give them to drink because, after all, we know how kids are. i can tell you that the time that i came up here last summer, better when i had to
7:52 am
jam young brody and young landry into the car. one of the areas where they'll set up outdoor cafe. you can also do little bit of shopping artists will be here, specially for people from philadelphia it, feels like big city thing without like worrying about if your kids will get run over, or are you going to lose them in central park or times square. feels little more authentic, just great great thing. as i say the way that i have ' used with my family is as a transition spot, you know, for not ready to go uptown, not ready to be downtown, it is this, so guys, i wanted to share this with you, so all morning long, we will go through couple of things that you might do if you are just coming up from the philadelphia area to new york city for the day, by the way, the views are gorgeous. >> that is nice, looks like cool area. >> cool spot.
7:53 am
they have a lot of different restaurant, bars it, gets pack during the day, you can sit there, you can people watch. some people roller skate. >> i love people watching. >> cool. just watching the world go by. so cool little spot. jen, thank you. >> for those who don't like needles, oh, that's me, i like this, whatever it is! >> it has like 20 little needles, does it make a difference versus one big one? also ahead: is netflix glam rising eating disorders, we will talk about the new film called to the bone. it tells the story of a young woman battling anorexia. why some critics say it is potentially risky for some viewers. how do you become america's #1?
7:54 am
7:55 am
start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide, america's #1 detergent
7:56 am
>> get owl of jail free cards only works when you're playing monopoly. >> in case you tried. man in minnesota tested out to get out of free jail card. didn't work. >> the dakota county sheriff's
7:57 am
offers posted this photo of the cards on their facebook account. they after he dollars the man with a outstanding controlled substance warrant, and at some point during the arrest a deputy discovered the get out of jail free card on the man. police say he carried it around just in case. the sheriff's offers got a good laugh at this one, but not too good. because unfortunately for the man, it didn't work. >> how about if he has some monopoly money. >> that won't work either. >> actually some blobs, people trying to raise money because they think it is hilarious to get him out of jail. >> that means, if they do raise enough monday that i means technically it worked. so good for him then i guess. >> unsuspecting starbucks customers for a surprise when spiderman dropped from the ceiling to claim his coal brew. watch this. >> how are you doing? (laughing).
7:58 am
>> excuse me? >> i was wondering if he could actually grab my drink. >> oh, hi, how are you doing? >> do you have a coffee down here is that correct mine? >> hi, high! >> the agency rigged the promotional prank, for spiderman homecoming. movie by the way premiers july . >> oh, everyone has to take a severe, too. oh, that's hilarious, yes, i would be freak out at first oh, what's happening? what about you? >> lyle spiderman jump in? freak out. do you remember spiderman on broadway. >> no, i didn't see it. >> it was awful. >> it was? >> horrible. >> kind of authorities do. how did -- >> people falling movie, they ho many technical issues. >> would he actually swing from stuff. >> but at one point he got stuck, so all in the audience like is happen. >> can somebody get him long? >> didn'tie coming back. >> i love her.
7:59 am
well, good day to you, it is thursday, june 29th,an home fors than two month shot and killed in the street. >> he is what regular hero, an american hero. and it hurt me to my heartds lae street like a dog. >> what did in his final hero. >> to the bone. a new netflix movie about disora conversation. and some concerns. is the trailer trigger >> why critics are warning papeople. >> happy birthday to the iphone. >> this is one d
8:00 am
are calling it iphone. >> today marks ten years,the fin sale, how this device has changed your life decade. >> talk about alashback, fanny pack >> this blast from the past is making a come this classic right back to your wards rob imagine x coming back. >> i miss my pack. >> so practical. >> they are practical. >> what did you take? i gue phone, but you can put your phone in your pocket. >> keys, wallet. >> what did i h fanny grabbing what did you carry? >> i think your house key, and maybe had some your little huffy bike, your bmp. >> basebal balance cards? >> that was two month ago. >> thomas loved his fanny pack. stylist lisa, she said she can convince us all toanny packs so by the
8:01 am
ten color we are autopsying wearing them. such a dork. i'm in. >> suntan lotion? weather we are bea to have, might be good idea. >> get out and about, take little sunscreen in there, maybe little bottle of sunscreen, so we've got a nine out of ten in your weather by the numbers today. bus stop buddy celebrating national camera day. see, back in the day, actually had cameras to put if the fanny packs, that were separate from our portable phones. but now it is all together, some folks do still have cameras, i think the poloroid actually kind of making a come back for some folks 60 out the door, sun cap recalled market street, 07-mile per hour with 12-mile per hour breezes and i think the breeze will keep us from feeling too oppressed by the heat today. it will be warmer, more humid today. 07 degrees here and in allentown, 62 mount pocono, headed down to ocean sit,
8:02 am
68 degrees to get your day started and 71 in rehoboth beach. high temperature today of 88, 81 the high yesterday. delightful, we warm you, this is our transition day. between gorgeous weather every yesterday and owe preserve heat of tomorrow. >> transition day, guys like that. 8:02, delays around the board as you transition from the bed to the car to work on a thursday morning. slow going here along 476 from 95 up to mcdade boulevard. going to zoom on in, schuylkill expressway, still running slow balls of earlier accident that occurred right here westbound near gladwynn. now, traffic is moving right here. pretty much bumper to bumper leaving center city right near the boulevard, headed all the way out toward belmont. again, just residual delay from the early morning accident. then we got crash right in the intersection of city and conshy state road.
8:03 am
causing a back up, working your way down city line. for the gang in south jersey sun glare delays popping up along 295 headed down to the 42 freeway, thomas, alex, over to you. >> thanks, bob. >> following developing news out of olney, still, where police are investigating a homicide. vet sean shot multiple times on west spencer street. >> suspect, and his murder, leading police on foot chase into a stranger's home. jenny joyce has the latest. >> here at fifth and spencer street, where police are continuing to investigate this in the olney section of the city family members howard white, they tell us he is disable veteran, who despite his injuries continued to serve his country, and only returned from service month and a half ago. now, his family members are mourning his death. police say, white got into some sort of fight with a gunman. family members say it is because the suspect was trying
8:04 am
to rob a baron the block around 1:00 a.m. officer heard gunshot, and immediately responded that's when they say they saw a man shot lying unresponsive in the street and two other men running away from the scene. police caught up with one of the men he was armed with two guns but explained to police no, no, no, i'm witness, i'm chase that man who just shot and kill my friend. police say, while on the run, the 25 year old suspect broke into a random home on the 6100 block of north six street. he enters through a back door, but quickly came in contact with the homeowner. and the homeowner's adult son. the suspect got into a physical fight with the homeowner, who was able to hold him until police arrived. the shooting victim's family tells us howard white, one of the good guys, a community, is hurting this morning. >> he was a hell after man. all right? he would give his shirt off his back. >> yes, he would. yes, he would. >> all right? he is what you call not a regular hero, a american hero,
8:05 am
all right? and it hurt me, to my heart, to see my friends laying in the street like a dog. >> basically, we will just be here in prayer, i'll actually be praying for the young man who took my cousin's life. i'll be praying for him. and i ask that everyone could me and my family in prayer. >> friend say howard white talking about headed back out on active duty with plans to go to kore korea he was waitingn call back, plans cut short. police tell us the suspect transport today einstein medical center minor injuries, he'll then be taken to homicide, where he will begin speaking with detective, police tell us, that they do have one witness, over at the round house right now, working with police, as they continue to investigate. back to you. >> thank you, jenny. just sad to hear from people who knew him, calling him an american hero. >> he was entrust today coach children. now, this former football coach is charged with sexually assaulting little girls. >> bucks county prosecutors fear, because it has been so many years, there could be
8:06 am
more victims out there. steve keeley, liver in bensalem this morning, with additional details, steve? >> well, i'm sure a lot of viewers saying, well, if it has been so many years, why charge him now. well, this investigation just didn't happen overnight t actually started in october, when a girl who is now 17, came forward, and said, hey, there is this guy out there, who started raping me when i was four years old. so, as they investigated since october, they found out another girl, who had reported something similar, back in 2,009, when she was 15, was the same guy. and then, just a week ago, wednesday, on june 21, a third victim comes forward, says she was raped by this guy, starting in age six, all the way until she was 18. and because guys like this, who are charged like this, often do it to many little kids, ala sandusky and all of the catholic priests, authority now fear these three victims may be just the first
8:07 am
three. >> if anybody out there has any information that they may know of, another victim, a potential victim of this man, we are asking for your help. we are asking that you contact bensalem township police department. we're glad we were able to get this guy off the street, where hopefully he'll never be able to do any or the harm to any other children. the ages of four to 18, the most haneous of crimes, that there are out there, this man repeatedly raping these young juveniles. >> even if you suspect, or you have some kind of information, let us be the judge as to how valuable that information is. for although it is my fervent prayer and hope that there are no other victims, it is my fear that there may so be other victims out there and that's why we are making this plea for your help. >> all right, so the guy has two names that he's gone by,
8:08 am
since he's been on the radar of authority and football coaches here in bensalem. either shannon or sean westmoreland. he's now 47, but was in his 20's when he was a volunteer football coach for the youth football team out here. and the way to get to where the little girls were, youth football team has little girls as cheerleaders. and that's how he came in contact with them. what's he been doing lately? who knows. here is more fear. not just up here in bucks county but down in chester county because that's where they found him yesterday. been living in west chester far from here, not far from kids, say he hats been work working at the exton mall, mall where kids like it hang out. they want parent all over our viewing area to take a good look at the guy, whether fresh pictures from his arrest yesterday or all of the old drivers license pictures they were wise positive pull up and see if he recognizes your kids recognize this guy whether with belong hair, dark hair,
8:09 am
whatever, hopefully come forward with more tails of horror like the first three have. >> we hope there aren't other victims out there. >> 8:09. >> we take little turn here. because we are celebrating a birthday today. it is the iphone's birthday. >> not even going to try to talk to siri, she ignoring me, but happy birthday, siri. >> i thought it was siri. i don't use her, isn't it sewery? >> what do i say? >> you say it like tom's daught. >> how long have you been saying it like that? >> years since iphone four. >> you have the british speaking voice. >> i d phone, i say happy birt y >> see? >> if you say so.
8:10 am
>> if i say so? it is. >> we say>>t has been ten yearse this device first came out, the iphone. an this, standing in line, 600 something bucks. >> so in the past decade has sole more than 1 billion iphones. the first the touch screen phone, really set the standardsor computing. it is fun toy say now. hard to emojis, right, apps, constant access to the internet. but this device made apple isn't done innovating yet, newlease early fall. a lot of people have big expectations because of have to. but this was pretty hot back in the day, had blue tooth, rear camera. although the sim card doesn't work today, i trylook at all ofs we've had over the years. that's we've been asking people, how many have you had out of like two, have yu
8:11 am
had everyone? >> i've had three, i the six, te original one, then jumped to the four, and then nowced me to have it. >> so we will keep talking about this, you won't believe some of the do now because we have this. really changed the game. >> cool though.riginal iphone, straight from the 70s. >> it does? oh, yours still >> how do you know? >> i was looking at pictures people were >> oh,. >> my sim card won't work, it turned on it,seems like a lot o. >> 8:11. to the bone. have you heard that's on netfli? it is about eating disorders. and it has been sparks some concerns. is the trailergger why critics are warning parent it may be harmful topeople.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> good morning, slow going on pennsylvania turnpike, you see, the speedometer readings, 24 miles an hour, coming out every philly. nineteen between willow grove,
8:15 am
and valley forge. going to zoom on in to the problem on the schuylkill expressway, double jelly donut delay here, as you leave town. all a result after earlier double dump truck accident, the upper left-hand side of your screen there, that's the westbound side, near belmont. down below on the right, that's the gridlock, leaving center city, where we are jammed solid from the boulevard all the way out to belmont. accident in chester county, hello thorndale. route 30, the bypass, eastbound right at route 340. and then, hello to the seashore. look at the garden state parkway. looking good with some sunshine, you are thinking about your shore plans for the weekend? we need a forecast, sue has it in 15 seconds. >> start off this time with your sneeze report. the report of allergens in the
8:16 am
air, and not too bad with tree pollen, grass pollen, or even ragweeds. but mold spores are reported very high in these areas right now, so if that's your issue that's what you got. high pressure about to move or shove, southerly southwest wind and will bring back the heat and the humidity as well. starting offer right now, 70 degrees, in philadelphia. after a wonderful wednesday, with high of 81 degrees, today, we get above average, with a high of 88, 92 on friday we stay in the 90s, saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday which is the fourth of july. >> humidity returns today. now we have to get used to it. >> actress lilly collins take on deeply personal role. >> probably know her that she is the daughter of rock icon phil collins. >> you might not know she revealed in her book unfiltered suffered from
8:17 am
anorexia. >> she plays ellen woman battling eating disorder, in the upcoming netflix to the bone. posted on instagram writing don't be afraid to start necessary conversations discussing important mental health ill know cents still considered quite taboo, together, we are never alone. small portion, take a look. >> under control. >> isn't it funny? >> ♪ >> you okay, hone? >> the movie has not come out yet, but people still re ac to go there is here to share the
8:18 am
thought, doctor, and jennifer, an alum now helps other. >> your first ring? >> my reaction, mixed. i had, when i first saw it, was hopeful, thinking, wow, this could be really powerful. >> this could be a movie that helps educate the public, break down the stigma of mental health issues, then i had some concerns, because i'm thinking is this going to be a movie, that just perpetuates some of the stereotypes already out there. for instance, eating disorders only happen to urban suburban white girls. or that to have an eating disorder do you have look and act like lilly collins or he will never this film. so, i had a mixed response to it. >> i also had mixed response in all honesty until asked to do the interview, i was avoiding this trailer at all
8:19 am
costs. >> but after watching the trailer, i'm also hopeful. hopeful that it will serve as an educational piece, i hope that it reflect the complexity of heating disorders and the resilience of those in recovery. but i do have concerns about the representation of eating disorders. >> what was it about the image as we look at the preview here, what was it about the image that just didn't sit right with you? >> it is so extreme. it is so extreme. >> like eating disorder is extreme? >> it is, it is extreme not just because of the shape of one's body. it is extreme because of the mental suffering that one goes through. so, eating disorders come in all shapes, sizes, colors, genders. >> and on or ex ya has become the face of eating disorders, especially i think in the public. and in the media, and yes,
8:20 am
very important to talk about, it is so much bigger than that. >> do you think it makes you feel little easier about it to know, since lilly has comfort saying this is something i've struggled with the director has come out saying they struggled with it that's why they wanted to tell the story because it is something that they've been through or do you still think that oh, wait, not this way? >> hard to say from the trailer, my hope accurate representation that they're honest about eating disorders this is devastating illness, serious, takes a long time to recover. there is no quick fix. so i'm hoping that also, they're able to reflect on the fact that eating dis offered can happen to a wide variety of people. doesn't age, race, gender, sexuality, doesn't matter. you know, there is a very broad, a lot of vulnerability out there, yes. >> how do we continue this conversation, because i spoke with couple of mother yesterday, and they saw the preview, they said i just
8:21 am
don't feel comfortable talking about it, but it is not new. we go back to karen carpenter, saw it with actress tracey goal. how do we continue that conversation with our loved ones? >> epp ' hoping movies like this, a start. where we can start having a conversation, there is still a lot of stigma. people uncomfortable, there is fear if i talk about it, might make it worse. thirteen rears why it came out, oh, my gosh, how do i talk, how do you suggest if this is a conversation i should have, my kids will so this, do you do you start that conversation? >> i think it is important, not to focus on weight. point out things you're observing. i notice that eve ' been pulling away from your family, friend, what's going on, you know, i'm wondering if you might be struggling with
8:22 am
something like this. so important to have broader conversation, not just focus on what someone looks like. >> i know tight on time, but so much has changed over the past 20 years, have social media. have these chat, with other teenagers, and how you should look, and giving hints, tips, and i mean just whole another world when it comes to facing eating disorders. >> how do we tackle that? see my minute selfies, we have these filters, unrealistic expectation of who we are. >> it is challenging, challenging world. as a mother of two daughters, you know, i worry about it every day. >> in having communities like ren few, other communities that build you up that empower you, that makes the difference, requires one to
8:23 am
take the step out of main stream, find new waste to pour themselves t makes recovery so personal and resilient. so there is always hope. >> that's the key word there, hope, we hope this will be enlightening for people and can help others as opposed to damage. >> absolutely. >> the store that's make a difference, so we appreciate it, we appreciate you being here, and sitting down and telling our loved ones, even though sounds so perfect the way you are, i know you see the images on social media, and i love you for who you are, and sometimes those words make such a big difference. >> thank you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. 8:23. is the flu shot about to change? there may be some good news for folks who don't like needles. the new patch that promises to protect. >> oh, that's what they say. but it still has needlesment we'll tell you how it works.
8:24 am
oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
8:25 am
very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
8:26 am
if flu protection without the pain, that's what they say, researchers at georgia
8:27 am
tech say press on patch does just as well as delivering the flu vaccine, see it there, bunch of little needles, those dissolve by the way into your skin. >> oh? >> the patch still being tested but doctors hope it will be a cheaper way and encourage people to get the vaccine. >> at first i was excited but now you want me to exchange one needle for 50. >> like little mosquito bite, itches just little bit. that's what they say. >> i'll just stick with the tried and true way, yes. and it disolves in me. that to just sounds questionable. okay, vacation, no-no. they may get a lot of likes. but a new study says you may want to think twice before posting your vacation pictures on social media. >> emily: i want to live on my own
8:28 am
8:29 am
but i know it won't be easy. how will i keep up with everyday expenses: rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
8:30 am
8:31 am
>> lani birthday to the eye phone, today marks ten years since the first iphone went on sale, the big ways this device has changed over the past decade. you won't believe it. >> apple's going to have to start paying me for talking about this iphone. also ahead this morning, fanny pack fashion, this blast from the past, guess what, it is making a come back, the best ways to add this classic back into your wardrobe. >> fanny packs are back people. if you don't believe us, just watch. >> sue serio, she has -- >> sue? >> i'm certain there is probably one in my closet somewhere. i only had one. and not necessarily attractive. >> what color was it. >> black. >> comes with everything. >> yes. >> our fanny packs ever attractive? >> well, it look like from the photos you just showed, that some of them are rather stylish. >> oh,. >> we'll see. >> another question is that a crown royal in bus stop buddy's hand? it kind of looks like a bottle of crown royal.
8:32 am
>> listen, what's on your mine, that's sunscreen. yes, little palm tree, and generic, number 50 sunscreen. >> bus stop budd say good boy. and a camera, remember those? yes, national camera day today. to remember cameras, and use one, if you still got one. temperatures are mostly in the 60s, although, some had inch. into the 70s this morning, like here in philadelphia, 12-mile per hour breeze out of the south, and that is warmer and more humid air edging into the area. 88 degrees today, and it will stay breezy throughout the afternoon. seventy-one muggier night tonight. heat and humidity continues, we will tell you how long in the seven day forecast coming upment bob kelly? >> we got water main break for you, check it out here. 8:32, gang, still shot i just took, look at the water shooting, i don't know, can't even estimate how high into the area, up and over one of the building in king of
8:33 am
prussia. penndot tells me they think it is at mor atmore road just off e route 422, i'm wondering if it is in the king of prussia construction zone where they're building the townhomes back by the wegmans but look how hi, i grabbed the snapshot of it. live look, in the construction probably hit one of the pipes, boy, shooting high in the sky there. so we keep our eye out and see what develops. delays coming northbound, on 495, as you head on up into that delaware memorial bridge. >> are you ready for some hoagies, because the wellaway with welcome america festive tis officially underway, so some eagles players and wawa reps are delivering a thousand hog toys our veterans. >> that's like 23,000. guess who we sent snout richard curtis hanging out, have you chowed down yet,
8:34 am
richard? >> it has been tough not to, guys, in absolute heaven, you have christmas, valentine day, tell you right now the 25th annual hoagie day, the best holiday of the year. we're here with the guys that's making it happen, going to start with jeff, you are the presidency of the wawa welcome america. >> i am, what a privilege it is to cure ate philadelphia's hometown festival for the nation. we're so excited and happy wawa hoagie day. >> this has been such a great day already. you guys have been busy making all of these hoagies, i mean, how many of these are we talking about? >> there are thousands, chris will tell you more about. that will i have to tell you what i love about this week, it is 50 event, everything is free. we are impacting the community the heart and passion of wawa welcome america. >> giving back to the city. here at the veterans center. you guys have been busy since what time did you start making thee things? >> 5:00 a.m. up early. the people are passionate. they care about it, we're here
8:35 am
together. such a privilege, and let's have some fun, too,. >> amazing weaken, the only breakfast better than eggs; a wawa hoagie right. bunch of shorties, now we have chris in the house. what does it mean this weekend to go down and be so big in the city of philadelphia? >> so important to us, philadelphia is our hometown. so 25 years of wawa hoagie day, what better way than kick off wawa welcome america than hoagie day, free hoagies, weaver a thousand going here to the veterans multi service center so great for you guys to give back. you guys won't believe what's happening over here. we have some really important people giving out free hoagies. look at the veterans enjoying themselves. guys, how are you hoagies? you can see anthony denim in the back taking lot of pictures, making himself look so good, giving out the free hoagies. coming up here debbie derrick, the multi service center director of development. how great is it to have wawa
8:36 am
help out smear. >> it is amazing, so we serve veterans five days a week for breakfast and lunch we have hundreds of individuals that come through the center, and veterans are super excited to have wawa here today for their 25th anniversary. >> you got to tell me. did you have a hoagie yet this morning? >> not yet. but as soon as the cameras not rolling. >> i think me and you both. guys it will be tough to get me out of here. i'm not sure if you are going to be able to do it, look, we have the hats. look at the shorties going around see if i can get a few hog its for you guys back in the studio. >> my question, how many hoagies can you fit in your hand? >> i think i can probably fit about six per hand, but i have these, look at these puppies, monsters. >> he can probably fit ten hogens there. >> i'm interested in the hat. they're cool. pretty great. >> need to team up, bring it over together. >> that's great for the veterans, it is about time.
8:37 am
>> betty white at 95 years old. finally a member of the academy. who else was invited to join in an effort to increase diversity? we will tell you.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> oh, thomas. 774 new members have been invited to join the academy of motion picture arts and sciences. this is the largest class ever. >> and, one of the new editions, let's surprise you, maybe not, betty white. the household name whose acting career spans about seven deng aids somehow just became a member of the academy. >> how is this just now happening? she is 95. >> it is about time though. >> yes. >> if anyone, you ask betty white to the party, right? so other people who are invited, duane johnson, the rock, leslie jones, from s&l, and danny glover, just a few. >> donald grover. >> doesn't he go -- oh, talking about someone else?
8:41 am
>> childish gambino, done al glover. >> oh, danny glover? >> oh, i'm sure he's in there. >> well, betty white wasn't until 95. >> that's true, we better check. >> should i ask suri? >> she won't respond. >> surey? >> according to the ac inned any, new class 39% female, 30% people of color. this comes two years after outrage, you heard about it, hashtag oscar, so they're trying to add little bit more diversity, to the mix. >> congrats to the new class. yes, they're welcome parties will be fun with betty white there. >> oh, betty white is the party. >> just make sure she has her snickers, you have seen already -- >> oh, the commercial? >> i'd like it just hang out with her. >> i know. she seem like a lot of fun. >> or date her. >> date her? oh, look you at you, you like the cougar's? >> i'm up for anything. jenn fred up for anything, there is a hotel, i didn't want to mention this, hotel in the high line. have you heard about this one, jen, kinds of the naughty? >> we have to ask her.
8:42 am
>> naughty hotel. google it. just put naughty hotel. >> not that it is knotts, you mean naughty naughty? >> naughty naughty. like they have windows that are open stuff like that, on high line in new york, google it. >> i'm sure. or you could just tell us, apparently you've been there. >> so jen will talk fashion, look for less than $100. >> i don't know yes just mentioned that. >> hey guys, one of the things a lot of people do is they shop when they're in new york city. check it out. grenitch village party girl, let me tell you something, everything in there, less than 100 becomes, you will want to see why the black uniform of new york city, may not be happening now. we will see in you just a second. pea past.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> camelback becomes camel beach this time year. it will be warmer than it was yesterday, we called it wonderful wednesday, warming up today, but not as hot as tomorrow and humidity will really sank in, dew points going way up by friday. hot holiday weekend ahead, as well, so make your plans accordingly for your bq, your trip to the shore, you're just
8:46 am
laying around in the backyards maybe. 70 degrees in philadelphia, right now, a lot of the other temperatures are in the 70s, remember, yesterday, we told you don't get used to it, 81 degrees below the average of 86. we're above average today, with 88. ninety-two tomorrow. we could easily put together heatwave number three, of 2017. with all of these temperatures through tuesday the fourth of july. close to 90 degrees. back to you. >> thank you, sue. jen is in new york city today. when you hit the big apple, typically do little shopping, right? >> so she is at super cute boutique, i'm being told. >> the the prompter says, super cute. >> super cute hotel, or i don't know. you set me up for that one. >> no i didn't. >> you totally set me up. >> when i come to new york, one of the things that people love to do is do little shopping, you can't go shopping without george. good morning, sweet. >> i thank you for letting us come to this gorgeous
8:47 am
boutique. >> oh, purdy boutique, one of my fives. >> usually newer ' in darker colors. >> it is summer, all about white. >> we have some exams be that far. >> yes. >> the thing you said to me talking about this segment, you said, the new york city uniform that's all black, transforms to all white in the summer. >> yes, because so hot. white is so cool and fresh. let me show you, bring out miss mackenzie. >> high. >> so i love this outfit. >> okay. >> so of course here we are in all white. notice her top, with the texture you're seeing, all of the palm pom many's, huge trend, look at her earring, brings/the blue in her eyes, then we go down to the stacked bringing let in colors, getting colors in the accessories here showing the beautiful clutch. which is really really cool with all of this embroidery and all of these great colors here. and then going down to her shoes, which we pick up the color here another big trend, the mules with the pop platformment whole thing white with color, looks fresh, cool,
8:48 am
all on trend, and she locks amazing. >> zero g. >> and the happiest person i've ever seen at 8:00 in the morning in new york sit. >> i next beautiful miss erin. i love this. this is white with metallic. what we did here we did rose agreement. look at erin's earring, delicate, another trend we're& seeing in jewelry mixed when delicate necklace, actually do earring and necklace together, all delicate, light. and again this is six borough boutique. com. did it with the beautiful clutch in rose gold, which makes a statement, ac he is jewelry, going down to her platform shoe here, with the rose gold straps. so the whole thing is white with rose gold, you can also do it with regular gold or silver. keeping it all in the metallic. what i love about this, and the most important point is she is wearing this very beach i kind of lays dress. >> yes. >> from the boutique, cut out in the back, then what's so amaze being it it is actually a beach dress, but do it with
8:49 am
met tal i can it dresses it up, elevate it you. >> bring the tall girls in and you elevate them and i have no shot here. go to number three,. >> you're petite and georgous. >> of course, okay. >> that's what she; petite and gorgeous, why i love her. bringing out jess. >> okay. >> yes, let's go jess. >> now talking about tall girls, i have to mention all broadway girls, jess actually in chicago right now on broadway. >> oh,. >> yes. >> all right, so, i love this look. now, guys, this is so great for you out there to do. because look at this. we took this little lays blazer, just with a little cotton tank top, again, in the the jewelry, another trend we're seeing in jewelry is the little flower earring, this is again six borough boutique, delicate necklace here, white on white and white going down just to denim short, little distressed from purdgy girl, slides, another trends in footwear, great white tote and looks amazing. >> come back out. i'll tell you what i love about everything. >> what i love a lot of us might buy this type of thing, never know thousand wear it, and everyone has a bathing
8:50 am
suit cover up thing, but at the pool we want our arms to show and never wear the whole thing like, that finally when i'm in new york i like the distressed jean look. >> yes. >> but i want to fowl little extra. >> absolutely. >> i feel like the white and all of that make me feel extra. >> it is like white with color, white with met tal i can, white on white. also very importantly notice when we did the white on white we mixed texture so it is the lays with the denim, pompom's with the texture, with the denim jean, so it is all about mixing textures and whites so it looks interesting, and what i love about everything that they're wearing which is the most important for you guys out there, watching this morning, it is all under $100. >> yeah. >> okay, high kicks for everyone. george, you first. >> i'm going to give a low extension kick, just little like this. because it is all in the attitude that you do, all about commitment. look, strutting. always strutting. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> next stop, is uptown. >> girls, get together. >> see now little bit. >> you guys do your thing. >> bye, love you, girls, bye wave, love you. >> they're giving the love. thank you, jen, do have
8:51 am
breaking news this morning, a water main break, bob? >> water main break. houston, we've got a problem. look at this. this is a live look from skyfox of the gusher shooting out if the grounds, this is right hine the valley forge casino to kind of a locator. skyfox, zoom on in. somebody didn't mark the road properly. look at the water, that's coming out, shooting at least 15 stories high into the air. imagine the pressure that is behind that along moore road, eighth avenue, right behind what would be the king of prussia mall and valley forge casino. look how high. we can see this water all the way from the king of prussia mall p and over the billings so we will get an update and get your bathing soot. coming back right after the commercial break. do you really use head & shoulders?
8:52 am
8:53 am
no, not really. i knew that not the one you think you know the tri action formula cleans removing up to 100% of flakes protects and even moisturizes for sofia vergara hair she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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8:55 am
holy water main break batman. look at this one, 8:55, looking live from skyfox, over moore road in king of prussia. right behind the valley forge casino. look at the pressure that must be behind this geiser that's coming up, at least, i want to say, 15 stories in the air. we can see this water, all the way from the king of prussia mall, obviously, a construction zone, because look how nice and neat they had the road cut. hey, tony, you were supposed to mark the road before we started digging. yo, tony. wonder if they made a one call before they started. these guys obviously are in a hot mess here. the walter had been shooting for probably 15, 20 minute now. let's go to my maps. real quickly to give you an idea. here is 422, around the
8:56 am
turnpike, king of prussia mall. the water main break rid there. so i expect them to have to shut the water off in order to get this repaired, skyfox, will stay over it, we will come back with more right after the break. (vo) this fourth of july
8:57 am
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at enterprise car sales... experience great customer service and get more for your trade. june twenty-ninth through july fifth. and let enterprise car sales flip your thinking about buying your next vehicle.
8:59 am
>> we want to get back to there is water main break in king of prussia. just to see the water, i mean, bob said at one point, shooting up 15 stories, it is frozen right now, maybe the water shot up. >> look at this! >> i would, and the pressure coming up. >> you don't have to go to sesame place today for a water park. >> that's true. just run out over there. looks like probably people think it is raining in that area. >> oh, my gosh. >> we will keep checking in with that, bob will give us updates, because the shot keeps going out. but good day to you, it is thursday, june 29, 2017. how are you guys feeling? >> good.
9:00 am
how are you feeling? >> high, karen, richard. >> fantastic. how are you? >> good. friday eve. so i like that. i'm always good for that. >> the weekends, i can feel it, touch it, bring it in. >> people are asking me where's mike, he's on vacation, talk about vacation no no's, they may get a lot of likes when posting your photos right on instagram, all of that, but new study says you may want to think twice before pot -- posting your vacation pictures on social media. mike must have heard this study. >> radio silence on his end. >> he's smart. he knows, just give him the sympathy light there. >> also parent specially if you have daughters, get them this is the room right now, going up to new york to the american girl store just, you know, like pilgrimage to to go there. so if you are thinking about it, give you the tip so you can plan your trip. >> we've had a lot of different fashion here on the show. but i got to tell you there is new one is a hot one. fanny pack fashion. this blast from the past is coming back. and the best way to add the classic back to your wardrobe, how do you do it?


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