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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 30, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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right now on "good day philadelphia" a high school grad dies in the crash apparently it was no accident, the search to find the driver, behind this road raid rage death. and fall from grace, the city still reeling this morning after a one top prosecutor is now jail after pleading guilty to bribery. and, do you take septa? get ready, you have to dig deeper to get where ever you will be going. that is coming up very shortly it is straight up 4:00 o'clock on this friday morning, good morning to all of you, good morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> thomas is off a little bit, he will be joining us later. >> it is cusp of the holiday weekend. >> it is fourth of july
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holiday weekend but holiday is not until tuesday. >> right you about a lot of folks are taking off on monday and why not. >> getting ready for weekend. >> it is possible. >> we understand because this came up on twitter that you do to have work if you work department store or whatever. >> the sales that are coming up and also we get it, and we're glad you are here with us. >> you will get on the traffic stuff, i think we have had some developments that are happening. >> yes. >> but big story, sue, it is weather, so excited for holiday weather whatever days you may be off. >> it is hot and humid, pope eighth for the month of june. it it is the last day of june. of the of the 10 because we are more humid and hotter as well. thunderstorms in the northwestern part of the state none of that expected to reach here this morning at all but it is, muggier, 75 degrees, much warmer then yesterday at this time. thing that will save to us day are breezes, it was kind of breezy yesterday and we expect that again today. seventy's just about every where, in mount pocono it is
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67. wrightstown it is 68 degrees. we will go down to cape may, rehoboth it is already 72, mays landing, 71. allentown 75. doyletown 73, and, breezy, sunny, and hot. the only three word you need to remember today and maybe the number of 92 degrees, probably will feel hotter then that but really oppressive humidity settles in tomorrow. we will talk about that. rest of the holiday weekend forecast coming up get ready for 92, bob kelly. >> breezy, sunny, hot. >> three word. >> breezy, sunny hot. >> now you have it committed to memory. >> if i get that right i get weekend off. good morning. 4:02 and we're in good shape on the major roadways, except for, a closure of delaware avenue. delaware avenue shut down here between palmer and columbia, here's a live look outside we will go an accident scene, this is all just north of sugar house casino.
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sugar house casino will be off to the right. it looks like you can see police activity in the back here. now north bound lanes, of delaware avenue closed, southbound, obviously getting bias you can see from this fellow here, in fishtown that hot bed of construction, that has to do were not only the neighborhood construction but also, that i-95 construction at girard avenue. so again, northbound lanes of delaware avenue are closed just above sugar house casino. we are still closed on the vine street expressway, vine expressway shut down this morning between the schuylkill and broad street again, typically overnights they are closed until 5:00 o'clock. they told me they will not be working over the weekend. so once they pack up and head on out we are good, through at lee the middle of next week. we are working, eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, right here near could be show who can even, one of those roving crews, they were picking their cones and getting ready to heading in toward downtown but mass
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transit is young no reported delays, karen, back over to you. we want to get to this story at 4:04. young woman so beautiful whole world ahead of her everything to live for just graduated high school plans to go to college but instead her parents are planning her funeral. she was kill in the road rage accident, police are trying to find the person responsible, lets get out to west chester where jenny joyce has the details, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen. chester county district attorney says every cop in three surrounding states is now looking for the person who shot and killed bianca robber son in this apparent road rage incident. eighteen year-old bianca robberson attended this high school in chester county. she was shot and killed driving her cara long route 100 where it merges with route 202 at 5:30 p.m. wednesday. person who did this was behind the wheel of the red pickup truck, two were trying to merge simultaneously when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire on the roadway,
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police say that the rusted high school graduate was shot in the head and died immediately in her car and veered off the road. >> her car started joseling, with a red pickup truck, not actually hit it but both trying to merge together and then she was shot. the man in the red pickup truck shot her, directly in, the head. she died, instantly, her car went off the side of the road, and into the wood. >> reporter: police are asking nil one with any information about this vehicle and driver to call them, the truck i know not a great picture but it is described as a red faded chevy pick up, driver is believed to be a white male between the age of 30 and 40 with blonde, or light brown hair, so roberson is a recent graduate of this high school rushton high school which will have grief counselors on hand from 9:00 to 11:00 to try to help this grieving community, karen
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>> it is just so sad, such a mystery right now. seth williams, he is waking up in a detention sent they are morning. the former philadelphia district -- >> the former district attorney for the city of philadelphia admitted, each of the corrupt and fraud allegations contained in the indictment. >> through go. he took a deal. it all came down. he decided it was time to get a deal. lets get out to the detention center with steve keeley and the latest on what happened there and when he will be sentenced. >> reporter: when he became district attorney, district attorney's office was right here on arch street and now he is back on arch street a few blocks away. you can see accommodations not too swift, the windows here are about 2 inches wide. you are in a little cell about the size of a typical home bathroom not one of those luxury bathrooms but little one. you are by yourself 23 hours a day.
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because you are top law enforcement official you are isolated from everybody else because bad people don't like former good people, who put bad people away. so, he is in here for his own protection and he will be here until at lee october 24th when sentenced back across the street from where he pled guilty just yesterday. if money got him into his mess being a ex-husband got him in a money problem he is knowing what it is like to be annex free person to be able to go out on the street. >> mr. williams asked me to express to you and to the public his most sincere apologies not only to his supporters and voters of fail but also hard working men and women of the philadelphia district attorney's office. >> moving forward he is concerned for his family. he loves his family. his daughters, and his ex-wife , you know, they are close. you know, he wants to get this over with and get this behind
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him. >> reporter: karen, if seth williams was figuring about money and he got all these gifts and all these home furnishing for money, think about the loss of money. that is probably what he will be thinking about, at his time here because he will do is have time to think and one of the things we can mention now that didn't get mentioned yesterday is as a $175,000 a year top employee in philadelphia, who had 20 years , combined in the district attorney's office, he is going to give up a six figure pension that he could have got for 30 or 40 years, how many millions of dollars will he give up in cash, just for that little bit of cash and those little bit of gifts that aren't going to add up to much when it comes. that big thing he is giving up now is his freedom, reputation , his career, he will be out of this prison in five years and who knows what he will do because he won't be able to practice law ever again that is for sure. >> it is just such a journey, sad to watch, all right, steve prosecutors in the
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district attorney's office want people to know their work will continue, they did have a news conference right after the restings of the seth williams. they said they are still prosecuting crimes in philadelphia, bringing criminals to justice. >> the philadelphia district attorney's office, embodies the phrase, that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. the assistant district attorneys and professional staff, many of whom are here today are among the finest in the country. for the last number of months this office has continued its mission, seem restly, under sometimes very difficult circumstances. and we will continue to do so while awaiting the election of a new district attorney. >> that is woman picking up the manned will right now first assistant district attorney kathleen martin. she got a text message from seth williams letting her know his i been tension toss plead guilty and to resign immediately. grief stricken relatives are remembering a marine
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veteran who was gunned down outside a bar, happening in olney. we told but this yesterday on good day. they gathered outside the home , so many people coming together to remember 47 year-old howard white, who lived there with his family. you can see emotion and tears. here is the scene from inside the bar. this is over on spencer street there was a guy trying to rob it, police say when this hero intervened. he had just gotten back from being overseas, served in the military for years and years and years. he is a hero and now he is dead. >> when you try to get somebody not make the wrong mistake and you wind up losing your life. he saved everybody life at that party. he went out like a hero because that is what he was from like day one. >> so after all this the shooter runs away, tries to get in the house nearby but people inside were not halving it, a dad and son and they subdued that suspect until the police got there. >> hit in the face a couple times with the gun, so start struggling with him, i grabbed
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the gun, i grabbed his wrist, and i grabbed his hand and just try to hold him. >> there is suspect you see right there randolph randy johnson behind bars right now and he is charged in connection with the fatal shooting. all right. 4:11. we have bad news for septa riders, they will be raising the fares, go in effect tomorrow. electronic card or token single ride fares will bump up from 1.80 to two dollars even. cash fares from 2.25 to $2.50. price increase will find every day expenses like labor, fuel and power. did you hear about this one? lots of people were talking stars, celebrities, politicians our president's twitter fire storm. coming up next harsh backlash from both side of the aisle politically and stars after a very personal attack, against the female journalist what she and her co host will be doing today to respond. also a deadly collision,
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tennis star venous williams blamed for a crash that killed an older gentlemen, why police say she was at fault. all right, bob kelly, give us something good. >> we have something g we have hits coming up for holiday weekend folks could be starting a five day weekend if you take monday off we have a problem on delaware avenue down in center city. open up that front door and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway, we got something good here, we have concert fire works, whole 9- yard this weekend is what your favorite holiday traffic jams, #it on your facebook, twitter, instagram use that # traffic jam and we will play it on tv. sueby has your forecast when we come right back.
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that is what we like, reading, good morning, welcome , thank you so much for waking up early with us. we like to have a long holiday weekend that will be beautiful and a lot of you will be traveling this holiday weekend lets see where you are going hitting road, triple a says this is most traveled holiday weekend, in a long, long time. we will have a million more people outside on the road this year as opposed to last year so where is everybodying ing ? for folks hopping in the plane they are going to be heading down florida and going to orlando. but for a lot of people in our neck of the wood, sue serio, they may go up to the
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mountains, to the shore, i will have a barbecue in my backyard and i'm starting tonight and other people likely too. >> it is true, there are place s having fire works not only on the fourth of july but over the weekend as well. i believe, there is some of the art museum, i may look that up, may even be tonight a lot of neighborhood, lot of fun by fourth of july on tuesday, of course, it will be hot, chance of the pop up thunderstorm. is there every day when it is hot and humid. 89 degrees. eighty-three for the evening. nice and muggy when you are watching, oh and ah the fire works. high pressure is off shore. southeasterly wind coming in. we have a cold front that will take a bit of the while to get here and a couple of disturbance is a head of that cold front but hot, and humid in between, now with the close proximity of these two systems and we are in between we will have breezes pick pick up up at times today so that may be one of the only things that keep it from being more
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oppressive then it will be. nothing to show you in precipitation right now, we will look at the future cast and we don't see anything happening today, maybe tomorrow, a few pop ups in the afternoon and evening with one of those weak disturbances coming through it is not until sunday night that the cold front itself comes through, won't cool us off a lot but may prevent us from getting a heat wave, from springing together three days in a row. it will still be hot and humid but maybe not in the mid 90's like we were a little earlier this month. seventy-five, muggy degrees, in philadelphia right now, with 67 up in the mountains. seventy-six in lancaster. seventy down in wildwood. and wind, we have some breezes around 12 miles an hour in philadelphia, 13 miles an hour in dover, 12 in reading, looking back before ahead average high 86, yep, we went above average yesterday with the predicted high of 88. we are going for 92 today. it may be 88 tomorrow, 90 on
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sunday. ninety-one on monday. close to 90 on fourth of july. with it being so close we may not get that official heat wave but doesn't matter, it will feel hot and humid throughout the weekend and throughout the fourth of july as well, so this probably will end up being a four or five day weekend for a lot of people if we sweat it out, 88, 89 let just get to 90 to win the pry. >> oh, all right. >> if we go that far. >> 4:18. ready for weekend. it is a friday. we are good to go on the 95, schuylkill and blue route but we're still shut down on the vine expressway both directions closed between the schuylkill, broad street until 5:00. your best alternate would be to jump off at 30th street swinging around and coming right down market. i have tried all of the alternate and that seems to be the most easy, and the less amount of traffic lights along the way that you can get stuck during morning rush hour. another problem we have here an accident and a closure of
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delaware avenue in fishtown, here's a live look, this is right at the sugar house casino so casino here off to your right and the accident scene is right here, northbound, now it looks like they have shuffled it around. all north bound lanes blocked, southbound getting by, something else is going on here. so this area right by the casino you want to avoid delaware avenue both directions between columbia and palmer and then eastbound schuylkill expressway they are doing work near conshohocken curve, so look out there, disabled on the walt whitman bridge eastbound heading in to new jersey but otherwise mass transit looking g karen, back over to you. >> bob, thanks very much. 9:19. man whose body washed up in the shorts in north wildwood was new to this country, 24 year-old. this is what he was wearing. he had come from egypt, working on the boardwalk. medical examiner's office said did he did drawn. police found his body on the beach between 24th and 25th street. and montgomery county
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judge has sentenced a child rape toys 10 years in prison. judge told suspect andrew wolf he is lucky his legal team reached a plea deal. that guy pleaded guilty to a number of acts with a child who was only 12a number of years ago. it is 4:20. lets lot a the state house in trenton where governor chris christie is preparing for a government shut down. if the legislature fails to vote on the budget by midnight the state government will shut down, how that, lawmakers did not reach an agreement on the budget yesterday. lets go to pennsylvania, governor tom wolf release aid statement praising a $32 billion spending plan right before the end of the fiscal year. it authorized an 870 million-dollar increase in spending from last year, wolf says more money will be invested in our schools and protecting our senior citizens and creating new plans. our department of health release who had got 12 medical marijuana sites in pennsylvania. the department notified the business that is got six months to become operational
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before they can start dispens ing medical marijuana. three of the permits are in the philadelphia area including one over in frankford avenue, state department official there, state government official says it is on track to ensure commitment to making medical marijuana available by 2018. 4:21. some people say they are just babies and they are committing crimes. one of the three just 13 years old, how about this, can you imagine, committing 10 burglaries according to police and robberies. our dave kinchen spoke to the woman who was surprised and was surprised. >> i saw something, grabbed a pair of shorts, held him in front of me and walk down the hall way. >> reporter: awkward surprise by any home hoy surprised a 13 year-old boy who just broke in her house in the 4200 block of regent square in southwest philadelphia. >> he was started to see him as i was to see him. he said something like, you know, i'm daniel's little brother. >> reporter: only getting a way with cash.
4:22 am
philadelphia police say that 13 year-old was one of two other young bandits behind 10 burglaries and robberies in university city and southwest philadelphia. cash, wallets, bikes, and electronics stolen. >> they are very good for what they do for young age that they are which is troubling in some ways when they should be better at reading books and doing some things, kid should be doing in the summer playing sports and having fun. >> reporter: house in the 900 block of fargot terrace was hit, a woman did not want to talk on, cameras but home owner confronted one of the suspect crooks too. >> going in to somebody ease house, goes way over the top. >> reporter: niomi says she doesn't think jail is the answer for bad boy who broke in. >> to be the most important thing this is a 13 year-old kid who looks like he could have a good future and i am really hoping that that there will be some serious work done not just to dump him. >> reporter: police say after
4:23 am
they stole bikes, teen suspects would ride away in stealth mode, cops believed that they got all of them with three arrests and they say they were able to get back some of the stolen goods to the rightful owners. at southwest detectives, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> thanks very much, dave. 4:23. president trump's travel ban is in effect. lets look live at philadelphia international where those who do not have a bona fide relationship with family member, u.s. citizen, school, business from one of those six countries will be impact. they will not be able to come to the united states. right before this took effect hawaii filed a court challenge yet again targeting limitations of family relationships so who counts as family, is it an aunt, uncle, knee, grandmothers, u.s. customs and border protections experts say that businesses usual, will happen, as this business rolls out, we will see what happens. how about this what a mess a joy rider creates a massive headache for a school district
4:24 am
, there is a lot of damage on the field up there and people up there say it will cost them big who did this? they do have some video, we will show it and explain when we come back.
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good morning i'm ron berk at sixers summer league mini camp on thursday we have our first look at markelle fultz on the court as a pre. fultz will play on monday in utah summer league. first overall craft pick impressed coaches by asking questions so what is it that
4:27 am
this 19 year-old want to learn at pro level? >> everything. like i said, just they have different rent plays and way they play defense and i want to be best player i can be. in order to do that i got to learn the plays to the best of my ability. i don't know something i don't hesitate to ask questions. >> one era begins veteran flier won't be returning, agent for steve mason says goaltender will leave philadelphia after four plus seasons. michal neuvirth is top goalie with free agency set to open up tomorrow. after being off thursday, the fill lies for a three game set with the mets tonight coming off two game sweep with the mariners in salt highlight by a ninth inning rally in the second game of the series. they will pitch ben lively. that is sports in a minute , i'm ron berk. >> ♪
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take a look at this young victim killed in the case of road rage, investigators her car went off the side of the road but when they looked closer they realized she had been shot and trying to figure out who is responsible. and, lets show so good guys. they put their lives on the line all the time, and again
4:31 am
they are doing it right there, and they are saving a person's life getting him off that overpass right there we will have more on the remarkable story. and right on coup we have the perfect weather for a holiday weekend. you want it to feel like july we are turning up the temperature to day, sue will have our holiday weekend forecast coming up in near second. thanks for joining us straight up 4:31. >> i have mustard yellow, ready for the barbecue. >> i'll take hot dogs. i have the mustard. >> myself, everybody else buying all that stuff at the store at super market and getting chicken, hot dogs, burgers. >> it will be craze any that bread aisle for hot dog rolls, hamburger rolls. >> potato salad, oh, boy, fun weekend hopefully for you as well and typically hot, humid with occasional pop up thunderstorms. that is all you have to remember for the weekend just get ready to sweat, today is an eight, out of 10. we don't see any rain, on
4:32 am
ultimate doppler radar there is some around williamsport, not expected to make it here today or at all today, 75 with a 12 miles an hour breeze which will refresh your a little bit. sixty-seven in mount pocono. seventy-six in lancaster. down in cape may and rehoboth beach where it is 72 degrees. medford lakes 72. pottstown 73. valley forge is also 73. seventy's to start. muggy morning of the week for sure 85 by lunchtime, 92 is your high, breezy, sunny, hot throughout the day and sunset at 8:33. bob kelly when you are outside taking a nap you have a long time to enjoy this beautiful weather. >> don't bother me, i just disappear in here, kid could be running around for hours, where is he? where is he? 4:32. it is friday. we made it to the end of the week. not bad at all. slow go on the roosevelt boulevard for gang out of northeast philadelphia but we have a closure of the vine
4:33 am
expressway until 5:00 between broad street and schuylkill. it is closed tonight. i should say last night into this morning. but then they will pack it up and head out of town for the holiday weekend. here's a live look at crews out on 422, out near valley forge, interchange so just watch out, we have some cones down off of route 23, here we go, live look at the freeway, nice and quiet now, but we will be singing on the way to cape may later this afternoon when we start hitting the road to the beach and here comes the headlights coming in toward the city, here's a live look hello to the shaders along route 73, watch for disabled vehicle on the walt whitman bridge heading in to new jersey but otherwise mass transit is looking good, karen , back over to you. bob, thank you. we want to show you some is is an absolute tragedy. beautiful bright, young woman is now dead. her car went off the road. it is a crash there it wasn't the crash that caused her death. investigators say that when they got out there to the
4:34 am
scene and took closer look they realized she had been shot in the head and they think it is road rage and they don't know who dit. lets get tout west chester with what we do know, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, karen. difficult check out that go fund me page set up for bianca robberson's family to pay for her funeral arrangements and in the last 15 hours, more than $6,000 has already been raised, all while bianca's murderer remains at large. so, police tell thaws this happened around 5:30 on wednesday, so the district attorney for chester county says 18 year-old robberson was shot and killed while driving her cara long route 100 in west goshen township, so police say the push who did this was behind the wheel of the red pickup truck this he were trying to merge simultaneously on to route 202 when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire. police say rustin high school graduate was shot in the head, died immediately and her car veered off the road. >> this is now a murder.
4:35 am
every cop in three states is looking for this red pickup truck and looking for this defendant. at this point we are asking anybody who saw anything on route 100, going in to route 202 to call the west goshen police department, right now, tonight. give us every bit of information that you can. >> police are asking anyone with any information on this vehicle and driver again to call them, truck is described as a red faded chevy pick up, the driver is believed to be a white male possibly between 30 and 40 with blonde or light brown hair so robberson just graduated from this high school. according to that go fund me page she planned to attend jacksonville university with the goal of become an fbi agent, karen. >> it is so sad on every level , jenny, thank you very much. well, what a turn off events a major fall from grace for a former district attorney
4:36 am
, seth williams. he decided to take a deal and plead out yesterday. lets get over to steve keeley to explain what happened and what is in the future, steve. >> reporter: we all know all of the gifts that he took and those first class caribbean vacations with those private butlers and chefs part of the gifts are now far in seth williams past and now put him in his present this tiny federal prison cell here, right across the street, from the fbi headquarters in federal courthouse, alone, 23 hours a day away from the other inmates for his own protection, prison food, slid into his door. as we go in the video seth williams walked in the court yesterday morning smiling as philadelphia's top law enforcer, moments later he was in tears, and was walked out of the courtroom in handcuffs by u.s. marshals. the biggest fall from top law enforcement perch to the new philadelphia prison inmate at age 50, losing his freedom, his law license, his lucrative six figure pension and his
4:37 am
reputation. >> you know, he wants to get this over wayne behind him. he is a man in transition. he is a man on the way back. >> reporter: does he believe his life is over. >> his life is not over. >> he has fallen so far. >> he has another chance. he had an organization, foundation called second chance. the lord will give him a second chance. he is on his way back, during our time together, i have seen him make change and make better decisions and think better, you know, about what he is doing and how he will do tonight his future so no. >> reporter: karen, certainly is difficult to find anything positive about put in handcuffs on somebody right away and taking them right from court, right after you plead guilty but here's an attempt when seth williams is sentenced formerly to five years this fall, by then he will have 10 percent of his prison sentence served rather than, just starting out.
4:38 am
>> we will see all of the developments on this one, just fast moving. 4:37. thanks, steve. high school in allentown trying to get to the bottom of who did this. someone destroyed the field with a four wheeler. these practitioner fields for teens out there, parkland high school friday night lots of rain so you know ground was soft, you can see fire marks right there someone in the new four door chevy pick up drove circles around the fields leave those deep ruts. they cannot even play. this is video of it happening right there some knuckle head thinking thinks cool to tear up the field and spin things in it. district says whoever dit knew campus pretty well and they they they actually planned this out. >> they don't realize they think they are having a good time but they don't realize how much time, effort will take to repair damage that they did. >> it is called doughnuts when you get out on the field. if you know who drives a vehicle like that or you heard something or have any information call the south whitehall township police. lets show so people who
4:39 am
did a really good thing in a really difficult situation. these or troopers, state troop ers there in camden and you can see there is a guy on the bridge and having some struggles and wanted to take his own life. they went running over, they grabbed him during a moment when he got distract, and they saved his life. this is right at exit 5aoi676, police got him, he was distracted and pulled him away and he has a life because of that heroic action. 4:39. our president receiving criticism, from everybody politically, both side of the aisle and from celebrities as well about a tweet that he did yesterday, two tweets, president fired off this pair of pretty crude tweets, taking aim at some tv host on ms nbc, mika brzezinski and joe scar bureau. he refers to mika as crazy mika and psycho joe and mention this is were down in florida at his home in mar-a-lago around new years eve and wanted to spend sometime with him. he takes a personal attack
4:40 am
while mika was bleeding badly from a face lift. needless to say the backlash was swift. >> i'm appalled. this is the president of the i had. you don't do things like that i don't think you can expect someone to be personally attack day after day, minute by minute and sit back. they knew what they were get ting when they voted for donald trump. >> so, the morning joe hosts were supposed to go on vacation, well that is all off , they cancelled the start of their vacation, they will be in their studio better believe they will be responding, this morning, to those tweets from the president. ing ago above and beyond, there is a septa driver who gets off the bus and does something, pretty remarkable, a good deed, that has a lot of people, oh, yeah, giving a standing ovation, thank you sir.
4:41 am
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police say venous williams is at fault for a car accident that led to a man's death. it happened in florida and police report says her suv went out in the intersection back in the early part of june on june 9th when she was t boned by another car but she was at fault. there was a 79 year-old man in that car that died two weeks later. williams said she got stuck when the traffic slowed, her attorney says venous expresses her deepest condolence to the family who lost a loved one.
4:44 am
4:43. fire fighters in southern california are battling a massive wild fire threatening two of our country's most exclusive communities. these are homes, many of the rich, famous, california bass as and malibu where a lot of the stars, celebrities live, the fire in malibu is threatening hems right there, pretty close, officials say more than 35 acres right now are burning. first cvs is pulling products from the chefs and they say it is for our own good health. items that they are ditching, to make us all happier. california bass as.
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we know a number of you will be heading to the shore this weekend and may want to give yourself some extra drive time because is there construction taking part on part of the garden state park way. chris o'connell says even more congestion going in to the very busy weekend. >> reporter: heading down the shore this fourth of july holiday weekend, stay tuned i will tell new a minute when you absolutely do in the want to get on the road, if you are heading down the shore, be prepared, it may take you a few extra minutes to get there the rush to get down the shore , and a stand still, even on a thursday night. >> i know there will be a lot of traffic tomorrow so we thought we would beat it tonight but apparently we didn't. >> reporter: if you think getting out of the city is bad on a holiday, it is nothing compared to what has become
4:48 am
the summer headache of 2017. >> use right two lanes to take 7s. >> reporter: grid lock on the other end of the ac expressway , exit seven, getting on to the garden state parkway. some travelers are reporting miles long backups in the bottleneck, delays during peak times, on this exit alone up to an hour long. >> you realize how many cocktails an hour is on a friday night. >> reporter: missing sometime. >> yes, big time. >> reporter: you can see the problem from above, from two lanes of the atlantic city expressway all of a sudden merge into one lane of the garden state parkway. >> it is part of the 45 million-dollar project to replace five parkwa bridges, all within a half a mile of the expressway exit. if you think this is bad, well , wait until you hear this , it is not scheduled to be finished until next june. best advice avoiding the exit all together by getting off the expressway at exits 12 or 17 or like many travelers, waiting until late at night
4:49 am
when the traffic isn't so thick. now if you are heading down the shore you might want to listen to this according to the driving smart phone app wa ze, two times you absolutely want to stay off the road between two and 5:00 o'clock on friday and three and 6:00 o'clock on tuesday, but if you are heading anywhere over the holiday weekend be sure to buckle up and pack your patients. along the atlantic city expressway, chris o'connell fox 29 news. >> pack some snacks for the kid g job, there chris. that is a hot mess, heading down to the shore. it is all about timing. right now it is 4:49. we will be in good shape on the major roadways. next couple days will be up in the air because of the holiday , located on tuesday, some folks are taking a four day weekend spread out over a number of different days but vine expressway, still closed between the parkway and the schuylkill. here's a live look at an
4:50 am
accident scene in northeast philadelphia at torresdale and robbins in the mayfair section , as chris just mentioned the shore delays will start between 12 and 2:00 d then that grid lock heading down to the shore. live look at our cameras nice and quiet now, 47, just off of route 55, again traveling on the off peak times, early, early morning getting up, grabbing a coffee and getting down there before the delays, or just, saying you know what forget bit, lets wait until after the rush. north on i-95, 495 excuse me through wilmington watch for construction delays, into terminal avenue and then throughout the midday and we are looking at a disabled on the walt whitman bridge eastbound heading in to new jersey, look out, and keep in mind if you are using septa starting tomorrow, the fare increasings into effect across all mode of transportation buses, trains, trolleys, so be ready to dig deeper for septa
4:51 am
fares fares tomorrow. karen, back over to you. >> i meant to say sue will have to the forecast in 15 seconds. >> it is okay, it is friday. who isn't distract. i hope you have fun. just be prepared for heat and humidity. there is rehoboth before the masses, move in for the weekend. we will talk about a muggy morning, the muggies are back today, hot holiday weekend ahead and a few chances of thunderstorms popping up here and there always have to be prepared for that. throughout heat and humidity. so fourth of july itself if you are making plans for that we have got fancy graphics for that. we have got 90 degrees, sunshine, hot and humid, big surprise there, right.
4:52 am
we have a few showers to the north, and west of us, far north and west of us, so we're not expecting any of that to reach to us day but remember once we build up heat and humidity we just need a disturbance and trigger and we could get a pop up thunderstorm more likely tomorrow then today as we can see in the future cast. today probably north and west of the city a pop up late in the day, saturday, possibly north and west of the city maybe even here we will get a pop up shower or thunderstorm but i wouldn't change any plans as a result of this because even if you do get a thunderstorm it won't be licensing lasting. sunday afternoon and evening we have a chance of the pop up shower and thunderstorm. so for today it is muggy now, 75 degrees in philadelphia, at the moment, 75 in allentown. seventy-six in lancaster. your day gets started muggy but we have breeze that is may help a little birth ease the higher dew points, 12 miles an hour wind in philadelphia right now. average high is up to 86 degrees and we went above
4:53 am
average, first time this workweek with 88 for a high yesterday. today 92. eighty-eight tomorrow. possibly, late day thunderstorms but there should be a time throughout this holiday period where we can string together three days in a row of 90 or above and that is heat wave number three of 2017, karen. >> so i swear by this in your health news drinking bubbly water sparkling water it is a healthier choice for your weigh line but could effect your smile. here's an important information, dentist are warning that the flavored waters may make your teeth susceptible to cavities. bub even can erode your tooth enamel. dentist says sparkling drinks are less acidic. still better than soda but just like everything do it in moderation. drink them in moderation. if you plan to spend time outdoors over fourth of july holiday cvs wants to make sure you are protect from the sun. they have decided to remove their tanning oils and also
4:54 am
any of the lotion that is are under an spf of 15. they want to make sure you are properly protect. they have moved candy, junk to the back of the store, thank you. food containing trans fats will be next they will remove them a year before nationwide ban is set to take effect. cvs has been revising its inventory to remove items which are less healthy. three years ago it stopped selling cigarettes and other products. we will be right back. my sweetheart's gone sayonara. this scarf all that's left to rememb... what. she washed this like a month ago! how's a guy supposed to move on?! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents
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across your entire laundry routine.
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we want to show you one of the viewers that sent this in a septa bus driver being praised just for, being a nice guy so he gets off bus and he is walking this man across a busy intersection yesterday, viewer says man is blind and the driver was concerned so he got off bus, over at route 65 bus to make sure that man got across the street safely right over by henry avenue just before the wissohickon station , nicely done, sir we will be right back. i lost my sight
4:58 am
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right now on good day philadelphia, a high school graduate dies in the crash, that was, no accident, turns out she had been shot investigators say, they are trying to find the driver behind what they think was a road rage death. what a fall from grace our city still reeling right now after a won top prosecutors takes a deal admits he bribed people and already he is in jail. breaking news overnight pretty scary moments right there the home front falls on to the front steps while people are sleeping inside. we have got latest on that. and if you are like any of house take september off to pay more, starting, and, and, good day, everybody, it is another week we are going in the holiday weekend, it is so grateful you woke up to join us. thomas drayton sleeping in a couple minutes. we did


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