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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 1, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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breaking news this morning, a budget impasse and a state of emergency. new jersey government closes after law mak ers couldn't pass a budget. what services are impacted start ing today. killed a teenager during a case of road rage. this as police conduct a nationwide man hunt to find the killer. and a hot holiday weekend. we're talking possible heatwave, temperatures topping 90. but will it stay dry. more on your forecast for the fourth. >> from the fox 29 studios, this is good day philadelphia weekend . good day, everyone it's the saturday, the first day of july. can you believe the year is halfway over. >> that's craze he i. july 1,s
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that he ' it. >> which is something. i'm going to beach early next week and if i don't make it to the beach i'm the not going to make it until the end of august. i got to get a beach day n. a lot of people are down the shore. i've seen instagram. some crazy traffic on the turnpike and probably the airports. everybody is coming in, too. we have a day -- we're starting out . overnight hours, look at that. seventy-eight in philadelphia, 73 in atlantic city. in you're in wildwood it's 72-degrees. seventys galore as you get into voorhees, vineland, hammonton,
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winds will be in excess of 606 miles an hour. fox futurecast, i this i by lunchtime there will be a couple of storms popping and roling from trenton points north and west and here comes the line as we get into 6:00 for northwestern suburbs. allentown , the high likely likelihood areas of seeing some dangerous clouds. it's a broken line of storms from mercer county down into western jersey the line actually may fall apart as it gets along the jersey shore and then it opens up a day
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tomorrow where we're into the 90 s. hot and humid is the theme . we have a lot of weather to talk about. thanks so much. taking a live look in trenton, new jersey governor chris christie declaring a state of emergency. the government shutdown after lawmakers failed to agree. asked essential services to continue working as usual. jenny joyce live at the dmv in cherry hill. >>reporter: a government shutdown. actually a couple of minutes ago there was a woman here who showed up. she wanted to get her license plate information updated and she couldn't do unfortunately want to talk to us on camera. she didn't realize that the dmv would be affected.
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she was like a crazy fun, a crazy fun kind of person. she would make you laugh. for orientation at the university she'd attend in the fall. her life goal, an fbi agent with a focus on forensics. devastated, senseless. fox 29 news. and
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stay with us here on fox 29 as the man hunt continues. we're putting updates on the clock on our website; fox 29 and developing out of new york the fox dr. henry bellow re
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signed from the hospital in the wake of sexual harassment allegations. he burst in the bronx lebanon hospital with an a r15 rival. he killed one doctor, badly injured six others . police say bell oh tried to execute himself on fire before he turned the gun on himself. one witness at the scene describes the panic. they told everybody to get into the rooms, stay inside. she was in there with a patient. thank god h was not an act of terrorism. it was an isolated incident. it appears to be a workplace matter . but that makes it no less tragic or no less horrible records show bell oh had a limit edded permanent to practice medicine. happening today, a local teenager being laid to rest and remembered on tilt tilton road. services start at 11. a go fund me page has been
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set up to help family with funeral expenses. we have more coming up on good day. there is nothing like being in philadelphia for the fourth of july or is it? the state ranked most patriotic and where pennsylvania falls on that list if you plan on using septa to get to your holiday weekend december tippings, get ready to dig a little p deeper into your pockets. how much more it will cost you to get around. but first sue serio with weekend wendy. weekend wendy is here with an exciting thing that's happening all weekend. it's all part of welcome america and it's free museum days, different days different museums. today you can get in the african-american museum for free and this morning , at least until 11:00
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one liberty place, the observation deck there for free tomorrow it's pay what you wish day at the philadelphia museum of art. get it all on fox 29 .com and have a good time. ladies and gentlemen, penn
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seven:13. we have some breaking news coming out of our arkansas right now. police say at least 17 people shot. more were injured trying to run after reports of gunshots. the incident took place in the city of little rock around 26789. 3
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an active shooter. mass co what's up? good morning, everybody, 78 we're starting out this morning in philadelphia very warm, very doylestown, good morning, 74. phoenixville, a pair of 77. starting out 7:00, well into close to 90. the big story is the amount of humidity in place and humidity and heat this afternoon it will feel like it's around 96-degrees from trenton down towards philly and into wilmington. get ready for the showers and heat and showers and
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. currently
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i don't know if that will be an issue. i think all these guys are getting used to playing together. before some of the
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lineups that we know we'll see as the regular season rolls around and through two weeks of training camp, by the end i feel these guys will be pumping. nba free agent officially sets off at midnight, the surprise of the night is paul george will join forces with two other signings of note, blain griffins staying put in la. five years 175 million, how about this if john wall was offered a four year extension he has not signed it. 168 million. what are you waiting for, john. >> i'll sign it. staying with the the nba, fresh off of the nb a on the golden state warriors seth curie is now making history . the two time mvp has agreed to a two year extension. he deserves every penny of that, guys. what the heck, so john
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wall is hanging out last night and forgot to call his agent? there's a number of things that ter this ' all talking about , the contract that he signs will be furthermore years on top of the two so that's six years in d.c. he doesn't want to stay there. 168 million, imagine you're that good in life that you can say i'm going to think about this one. you should. i'm going to sit on this one for a equaledment you got to make them worry and wonder. remember when everybody used to do the john wall. i'm good at that. d.c. if you plan on using septa to get to your holiday weekend destination, be ready. dig a little deeper into your popghts. how much more it's going to cost you to get around. join live in new jersey where a government shutdown has been announced. hi, jenny, good morning, lauren. government work, all norp essentials government offices are closed. people showing up to the dmv
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this morning to find out it's closed indefinitely. how h could impact your july fourth plans. we'll tell you next.
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seven:29 we continue to follow the breaking news coming out of arkansas right now police say the at least 17 people shot at a nightclub. more were injured trying to run after reports of gunshots. the incident took place in little rock around 26789. thirty this morning. no fai fatalities have been report
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ed. little l rock police posted this tweet reading we do not believe this incident was an active shoot error terror related incident. it appears to have been a dispute at a conser a new decision from the pentagon giving military leaders six more months to decide if transgender people can enlist. >> mr. milkey: mattis said extra time is needed to review whether transgender soldiers will negativeively affect the military's abilities. they want to see if any changes need to be made to military bases. welcome back, you're watching good day weekend. it is the first day of july. it's going to be a hot one and we could possibly see some storms. mike master joining us to talk about the weather. are you having issues with the hair this morning? >> look at this. it's all over the place. it's because of this right here. this is a ton of humidity out there. the dewpoints way up above 70. that's when we're talking about the air you can wear we'll be wearing it all afternoon. 78- degrees in philadelphia.
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north and west into the middle 77s. these are the prime suspects. they're about 90- degrees today, cherry hill, voorhees, down towards glassboro , will oh grove close to 90. we look out to the west and we see some nasty thun storm . this is outside of binge many hand and sir quus. this is a gold front that ill with be working from northeast to south it will creek right into the humidity and spload showers and thunderstorms. fox futurecast is showing us as early as lunchtime showers and storms away from the dewpoints many as we get right into 6:00 here is the line coming down chester. this an area you'll get slammed smacked down with some storms. mercer county south of that itself it's a breken line of storms around 8:00 and it's out of here as we get into tomorrow afternoon. daytime highs will be hot once again, 92-degrees, forecast highs but the humidity
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will be out. it will be more of a dry heat. eighty-two as you get down towards stone harbor. wildwood is 82-degrees. dewey beach down towards ocean beach and bethany beach will be around 84-degrees. if you're on the the water or plan on go in the water just know we have a maryland rate rip current beach we'll have a two-foot chop. daytime highs will be into the 730s. basically any time after 3:00, a popup shower and thund stornl could develop. keep an eye on the western sky as we get into the afternoon hours. we'll talk more about your weekend forecast that's coming up in just a little bit. we're hearing no one was hurt during a one-alarm four in pennsauken p township. emergency crews had the blaze under control in about 20 minutes. right now we do not know what caused the fire. happening right now, shutdown and crunching numbers. lawmaker s haven't hammered out a state budget so governor chris
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christie makes the move, the government forced to shutdown some of its services. fox 29 jenny joyce live at the zmv in cherry hill. and this is one of the places not open today. >>reporter: a loft people showing up, a little bit conus tood, a little bit surprised saying doesn't this open at eight. well, no, it's not going to open because of this government shutdown. so you can't come here for inspections or for driver's test until further notice. we got word that no budget passed by mid might means that this government shutdown is in full effect. rancocas state park in burlington county are closed this july 4 holiday weekend. any event scheduled at state parks are now canceled. govern or chris christie signed the executive order to introduce the shutdown if the deal was not reached by midnight friday, so now non all essential government services are on hiatus. you won't be able t get birth certificates or marriage
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play the the lottery, racetracks and casinos will also not be affected and a transit will continue operating and police and emergency services will still be available. so the shutdown is in effect because the legislature could in the agree to enact a $34.7 billion spending plan. this is only the second government shutdown in new jersey state history. the first was in tweaks. it lasted ate days. this should be interesting. we'll see what happenings. happening today, it's going to cost extra to catch a ride using septa. fair increases go into effect. though you may have noticedded them already if you bought a weekly or monthly pass in advance. here's what you need to know, fairs on buses, subways and trolleys go from 2.25 to 2350. instead of 1.8 on regional airfare also went up. though the amount varied by zone
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. once you add it up over a month's time it may affect their bottom line. for arrested on an outstanding an an entire break down of the septa fair increase head on over for our fox as you plan for your fourth of july celebration, the travel traffic that will have you frustrated. >>joe: hi.this is pennsylvania state treasurer
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at by visiting our website ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle.
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seven:37, a former police officer in south jersey will spend the next four years behind bars after bleeding guilty in a drunk driving crash. a judge sentenced 26 year old justin rodriquez yesterday. prosecutors say he was driving under the influence when he crashed killing his passenger, 27 year old ar anna williams, it happened in florence, burling county last september. rodriquez was an office duty burlington township police officer. at that time in court more than a dozen family members of williams described the pain of losing her much too soon. we were angry from n there. i'm angry because they still have a son to see. you may see him in prison, but you can lay your eye s on him. i can't lie my eye s on air anna. she's gone. i think about my daughter every day. >> the williams family plans to sue the former officer and at least one of the bars that served him that night. this may
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be the best time to head down the shore when not many people are on the roads, but sometimes es it's just unavoidable and this year could be worse. a construction project taking over part of of the garden state parkway, unfortunately it won't be done any time soon. the story from hamilton atlantic county. it's the price you pay for the holiday weekend. what's the worst part about going down the shore? a. trafficker. >> the rush to get down the shore at a standstill, even on a thursday night. i know there's going to be a lot of traffic tomorrow so we thought we'd beat it tonight, but apatentorly we didn't. if you think getting out of the city on a holiday, it's nothing compared to what has become the summer headache of 2017. the grid lock on the the other end of the ac expressway, exit seven getting onto the garden state parkway. i was down in the winter and i had to go bumper to bumper there
7:40 am
. some travelers are reporting miles long backups in the bottle neck, delays during peak times on this exit alone up to an hour long. do you realize how many cocktails an hour is on a friday night. you're missing sometime. >> yes, big time. >> you could see the problem from above when two lanes of the atlantic city expressway all of a sudden merge into one lane up at garden state parkway and on a holiday weekend that is a rest gay for a major traffic headache . it's part of a $45 million project to replace five parkway bridges all within a half a mile of the expressway exit. and if you think this is bad, well, wait l until you hear this, not scheduled to be finish ed until next june. just sitting there. it's just frustrating. you could be with your friends on the beach but you're just sitting there. the best advice avoiding the expressway altogether. waiting
7:41 am
until late at night when the traffic isn't so thick. you have a mindset and you're going to wait and get there or don't go. chris o'connell, fox 29 news. >> that looks like a headache to me. >> yeah, i it does. it looks good if you're a passer. q. you get a magazine, us weekly, put the seat back, take a nap. >> i have to be selfish on this i'm curious to know how i can get in a chopper to do the story like chris o'connell. >> i need a sports story that i can get in the chopper. maybe when they do something to the field before the eagles start playing in the fall. >> if you need me to estimate how many people are in the stand s, i i think that would be a good idea. >> send sean up. he's going up seven:41 with more people spending more time down the shore, this summer what's on your to do list when it comes to hanging out, going out. start ing this holiday weekend. also coming up next, want to
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chill with the latest summer movies? here's a preview of what's new in theaters.
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>> don't look at it. i have a little secret about this. kevin heart, duane the rock johnsons was shooting h this when i was in that way i in october. kevin heart keeping the heat coming this summer. he just released a new look at his new film. don't get too section sited, though, the movie doesn't come out until december 20. shooting in october of 2016 we won't see it until december of this year. kevin heart's world, lauren. rnlts i know. the most popular, this time the retired crime boss justice department reu discovers he has a charge brother twin brother who wants to pull off one more heist. if you are look ing for something a bit more grown and sexy, follow the get away driver who is trying to
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break ties with the boss it stars kevin spacy and kevin fox i love kevin spacy but now i only see him as frank underwood in house of cards so it's hard for me to remember him as another character. i still think of american beauty. and a shoutout to jamie foxx, a great show on fox. sha a.m., i love that show. i want to be on that show. do you have any pool wits with the heat this afternoon. these are what our feels-like temperatures will read. somewhere in the vicinity of 95 to almost 100-degrees. some
7:47 am
excessive heat on top of us today. ultimate doppler is clear overhead, however that is subject to change later this afternoon. you go out to the west, nasty looking thunderstorms, already some storms up towards upstate new york. this is a line that is going to have \march/march east it will interact with all the humidity on top of us. the the coast trough out to the west that moves any
7:48 am
tornado watch naddic activity with these storms. if you're travelling up through upstate new york this threat may increase because of a little bit of he lease ticketed event type situation. it's whole mess up into upstate, new york. temperatures into the 80s. seven day forecast 88 today and it goes to 92 tomorrow and then we're close to 930 for the rest of the holiday stretch. on tuesday, america celebrates it's 241st birthday. there are parties of all kinds, as you can imagine. outdoor movie screenings, fireworks, free shows including one with mary j blaj happening all weekend belong. p you don't happen to be in the the veaks, how about a vacation. this is a live look at ocean city. it was just named -- not a good shot. it was just named new jersey's
7:49 am
favorite beevment you can't tell by this picture, but also a chor on dancing with the stars. she sedansed with steve o. can you imagine with steve o. >> i can't imagine dancing at all on the
7:50 am
for fox 29. >> i'm disappointed. >> you have to pick bradley cooper. >> age, tradition, i get it. >> that was fun. >> it was cool because she's actually chor graphing or she choreographedded the opening of legends, but she's they've been around for 35 years. if you go to harrahs they play six days a week and you can see prince and madonna and garth brooks and i'
7:51 am
we know mary j is coming. she is going to be in ac. >> she'll be there monday. she's going to be at borgata on monday. we're all excited about . i would suggest getting your tickets now because it's going to be a sold out show. that's super exciting.
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♪ we need up lifting music after that shot. what happened while -- we need the wind to pick up in wildwood. leave that music on. that's nice. keeps me -- just leave it on. we're fine. the whole weather cast. look at this. good morning, everybody. i mean it's cloudy out there right now. look, give it time, though. things are changing. south wind comes in we'll blow all that fog out of here. we're looking at feels like temperatures today, i like this, we're on to something here in philly. weather and music together. ultimate doppler showing us
8:16 am
right now -- we saw how i danced last weekend. no, no new york city. here's what's going on. north and west showers and gusty thunderstorms. folks, that's the line of showers and thunderstorms slowly rolling east, dancing east as we get to lunch time, gusty showers and thunderstorms developing from philadelphia points north and west. when that thunderstorm starts to roar move indoors because again these storms could pack a punch allentown, doylestown, pottsto pottstown, that's the area where we could see some of these storms fire up. tomorrow afternoon, gorgeous. go at the beach. nice southwest wind. dry heat. we're not talking about the humidity. so it looks good. so watch out. these storms could pack a punch. gusty winds flooding and some dangerous cloud ground lightni lightning. look at that. i like this. 88 degrees this afternoon. >> you go dance while you make some more weather graphics. >> look at the clouds coming. >> ut-oh. >> we'll talk later. >> no one is liking that down the shore. they want sunshine. >> listen philly drivers, congratulations. guess what? we and by we i mean
8:17 am
me as well we're paying the fifth highest car insurance in the country. national average for your six-month premium is $1,325. dan the money man what did we do to deserve this. >> we pick the wrong zip code. [ laughter ] >> that's right. >> insurance is based on zip code. you're absolutely right. philly drivers, fifth highest in the country. there's lot of reasons for that which we'll talk about and talk about tips how you might be able to bring that down little bit. but the reality if you're living in the city of philadelphia, you are paying more than double, more double the national avera average. >> jeez. >> when i read tis maybe about, i don't know, a few days ago i decided i'm going to look around now. right. >> yeah. >> it makes you want to shop around. >> tip number one, shop around. insurance is based largely on your zip code. that may sound sort of discriminatory insurance companies are a loud to do that. they're loud to price their policies based on where you li live, because there's something caused a loss ratio they look at comprehensive things like
8:18 am
collision, you know, collision experience. theft, vandalism. all that sort of thing. unfortunately philadelphia has a very high incidence of loss when it comes to cars. so they price it higher. so the first tip is, if you've got renters home, homeowners insurance look to bundle those policy together. your company may offer i was discount. >> all right. >> second thing shop around. because a lot of folks they get their auto policy, and they put it in the sock drawer and forget about it. right. >> um-hmm. >> if it's been in there for few years, sean, you might want to chick out because chances are the market is competitive chances you might score a lower rate. >> yeah. >> right. does your car matter? a lot of times, my car is so old there's no way they're charging me this price. >> it is huge. so think older boring four doors cheaper. [ laughter ] >> that's what i have. >> freck this is one of our policies auto policy. the first lady drivers a newer saw ba rue paying two grand a year. as you know i drive a 1999 toyota truck. i'm paying less than thousand
8:19 am
bucks year. so the newer the car, the more expensive the car that you're driving, clearly you'll pay more insurance. be very careful when you're shopping for new car call your insurance company before you buy it and say what will my rate be? >> give me your that one trick i think it's something about the value of your car. >> yeah. >> lower -- tell me that. >> absolute. here's the deal f you're driving an older car and you're paying premium that's close to the value of your car, i want to you think about dropping the collision part of your insurance to save a few bucks. reality is, probably don't need collision insurance if you're driving a car worth three or four grand. >> gotcha. >> okay. candace our producer she's forget having car in philadelphia. too much money. too much work. i'll uber and lyft everywhere. now when you call for uber it doesn't have to be for you they're switching things up. >> uber's world. we're just living knit. >> here it is. new service, you can use the uber app of a friend. so i know your mom comes in to visit a lot. >> yes. >> mom comes into the airport or the train station whatever the
8:20 am
case may be she doesn't have the uber app. >> right. >> but you can use your uber app, lauren, and hook mom up with a ride. she'll get a text message with the driver information. >> okay. where they'll pick her up and what time and all that stuff. get text message with the driver information, she'll drive on your account so you're paying for it on your account. gets a little tricky. >> here's what i was going to say. >> it gets tricky. >> my mom might have had too many glasses of wine. >> i wasn't going to say. >> if she gets in the uber and she's misbehaving my rating is important to me. >> rating is important to you and that's risk. so your friend, not your mom, but your friend could trash the uber, could have a difficult time with the driver, like some of sean's friends and you never know. there goes your rating you got to be careful about who you're going to share this with. >> but that's a good only shouldn't. >> it's a great idea. >> what type of world do we live in when you care about your rating. >> you have to because people won't pick you up. i drive a lot -- you drive in lot but i drive -- ride uber a lot. and people will like start
8:21 am
passing by you. >> our kids and grandkids will think we're dinosaurs oil they'll be diagnose ubers and self driving car. they won't foe wait means to get behind the wheel and drive. >> i saw a story yesterday, we're going to be flying drones were you ten years from now. >> i'm ready for it. >> drones right over the schuylkill. >> i'm not ready for that. i'm not. all right. let's check outwore winning lottery numbers. take a quick break and pay some bills and come right back. >> buy drone. i just saw one. ♪ >> i'm jenn frederick and this is momologue. obviously it's fun to send the kids to camp. but coach herb magee when i'm in the backyard with my kids and i want to make basketball fun, or at a park, give me some tips how to just be cool. >> what i would do if i was who never played i would get tapes on the game. >> really. >> absolutely. >> and learn the proper way to do stuff. when you're teaching a youngster
8:22 am
the skills of the game dribbling, passing and shooting it's important to get them started off in the right direction. so they don't develop bad habits especially with shooting. so we don't expect all moms to learn about shooting. but you can pick up on it if you've got some tapes like, freck, we have nothing but net tapes that would really help somebody when they're going to start off teaching some youngster how to shoot basket. >> how do you make it fun? like we play horse or pig sometimes in the backyard. >> absolutely. horse or pig or just do drills, you know, basketball drills. catch, shoot, two dribbles left, two dribbles right. square up. what you want to do is make sure that the people teaching do not do things that are incorrect and the incorrect part is having the kids shoot and run after the ball. so make sure someone is there to throw the kid back to the ball. >> you never rebound for yourself. >> never rebound for yourself you'll develop bad habits. >> thank you very much. >> my pleasure. >> i love it. i'm jenn 43 rick. that's the shot doctor. they're cheering for him.
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this is momologue. have fun with your kids.
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♪ >> did you hear about this story this morning. nevada now the fifth state in the nation to legally allow rec croatian al marijuana use. sales will start this morning this is the fastest turn around from ballot box to legalization in our country. people 21 and older can buy up to an ounce of pot with valid
8:26 am
idea for private in home use only. the drug still banned by the federal g. okay. with the independence day celebrations starting this weekend it's important that everyone take precautions when it comes to using fireworks. according to the us consumer product safety commission, there are on average 230 fireworks related injuries near and on the fourth of july. so here's some advice so you don't end up as a statistic this holiday weekend. >> one of the most common issues that we see is people trying to relight firework that didn't good off the first time. they get up close and all of a sudden what they thought was dud turns out to be a life firework and then they have a leg or a foot injury or a hand injury that would have not happened if they just let it go. >> so for the big stuff it's best to just leave it to the professionals. there will be a firework display tonight in philadelphia at penn's landing starting at 9:30. okay. i have to tell you guys something. a second ago, sean's stomach
8:27 am
made some weird noise. >> yeah. >> it's grumbling. >> hungry. >> i go, sean. he said it was just my stomach. i didn't toot. >> just my stomach. >> just my stomach. i would never do that sitting right next to you this close. >> at least walk away. >> i was like -- >> my favorite they know about the last two stories we did i love our producer didn't allow us to speak about the legalization of marijuana in nevada instead of the safety tips for fireworks. >> move along. >> keep it moving. >> i can say i can speak from experience i was just out in denver everybody needs to get behind what's happening out in denver. >> it's a defendant place. >> candace likes her job. >> right. >> okay. what we want it's the hottest article going around the city right now. we're going to break down what philly women say they need. do you guys care? >> of course. i love the ladies. >> you're mary. [ laughter ]
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♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state.
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♪ we continue to follow breaking news this morning. this out of little rock, arkansas cell phone video captures the moment gunfire erupts in nightclub hitting 17 people. take a listen. [ gunfire ] >> frightening moments there during a concert. it was around 2:30 this morning. we're told all 17 people who were injured are alive. that's the great news here. the one person that was once listed as critical is now stable. little rock police do not believe this was a terror
8:31 am
related incident. they're tweeting it appears to have stemmed from some domestic dispute or some dispute there inside that concert. all right. let's take live look outside. trenton, new jersey, this morning. the gov are in declaring a state of emergency amidst a government shut down after lawmakers failed to agree on a state budget. shut down means state parks, non-essential services like motor vehicle commission are shut down right as we begin the fourth of july holiday weekend. prisons, the state police and casinos will remain open. this is governor chris christie's first government shut down during his two terms as governor and first since 2006 under democratic governor jon corzine. welcome back. you're watching good day weekend. let's check with our weather authority mike masco. about an hour and a half into the show sean wants to know if it's going to rain today? good expect snow showers later, sean. here's what's going on. the whole show he's asking me is it going to rain? whew! here's what's going on. 79 degrees. 78 degrees in philadelphia. we are starting off rather
8:32 am
toasty across town. watching us from atlantic city down towards somers point and sea isle city. a lot of fog down there. that's because the winds are very very light and there's all this humidity in play and that is of course the recipe for foggy action as you get down to the southeast and section of the state much that's going to change though the winds will start pick up out of the south western direction below the fog out the sun will get stronger and we'll see it rain supreme today. problem is, there's a lot of humidity in place. so when the sun comes out, with the amount of humidity on top of us, that's going to allow for showers and gusty thunderstorms to explode. nothing on ultimate doppler yet but let's go well to the north and west and you can see these showers and storms already firing up right along the pennsylvania/new york border that's cold front that marches east later today. the national weather service is highlighting head lining from philadelphia points north and west. stand to see the best likelihood of gusty winds, dangerous cloud to ground lightning and also some torrential downpours. fox future cast says by lunch
8:33 am
time we could start to see some storms fire up it's to the north and west of the shore points. down to the beach i think you have a beach day here. but late in the afternoon these storms will start to billow up and your western sky may start to turn dark. it's time to head indoors because these storms mean business. they may turn severe very rapidly and then this line of storms is out of here around ten or 11:00 o'clock setting up a day tomorrow which is going to be just as hot but not as humid. that's certainly good news with daytime highs into the 90's. if you're going to the beeps or watching us down at the beach right now enjoy. 85 to around 82 degrees in stone harbor. 82 in wildwood. if you're down watching us from around dewey beach, 83, 84 degrees with the clouds developing later this afternoon. again, fog right now, but we'll see some sunshine before storms start to fire up. if you're going to take the boat out there's small craft adviso advisory. advising you because of the seas around 3 feet they have a 2-foot chop. south wind coming in around 15 miles an hour with a moderate chance for some rip currents. be very careful if you'll be
8:34 am
swimming in the ocean. swim close lifeguard. gusty storms today. 88 degrees. dry heat on sunday at 92. muggy and hot on monday and then the fourth of july festivities you'll be in town or if you're watching all over the delaware valley, look perfect. like real perfect. temperature around 87 degrees hot and humid as we round out the rest of the week. so that is your forecast. believe it or not fireworks are going until the ten many of this year. if you're going to watch next saturday, it will be fine. okay. >> hey, sean, did you see it's going to rain. >> it's going to rain today. >> making sure you were clear on that. meek made it very clear for you. okay. rants, changes, trouble philadelphia magazine says we're going to ask 25 women including this one sitting here next to me what they need. so variety of answers flooded the issue including brandy davis who shared her concerns for the ladies over 40 and i think i can relate. >> 35. >> yes. >> i think we have some of the same struggles. >> yes. when it comes to dating in philadelphia. what do you say? [ laughter ]
8:35 am
>> so one of the big questions that i have about dating in philadelphia and this is for the 30 and 40 year olds. >> yes. >> where do we meet these people? >> correct. >> and in the article i did say that i am very happily single and one of the things was, you know, everyone is so concerned about my singleness at 42. and i really wanted to kind of put it out there that, you know, we're working hard, we're suck suss fell we're doing great thing. >> it's not the end of the world people. >> no. >> people did the same thing to me. it's like they act like you have a disease. or they act like something is wrong with you. they're like, you're single? >> i'll even take a step further and say when you don't have children. >> oh, no, that's even worse. >> you know right. >> you haven't had kids yet. >> right. >> you get the side eye. you get the comment what are you waiting on. i think it's rude. a lot of people don't know a woman's health issues. you don't know if we're able to have children. they're all in your business much the dating scene is we're. where do you go? when go to the bars the millennials. >> right. >> or college kids sometimes.
8:36 am
you know this. you just got married. >> yeah. >> i'm still -- yeah, i know. i'm still in. but. >> you're still on the scene. >> i'm on the scene. not on the dating scene. >> i didn't say that the right way. >> you're on the scene but not the dating scene. >> yes. >> we gotcha. >> it is difficult. where do you go out and meet people? you have to make sure, you never know, but you have to make sure that they're not married and i was just talking to my mom actually yesterday. we need an app for this. so if anyone can do this, we need an app that will be able to tell you if someone has a wedding ring, this is impossib impossible. >> oh. >> before you go up to them because sometimes it's awkward. you're like, um -- >> or sometimes i've seen this, a million times, i've seen a dude with a ring on because i noticed it and then i see him again and the ring is off. >> no. >> i've seen it. >> no. >> i've absolutely seen it. >> shies tee. shies tee. >> that's not good. >> tell me this. i'm not on the dating apps. but my girlfriends all are i heard the horror stories. have you tried that? >> yes.
8:37 am
actually i am. i'm on dating apps although i do love being single. i am on dating apps because you just have to do it and there are i mean there are -- there are stories i cannot tell right now. >> yes. >> we will discuss them later. >> the freaks come out at night. >> it's amazing. >> the freak come out at night. >> but a lot of people are really well-meaning sometimes it's like, okay, i didn't respond or said no thank you, please. stop. >> move along. >> stop texting me or stop messaging me. >> do you get scared at all ever with online dating? >> i think i did once in my life maybe in my 30s but i really don't get scared any more. i'm just smart about it. number one, always meet them o out. >> right. >> never let anyone pick you up. >> right. >> walk yourself home. get your own cab. just be smart about those thing. but i think that goes for guys, too. like don't bring that girl home. >> right. >> on the very first date because you don't know her. >> so you think brandy the biggest struggle is where you're meeting these guys? not in the guys aren't here in philadelphia. you just think that you're having a hard time figuring out
8:38 am
where to find them? >> right. i think a lot of my friends in their 30s and 40s are having trouble, um, finding people. and figuring out where to go to meet those people. because a lot of people like myself i have my own business. so i don't go to an office space and i know lot of women who don't go to an office. they have their own businesses or maybe they work in primarily women run businesses. so it can be kind of tough. >> do you have any vice forebrain before we go to break? >> i mean i feel like there's a good seen here in philly. >> yes. >> sips on wednesday. a bunch of good steakhouses they have good bars. >> all right. >> some breweries, new brewpubs are popping up all over the area. i don't know. i'm thinking of like the bars and restaurants. >> yes. >> places you said don't go. >> don't go. [ laughter ] >> we'll figure the out eventually. >> we'll go figure it out. >> we'll figure it out together. 8:38. no matter how happy you are right now the reason you're likely to be super annoyed a little later.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪ >> good morning i'm dr. mike. well, it is the fourth of july weekend, and we are going to be grilling a lot of us. you have to be careful, though f you'll be cleaning that grill with wire bristle brushes they can break off and actually get in your intestine. what you want to do is either take the greats off and clean them before you get going, or use something other than these. if you're trying to get pregnant out there, you better listen to this story. if you're having trouble it mitt be that you're living next to a very loud road.
8:42 am
new data suggests that for every 10 decibels above the normal background noise, it can cause fertility problems. you might want to move or close the windows. are you like me, you're constantly on your cell phone? well, if you are, you can develop something called carpal tunnel syndrome or tendinitis of the thumbs. it's a well-known if he non nom and it means you're on your phone too much. so get off it and enjoy the weekend. i'm dr. mike. have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ that's nice recognition by trip adviser. wildwood i think number eight it said thon list. that's exciting but weather looks kind of gross right now. >> yeah. >> it's still fun. i've been there. i like it. >> okay. so i asked mike and sean this question. do you find yourself more annoyed in the summer months?
8:43 am
they both were like, no. no. i don't think so. if do you at home, though it's not your fault. researchers are now claiming that hot weather makes me unhealth full and moody. you've heard of hot and bothered. warm weather makes people aggressive and violent. experts believe exhaustion and dehydration can contribute to people quote unquote popping off. you've heard that, sean brace. >> don't pop off at me. >> don't be popping off because you feel hot and bothered. that brings us to our instant reaction poll question. does summer heat affect your mood? you guys don't think so. >> no. first thing that comes to my mind is and this is unfortunate, but big time violence escalates in the summer months. right. >> it happens. but i think more people are outside. >> yeah. >> during the winter months you're inside. it's snowing and icy it's. >> i'm motivated. >> you're motivated. >> i'll go to the gym at 6am. >> what? >> i'll run five -- 6 miles. >> because you know the weather is so fantastic you won't have as many clothes on trying to
8:44 am
be -- >> i love it. you go to the beach. i mean it's just so -- 8:00 o'clock it's still warm o out. >> it's true. >> i'm just happy. >> 9:00 o'clock still light out. >> yes. >> 9:01. >> right. >> long days. >> you ask me when am i cranky? december. >> you hate when it's cold. >> i hate when it's. january is awful. by february i'm usually traveling someone warm. >> to get away from the cold. >> get away. >> i know. i hear you. >> totally agree. the winter months crush me. summertime, smile on my face. >> summertime fine. >> yeah. >> you're fine. speaking of summertime, it's national creative ice cream flavor day. wait, what? >> candace our producer got a truck to bring us ice cream! >> we getting to outside, eat ice cream and have fun. mike says do i get paid for this. >> this is crazy. >> absolutely. >> i'll take the one on the right. >> do you even know what it is? >> i don't care. ♪
8:45 am
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>> welcome back to fox 29 good day weekend. here we go. start to go see some sunshine breaking out. as we look out towards cape may. there's just, well, one, two, three, four people on the beach right now. the sun will come out, and man is it going to be very warm day. 78 degrees in town right now. south breeze coming in at 10 miles an hour. so that south wind is going to start clear out the fog along the beach front. 79 degrees in wrightstown. 78 philadelphia. the coolest spot we can fine on the boards is up towards the poconos but sevens are wild from doylestown, plymouth meeting down towards media, west chester checking in at 78 degrees. big story are the dew points. it is sticky out there. we'll be talking about sticky
8:48 am
afternoon all day long. we'll feel temperatures will be into the middle and upper 90s for your afternoon highs today. now ultimate doppler is clear but let's go and look well to the north and west. there has been some ferocious storms firing up for the overnight hours out towards northern pennsylvania up into upstate new york, and this is going to be broken line of storms that drifts our way as we get into the afternoon hours. it's a cold front out to the west and here comes the storms by later today. guys? >> hello, guys. it's national creative ice cream flavors day. >> it's the reason to celebrate, right. >> um-hmm. >> here's what we did. we caused in my friend here from little babies ice cream. now let me tell you when i first had this at puck burger i had no idea what in it i tried and fell in love. i love the flavors that you guys have. tell me more about that. >> speul u.s. one of our non diry, it's vegan. it's between a ginger snap and
8:49 am
graham cracker. twist on cookies and cream. >> sir rah chi ice cream. >> hot sauce, ice cold ice cream delicious. >> earl gray sir rah chi. >> our take on classic vanilla bean ice cream with some south indian pod spice pretty popular. around the world. so these are all 16% butter fat grass faired dairy or totally vegan ice creams. >> that's what i love. made in fishtown. >> yes, ma'am. >> this is awesome. who comes up with these cool flavors. >> it's a team project at this point we've been doing it for six years. we got bunch of folks working around the clock in the ice cream lab coming up with cookie combinations. >> did you have some spoons for sean and brandy? >> yes. >> that's what they want. don't give them spec queue us will. give them the other two. >> which one in this. >> earl gray siracha. >> that's the tea and hot sauce for breakfast, sean. >> brandy gets the vanilla card
8:50 am
ma'am. >> you want two spoons. >> here you go. no double dipping. >> no double dipping. >> a little spicy. it hits you at the end. >> it's so good. >> really good, man. >> this is my favorite. >> spec queue lus. cookies and cream, coconut, vegan, non dairy small batch handmade really really good! >> thank you. we'll run over to curb side with my friend dennis. how are you? >> how you doing. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for coming. so you have three flavors behind you. you got a truck. i love this. >> yes, yes. tell me about these three. >> we have the chocolate oreo. >> okay. >> we have the salted caramel brownie and chocolate chip cookie dough. >> you keep it classic. >> we do. traditional flavors. but also a little bit decadent here. >> on a day like today when it's hot and steal me outside it's perfect for ice cream, right. >> we're out for the wawa welcome america festival. we'll be out this week. we're doing the movies tonight. yeah, going to be fun weekend
8:51 am
and we're looking forward to it. >> what's your fan favorite? >> i guess the chocolate chip cook company dough. it was in zagat magazine. >> i like that you have three spoons in there. >> exactly. i was looking out for you guys. >> brandy, get over here. >> what's your favorite? >> my favorite is the chocolate oreo. i'm a chocolate lover. >> you're chock lot lover. >> i'm not. >> so i think you would love the salted caramel brownie. >> i really do. >> perfect. people can find you where? >> well, street festivals leak i said we're doing the wawa block party up the street on monday. and we'll also be at the fourth of july festivities but you can find us around west philadelphia. we're west philadelphia company. our ice cream comes from lancaster county. it's small batched. you know, super premium product. everybody will love it. >> love it. thank you for coming by, dennis. >> thank you. >> jenny joyce, you're missing ice cream but you have something really cool in kensington. >> reporter: yeah, it is pretty cool here lauren live at the philadelphia photo arts center in kensington.
8:52 am
where philadelphia teens have their work on display. this is inez and some of yourself-portraits mostly. >> yes. >> pretty cool. so this exhibit is going on i believe through the first week of july. we'll show it to you coming up next.
8:53 am
8:54 am
♪ be a powerful force. nature valley >> philadelphia photo of the art center unveiling its teen photo exhibition for the sixth year. this is super exciting. we sent jenny joyce to kensington to see all the cool stuff.
8:55 am
hi, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, lauren. so i'm finding out there are about 60 students throughout philadelphia who participate in the philadelphia photo arts center program. this is where they come, they learn about photography, they work on their skills, and then once a year they get to put their work in this exhibition which is going through july 8. i'm joined by the education director josh. can you just tell us a little bet about this program and it's open to the public. you can come here and see their work. >> slutly. so this is the teen photo program free after school photography program. it starts in september. goes till june. and it is open to all philadelphia pub hillary clinton high school students and we do an open call in the summer so if you're interested in philadelphia public high school student and you're interested check out our website and join up. >> reporter: let's take look at some of the photos that we have here on display, and can you talk a little bit about the theme for this exhibit. >> oh, sure. romantic youth was actually decided upon. upon the students. i think is a ben could probably talk a little more about that
8:56 am
idea. >> is a bean you're a masterman grad going to column yes university correct. >> yes. >> congratulations. you just graduated high school. and talk a little bit about having your work on display. it's pretty cool. >> well, this is my very last photo exhibit. so i'm very happy with the results. these pictures i took throughout the year starting last summer, and the last photos i took actually was a week prior to the show. so my teachers were very very helpful in the process, and i learned a lot about printing actually learn to print all by myself. this year around i was very happy. >> reporter: pretty cool. you look at these pictures and you just see so much emotion. how do you get that out of your subjects? >> i usually tell people to think about something, um, if i want a person to emote a certain emotion i'll tell them think about, you know, if this person comes into the room or you went to see your favorite star at a
8:57 am
concert what emotion you have on your face. if i don't want them to do anything extra, i will tell them to just have very bland look. i don't want to you pose. i tend to like very natural looks. i tend to like try to have my models do were they're doing naturally and try to capture that. >> awesome. that's a lot for a young photography to do. and you can definitely get a lot by looking at these images and danielle' work is on display over here. this exhibit is open through july 8th and it is open to the public, and if you come here and you see something you like, you can purchase these prints and 50% of the earnings will actually go back to the students and also help fund the programs here. lauren. >> paying it forward. jenny joyce, thank you very much. isn't that kind of cool, guys. >> that's cool. i like the emotional aspect of all of that. >> i do, too. she's young and she knows thou create even moat that. i love it speaking of cool it's hot. >> it's hot. it's muggy. >> sean brace -- >> hey. >> this is how this goes. all right. thunderstorms today. it's going to rain. >> grr. >> stay end sigh and we'll be
8:58 am
back later this evening. have fantastic saturday, everyone. ♪ dear son,
8:59 am
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