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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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right now on good day philadelphia, a high school graduate dies in the crash, that was, no accident, turns out she had been shot investigators say, they are trying to find the driver behind what they think was a road rage death. what a fall from grace our city still reeling right now after a won top prosecutors takes a deal admits he bribed people and already he is in jail. breaking news overnight pretty scary moments right there the home front falls on to the front steps while people are sleeping inside. we have got latest on that. and if you are like any of house take september off to pay more, starting, and, and, good day, everybody, it is another week we are going in the holiday weekend, it is so grateful you woke up to join us. thomas drayton sleeping in a couple minutes. we did an escape room we will
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talk about that. we all did out. it was quite an ordeal. sue this weather is amazing as we welcome america. >> only way to escape heat, humidity toys get in air conditioning and you may find yourself there a lot, over next couple of days. eight out of 10. here's buddy at short today. temperatures already in the 70 's, we are off to a muggy start, so it is nice to dip your toes in the water even this early in the morning. we don't have any precipitation on radar we are starting off with 73 degrees in philadelphia with breeze out of the south at 10 miles an hour. official sunrise time is coming up soon at 5:36. other temperatures, just about everybody in the 70's and warmest morning of the week for sure, 72 in rehoboth and cape may, we will go up to wrightstown, and 68 degrees, and valley forge it is 73. perkasie at 72. we have temperatures in the 70
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's. three word, for your forecast today, breezy, sunny, hot? anyone can remember that. that. >> ninety-two. that is our high temperature for today bob kelly. >> that is enough memorizing for the day, breezy, sunny, hot, got it. 5:02. it is a friday. we are getting ready for many the holiday weekend. we are off to the start of the morning. holiday weekend when holiday is on a tuesday which means unusual traffic patterns for the next couple days. get ready to row your boat, kelly drive will close today at 6:00 a.m. we have one hour to go and then they will shut down kelly drive through sunday, all part of the independent day regatta taking over our fair city. here's a live lot the vine street expressway, traffic moving again. here comes officer opening up traffic allowing folks to come in and out of philadelphia we have no problems in the downtown, schuylkill at lee at the moment looking g here's your travel times for 422,
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coming in from king of prussia also coming up from west chester and be ready for construction delays on 495, through wilmington, mainly centered around terminal avenue, karen, back over to you. thanks, bob, breaking news , lots of big stories we are covering. first off lets look at video at a home that partially collapsed in south philadelphia. some ruble covering the front steps right there it is over on the 400 block of manton street. people were sleeping inside when this happened. now there is some other homes on the side of the house and they were partially damaged. there were three other homes on either side that were affected. we know one person, you cannot go back in the house with the damage there but no people were hurt. now fishtown where there was a car that caught, on fire after it struck a trash truck, this happened just after 1:00 this morning on delaware avenue and sugar house drive. police say car hit the back of the truck, person driving the car was taken to the hospital,
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and we do not know what caused that crash. more breaking news this from marcus hook, one person had to be raced over to the hospital after a late night shooting, police say someone fired off shots, right around 10:40 last evening at eight plaza street, there was a person who was struck, victim was taken to the hospital we don't know that person's condition. we want to show you a beautiful, young woman with the whole future ahead of her just graduated from high school, going to college, instead her parents are planning her funeral, the teen , killed apparently in a road rage accident, that is what police are saying but they are trying to figure out who did this one. jenny joyce with the shocking developments, it turns out that she had been shot. >> reporter: truly shocking, karen. district attorney tom hogan is calling this a sense list murder of the recent high school graduate. we are live at rustin high school where bianca robberson, this high school will have
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grief counselors on hand as community mourns this great loss. so we are hearing from the district attorney who tells thaws this happened, wednesday night, around 5:30. eighteen year-old robberson was shot and killed driving her koran route 100 in west goshen township. the person who did this was behind the wheel, a red pickup truck. they were trying to merge simultaneously on route 202 when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire. police say rustin high school graduate was shot in the head and died immediately and her car veered off the road. >> the defendant fled in that red pickup truck on to route 202, drove along the shoulder on have the highway, trying to get away and then dropped down on the paoli pike and then took off from there. we are checking video, of all of those area, getting exact description of that pickup truck out to you, and for that person, for that man who fired the shot, turn yourself in right now, every second you
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are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself and worse for this young lady 's family. >> that man has not yet turned himself in. police are asking anyone with any information on this vehicle and driver to give them a call. i know it is not greatest picture but, it was pulled from penndot surveillance, described as a red faded chevy to be a white male possibly between the age of 30 and 40, with blonde or light brown hair and there is a go fund me page that is set up to support the bianca's family and help cover funeral arrangements. it has been posted in the last 15 hours, they have already exceeded the amount of money that they were looking to raise for this family, karen. >> it is just soy heart break ing and sad on every level. hopefully they will get that person off the street whoever is responsible. jenny, thank you. well, what a journey that has ended for our once top prosecutor, top law maker,
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seth williams now behind bars waking up in a detention certainty. he rose, you know, through the ranks and now he is in jail. >> the former district attorney for the city of philadelphia, admitted, each of the corrupt and fraud allegations contained in the indictment. >> so, he is already in jail right now after taking that plea deal and had been on the table all along but as dates goes along, they came to an agreement yesterday in the morning. steve keeley is where seth williams is right now report report how many times do you think he has woke up in the middle of the night wondering where he is. it is strange for him. seth williams at federal detention center all alone in a small cell, with nothing to do but 23 hours a day but to think no smart phone to read, text, e-mail, no contact with other prisoners for his own protection. before he was indicted just a day before he had turned down the same plea deal, he wanted
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a second shot at yesterday. probably thinking before he was indicted that he never wanted to quit his career, and get to prison, so now he is likely waking up in a strange, small cell in the small iron bed attached to cinder block walls hoping it is all a bad dream every time he wakes up but seeing it is his new reality a massive fall from top law enforcement putting hundreds away in prison every year to being put away in a prison cell. >> today mr. williams admitted that he sold his office in exchange for a corrupt series of payments, payments that included money, trips, cars, and other expensive items. mr. williams admitted that he fraudulently took money that did in the belong to him, that he fraudulently misused the resources of the city, and of the federal government.
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today's conviction is a great victory in the battle against corrupt conduct by public officials. >> he has been concerned about the stress that it had put on his family, about the stress that it has put on the district attorney's office. hes been sadly humled by this experience. >> reporter: he could not get by on 175 grand a year highest salary for anybody not in the philadelphia parking authority with 20 years combined, the district attorney's office starting asiana cysttent and then eight years as top law enforcer and that $175,000 williams could have had a lifetime six figure pension. he is only 50. he will likely lose millions in total, mention payments, throughout the rest of his lifetime. not only that, karen, he paid in an extra 118 grand and because city taxpayer footed bill for his lawyers before his indictment, a lot of that money, alan butkovitz sit controller is trying to claw back by putting a freeze and trying to get that 118 grand
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that he paid into the pension. one of the things he is thinking i only got 160 grand in trips, jaguar and gave up millions. when you talk about the money not counting his freedom, reputation and everything else he is losing right now. >> you just shake your head. steve keeley, thank you. five credit 10. a family is absolutely broken hearted, grief is palpable because a real hero that served our country marine veteran was gunned down outside of a bar, the story we first told you on good day yesterday. jenny joyce was at the scene. this is a family that got together. the 47 year-old wife had been kill. he lived there with his aunt. family members say he was trying to stop guy from rob ago this bar right there, is there video of it on west spencer street when he was shot and killed. he had just come back from six weeks ago from being overseas. >> trying to be somebody and not make the wrong mistake and he wound up losing his life.
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he saved everybody's life at that bar that night you know what i'm saying. he is a hero. that is what he was from day one. >> there are more good people in the tragedy. he runs away, tries to get in the house, seek some shelter there people inside were not having it. there was a dad, sun, they just kept him there until police got there. >> hit in the face a couple times with the gun, so i started struggling with him, grabbed the gun, grabbed his wrist, and then i grabbed his hand and tried to hold him. >> and there is a picture right there, suspect just randolph randy johnson and he is charged with that fatal shooting. 5:11. very important. lets look live at our state house in trenton where governor chris christie is preparing for a government shut down, and and is not, and , shutting down, lawmakers, and funded yesterday and usually deadline fiscally is
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clicking over to july 1st right where we are. governor tom wolf released a statement praising a 32 billion-dollar spending plan before the end of the fiscal year in pennsylvania. this will get 870 million-dollar as an increase in spending from last year. wolf says more money will be invested in the schools and protecting our senior citizens and create something new jobs. department of health released who got 12 medical marijuana dispenseary permits in pennsylvania. they have six months to become operational before you they can start selling. three are in our area including one on frankford avenue, the state, wants it available by 2018. some bad news for septa riders, fare increases are going in to effect tomorrow, so, the electronic card or token, it will jump from 1.80 up to two bucks. cash fares will go from 2.25 up to 2.50. septa says this will pay for
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things like labor, fuel and power. what a mess someone goes out there for a joy ride and damaging some sports fields at one of our high schools. coming up police in the schools are looking for whoever it was that was behind the wheel doing those doughnuts not a funny joke. ♪ >> little glamour, so why lyft is putting a little luxury into its ride. jump behind that wheel, bob kelly. >> you got it, i could do without the pink pillow there but good morning, everybody. 5:13. live look at i-95 up near street road lets go to wilmington. say good morning to delaware, we will get your traffic jamz on this holiday weekend. sueby has your forecast. we will be right back.
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doesn't that look like a inviting come on down, it amazing, some of the best ride in wildwood, new jersey. good morning to you and lucky ducks down there, yeah, we're jealous. a lot of people will be traveling where ever you go bcause this is going to be one of the most busy, travel, fourth of july weekend in the history. more than 44 million people are expect to try to go away to celebrate according to triple a that is million more people then last year. most of them will be driving
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to their destinations, three and a half million people will be flying, so top flying destination this weekend is, orlando. all right. lets check the forecast for our area people will be going all over accounts backyard, pools, down the shore. >> we have the forecast for the next couple days. it will warm up by sunday but today we still have a sea breeze, about 78 degrees on the beach. i should say tomorrow we will have the sea breeze, sunday when it will warm up, get my days straight in the saturday, now be, on the alert, for this moderate risk of rip currents, to try to swim only near life guard, and, it is very high, where that sun screen, reapply 64 degrees is our ocean water temperature and heading to the poconos, a look at saturday and sunday. 80 degrees both days, pop up thunderstorms, at some point late in the day on saturday but all and all we are seeing
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a refreshing forecast for mountains. we don't have rain here to show you, just thunderstorm activity far to the north and west of us heading toward western new york but for us we should stay fine throughout the day-to-day but maybe a pop up thunderstorm, north and west of the city, possibility is there tomorrow as well but they will be spotty. don't change your plans. even with this possibility because it won't last too long even if you do get a thunderstorm. most likelihood throughout the weekend is saturday late in the day but when you get hot and humid storm could pop up at anytime. walking outside the door it is a muggy morning of the week. 75 degrees up in allentown. seventy-two in millville. seventy-four in reading. seventy in wildwood. it is breeze which 10 miles an hour wind, so it doesn't feel too bad but it will be 92 degrees today, probably upper 80's tomorrow, around 90 ish on sunday, on monday, and on tuesday, yeah, fire works are there for the fourth
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of july. so somewhere in there we will get a heat wave, the important thing is to stay hydrated, bob kelly and have a good time as well. don't forget when you get in the car, 101.1 more fm is where you get your weather authority forecast. >> got it. >> my cooler is stocked, ready to go, hydrated for the weekend. good morning. 5:19. slow go here from the turnpike late running work crew is here between route 29 e-z pass ramp heading in toward valley forge breakfast time we will re shuffle the line up and we will do breakfast today, weekly segment, we will go to the lincoln diner in coatsville, i know folks in coatsville chester county are thrilled to have a diner in their home town and we will pay a visit later on between nine and 10:00 o'clock. come on byberry kid if they are out of school. we'd love to have coffee with you. this is 202 at pay yell i interchange working your way through west chester heading in toward philadelphia, the
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headlights here on the 42 freeway. today crunch time between 12 and two when we see most traffic starting to build heading to the sea shore. here's a live lot at camera off the garden state parkway and monitor shore jams as the shore bet you will see delays here this afternoon heading down to the beaches. we have a regatta here in town through the weekend. they will close kelly drive this morning at 6:00 a.m. through weekend but they are pushing everybody through ball fields and on the weekend they close martin luther king drive if you are staying in town, coming in or out of the city, you want to see fire works or anything related to the wawa welcome america, celebration, just keep in mind that volume will be using the schuylkill expressway. using mass transit, for this holiday weekend, septa fare increase initial to effect, midnight tonight, and all all means of transportation, buses , trains, trolleys, karen
5:21 am
, back over to you. 5:20. kid committing crimes is what is happening, one of the suspects just 13 years old and committing police say 10 burglaries and robberies. that is what they know b our dave kinchen spoke to one woman who was surprise when she found one of the teens in her house. >> opened the up door and saw somebody at top of the steps. i grabbed his pair of shorts. held them. walk down the hall way. >> reporter: a surprise of the 13 year-old boy had just broken in to her house on the 4200 block of regent square, in southwest philadelphia. >> he was startled to see me as i was to see him. he said i'm daniel's little brother. >> reporter: only getting a way with cash. philadelphia police say that 13 years old was among two other bandits behind 10 burglaries and robberies in university city and southwest philadelphia. cash, wallet, bikes, and electronics stolen. >> they are very good at what they do for young age that they are, which is troubling
5:22 am
in some ways when they should be better at doing things kid should be doing in the summer which is playing sports and having fun. >> reporter: house in the 900 block of far got terrace was hit, woman did not want to talk on camera but the cops say the home owner there confronted one of the suspected crooks too. >> going in to somebody's house, goes way over the top. >> reporter: meantime niomi says she doesn't think jail's the answer for bad boy who broke in. >> to me most important thing is this is a 13 year-old kid who looks like he could have a good future and i'm really hoping that he, there will be some serious work done not just to dump him. >> reporter: police say after they stole bikes the teen suspect would ride away in stealth mode, cops believe that they got all of them with three arrests and they say they were able to get back some of the stolen goods to the rightful owners, at southwest detectives, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> thanks, dave.
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5:23. we're five hours, 23 minutes in the travel ban that is now in effect. lets look live at philly international. so, if you cannot provide a bona fide relationship with the u.s. citizen or schools, or business, if you have a job an you are from one of the six countries impact you will not be able to land at philly international or any other airport in this country right before this all took effect hawaii filed a court challenge , this time targeting the limitations of family relationships so who counts? sit aunts, uncles, knees, nephews, some of those are excluded. u.s. customs and border expect business as usual as they say this rolls out. we will see. president trump receiving sharp criticism after a particularly personal tweet about a female journalist. president trump fired off a pair of crude tweets taking aim at ms nbc hoe mika brzezinski and joe scar bureau he refers to as crazy mika and
5:24 am
psycho joe. he mentioned how they went to mar-a-lago new years eve and wanted to spend time with him. then he talk about how mika was bleeding badly from a face lift there was backlash. >> i'm appalled. this is the president of the united states. you don't do things like that. >> i don't think you can expect someone to be personally attacked, day after day, minute by minute and sit back. they knew what they were get ting when they voted for donald trump. >> here's something else new there is hosts who were supposed to go on vacation they say in the anymore they cans told day they want to go on air in their studio this morning and you can believe they will talk about this incident. what does first lady to have say. melania trump made it her mission to stop cyber bullying she defend, the president, she has said many times in the past when her husband get attack he will punch back 10 times harder. her spokesperson said exactly that once again. 5:25 coming up on right
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this beautiful, bright, young woman, died but this was no accident at all. they think this was road rage, hunt is on for whoever was responsible, when they looked at that crash they found out that she had been shot. and also we will show you a scenario, pretty dangerous, a guy right there, in tough times, and these troopers come over and they do something pretty remarkable. they end up saving his life. also, it is friday, a lot of us we are worried about what we are doing in the holiday weekend. the weather, the heat's on today so we are excited about this one. we have perfect holiday weekend weather. >> ♪ >> lets take a live look, at cove haven, a place to visit in the poconos mountains. people will be hitting a lake get out on the water, river to cool down this weekend but sue , this is exactly what someone would order up for july 4th holiday weekend.
5:33 am
>> you are absolutely right. it will be hot, humid, a lot of folks will be in the mountains but here at shore where bus stop buddy is. we will put his shade on momentarily. we are off to a muggy start with temperatures in the 70's, warmest morning of the week so far but no precipitation, none anticipated this morning. we are at our sunrise time at 5:36 with the 10-mile an hour breeze that makes it feel better, it is not as oppressive as it could be. seventy-three is our current temperature in philadelphia, to the north of us, it is 67. in mount pocono lets head down the shore and see what the temperatures are along the shore points. cape may .68. ocean city nj is at 64. sixty-four in beach haven, little sea breeze there that is keeping it cooler, before we switch over, either late saturday or sunday for land breeze. ninety-two is what we are expecting for a high today, sunny skies, hot, breezy, sunny, breezy, hot, three word
5:34 am
you need to remember today. we like to keep it simple, bob kelly. >> keep it simple. >> keeping it sim will because we are sim will, good morning, everybody, on a friday morning we are ready for a holiday weekend. 5:34 on the turnpike rolling into valley forge. we have info from septa they are sending out tweets, fox chase, first train out of the gate, 15 minute delays, manpower issues. this is obviously, you know, few people calling out sick, it happens a lot, over the holiday time period and here we go, the first train out of the fox chase line on the delay, west trenton, line is experiencing 10 minute delays because of equipment problems at 30th street. here's a live look at 95 near philly international. getting out of town, vee at airport this morning we are good to go getting there and in problems on the tote board at least the start this morning. all aboard come on captain steuben taking the boat out
5:35 am
6:00 a.m. we have a bridge opening scheduled for tacony palmyra bridge. regatta coming to town, the independent day regatta we will close our kelly drive beginning today, this morning, at 6:00 a.m. so through sunday, they will push everybody through ball field and you don't want to get stuck going through that detour, martin luther king drive closed as well with the all of the welcome america festivities here. coming in and out of the city for fire works you and everybody else will be using the schuylkill expressway and back to septa that fair increasings into effect at midnight tonight so effective tomorrow all means of transportation will have the increased fare, karen back over to you. we want to show i a young woman with her whole life ahead of her, already achieved so much, just graduated high school, college and now instead her parents are planning a funeral because of that car we showed you off the road. it looked like it was a crash but when they got there they realize she had been shot.
5:36 am
jenny joyce is in west chester to explain. >> reporter: good morning, karen. bianca robberson graduated from rustin high school planning to attend college in the fall as you mentioned so grief counselors will be on hand at 9:00 a.m. to help this grieving, community. the chester county district attorney's office tells thaws everything happened around 5:30 wednesday when bianca was shot and killed driving her cara long route 100, merger rers with route 202. the person who did this was behind the wheel of a pickup truck. they were trying to merge simultaneously. the driver pick up the gun and opened fire, police say recent graduate was shot in the head, died immediately and her car veered off the road. >> her car started joseling with a red pickup truck, not actually hit it but both trying to merge together. and then she was shot.
5:37 am
the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. she died instantly. her car went off the side of the road, and into the wood. >> reporter: police are asking anyone with any information on the vehicle and driver to give them a call, the truck is described as a red faded chevy pick up driver to be a white male possibly, between the age of 30 and 40 with blonde or light brown hair, chester county district attorney's office says it is now going through additional surveillance video from area cameras trying to get some more information on the pickup truck and track down this driver, karen. >> all right, lets get this guy off the streets, thanks, jenny. 5:37. seth williams, he had it all, great career, power, respect, now it is all gone. his trial was going so badly agreed to guilty to bribery. he faces five years in prison. he lawyers in custody. lets get out to steve keeley at federal detention center.
5:38 am
that is where williams is right now. >> reporter: everybody following this case knew it wasn't going to end good at all and ended badly as everybody, predicted but seth williams it seems. now he is here as sun comes up , he is wake youing up, maybe sun peeking through these little slits that they call windows in this prison here, and he is probably thinking is this a bad dream? no, this is reality, far even bed, foreign cell all by himself 23 hours a day, within hour for exercise in a cage that they call the dog cage, 25 feet long where you just pace back and forth, so nothing but his own thoughts, with seth williams. he was smiling every day just like we saw chaka fattah walk into federal court and smile. he is in prison as well. two sad big down falls of two powerful politicians here in philadelphia. >> it was very clear that mr. williams was accepting benefits in exchange for his
5:39 am
official conduct, it was very clear he defrauded the nursing home, many of you heard all that evidence in court, and we were in the middle of presenting evidence regarding his political action committee , we would have talk about the vehicles but you heard that mr. williams this morning admitted every single bit of that conduct. >> you said mr. williams received, represent a degree to which he cheated the public in public official gets a free pass. >> he turned down the same plea deal that he was trying to grab, yesterday, right before he was indicted and that is why we had the indictment. karen, good thing, he took this plea deal which comes with a five-year prison sentence because this judge clearly doesn't like him. that is why he sent him right to prison and put him in handcuffs. had he faced this judge being found guilty of all 29 counts, five years would have been, compared to the 20 or maybe life in prison he likely would
5:40 am
have got with this judge who is not happy with seth williams. >> that is interesting, did not know that. thanks, steve. we want to tell but a high school in allentown trying to get to the bottom of who did this, basically four wheeling right there but in the middle of their field ruining these practice fields for all of the kid that use them at parkland high school friday evening, they had rain so it did even more damage, tires sunk in right there we think suspect vehicle, they know it is a pickup truck, new, four door chevy, drove circles doing doughnuts leaving deep ruts there and field are unplayable they think whoever did this knew this area well and planned it out. >> they don't realize impact they think they are out having a good time but they don't realize how much time, effort it will take to repair damage that they did. >> if you know anybody about who drives that vehicle or heard who did this call south white hall township police
5:41 am
department. we want to show you video, running over to the side of the road there because there is a man on the other side having some tough times, and you know, thinking about, jumping so they got there, he was distract, they jumped in, they pull him off of there, they get him down and they saved his life, so that is remarkable work by people just trying to help someone in the dire situation and they succeeded right in camden, and thank you for doing that. 5:41. jay-z has new music, how do you get your hand on it. coming up. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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sixers, come on thursday we have our first look at markelle fultz on the court. he will play his first game monday in the utah summer league, first overall draft pick has impressed coaches by asking questions so what is it this 19 year-old want to learn at the pro level. >> just, specific details maybe about the play of the offence, what he does after he passes the ball here, what he should be looking for. he was really good picking something up off a white board >> after being off thursday, phillies will open up a three game set, at mets tonight coming off that two game sweep , highlights, in the ninth inning rally in the second game, tonight phillies will throw ben lively against jake on degraw. veteran fly your well note
5:45 am
come back to the team. steve mason will leave philadelphia after four plus season. he will leave michal neuvirth as top goalie on the roster with free agency opening up tomorrow. that is sports in a minute. i'm ron berk.
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live picture facing the airport down toward the pratt bridge. that is so gorgeous, bob kelly >> doesn't that look like a spooky halloween. >> or apocalypse now. >> or maybe just sitting on the beach, waiting for the sunrise, yes, i'll have another orange juice please and a danish. >> good morning, everybody. we will go from the sunrise to a bridge opening get ready, bridge will get up, in the background, okay. captain steuben coming northbound here, even being greeted or guided by a tugboat both, so that is going to hit tacony, not hit it but approach the tacony palmyra at 6:00 a.m. when we will have a bridge opening, traffic should be stopped, any moment now, but if you are getting ready to grab your keys and head out front door head for betsy ross bridge. cool shot there on the delaware. we have got delays on septa this morning, fox chase, 15 minute delays out of the gate,
5:49 am
10 minutes on the west trenton line, fox chase having some manpower issues today as it is a holiday and we tend to see that sometimes. folks calling out sick trying to start holiday weekend early cool shot we have the sky line , we have got art museum, river where we will be rowing on the boat, we have a regatta in town beginning today, closing kelly drive at 6:00 a.m., this morning all the way through sunday, and of course through weekend martin luther king drive will be closed as well, and then we are ready for breakfast heading out to the lincoln diner today, brand new spot in coatsville they are all happy, finally got a dine ter call their own. i will be out there come on by , we will bring some kid. put them on tv. is what the forecast like for fire works this weekend? sueby has it in 15 seconds
5:50 am
another look at sunrise, on the way to cape may, no, we're already there, and it will be a little bit of the break from the heat, humidity and muggies back with us today , hot holiday weekend for most, storm chances here and there, especially on saturday, high pressure is off shore, kind of anchored there and the slow, progress of this cold front will be watched over the weekend couple disturbances possibly ahead of it but whenever it gets hot, humid we just need a little trying tore get pop up showers and thunderstorms. so, right now, we have some thunderstorms in the northwestern part of the state , not expected to make it here, but we are expecting, 92 , 88 tomorrow with the possibility ovulate day thunderstorms, 90 object sunday. ninety's on monday and tuesday the fourth of july, karen. >> sue, i want to show you a picture like a lot of parents,
5:51 am
adorable pictures of this little girl. i heard someone call this a three-year old belly right there. is there the mom blog their put it out. some people, pretty upset about this picture. think thought it was offensive they reported it to instagram. instagram dropped the mom's account, froze the whole thing wouldn't let her in it. what is appropriate, what is not. we put hank flynn on this one. here's his take. >> it is appropriate. >> perfectly appropiate. >> oh, man that is him. >> guys, guys, guys. >> what? >> i'm hank, my take is appropriate is in the eye of the beholder. rolled out in the bathrobe and pink slippers to better understand concept of appropriate. >> or inappropriate as you like it. >> it is innocent, but today's
5:52 am
society, because of what is happening, that is why it looks like it is something different. >> reporter: mommy blogger courtney adamo posted a picture of her little daughter 10 days ago, cute kid, peeking at her belly button. >> there was nothing wrong witt. by no fault, it is little girl looking at her belly button. >> reporter: instagram removed a picture after warning e-mail about decency and when courtney repose ted it, instagram killed her account which had four years worth of pictures and about 35,000 followers. >> i don't know what they were thinking. i don't. i have no idea what they were thinking. >> reporter: i strolled market street thinking about instagram's relationship with appropriate, millions of users like me and you powe shots, lots of families, kid but site teams with body shots, political, and other kind of shots so that is all game and toddler's belly button inspection shot is wrong? depend on hoist watching.
5:53 am
>> posting your family, people close to you like that, you are subjected to a whole lot of things. i wouldn't do it. >> reporter: there are reports instagram reinstated courtney 's account and that may not be true, it didn't pop up today, but what is appropriate here is innocence and what is provocative. that is not in the mom or the kid but eye of the beholder. >> child just exploring her belly. you need to check your own thought process. >> that is all she's doing. >> so what are you doing. >> reporter: that is the point this isn't about mom's pictures of your daughters, this is about us and the way we look at things. instagram's challenge in sense organize itself from inappropriate content is huge, same with other social media but if they want to go on a crusade they have much better, bigger targets to start w i'm hank, that is my take. all right. and entertainment news, not at 4:44 but at 11:57, jay-z
5:54 am
release that had album three minutes before midnight it came out. it will be tidal exclusive printout. it will be new album, new music, part of the deal he has with that carrier or streaming service. if you signed up for tidal before album's release and current sprint user you can get new music right now. everybody else will wait, it will be on itunes in a week. lets look live at pocono mountains, so many gorgeous places to go we are looking around the delaware valley, we will be right back. why are you deleting these photos?
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welcome back. gorgeous sunrise. we will have a great weekend. we want to show you something, a nice gesture someone being a good guy. bus driver has an act of kind ness, man right there a viewer sent this in, who is blind, and driver gets off bus and helped him cross this busy intersection yesterday. this is route 65 bus in case you take that route, very nice driver, so you can thank him near henry avenue and walnut lane just before wissohickon station. thank you for just being kind. nice random act of kindness. we have something that is polar opposite of that tragedy a beautiful high school student heading to college is killed, she was killed, shot, and we will have latest details on that story. roberson.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
and then she was shot. the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. >> road rage murder, a recent high school graduate shot and killed on the chester county highway and manhunt underway right new for the killer. also ahead from top prosecutor to a guilty man former philadelphia district attorney seth williams is waking up in jail this morning what he now admits to two weeks after the trial began. the presen


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