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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 8, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EDT

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>> a shocking discovery a man is murders body found is bridesburg and when they found next to the body. philadelphia. >> any time you see something hanging in. >> police hope they find who is it responsible. >> and continues to rob kardsahian and be face to fe sooner than we thought. >> thought. i love this story about chyna. >> it's not a good story but trxingt you know there's layers to it. >> both sides got ugly. and it's not pretty. saturday, july 8, 017, mike
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joining us on this saturday morning. >> it's sticky and my hair that's not completely suffere suffered. >> mine has. i'm walk ward phase needing a haircut and just getting a haircut. i'm a brill owe head pad on the top of the head. >> and good morning everybody. let's go live outside. gorgeous morning out. there lauren eludes to the fact it's muggy out there. things will change quickly as we get to the next couple hours. especially later today. north and west we go. that's where we find a cold front we will have to keep an eye on later today for possibility of showers and gusty thunderstorm that could pop up quickly. otherwise temperatures easy to take. 72 in philadelphia. well north and west. 64 mount pocono. accuweather down towards wildwood believe it or not. hot spots today, 71 to 74 closer to 90 this afternoon vineland 68, sea isle city beautiful at 7. so, here's the humidity on top of us.
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we measure that with dew point number. closer to 70. that's air you can wear closer to 50. comfortable air mass. that's where we're going as we get to the day tomorrow. ultimate doppler showing us renegade shower north of of allentown. this will be the big show as you go north and west. that's where we find a scold front moving south and east. that sparks a gusty shower or thunderstorm later today. great news the front moves through later tonight that sets up shop down to the south allowing canadian air to filter in. great day on sunday. if you go to the beach, pool, golf game, tee time, 7 a.m. tomorrow you have a great day from start to finish. take a look at fox future cast. thunderstorms. lehigh valley around 4:00 in the in the city around 7:00. not a washout or all day event but a popup thunderstorm possibl. front is out of here as we get to midnight tonight and that sets up a great looking day sunday.
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great day on monday and then we get pretty hot around here. those details coming up in a little bit. lauren. >> thank you so much. 7:0. break being news a disturbing discovery in bridesburg section a man's body found. jennie joyce is live at the scene on heatly street. jennie, when can you tell us. >> this is an industrial section of the city live outside a recycling plant. it was not easy to find. you have to know this area. police on scene investigatesing a gruesome homicide. i don't know if you can see a live look. there's a dog up in the distance beyond that crime scene train tape. employees showed up for the plant round 3:00 this morning and came across the body. they called police. investigators on scene say identified. it may not be easy to i.d. this person based on condition of the body. there was some sort i.d. found on the ground at the scene.
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it's unclear if that could be a sincere clue in the case or planted to throw police off. a lot of questions remain. we're awaiting an undate from officers. several detectives showed up along with members of the crime scene unit they're checking cameras with evidence to help them from the case. a body in industrial park bridesburg by the delaware river. one person was dead. the victim was shot multiple times before being burned. >> breaking this morning two teenagers and 5-year-old are in the hospital after a shoo shooting in strawberry mansion. the three were standing on the corner of 31 and burke straight in fronts of town homes when someone started shooting. teenage victims 15 and 17 were taken to temple hospital. one is in critical and other two stable. no arrests were made. >> more breaking news this time in camden county. two people were rushed to the hospital after a car slams
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into a telephone pole. impact of the crash so powerful you can see the pole snapped. this happenedp in pensauken township intersection of marlton pike and crescent boulevard 4:30 this morning. crews shut down the area while they cleared away the wreckag wreckage. no word on conditions of the victims. >> now to developing story police are investigating an attempted luring in upper darby. investigators say a man went up to young girl at hill crest almosty school thursday and told her to get into his car. the girl and sister ran away and told school officials. the man is believed to be in 60s and driving newer model green blue sedan. call police with information. >> police are releasing this video of two people they would like to speak with about a noose. it was left hanging in the graduate section of city. news was discovered by someone passing by around 10:00 yesterday morning and was quickly reported to police.
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>> any time you see a noose happeninging from a tree it conjures up images of lync lynching. >> as we speak about racism it's still alive, well and kicking. it's sad to say. >> police are unsure of the motive behind the hanging noose in that location or if it was arbitrarily placed there. it comes a week after a coin maker was put on leave after he left the noose on african-american coworkers chair. >> day two of the g 20 summit underway. president donald trump meeting with uk prime minister theresa may promising a quick deal on traixtd the face to face is the president sit down with vladimir putin. their meeting planned for 30 minutes went more than hurs. fox's lauren blanchard reports from washington. >> it was a handshake and meeting watched around the world as president trump and russian president vladimir
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putin met face to face for the first time working out a cease-fire in syria despite disagreements on other issues. >> we look forward to a lot of positive things happening for russia and the united states. >> the first day of g20 summit proving to be busy as u.s. and russia agreed during the closed door meeting on cease-fire in syria to take effect july 9. many wanted to know if president trump would address the elephant in the room. allegations of russian meda medaling in the 2016 presidential election. secretary of state rex tillerson saying in off camera debrief the camera started more than the 2 hour meeting on that subject. >> the two leaders agreed this is a substantial behind reference and in the ability of us to move the russian u.s. relationship forward. >> despite the disagreement there was positive chemistry between two men.
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analysts say they never expect aid concession from russia and disagreeement is the best apps the u.s. will get. >> that would nerve resolv resolvable issue. the only issue that's really on the table between russia anden u.s., there's one that has any promise, is syria. >> come son capitol hill not satisfied with the answer saying agreed to disagree is not acceptable conclusion. on saturday, president trump will head back to u.s. after the g20 summit wraps up. lauren blanchard, fox news. >> kux on sunoco gas line continues in chester county. crews stopped drilling monday after water issues at home. a dozen homeowners in west white land and uklin township complained about muddy water coming from the wells. it's providing filltation systems and bottled water and putting up several families until the problem get resolve
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resolved. >> the will have for bianca robeerson coming in from love all over the kupty after she die id in a shooting. >> summertime means vacation time. are you shelling out too much money. how much americans are give ago way to get away. we have the numbers coming up. first, weekend wendy. first, weekend wendy.
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let's think about what goes in hoh., renee. and we think ba-blam's gonna kill the stomach flu? i'm scared to use the facilities. i don't blame you. if you want clean, your cleaner needs bleach in it. clorox means clean. >> i looked at lauren and was like are you okay over there. i didn't know it was introduction to the song. temperatures easy to take. into the 70s. 71 accuweather. wildwood 74. norm and west of town cooler reads from doylestown, phoeni phoenixville, media, chester, west chester, coming into middle and upper 60s to start the morning and on the way close to 90 this afternoon. we'll nor cast 90 in philadelphia. dew point values measuring amount of moisture in the atmosphere indicative of human atmosphere. we go to ultimate doppler
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notice showers boiling up just outside 476. this is norm of allentown. drifting off towards east. easton. allentown. lehigh you'll get into the action. and that will be the theme this morning. popup scattered showers all in association with the cold front siting across central pennsylvania and firing nasty thunderstorms outside of buffalo. great news with the front though. it will bring relief to humidity on top of us. nice, dry air mass developing across southeastern canada. if you have a tee time know this morning great. 9:00, up to 77. 84 for the noontime hour. keep an eye on western sky especially 3:00 if you golf north and west of town. here in philadelphia outside manayunk you may see storms as high as 5:00 fem turz 8 to 90. if you head to the beach this will be great di. tomorrow even better day. if you can't get down today go
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tomorrow. 79 to 5 by:00 hour. wind will be a little gusty. southwest at 15. this is great idea by the way. west wind keeps the flies away this time of year. if we can get west wind 15 that's "good day" at the peach. seas 2 feet and bay one foot chop and low rip current risk and as we go to tomorrow could be moderate rip current risk. cooler to north and west. watch for gusty showers or thunderstorm developing as we get to late this afternoon. tonight will be gorgeous, norm and west open the windows it's nice refreshing air mass upper and middle 50s. here's the 7 day forecast. 90. average thunderstorm today. low humidity. 86. i'll give it perfect ten. tomorrow georgous. monday nothing to sneezing at either. if you have pto time take. it 87. humidity though will come back full force. hit us up side the head by tuesday.
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90. we'll flirt with 09 and then thunderstorms by next week. >> i like doubles you gave us. nice. >> 7:15 this morning family and friend say final goodbyes to 18-year-old gunned down in road rage murder in the prime of her life about to start college in florida. instead her life was cut short by 28-year-old man and yesterday emotional day for family and friends that paid final respects to the well loved young woman. fox 29 sabina spoke to those heartbroken by the tragedy. >> it's hard. >> a live time of things that the family and friends of 18-year-old bianco robeerson will never be able to say to her again. poured out with the rain into this gray, gloomy day. >> she was a loving and caring person and there for everybody. if anyone ever needed something she was always ther there. >> like most mournerss mya
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thomas cannot believe she's here burying her best friend. asked to explain what she he herself can barely comprehend as bianca's casket is carried to a waiting hearse and back to the earth. >> this is no reason this should have happened to her at all. she ahad a whole life ahead of her. >> is 800 people packing pews of st. paul baptist church in her hometown of west chester mourning loss of this college bound honor roll student with bright eyes and gentle smile shot dead in what police call a road rage shooting. >> absolutely this family is amazing family. >> i can't imagine. i cannot imagine what her mother is going through. i could not do. it she's strong. i dent know if i could be that one. >> suspects arrest brought some relief as loved ones put the teen to rest and battle
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and rage ral the within the hearts of everybody behind. >> everybody is calling for peace i get it i'm mad as hell. she was one of those not doing anything for herself just touching people like she did. for him to take her like that, like she was nothing. >> this final farewell filled with all the people who loved bianca to whom she was everything and more. in west chester, sabrina, fox 29 news. >> such a sad story. meanwhile alleged shooter 2 28-year-old david desper will be in court. the trainer delaware down they man pulled the trigger killing teen in a fit of road rage. he's charged with two counten murder and other charges. >> inspectors looking into what caused apartment building to collapse in feltonville leaving one family homeless there. crews secured and cleared the
7:18 am
scene app a woman and children were inside the apartment last fwhiingt she says the floor gave way. neighbors heard her screams and standing on leming of second story window. one climbed a treeto reach the story. >> i went to the back and seen her neighbor out the window panicking standing on the ledge you know what i'm saying. that's when the babies was there. >> that's when my neighbor kevin wept up to back and into the industry and passed kids through the window. >> kids cool we saved them. we got the kid out of there. >> as you heard the children are okay. their mother was taken to einstein hospital. >> let's talk money. big time merger will start with two companies coming together as one. the company that owned shopping channel qvc. >> will buy rival. liberty interactive will play 21 bill don't for 6% of h&m
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they do not loan. the home shopping network and qvu will continue to operate at 30 years in business. >> americans will shet out 1 101 billion on summer vacations this year. next up, more than -- that's up more than 12% from last year. the most spending ever in get aways. people encouraged by low gas prices and having a positive attitude among consumers in again ral. people ages 55 to 44 will spend the most. bakey boomers spend 1800 and young millennials shell out 13030. >> that's it i feel like it should be more. >> i can see that. when you're 34 to 54 you are in the prime of earning and have more money to spend and baby boomers in retirement on
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fixed incomes. millennialss are getting jobs and they don't have earning power yet. >> it's tough to go. lemonade in universal is like $15. >> and forget parking. >> what? >> hot dog. >> i know >> my most expensive vacation was september, 2015 end of summer my mom and iai. she had a big birthday. we hung out there. but everything -- everyone walks around and looks like they're dripping in diamond and money. >> your mom is georgous by the way. >> thank you. >> good genes. >> i'll tell her. >> have you been on a crazy pricey vision. >> taking the nephew and niece to universal. i've gone to puerto rico and this is us on the beach. >> oh, my goodness how cute. >> how great are they air time ton tv. this trip was like north of ten grand for kids. >> that's how it is. >> i don't know how families go to disney every year. >> it's impossible to have kids like that and family of
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four forget about. it it would be almost 20 grand to go to florida now. >> tell us where you're going this summer. you may do staycation close to home or far, far away. it's expensive, right? >> i want to get ready for the the mlb all star game on fox tuesday. we're asking you to show us your little all stars send us photos of your kids in their uniforms. don't forget the watch the game here on fox. the new miami marlins red wine being unveiled just in time the new miami marlins red wine being unveiled just in time for tuesday's game. ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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be a powerful force. nature valley sxwlv good morning lauren johnson. flyers selectrick they believe will be center of future. yesterday marked development camp patrick is no good due to sports received a k before the draft number two overall pick surgery. >> that injury was all season. when i knew it had to be done i got to days after and i'm excited to get back
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i'mt was 80s nights at the philly anticipates padres. shout out to the goose a fun time for all except for the fightin' phillies. five phillies won a so home run to second. >> that's sports if a minute. i'm sean brace. >> speaking of baseball cheers to baseball's biggest game with special type of win wine, right. >> absolutely. >> miami marlins getting own wine it's a 2015 california wine with 13.5% alcohol and wine brand is part of major league baseball wine by wine we design and a bottle is less than 20. wine by design has unkorkd 20 baseball teams and yes phillies has a 20. >> i thought they would put
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ours in a box after the performance so far this year. >> i know you don't think wine and baseball you think beer and baseball. i like that i'm a wine fan. i'll take that at the ball game. >> speaking of drinks a unruly passenger restraipd on felt aflight got out of control. up usual item used to get him kicked off the plane. >> behave. kicked off the plane. >> behave. >> i know ate treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud a savings plan for people with disabilities, open a pa able account today
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officers found daughter of steven welsh unresponsive and in her league a heroin filled syringe. they used narcan to revive her and her father facing a number of charges. >> to allentown district attorney will not file charges against police officers involved in a deadly shooting. jim martin says the shooting that killed joseph hoch kins was justified on may 21 when police say she was suspect in shooting and robbery and rammed into police cars and police were forced to fire back at humid. hitting him. he later died at lco back you're watching "good day" weekend. lauren johnson here. mike keeping eye on weather
7:30 am
this saturday morning and here's here to tell us it will be accident weather two eyes on. we're seeing great stuff this morning. comfortable a look out towards parkway. we have mostly sunny skies and 72 with a west wind coming in at 5 miles an hour. nice wind out there. comfortable. 7 in philadelphia. 71 in accuweather and wildwood up to 74. these are hot spots today. pensauken or cherry hill. launching pad along the way 9 0. still suck in the muck with humid hi values. dew point values coming up between 65 and 70. that's not a comfortable atmosphere and we're dealing with patchy fog. trenton 9 miles and ten ideal visibility and may be dense fog in sports i-95 or 70 in new jersey just patchy fog.
7:31 am
showers checked ultimate doppler allentown the though is north and west this morning nasty lines of thunderstorms indicative of cold front out west. outside of mns we're seeing thunderstorms first and then there's a lot of storms that progress east into the next 24 hours. as the front goes out of here into tomorrow it onens up with the air mass out of canada involving a nice, dry northwest wind. dew point due to 70. go to 50. that's tolerable air to get on top of us. that's whyrtising wall to wall sunshine and absolute gem. perfect ten. around 5:00 north and west in philadelphia around 7 and it's out of herehe midnight hour. we talk more about the that into the next 7 days in a little bit. >> following breaking news stories. several of them.
7:32 am
a grizzly discovery in the city brideburg section a man murdered and police say the death was sinister. jennie joyce live by the scene on heny streak. >> the officer confirmed there were shell casings across the lot where the body was found. they tell if he was shot because his is badly burned. we're near the delaware riff a cordin on scene this lot may be part of public services trash and recycling company. and police believe that this plan operates 24/7 and workers inside told police they heard gun shots and thought it was fireworks and saw you this body on fire in the parking lot police were called and have been investigating ever since the body has not been
7:33 am
identified. it may not be easy to identify this person based on the condition of the body. but will was i.d. found on the ground at the scene. it's unclear if that's sincere clue or planted to throw police off. several detengt activities have shop up here along with members of the crime scene unit. they're checking to see if is there could be cameras although at this point they have not found any in this area again industrial, des la lad. not much goes on. lauren. >> jennaphr joyce in bridesburg. thank you so much. police looking for silver infinity they think is connec connected to several paint ball attacks in philadelphia first firing on a couple walking in southwest philly and minute later it's shot on eye porch kill hitting two people and. >> looks like itdouts firing paint pauls and thinking it
7:34 am
was funny. he heard the people laughing in the cars firing the gun. they think it's funny but it's not few any. >> some victims believe they may be targeted because they're trandz gepder. >> a trenton school teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with a student says through her attorney it never happened. 43-year-old raina culvert facing sex ult burlington country prosecutors office say relationship with a boy at the high school.'s guardian taking him into her home when she had no place to live. culvert now on leave. >> fox 29 obtained stuping security camera of fireworks prank in bucks country having police on the hunt for the
7:35 am
prank. 11:00 july 4. jeff coal spoke with the very upset home owner. >> what were ur thoughts. at first how can you be so cruel. we don't have enemies. i knew it could not be revenge type of thing. this is not a joke. they can kill people that way. >> police posted a picture of the prankster on facebook an they're hoping they can now make an arrest. >> and this messy cabin on a plane is the aftermath of a terrifying take down aboard a delta airlines plane. we'll he show you that id video a cording to criminal complaint two flight attendant had to tackle a paerm that tried to open the exit floor mid flight from seattle to beijing. the flight attend aunt signaled to other passengers and then hit him offer the head with a wine bottle breaking one.
7:36 am
that passenger is in federal custty on a long list of changes now why they care so much about saving lives changes now why they care so much about saving lives happened the wheel. pats pass a delaware country
7:37 am
7:38 am
pool forced to shut down after
7:39 am
vandalism. they are looking who dumbed pools and tables into the chair at the swim club. he believes kid hopped the wednesday one night and grabbed anything they could get hands on even tossed into the pool. >> it's a shame it's a great neighborhood and the kids have fuchb here to walk into the pool when i have to coach in the morning and the kids upset because everything is in it the water it's a great community here and shuts their perfecttis down. >> this is not the first time this happened they installed surveillance after a few ins lent last summer they're hoping that is helpful to give police some clues. >> while manry are enjoying festive 'tis that go with summertime people overindulge. all anderson they're using
7:40 am
this to save others, for goo goodness sake. >> 17 years ago we lost our son who was hit and killed by a drunk driver. it's a way to saver lives our son would be alive today certaining country. >> here whoa campaign is reminder that fortunately so many people have too much alcohol and try to drive. >> they try to making designated driver fun in accuweather. >> it's non alcoholic for designated drivers. >> bartenders presented their best non alcoholic drink. >> to many of them it tooken a boper meaning.
7:41 am
>> kevin donahue says his family will never be the same. when asked to participate in the mock tail challenge he wanted people to see how simple it can be to save a life. >> to save families from having to go through these tragedies and. >> wide awake mock teaming. >> the hero tini mock tail challenge was far from somber he eept. that's the importance of what they win by creating a drink. >> a mock tailor designated driver could have saved ellio elliot's son or kevin donahue's brother. but they have not lecturing or shaming anyone they're using events to show people how easy it can be to make a decision that could spare you or someone else a lifetime of pain for goodness sake, i'm bill anderson.
7:42 am
>> and good news the hero tini contest not over yet. tomorrow on "good day" how he is keeping us all summer great all right. 7:42. keep talking us us to on social media. john sam son it. >> we have an all star. carp september this all star jessica. keep sending all stars. # fox5goodday and this is ahead of the all star game next week. today is nephew's fifth birthday. show him love. happy birthday to you my friend. >> the tea continues to spill. rob kardsahian and black yhyna
7:43 am
continue their fight and could be in court to deal with trauma. >> and home in atlanta still drawing attention all owe returned the country. one famous for pink color the track house looks different now. what happens and what happens next. what happens and what happens next. we'll braeb it down. (vo) gentlemen,
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7:46 am
leaders gather for the g20 summit. lots of people out. there everyone has a investigated interest since it affect us all around the world. >> was that germantown. >> that's a town in germany. not germantown in our area there's a shot. running nothing flying. >> you drive i'll pay for gas. >> and the tolls. >> you. >> have you driven in new jersey lately. >> morning everybody, peeks in the cloud deck and mixturep sunshine and clouds and temperatures comfortable. 7 westerlyry wind 35. dew point is up at 65. that's indication of muggy air on top of us. it will be a humid day today tomorrow things are beautiful like breath of fresh air when we knock down the humidity showers towards lehigh
7:47 am
country. mixture of sun and clouds on top of us. focus of showers and storms back out to the west in form of cold front spating humid air on top of us and drier air north. on twitter lauren they were asking it's hurricane season do you see anything this is why we live there's just nothing going on. >> that's good news. >> get rid of that slide. there you go. i've answered your question realtime. 87 stone harbor today and wide wood lauren and i will thereby shortly. 90 dewey and 90 ocean view and bethany 88. here's 7 day forecast today humid tomorrow dry close to 90. just as nice on monday if you have the day off and humidity will hit is right up side the head on tuesday and it's hots and humid as we get to next week okay?
7:48 am
>> good news if you're a fan the stars finally release new music. first single since 2012 stuck in legal limbo after allegations of sexual and verbal abuse. it's a ballet that tells her journey back to self believe. one of 22 songs on you upcoming album rainbow. >> in my hometown of atlanta. one street became hip-hop phenomenon. pink trap house here. time surprise now. according to property manager the lease expired thursday on the homemade famous by the ra rapper two chains. he rented space looingt no as a way to market his album. two thumbs up. good marketing strategy.
7:49 am
it came overwhelmingly possible but traffic is a headache and causes trauma. not everybody had an issue with the pop culture attraction. >> the people there have been nice. they can't control the public and public is not being fair to businesses two chains turned it into nail salon and place of sunday worship and most recently free hiv testing clinic there. i'm a bigger fan of dad one chain great music 60s music. >> you're a mess. >> this is favorite story of the day. >> black china is now saying rob kardsahian i'll meet new court. her attorney lisa bloom released a statement saying she plans onen joining black
7:50 am
chyna monday to requests the restraining orders. rob kardsahian went on instagram rant earlier this week accused black chyna chea cheating with multiple peña bussing drugs and alcohol own some posts included nude and explicit photos of her which may violate california revenge law. instagram removed his page and he took to twitter and posted same photos and chyna defended her saying she he beat her up. black chyna doesn't seem phased by drawm a she's been posting on her instagram account showing off a look of rainbow hair to match her rainbow channel bag there. >> did you watch that play out in realtime. i made the mistake of someone reinstagram today or whatever and wow. >> it consumes you you have
7:51 am
to read ul the dae tails and you tap on things to find out more. >> i don't know the legality of it but if you know anything about california law yikes you may have problems with revenge important laws. this suggestly and executives are e are probably drooling over the ratings. it has kardsahian name attached to it. so bam, get ready. >> got to help rob out this one. trauma for sure though. >> never good when the lawyers verify on twitter. >> lisa bloom, check. >> all right. 7:51. while parents may be relieved to know school yard bullies is declining and chances of targeting your child on social media is increasing, why the court system is struggling to protect our loved ones from cyber bullying. >> researchers found popular medicines for heartburn and ulcers prilosec, next yum can
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increase risk of dying if taken for more than one year. check with your doctor to make sure you really need took on those medicines. to get more credit to the phrase, if you don't use t. you will lose. it new study found that people with mild dementia benefitted from using an app that was a game to practice memory problems. so, folks if you have a loved one or you have some memory loss get using your mind. now we talked a lot of concussions and football over the years and in a new study researchers found people whom play high school football back in the 40s -- 50s does not have increased risk of depression or dimentia. this is good news for the many people out there that play high school football. i'm dr. mike. high school football. i'm dr. mike. have a cigarette weekend.
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♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley >> 7:55. question need to eat cash as i knew hours before we get out. a small group of exercise pros think there's a better way to
7:56 am
burn fat. >> how do we get the most bang. bet to fuel up beforehand on wait and eat until after done. sharon says the answer comes down to really personal preference. >> some like to exercise on empty stomach they find a hard workout upsets their symptomage. some find theyit the wald and didn't get past the wall. >> some experts ooring ufas ufasting workout or sweating it out on empty tom ak wul be why they burn fat. >> if your body's sugar is low the brain goes to any source in your body be it muscle or fat and you can turn that into glucose. >> if you work out first thing in the morning you think it is stored fat for energy that
7:57 am
might fork wore a little whil while. >> the body is dynamically alternating sources of fuel and we use energy longer term body composition doesn't change much. it's a short term effect around the time of exercise bottom line is fuel workout whichever way works best for you >> all right. be. it. it e gal vin reporting. >> combination of carbs and protein and steer clear of high fat foods and drink plenty of water. >> later on "good day", forget the books. we're taking you to the philadelphia academy focusing on your bride and living large. people on limited income cannot seem to help themselves from splurging on luxury item items.
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8:00 am
>> a disturbing recovery. a man urderd and shot several times ape body badly burned. >> and new surveillance released and police hope it will help with their investigation into a symbol of hate in philadelphia we'll have awe take a good look at the two and question a noose left hanging on a tree and protect your child from online bullies. what every parent should do now and "good day". every, saturday july 8, 2017. >> at the top of last hour we were talking about hair. it's sticky and gross outside. people were listening to us and laughing a little bit. someone on twitter sent me a question in and we thoughts it was funny, right? i think they're ainlt nobody bad -- your hair looks
8:01 am
beautiful and full of body and shine, soul glow, i love that movie. so, no, i got it done yesterday actualry and luckily humidity has not made it swell up yet. >> if someone has a we'd wac wackier come help me with this thing. >> you don't need a we'd wackier. >> there it is. >> now i have to go home and watch the movie. >> if you are looking on demand waiting for the newscast that is over. >> stay with us. >> that movie. >> so none any. >> where is everybody now. what's his face? where is he. main actor. dueing a blank. >> oh, gosh, mike don't put me on the spot. eddie murphy. >> arsenial hall. >> where did he go. >> disappeared to nowhere. >> if you watch, call us. >> call us. >> we want to know where you're at. >> 73 in philadelphia. good morning, everybody, 75 t tk. this say great morning out there. temperatures starting to climb as the sun has now risen.
8:02 am
it's almost 70 doylestown nrim only meeting and immediate watch for fog north and west around 476. doling with a little fog even even jersey around 70. lehigh county had a quick shower headinging to george a. mixture of sun and clouds and big thuderstorms warmed over north sental pennsylvania. severe thunderstorming warning associated with a cold front to dry air up north. as the front moves through wind pick up in a big way. they could be 15, to 20 say around 3 or 4:00 and winds really start to crank. keep that in mind if you head to the river or head for the bay or even ocean. otherwise, we're talking about scattered showers and thunderstorms. developing over lehigh country and up towards the north and west. and by around 6, 7:00 here in philadelphia it's a broken
8:03 am
line of storms. so don't think this will be i gig you mow monsoonal rain situation. it's quick hitting showers and thunderstorm and it's all out of here clears out sunday and great looking day temperatures into the 80s. specifically in accuweather close to 890 this afternoon. warm day today. great day tomorrow. and heat is on as we get to next week. we'll detail that forecast in a bit. >> breaking news disturbing discovery in bridesburg section. a man was shot, burned and left for dead. jennie joyce is live on the scene headley street. they removed that man's body. >> yeah, they're working ton now, lauren, i took a look the crime scene unit detectives and a lot of people on scene since this early morning gruesome discovery was there. it's hard to know ft. man was hit by the bullets because of the burns. we're live in bridesburg.
8:04 am
it's pretty industrial. down by the delaware river a cording to trash trucks on scene this lot may be part of public services trash and recycling company and they believe the plan works 4/7 and workers told police they heard gun shot and thought it was fireworks in the middle of the night. then a worker came out and saw fire in the lot and burping in the flames a man's body. the discovery was made 3:45 this morning and police were investigating ever since. the body has not been identified yesterday it may not be easy to i.d. with person based on condition of body but there was some sort of id found on the ground here at the scene. and it's unclear if that is sincere clue in the case or nrapted to throw police off. several detectives have shown up here and again members of the crime scene unit here and a dog on scene.
8:05 am
police are right now looking for surveillance in the area. which could provide substantial clues in this cas case. lauren. >> let's hope they can find that. jennie joyce in bridesburg. thank you so much. two teens and 25 years in the hospital after shooting in strawberry mansion. three were standing on conner of 31 and burke in front of town homes when someone started shooting. teenage victims 15 and 17 all of them were taken to temple. one is in critical condition. no arrests have been made. more breaking news in camden county two people lush to the car and impact was so powerful that snapped. it happened penn saucon and marlton mike 4:0 this morning they cleared away wreckage and no word on conditions of the victims. >> to developing story, camden county police looking for a man they say may have
8:06 am
information about a deadly shooting. 22-year-old amid murray found shot dead in his car after midnight yesterday own the 25 2500 block of south eighth street camden. so far no arrest. if you have any information you're asked to call police. >> and who whong a sim poll of surveillance of people two they want to talk to in connection of discovery of a noose. as investigators search for clues it has city leaders understandably upset. fox 29 dave shratweiser. >> we're blurring this picture of the news found 18 and lombard because it's universal symbol of hate. >> any time you see a noose hanging from a tree is conjures up images of lync lynching. >> honestly speaking racism is alive, well and kicking it's sod to say. >> it was just before 10 a.m. when a passerby spated noose
8:07 am
near a hospital. police say the passerby reported it to security and philadelphia police were notified. >> if it's something associated with hate or racism or anything like that again all alternatives are on table. >> and discovery comes days after a white male con maker at the u.s. minute was caught on camera allegedly placing a noose on the chair of an after wrn i would have to definitely look into it. if this wrong doing you have to go with the proper protoco protocol. >> that's good they're investigating it and trying to get to bottom of it. >> police checked this local restaurant for surveillance of the incident 18 and lombard and they also sent the noose to the crime collaborate for analysis. >> dna figure pints that type of thing. >> these are the time we live
8:08 am
in. >> there's no room for hating discrimination, or racism. >> city councilman says this is act of racial terrorism and he would like to see the city use it's newly improved ethnic intimidation act to prosecute this case. dave shratweiser. >> and a statement released from the mayor's office it's appalling anyone can commit a vicious act haning a noose and symbol of racial anomus that's has pain full symbolism in this country. >> to top stories police videos in pennsylvania will be removed from public open records. governor tom wolf signed bill into law. exempt police audio and video recordings from the state right to know law. leaving release of those records largely to the discretion of police and law also clears legal hurdles that kept police from using body
8:09 am
cameras. and new information here looks like tennis star venus williams did not break laws in deadly car crash in palm beach florida. williams had a green light she entered ipt a passenger in that car died and his family sawing for wrong full death. williams is plague in the kimble ton. >> surveillance video clears up any rumors there. >> as we get ready for mlb all star game here on fox tuesday we're showing you to show us your all stars, use#fox29goodday and my son is a cigarette boxer at johan's gym. red snapper thanks for putting that in and love it, brother
8:10 am
and sister. >> i do too. >> cam ca always makes us spil. >> how -- >> how did she get that there though. >> she gets that cat to post her picture. >> eagles jerseys and phillies jerseys. and the embarassing effective officials in china getting people to use the crosswalk. does it invade privacy. first living height light. why experts say people on a limingted income cannot help themselves from spending on luxury items. we'll talk about that. first weekend wendy without we'll talk about that. first weekend wendy without her chaperone sue on vacation
8:11 am
8:12 am
smiling sparkles. how do they clean the toilet, grin at it? (laughs) stop laughing. the stomach flu is not funny. get a cleaner with bleach in it.
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good, you can smile now. clorox means clean. became the same thing for a few days? then keep the tradition going at bass pro shops with great deals-- like savings of 25% on all in-stock towables, boards and skis. and check out our family summer camp. my second favorites song other than soul glow. >> you have to wax the whole show from 7 to 9 to see what we're talking about. >> old city this morning deal with mixture of sun and clouds out there and comfortable morning. 73. southwest wind coming in at 9. that increases later today and story is the dew point. still up at 65. we'll start our day pretty humid and end the day on a
8:14 am
drier note. ultimate doppler showing us scattered showers around lehigh county up near hunterdon county and norp new jersey. nothing in the viewing area though watching thunderstorms along the new york pennsylvania -- there's a town called shippingle house and apparently -- wow a. apparently right along here north of shingle house we have scattered showers and storms and it's really that sbun storm associated with a cold front out west. this front meets business and as it marches south and east we'll see showers and thunderstorms billow up. this front separates humid air to drew air north and dry air wins out as we get to tomorro tomorrow. by 5:00 keep eye on northwestern sky line and from allentown towards reading we can see showers and thunderstorms as early as 4 fbg here in town. mer er county down towards dover 7:00. broken line of showers and thunderstorm and out of here on surprised. setting up a beautiful day for sunday.
8:15 am
so we're close to 90 this afternoon. hazy, hot, humid companies by tonight that front is out her here. temperatures falling back middle 50s north and west to 66 in town. here's 7 day forecast. afternoon storms today. low humidity tomorrow and then heat is on by next week. lauren. >> mike, we talked about spending right? on average americans use bulk of money to pay for housing, transportation, food. that's normal things we need. >> necessities. >> then there's another category of spending recent report declared 40% of low income spend money on luxury. >> luxury. >> and new millennials listen up most of are you in low income group because you're just starting careers. >> we have to put this on facebook. they don't turn on the tv any more. they have a boatload of student lows and most fall into the lower income group. yet they continue to spend 40% on average of their income on huxry goods.
8:16 am
which is interesting. >> i'm not surprised. sometimes i heard people say okay do i go on this trip or pay my rent. got to pick. >> it's interesting because we already know spending is emotional decision. no matter what income level you are your spending is driven by how you feel. >> that's true. >> sometimes when we're happy we spend more. men spend more when happy and women spend more when stresse stressed. >> i agree with that totally retail thermy we call it. >> retail therapy. >> 86% of consumers say it's perfectly okay to go into debt using credit card to buy necessities and even more than that say we'll buy luxuries while at it as well. let's define luxury versus necessity. >> necessity is food, shelter and basic healthcare right? luxingry of food is dining out. luxury shelter might be a second home. beach house. >> true. >> a luxury might be instead of healthcare getting teeth white end it's still health
8:17 am
care right. >> what if you have a job and you're smiling and talking to people you don't want pearly white looking din jury. >> that is true that would be a necessity for sure. the but the reason why this is so important is because we often hear folks i hear it ev day when i work with people saying look i cannot get control of spending. and particularly lower income level we see they're spending so much of income on goods that are not necessary but luxuries. it begs the question how do we get control. the best way to do it is through something called a budget. >> you knew you would use the b word. >> b word. >> not that one the other on one. >> it doesn't have to be a straight jacket a budget is not a straight jacket it's nothing more than had you we choose to spend our money. >> i heard a woman the other day chatting in line at shar marshals or t. j. max and you know what i started doing lauren i get cash out and when i run out it's done. it helped her a lot. >> use cash, if you use casual
8:18 am
spend 18% less than shoppers that use a credit card. separate to what is necessary what's luxury. none of us are monked or few of us i have four kid a morning life supposed go we want to include the occasional splurge, mani-pedi request. it's okay as long as you budget for it. you want to get control of spending. so yes it's emotional. we want control of that process so we feel em30u empowered rather that behind when we get the credit card bill. >> trying to catch up. >> you wanted to mention amazon prime. >> as if life can't get better. next week is amazon prime monday. big segment tuesday. amazon in mission to prime date they're start wine dlivy. if you need any more evidence that amazon makes wife better
8:19 am
two our wine delivery. here's bad news if you live in pennsylvania because lords in harrisburg don't trust us to make those decisions you can't have it delivered in pennsylvania. but across the country amazon is rolling out their own private label wine called next. >> nice. >> and so let's talk tots folks in harrisburg and see if we cannot get that in pennsylvania as well. >> change that. >> two hour delivery. >> today you'll sit by the pool. how nice would it be to be your wine is here. >> you don't seen have a leave. >> sounds good. >> i love it. >> we'll check you out for amazon day. >> tuesday morning. >> jen fred and mama log >> tuesday morning. >> jen fred and mama log coming up. this is mamalogue you probably know american girl of the year is from philadelphia. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> a couple weeks ago we came
8:20 am
and visited american girl place in new york city. it's amazing. i like that gabriella has her own philly thing. >> she's gil of the year and we said hello on january 1. she'll be here until she runs out. which could be any date and gabriella say bright poet and has many talents and creative and dances and raises money for art center. so that it doesn't go out of business. she's very philanthropic. >> there's a doll hospital. girls love dolls and sometimes they're weld notified and sometimes mom needs help from us. we have a service that we can send our girls to a hospital. >> at my house we have a little person landry she messes with hair a lot. >> now i ask cecile. >> she's had a hard time
8:21 am
sleeping and sneezing a lot and stuff any nose. >> i'm going to check her ou out. >> and this is something when you come here you don't have to have a reservation. >> you don't have to have reservation we do wellness checkups and you can come and wait for that. >> this place is magical. >> we know this and we're proud of it. >> i'm jennaphr frederick, this is mamalogue. bring your kids here. it's pretty awesome and not bring your kids here. it's pretty awesome and not far away.
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>>:24. live look at the poconos. looks look a good place to chill on saturday. let's talk about in folk is a project two sisters started decades ago helping people learn about the civil war in a unique way. sisters created tiny figure reenz and used them to create important moments in the war and if you look close enough you'll notice something unusual. bill rohr explains. >> we use sculpy now. it takes about 7 minutes now. >> making miniture soldiers for civil war are tales in gettysburg pennsylvania. >> in heyday i could crank them out five minutes each. >> rebecca and twin sister ruth have been making tiny
8:25 am
figure reens since they were 11. >> their displays grew and grew much too large to move by themselves. so they got the idea to open up a museum for everyone to see. >> and for the next 20 years it was our hobby. we would read more about the civil war and then make officers that we found interesting or cute in photos, 8230 some. >> that's enough to fill 7 large scale diaramas. >> this is little round top. >> and detailing famous battl battles and tales in american history and if you take a closer look you may notice they have tales of their own. >> it's easier you don't have to deal with tiny ears and noses. >> the first were general lee and grant and moved to iing bigger sceepz like picker charge. >> if they were looking at wounded human figures they
8:26 am
wouldn't think about it but wounded cats makes them think about it. >> once you get used to making them they're not bad. >> days consumed of making cats. >> not the cutest cat ever. >> the reason they used cats in the first place. >> well. >> i guess because we had them as pets. >> you think this whole things would be different if dogs. >> probably be dogs instead. >> in gettysburg, bill fox 29 news. >> traveled for that one. 8:26 let's continue to take a look at all stars on fox 2-9d. they've been asking us to send you picture ahead of the game tuesday on fox. john rawlins son september this one in wessley. few more years before he plays ball but he's getting ready. carmen say daughter marisol, my all star. that's a cool picture. and check out julian. holding up his metal. you're an all star my friend.
8:27 am
thanks everyone for staying with us. >> protect your child from online bullies and social >> protect your child from online bullies and social media harassment. they're back! and, at outback our sweet, tender snow crab legs come with a big bold outback steak! and, speaking of big... why not go full aussie, and go for a full pound! steak & crab starts at just $15.99. but, hurry in... when they're gone, they're gone!
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>> breaking this morning a disturbing discovery in city bridesburg section a man's
8:30 am
body found lying in the middle of the road headily street. she was murdered shot multiple times and lit on fire. they believe the fire was set to cover up the crime. the man's identification was found next to him but they have not released identity ye yet. >> two teens and 5-yhe hospitaa shooting in strawberry mansioned. front of the town homes when someone started shting. one is in critical other two are stable. no arrest were made. welcome bac "good day" weekend. >> i'm feel like i'm in the lake right now. >> know the poconosy today laun could see thunderstorms as early as:00 and here for stormss evening. 73 southwest coming in an hour.
8:31 am
temperatures responding nicely to the sunshine already. 73 philadelphia and 74 accuweather and already 77 degrees showing up in wildwood and sea isle this morning and vineland 68. vorhees fog this morning and 70 on way for 90 later this afternoon. and nothing doing ultimate doppler yet. we're watching showers and thunderstorms right up towards north down to north central pennsylvania where there are severe thunderstorm warnings. in association with a cold front separating humid air on top of us to nice, dry canadian air and high dewpoint to low tomorrow where you get they're coming in around 3, 4 45, >> it's as humid as -- humid as, very humid month. as we look towards fox future cast lehigh valley and poconos
8:32 am
that's thunderstorms as early as 3, 4:00 and broken line of storms in here 7:00. setsp a great day sunday. pick of this weekend will be sunday. low humidity. temperatures will be into the 0s. stone harbor 87. wildwood 87. it's the delaware beaches will be milder with a temperature right around 90. back closer to home, 90 in philadelphia and rain cooled temperatures north and west. and great sleeping weather tonight with temperature around 66 here in philadelphia. we have a dry day tomorrow and then heat and humidity returns for next week. we'll map that out coming up in a bit. >> bullies have taken fights from the streets to the web. launching their attacks around the clock. 16% of add less epts have been bullying through cell phones and if you find out your child
8:33 am
is vick actual of cyber bullying. >> friends have to be open with your kid. we need access to your hope to so we have evidence to support the fact you're being bullied. yes we want our kids to use social modeia and phones as we they want. what's more important we keep themself safe. >> law struggled with bullying issue so kids are using technology to torement other kid. parent feeling helpless seeing it all happen. sometimes they fight. >> thanks for having me the bullying problems cellular phones devices
8:34 am
allow people to pulley 24 hours day. it's 2 hours stay day, weekend and constant. >> in a way affing to be at sco to school and i know it affects their ability to learajs good absolutely it really does. nobody want to think of child being scared in o go to school. the fact of the matter 30 to 40% of bullied and more importantly 65% say it affect ability to learn in school and something scary is 85% of those who fill. >> so the law is struggling with issues because it can't keep up between what is going on. we saw the law is not easily adapted.
8:35 am
people struggling to see what they can and cannot do on social media. we appreciate freedom of speech and take is seriously. there's a fine line and we're struggling to find out how much free speech are we permitted. are we allowed to harass other folks. it's our expression of how we feel about someone else. >> gotcha. rob kardsahian and black chyna. he's releasing pictures and she's firing back and saying we'll see new court ugly. >> always high trauma with car dash yaps. >> true. appointment. this bripzs you up an issue in3g up images of nudity and sexual activity and other web sites were holding them for ransome to have the picture taken law as we're dealing with right now. california pioneering effort. what now is revenge
8:36 am
important laws. much anybody pup photo of nudity. body point. people engaging in sex online after they have broken up or had issues with significt it's not consensual right so revenge andrtant is called non that is what the law seeks to curtail. it's the person sending it has expectation of privacy. they don't think you spour it od mediat could cause you that's what the law is law is l trialing to curtail. civil penalties. in the case of car dash yap they broke up and she was se posting these picture. >> and sosomely stay away
8:37 am
from her don't come within certain amount of space with her. >> that gets messy because they have children together. >> we'll talk about that more. >> shame embarassing ways in china people are using a crosswalk. does it invade privacy. we have a lawyer around and we'll come back after the we have a lawyer around and we'll come back after the break it's been awhile since you first knew. there's something very different about you. you have the power to make your marshmallow wishes...come true. you can make your marshmallow wishes come true by winning one of 10,000 boxes of only marshmallows.
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8:40 am
>> you know what we're looking for are in that shot. jay walkers, a big problem in communities in china may have figured out a way to get people to behalf. smile you're on cam are and a billboard. so chinese cities are using facial recognition to publicly shame jay walkers photo, personal informing posted on tv screen around the city and on social media. talk about effectiveness though. number of jay walkers dropped from 200 a day to 20 in one area. so our instant poll reaction question for you this morning does the method invade people's right to privacy. well we won't talk about blac chyna's lawyers talking about jay walking. >> albert, what do you think. does it cross the line for our laws in the u.s. could we potentially go out to market street and do a lot to pay the
8:41 am
meter. >> just did that. >> i think we're all guilty of that. >> i actually think i saw him do that. >> yeah, you know what, it call comes down to what the city and government believes say problem they have to address. for example if it's become so dangerous people are getting hit left and right because you have people running cross the street maybe have the power to ledge late that and create rules. the other things is shock factor right it's embarrassing to have your amage out there for jay walking and if you're in california maybe you want that you want your photo and image on tv right. >> in cali however you can get it right? >> are there laws to prevent that from happening in philadelphia. >> i don't know that we care that much about jay walking in the city. >> with all the issues going on now it's not something everyone is focusing on. the issue in asia. >> it makes sense there would
8:42 am
be more incidents of getting hit as they cross the street. right now it's not a big issu issue. >> horn honking people lay on f it. looking down at hone owe phon phone, jay walking you get the horn honk. >> maybe in new york city this would be beneficial. >> i could see that. >> it's also hard you don't want to have -- you're driving and paying attention and hal halfle time people are on their phones which you should not be but the last things you need is another distraction. >> forget books. it's a philadelphia academy focusing on your broad first jeepner joyce. >> we're focused on fitness today live at the fitness academy in brewerytown. warm-up just beginning we'll tell you how you can participate in this 21-day tell you how you can participate in this 21-day challenge coming up next.
8:43 am
at nature's bounty,
8:44 am
nearly fifty years of experience has taught us that we're not so different. we all want to be healthy humans. we all want strong bodies for our families, who we love...
8:45 am
most of the time. the drive to whip up a gourmet dinner... or order out, and destroy the evidence. and healthy hearts to pursue our passions, celebrate friends' victories... and endure their endless victory dances. we get it, you're good at bowling. that's why nature's bounty packs our nearly fifty years of wisdom into all we make. because we're all better off healthy. ♪ >> hey, blake shelton in pennsylvania this weekend meeting and greeting biggest fans. country music star will be signing bottles of booze in humlees town, dauphin county near harrisburg. shelton promoting smith works vodka. >> i like that song actually. >> thtz art museum in the distance. parkway close us to. not a lot of people on the
8:46 am
roads. weather looks great. >> they're watching us right now. >> let's hope so. >> we have in 15 minute do what you have to do. >> beautiful shot we showed you this. lots of sunshine. sun is bouncing off the trees and we have a great day set up. 73 already in philadelphia. look at wildwood already hot spot 77. it's land breeze today and if you go down to the beach. be prepared to sweat. we'll go to water too because of heat. doylestown plymouth meeting and 70 chester and media checking in. winds lights and variable. that change this afternoon with cold front out west. that increases windyness and also increass drier air that will nush as we get to later this afternoon. watch for thunderstorm north and west as early as 5:00 in town here aroundp and that
8:47 am
place otherwise beach and boat forecast up to 86. 3:00, whipped increase southwest to 20 and seas 2 feet and rip current risk low. 90 and hot as we get to next week. lauren. >> getting in shape can seem like unattainable goal. one fitness studio promising klinldz a new pody in three weeks. jennie joyce at the fit academy in brewerytown sign me up. >> all right. >> you want to be signed up lauren you can do that. sign up well launch is officially happening tomorrow sign up any time this upcoming week i'm joined by osai one of the instructors here at fit academy. tell us about this 21 day challenge for people who maybe don't have beach body yet. >> 21 day challenge is way to jumpstart fitness. here fit academy it has three pill larz first is great workouts. as you know we're one of the best in philly for group training and it's also having outstanding diet plan that we
8:48 am
partner with on point nutrition with and last part would be our social accountability. social accountability we make sure everyone is going through the program together. staying accountable through the entire process. >> okay it's for 21 days you can come as often as possible throughout the 21 days correct. >> correct we want to you come in here and get the burn with us. >> as you mentioned part of this is, it's not just working out a focus on nutrition and no drinking for 21 days. >> absolutely no drivening that takes us down the wrong path. it's great. >> what we're looking at now those are trx. >> yes to the left and ladies are doing trx row to knee hight. that's good way to engage the entire body engaging core and driving knee up as well as getting nice back exercise. >> 21 day sessions like this are awesome. you see equipment at the gym and sometimes it's
8:49 am
intimidating you come here and do a group fitness workout and you learn and grow from your fitness ability. >> exactly here we make sure our coaches here take time to have personal tough to educate and teach them the right way. safe and extremely effective. >> live at 31 and master streets in brewerytown osai thank you so much. fem see this if they're inspired to sign up. >> fit hit 21 day challenge tab sign up it's 00 for unlimited classes great nutrition and awesome community. >> screaming your name. >> that's a good price, wow, 100 unlimit the classes. >> i want to see jennie do box jumps. >> burpyes. >> i never dress appropriately i'm in wedges. >> she didn't get the memo i don't think. >> right she was on we'll give her a break. >> speaking of working out.
8:50 am
ice cream. that's something we've about eating all summer. in honor of international ice cream month america's top is cream mraivz were released. none one on the list mike is vanilla. best seller. it's so plain. >> laysest survey i ever heard of. >> that's what i thought. number two chocolate. who are people they're asking. >> how about strawberry? >> and then cookie and cream was number three. cookie doe and minute chocolate chip made top ten. i was surprised vanilla was number one. so plain to me. how about this dessert bar in los angeles has social media going crazy this morning. that's a donut filled with ice cream. you bite hot donut outside and creamy ice cream inside and they're calling it halo. >> is that a burger. >> i think it's chocolate ice cream. >> and it's like a three course meal. >> i would take that over vanilla ice cream. >> too mraip for me.
8:51 am
>> that i agree with. cookie doe i agree gelato is the thing now. >> from eye tap tallian to italiann lato. we'll head outside it's national. let's ut hear your favorite. >> this is a >> you know about this. >> is it ice cream in a square. >> delivered too ask the >> they deliver. >> delivered too ask the >> they deliver. >> et go outside.
8:52 am
8:53 am
♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
8:54 am
>> you're being looking at national ice cream month. to ta? all of it. >> we brought in andy from weckerly's. >> this look nothing like ice
8:55 am
crm more. >> sandwiches. >> it's a different concept explain to me what we hav righte here we have black and white ic black and white vanilla and an is cream sy wrpd up in a nice o the show. blueberry ice cream. 50 fresh heriloom blueberries here from a farm organic milk, egg sugar and darm and lime zest and serve on gram crackers. >> that sounds delicious. >> it's our most popular season mall. >> mike and i read a story national dairy association polled people you can believe the number one choice of ice cream is vanilla. >> vanilla is amazing. >> what it's so plain. >> yeah but they do a twist of vanilla here. >> there's too many kind of
8:56 am
toned down vanilla. vanilla beaten is amazing ingredient. you have to try vanilla sometime. number two yeah, yeah, you know. >> mike and i were like who did they poll like a lazy survey dobb. >> it did. >> andy, it's field ice cream. le year sdm for usp it fresh it's all about the ingredient. super ingredient focused company we work with two organic companies for milk and cream. we're able to create a product people can taste the difference in just the basin creed greed yents and each ingredient we select are about the person growing it. we found these blueberries years ago through folks at a farmers market and had a farm in pim better ton where they revived older varieties of
8:57 am
blue berries that have tremendous at of flavor. they moved to tennessee and now they have the man farming dwayne wilson. pick your own now and we have 200 pounds of blueberry as i week and cook them down. >> and create this masterpiece. >> yes. >> it's starting to melt. mike wants to taste it. >> the real question do you have a spoon. >> it's a swand witch you bite it and get messy. >> use this here there you go. >> okay. how do you bite into it. >> how do you tackle that. >> from the side. i' side. >> go have the side. >> that freezes your teeth. >> up. >> delicious. >> want to try the other hal tv. >> who cares. >> it's saturday. >> locations where are you located. >> we have a shop in fishtown on girard avenue between front and frankford. >> that place everyone is
8:58 am
lined up outside. i just realized that. i just realized that. >> rent, food, bus tickets? >> joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including emily. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >> emily: start saving to live independently today.
8:59 am
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