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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  July 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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always discreet underwear. for bladder leaks. paint ball guns used in a crime and police need your help tracking down shooters. also final farewell teen killed in the road rage incident will be laid to rest
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to day. also, ahead political showdown, a day after protesters clashed with police in germany, president trump expect to go meet with the russian president. great to have you with us it is 5:01 looking live along the parkway on this friday, tgif we made it through another week. yesterday scott williams we went through it with the rain. >> below average temperatures. yesterday's high only 75 degrees in philadelphia but we still have left over cloud, fog and some showers to get through for your friday so weather by numbers scale of one to 10 only a six. morning showers out there. afternoon sunshine, warmer conditions and all about that weekend outlook which looks nice. ultimate doppler right now showing thaw mess of the moderate to heavy rainfall is off to the north and west and that energy will pin wheel through later this morning. but as we move toward places like allentown, lehigh valley, easton, bethlehem, moving toward mount pocono, jim
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thorpe we are looking at maryland rate to heavy rain zooming in upper macungie getting wet as well moving toward penn forest just be mindful of the slick conditions. yesterday's rainfall sections of middletown delaware, and new castle county saw about six to 8 inches, of rainfall. so we still that have area flood warning there. 71 degrees, look at that high humidity 96 percent taking a live look there from the wilmington, delaware waterfront. you can see foggy conditions. eighty-seven, center sit with that afternoon sunshine. lower 80's down the shore, damp morning. we are looking at dryer conditions in the afternoon. mid 80's for lehigh valley what about these road conditions, been? >> scottie, little bit of everything this morning combination of the wet road, fog, poor visibility, speedometer readings will be slower than normal out of the gate because of the weather conditions. we have dense fog out here in chester county. here's a live look at 422
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right outside norristown and pottstown, again we are dealing with fog, deer jumping along the roadway as well and then, probably one of the cameras here i-95 in northeast philadelphia, here's an example of the ben franklin bridge where poor visibility, and wet roads will naturally slow us down. problems on the westbound side of i78 for gang watching us up in the lehigh valley all west bun lanes are closed at exit number 45, all because of an early morning accident and again they are getting hit with rain and fog in the lehigh valley. live look at south jersey outside of the franklin, new jersey route 55, one of the back road to the beach again, fog wet roads heading down to the shore early to start your weekend be ready for slow speed. new jersey turnpike inner drive north bound block at exit number seven because of an accident. we have minor train derailment at 10:00 o'clock last night at new york's pen station.
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minor injuries. here's the deal, all trains in and out of the penn station will have delays, amtrak says expect delays on the northeast corridor trains into new york having a domino effect back here in philadelphia. it was new jersey transit train that had minor derailment, so expect delays on all njt trains in and out of the penn station throughout the morning rush hour, thomas, back to you. 5:04. touching story here 18 year-old bianca roberson was in the prime of her life about to head to college when a man shot and killed her in what police called a road rage. family, friends will gather to remember her life and say their final good byes. jenny joyce jim us from st. paul's baptist church, services set to begin in a couple hours here, jenny, good morning. >> reporter: we expect people to arrive here to st. paul's baptist church within the next couple hours to begin saying their good bye to bianca roberson beginning at 8:00
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this morning. it will be a tough day for sure as people begin to arrive this west chester area grad was on summer break preparing for college in the fall when she was gunned down while behind the wheel of her car just over a week ago, person who did this a 28 year-old man angry about how the two jockey s for a spot on the roadway when two lanes merged together on route 100 at route 202 in west goshen township, david desper shot roberson in the head, according to police she veered off the road and died immediately. desper has been arrested and charged with the murder. roberson's father rodney was on "good day philadelphia" yesterday. he says he cannot fathom how someone could commit a murder like this he shared his thoughts with us. >> didn't even know her and he took her life. innocent girl with a promising future, you took her life away maui not have cared about her.
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i don't know what your thoughts were that day. we loved her, we cared about her. you took her life away. there is nothing elsie can say to the guy other than saying we love her and we miss her. >> bianca was heading to college on a scholarship as an honor role student who wanted to work for fbi. she's described as one of the people who would give you shirt off her back. bianca was working at a retirement community in newtown square, she loved to draw, she loved to work with children and today she will be remembered her life will be honored and she will be remembered with love, and again, people will be beginning to gather here at st. paul's baptist church in west chester for an 8:00 a.m. viewing followed by an 11:00 o'clock celebration of life, thomas. >> beautiful young laid bye to start the next chapter of her life, jenny gist this morning. many were watching our interview with rodney roberson bianca's father yesterday as he remembered his beautiful daughter, afterward, eye number of you contacted if
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there was anything you could do to help make a donation to the family. there is a go fund me page set up. it is on fox developing story here, police are investigating a paint ball attack on resident in southwest philadelphia they said they may have been targeted. steve keeley at police headquarters with the reason why, steve. >> reporter: yeah, three attacks yesterday and police here remind everybody that paint balls may not be, non- deadly drive by shootings, but they are, certainly not, non-dangerous. and permanent eye damage. they left large wealth on the bodies of those hit by them yesterday. all started just pennsylvania 4:00 in the afternoon transgendered couple walking at forty-second and baltimore shot at first by people firing at a infinity four door. then a couple of young people soon after. then 15 minutes later, four people sitting on the front porch of the transgender
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treatment home for residential drug and, moore house were fired on from the same car. three were hit. and, four being shot as police say, victim ran for cover as they heard laughter coming from the cars opened windows as they, sped away. and, this follows four attacks by people throwing m80's powerful fire works at them on the porch, and at a bus stop. >> anything in the prior attacks or sexual. >> nothing about any of the other attacks indicate nation motivation behind it. they believe it. it will be handles that way. and, try to work with the individuals as we make sure they feel safe in the community. chef a right to sit on the porch and walk around freely without being threatened by anybody. >> they don't bother nobody. they go and come as they please. >> the fact that they are targeted how does that make you feel. >> somebody don't have nothing else better to do very
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ignorant people. >> reporter: infinity appears to be a dark gray, m35 model, and, again, it has tinted windows. witnesses only saw the license plate, briefly as they dove out of the way, they got a partial plate with first letter, thomas, k. that car easily identifiable for those watching at home, and hopefully puts an toned this before somebody does get hurt. >> hopefully really good start , steve, thank you. developing right now in manayunk a baby is still in the hospital and her father is behind bars, after police had to revive that little girl with narcan. we first told but this story yesterday on good day. wednesday night, police found a nine month-old inside of the green lane home unresponsive from a needle stick. sources tell fox 29 that 35 year-old stephen welsh add -- admit continued investigators he put her on the bed with two syringes and one was filled with her win and stuck her and in the leg. neighbors, are angry.
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>> what about the moth? you don't leave your babe which somebody with an addiction like. that. >> he is a great father good man good guy. i know his sister, dad, mom, we all grew up together. >> once again medics revived the babe which narcan, she's stable at chestnut hill hospital. father faces a number of charges including aggravated assault. we know more about the casket found out side a north philadelphia cemetery, police say an employee at south jersey funeral home admitted dumping that casket, inside where organs were inside of the three month-old baby buried last week. neighbors found the casket with the remains inside of the mount vernon cemetery on monday. next day police say they received information from a funeral home in south jersey. >> we have seen information from a funeral home that revealed that the casket in fact came from their funeral home. we did speak to a couple of
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individual preliminarily, we spoke to a couple individual and we are conducting further investigation. >> police said funeral home told them that the baby was originally in that coffin but had to be moved to a new casket after the latch broke. baby was buried last week and officers are looking into how organs got separated. investigators will not reveal name or location of the funeral home, family members are aware of what happened. chaos erupting at this hour in hamburg as protesters continue to turn violent, ahead of the g20 summit. this is live video coming from hamburg german think morning. you can see police are geared up, ready to go, 20,000 officers in anticipation of the 100,000 officers that are expected to be there for the g 20 summit. and this is what it looked like yesterday, police using water cannons and tear gas on demonstrators after protests turned violent, you saw the fires there. in addition to protest all
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eyes will be on president trump as he prepares for his first face-to-face meeting with vladamire putin the russian president, now it is still unclear what they will talk b they have wanted to repair ties damaged by crisis in syria and ukraine as well as russia's alleged meddling in the u.s. election. president trump refuses to say if he will raise that issue during their side line meeting , but during a major speech yesterday the president signalled that he is taking a tougher stand. >> we urge russia to stop its destabilizing activities in ukraine and elsewhere, and its support for hostile regimes including syria and iran. >> during that same speech the president admitted to russian meddling in the election, he blamed former president obama for knowing bit but not doing anything believing hillary clinton would win. 5:12. fast moving fire moves right through a new jersey condo not video there but we will show
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you an elderly couple inside that condo, neighbors coming to the rescue, we will have their story of heroism in just a moment but first, here's bob kelly 5:13 on this friday morning. >> beep, beep you got it put your trays in the upright condition as we look at airport here expect delays at philly international because of the fog. open up that front door and say good morning, hello wilmington. we are dealing with the fog. how about the gap bandon your tv this morning. within of the traffic jams sent in by our buddy vernon what song would you like to hear on this friday morning. put it up on social media use that #. we will put it on for you. scottie has your forecast when we come right back.
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he will be a get later on good day philadelphia stick around for. that 5:16. on this friday. doyletown good morning to you. beautiful look as we get the day started. what can we expect hitting outside and hit the roads. >> hi there thomas, on this friday we still have areas of fog. scattered showers north and west. we have heavy rain in the lehigh valley and sections of the poconos reduced visability out there. so just slow down use caution,
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use those low beams with the slick road out there. also, pretty mug which humidity right now in the mid up toker 90's. seventy-one at the airport. humidity 96 percent. dew point of 70 showing you just how much moisture we have in the atmosphere. so here's the concern, areas of fog across the area, visibility down to 2 miles in millville, 3 miles in atlantic city. trenton down to 1 mile. philadelphia a mile and a half we have dry conditions, south jersey, also delaware but it is still damp. most of the rain has been falling right now is confined far north and west as we move toward sections of the poconos , also lehigh valley, allentown, bethlehem moving toward easton we are looking at pretty good rain this morning. as we go hour by hour most of the heavy rainfall by seven or eight, still north and west, that will move toward i-95 corridor by say nine or 10:00 o'clock and then moving down the shore around lunchtime we have areas of
5:18 am
showers. during afternoon early evening we will see sunshine that will allow for temperatures to climb in the mid to upper 80's and then another left over batch of spotty showers will move through the area say between eight and 10:00 o'clock tonight and then by upcoming weekend sun, cloud , temperatures climbing in the upper 80's. 69 degrees in allentown. zero seven in trenton. we are looking at lower 70's in south jersey also into delaware. so that planner you can see temperatures today, 87 degrees center city. low to mid 80's and also for lehigh valley. for tonight we are looking at temperatures in the lower 70's that left over spotty shower chance before all this moves out in time for weekend. heading down the shore, looking good, saturday. 84 degrees. i think bob kelly wants to go down the shore. >> i'm ready to go. >> what about poconos you want to go to the poconos too. >> let's do it. >> 80 degrees, saturday forecast, 78 degrees on sunday that sunday forecast showing
5:19 am
rain chance early this morning , and spotty shower again this evening with the break in between. 89 degrees on saturday. mid 80's on sunday. heading out to work check me out on the radio weather authority forecast 101.1, more fm. >> you said sure, i am going to the shore, next week, taking the kid to avalon, we will see you down there, most likely at windrift, good morning. 5:19. pennsylvania turnpike between the extension and 422 but again, a bad hair day as we get started here with the rain and fog, live look here, northeast philadelphia, rolling out of the driveway heading i-95 we have thick fog , poor visibility, roads are damp, wet. live look at the benny. we will start to see the uprights here but still the sky line, not visible at all coming into downtown philadelphia head together airport lucky you getting out of town expect fog delays, light fog which has less
5:20 am
calories then heavy fog on runway 29 down there so check with your airline if you are traveling today. northeast extension we are dealing with some fog, we have some fog here in north wales as we check in with one of our penndot cameras. still closed on the westbound lanes of i78 for gang in lehigh valley, all westbound lanes heading over in toward the northeast extension closed at exit number 45, because of the crash, and because if we are rolling through delaware getting word of the accident vehicle fire north on i-95 right before you get into new castle and for gang down the shore through go a little fog at route 40 and route 55, in south jersey, thomas, back over to you. bob, thank you. >> we have good surveillance video to show you. police are searching for a group of teens who attacked and robbed two tourist here for fourth of july holiday. let's show it. surveillance cameras capturing this beating at 11th and filbert streets. it happened right after fire works display. officers say that the two victims they were passing by
5:21 am
after watching the fire works when the teens attacked them. >> one of the males suffered a broken nose, one man suffered a broken eye socket. it is really bad. >> surveillance cameras capturing teens going in to a nearby restaurant crown fried chicken moments after the attack. officers say they are following several lead and they expect arrests soon, very good images. if you know anything give them a call. bill cosby right there facing trial again this fall. cosby's new trial date is set for november 6th for charges that he sexually assaulted a temple employee american a decade ago. as you know jury was unable to reach a verdict after six days of deliberations resulting in a mistrial. neighbors over in northwest philadelphia rallied with police after a rash of violent shootingness recent days left them rattled. yesterday residents met with the new captain of the 14th police district as well as their state representative. they want to know where police are with the investigation of
5:22 am
several shootings, one of which was fatal. in fact, just yesterday morning a 30 year-old man was rush to the hospital in critical condition are condition after being shot other than germantown avenue. police were unable to get too specific about those crimes since they are ongoing investigations. residents say they just want to know what is going on. >> when i heard bit, i was shock, stunned, you know, felt like okay my safety is at risk so let me come out and see is what going on. >> if you see someone walking down the street at 2:00 o'clock in the morning when you get up to go to the bathroom, and they don't live on the block, he is up to no good. call the police, we will investigate gate a suspicious person. we will investigate him. >> police told neighbors about their police service areas to make sure residents know exactly where to go for help. a man, armed with the semiautomatic handgun, holds up a beauty supply store in cedar brooke. it happened at jay beauty
5:23 am
enterprise on west cheltenham avenue on june 26th. they are release ago this video so you can help out. pretty good image is here. take another look he got away with $150 in cash if you know anything give police a call. it is victory for residents in bensalem fighting a convenience super store. last night was supposed to be another hearing with hartford properties, the company that wanted to put a royal farms convenient store with gas pumps near a neighborhood. it would have gone up at street road and forest avenue, residents who live within about 20 feet of where the store would have gone they were concerned about noise, lights, additional traffic but when residents arrived at this zoning board and i say would have gone, township officials basically told them that the company withdrew their application for the store. >> i feel it is a victory right now. >> township officials say company could resubmit the application for the store at anytime, it is unclear why it
5:24 am
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i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together. saying good bye family and friend will lay to rest bianca roberson teen killed in the deadly road rage shooting. scary moments for three people sitting on the porch, why police say they were targeted by someone shooting a paint ball gun. it is 5:31 on this friday, great to have you with us, i'm thomas drayton. karen hepp probably somewhere down the shore enjoying this beautiful day. we will check the forecast in a moment. trenton, good morning to you. karen, if you are there you morning. scott williams, we have to
5:32 am
move it out. >> we have fog right now, thomas on this friday. weekend looking good area wide across the area but we have to get through your friday. weather by the numbers scale of one to 10 to day we will give it a six. we have fog out there, left over, showers, first part of the day, and afternoon sunshine, some warmer temperatures, yesterday's high temperature only made it to 75 s afternoon we will see 87 for a high and that weekend looks good. look at ultimate doppler north and west we are looking at those areas of heavy rainfall northern sections of berks county as we move toward section of the lehigh valley, poconos, looking at some of that moderate to heavy rainfall, around jim thorpe moving toward bethlehem, lehigh, over to easton getting pretty wet there in sections of the lehigh valley. of course, keeping tabs on that fog down the shore right now, area wide 71 degrees right now with high humidity there at 96 percent. we will go hour by hour by
5:33 am
lunchtime gradual clearing 84 degrees. eighty-seven by 4:00. there might be another chance for isolated shower later this evening. entire weekend forecast from the shore to the poconos, bob kelly coming up. scott, good morning. 5:33. here's what we are dealing with stepping outside the front door. some fog, wet road, yucky, bad hair day and expect some extra time needed down at the airport delays check with the airlines with some fog down at philly international, some fog here along north whales just off of route 202. vehicle fire north on 95 coming out of the delaware heading toward new castle on the north bound side of exit number five. here's an example of the fog rolling down the shore. give yourself some extra time this morning, thomas back over to you. police say victim may have been targeted. why? steve keeley at police headquarters with the answers
5:34 am
this morning, steve. >> reporter: thomas, it is not an official hate crime yet but if you talk to the victims they think they were targeted because somebody hates who they are and they are all transgendered. >> people sitting on the porch , multiple shots fired from an infinity. couple people which were struck with the paint balls, three, at lee three, one struck window one struck a wall. >> someone comes here messing with someone shooting crap at them, just another form of ignorance and racism. >> it is like being a racist case. let them be themselves. as long as they are not bothering nobody why not let them be themselves. >> you have a weapon be fired, causing serious bodily injury. these people struck fortunately in their bodies and didn't get hit in the face with one of these guns that could take your eye out. these are dangerous weapons that should not be used on the street. >> here's surveillance video of the gray infinity m35, four door, with tinted windows, and
5:35 am
that had this drive by paint ball shooting coming from yesterday afternoon after 4:00 three different incidents. thomas, that important much is on the house called morris house a transgendered drug and treatment center and been hit not just with paint balls yesterday but people throwing m80's up on it on the fourth of july when people were on the porch. >> police looking at that closely as they continue to patrol the area steve, thank you. 5:35. later this morning friend and family will gathered to celebrate the life of the bianca roberson. the 18 year-old was shot and killed in what police have called a tragic case of road rage. her funeral is this morning in west chester. our jenny joyce joining us from st. paul's baptist church with more, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. yesterday we had bianca's father on "good day philadelphia", a lot of people touched by that interview extremely emotional. her mother was also supposed to be on good day, scheduled to come in and it was just too hard on her, understandably so
5:36 am
, today will be just as hard if not harder as she says good bye to her daughter, family, friend will gather here at st. paul baptist church for an 8:00 o'clock viewing around again 8:00 o'clock to say their good bye to bianca roberson shot and killed while behind the wheel of her car just over a week ago. roberson was victim of the brutal road rage murder it happened where route 100 merge s with route 202 in west goshen township chester county man who had no problem about picking up a gun and ending this teen's life is behind bars. twenty-eight year-old david desper was arrested and charged last weekend, comfort for roberson family that the justice system is working as it should as their daughter is laid to rest, bianca's father rodney spoke about his daughter on good day yesterday with love, and sharing fond memories. he said community has stepped up during this time and just helped them get through these last several days.
5:37 am
>> community has been great, people have been reaching out all over, they have, coming to the house, i mean even just yesterday i took my sons to get suits for the funeral and yesterday, ties, shirts, shoes and everything and the guy at the store, that owns the story just hugged me, embraced me and told me don't worry about the bill. >> i think whole city is hugging you. >> everybody has been reaching out to all of us all over from every where. >> around the world. >> yes. >> it has been unbelievable. >> bee bianca was heading to jacksonville university, representatives from the university will be at her funeral service to day. they have expressed their sad ness, grief on the school's facebook page and is now working with the family to come up with a scholarship, in bianca's name, thomas. >> i spoke with her father rodney yesterday before the interview to see pain in his
5:38 am
eyes is beyond word, jenny, thank you. big protest overnight ahead of todayes g20 sum tonight germany with president trump arriving yesterday. in the most anticipated meeting will come later today as president trump meets with russian president putin. doug luzader, this is a meet ago this will be dissected. >> reporter: it is, these two presidents have spoken on the phone before but this will be their first face-to-face meeting that we know of, and, you know, i think they are bet under fair amount of pressure here. president trump under pressure for democrats to make sure he brings up allegations of election meddling in last years u.s. election and beyond that there are significant issues to bring up about russia dealing with ukraine, you name it, there are a lot of things that these two have to talk about and you have to imagine that the follow accounts around the president has really been spending time trying to outline a strategy in dealing with someone who is as cagey as putin is reputed
5:39 am
to be. >> we can speculate what they will talk b yesterday, president trump spoke in poland, anything from that speech that was a take away. >> reporter: the fact that poland was chosen, because i think white house knew they would get a very positive reception there as contrasted with the reception that the president is getting in germany right now. the president did talk tough a little bit as far as russia is concerned in that speech. he didn't get into election meddling but did say russia needs to back off their world stage a little bit in terms of trying to influence other countries. beyond that there was the fact that the president was well received but the real challenge begins today in german which this g20 summit and high steaks meeting with putin. >> certainly more to come on that one, second foreign trip for president trump as well. all right, doug luzader we will see you later. 5:39. lets get a check of your
5:40 am
weather and traffic in just a moment. we will be right back. >> emily: i want to live on my own
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the 68th minute, roland alberg with the penalty kick and he buried it. union, sporting kc, play to a one-one draw. to the nba summer league markelle fultz with the night off so isaiah miles, st. joes alumni that will lead way off this miss, a fast break and isaiah miles, with the dunk. he had 18 points in the game. sixers will win 94-86. wimbledon second round check this out match 13th ranked dimitrioff, lays out for the point, perfect placement, he gets the win, that is sports in a minute, i'm sean bell.
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good morning everybody. i-95 has fog right here near cottman avenue. give yourself extra time. mostly we are in fog to begin with at this hour, and we have to drive through it. heading out to get your doughnuts and coffee here we go live lot parkway right here near ocean city, gang near wildwood, socked in with some fog this morning. a person is struck and killed while crossing the turnpike, on the overnight, all northbound, lanes, the inner drive, closed, at exit number seven, which is the bordentown 206 interchange pushed off there, use route 130 up to i-95 and that will get you back again to the north bound side of the new jersey turnpike. we have had a minor train
5:47 am
derailment at new york's penn station. throughout the morning rush hour amtrak says expect delays , on all of its trains heading in and out of the penn station. that will have a domino effect back here in philadelphia at 30th street, same deal with new jersey transit, and, it was new jersey transit train that actually derailed, minor injuries but nonetheless expect delays on trains in and out of the pen station this morning. keep that in mind heading up to the big apple for business or sight seeing you'll have delays. vehicle fire north on i-95 at exit number five, gang in new castle and we are dealing with fog in north wales, live look at just off of route 202 and the westbound lanes of i78 in the lehigh valley shut down as well approaching northeast extension and early morning crash, forecast for your friday and the weekend, scottie has got tonight 15.
5:48 am
weekend is upon us, we have some fog and showers, to get through, before pretty nice weekend cross the area heaviest of the rainfall this morning north and west, also, visibilities greatly reduced in the area so use caution, slick road, muggy conditions, live look right now outside our studios in olde city. high humidity. 96 percent dew points, around 70. and look at the reduced visability, foggy conditions, visibility down to a mile and a half in philadelphia, mile and a half in the pottstown area. looking pretty good though in wilmington and also dover, right now. ultimate doppler showing you the moderate to heavy rainfall especially north and west right now, sections of the northern berks county as we move toward pocono mountains, look at that intensity there with the yellow and also the orange around mount pocono
5:49 am
into jim thorpe. north and west that is where most of the coverage will be some will important on the down toward trenton area, philadelphia into wilmington say between eight and 10:00 a.m. and down the shore early into the afternoon before we see that sunshine, temperatures spike, and then the last perfect ray if you will with a couple of isolated showers, later on this evening between say eight and 10:00 o'clock, and that sets us up for a nice weekend cross the area 70 in trenton. seventy-two wilmington. dover upper 60's north and west. that planner for today showing you early showers out there, a dryer afternoon, temperatures, in the city, 87. low to mid 80's down the shore and lehigh valley. lower 70's, mild, muggy and we have left over spotty shower chance but look at down the shore this weekend 84 degrees on saturday. lower 80's on sunday. water temperatures in the 60's poconos beautiful for upcoming weekend after all that
5:50 am
rainfall for today. seven day forecast showing you in the bad for weekend into next week more pop up storms by tuesday, wednesday, thomas. >> we will get through rain. time right now 5:50. lets look at entertainment. thinks trek or ava derenee who did the film selma and behind the project queen sugar which is on own. now she's gearing up for a new project with netflix about the central park five. they made the announcement yesterday. limited series will be her second project with netflix and it will tell story of five black teenagers wrongly convicted of raping a white jog inner 1989 in central park teens between age of 14 and 16 at the time, served between six and 13 years in prison. president donald trump then a real estate development put out a newspaper ads calling for teens to be executed. trump remained convince of their guilt well after they were exonerated.
5:51 am
serial rapist and murderer confessed to the crime in 2002 and dna evidence backup his story. no word when that will be released. 50cent letting jay-z know how he feels about his new album 4:44. 50cent called it golf course music and said he felt like he was supposed to be wearing glasses, tie, sweater around his way way. he says fans don't want to hear music like that they just want to have a good time. he spoke directly to jay-z saying he cannot be the best rapper at 47 because is there new younger artists on the rise. instagram post has been since deleted but twitter wars, instagram wars begun. what a day for one of the philadelphia's favorite sons talking about kevin hart here in, honor of his birthday and all of his accomplishment, sit named july 6th kevin hart day and we were there. elaine fisher has more on the celebration. >> hey, happy kevin hart day.
5:52 am
all right. >> this is what i'm talking about whose birthday is it today, kevin hart. >> kevin hart, he is an example of someone from this neighborhood who kept the faith, stayed positive, believed in himself, never bought into the negativity and he found what was great about himself. >> for god to have so many big dreams and accomplish so much it shows us all we can do any and everything that we put our minds too one more time let's give it up for kevin hart, y'all. >> you have a limited example of somebody who came from here , born, raised, did exactly what you are doing on these same streets and here is top level of his profession. when people tell you you cannot dream, dream big, dream bigger, chase your goals, don't let nobody tell you something different. >> i truly believe philadelphia made me into the manny am to day. i eat, breathe, and sleep this
5:53 am
city, man through the good and the bad. i mean that. >> we think it is really good. let's hear it. >> do not write on my brother 's mural for at least a month, let me ride behind, take some pictures before y'all mess this up, please. >> i'm trying to be a reputation, positivity that comes from philadelphia especially north philadelphia you hear about the negative not enough about the positive. >> with such a good thing to have him come back to the city , his home town and show love on his birthday when we should be showing him love but he never forgets where he is from. we love him for it. happy birthday, kevin. >> great honor, happy belated birthday. trending, you have to look at this adorable video. what are you looking at? well, that right there is a man named victor and he realize a trip to disney world wasn't in the cards so he came up with a perfect solution, a
5:54 am
laundry basket and created a virtual roller coaster and she could not have been happier. >> 5:54. very good morning on this friday, we will be right back. p://>[a5df] mmmm. so areers are the veggies.hs) that one is mine.
5:55 am
nice job guys. hope it tastes as good as it looks. (giggles) hey gus, i brought something else you might like. million dollar silver and gold. yeah. the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of a million bucks! you've always had good taste. (laughter) keep on scratchin'!
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we're looking at old city this morning, all that fog and rain will move out. beautiful weekend. we will have your forecast in just a moment. this weekend james taylor fans, catch him in concert. >> ♪ he will come to the wells fargo center. tickets for his july 9th show ranges from 36 to $106 and bonnie rait also expected to take the stage. concert starts at 7:30. guess who else is coming to town? >> ♪ >> that is right his name is charlie, nine time grammy many in nateed artist charlie wilson will be in philly for unforgettable night at the man with shaynety moore. tickets 20 bucks. show starts at 8:00. more more will perform on "good day philadelphia", later this morning.
5:58 am
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family and friends gathered to say good bye to bianca roberson after she was killed in a road rage shooting , how you can help the family of this recent high school graduate. political showdown, world leaders met by violent protesters ahead of the g20 sum tonight germany but that is just beginning, what is expected when president trump meets with


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