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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 30, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this. >> five minutes in bob was talking about eating someone. >> he was, i was like what. >> i was hungry. >> and thomas was making comments i was like my good ness. >> yes. >> let's not air that. >> it will be goody wanted out >> did we make it out. >> apparently. >> we're here now. mentally we have changed. >> it is hard on a friday before a weekend for folks that do have off. >> for sure you want the forecast, okay. let's get to it. >> eight out of 10 today, definitely a muggy morning out there but we have a breeze and bus stop buddy is already, at the shore, he has got his spot on the beach, already in fact, muggy start, temperatures in the 70's, wear your shade, it is 74 degrees, 14 miles an her breeze from the south and that is one thing that these warm breezes that might make it feel a little bit better later
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on today, we have got 72 degrees in rehoboth, 74 in dover, delaware in, wrightstown, new jersey and sea side park it is 70 and pottstown is 73. plan on sunshine but heat, humidity, breezy, sunny, hot, high 92 degrees. that is your planner for a friday, rest of the weekend forecast coming up, bob. >> i will set up my slip and slide later today and good to go for weekend. good morning, everybody. delays on the boulevard, delays on the blue route, even some delays on the pennsylvania turnpike, everybody is trying to get where they are going, get it done to start the holiday weekend and we will sip into the schuylkill expressway, already delays, leaving town, from say boulevard to conshohocken. we have had some drywall that got spilled all over the blue route, 476, a live look at the backup now coming out of mid county heading south down toward the schuylkill. burlington bristol an opening
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was set for 6:55 any minute new traffic will be stopped on both side of the river, and then again take 15 or 20 minutes for that opening and regatta in town, independent day regatta taking over kelly drive closed to vehicle traffic, through sunday, so all that extra volume pushed on to the schuylkill expressway, and remember through the holiday they will close martin luther king drive and some delays out of the gaeton a couple of septa's regional rail line, thomas and alex, back to you. police in three states are on the look out for a red pickup truck, you can see at bottom of the screen there not very clear but thinks all police have to go off of. driver is wanted for a deadly road rage incident that claimed the life of a restin high school grad. >> she was all set, ready to go to college this was heart breaking here. you can see her cara long side red truck, they were merging going in to one and police say that person inside of the truck they still don't know who it is, fired a shot, that
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struck that young girl in the head, she veered off, and crashed her vehicle. there is a three state manhunt for that person, all they know right now ace red truck going through all different cameras that they have set up on the roadways, they will get a license plate, and better make of that model. we will have a full report with our jenny joyce coming up in a moment. >> she's in the area where the girl is from she just graduated from high school, just very sad to hear. we will give you those details scary moments for several people in south philadelphia when a home partially collapsed in the middle of the you can see ruble covering front steps of the home of the 400 block of manton street. one person was inside that home at the time of the collapse and three others from neighboring homes have been displaced, no one was hurt. one person was rushed to the hospital after a late night shooting in marcus hook. police say someone fired off multiple shots around 10:40 last night at eight place street. one person was hit and taken to the hospital, no word on their condition.
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coming up at 7:04. shocking plea from philadelphia's top prosecutor. >> the former district attorney for the city of philadelphia admitted each of the corrupt and fraud allegations contained in the indictment. >> he accepted a plea deal, headlines this morning at lee on the daily news, cold hard crash, steve keeley at federal detention center where williams is being held this morning, steve. >> reporter: bright sunshine probably trying to peak through, the 4-inch windows if he is lucky to have one on his very small cell at federal detention center, all alone in this cell, nothing to do, 23 hours a day but think. he gets out one hour for exercise, in a 25-foot cage they call the dog cage here. no smart phones anymore, nothing read, text, or e-mail
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with, no contact even with other prisoners, that is for his own protection, since he was a top law enforcement official. but here inn side he turned down the same plea deal, he tried to grab instantly yesterday before his indictment, probably thinking he didn't want to quit both his career and go to prison, so now he is likely waking up in the strange small iron bed for the first time maybe thinking it is a bad dream but seeing it is his new reality. massive fall from the top law enforcement official from philadelphia putting hundreds away in prison each year to being put away in prison himself. >> today mr. williams admitted , that he sold his office, in exchange for a corrupt series of payments, payments that included money, trips, cars, and other expensive items. mr. williams admitted that he fraudulently took money that did not belong to him, that he
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fraudulently misused the resources of the city, and of the federal government. today's conviction is a great victory in the battle against corrupt conduct, by public officials. >> he has been concerned about the stress, that it has put on his family, about the stress that it has put on the district attorney's office so he has been sadly humled by this experience. >> guilty plea was just part of the surprise yesterday, maybe biggest shock though was seeing him in tears, talking to the judge and then seeing handcuffs put on him and seeing the judge say no you will not aloud free until sentencing you will get locked upright now. i guess the only positive way to look at that is that he is starting his five-year prison term right away. so when he is officially sentenced probably going to put off from the original date october 24th but sometime this
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fall he will have at lee 10 percent of his five-year sentens behind him one way to look at it if you try to look at it at all in the positive way. >> that is one way to break it down, you look at overall case you have 28 counts thrown out and that one simple count, that will change his life forever, steve, thank you we will bring in attorney chaka johnson to talk about this and jeff cole who has been covering this to get his thoughts. he was in the courtroom we seth williams pled guilty. he has those details. that will be in a few moments. this morning we are hearing from the father and son who took down an alleged killer inside his home. we told but this yesterday. >> this is a follow-up. gunman broke into their home moments after police say he gunned i odn't a military vet in olney. armed man had just fled from a baron west spencer after shooting 47 year-old howard white, father/son they described how they subdued the suspect until police got there >> he was hit in the face a couple times with the gun, so
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started struggling with him, and grabbed the gun, and grabbed his wrist, and then i grabbed his hair and just tried to hold him until my son comes down. my son picks him up and body slams him. i was able to take it gun off of him. he is my hero. he is best thing in my life right now. >> he is my hero, he knows he is my biggest role model. >> quick actions there suspect right there randolph randy johnson behind bars, charged in the fatal shooting. we want to get back to this story we were telling but a couple moments ago how police are on the look out for a red pickup truck because driver wanted for deadly road rage incident that claim the life of the rustin high school graduate. >> lots to get to this morning jenny joyce in west chester where grief counselors will be available for anyone who wants to talk about this one, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, guys, this is high school where bianca roberson graduated from a few weeks ago so that grief counselors will
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be on hand beginning at 9:00 this morning. district attorney for chester county say bianca roberson was shot and killed while driving on route 100 right where it merge west route 202 in west goshen township around 5:30 p.m. on wednesday. police say person who did this was behind the wheel of the red pickup truck, two were trying to merge simultaneously when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire, police say rustin graduate was shot in the head, died immediately and her car veered off the road. >> her car started joseling with a red pickup truck not hit it but both trying to merge together. and then she was shot. the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. she died instantly. her car went off the side of the road and into the wood. >> police are asking anyone with any information on this vehicle and driver to give them a call.
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this is surveillance video from penndot that shows the red pickup truck. it is not greatest photo but truck is described as a red faded chevy pick up, driver believed to be a white male between the age of 30 and 40 with blonde or light brown hair. i know that police are working to get us a better surveillance image. they have a real idea where this driver took off and where he was headed next. they are going through surveillance video now trying to track him down. if you have any information you are asked to give west goshen township police department a call, thomas and alex. >> hopefully someone will give them a call so we can get more information, three different states trying to find that driver. >> encouraging thing they have multiple cameras along the route, jenny, thank you. it is first full day of president trump's temporary travel ban. anyone who cannot prove a bona fide relationship with the u.s. citizen, school, business and also from one of the six countries impacted will not be able to enter for 90 days.
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right before it took effect hawaii yet again filed a court challenge, u.s. customs and border protection expect business as usual since the ban has been rolled out. what will he tweet today? some people are asking? president trump touching off a social media storm after a personal attack on a cable news host. >> will there been more to come today or will president start pulling his punches. doug luzader holding his phone nearby checking his twitter feed, good morning my friend. >> reporter: you got to. this is how this president communicate as this is time of the day we will see tweets. we have seen 21 dealing with health care, other dealing with crime in chicago. so today, at least the president is sticking to issues abe not personal attacks as we saw yesterday. president trump played dinner hoe with south korea's president, it all looks polite , dignified enough but twitter is another matter where donald trump has never
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held back calling people dope i, losers. when he took aim at joe scar bureau and mika brzezinski this is what came out. i heard poorly rated morning joe speaks badly of me, don't watch anymore. then how come low iq crazy mika with psycho joe, came to mar-a-lago three nights in a row around new years eve and insisted on joining me she was bleeding badly from a face lift. i said no condemnation from both side of the aisle followed. >> obviously i don't see that asiana pope eighth comment. what we are trying to do around here is improve tone, civility of the debate. this obviously doesn't help do that. >> he has who trust and i will vote for nothing until owe steps down. >> reporter: so what set off the president? the white house says has been a steady stream of attacks from the morning joe program and others. >> he is covering his hand here because they are tiny. >> he is such a narcissist, it is possible that he is mentally ill in a way.
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>> he is not going to sit back and be attack by liberal media hollywood elite. he will hit back. >> reporter: as effective as president can be rallying i go supporters on twitter his backers say there is a risk now at taking things too far. well, it is interesting we asked this question in a "fox news" poll, just before these tweets came out yesterday do you think that the tweets are helping or hurting the president accomplish his agenda? 71 percent of registered voters think these tweets are hurting the president. but on the other hand it is giving the president very quick access to a very loyal base, he has 30 million followers, on twitter. >> 30 million followers but those numbers have changed from a couple months ago we saw about 50, 40 percent, so here it is, 71 percent, thanks we want to mention joe and mika they have responded moments ago on morning joe. they were supposed to have morning off but they decided to do their show to respond to
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the fire storm yesterday, so here it is what they had to say in response to the donald trump. >> mika, what has been going on last 24 hours. >> it has been fascinating, and frightening, and really sad for our country. i mean, i have been getting a lot of text and hearing you all talking, thank you, my family brought me up tough. this is absolutely nothing. but for me personally. i'm very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the president of the united states. it is strange. >> i think so, we had so many people saying i hope you are okay, calls, and texts and e males, we're okay. the country is not. it is so funny yesterday i asked mika. >> that was response as alex mentioned they were supposed to be on vacation for a little over a week. they wanted to come back and say a few word what the president tweeted out regarding the two of them and their show and personal
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attacks against meek's's appearance. republicans and democrats telling the president you need to cool off you need to step away from twitter, it is not presidential. it is not someone who should lead by example. we see what is next. >> president spokesperson they are saying thinks what he is men for, being a fighter, men for speaking his mind and so, this is what happens. i'm sure people have opinions bit but we wanted to play the response to tell you what president trump showed those tweets. do you think it gets hot in philly. >> that is nothing compared to what iranian than are dealing with this summer. can you guess the number. >> the temperature in this iran city, soared to 129 degrees fahrenheit yesterday, 129. that is the hottest temperature ever recorded in that country. one of the world's hottest temperatures and highest june temperature in asia. hottest day ever recorded was
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july 10th, 1913 in death valley, california when it hit 134 degrees. it will be cooler though in iran today only 119. >> only 119. >> i wish we could say we will never complain again, sue about the hot temperatures. >> of course, as soon as it cools off then people complain it is too chilly. this is just how we role because we're human beings. there is a little bit more activity in rehoboth beach this morning, then there was last time we looked. believe me there will be traffic jams and folks heading to the beach starting to day and through fourth of july but muggies are back, also starting to day, hot holiday weekend ahead and a few storm chances as well. we will break it down, high pressure in control and cold front, slowly making its way toward us over the weekend with a couple disturbance as head of it. anytime it gets hot and humid we will expect pop up showers
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and thunderstorms but greatest likelihood and we will jump to tomorrow is tomorrow, is there a slight chance in the morning , greater chance later on in the day of pop ups and maybe a couple on sunday night , what will happen over weekend though it will continue to be kind of sticky, 74 degrees right now, most muggy and warmest morning of the week. sixty-seven in mount pocono. wildwood is 72. southerly wind at 14 miles an hour. at lee there is a breeze, yesterday we got to 88 degrees in philadelphia, we will top that today with 92. and then 90ish all the way through the fourth of july, again, greatest chance of pop up thunderstorms is saturday afternoon but even then they will be fast and furious. i wouldn't change any plans bob kelly because of the weather. just keep it cool. >> sound good, we have the flip and fill pool, slip and slide, cooler's filled with my liquid beverages. water, flavored water.
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>> sure. >> 7:17. westbound on the schuylkill expressway delays more folks leaving town this morning, then coming into this city we had sheetrock falling and causing big delays on the blue route southbound from mid county down through the schuylkill expressway. patco high speed line, they are running a special, holiday schedule, today. i don't know why but just head up if you use patco high speed line, sun glare on the schuylkill expressway as you work your way in to downtown, king of prussia in the background there. i think unusual traffic patterns today all the way through what tuesday, so some folks are grabbing an extra day maybe taking a friday, taking extra day on monday, burlington bristol bridge though will take you some extra time because it is all traffic stopped right now in the middle of the bridge opening. don't forget septa fare increase kicks into effect 12:01 tonight which means tomorrow through holiday weekend all means, buses, trains, trolleys hike up with
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the fares so be ready to have an extra change if you are coming in the city, using septa for any of the welcome america festivities and we have had kelly drive shut down all the way through sunday, all with the independent day regatta taking over river, thomas and alex, back to you. >> you pick pick up tab next 24 hours, septa. >> yeah. >> you better drink something heavier then water. >> exactly. >> sony going retro with record when they will begin pressing vinyl again, after a nearly 30 year break. and a new warning this morning about birth control pills why they may be more dangerous then previously thought. to that customability.
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you've got a thousand different fabrics to pick from. very customizable. you can choose the back, you can choose the arm, you can choose the leg. we couldn't be any happier.
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7:23. look at the flag. i'm sure we will get more wind there we go. it is blowing a bit. vinyl's making a big step back in the main stream. >> and the new dunkin' donuts, so why not put on a record player and eat a doughnut. it is my weekend. just describe it, i summed it upright there. >> which is why music is playing. >> you have big plans i see. vinyl, pressing, pressing vinyl record that is terminology, just in case you didn't know, sony's doing them again in march for first time since 1989, 30 years ago. why? well, young people they are totally new, novelty, old people are retro and for folks
7:24 am
who appreciate the sound and the quality of music, this is pure. so sony's getting back in the game. >> i'm all bit, a little al green, a little marvin gay. >> but what about new music released right now. >> you see it, star bucks, star bucks offering up the vinyl as well. >> yes, lot of people are having those i heard adele on vinyl which was really nice. >> i can see that, yes. >> um-hmm. >> so it is certain stores are but now it will be more main stream. >> they are expensive too, by the way, you know, i have heard all different prices for record but people will pay for them, great for the industry and if you go buy a record player it usually has a digital music, you know, slot as well, so there are these machines, i haven't seen one yet have you seen one a new record player. >> you can plug in your iphone it takes it away if you are
7:25 am
going old school from having to plug in and dot digital thing. what are they going for right now. >> all different prices, if you are buying an old record, prince depending on the condition it is in, you know. >> okay. >> is what oldies new again. >> we mentioned dunkin' donuts , is there a new flavor. >> two new flavors taste of summer, one is smores, so many people make them in the summer other i'm having trouble with it is a chocolate covered strawberry, check late drizzled croissant doughnut. >> why do you have trouble with that. >> it doesn't remind me of summer, thaws bring, okay but it sound like valentines day chocolate covered strawberries >> i'm not dissing the doughnut. i it this it sound amazing. i don't know fit sound like summer not dunkin' donuts but they offer and i forgot which company it is, it is water melon flavored doughnut. >> really. >> yeah. >> that is interesting.
7:26 am
>> that is summer. >> yes. >> that is summer. >> that is summer. >> they say strawberry doughnut, dunkin' donuts, new cold brew that they service a nice paring, wine and cheese paring, doughnut coffee paring >> i'm not over their cake batter doughnut that i recently does covered at dunkin' donuts. they have a cake batter doughnut. i had in idea. cake batter, you open it up and there is a gooey cake batter icing in there. >> sit a circular doughnut. >> it is sick lar with some sprinkles. >> i have to look into this. >> ask them bit. >> have a good weekend. happy fourth. >> all right, guys, happy fourth, enjoy. jay-z's new album is out making headlines but it is what he is saying why some people are calling this a response to beyonce's lemonade n lemonade she accused him of cheating, is he admitting he is cheating. >> is he talking about becky.
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very good morning on this friday, tgif, 7:29. lets get a check of the forecast. >> if you haven't stepped out of air conditioning, it is muggy morning of the week so far, temperatures are in the 70's, it is humid, bus stop buddy, family down to the shore and already pick out his spot on the beach. temperatures in the 70's every where to start. we have a breeze. 74 degrees in philadelphia with 14 miles an hour from the south. we are heading into the 90's today. we will top off at 92 degrees, hot, breezy all afternoon, rest of the holiday weekend forecast coming up, bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. tgif. we have sun glare as we get ready, live look eastbound on the schuylkill expressway, disabled at girard avenue, in the left lane there, right by the zoo, shows you coming into philadelphia we have been dealing with sun glare and delays. hello south jersey getting
7:31 am
ready to go to the shore, double shot, shots of the parkway and shot of route nine and crunch time, heading to the beach today starts to pop at around 12 to 2:00, maybe heading to the delaware beach live look in delaware, 495 construction zone right there in the heart of the new castle burlington bristol all traffic stopped for an opening, septa fair increase kicks in tomorrow basically midnight tonight, so if you are using septa buses, trains, trolleys, anything over those holiday weekend be ready to grand some extra cash for the ride and we have a regatta shutting down kelly drive through sunday. closed this morning through the afternoon and sunday and all that extra volume will be used on the schuylkill expressway, thomas and alex, back to you. police in three states are on the look out for driver who killed a west chester teen in the road rage shooting. grief counselors will be at
7:32 am
restin high school where bianca roberson just graduated eighteen year-old was shot in the head along route one bypass and this is in west goshen on wednesday. >> her car started joseling with a red pickup truck not actually hit it but both merge together and then she was shot , the man in the red pickup truck shot her directly in the head. she died instantly, her car went off the side of the road and then into the wood. >> that is route 100 in west goshen. that pickup truck you see there on the screen is believed to be a faded red chevrolet and this is penndot traffic camera. police are trying to find out more about the driver and getting a better image. witness gave police a vague description a white man, 30 to 40 years old with blonde or light brown hair. >> they are working multiple cameras. hopefully someone will come forward for that innocent
7:33 am
young girl. lets talk about yesterday what court was like for seth williams. >> we know he resigned as district attorney in philadelphia and accepted a plea deal in the middle of his trial. >> so we will show you how's arrived to court, yesterday he smiled, as he entered then came bomb shell as he announced wow plead, and the judge's move to have him immediately taken into custody he revoke his bail. what does this morning to discuss the case our own investigative reporter jeff co le who has been following this from the beginning and chaka johnson. jeff, you were there in the courtroom. what was the reaction once it was announced we are revoking your bail. >> they had gone on for a while. remember seth williams took the stand. he was going to take the stan. his plan was to get up and try to defend himself but he took the stand in a detention hearing to determine whether he would go to jail or not. he made best case, he was very emotional talking about his
7:34 am
daughters and judge looked at him and said, you know what, i don't believe this man. i'm appalled by evidence here. his submission where is full of false hood. he need to go to yale. >> we heard from joe sullivan, business owner muhammad ali, we heard from the director of the center where his mother was cared for that he didn't pay bills. when you look at testimony after bill, overall evidence, chaka it was just too great. >> it certainly was. i'm in no ways surprised and i'm sure you are not either that it came to fruition. i'm surprised that the government allowed him to plead mid trial when they were ahead by such a wide margin. there was some show of mercy there because they could have continue on with the trial or judge diamond said i will not accept the plea. >> do you think it was a heck of a plea deal 28 counts being thrown out. >> i'm more concerned about the fact there is a five-year cap on his exposure. >> twenty-eight counts do get moved but he plead to everything in the counts.
7:35 am
he admits to everything that they have said about him, williams said i dit. what that means is those admissions are now what are applied to sentencing so it makes him permanently lock into the five years, three years supervised release, $250,000 fine, $67,000 in forfeiture. >> that is right. >> what was going through his mind then, we have been going through the trial, you have been there every day, seeing him go in and out of the courthouse. >> he was getting crush. he was getting crushed. he had gotten crushed day before. his own campaign advisor killed him, sullivan, this is the deputy inspector, said he was literally offering protection, or focus on a guy who was being looked at for money laundering. seth directed him to him. he was getting crush. he was in big trouble. >> didn't he know this stuff was out there. >> there was in day, when court was over that the defense team said we had a
7:36 am
good day here. >> right. >> things are looking favorable. it was downhill from day one. >> i know seth williams fairly well. i have had a history with him. he believed he could win this he believed he could win this, that is yes went in. >> when i spoke with you and you have been covering this trial, you have covered several trials, was this a case of the man who was broke who took advantage of the system or was this a calculated move. >> well in, terms of the him hanging on the job he needed the money. he gives up his law license. aim in the sure he was going in the office. he needed $175,000 paycheck. that is what he hung on to he testified to having 150 to $200 in his bank account. >> i think that this is a case of what you just said which is , poor money management. >> man who was broke, desperate for money. >> but also, not even that at core of it, someone who is maybe a little bit disassociated from reality and holds himself in a higher
7:37 am
regard then he should have. he is a politician. you mentioned when he walk in the courthouse how he was, jovial, shaking hand but that is just the politics of it all he knew at 1:30 in the morning that he was very likely going to jail and plea. >> when bail was revoke there were reports he was visibly upset. >> when they put the cuffs on you, you are upset. turned around and looked at few people, there were not many, his ex-wife were there they pulled his arms around him. he looked back. they cuffed him. it was an emotional moment. they were trying to clear us from the courtroom but were able to look back. they began to cry. she sort of dropped out. >> judge diamond was not moved by any of it. >> some people were saying they revoke the bail. he is waking up in jail. kathleen kaine they didn't revoke her bail and she was able to get out.
7:38 am
>> they are not in the same universe. kathleen kaine was being presented by state officials and quite frankly this is a federal investigation. the penalty, exposure is already much more greater. >> yes, seth williams real quickly is adopted son of a man who work in this city. he went to penn state. he went to georgetown law school. he was still paying his debt to georgetown law school at $1,100 a month. he entered as a reformer. he goes out as a guy who who his way because he had a appetite for partying, traveling. >> quickly here sentencing what do you think. >> full five years. >> he will get it. his career is done. his license will be taken from him. you have watched a tremendous fall. >> one of the things judge diamond had him do immediately was to resign his position. you could almost see that was almost hanging in the balance the entire time. he had audacity to sort of drag this all, keep your paycheck but i think the judge , sent a message there first thing you do have your
7:39 am
attorneys dragged from your jail cell a resignation letter >> the reason why this trial comes quickly normaly federal cases you are tried way down the road. this comes quickly, why? diamond wants it to happen? why? williams won't quit. he doesn't want him sitting there as a d.a. under criminal charges. >> thank you. >> 7:39. >> water hazard no match for this dedicated mom here why she jumped in the water in the middle of a european golf event, mom what are you doing.
7:40 am
7:41 am
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he threw his putter in the merky water. after his mom saw that, she rolled up her shorts and she went into get it. too late to save the club because lee had broken before he threw it in. it mom realized it. lee was apparently several holes ahead and didn't see his mom go in the water, but,. >> and, they didn't realize it was his mom by the way just thought it was a fan who want
7:43 am
aid souvenir. >> didn't tell him at first, who is that. >> i don't know. >> no, that is your momma. my goodness. >> that is what my mom would do. >> um-hmm. >> i feel you, my man, i feel you. >> my mom's watching right now so hi, mother. >> i love the tweet thaw showed me earlier, conversation you had with your dad, you invited him to come along to visit you in philadelphia. >> but ahead to work. >> well, his response was. my grandfather. >> yes. >> so i was sick, he checked on me and said is your mom here. he said, okay. i love for to you come. he said the word and be here. on second thought, i will just take a step back assess situation and let me know how it goes. >> he is like no, my time is precious. >> yes. >> good morning, mom and grand pop. lets get to jen because this is cool, something that is happening in olde city, very historic.
7:44 am
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good morning, everybody. collegeville in toward king of prussia, we have seen unusual traffic patterns today, friday being nothing to the holiday weekend, you take off friday, and take, and, and, if you are early, heading down to the delaware beaches, and, looking good, and, out of there along i-95, no problems, as we work our way up and over the 295, delaware memorial bridge, a special holiday schedule for patco, i questioned why and they said hey we are running six trains today, they feel like folks will move out of work early today, and so they will be ready for that early dismissal from the office, heading down the shore we are good to go here we are a live look at garden state parkway, hello, ocean city, live look off of route nine, shore's ready, liberty of sunshine, again, crunch time heading to the shore on a friday, typically occurs between 12 and two, holiday weekend, that
7:48 am
could be, more crunchy or starting earlier. with the regatta in town, kelly drive closed, a lot of outdoor events, we need a good looking forecast, sueby has got tonight 15. we are expecting a high of 92 degrees to day, but, as far as the fourth of july is concern, well, that will be hot too. as you are watching your fire works, perhaps, perspiring a little bit. a hike of 89 degrees, as we get into the fourth of july, only about 90ish each day looking at current radar picture nothing to show you here just a little bit of activity far to the north though. anytime it gets hot and humid
7:49 am
we have to expect a few pop up thunderstorms. ninety-two today. ninetyish sunday, monday, tuesday and stay hot through wednesday and thursday of next week, so july starting tomorrow, guys, it is going to feel like it. >> it makes sense, welcome july with july kind of weather >> very historic, historic philadelphia tipping off the weekly tavern tour of three modern day watering holes and historic taverns. >> jen's checking it out right now. >> so it is not a trick. >> not a trick, good morning, how are you. >> we all love our history in philadelphia is what the name of this new tour. >> this is called the tour. >> because we are tipping a glass. >> we are tipling, which is going from location to location, having toasts and >> that is cool. write it down, it is four different locations on the tour. >> that is right we go to four different watering holes as we call them, and where you'll
7:50 am
get a nice sized drink and some snacks at each location. you will hear from our history maker great fun facts about the history of drinking here in philadelphia. so sing, dance, fun. >> come on over, i understand one of the things that happened is what, first of all we learn about the drinks. we get to learn about toasts. >> yes, proper toasts, some of them sound more like a curse, you could, find out very quick ry in a crowd your political pint of view. >> good. >> would i like to teach you one very popular during the american revolution. >> let's go. >> proper response though when i say, hip, hip. >> you say hooray. >> no, no, no, no, hooray would go to the pope. i doubt the pope would ever come here to philadelphia it would be more like hasam. >> hasam. >> we would properly raise our glasses. >> okay. >> our proper shrubs.
7:51 am
>> what is a shrub where did you go? he ran away. tell me what a shrub is. >> it is a sweet, vinegar juice like a shove some fruits , vinegar over winter and then you could sweeten it with some water, put some rum, champagne you said rum, champagne that is all i needed to hear. >> i'm back here, go ahead. >> a proper toast and now i need a gloss om response to this. it would be, to the enemy, in great britain. >> yes. >> everyone. >> to the enemy, great britain , may they have cobweb breaches. >> yes. >> a porcupine seattle. >> a porcupine sat. >> a hard trotting horse. >> hard trotting horse. >> and eternal journey. >> eternal yearny hip, hip. >> hasam. >> cheers. if that is what mashed vinegar tastes like i'm in. so other thing you said to me off camera is what?
7:52 am
it is pretty cool because when you go in this is all set up. >> everything is all prepared for us. these are reservations that these, our gets have made at each location they will have a drink, in hand, ready for us to go, drop our toast, songs, drinking, dancing, and also, something to eat. >> we love a snack. >> great to have at each location. >> awesome. this goes on until the end of august. >> that is right every thursday evening, 5:30 tickets are available at historic >> thank you how do i say thank you in 18th century. >> thank you bye, guys. >> thank you. >> they make it simple, just a thank you. it wasn't that different. new warning about birth control pills why they may be more dangerous then previously thought. and jay-z confess to cheating on beyonce, bomb shell lear knicks his new album that came out overnight. p://>[a5df]
7:53 am
7:54 am
7:55 am
♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
7:56 am
birth control pills could be more dangerous then thought >> some of them are linked to breast cancer. doctor mike joining us to break it all down. >> basically oral contraceptives have embellished lives of millions and millions of woman so i do not want anyone to come away saying i'm stopping, stopping. bottom line thinks researcher looked at a number of studies and number of oral contraceptive preparations, some of them led to higher levels of hormones in the body the theoretical concern is that could that increase risk of breast cancer. when we look at all of the literature about oral contraceptive is it is conflicted, some say it doesn't increase risk, some say it does. other cancers likenedo and ovarian cancers is there a reduction. it comes down to individual decisions, folks.
7:57 am
you can either use barrier contraception, condoms, female condoms or iud's. if you don't want to go there and it is a concern. it is a personal decision. what i think will come out of this they will get lower dose toes get the effect. back in the 70's when they first came out very high level s of hormones because they were very powerful. that was a problem. they have come down over the years. >> do you think certain brand or across the board. >> well, certain brand have higher levels and that is a discussion you have to have about your doctor about which one to use. bottom line is it is an individual decision. remember your doctor and health care and nurse practitioner, physicians assistant guide you through the shark infested waters of health care. >> was this isolated to any particular age or overall a problem. >> overall looking at harmone levels. >> yes. >> thank you. >> lets get to the next one because gut bacteria could influence you're motions. >> i love this. this is cool, cool, stuff.
7:58 am
all right. you are what you eat, remember that phrase? well, it is true. in your intestines there are millions and millions of bacteria let me show you, those are my chitlines. maybe not. >> well, they dolente g there they are. all right. that is your large intestines and small intestine filled with bacteria. what this study showed and it building on other data that the kind of bacteria what we call microbial in your intestines, and, and you're mow gi, and, and they found will make you more calm, obviously my bacteria came from somewhere on another planet but bottom line is that we're going to find some day that we will change your micro bile, and effect things like your behavior, when are
7:59 am
stressed, depressed, all of those things. is that fascinating. >> so you can see probiotics. >> right now it is a shotgun approach. so when people have antibiotics. >> like you. >> like you. >> yes. >> you want to take some probiotics, because the antibiotics kill the bad bacteria and also kill good bacteria and can lead to problems, which is a very big problem, it causes diarrhea and a lot of problems. >> we don't want that. >> if i'm feeling kind of upset, i will blame my gut bacteria. >> well, some day we will change. infusion. >> it is all of the chitlines you are eating. >> yes. >> thanks, doctor mike. >> you are looking better. >> thank you. >> sounding better. >> even sick you look fantastic. >> you are so sweet. >> he has been calling me every day. you are so sweet. appreciate it. make sure i'm getting better.
8:00 am
it meant a lot to me. >> i have been calling you have day, to avoid you. >> it depend on how close, i'm starting a rumor. thirty days, good in guarantee you have a warranty. >> appreciate it. love you. >> i love you. and i love you. good day, it is friday, june 30th, 2017. road rage, murder, a young girl, ready for college, shot in the head and killed behind the wheel, the shooter's on the run. >> every second you are out there, you are only making this worse for yourself and worse for this young lady's family. >> major efforts to find him, right now. too risque cindy crawford 's daughter faces backlash this morning, why some people believe that this photo is, simply, in a prep eighth. did jay-z really confess
8:01 am
to cheating on beyonce. >> i apologize, womennized, child be born, see through a woman's eye. >> he dropped his long awaited album 4:44, lyrics cause ago lot of chatter this morning. rock the red, white and blue for patriotic fashion, flag inspired food, how you can celebrate the fourth of july in style, and will the weather cooperate. >> very nice. >> look at you, is that you. >> playing my flute. >> piled piper. >> we tried an escape room yesterday and it was an experience. >> yes. >> to say the least. this is before we were already confused before we went in. and then is there the after. >> yes. >> yeah. >> so what happened in between those two pictures? we will reveal in the 9:00 o'clock hour it will be worth the wait a lot going on. i think they asked at one point do you want to leave the room. >> it was kind of tough.
8:02 am
>> yes, we looked around, you know, it was weakest link. >> we all have issues. >> we all have issues. >> yes, we do. >> i think everybody should try it. >> it was fun. >> would have been fun with a little lievation. >> that is for the next time. >> next we have to get through the morning and workday before we start thinking about that. it is eight out of 10. we can think bit. it is 90's for later today. but we are off to a muggy start with bus stop buddy. sun screen ready, sunglasses ready, beach chair and his spot because you know beach will be crowded all weekend long. a little bit of the breeze with 76 degrees and from the southwest that wind at 14 miles an hour. eventually we will have higher dew points, meaning higher humidity. we have 76 degrees already at rehoboth, and cape may, little cooler in brigantine with 69 degrees, medford lakes 76,
8:03 am
pottstown 74. plan on plenty of sunshine and it is heating up so breezy, sunny, hot, you have been practicing all morning, bob kelly, breezy, sunny, and hot. >> breezy, sunny, hot, breezy, sunny, hot. >> 8:03. a live look at schuylkill expressway, going up the hill, breezy, sunny, we have sun glare on the schuylkill and unusual traffic patterns we have seen this morning as we get ready for holiday weekend. our first accident on the sea shore atlantic city expressway , eastbound just past the parkway so between the parkway and gambling town here an accident on that atlantic city expressway eastbound. heading to the shore, no problems right now, if you can , if you are moving down to after license or ocean city, we're good to go, on the garden state parkway. remember, the bridge is opened , ocean drive, it is ocean drive bridge opened up last weekend. coming into king of prussia, sun glare on 422, no problems
8:04 am
on 202 and good to go on mass transit. thomas and alex, back over to you. >> coming up on 8:04. is there a search spanning three states for this red pickup truck, the driver, wanted for killing a rustin high school grad in the fit of road rage. >> our jenny joyce is in west chester this morning where grief counselors will be available, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, guys. they will be at the high school beginning at 9:00 this something that is interesting, and good to hear, if there is anything going on right now in this community that is everybody is coming together, more than $6,000 has been raised on a go fund me page to support the bianca roberson's family, and again, just the last 15 hours or so. the chester county district attorney told us yesterday, that everything happened around 5:30 wednesday night. that is when police say, 18 year-old bianca roberson was shot in the head and killed driving her cara long route 100 in west goshen township.
8:05 am
person who did this was behind the wheel of the red pickup truck, they were trying to merge simultaneously on to route 202 when the driver pick up a gun and opened fire. police say rustin high school graduate was shot in the head died immediately and her car veered off the roadway. >> this is now a murder. every cop in the three states is looking for this red pickup truck and looking for this defendant. at this point we are asking anybody who saw anything on route 100, going in to route 202, to call the west goshen police department, right now, tonight, give us every bit of information you can. >> right now only information that we have is that this truck is described as a red, faded, chevy pick up, driver a white male between the age of 30 and 40, with blonde or light brown hair, so again, roberson just graduated from this chester county high school and according to that go fund me page she was
8:06 am
planning to attend jacksonville university in the fall with the hopes of working for the fbi. thomas and alex? >> dreams cut short in a horrible way, thanks, jenny. seth williams is waking up this morning in the detention certainty. now former philadelphia district attorney jailed, striking a plea deal in his federal bribery trial. the once top prosecutor pleaded guilty yesterday to a corruption charge, resigning right away from office. he admitted to a single count of accepting a bribe from the businessman in exchange for legal favors. now williams faces up to five years in prison and being held right now in jail until his sentencing scheduled on october 24th. cable news hosts who president trump attacked in public yesterday, well, they now responded on air. >> white house defending the president, saying he was only pushing back against their vicious daily attacks. >> president trump fired off a pair of personal tweets taking
8:07 am
aim at ms nbc host mika brzezinski and joe scarbureau. he refers to them as crazy mika and psycho joe. president trump also mentioned how the couple went to mar-a-lago for new years eve, wanted to spend time with him and how mika was quote bleeding badly from a face lift. morning co hoe were supposed to start vacation but postponed their time off to say this. >> what has been going on the last 24 hours. >> you know what, i think it is fascinating and frightening and really sad for our country i have been getting a lieutenant of texts and hearing you all talking, thank you. i'm fine. my family brought me up tough. this is absolutely nothing. but i think for me personally. i'm very concerned as to what this once again reveals about the president of the united states. it is strange. >> i think so. we had so many people saying i hope you are okay, had calls, texts and e-mails. we're okay.
8:08 am
the country is not. >> once again white house saying joe and mika had very tough word for the president and he was simply fighting fire, with fire. 8:08. cindy crawford's daughter is, putting herself in the middle of the social media fire storm. >> all over a photo seen on instagram. and following in her mother's footsteps and she posted on the cover last year with vogue with her mother. it is not this photo but another photo that is causing controversy. >> she's a little mini me in connection with her mom there both on the cover. she is just 15. the issue she took a behind the scenes picture, she has full face, make up on and bathrobe and lowers bathrobe and mirror selfie shot right there. so she captured picture. and then she put this up there and then, people started to sound off people that like it, and then there was a lot of critics. people saying too young, for
8:09 am
this. one instagram writer. another one it is not so much in the hand of the 15 year-old that is right or wrong as they are kid, instagram should pull it down under a code of ethics as i dad would i die if i saw my doubt door this another one you go girl, you are gorgeous to those offended by high off shoulder there are better things you should done then jag. judging is not your job. it amazing how many negative comments air above some should ab shamed of yourself. there is nothing rock with this picture. you are stunning. but is there everything wrong with spewing hatred and accusations at anyone especially a 15 year-old. keep your negativity to yourself. now she has been at center of backlash in the pennsylvania. she was just five years old and long time ago a shoot that she had. tiny little girl. she didn't have a top on looking back over her shoulder for that are picture. she didn't have her top on. and then there was another picture that she had as a 10 year-old when she had short skirt for another campaign.
8:10 am
that is issue with. that she's a model daughter and they take racey pictures. i feel like people that are critical don't look at 15 years old instagrams, right. i see pictures like that all the time and i don't think that the girls necessarily should be doing it it. you do to it get likes. you will get 17,000 likes. >> different pose, as a mom, how do you feel. >> i'm so lucky i have sons. >> i knew were going to say that they find other ways to get in trouble. >> oh, yeah, yeah. >> mom approves, cindy because she has to sign off, instagram is different. some of the modeling pictures that are more risque. >> the kind of things that, are like ball and chains but cindy had tons of racey pictures. i think it was brooke shields who had top less photo shoot and wearing nothing but me and my calvins. she was certainly below 16, maybe 13 or 15. she has been taking pictures that were controversial overtime. that is how i feel. >> thanks, karen.
8:11 am
wawa welcome america festival happens every year, right? you don't to have do the same thing every year there are some new things happening for the first time this weekend, i will tell you bit so you don't miss out. but first should you spend weekend at movies. despicable me three is out and we will find outfit is as good as the other movies coming up next. why visit great wolf lodge?
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water melon dresses, with the #, water melon dress. so grab yourself and it looks like you are wearing a water melon. thinks cute. of course, we have to get in on this. we went out and dit. >> that is great. >> bob, is this a water melon car. >> i was than the wearing a dress so i will jump in the car, i get my hand hanging out the side window. >> i like it. >> hanging out there, waving to the people. >> beep, beep. >> ready for summer barbecue with my water melon car. whose house we go to go. >> yours, of course. >> okay. >> we're all invited, to karen
8:15 am
's. >> first i'm hearing of this. >> i didn't know about any barbecue. >> sorry. >> 8:15. good morning everybody. live look at 95 northbound jammo up to allegheny avenue, again, northbound we have a disable in the construction zone. keep in mind if you are traveling to the barbecues, or pool parties over this holiday weekend just be mine full of the construction zones. you will not see anybody working but the lane configurations could be different from the last time you went to karen's house for a barbecue. that is i-95 right there accident at willow grove. 611 at willow grove interchange in front of the home depot, see speedometer readings dropping down to 8 miles an hour and you are hungry, i'm ready for breakfast. we will head out to the lincoln diner leaving right now at coatsville, so excited they have their very own, first diner, right in the heart of the coatsville, we will go there watching us at home bring kid by, be out there between nine and 10 we
8:16 am
will do it live on good day. atlantic city expressway eastbound an accident near exit number seven, we need a good forecast for our water melons and barbecues, sueby has tonight 15. basically weather pattern that is in place now will be with us for the fourth of july and our look ahead to tuesday, it is, some folks making the entire weekend out of it to day through tuesday, anyway, 90 degrees, hot and humid on the fourth of july. for right now, is there one little stray thunderstorm to the north of us, pocono mountains, there is a pop up there, it happens when it is hot and humid out, disturbance comes, triggers a storm, we will see quite a few cloud and then a disturbance in the
8:17 am
afternoon and chance is there any day but 92 degrees is our high today and we will call it 90ish as we get in the rest of the weekend and through the fourth of july. so we will probably be able to string together three days and get our heat wave third one of the 2017, regardless, keep you are cool, stay hydrated, wear your sun screen, you know the drill. >> all of the essentials. >> yes. >> and, well known, and, despicable me, coming up, with the third one, in theaters now >> check it out. >> how is your transition coming? you know from world's worth villain to world's war agents. >> that is hilarious,. >> but then you get cancelled. >> what about that. >> how about that. >> dance fight. >> now we have a question,
8:18 am
kevin mccarthey, does this movie stack up with the others you are in a hotel room. >> good morning, thomas and alex i'm in new orleans forest ens music festival. i'm down here. i just interviewed jada pink it smith, queen latifah, and all yesterday and today i'm speaking to marlon wayans who was on your show recently for a movie called name, and loretta divine. that is why i'm in a hotel room in new orleans you are living it up. >> the bars don't close there what time did you get back to the hotel room last night. >> honestly, listen i would love to have a great story to tell you, i was in bed early, man. i worked from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. last night. it was a long day. i went to bed early. i had some complications, unfortunately it is work. >> back to the despicable me three. >> despicable me three i mean these movies are great. i think first one was
8:19 am
hilarious, i will say, i don't know if i was really saying to myself i want to see a third despicable me movie but they are so much fun. as you saw in the clip grew means his twin brother drew, and menions are funny. when you see the move think weekend it is a movie where you will have fun. when you leave you will not remember a ton of classic moments but there are so many fun, entertaining scenes in the film that makes it worth seeing. i gave it 3.25 out of five. not great, not bad but it is a passable family film. >> passable. >> good enough for little won. >> this next one i have seen we like to discuss movies too, baby driver. >> yes, i loved this movie. i want to hear your opinion as well. i am in awe of the film making here. people not aware, idea behind this film is a heist movie and love story about a young
8:20 am
getaway driver trying to get out of the and, the head of the crime, but, the reason this movie is so inventive is majority of the action and the driving and the gun shots are all on beat with the sound track of the movie, so, you saw it, in the film, the gun shots. they are hitting on. and they are listening to headphones right now and that sound track is inventive, very , very well done, i love the way this movie came together. i will say that the end of the movie is so much happening, that i found myself a little bit numb to the characters abe plot but really cool film. i gave it 4.5 out of five. one of the best films of the year. what did you think. >> if you love music, i was into it. i was told all of the songs in the movie have the word baby in it at some point. i thought that was kind of
8:21 am
cool. >> oh. >> i honestly didn't know that >> well, i hope it is truey was told that. i will just say that. i thought too there were surprises. i saw it with my friend. we were screaming. this was a no. we were yelling at the screen because we were shocked. we were like what? >> jamie fox and john ham and i know they are wrapping me up but there is also a movie opening up called the big six. look up you tube trailer in that movie. it is one of the best heartfelt and funny films you'll see this year. go see that and baby driver. they are two original great films so support original cinema and great movies. >> we are out of time but did you see transformers. >> yes, it is not good. >> it is not good. >> i'm going tonight. >> unfortunately. >> i would go see baby driver don't way your money. >> change his plans.
8:22 am
>> thanks, kevin. >> yes. see you guys. >> john ham, sue loves john ham. >> yes, she do. >> you will love john ham in this, she loves mad men, yes. 8:22. did jay-z confess to shooting on beyonce, he dropped his long awaited album, 4:44. lyrics causing a lot of chat they are morning did he admit to cheating. did he come for kanye? what does eric bennet has to do with it. and jen's gearing up for a surprise, hi there, jen. >> hey it is a you go there friday so we are going there we are heading to warminster to talk surprise, talk to and surprise an mace would go man come on back. i love you so much, that's why i bought
8:23 am
six of you for when you stretch out. i want you to stay this bright blue forever, that's why you'll stay in this drawer forever.
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8:25 am
is this an apology. long awaited album, 4:44. you say bus witt. he has been advertising this. the album is available for
8:26 am
freon iheart radio for its first 24 hours. i had one of my friend text me i don't have tidal how do i get it? after that it will be available to tidal subscribers and you have to pay for that. in the album jay-z talks about fame, money, wealth, his experience as a black man in america. he talks about his mother too he apologizes for beyonce in the title track 4:44 saying at alleged cheating that she mentioned in lemonade in her visual album f my children knew i don't know what i would do. if they don't look at me the same would i die with all of the shame. he didn't want to pull an eric benet. >> i read that and we necessity how that ended with halle berry. he allegedly cheated on her. this, according to some reports is his album to set things right, feel free, i was a womanizer until kid came along and he apologized to beyonce. could it be about infidelity, what went on in the elevator with solange. >> he does bring that up.
8:27 am
>> we will see. >> we will talk to quincy. he was in new york last night at listening party so i'm sure he has details and some reaction to share with us in a little bit. so here, in philadelphia the wawa welcome america festival we know it happens every year, so great, so much fun but you don't to have dot same thing every time, every year, there is a new event, new things that are happening for the first time this year i will tell you about it to experience it this weekend. >> okay. ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie,
8:30 am
how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ we tried to escape the room yesterday, have you done one of these, so you know how it goes. this is from the beginning. afterward, we were worn out. >> so how did we do? did we make it out, did we end up killing each other. >> we will reveal in the 9:00 o'clock hour. and rocking the red, white and blue, from fashion, to flag inspired food how to
8:31 am
celebrate the fourth of july in style. and, sue, we have been talking about the water melon dress craze. >> um-hmm. >> people are trying on different dresses. >> it is not easy to do by the way. >> you have to put it just right. >> just right. >> and sue did hers. >> i was wearing pants so we did a water melon umbrella for me. >> i love it. >> do you see that. >> that kind of looks like a mushroom. >> a little bit. >> we will... >> i see what you are trying to do. >> yes, that is also my bus stop buddy pose. >> i love it. >> because, that is what he does, we're about to see him in the moment but we would give you eight out of 10 our number of the day. there he is, at the beach, already, bus stop budd which sun screen, sunglasses, there is the chair, all ready to go, beach ball, he already collected sea shells, and it is a muggy start today, temperatures already 76 degrees in philadelphia as you can see from the american
8:32 am
flag, it is breezy, 14 miles an hour breezes and 70's just been where else, upper 70's even the atlantic city international. ninety-two is our high today. we have warned you heat was coming back. do you remember how beautiful it was earlier in the week. that is a distant memory. it will stay hot and humid. seven day forecast is coming up. thomas and alex. >> you are staying around town this weekend. >> for sure. >> so many great things are happening. i know wawa welcome america is happening in our area for years and there are staples, events thaw must go to, right. but they are celebrating new things, events that you don't want to miss this week alex around town i wanted to fill new for the parents, and then for the kid. >> so this weeks alex around town i will get ready for the fourth, best praise to have it happened right here in philadelphia i'm here with kelly ann, part of the welcome america. >> cheers you are out running some of the cool things and events.
8:33 am
first we have drinks. we are starting with the adults. >> yes, we are celebrating 25 years of welcome america, bringing back favorites of the pennsylvania one being taste of philadelphia so we are encouraging everyone to check out the great restaurants we have in philadelphia we're hosting, red, white and blue happy hours at various locations throughout the city, one being art bar, we have here, a red, white and blue lemonade. >> inn and that is happening this evening for happy hour. >> yes, four to 7:00. again numerous locations around the city. keep your eyes opened there might be a surprise appearance from ben franklin. >> so is what for brunch. >> we are starting off our sunday, fun day with brunch at the lows with our vanilla doughnut and our corn beefed hash and eggs. >> that looks good. >> that doughnut looks good. >> and then sunday we should come right here to the art museum steps because is what happening. >> come early, we will show a free movie screening of the rocky. >> what better place then
8:34 am
rocky steps but come early, dress like rocky, we will do a rocky look alike contest and may have get up front ticket for july 4th concert. >> if you come, see, rocky on sunday, you might as well stay , park get a good spot because fire works are happening right here. >> yes. >> exciting this year. people will have simultaneous fire works, so from the parkway all the way over to penns landing. we will see fire works. >> funny thing you talk about great events, here, and it is back now this is only tip of the iceberg. >> yes, six days and 53 events , city wide. >> so we want to learn more, and make sure we get everything. >> welcome >> perfect. >> okay, i'll see you around. >> we have a lot to do. >> we will both be around town can you just show your nails to the camera. we're ready. look at this. happy fourth of july. let's celebrate. >> she had red, white and blue nails. you know you are excited. this is wawa welcome america
8:35 am
page where you can see there thursday, friday, saturday, sunday they have it all mapped out to plan your entire weekend. great events for the adults, entire family so check them out. >> families coming together wondering what can we do thursday, friday. nothing like philadelphia. >> that is so true. >> i will be here with my family. i will see i out and and about kid and phones we know they can navigate technology. the basic skills that a lot of children just can't do anymore nowadays. perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa!
8:36 am
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that where you get your medicine matters. and they look to us. cvs pharmacy. for advice. and ways to save money. plus, get up to fifty extrabucks each year just for filling prescriptions. switching is easy. we're here for you. join us. at cvs pharmacy. ♪ a lot of people wasting no time to take off work today, heading back down to the shore >> yes, nice walk. >> yes. >> and lot the wind. >> if you are traveling far for a great vacation, because, you know, thinks ocean city,
8:39 am
the favorite beach, and honor is based on those with more than 7,000 people, in new jersey, ocean city, it is it. >> 8:39. there is shocking new study from australia that find more kid know thousand use a smart phone so they can tie their shoes. >> 19 percent of kid age two to five can play with the device but only 9 percent have mastered, tying the shoes. did you know that. >> it found more parents, out source basic life skills, because, in fact, some places even offer, shoe tying classes , now. >> yes. >> parents need to take a second, take the tablet away, and, just go play out back. they forget. what is a tie, under, over. >> i do buggy ears. >> yes. >> yes. >> all kind of ways. >> you can just do velcro shoes, that is the war.
8:40 am
>> 8:39. now one of the life's simple pleasures, now, the next time you want to unwind at the bar, after a crazy day, forget the drink. >> yes. >> unless you pass out. >> go for a nap. >> this is in spain, it is offering up some naps, in a private room, and shared roomy guess, if you want to have a nap. prebook the room, walk in, see the once that are available you pay by minor hour. private roomies this to $16 next time in madrid, doing a little shopping, have a few drinks, little too much you get a room. >> even without the drinks i just love napping, seriously. >> could you nap in a public space like that. >> if i'm tired enough. probably. >> nap during the day. something with the sun, the daylight, i have trouble falling asleepy can. one time i went, home, and it wasn't home but missouri which
8:41 am
was like a home coming. i work the morning show, and went straight there we were right there with my friend. we were talking and then i fell down and they had to catch me or my face would fall in my place. i didn't know what was going on. they said you almost fell in your plate. >> mine is called ambien. >> yes. >> yes. >> i know you would have. >> she need some sleep. >> yes. >> drop her off after we're done. >> let's go to jen. >> hi there, jen. >> by the way, i can nap on a boat, plane, moving car. okay. we're on our way to warminster there is an amazing person that helped this nation's heroes we will talk to you about her in our you go there segment. you will like this
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
at mountains and higher elevations then they will be here in this city. woodloch is ready to for you. we will get to a high of 92 degrees today, 72 was the high in atlantic city
8:45 am
yesterday but 88 where we were in philadelphia wilmington 86. reading 88. trenton 86. this was first day of the heat and humidity after a lot of comfortable weather but beginning of the week but, that is only a distant memory. ninety-two today. tomorrow we will see cloud and a little bit of sunshine and possibility of pop up thunderstorms. don't let it change your plans even if you get a thunderstorm it will hang around too long. that is tomorrow. sunday 90 degrees. ninety-one on monday, and 90 on tuesday. we will call this 90ish. we may get a break for a couple days but it will be hot as we head into the holiday weekend. for on the weekend, goes from today all the way through tuesday. whether that is case or not make sure you stay cool throughout this period. because july starts tomorrow, and, now back to you. >> just quick storms nothing major. >> fast and furious. >> yes. >> so, jen's out and about and she's gearing up to honor a
8:46 am
person who goes there in the community. >> big surprise, can't wait, jen you know i always spry people, and we are doing them. so right now, we cannot tell you who this woman is and we cannot show you pictures of her because i don't know whether she's watching us on tv. i hear she's a good day fan. all of her friend, family are waiting on a side street because we were going to do this bit with them. so, here's what i can tell but this woman. she has a large family of her own. i don't want to tell you how much kid because i don't want to tip off if she's watching. what she does is she goes out of her way, to help, wounded veterans. she helps them physically, she helps them talking to them, you know, going through ptsd type things, she brings money for them. she makes sure there are walks , organizations that really care about them, 24/7. a lot of us will pit a instagram message saying thank
8:47 am
you, veterans or veterans day or other military focused holidays but for her it is an every single day, 12 months a year, situation. i have to say, that there are veterans that are going to come and surprise her, and, it is just going to be an amazing thing. we're going to see a whole group of them waiting as they speak. a nation sponsors, cold stone creamery, and valley forge convention and visitors boro they have treats for her too it is cool. we're very excited. again, you know this guys, i'm always worried, i will mess it up, something will happen and then everything typically goes okay but i'm nerve bus this one because i just don't know, i'm just not sure. >> we believe. we believe this will happen. >> all right. see you then. >> everybody can keep the secret. if you are planning to get
8:48 am
away for extended holiday weekend you will have plenty of company. >> this is expect to be most traveled fourth of july weekend in history. i often wonder how they know this stuff. 44 million people are spoke celebrate away from home, a million more last year according to triple a and most of those travelers are planning to drive to their destination, three and a half million, they will hit the sky , they will fly. >> are you traveling. >> i love road tripsy haven't decided what i will do i love being here in the city. i am like what have we going to do. but maybe one day ale do a road trip. >> that would be good. >> this is week toned stay in philly. my daddies coming in town. >> you have a enjoyable family >> look at you. >> i have the type of family you want to drive off the road you don't want to do a road trip because you are stuck in the car. >> that is why i'm debating which should do a road trip. >> you yourself, by yourself. >> yeah, i have done, i drove
8:49 am
from new orleans, before, longest trip ever, and then you start to think, you start thinking burr life, stuff you see along the roadway. >> you left your family behind on this trip. >> good idea, maybe plan a trip, leave them somewhere. >> they can't that be bad. i guess they are, yes. >> i love them but. >> have you heard about the latest internet craze water melon dresses, people posting pictures like these on instagram with the #water melon dress. all kind of variety. very chic. >> we saw bob and his water melon car. >> no dress for you are you surprised. >> yes. >> floor director no, i decided to forgo. >> you always wear flower. >> part of the summer collection in case you are interested. >> water melon flower. >> are you selling these. >> yeah, in about a week or so , offer them on line. >> limit time only because they don't last too long.
8:50 am
>> we will reveal more pictures, as we all did one. >> i love yours by the way, can't wait to share. >> i have an accessory with mine. yes, you were looking, we will show you a new born baby, wow. >> oh, momma. >> how is mom doing this morning. >> we will tell you how much this one weighs.
8:51 am
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true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out. for a radiant, whiter smile. be radiant by colgate optic white.
8:54 am
gave birth to quite a big baby. >> look at how big you see for yourself. so whitney was expecting, this , of course. >> yes. >> but she was stunned when she gave bit to a 16-pound boy his name was whalen coal,. >> did you hear sue. >> yes. >> sue was like wow. >> my goodness. >> that is a lot. >> he was born to be a c-section may 1st, give you an idea how big baby weight is. baby says, infant left the hospital wearing six to nine months clothes. clothing for six to nine months. >> yes. >> how is momma, she's doing fine this morning. >> there is a certain way, sue , there is a certain. >> um-hmm. >> weight that you have to do a c-section. >> i don't know, i had mine
8:55 am
the usual way. weight. >> she was a whooping 8-pound. >> i had a huge head. >> had. >> i'm just kidding. >> yes. >> for the first, year i could not keep my head up because it was so massive. >> yes. >> usually when i see a cute baby and when i see them, it makes me -- >> i feel good about myself and i leave here absolutely destroyedy was joking. joking. >> it was massive. everyone teased me about how big my head was. that is why i gained weight wait to grow into my head. >> as long as your head is a cute head, it doesn't matter, you have a nice head. >> first story i hear my mom tell, that and something else, but, yes. >> massive head. >> i am not ready, if that is, that makes me not want to pop one out. >> aim not ready. >> it is time for your break.
8:56 am
>> okay. 8:55. we tried an escape room yesterday, we have been showing you before and after, people asking tell us how you did. >> we will reveal, minutes from now. >> we have learned a lot about each other. >> also, you are on a date, how many cocktails should you have, one, two, five? how many is too many. sweet spot for some liquid courage, straight ahead. if you have moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis like me,
8:57 am
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8:59 am
and if you've had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have flulike symptoms or sores. don't start humira if you have an infection. talk to your doctor and visit this is humira at work. jay-z dropped his long awaited album 4:44. lyrics causing chatter, people trying to dissect those lyrics what is he telling us. beyonce starred in it in lemonade saying did he all this stuff. is is he finally coming clean.
9:00 am
>> good morning you look beautiful in lemonade. that is like popping. >> more like lime aid. are you ready for fourth. >> are you down the shore. >> no, barbecue at my house i was told yesterday. >> who told you then. >> my husband. >> yes. >> do you have to do all of the work for. >> yes, it doesn't get done, by itself. i will there been with the leaf blower outside, making it look nice. >> wow. >> what will he do. >> eat. >> we have to talk to the hubby. >> yes, he has it made. >> good day, friday, june 30th , 2017. we will tell you the tail, from the escape room. can you believe this? we did it. all together. for all of us it was our first time. people wonder how did you do, did you make it out in time. did you kill each other. you will reveal and it is guarantee to make you laugh. >> t-shirt controversy, kendall and kylie jenner


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