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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  July 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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family and friends gathered to say good bye to bianca roberson after she was killed in a road rage shooting , how you can help the family of this recent high school graduate. political showdown, world leaders met by violent protesters ahead of the g20 sum tonight germany but that is just beginning, what is expected when president trump meets with vladamire put inn
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in a few hours. keep your eye the ball here. you won't see this except maybe in little league. i bet you could get to 100 phillies game and never see this play again. we will play the whole thing, for you, it is, freaky. good day, if you are going to play lottery today it is 7717. >> sound lucky lucky number seven. >> yes. >> where your tickets did you get some. >> no. i will get them by end of the show, sorry. >> i'm kidding. >> is power ball biggie only play when it is 400 million-dollar, like i will win. anyway all-star game is on fox this year. >> we will get ready for all-star game. >> yes. >> we are asking you to show us your all stars if you have kid who play sports or any of those activities send us pictures and their uniforms we will put them on tv but use # fox 29 good day, see it right
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there. >> yes. >> and we will show them. >> here's our weather all-star in for sue, scott williams. >> i mentioned 777, what do you think of weather by the number is on a scale of one to 10. >> he got us it is a six for today. we have the fog, we have morning showers, out there, afternoon sunshine, warmer conditions, then it looks like a nice weekend as we focus on ultimate doppler looking north and west still looking at areas of moderate, heavy rainfall, pocono mountains, lehigh valley will zoom in. this activity will pin wheel through i-95 corridor later today. foggy conditions right now in allentown. 72 degrees. humidity high at 93 percent. planning your day temperatures 84 by noon with that gradual clearing. eighty-seven at 4:00 this afternoon, there could be another batch of isolated late showers this evening, we will time that out plus that all
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important weekend forecast bob kelly coming up. >> 6:03 we will call it. good morning. tgif. here's an example of northeast fill awe can barely see brake lights heading southbound, past cottman avenue ayuky starts to a friday. hello pottstown live look at 422, thick fog and gets thick depending upon where you beg&-ú. we are just off garden state parkway a live look there in ocean city. we had a person struck and killed on the new jersey turnpike overnight crossing the roadway right here near exit number seven, traffic diverted northbound at route 130 from there you can take i 195 heading north. we had a minor train derailment overnight in new york's penn station, all northeast corridor trains on amtrak and new jersey transit expect elays heading in to new york city's throughout the morning rush hour and then a car fire north on i-95 in new castle right at exit number
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five. mike and alex, back to you. it will be a sad day here. eighteen year-old bianca roberson was in the prime of her life, about to head to college as a matter of fact when a man shot and killed her in what police have called road rage. today family and friends will the georgia tore remember her life and say their final good byes. >> jenny joyce joins us from st. paul's baptist church with what is expected today, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. just a quick note it was tough watching that interview that you guys did with bianca's father yesterday rodney, tough day yesterday, tough day every day since his daughter was murdered, today another tough day for not only bianca's family but friend and entire west chester community showing up here to st. paul's baptist church in west chester later this morning to say good bye to 18 year-old bianca roberson this west chester grad was on summer break preparing for college in the fall when she
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was gunned down while behind wheel of her car just over a week ago. roberson was victim of the brutal road rage murder that happened where route 100 merge s with route 202 in west goshen township chester county man who had no problem with picking up a gun and ending this teen's life is now behind bars. david desper was arrested and charged last weekend, comfort for roberson's family that the justice system is working as it should and their daughter is laid to rest, later today. so again, viewing will happen here at st. paul at 8:00 o'clock followed by a celebration of life which will happen at 11:00 this morning, mike and alex. >> all right. we will there been all morning , thanks, jenny. 6:05. >> much watched the interview with rodney roberson, yesterday morning as he remembered his beautiful daughter. afterward a number tweeted us and contacted us asking if there was a way to make a donation or give something to the family there is a go fund
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me page set up in bianca's memory. you can find a link to. that make sure you check. there are other won out there go to the right one that goes to the family. >> you have come through again , look at this page, this is "good day philadelphia" viewers after that interview. their goal was 25,000 this is up to 43.5, already. lets make that go much higher before 10:00 o'clock this morning. police in west philadelphia are investigating an overnight homicide shortly before 2:00 o'clock. officers found a 39 year-old african-american man with one gunshot wound to the head, victim was left in a secluded area behind the salvation army , in the 5500 block of market street. 6:06. police are investigating a paint ball attack on residents in southwest philadelphia and they say they may have been intentionally targeted. >> oh, yeah, it looks that way this video shows just how powerful, man, these paint ball guns can be. that is why you have to wear
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protective gear to cover your eye. steve keeley at the round house with the very latest on that steve. guns look good too. people sitting on the porch of the trans genterd drug and alcohol treatment house dove for cover because they thought somebody was firing a gun at them because they hear windows shattering and fortunately only a paint ball gun because three of them got hit, by these things and left huge wealths and not hit in the eyes. this all follows attacks on the same porch on the fourth of july when someone threw m80 at two people on the porch. they are definitely being targeted. it started at 4:00. here's video of the car this drive by paint ball shooter was firing from a gray infinity m35 and they just got a partial license plate, first letter k, and then three times they fired at people, outside this car yesterday around 4:00 d two attacks on the fourth of july alex and mike with fire works and m80's could take
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your hand off, or, take an eye out as well. these things have potentially, real harm, behind them, and everybody thinks thinks a joke because they had laughter coming from this infinity. possible hate crime here as well. very serious on two front. >> serious absolutely, all right, steve, thank you. all eyes are on president trump as he prepares for his first face-to-face meeting with vladamire putin on the sidelines of the g20 summit. >> you don't think they have ever met after all these years >> i thought this was their first face-to-face meeting. >> i didn't think, you heard he has met him before in private life. >> still unclear what they will talk about, they have both said they want to repair ties damage by crisis in syria , ukraine as well as russia's meddling in the u.s. election. president trump refuse toss say if he will raise that issue during their side line meeting. >> he mentioned it yesterday. >> tweeted bit, this morning. he said i look forward to all
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meetings with world leaders including my meeting with vladamire putin. >> will he bring up meddling in our presidential election. you have to, don't you? >> you would think but you never know where conversation will go. septa police officer, would i like to meet this person, up against the clock, a carries on fire with the man trapped inside see moment he drags him out, alive. instagram outrage, users are being told their accounts have been deleted and they are not happy, but what the company is saying about the problem. >> what is he doing. >> dancing. >> okay. blank blank
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we should have this officer and maybe we will on monday, septa police officer is being called a hero after saving a man from the burning car. >> septa released dash cam, body cam footage of one of the officers rescuing a man from the burning car, sergeant mark pascrell was patrolling early last week on north delaware avenue when he saw car rear ended a trash truck. he rushed over with the help of the witness and rescued unconscious man from the car moments before it went up in flames. >> the fire was right there. it is hot. you worried, thinking the back of your head this car will blow up any second. pretty scary. watching it, like i said, it felt like i was there for 20 minutes trying to get him out. seeing it was only 40 seconds
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it gives you goose bumps a little bit. >> sure does. >> that is his body cameras right. >> yes. >> amazing it looks like somebody else was helping him too. medics rush the driver in the hospital in critical condition >> there was a witness that helped hip do that. the sergeant pascrell believes the man is still in the hospital but hopefully he is expected to be okay. >> we can certainly find that out for you 6:12. look, it is bob. >> good morning. here's what we are dealing with, leaving king of prussia socked in with fog at mall. lets check with the platt bridge live look mid span heading to the airport we will have delays at philly international, scottie's got your forecast when we come right back.
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it is six credit 15. heavy rain turn streets into rivers, creeks. >> that is delaware. >> middletown delaware. road there is were completely flooded as you can see. >> completely. >> well, pretty much flooded. >> there is a lot of water, in other word, completely flooded it is completely flooded. >> leave the script alone. >> there is a lot of water. >> look at how high it is on that stop sign. >> wow. >> i would be nervous to be driving down this street. >> scott, is that what you call a pop up storm. >> no, that is what we call
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flash flooding and turnaround don't drawn. look at rainfall estimates over pennsylvania 24 hours in, and around middletown delaware there over 5 inches of rain, some locations upward of 7 inches, so still drying out there in central southern sections of new castle county. as far as what to expect for that morning rush we have scattered showers, heaviest rain north and west reduced visability, very foggy conditions, slick road, and also muggy conditions with that high humidity and moisture content. 72 degrees, humidity 93 percent. visibility down to zero right now in wildwood, half mile in millville, half mile in pottstown so just use caution out there mess of the heavier rainfall well to the north and west right now in the lehigh valley sections of the poconos mountains, some will move back toward i-95 corridor late this morning into the early afternoon down the shore and then we will see sunshine later this afternoon and those temperatures will recover
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nicely, in fact, 87 degrees afternoon high temperature and then look at the weekend. eighty-nine on saturday looking great. mostly sunny, lower humidity by sunday mid 80's, enjoy upcoming weekend. check out that weather authority forecast, 101.1 more fm, bob. >> 6:17. good morning. tgif. we made it to the end of the week. we will zoom in. bypass coming out of the coatsville, downingtown, hello , malvern. 202 right here near construction zone but freeway, fog's burned off here with folks coming in toward philadelphia remember on friday we will see that push to the shore, later on afternoon time, and here's live look at northeast philadelphia i-95 at cottman avenue, again hit and miss depending upon where you begin your trap an how thick fog will be. watching us down the shore rolling out of the bed here's a live look at ocean city interchange or garden state
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parkway we are waking up with fog there overnight person struck and killed by on the new jersey turnpike, crossing the turnpike, right here near exit number seven. inner drives north bound are closed, jump off at route 130, up to 195 and then we had a minor train derailment at pen station. amtrak and new jersey transit both say expect delays, into new york penn station this morning on top of the, normal expected delays, because of that construction, that just started this week, so keep that in mind heading down to 30th street. >> interesting, having delays recently, yes. >> the construction has been given them delays and then, of course, derailment last night. it will be a rough go. friday folks like to go up, sight see, just for weekend. one option could be going up get off at metro park or station or two before penn station and uber it into new york city. >> i have done that at newark.
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>> does that work. >> yeah. >> that is penn station newark >> you can also take the path train to hoboken and hoe broken in to lower monday hat on. >> frank sinatra billboard there. >> yes, exactly right. that is a pain. >> either way it is a pain. >> the past couple times i have been on amtrak there have been delays. >> oh, yeah. >> just want to get where i'm going. >> it is a pain on the train their new slogan. today marks within year since police officers in dallas were ambushed, five officers were killed, shooter michael johnson was also killed. johnson was an afghan war veteran was angry over police shootings of black men. judge johnson opened fire at even of the protest against police violence. investigation into whether lethal force was justified in his killing is set to go to a grand jury. >> okay. >> i remember we were about to do a live show in delaware.
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>> that is right. >> we ended up talking about it. wow. >> the country was shocked when that happened. >> 6:20. >> education secretary betsy devos is facing a lawsuit from 18 states this morning. >> and that number may go higher, it is over an obama era rule that was meant to take effect july 1st. >> the rule would have clarified federal loan forgive ness process for students mislead by her collogues but she delayed it because she wants to rework it lawsuit claims that violates federal law. 6:20. instagram users have been having trouble accessing their accounts, and looks like their account was deleted or disabled for seemingly doing nothing wrong? can you imagine if you have to get tour account and it is gone. >> i can see why they took down rob kardashian he was posting naked pictures. >> you have a lot of followers >> well, 40,000. >> can you imagine if they all
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went away. >> my life would be easier. i'm kidding. i love my instagram followers. >> reports of this, error flooded other social media platforms with them pleading with instagram because of activation. when their official twitter account tweeted out several tweet failing to acknowledge the issue, users demanded to have their account restored. so, instagram finally acknowledged the problem by issuing a statement saying technical team is on it. is there no word when the issue will be completely resolve. i wonder fit is just activation or this morning when i logged on to my instagram my follower count went down. either people just unfollowed me or would i like to think it is a technical issue. >> why would we ever unfollow you. you are a great follow. >> alex holley tv by the way. >> alex holley tv. >> isn't this weird? some people are so addicted to instagram, so when it went down yesterday, where is my instagram. >> for some people that is my source have livelihood, it is like their resume.
6:22 am
they make connection that is what i. >> you know what i'm talking about, photographer. >> i know. >> people are just addicted to taking pictures of themselves. o, i cannot see myself. i don't have any mirrors. i can't see myself on instagram. i will freak. >> meanwhile lets take away his instagram and see how he reacts. >> you want to see this all day to day. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> what is that all about, enough already. >> duck lips. >> please, in more duck lips. >> i didn't know were you so anti instagram. >> i'm anti duck lips. >> okay. >> shark jump i have pictures of you, doing duck lips. >> you may never see this at a major league baseball game ever again, watch this. he loses his bat, it is a rare three base error, a rare error we will show you whole thing
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after the break, plus lottery numbers.
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and win instantly. bet i can play faster than you can eat that bag of chips. i won! fast play. play fast. win instantly. good morning i'm sean bell phillies could not avoid losing, another series,
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against the pirates, bull pen blew it once again but andrew knap got a great play. in the third, the pirates catcher, throws the first, and look at that, there is in one even, there, so knap decide to put on the burners. not the fastest guy in the world but throw was that bad that knap was able to come home and score, great play with the phillies, still going to lose, six-three. nba summer leak miguel fultz with the night off so it was isaiah miles saint joyce alumni that decided to lead the way. off the rebound they will get fast break and miles with the throw down on somebody's head. he had 18 points, team high, sixers would go on to win 94- 86. to the union in sporting k c 68th minute roland alberg, with the penalty kick, nails it right there, and union and sporting kc played to a one- one draw. that is sports in a minute.
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i'm sean bell. time on this friday 6:27. socked in with the cloud cover and heavy rainfall right now in the poconos, live look there at pocono manor. what about that weekend forecast for poconos. maybe in the city or down the shore. we have you covered coming up, steve keeley. scott, rain's will not hurt as much as a paint ball would and three people found that out yesterday in what could be a hate crime aimed at transgendered people in southwest philadelphia.
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world leaders greeted by angry protesters but face-to-face later this morning meeting that will get most of the attention when president trump witt sit down with russian president vladamire putin for the very first time. >> wow. in fun and games here, paint ball guns, used in the crime. now, police need your help tracking down the shooters. silence on the sidelines, a youth sports league tells parents fans no cheering, no jeering for your kid on the field, how they think it will help make the game better. >> it is an experiment would you like to have that here in the delaware valley where parents you keep your mouth shut during the game. >> shh the whole time. >> is that even possible, if you are a parent can you not be quiet when your kids rubbing down field. >> i know parents that boil over at little league games.
6:31 am
so annoying to listen to them. it is 7/7/2017. 7/7/17. >> anyway, makes in difference >> are you feeling luck think morning. >> maybe i will play the lottery. >> major league baseball game will be on, fox this year. >> you mean all-star game. >> what did i say. >> major league baseball game. >> well, we have baseball games on fox, so this is special one. >> it is truth, it will be a major league baseball game but it is also called all-star game, summer classic. it is tuesday here on fox, incredibly boring, but i will watch. send us photos of your kid, your little all stars and they are already coming iny love this from mike, congrats to the doyletown 10a tigers on winning district 10 california ripken district championship today. they are on their way to the state tournament. >> it does not have to be a championship picture. >> we are all winners. >> everybody gets a trovey did
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you play sports. >> i did. >> what did you play. >> i'm sorry, i'm sucking on something. i played for the all saints catholic school. >> okay. >> we were the oilers, scott, the oilers, scott. i have a picture. >> you must bring it up. >> i played basketball when i was young, we were blazers. >> i like it. >> scott, did you play sports. >> i played a little basketball early around middle school but i was more of a band nerd later on marching band. >> weather by the numbers we will give it a six. we have 72 degrees right now, humidity high at 93 percent. stepping outdoors allow for extra travel time look at that reduced visibility half mile in pottstown, zero right now in wildwood, cape may county. looking north and west we are talking maryland rate to heavy rainfall sections of the poconos moving into sections of the lehigh valley but take a look right now a passing sprinkle moving through old city in to sections of the
6:33 am
cherry hill, runnemede, however by hour that rainfall north and west will pivot, right through i-95 corridor and also down the shore. we have 87 degrees afternoon high temperature as we dry out , clear out and then as we move toward upcoming weekend beautiful weather 89 degrees on saturday, mid 80's by sunday and seasonal as we head into much of next week, bob kelly. >> sound good, good morning. rough start here, combination of the overnight rain we are dealing with fog, live look at i-95 northeast philadelphia, make sure to give yourself extra wiggle room and headlights are on. good morning to painters crossing where 202 and route one comes together we are sock with fog and roads are wet. good morning to reading. we have fog just off of the pennsylvania turnpike and we have an underground fire overnight that knocked out guest service at conshohocken state roadblocked near spring
6:34 am
mill road. watch for local detours this morning. starting to see delays on the schuylkill expressway. watching us down the shore on the way to cape may, a live look outside cape may so we are seeing thick fog there heading out to get your doughnuts this morning. north on the new jersey turnpike inner drive blocked at exit number seven, person struck and killed last night as they tried to cross the new jersey turnpike so traffic diverted off using route 130 and i195 just a northbound side is blocked this morning. back over to you. welcome to germany. here's a night stick. protesters scuffled with police as g20 summit gets underway and continues now. officials are warning there could be 100,000 demonstrators over the next few days. hamburg germany has boosted forces so that 20,000 officers are on hand to patrol the city it was a mess yesterday. police say at lee 76 officers were hurt in this clash with
6:35 am
protesters. yesterday afternoon and then into the night. interesting because a couple hours ago, the police physically removed, grabbing protesters off the ground and removing them. what sit midday there, in hamburg. later this morning friends and family will gather to celebrate the life of bianca roberson the 18 year-old shot and killed in what police called a tragic case of road rage. her funeral will be this morning in west chester. >> but right now, jenny joyce joins us from st. paul's baptist church with more, jenny. >> reporter: good morning, mike and alex. this story not only touched people of west chester but our entire viewing area and people in the country hearing about the death of the bianca roberson. so today her viewing and her celebration will happen here at st. paul's baptist church in west chester. it is a large church for the
6:36 am
entire community, people in our area that will be coming to attend today at 8:00 a.m. when the arrangements will be beginning. people will stop by and say good bye to bianca roberson shot and killed behind the wheel of her car just over a week ago. roberson was victim of the road rage murder it happened where route 100 merges with route 202 in west goshen township chester county. man had no problem picking up a gun ending this teen's life is now behind bars. twenty-eight year-old david desper was arrested and charged last weekend, comfort for the roberson family that the justice system is working as it should as their daughter is laid to rest. bianca father's rodney spoke about his daughter on good day with love sharing fond memories. he said the community has stepped up during this time. >> community has been great, people have been reaching out all over, they have come to the house.
6:37 am
i mean just yesterday i took my sons to get suit for the funeral, yesterday, ties, shirts, shoes and the guy at the store, that owns the store , he just hugged me, embrace meade and told me don't worry about the bill. >> i think whole city is hugging you. >> everybody has been reaching out to all of us all over, from every where. >> around the world. >> yes, it has been unbelievable. >> reporter: that support that is helping family get through these last several days, and something i found really interesting alex and mike, hearing, well, we knew bianca was heading to jacksonville university on ab academic scholarship but representatives will be present at that funeral services today. they have expressed their sadness and grief on the school's facebook page and working with the roberson family to create a scholarship in bianca's name a lasting tribute providing additional comfort for the family at such
6:38 am
a tough, tough time. >> isn't that a great gesture by jacksonville university. they didn't to have send anybody up there. >> they want to continue her legacy. she was so driven. so much she wanted to do they will carry on through other students. >> we will check back with you we will have a camera there all morning long. let's help this family out. let's check thon go fund me page, alex. >> it looks like they have asked for 25 you this dollars. >> yeah. >> now they are at four thousand. >> thank you thank you viewers that is great. >> wonderful. >> number of you contacted us asking if there is a way to donate to the family. this is a go fund me page. we have a link to our web site , fox as well but this is verified one that goes to bianca's memory. lets update you on a story , our lead story yesterday morning, medics have used narcan on a nine month-old girl who was stuck with the need until manayunk this was wednesday night, that is why we talk about it wednesday morning. sources tell us 35 year-old stephen welsh, admitted to investigators that he put the
6:39 am
child on a bed where there were two syringes. one was filled with her win. it stuck the girl in the leg. she's in stable condition at chestnut hill hospital. the father now faces a number of charges including aggravated a salt. 6:39. police are investigating a paint ball attack on residents in southwest philadelphia, and they say, well, the attack may have been intentional. >> it sure looks that way. you know, there is videos all over the internet of how powerful these paint ball guns can be. it is kind of fun if you wear protective gear and all that like this guy is doing here having a good time but this is no way, shape or form a good time at all. charges will be filed. police headquarters, until we find these folks, steve. >> reporter: paint balls may not be bullets but they can really hurt, if they just hit you.
6:40 am
they leave wealths like victims had yesterday and they can do permanent damage if they hit you in the eye. it is why people play those games as you say wear the eye gear, helmets and lots of pod ding around their body and why philadelphia police want to catch those firing this paint ball gun at people at least three different times yesterday around 4:00 o'clock, first people walking down the street at forty-second and baltimore and then people sitting on the porch of the transgendered rehab home at 50th and wood land called morris home and people happen to be in between spots. all of them transgendered. that follows two attacks on transgendered people including people on the same porch same home on the fourth of july with fire works. >> series of incidents, july 4th we had a m80 couple residents on the porch and somebody they believe, neighbor, resident walk by a throw a m80 on the important. scars them. few days prior to that they had a worker wait fog air i
6:41 am
trolley at 51st and wood land and neighborhood kid threw firecrackers at her scarring her and forcing thorough run back in the house. it is, don't feel comfortable at this point but we will do inferring our power to make them feel welcomed to this neighborhood. >> i'm not surprised. bunch of good people in this world. bunch of ignorant people in this world. you have to tune the ignorant won out g job you are doing putting the face on this. it need to be out there. >> reporter: police have a good lead and that is video you are looking at, this is the car that these people were doing this drive by paint ball shooting from. it is a gray infinity m35, four door, the witnesses before they dove for cover did get a partial license plate, first letter, k, and now alex and mike we have asked lieutenant walker what were these punks be charged with if they are caught, well, namely aggravated assault if not a hate crime. how bad is that. same thing you charge if you
6:42 am
shoot somebody with the real gun. this is real serious stuff. not funny vaned list that many these guys think it is a big prank because one thing beside s paint ball coming from the opened windows was laughter apparently according to the victims here. >> bunch of creeps. all right. 6:42. police in new jersey they encountered an unlikely object on a highway. >> um-hmm, south brunswick police posted this video of their twitter page, officers found a 37-foot boat left on blocks on the side of the road this is on route one. boat was there for about five hearst before being towed away , officers say that they are still trying to track down the owner. >> do you think they didn't want it anymore, maybe they had to leave it. >> there has to be some explanation here. >> didn't pay the bill, let's unload this. but maybe their car was break ing dunn because it could not bring the weight.
6:43 am
>> maybe they went to get some help. >> leave the boat here, for a while we will come get it now it is gone. >> kevin hart did you see the crowd in north philadelphia yesterday to come out for kevin hart even though it was raining? we will play this video for you, pretty impressive. bringing fun of the amusement park to the living room why this dad created a virtual roller coaster for his daughte. >> i love it.
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hey, wr wallace, at it again, on eagles junior pro day. we're going to send in your pictures of your little all-star. >> here's another one aidan does it again but on ice, aid an does it all. >> he used #and got his kid on twice. >> franklin from frankford he is an all-star. >> wow, smart and athletic. so valedictorian and all-star. >> come on. >> amazing. >> 6:44. >> scott. >> we're going to bob. >> i'm bob. >> i know you have all stars, austin is a all-star. >> this is very difficult to keep track sometimes weather, traffic. >> we're moving things around
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on you, have a sip of your coffee we get better. >> i need prune juice. >> 6:47. >> we will give you prune juice as you wait for your flight delays at philly international because of the fog so check with your airline before you head down there. opening coming to tacony palmyra bridge in the next half an hour. be ready. can't barely see bennie working your way from south jersey and thick fog, socking us in here. we will see high rise downtown painters crossing 202 and route one. we don't have volume but just obstacles. fog, light rain, we have underground fire from the overnight which knocked out power and gas services to conshohocken. conshohocken state road block near spring mill outside gladwynn. we will see detours through the neighborhood bring and reading, and minor delays regional rails, septa trolley blitz, kicks in this weekend,
6:48 am
trolleys will not operate in center city. tunnel beginning tonight through next week, terminate at 40th and market use market frankford line. your forecast for the weekend, scott has got in 15. cloud cover, scattered showers and fog, so be mindful of. that afternoon breaks of sunshine and that will warm temperatures upsetting us up for a nice upcoming weekend but take a lot ultimate doppler north and west toward lehigh valley, pocono mountains in particular you can see north of 78 and 80 we are looking at maryland rate, heavy rainfall, zooming in show you north white hall, lehigh jim sharp, carbon and monroe counties sock in with
6:49 am
those cloud right now in the poconos. 72 degrees. high humidity. 93 percent. as we go hour by hour gradual clearing this early afternoon warming those temperatures up and more isolated showers later this evening. down the shore water temperatures upper 60's cape may, atlantic city, low threat today and as we look at that weekend forecast down the shore looking great saturday 84 degrees. lower 80's on sunday, back to you. kevin hart returns home up in north philadelphia, started 10:30 in the morning. huge crude. kevin hart day. >> he had a great turnout. >> little rain didn't stop block party philly showed up for comedian's birthday block party joined by rob hart and his son, and our quincy harris was there as well talking about a big celebration. they unveiled a mural, and,
6:50 am
and,. >> and, i am to day inn a eat, breathe, this city through good and bad i mean that. >> for a guy to have so many big dreams and accomplish so much it shows us all that we can do any and everything that we put our minds to one more time give it up for kevin hart y'all. >> who kept faith, stayed positive, believed in himself, never bought in the negativity >> you saw man right there idea for mural on kevin hart day was introduced by councilman david oh and willis humphrey did an amazing job on that mural. kevin posted this on instagram thank you philadelphia today was beyond special kevin hart day will hold a special place in my heart. i put it on for my city, philly kid for life still can't believe i have a mural. mike and alex, his brother
6:51 am
very funny as well, he joke, please don't write on my brother's mural for at least a month. >> don't tag it. >> don't tag it. >> thanks, thomas. bringing the fun of the amusement park to the living room. here's a dad who said he could not afford to go to disney world so he got a bucket. blank blank
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
here's an example of a parent who will do anything for his daughter, and then, a man named victor realized a trip to disney world was not in the card for his family so he came up with the perfect solution, he used a laundry basket and a tv to create a virtual roller coaster for his little girl in their own home. >> have you ever been to disney world. >> i have. >> did you ever get to disney land. >> maybe when i was really young. >> you don't remember. >> let me take you back. come on over here. it is so much fun. do you like rollercoasters. >> do i. >> let me put new this box, i will put new this box, okay, crawl underneath there. get in the box. >> are you ready ready. >> turn around. here we are go.
6:55 am
where is the pov. >> put my hand up. >> i think i'm getting sick. >> we will be right back. whoa!
6:56 am
you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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6:58 am
trump verse putin welcome to germany. world leaders unite in germany greeted by angry protesters. g20 summit underway right now but it is face-to-face later this morning that will get most attention. what is expected when president trump sits down with russian president putin, with a very first time. saying good bye, family, friends gathered to say lay to rest to bianca roberson after she was kill in the road rage shooting, how you can help family of the recent high school grad.
6:59 am
shh, silence on the sidelines, a youth sports league tells parents and fans no cheering, no jeering, or your kid on the field. will the new rule make the game better. it is first rule you're taught in little league keep your eye on the ball, not the bat. a pirates player failed to do that last night and led to a bizarre play, it is a play you may never see, except on "good day philadelphia". quickly back to germany. did you see this? good afternoon mr. trump, i'm first lady, i mean president trump, what? >> welcome to poland and welcome to "good day philadelphia", good to see you >> hi. >> how are you doing.
7:00 am
>> yes. >> welcome to good day. >> now for weather by the numbers what is there today, scott. >> waking up to fog out there we have scattered showers, weather by the numbers on the scale of one to 10 we will give it a six. we are still dealing with moisture left over from yesterday, ultimate doppler showing you north and west we are dealing with that moderate to heavy rainfall, berks county, reading, allentown area carbon, monroe, still looking at maryland rate to heavy rainfall. stepping outside door socked with that included cover 72 degrees right now in trenton and we are looking at humidity at 93 percent. here's planner for today 87 the high in center city. we will see afternoon clearing that will warmer temperatures up. eighty-three down the shore. mid 80's for lehigh v


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