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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  July 7, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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if you do sends in a picture in the next hour use the #fox29goodday. good day everybody it is friday, seven-17-17. >> good to see you guys. >> good morning, good morning, good morning, '77/17. >> bang, karen, right? karen hepp, took the friday off. big three day weekend for her. >> i can feel her butt groove, karen butt groove. >> it is warm. >> twenty-four hours later. >> yes. >> and we love the fact that today is july 7. so, you know, mike, you've been saying all morning it means it is seven-seven-17. >> yes. >> so there is a couple who takes advantage of this day. >> oh,. >> and they say it is their anniversary, danny and diana owens married on seven-seven-zero seven. celebrating ten years ago. >> great. they were on the show too, ten years ago, they said. >> they were? >> i wasn't here. >> i wasn't here either. but we will take her word for it. >> wish we had known that, we would have had them back.
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>> and you know it is a hey marriage. >> that's lucky date, seven-seven-zero seven. can't go wrong. >> way back in the day, my wife, joy, was pregnant with jessica. and i was really, come on, joy, come on, push that kid out, push that kid out on seven-seven-77. >> oh,. >> that's not that far away, was it? >> it was seven more days, and she had it, jest, a on seven seven/1/4/77. >> oh, week off? >> we thought we would get all sort of prizes, free gifts at the malls, you know? i was walking her around malls, common. give birth. >> didn't work. >> the false alarms, i had a bunch of those, too. >> yes? >> your wife goes i think it is time, you're like here we go. bag packed. then sit and watch. >> nothing happens? >> you guys have the easy part. >> that's true. the fun and the easy part. >> then, nine month later, just watch. >> oh, something else about the date. oh, i will ' think about it, i
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love seantee moore, on the show today. she will sing. >> i love shantee's got a man. >> oh, shantee, she is listen don't be ashamed, ladies, you got a good man, shout it out. >> she will be singing for you today. >> okay, and own some of history. from the trump taj mahal, can you imagine, can walk into the taj mahal and you can own all kind of things they have in there. and it is really like owning a part of history, because it was once called the eighth wonder of the world. can you imagine? someone coming over your house, you just have pieces of the tack ma hal in your basement? >> i have a question. i have a question about that. >> i mean, they're selling beds, flat screen tv's. >> rich around and i agree on, that dow not want a bed thousands of people have slept on. >> what about the flat screen tv. >> i would go for that. >> that's older hotel, i think they might still be using the tube televisions,. >> the once that actually have something in the back of it?
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>> we will show you we will take if you to you live. let's get into there is i want richards to take on there is put this up an hour and a half ago watch color do you see, richard? >> absolutely 100% tiffany teal, tiffany blue. >> and what else? >> gray, it is a gray, sure. >> yes, that's what i am talking about, richard. >> if you don't see the blue and gray, i don't know how -- but i looked at urine is that gram, too, i went to urine is that gram. >> what colors. >> the same colors. >> people are saying here ' my instagram, alex holley tv, they are saying it looks different on instagram than how it looks on tv. i promise i did not put a filter on it, just reposed what the original person, rachael, from the united kingdom, posted this trying to figure it out. >> now i see pink and white. >> no you don't. really? >> get on twitter, watch all these people, half of them agree with me, and half of them agree with alex. that it is tiffany blue. >> according to a buzz feed they did do a story in like 92% of people, they say, saw
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turquoise. they did a survey, turquoise. >> i'm in the 8% category? >> i'm just saying. >> that means you're smart, though, that's good. >> yes, look, for the research, richard, you're right. >> oh, getting deeper into the encyclopedia in our cell phone. >> went to mit. no, that's all false. >> but then one of the viewers really posted a great question. they were like okay, based and when doctor mike said, our brains and our perceiving everything, putting together. he said so in that case, then how do we know any color is any color? you know what i mean? >> like we could all see different colors,. >> if we all perceive what we are looking at differently, how do we all agree this is something orange or white? >> do you minds stunned g up for just a second? >> okay. >> now, white, black, and red, right. >> no, that's white, brown and purple. what's wrong with you? >> you're screwing with me now. my head will explode. >> it's true, though, how -- >> we should have asked that
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question. >> all right, i'm going to take this up a notch. can you find yourself on there? >> my instagram. >> so i see pink and white on tv. i see tiffany blue on my phone. of the very same thing. now, let's point that to the camera. >> this is getting intense now. >> i know. >> now what do i see? >> it goes back to pink. >> so go out here. >> shout of it without the camera, it is pink, but now i see tiffany blue on instagram. >> because you know it is suposed to be tiffany blue. >> trying to figure out what the breakdown was, now, the white now english. >> white, is that the correct pronunciation?
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>> yes. >> white. >> okay, here we go. so here is the breakdown, i finally found t buzz feed polled their readers, 92% of participant say gray and teal, 4% say pink and white and remaining 4% claim to see another combo altogether. >> but according to the by north collection, which is claim to go sell this tore, they are saying it is blue and gray. >> blue and gray. >> $120 by the way, not cheap. >> i see expensive outfit to work out in right there. >> is that a work out outfit? >> i think you wear it -- no, it is not shower slippers, are they? >> they have pearl on them. >> one of the viewers today said what is it every it is something that i wouldn't wear together. >> i would not wear that combo, that's kimberly. >> now it is switching up on me. >> i think you can't make up your minds. >> somebody is photo shopping this and messing with us. >> the white now turning blue
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for me. >> my dad was colored blind, soy he wore a tie to work every day, and almost every morning, to his wife or one every us, what color is this tie, and does it go with my jacket. isn't that weird? >> yes. >> chris murphy used to work here, he's color blind. >> he was he couldn't see red and green? christmas just not the same for him. >> christmas for him was brown. >> i'm not color blind, but i still want match ties and shirts. >> has to be difficult, guys. >> look, why i didn't wear one today. >> thin piece of fabric, we have to figure out whole outfits, shoes, purses and ear innings, no, just one little slip piece of fan rick, so hard. >> we enjoy being a man. >> it is a growing trends. here is another one. parent, sometimes get out of
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control when they watch their kids play sport. of course here. >> man, are you all all right? >> so this is friday night tikes. >> it gets intense, look at that, so, because of situation g like this, happens everywhere, maybe not to this degree, but people get upset, yelling and screaming, so in south carolina officials have a solution, they say for this problem. they want to do a silence september. and so -- for the silent september it, means three strikes you're out kind of deal. first time the rev will ask the coach to talk to the mom or dad, the second time the rev will tell the coach to do a warning, and then the thirds time, the rev will tell the coach to just kick that person out of there, you're out. >> hold on a second. so the coach then has to escort the family out instead of the rev doing it at if they
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didn't have things to do. >> let's bring in moms, dads, kids. tanya, mills here, one of the producers, good to see you, deer. >> hello. >> that is your dolter? >> yes. >> logan. high, logan. >> lacrosse. >> that's a rough sport. >> and how old are you, logan. >> nine. >> nine. so whether you're playing lacrosse, is your mommy; she yelling and screaming from the side lines. >> yes. >> what did she say? what kinds of things did she yell? >> faster, logan, faster, move your butt, logan! >> move your butt logan? now, logan, she yells at us, too, here at the station. mike, read that faster. >> get to the news room. >> it is what it is, right? do you like it when your mommy is yelling from the side lines? does it help you? >> no, it throws me off focus
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all the time. >> oh, no. interesting. >> have you toll her that yet? >> yes, i toll her a million times, but she doesn't listen. >> now, in your defense, mom, let's be honest, as a par went we go to these sports it, i'm excited. >> i'm excited, too. >> i'm excited and i'm cheering her on and i want her to do her best, and sometimes some of it is correct i have, but i get excited of the i love sports. i'm competitive. >> have you come to a compromise now, is logan talked to you about this? >> she has spoke tone me, the compromise is mom when you come will you not speak. but i can't do that. >> see? you should move to south carolina that's the whole idea. >> did you play lacrosse? >> no, i ran track let's bring in tom louden, he has two young girls who play sports. >> riley though a basketball star. a champion, isn't she? >> lower delco wildcats you showed, riley as basketball team, great group every girls, great group of parent but this rule is stupid.
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if you want to weed out obnoxious us people, fine. do rules for them. our soccer league has a rule, get kicked out as a parent pay a hundred dollar fine. but the silence on the side lines, give me a break. i have the right to cheer, let's give everybody a trophy, let's sit there and meditate, then when they go play competitive sport and people are yelling and it is competitive and winners and losers, no one will know what to do. >> the abusive people should be thrown off the fields. >> fine. i don't want to mix the two. but the silence on the side lines, i'll root for my kid. better get some rebounds, but i won't yell or cursing or yelling at refs or abusing refs. we yell at roughs. >> do you yell, play more defense? >> yes, play some defense, get a rebounds. if the rev blows blatant call, a adult, not a child, someone being paid to be there, we may
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point it out once or twice, we have a very inter-active group of parents. but, there is a difference, having me sit there on the side lines with hands folds dollars and watched i'll be honest i've gone into many games, i will sit back, relax, it is impossible, just like tanya, you know, you want to root your kid on, if you see something or if you see somebody gets a rebounds, somebody open, head up. even though he is one of the most angriest people i've ever met, i can't imagine him being calm they don't allow cheering either. >> i clear for the other team, too, if someone on the other side, a kitted, they're young, they make great play, oh, nice play. sometimes i'll even applause them. >> i don't like when she cheers for the other team? >> no. >> no? >> now, do you a little bit, one of your other, i believe
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you said, your son plays fencing, do you say play fencing or do fencing? >> no. >> so you just -- >> it is a different thing, i have daughter, older daughter and older son, they both fence. that is difference, i don't sit up and box out or stab them. but i do say jaden, or shila, you know, now. >> lung, lung. >> i think i have a solution for you, logan, ready for this? >> ya. >> you should just play tennis. >> play tennis and your mom won't be able to say anything. >> golf. >> true. >> yep. >> i hate golf. >> well, not golf watch about tennis? you could be the next serena williams. >> hate tennis. >> okay. well then it has got to be lacrosse. >> she likes lacrosse. >> avenue which for you, is she a good mom, though? >> yes. >> awe. hug it out, guys. >> awe! >> oh, okay.
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>> just wait for the teenage years. >> that's great. >> it is. >> nice job. >> thanks, guys. >> she is lovely. nice meeting you, logan. >> nice meeting you, too. >> you got it. >> so cute. >> let's talk about kitchen heart, he returned home to north philadelphia yesterday, it was kevin hart day, his birthday. >> and even though there was little rain, they didn't let that stop the party. philly showed out. they really did. and it was like a block party. so there was big celebration of the murals, see, that above his favorite place. max's cheese steaks, when he comes in town, he grew up just two blocks from there. and it is funny because when he post bad it he said when i was growing up i couldn't even afford max's cheese steak, now i have a mural on the side there. he was also joined that his older brother rob heart, his son, and our quincy harris. >> i believe philadelphia made me into the man i am today. i eat, breathe and sleep the city man, through the good and
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the bad. i mean that. >> do not write on my brother's mural for at least a month. let me ride by, take some pictures of this thing, before you all mess this up. please. who kept -- >> oh, hilarious, that's councilman david oh. great to see him up and moving and being back out in the community. >> it was kind of his identify me? >> it was, i think his red is hilarious, can you imagine going to family reunions, family dinners it must be so funny. because his brother, like, that was fun. >> i if you're out like on a first date, swing by there, want a clues steak in that's my brother. >> so did kevin respond yesterday? >> yes, posted on stain gram, thank you philadelphia, today was beyond special, kevin hart day will forever hold a special place in my heart. i put on for my city philly kid for live still can't believe that avenue mural. >> i love that. >> i mean that's special. you have your own day, your own mural. and he does -- i know some people asking on facebook, they were like why does he get his own day?
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kevin hart comes back constantly to philly, he's always putting on for philly given money to schools here, computers an and i know another program in the works but constantly talking and helping out fill. >> i you know what i'll do? i think alex and i want to maybe put a petition in for mike jerrick day in the city. >> does it come with a lure. >> where would we put the mural? >> it will be about a postage stamp size in a back alley. >> maybe in the subway, next to greasy restaurant. >> you don't want to be next to the dumpster? >> above a dumpster. >> somebody would tag it immediately. >> no question. >> roam four types of people in the world, well, in the social media world, according to one stud, are you on facebook? objection, zero, let's finds out who you are. done by bringing ham young
9:17 am
university. they found face ball fall ers fall into four personality categories, richards, we will find out who you are. their one called relationship builder. users who log on to help foster their relationships, either by creating. >> creating new ones or maintaining the ones that they have. town cryers, these are traditional facebook users, only use social media to share what's going on with their own lives. >> next up. selfies. users who care more about self promotion, kim kardashian, than anybody else. >> window washers, they want to find out what other people are doing on facebook but don't post. >> i do that. >> richard, what do you think? >> i might and little mix, i don't want to say there are four, this has change add lot. because i started posting loft things i'm doing here. i mean, it has been pretty
9:18 am
fun, but also, i'm the window shopper for sure. i like to see what other people -- >> means we're knows. >> i right? >> i think avenue little bit of each of those real. >> i i can't say that anyone every us really write into -- >> what are you trying to say. >> just saying if you go through it, i use it to connect with some of our viewers, i get story ideas, that kind of thing, then what was the second one? i forgot already. >> but you're right, different for us. >> town cryers, i like to post my grandpa comes to town, my families, when people common the show. >> so, let's talk about yesterday's post, yesterday with the fried chicken, you were in front of all of what would that one fall snubbed. >> i guess town crier, letting you guys know it is fried chicken day, having good meal. >> where you could get good -- yes, yes. >> there are town cryers, you can see what's going on, sometimes, i'll just go on
9:19 am
facebook, okay, who got engaged this weaning, who got a baby just log off. >> i would like to admit, if the tv station didn't ask me to do, be on social media, i wouldn't t eats up too much of your time. and i don't think anybody cares. >> you don't think anyone cares about your life? >> always doing fun stuff. >> they do like when i post pictures of my kids. and what they're doing, and my grant caughter. >> glad you mentioned, that yes, the station asked us to post, you guys post a lot. we have to. >> but again, i would be up all platforms if it wasn't for the tv stations. >> if you had to pick one platform to be on. >> don't say tinder. >> which one would you on. >> the gram. if i had to go down to one, the gram. >> you like looking at pictures. >> how about you, alex, what do you think? >> tough one. >> i really love instagram. but twitter, too. i do the most on instagram probably instagram stories,
9:20 am
all about that but twitter because i get information, so fast. >> for work i would stay on twitter because the information common fast. >> if you have nothing to do, sit and scroll through anonymous photos. >> even if you have something to do. still, like, oh, get there in ten minute. >> we got to get to this surprise. it is you go there. we celebrate people doing good things in the community, and jen is ready. here we go. >> low is ban banking on the do? is that you, tory? we will be fine, it is a go there morning. z test text1 p ♪
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>> are you ready for this? walk in, basically we're surprising, dean hutchinson, he goes by hutch. >> hutch. >> and he has helped you through, not one, not two, but three brain surgeries? >> yes. >> and what is it about him that's so special? >> you know, he puts himself before everybody else. >> he sacrifices so much for everyone. >> hello! >> hi, i brought some friends. >> high! >> high! surprise. >> what is happening? >> this wonderful woman, come on over, she wanted us to recognize you, because you go there. you have helped her through her brain surgeries, her
9:25 am
children love you, guess what, your own children love you. >> you're here early in the morning, late at night, for whatever this family and all of your patient needs, so the casino every thing we think is pretty awesome. we have some pretty cool sponsors, cold stone creamery, and the valley forge visitors, want to give you some gift cards, really spectacular balloons in a cup. and we just think it is really cool, what you are doing for her, and for people like her, why did you want him to be recognized it. >> because he puts himself out there every day. he puts his needs before others. he has helped so many people. it is about time that he gets the recognition that he deserves, because, he's a a really fantastic guy, he's selfless, and he's always out there putting himself before others and it is an amazing thing. >> she said the cool thing about you is that her athletic future was cut short through nothing that happened, you know, it wasn't her fault.
9:26 am
and you know how that feels. so you are really sympathetic, but in a positive way, about what happens when life's plans gets changed. >> yes, a lot of things happen to my swimmers, my friends, my family, and me, that, you know, i don't count on you don't factor into your life, there are people therefore me real had i no idea how much it affected my life, helped me get through hard times so kind of my my favorite part of this to help kids struggling with live, with emotions, to get through things that they wouldn't get through without help, so like being there for them. >> i love it. >> guys are awesome, you have great dad, great partner. >> i appreciate it, i'm shocked. >> look, say hi, everyone, hello, everyone! >> having little technical difficult cultist in a physical therapy room because
9:27 am
we're within walls. >> thank you so much. it was fantastic. thank you. >> even with the technical difficulties we can see, he goes there, congrats, remember if you know other people in the community who go there, sends their suggestions to jenn fred on fox 29 on her facebook. now let's go to the taj mahal. because as you know they're having a sale, richard. >> moving out. steve keeley is there. oh, people are lined up, ready to go, everything is for sale. >> therefore the beds. all therefore beds. >> now, steve is there. steve keeley. steve, i want you to finds the strangest thing that you can buy at this casino. i'm sure there are some things. >> reporter: look there is line was two hours long to get in yesterday. it is starting to grow, but it is a better deal today. greg, let's get moving. it is only a tease. among the things you can get, who how about this? $35,000 chandelier that once was about 300 grand, and then or a poker table that you can use as a dinner table? so these are some of the top items. we'll show you a lot more.
9:28 am
we got the first two folks in line in early. and you'll meet them. marcy and john, when we see you. >> testing. >> testing.
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okay. you love garage sales. >> then you need to get a truck, head to atlantic city. this is a garage sale times what, 20. >> steroid. >> yeah. >> where is it again? taj mahal trump taj mahal. >> they are having a liquidation sale. thousands of items are available. they want it to go including poker tables. yesterday we sent our own hank flynn check out items. look at his favorite item a bed with the mirror above it. he did try to take the mirror but they said in, we are not selling that. >> they are not selling
9:32 am
mirrors. >> he enjoyed himself. >> yes. >> steve's there, and giving us a tour showing us some items. people are lined up outsid they are telling us. >> yes, well mike, i know his number one question alex, what about the bed. can i buy a bed that somebody did who knows what in, so many , how many times. >> yes. >> and yes, there they are, this is as close as we want to get, mike but that is a box spring ape mattress next to it so, hopefully a safe distance but we snuck first two people in line in. bob boyar from washington township, or as we know from it new jersey, the south philadelphia of south jersey. and marcy from the real south philadelphia the star of the show. marcy, number two in lane but number one in the interview process what are you here to get. tell us, there is a special reason you why want somebody here why is that. >> special reason why i'm here is because my sonnies in the gaming business and he started out here at taj mahal 10 years
9:33 am
ago. >> reporter: taj mahal. >> what are you here to get. >> well, i wanted to get a piece of the gaming but unfortunately none of that is on sale, so, i will pick up an iron, maybe a lamp, maybe a chair, just something. >> got your eyes on that leopard spotted chair. >> that is for sure. >> there it is to the right, greg. it is $16. it has the trump taj mahal emblem. they don't say trump on them. we will move it. if i break it, i bought it i'm toll. it is not on the back of that one. don't you love live tv when you screw up. that is what i was talking about, golden room. you can buy a whole room here. if you have a spare bedroom and make it a former trump taj mahal guest room you can, 29 you want flat screen it is 389 bob hoyer what are you here to get. >> i am here to get some
9:34 am
paintings, and i'm here to get some possible pool furnishing that is outside. >> reporter: are you worried that some things that have been laid in for a long time buy a lot of people maybe not as clean as would you like it, or new. >> yes, yes, of course, you have you have been selective about what you are buying. >> is that your wife on the phone telling you she sees me on tv. >> probably, yes. >> you can answer through the tv. this is me, on tv. >> what are you preparing to spend here. >> i have a thousand dollars. >> we shouldn't let everybody know that in case you don't spend it all and you get mugged. >> what is your husband steve, prepared to spend on your son steve. >> you know what, i'm really not sure but he knows i will go a little crazy, so i'm in the sure you want a lot of taj mahal stuff and south philly taj mahal. >> like in my basement. >> reporter: here's something that sold yesterday, because
9:35 am
you have to see bottom of this thinks a stone table like out of the flint stones, 1250 it sold for and it is all stone, not hallow, the key to this is moving this it will probably cost more than 1250 to move it but they are not responsible for moving it. person that bought it has to move it. finally we will end the segment on this, lots of throw pillows, $12. why dough they call them throw pillows? because you can throw them at your cameraman. >> i'm sure he is loving you. >> that is $36 for that, okay. >> just throwing money on the floor, man. >> yes. >> and chandeliers you can buy for 35 you this dollars. >> put that in your place. >> that would look good. >> this is 7500. >> some of the deals we saw there, eight dollars iron, used. >> how cheap do you want it. >> i can get would the at wal-mart for $12. >> new. >> brand new. >> yes i'm thinking of the tv 's.
9:36 am
>> okay. >> throwing pillows how many times has that played out in that hotel. you spent, how much at the blackjack table. >> yes. >> what about the kid shoes. >> they are angry. >> good conversation piece people come over, by the way, thinks from the trump taj mahal. >> fit is pillow they get up and immediately get up off the couch. >> yes. >> now, people come over, would you like to stay in the taj mahal room, by the pool. can i tell your story. >> yes. you have lived here in fail for three years. do you have a bed in your bedroom yet. >> i don't. i did at one point it was my grandmothers, and it broke, and so now i'm sleeping in the mattress. my parents are so embarrassed. >> three years though this isn't like a few months. >> bed are expensive.
9:37 am
>> milk crates. >> yes, you can use milk crates. >> it is not expensive at taj mahal. >> the whole room you can get for under $400. >> we will take my jetta as soon as show is over. what do you drivey don't have a car. >> i have a roof rack. >> yes. >> you can hold it. >> yes. >> that jerrick and alex holley. >> here's the third thing, real quickly, you tell us burr mattress story. >> in college i trash picked a mattress because i didn't have one. there was one, i knock on the door and i asked the gentlemen inside i said sir, is this a clean mattress. >> was it on his front lawn or dumpster. >> it was on his front lawn. he put a sign on it that said free. he wanted somebody to take it. he said we upgraded to a temper pied nick college. it was like hitting the lottery. >> did y'all clean it. >> but my wife, when i met my wife she said i'm in the
9:38 am
sleeping over until you get a mountain trust. >> you changed it quick. >> next day i was at bed, bath and john getting something new >> you kept it for a couple months, right, dirty mattress. >> a few years. >> just a few years. >> what? >> how many years. >> before you start hating on me i was in college, i was broke, i saw this bed that had a pillow on it like this thick you are judging my no, i can't judge. >> chante moore is here and she will sing, she has a new single out and she will sing live. >> real one. >> she is fabulous. we will tell you where you can watch her and catch her tomorrow.
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look at this size of this crowd in hamburg, germany. reason why people are gathering around, i guess the whole world is waiting to see vladamire putin and our president donald trump come together for the first time. you know all of the controversy, did the russians, well, most of our intelligence agencies, three or four have said they interfered with our election in 2016. donald trump intimated finally thought that he thought that is true but he thought other countries might be involved as well. >> but this is most calm we have seen because earlier this morning, there were protests and police had to really remove people, themselves from certain areas where this is happening. so now you can see people are moving around getting in place >> minute we see these two world leaders come together we will punch it backup. hopefully before 10. chante moore is here this will be great. she will perform her new
9:43 am
single, live next, welcome to philly.
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9:45 am
it is hazy, foggy, we will find out what the weather will be in 15.
9:46 am
we have areas of fog, also some drizzle and showers, 74 degrees right now. humidity 91 percent. look at ultimate doppler we are looking at maryland rate to heavy rainfall moving through montgomery, bucks county, moving toward conshohocken area moving around abington toward the bend salem region as well so that planner for today 87 in center city as we break out in sunshine. eighty-three down the shore. heading down the shore it looks great. 84 degrees for saturday. lower 80's for sunday. that seven day forecast shows you rain moves out and weekend , it looks great. >> yeah, she's a singer/song writer that is how i know chante moore. >> you love her vocals and she's fabulous. we know the shore, chante got a man. >> yes. >> ♪
9:47 am
>> ♪ >> it sound like you are proud to have a man at home. >> yes. >> a good man. >> yes, he was. >> oh, he was. >> w-a-s, was it is to encourage my girlfriend they talk about how bad, how horrible their bye friends were i said, i'm real happy right now but i can find a good man, so can you and that is what it is all about. >> i love it. that was in the 90's. now fast forwar 2017 and i love this because we have been talking about it is 7/7/2017 and thinks your seventh album. >> yes, and born february 17th >> stop it it all comes together. >> new album is call september >> yes, 9/9/17, september the ninth. it is the rise of the phoenix, and i think things that happen to us we don't understand all things really do work for good even negative things, heart break, everything, and i have been through a lot. i'm coming out from the dust or ashes or whatever you call
9:48 am
it, and, just taking the moment and making sure i'm exactly where i should than focusing on right now. >> that is beautiful. >> not worried about pennsylvania. >> you're performing tomorrow night. >> i'm opening up for charlie wilson. >> charlie wilson. >> charlie last name wilson. >> i'm going to go to this and get on the party train. >> yes. >> wow, wow. >> and you where to do your new single real one. >> i am, it is 12 on the charts right now. >> congratulations. >> so excited. >> we can't wait to hear it. >> chante moore. >> yes. >> run, run. >> yes. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:49 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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9:51 am
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it has been fun looking at your little all stars. look at danielle rocking it. >> wow. >> okay. next sion biles, go girl. >> she's six. >> floor champ for level one and now at level two. this one my soccer all-star payton. >> hey, payton. >> and then, my race all-star with his first win, yes, way to go. >> and jenny says, muse and nate pw spartans. took them to the champion ship s, 65 pounders. >> moose. >> i love that. >> has there been any update on this black china rob kardashian thing. >> constant updates. but now we know she could take legal action after the
9:56 am
instagram rant that rob kardashian did and posted naked pictures of her. her lawyer speaking out about this incident. rob went on instagram, we talked about this at length accusing her of cheating, using drugs, alcohol not taking care of the kid. some close including the violate calorie avenge porn law. instagram has removed it all, then went to twitter and black china has defended herself saying rob has beat her. we talk about that yesterday. so black china's lawyer told page six we are taking this assault begins her very seriously and we are still exploring all available legal remedies to her at this time. she doesn't seem to be faced because she's sporting a new look. >> what? her june corn hair. >> galaxy hair. >> crazy. >> look at her. she's like i'm good. i'm good. >> would you ever get hair like that. >> honey, i'm just trying to handle what i got. >> she looks like a doll there
9:57 am
does than the she. i mean literally a doll, a doll. they are both kind of a mess. >> there is a lot going on with that. >> so spice girls you know the song want to be, 90's favorite >> used to be my lover. >> yes. >> ♪ >> so now, they are performing a song you have not heard before, listen. >> ♪ >> i'll tell you what i really , really want. >> i want to i want to. >> i want to really. >> really want to. >> really want to. >> if you want my future. >> i love that. >> they do dramatic readings of these silly songs. >> tell me what you want, what you really, really want. >> we have not forgot been g20 summit happening president trump will be meeting with vladamire putin for first time
9:58 am
we will car that i live on fox 29 we will go there when it happens. >> have a fantastic weekend. smoke ribs for six hours? f i what? the best food at amazing prices, giant.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? it's hot topics. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] >> wendy: thank you for watching! [ applause ] my co-host, my studio audience. loud


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