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tv   Good Day Philadelphia Weekend  FOX  July 9, 2017 7:00am-8:56am EDT

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she was on the scene earlier here's what she told us about what happened and the aftermath. >> i first got the notification it was terrifying. all of us were thinking the worst. this is a nightmare when you work with animals what could happen. you're not in the shelter. fire breaks out. everything is running through your mind. we are so grateful for the first responders coming here quickly. the neighbors stepped in. we had neighbors putting animals in their houses. it's been an incredible community response. >> reporter: just an absolute nightmare for the people who care for these animals as well a tragedy because the driver did pass away at the scene we're told. now again as we mentioned, the shelter significant damage here. you can see it. not only fire damage but water and smoke damage as well. they're shelter as well as veterinary clinic will be closed for some time. the shelter is asking for your help again brand wine valley spca. they say they need donations to recover from this tragedy.
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jenny, back to you. >> sabina, thank you. breaking from overnight wreck in south philadelphia sends two people to the hospital an suv and car colliding at kingsessing avenue and 58th street around 11:15. the impact of the crash so powerful it caused the car to flip. we do not know how badly the two are injured. crews closed the intersection for several hours while they cleared away the wreckage. and one of our fresco news users on the scene of this breaking story in lower providence, montgomery county. a car smashing right through the front window of the dunkin' donuts on egypt road. this happened around 12:15 this morning. incredibly the driver walked away unharmed. the dunkin' donuts was not open at the time of the crash. and homicide investigators search for answers after a man was found murdered in the city's bridesburg section. it's a story that we first told you about yesterday on good day. detectives spending the day combing the scene for clues in
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the industrial park along headley street. the man's body discovered outside a recycling plant shortly after 3:00 yesterday morning. he had been shot several times. they found shell casings nearby. then his body was set on fire. people who live in the area tell fox 29 they are stunned by the vicious nature of this crime. >> pretty grossed out by the whole story more shocked because it happened in this neighborhood. >> it's scary to know someone is capable of doing that. >> the medical examiner is trying to identify the man. driver license was found next to his body but officers did not know fit belongs to the victim. and this morning there is a frantic search for a missing new castle woman, delaware state police issuing gold alert for kathleen august this is picture of her. kathleen is 61-year-old woman, s gray hair, blue eyes, officials say there is a real concern for her safety and her welfare.
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and in another missing person's case authorities are looking for teenager from bucks county. newtown police say jimmy tar patrick hasn't been seen or heard from since wednesday. he is in his late teens, 5-foot ten, about 150 pounds. if you see either kathleen or jimmy, or if you know where they might be, please contact police. president trump is back home in washington this morning after what many political analysts are calling a successful g20 summit. and as fox's bryan llenas reports, despite fiery protests, leaders seem to be happy with the meetings as well. >> reporter: the president tweeting as he left the g20 summit "the g20 summit was wonderful success and carried out beautifully by chancellor angela merkel. thank you "then tweeted praise for the security during the summit saying" law enforcement and military did spectacular job in hamburg. everybody felt totally safe
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despite the anarchists "security was a concern throughout the two hoy day even. the city of hamburg is estimating up to 50,000 people came out in protests on saturday german police used water cannons to diss purse the crowd. german chancellor angela merkel met witness teams who secured the venue after the conference ended praising them for the help in making the conference a success. >> the second day of the summit was jam packed for the leaders and for president trump. trade was at the top of the agenda. >> we're working on trade deal which was a very very big deal. very powerful deal. great for both countries, and i think we'll have that done very very quickly. >> reporter: president trump had highly anticipated meeting with russian president vladimir putin. putin says he assured president trump that russia had no involvement in the u.s. electi election. >> translator: he asked questions. i explained them. i think he was satisfied with my
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answers. >> reporter: this was only president trump's second overseas trip since taking office he'll be back in europe next week for bastille day in france. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. and president trump settles back into the white house, the north korean threat continues to be an issue. u.s. analysts say country is now capable of launching a missile that could reach alaska this morning u.s. japanese and south korean forces conducted a precision strike training exercise. essentially sim mate add tack on north korea. the hope is to make the country think twice about using a nuclear weapon. and if you take new jersey transit ride the rail check for changes in your commute. amtrak truck work at penn station begins tomorrow. as a result, commuter rail service is being reduced by about 20% until september amtrak is making major schedule chang changes. expect more crowds and longer lines. officials are urging commuters to give themselves extra time
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and be patient. they are supposed to be safe places for children but our jeff cole finds our city playgrounds are deteriorating which presents some hidden dangers. we'll tell you about them neck. plus head to the beach this weekend you may want to grab a drink one of the nation's best beach bars is located on the jersey shore. sean?
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7:13 on your sunday morning. today holding to its name. lots of sunshine as we head out there early this morning. absolutely gorgeous look in old city and our temperatures are coming in in the low 70s. so comfortable altogether that's winds out of the north northwest at 8 miles per hour. you can see a bit more breezy down towards the shore points with temperatures into the upper 60s but that sun is shining. that will help to warm us up, man are it's early in the morning at 7:13 already that boardwalk is packed. it's going to be gorgeous day. more and more people heading to the shore talking 69 degrees in sea isle. the atlantic city boardwalk at
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71 degrees. cinnaminson 66. as we head out there early this morning. and taking a look at your doppler radar you can see those skies are very very clear not even a cloud in the sky. so that's what we'll see as you head out there early this morning. lots of sunshine. yesterday we had some isolated showers push on through. that's gone. following with it that cold front and so that cold front really moving off to our east ushering in cooler, drier air with a high pressure system. really settling in behind it. so i'm show your future cast not really much to see. push it all the way into this later this afternoon and into the evening we'll keep it clear and dry now monday starts off with little bit of more cloud cover talking partly cloudy, conditions may be isolated to scatter the shower through the afternoon into the evening. i still think we'll see nice sunshine and monday and temperatures will start to heat right back up. monday expecting upper 80s. tuesday 90s and we stay in the 90s as we head into wednesday. so tuesday and wednesday are setting up to be pretty hot.
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high today, though, 85 that's 2 degrees below the average lots of sunshine. i don't mind when we're in the middle of summer and our temperatures are few degrees below average not too cold. few degrees below average feels nice little refreshing. 88 degrees on monday partly sunny here's where we start to heat things up with those storm chances also on their way up on tuesday. we're talking a high jenny of 9. i don't like to see that. >> i don't like to see that either much it's been too hot. thank you for that monica. and now to a sad story. heartbreak in hollywood. actor known for starring roll in hbo vroom pir true blood manager of nelson ellis the 39-year-old died of complicate indication from heart failure he appeared in several movies get on up, lee daniels the butler and the help. but of course best known for his performance as lafayette on true blood. octavia spencer who work with ellis on the help posted on instagram in part "just got word
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we lost nelson ellis my heart breaks for his kids and family. we became instant friends. he was so funny. i miss him " and happening now, concerns growing over the deteriorating public playgrounds in philadelphia. some of the conditions are so bad that families have just stopped using them. fox 29's jeff cole explains what kind of actions are being takena safety tarp. the spongy coating at the base of slides and swings at the vaughn play ground at twenty three 23rd and the parkway but they have deep potholes in them. enough to break a toddler's apart and you can't even have your kids walk on the ground without falling into a pothole. >> reporter: it's not the only problem. try tripping hazards a busted swing, broken fence and briquettes and rotting food being dumped here. a tourist from the detroit area was not em pref. >> very run down. lots of different areas look unsafe.
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my son tripped over here on the swing set already but he likes the swings. >> reporter: city's commissioner of parks and rec cree creation says this playground is getting a facelift any day now but the play ground at 29th and chalmers in philly is not. safety tarp here is warn as well. the equipment has taken a beating and the basketball backboard is ripped away. never mind all the trash from fireworks. >> unfortunately, it's condition of many of our parks throughout the system. we have 250 playgrounds and i'd say about 90% of them need significant vestment. >> reporter: she says all of this is why the mayor is pressing for his half a billion dollar rebuild plan to fix the parks. this nanny and little mossimo are waiting. >> there's not much up keep. even there's even times you fine trash all over the floor, um, you just see over there swings broken. it's gotten worse. >> reporter: rebuild only happens if the controversial soda tax stands up to an expec expected high court appeal. if the tax falls, it's back to
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square one for the parks and rec centers. off castor avenue, i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. national honors for local bar at the jersey shore. have you ever been to the rusty nail in cape may. >> have i not. >> apparently it's one of the best beach bars in the whole country. >> wow! >> daily mail naming it on the list of top 25 beach bars talk about signature drink the hammer which has coconut rum, passion fruit, pine app pep and lemon juice. perfect on 93-degree day. >> yes. >> the beach bar call the beach bar in asbury park, new jersey. so i was at the rust fee nail. >> you were. >> one time i went i forgot my id and they did not serve me. they did not serve me. i can't say i had he ever a drink there. >> isn't that always funny. >> yes. >> forget your id. i swear. what can i do to prove you. >> i love you for thinking. >> vile to try that out. i love beach bars. i love the sun, the sand and
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♪ good goes around good goes ♪ music this morning paying your tax social security never
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really a fun thing to do. but a local tax collector hop fn the blow. our steve keeley has this story. >> reporter: this weekend we're bringing yower makefield tax collector's office which may be the happiest tax te country. that's because the looks more like a candy store counter. >> it started with four, five things of the carame, the lollipops, um, yeah. i was raised on a farm in. and my father and mother always gavetu. always. they gave twoh. they gave tomatoes and green beans they grew to give to christian day camps. so i feel that this kind of an
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extension of my mom and dad. in their honor. that, you know, they used to give away and i feel like, i'm doing something good. >> reporter: what's the most popular thing and what goes fast that needs to be refilled all the time. >> carmel creams, tootsie roles. chocolate candy bars. the peanut chews are real popular because they're philly. a lot of times people come in here. believe me my tax bills are not good. they don't look at it as love letters. believe me. so when i come in i tell people they could have treat. when they pay their taxes or, you know, some people they just stop by they'll be jogging, grab a tootsie roll and out the door they go. okay. make it easier to pate tax bill. >> reporter: does it really make it easier to pay your tax bill? >> not really but. >> reporter: what happened the last time you paid your taxes here. >> i grabbed a tootsie roll and as i was eating it it pulls
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pulled a filling out of my tooth i had to get it fixed. >> i tell them i'm not libel. [ laughter ] >> reporter: while the candy is free the taxes are not. 12,000 mid year bills here going out and many coming in with a sweet tooth and a bill that takes a big bite out of their checkbooks. >> my name is chicchini ren it like zucchini, bikini, but i had a lady in yesterday she came in and she says i got to say this. she says ca-ching, ca-ching i do hear that a lot i said it's better than the last tax collector. her last name was steel. >> reporter: in lower makefield, steve keeley, fox 29 news. >> i swear steve keeley does the best stories. >> he does. i could have used some of those sweets when i was paying my taxes. >> does it really help. >> but when he first said she had some candy i was thinking a jar and that really is a mini
7:27 am
candy shop. that's pretty nice much. >> it is really nice. caramel creams are my favorite. that would take the bite out of paying taxes just a bit. not that much. >> just a bit. >> everybody when we talk taxes, you always hear those commerci commercials, getting your taxes back or getting money back, i'm like, where is mine? >> i don't get money back. >> so all morning we will be reading your social media messages remember if you have something to share about anything you see on our show use the hash tag fox 29 good day. we're talking your kids sports uniforms, send us your pictures we're getting ready for the all star game on tuesday. also beach bars. let us know what your favorite beach bar is. that's what i'm really interested in learning about. i've got a few hot spots that i like but i'd like to explore more. love the carousel is sea isle. >> you're heading down the shore this week. >> i am right after this. >> sabina is live in new castle delaware county community is helping find homes for spca pets after two alarm fire overnight. sabina?
7:28 am
>> reporter: jenny, that's right tragedy here at the brandywine valley spca. three animals are dead. dozens others displaced and out of control driver is -- was killed as welcoming up we're going to have more on their public plea for help as they try to find these animals homes.
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♪ police station in middletown
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bucks county arrest add man who set off firework dangerously close to family's home. 20-year-old kyle poris from levittown is facing a long list of charges including arson. police say he put a box of fireworks in front of a house on for cynthia drive north lit it then ran away while the family was inside at the time. and in newark, delaware, police are looking for the man who they say inappropriately touched a woman while she was taking a walk in glasgow park. the incident happened on friday. investigators say the man was riding by on a bike. police have increased patrols in this area. okay. monica we've already addressed the folks we're wearing the exact color blue. >> yes. >> you're telling me it will match the color of the sky today, right. >> we're talking clear blue very little cloud cover to get in the way of that sunshine so waking up this morning shouldn't be all that bad. absolutely gorgeous. 70 degrees in philadelphia. that's what we cooled down through the overnight. 67 in wilmington. 63 waking up in reading. look at wildwood coming into the
7:32 am
low 70s very comfortable. and even into the afternoon it's not looking all that bad. we're actually expecting highs to be one or 2 degrees below the average. we're usually in the upper 80s in the mid 80s for today. 86 in philadelphia. pottstown coming in at 81. wilmington 84. wildwood at 82 degrees for today. so pretty comfortable. lots of sunshine for today. let's plan out the rest of your day. those winds out of the northwest 5 miles an hour. that's what's kind of lowering our highs for the afternoon. yesterday we were in to the upper 80 assumption areas low 99s now today we're talking mid 80s. lots of sunshine. and drier air comfortable through about 7:00 o'clock, 82 degrees. and we'll hold it clear at least for today. tomorrow we are talking the chance for some showers i'll map it out for you coming up in your full forecast. jenny. >> thanks mon any casm we are following breaking news in delaware. a woman dies after crashing her car into a building which housed more than 100 homeless pets.
7:33 am
that building then catches fire. sabina kuriakose is live on the scene in new castle. sabina, a lot of animals now need a place to live. >> reporter: dozens of animals, jenny. in fact take look you can see the extent of the damage out here. that hole just ripped right through the building of the brandywine valley spca. you can see it's cut out into a square right now. but people here tell me that when this woman went through this building, she did not stop. they didn't even see skid marks. in fact she went almost through the building and towards the end and in fact she killed three cats in this accident unfortunately the woman was killed as well. this morning we're joined by linda. linda you are with the spc here. awed long night. tell us about it. >> it was a long night very her breaking night to have someone lose their life there and to lose -- lost three cats in the process it's been a difficult experience. on the up side we saw incredible outpouring from the community. the first responders were here immediately. got the fire quickly contained. all the neighbors were coming out of their houses to help animals. we had people putting animals in
7:34 am
their cars in their houses. emt's putting dogs in their ambulances. it was really terrific to see, and for that reason we have 98 animals still alive and relocated. >> wonderful. right now we want homes for those animals. right? and donations as well because this damage -- you'll be closed for quiet sometime. >> yeah, we really need adoptions to help those 98 animals so we have three other adoption locations one in west chester pa1 in georgetown, delaware, one in dover, delaware at the pet smart. we need folks to come out to those locations and help animals find homes all our facilities are pretty full right now. we need help with donations. we're going to need to work on repairs and cost to care for these additional animals in temporary housing right now and their medical. >> not only were you a shelter you house these animals but also veterinary services and you were a clinic and that was part of your revenue and you won't be able to do that right now. >> that's correct. our veterinary clinic has been completely destroyed. that is that side of the building where the car wept through and so we'll have to completely rebuild that. we'll try to help clients at our
7:35 am
malvern clinic. we do have one in malvern, pa. we're also looking at some temporary facilities to help continue that service to the community. but it's going to be a tough time. >> and tell us about the damage as we pan over here. you can just see workers right now working on italy we saw investigators on the scene. but as you wering to me earlier just before we went on this driver did not stop. it's a miracle more animals weren't hurt. >> we really were very lucky the car went on the veterinary clinic side of the building we did have some animals housed hyped that which is how those cats were affected. but for the most part all of the other animals were on the far side of the building and were not impacted by the crash. it could have been much worse. >> absolutely. with the help from the community that you got, some of these animals were actually -- they were loose. they had gotten out. people actually came out and grabbed them off the street. >> the way the firefighte firefs needed to get into the building they had to go in through our community cat rooms. everything was moving very quickly. there were -- there was short period animals at large and the neighbors and the emergency responders really stepped in to
7:36 am
help those an and make sure they got to safety all of the animals are accounted for. >> thank you so much, linda. such a tragedy. we had and unfortunately three of your animals but also a shoeff love and support that people came omd we're hoping that continues throughout the day as you try to find homes for these pets. >> absolutely. it was really heart warming to see the community come out noun we need even more folks to come out to adopt and donate to help brid. >> thank you very much. we can tell you love these animals. she has been here all night long responding to this tragedy again as you heard our website and wet up exactly how and where you can find these animals and head out there and try to adopt them because they need to find homes as soon as today. right now jenny, back to you. >> thanks sabina. we always have the best viewers anybody out there, we know we have a lot of animal lovers out there, so the brandywine spca needs your help this morning. again head to our website. we'll be posting more information there were sixers
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summer league roles op in sin city the injury that could slow down number one pick markelle fultz. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ the best way to get together is with a treat you make together. ♪ ♪
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♪29 sports in one minute. good morning i'm sean braces
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fans all star break is here. so all next week you wthe pain g this team at least for a few days. until then, more of the s top se tied at one. aaron nola pitched well until this upping triple nola gives up an rbi single to make theld s do it. phillies lose two-one to the padres their fifth straight lo loss. ey nouned that joel embiid will have to pay up a whopping $10,000 for his profanityar ball media. he knew the fines would eventu ev hopefully joe joe doesn't stop entertaining us all off the floor. finally, the bearded one james hardin ink add record deal. how about four years worth $228 million to romaine with the houston rockets through 2023. that's sports in minute. i'm sean brace and have a "good day philadelphia". ♪ thank you for that show
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sean. now to the nba summer league where crowds are getting bigger every year. it was the las vegas version but the warriors were back in action last night against philadelphia 76ers number one overall draft pick markelle fultz left the game against golden state in the third quarter with an apparent ankle injury. no, no, no the final score was warriors 119, sixers 108. let's hope he gets better soon. >> oh, my goodness. that's why those summer games i'm kind of like do we need to do this. >> we can risk injury. how about this for some motivation? utah man celebrating his 100th birthday by doing what he loves most, skiing. george, took advantage of the lingering snow pack on wednesday. he was then given cake an plaque with his favorite saying "age is just a number". jenoff was joined by skiing friend his children and his grandchildren and get this, he has exceed bound utah's powdered slopes nearly every season since learning the sport but he didn't live in the -- learn the sport until age 43.
7:42 am
crediting his ability to ski this far into his life to a regimen he started near 30 years ago. 15 minutes to an hour of exercise every morning before breakfast along with a healthy diet. >> okay. that's good to know. >> that is good to know.hday to. on the slope at 100. i love it. >> what i think is also pretty impresstl snow on those slopes. >> that's a good thing, right? >> it is a good thing. >> we get concern and goo >> also for the water tables for them. they like to see that snow pack. but t believe there's snow left. [ laughter ] >> we're in the middle of summe 90 degrees. we'll talk about that later. new trend that has doctors worried. are snorting chocolate. we'll be right back. ♪
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for $79.99 a month online for the first year. plus hbo for one year and two-year agreement.icefor two a and switching has never been easier. get out of your contract with up to a $500 credit to help cover your early te go to >> good morning i'm karen hepp. i've got very busy mom brown wis her own company and also tw very young children. tell me about your babies. >> yes, i have two sons. my son cole is three months old. he was born in march. and my son trip is 21 months o old. he was born in september. yes. i have two young babies and i love them very much.
7:46 am
they're great. >> one of your best sellers do you monogramming business. >> um-hmm. >> baby announcement. i love this. yes. so this one is very very popul popular. people love this. you get all the vital information and time and birth date and all that fun stuff put it on pillow great for the nursery. this is my top selling color. the gray is really popular in nurseries right now. so also for your monogramming you have amazing onsies. >> yes. >> tell me about your one cease. >> a lot our viewers want them completely custom. i can put initials and hahn know grams on ones cease, too, you'll see that on my website but i also have ones like this. i actually drew this and transferred it op to here. this is completely original nicky brown design onsie. i do cut fabric one cease using vintage fabric. >> cute. make a little bird out of it. that's so sweet. >> it's covered with the vinyl so it doesn't come off when you're washing it which is great you'll need to wash ita lot with babies as i know much these are
7:47 am
only $18 a piece on my website. nicky brown >> you're on instagram as well. >> i am. you can follow me at nicky brown designs. lastly these necklaces these are super cute. your own monogram. >> yeah. >> you can feel so special. this is great as gift. >> another great gift. been very popular. i have the white with the tass tassel. tortoise she will and white and teal that you can get for these. >> busy momma both at home with the kids and with your business if you want to check out her stuff we'll put a link or instagram on our website fox much that the it for today's busy mama. ♪ lots of sunshine early this morning. you're going to want get out there and enjoy it much. temperatures pretty comfortable, too. i'll take you through some of the areas. we're looking in philadelphia at those clear skies. temperatures in the 70s. north northwesterly winds at
7:48 am
about 8 miles an hour. that's going to usher in some cooler drier air down the shore same thing. 68 degrees. dew points at this point at their highest. they'll start to head back down into the 50s low 60s. so altogether, less humid, lots of sunshine an bit cooler with those temperatures. kind of got all the great aspects of the day. 78 degrees in sea isle city. ocean temperature upper 60s get more and more comfortable. might have to take a swim soon. we'll see. sometimes i really like the mid 70s. we're logging in camden at 69 degrees. and your current setup showing us those clear skies to enjoy throughout the entire day because really what's going on is this cold front moved through yesterday and through the overnight. way off to the east of us and now a high pressure system which means clearing air that's settling in behind. that's going to take control of the forecast at least through today. lots of sunshine to look forward to. i'll map it out for you on future cast even though there's really not much to talk about. here we are looking through the
7:49 am
afternoon and into the evening. clear skies do continue. we head into monday and we are looking at increase in cloud cover little bit more moisture returning to the region. maybe few isolated showers in the morning and into the afternoon. i still think we'll see partly sunny skies through most of the day monday. but there could be a few isolated showers to contend with as we head into the afternoon. also going up are those temperatures. we'll be in the upper 80s by monday. so kind of cooler air relatively speaking is short lived by monday we're back into the upper 80s tuesday, wednesday. soaring well into the 90s when we'll have all of our air-conditioners back on blast as we head into tuesday, wednesday and temperatures getting way above the average into the upper 80s. here's look at your high for today. talking 85. lots of sunshine with those pleasant temperatures. your seven day forecast leave you with this those climbing temperatures tuesday also seeing some climbing storm chances, jenny. >> thanks monica. and a health alert this morning the american red cross is critically low on blood.
7:50 am
summer is rough time for blood donations, communications manager elena monger is here to explain why much this is a tough season. what do people need to know? >> what people need to know in our region in the penn jersey blood services region we need to collect a thousand units of blood and platelets every day to meet our patient and hospital demand that's 365 days year. you may take a vacation the need for blood doesn't we're encouraging people here locally and across the country to, um, to role up their sleeve and donate blood. >> so what does the shortage look like right now? >> right now we're looking at nationally that shortage we have 61,000 fewer blood donations than we need to meet demand. here in our region, we have about over the past few months we've had about 1200 less blood donations than we actually need. so in addition to the collecting a thus san day we're trying to make up that 1200 as well. >> so if people want to get involved if they're hearing this story they feel motivated we know there are blood drives happening all the time.
7:51 am
>> yes. >> how can they fine out about them if there isn't one in their area what can they do to help. >> there's -- it's really easy. you go to red cross you can type in your zip code and you can find a blood drive within 5 miles of where you are. and i should mention that, you know, if you are on vacation, you can donate wherever you are because the red cross is a national organization. so you know whether you're here locally or, you know, across the country, you can type in your zip code of where you are and find a blood drive near you. you can also ought all one 800 hi red-cross. >> you're used to the typical used to the lows in the summer. >> we are. this a really particularly challenging time right now. >> anybody who can help, the red cross would really real appreciate that help right now. thank you so much elena for coming in. >> thank you. >> we appreciate it. moving along, julianne huff the dance certificate actress is dancing with happiness. the intimate details surrounding
7:52 am
her wedding to n-h-l brooks night. >> cocoa loco has created a chocolate snorting powder that apparently give you a buzz for up to an hour. the chocolate powder has a lot of the chemicals you would find in energy drinks. the powder is not regulated by the fda. the powder is sold online for about 25 bucks. but doctors are really concerned about this. a long-term risk and how it could possibly lead to blocked sinuses. it doesn't really sound like a good idea. ♪ (vo) your love is purely thoughtful,
7:53 am
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7:55 am
♪ we've got some news for you. barry manilow is coming to philadelphia. he'll be performing live at the wells fargo center on septembe september 15th. it's all in celebration of his newest album this is my town songs of new york. tickets go on sale on friday. and actor sheila leboeuf in trouble witness law once again. 31-year-old was arrested in savannah, georgia, early yesterday morning for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct and obstruction. he was released on $7,000 bond. and a big weekend for julianne hough she got married she married brooks, yesterday afternoon in idaho.
7:56 am
they exchanged vows during an outdoor ceremony in front of 200 guests. the couple says they chose outdoor wedding because they are adventurous and wanted to in nature for their big day. >> i can't wait to see the wedding photos. >> she's gorgeous. she's so cute. and congrats to them. but, yeah, outdoor wedding, i'm sure it will be spectacular to see. >> i love the singer marrying an nhl star like carrie under wood her husband is nhl as well. >> nhl stars are becoming big ticket items. >> apparently they are. >> not for this girl. she's all right married. what type of facebook user are you? how researchers are breaking down into four different categories. and what one septa bus driver was caught doing on camera went viral. it was good deed. meet the man who took quick break to help neighbor in need cross the street. we'll be right back. ♪
7:57 am
♪ ♪ be a powerful force. nature valley
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7:59 am
spca is asking neighbors to step up and help. what you can do for the four legged victims.ystery in philadelphia continues to unfo unfold. the latest after a man bosses body is found shot and burned. what we are learning right now. plus, stage being called a bad mom for the way she chooses to stay fit while pregnant. the fitness model was first thrust into the spotlight during her first pregnancy several years ago. we'll talk about it coming up. good day everyone. it is sunday, july 9th, 2017. i'm jenny joyce. lauren johnson has the night off joined by monica cryan. >> good morning everybody. great morning. people aren't going to have any trouble waking up that sun will be bright. if you don't have your shades you're waking up to bright sunny sky out there. absolutely gorgeous look in philadelphia. the bridge in old -- the view of the bridge from old city.
8:00 am
let's take look at your weather by the numbers. i gave today a ten out of ten me are going to be upset with this forecast we're talking nice tepp hers lots of calm winds. the best of all the worlds we're looking at 73 degrees in philadelphia right now. 67 in allentown. poconos coming into the upper 50s but 72 degesand then down ie talking 74 degrees. but temperatures ang to be intoe mid some areas even low 80s like pots at 81 de 70s. 83 in reading. 85 for those o your high today in wrightstown about 85. now the average is we'll hit ts that's why i kind of like this have a lot of sunshine but any time in the summer when we're seeing temperaturesverage it can feel very refreshing you down have to use your air-conditioner as much. you will need to use it won't need to be on full blast. winds out of the northwest about 5 miles an hour through today.
8:01 am
temperatures low 80s around noontime. so we'll be warming things up pretty quickly but staying comfortable all the way through 7:00 o'clock we're talking 82 degrees around 7:00 p.m. lofts sunshine. now tomorrow, little bit more cloud cover maybe even some rain chances. i'll map it out for you coming up in a look at the full forecast. jenny. >> thanks monica. breaking from overnight arc role of a wreck in south philadelphia tends two people to the hospital. an suv and car colliding at kingsessing avenue and 58th street around 11:15. the impact of the car so powerful, it caused the car to flip. we do not know how badly the two are injured. crews closed the intersection for several hours while they cleared away the wreckage. and tragedy in new castle, delaware. a woman dies when her car careens out of control and crashes into a building. that building is the brandywine valley spca which then catches fire. this is the scene shortly after midnight. more than 100 cats and dogs were inside at the time.
8:02 am
first responders and neighbors raced to get the animals safely. >> first got the notification it was terrifying. all of us were thinking the worst. this is just nightmare when you work with animals what could happen. you're not in the shelter. a fire breaks out. everything is running through your mind. we are so grateful for the first responders coming here quickly. the neighbors stepped in. we had neighbors putting animals in their houses. it's been an incredible community response. >> at least three cats died in the tragedy. shelter workers are scrambling to find homes for the dozens of cats and dogs that are now displaced. if you can help again that's the brandywine spca they have locations in delaware, as well as one in west chester. and one of our fresco new users on the scene of this breaking story. a car smashing right through the front window of of the dunkin' donuts on egypt road. this happened around 12:15 this morning. incredibly the driver walked away unharmed. the dunkin' donuts was not open at the time of the crash.
8:03 am
and homicide investigators search for answers after a man was found murdered in the city's bridesburg section. it's a story that we first told you about yesterday on good day. detectives spending the day combing the scene for clues in the industrial park along headley street. the man's body discover outside of a recycling plant shortly after lee yesterday morning. police say he had been shot several times. they found shell casings nearby. then his body was set on fire. people who live in the area tell fox 29 they are stunned by the vicious nature of this crime. >> pretty grossed out by the whole story but more shocked because it happened in this neighborhood. >> it's scary to know someone is capable of doing that. >> the medical examiner trying to identify the man. a driver's license was found next to his body but officers do not know if belonged to the victim. this morning, there is a frantic search for a missing new castle woman. delaware state police issuing a gold alert for kathleen august. this is picture of her. kathleen august is 61 years old,
8:04 am
5-foot six, 120 pounds. she has gray hair and blue eyes. officials say there is a real concern for her safety and welfare and in another missing person's case authorities are looking for a teenager from bucks county. newtown police say jimmy tar patrick has now been seen or heard from since wednesday. he is in his late teens, 5-foot ten, about 150 pounds. if you see either kathleen or jimmy or know where they might be, please contact police. in southern california, 90 children and 50 counselors were rescued from wildfire. campers found shelter shortly after the fire started early yesterday. on the other side of the state. at least ten structures were destroyed by a wildfire near the oregon state line. both wildfires are 10% contained. this time of year authorities say it is especially tough to get hold of fierce because equipment and manpower are pulled in several directions all at once.
8:05 am
and 2us bombers carrying out a show of force friday flying over the korean dee militarized zone. this just days after north korea tested an inter continental ballistic missile with the ability to reach alaska. u.s. and its allies wanted to send message of their own saying we are ready. us, japanese and south korea forces conduct add precision strike training exercise in what is search al same p simulated attack on north korea. still the us remains focused on pressuring china to use its influence on the leader. >> our experience with china has been i've said this to others, it's been a bit uneven. china has taken significant action and then i think for a lot of different reasons they paused, and didn't take additional action. >> u.s. officials are hoping that they'll change following president trump's meeting with china's president today at the
8:06 am
g20. president trump actually back in the white house this morning after returning from his second trip overseas while attending that g20 submit yesterday. he and the first lady arrived at joint base andrews in maryland last night. highlights from the trip include mr. trump's meeting with vladimir putin. his meeting with the president of china where the two discussed north korea's nuclear program and trade, and breaking tradition, first daughter ivanka trump sat among world leaders on two separate occasions during the g20 summit. social media all a buzz over a picture of the former president and a obama. bar ram obama to post with giselle they made anchorage international airport in alaska mr. obama was heading home from asia when he spotted the six month old. he asked who is this pretty girl and couldn't resist a picture. i love that. >> too cute. >> and that hat is amazing.
8:07 am
i need to get that hat. i hope the baby was all. you know, babies on plane. >> babies on plane much as the president sure took to that baby. i love it. >> cute. >> you always think about presidents running for election and kissing babies. he's not a politician any more. he's just out kissing babies, hodding babies. we love bar ram obama former president there. remember if you have something to share about anything that you see on this show you must use the hash tag fox 29 good day. somebody is sharing. let's take look at that. john johnson son sends us this tweet all star molly will soon be starting dance class soon. she had to show off her moves recently. >> awesome. >> monty g -- good although our phillies aren't looking so good, i know, they're still my number one winning champs. you are not a band wagon rider. are you? >> monty g supports forever. >> that's us. >> thank you.
8:08 am
>> for that great picture. >> we appreciate it. >> good sunday morning jenny and mon any casm you both look beaut in those blue dresses. >> we did not plan this. i was worried about clashing. i don't know if we're clashing or not. >> we are the op sift clashing. we are matchy matchy. >> nearly a dozen mothers take trip of live time. hear about their spiritual journey and sometimes having designated drivers status not the most fun thing one family's rewarding those who step up. we'll be right back. ♪
8:09 am
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you can one of 10,000 boxes of only marshmallows. find your code in special boxes of lucky charms. >> in delaware county children will soon have a new play to play outside thanks to hard wo working school principals from schools all over the country. more than 100 principals gathered at stone hers hills elementary school in upper dar darby. they are in town for the national association of elementary school principals and while they are here, they areewy area. >> the most amazing parter of me it's my colleagu know what it is to wants this for your kids and to see it come to fruition for your. it means that much more to me.
8:12 am
>> community members and schoo t getting everything all ready. landscape structures made the project possible with $30,000 donation. ♪ >> in house dj is killing it today. all the songs. temperatures into the 70s. 73 degrees and we've got lots of sunshine. look at that, guys. no clouds in the sky. we are going to help to warm temperatures up. so we're at 73 degrees already in sea isle city. north wildwood 76 degrees. camden coming in about 71. your current setup is showing those clear skies all across the delaware valley. even back behind us here's why. that high pressure system that we're seeing filter in behind that cold front, that's really helping to clear us out for today.
8:13 am
let's track it on future cast you can see as we head into sunday afternoon through the evening time we stay clear. now monday a bit of a change up. we are seeing some clouds move in. maybe a shower or two through the afternoon. rumble of thunder can't be rule out. a lot of the day is just going to be partly cloudy. monday temperatures into the upper 80s. low 90s by tuesday. and then wednesday we're sticking in the 90s so it does look like we really are heating things up as we head into the midweek. we're talking a few days near 90 if not in the 90s. today, though, get out enjoy it bought we've got mid 80s. pretty c temperatures. lots of sunshine. those northwesterly winds up to about 10 miles per hour. phillies playing tey've got tim. monday we're at 88 degrees. 93 bwey're also raising those sm chances at least through tuesday staying in the 90s o and then we'll get more storm chances as we head into thursday and friday. jenny? >> thanks mon any casm well it was a trip of a lifetime for
8:14 am
nearly two dozen wip women in our area. 23 mothers were chosen to journey to israel with the jewish project. so amanda roth barred was one of thre this morning to share more about her adventure. good morning man to you? >> how cool was that. >> it was journey of a lifetime. i was so, s goo on this trip. i was selected. there were over 40 applicants and we only had about 17 spots and i went there not knowing one person and i left there with 23 plus sisters and family. >> tell us about the program. how does it work? how did you hear about it? you applied. you got accepted. >> i did get accepted. it's through the jewish women's renaissance project and you can apply online, and there's lots of different, um --, different i guess you can say like areas. so we had one from montgomery county there was one from allentown but all over the world. and in our group there was 23.
8:15 am
>> 23 people. okay. so and you just got back. >> i just got back about two days ago. i'm still adjusting to the time change. it was the most wonderful experience of my life. we did classes. we learned how to really empower ourselves as women. we did a lot of different classes on empowering ourselves to be a better wife arc better mother, a better friend. actually show you this bracelet. it says don't blame, don't complain. and you have to take responsibility and actions for your own actions it. >> sounds like there may have been a religious component. there was obviously a very social cultural component involved. >> absolutely. >> there was a lot that you were able to learn. you also spent time with members of the israeli military. >> we did. it was such an mazing opportunity. we went to a military base where the elite of the elite take an extra year out of their life before going to serve, because in israel you don't have a choice. you graduate high school and you go straight to the military.
8:16 am
so we had a chance to meet with what they want to be the leaders and sergeants and lieutenants and there's 80 children i call them children because they're under 18 and over a thousand applicants we got to share their stories and learn about them and some of them are actually going into the military in a few days to a few weeks and it was such an empowering, like, opportunity to meet with them and really give back to them and thank th them. >> thank them, yes, see how the process is different in the us versus in a place like israel where you don't have a choice. >> you don't a choice. they really love their country and they serve and as a mother to not have a choice to send my child off, upping, to war and i met with many of the mothers, it was such an empowering emotional journey. >> you have tears in your eyes right now. getting a -- o children to think about not having a choice because they love their country so much and to send them off war. it's very emotional.
8:17 am
>> what an incredible experience. this was fre trip. >> it is a sponsored trip bite jewish women's renaissance project. i also subsidiz local chapter and the only thing that i had to pay for was my planeev. classes, hotel accommodations, meals. it was journey of lifetime and i'm hoping it's just the start of a journey. i'm hear as awareness for this organization that i feel so empowered to and i want to give other women the opportunity that i had. >> you know when i heard about this story yesterday, i think of birth right. about birth right bridge. >> i do. >> young people can go on a sponsored trip to israel for free a lost my friends did that when we were in high school growing up. and so this is sort of similar. this is -- this is your first time. >> this was my first time in israel. and it is kind of like a birth right for older women but birth right is up to 25. and requirements for this trip for the jwrp is you just have to
8:18 am
have children under 18 in your home. so, you know, age range was thrive to 55, and the comradery of all of our sisters we call them it was an unbelievable experience. so it's not birth right where you're with men and women together. you're really learning your empowering you're working on your elf self he is streep. you're working to better yourself as woman and really see where the journey takes you. >> sounds incredible. can you tell people how they can learn more about this. >> they can go to they can also e-mail me directly i'm more than happy it's amanda roth barred r-o-t-h-b-a-r-d-1 at i really want to get donations going so that i can give other women this opportunity because it really was the trip of a lifetime. >> very nice. very generous of you to give back in this way and thank you so much for being here and sharing with you. >> thank you very much. i appreciate the time. thank you. what one septa bus driver was caught doing on camera went
8:19 am
viral it was a good deed. meet the man who took a quick break to help a neighbor in need cross the street. ♪ summertime is here and that means it's time to tackle those home improvement projects but some are better than others. let me tell you a few that you'll get your money back on and others that can turn into a real money pitt. best project at home according to the american home remodeling association, believe it or not, insulation for every dollar you spend, you'll get a dollar and eight cents back. need a new door, it's a good invest many. spend a buck get 91 cents back. bad projects when it comes to getting your money back, well, the man cave, sounds cool, not going to get your money back. how about a few tips to help save i was few bucks and maybe even save your marriage?
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8:23 am
(all with worry-free ownership. colors in your neighborhood... head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying your next one. ♪ >> you may have seen this video a couple of weeks back on fox 29. a septa bus driver is caught on camera helping someone out of the goodness of his heart. he was unaware at the time that he was being recorded. our hank flynn heard people say the news was usually only bad but what about the good deeds caught on video? hears hank's take. ♪
8:24 am
>> reporter: would you expect any bus driver to do what you did? >> i'll expect it. >> but i can say they're going to do it i expect all of them to do it. >> reporter: it's hank. septa driver jeff school didn't field got caught on rah going out of his wayed to a good deed. should we applaud him for it? you bet. my take it would be really cool when doing the right thing is no big deal. 20 years behind the wheel of septa bus jeff school field plenty the top of the list is still rider safety and that includes helping people across the street even if he's got get off the bus to do it. >> that particular day i had a visual many impaired gentleman get on the bus. >> right. >> so, you know, it was hard for him to get across the street so i got off the bus and i escorted him across the street. i didn't want to see the man get hit. >> reporter: video shot by rider impressed with jeff's consideration wound up on facebook and here we are.
8:25 am
these septa drivers put up with a lot. riders on, riders off, tempers, traffic, sometimes they make the news in unflattering ways. sometimes people attack them. drivers like jeff do good things all the time. you just don't her about it. more than half of septa's riders on average take the bus and ones i spoke with say by and large the drivers do a tough job very well. >> they deal with a whole lot of chaos. >> reporter: it's a visible job they do. this bus driving. almost like police in that people watch what they do and everyone is a critic. ralph jeff's colleague he let jeff know his good deal was on social media and raffle rav says he's glad it got out. >> even the perception of bus drivers and whatnot, we're not doing our job. we're duty to deal with and whatnot, but jeff's story, it's kind of typical of bus drivers. we go out of our way to help people try to do the right thing to make sure passengers can get to where they're going from they're going to where they're going each and every single day. >> reporter: just people
8:26 am
getting through the day like anyone else. try something next time you pay your fare. smile at your driver and tell them they're doing good job. you will make their day. you might even blow their mind. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ sometimes having designated driver status is not the most fun thing but now one family is row warring those who step up. we'll tell you how next. ♪
8:27 am
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tragedy in new castle delaware. a woman dice when her car careens out of control and crashes into building. that building is brandywine valley spca which then catches fire. this was the seep shortly after midnight. more than 100 cats and dogs were inside at the time. first responders and neighbors raced to get the animals out safely. >> i first got the notification it was terrifying. all of us were thinking the worst. this is just a nightmare when you work with animals what could happen. you're not in the shelter a fire breaks out. everything is running through your mind. we are so grateful for the first responders coming here quickly, the neighbors stepped in. we neighbors putting animals in their houses. it's been an incredible community response. >> at least three cats died in the tragedy. shelter workers are now scrambling to find homes for the
8:30 am
dozens of cats and dogs that are now displaced. also, breaking from overnight a roll over wreck in south philadelphia sends two people to the hospital an suv and car colliding at kingsessing avenue and 58th street around 11:15. the impact of the crash so powerful it caused the car to flip. we do not know how badly the two are injured. crews closed the intersection for several hours while they cleared away the wreckage. welcome back you are watching good day weekend. we are hearing it is going to be a beautiful sunday. if you can get outdoors, please do that right, monica? >> exactly. i would really suggest it especially maybe this morning when temperatures are a bit cooler. 73 degrees in philadelphia. 72 in millville. atlantic city at the boardwalk at 4 degrees. look at the poconos actually not 50s but your highs for today a few degrees below average. which is actually going to feel comfortable. 86 is your high in philadelphia. 85 in to atlantic city. 84 in wilmington look at the icons. sun, sun, sun everywhere all
8:31 am
across the delaware valley we're looking at lots of sunshine. very little cloud cover so planning the rest of your day today, there's not much to contend with we're talking winds out of the northwest 5 miles per hour. 80 degrees and early as noontime feeling comfortable all wait through 7:00 o'clock later this evening. but the sun will be shining through today. tomorrow we are increasing cloud cover. maybe even some rain chances i'll map that out for you look at the full forecast coming up in just a bit. send it back now to jenny. >> thanks monica. while many are enjoying the festivities that go along with summertime you undoubtedly some were over indulge. each year hear people driving under the influence of alcohol with tragic results. one familiar who'll lot of loved one to drunk driver they are using their experience to save others. christine fund the hero teeny challenge is here to explain more. what is this challenge. >> this is was inspired by muriel elliot of the hero campaign her son john end yet
8:32 am
was killed by a drunk driver he had just graduated from the united states naval academy and he was recognized as the hero officer of his graduating class preparing to go to flight school in pensacola he was struck and killed by a drunk driver. and the hero campaign was launched as a way for them to honor his memory but also promote the use of designated drivers so no other familiar woman have to endure the tragedy they did. it's a positive campaign. this particular challenge is an exciting one to last all summer long. and it is challenging area bars and restaurants to come up with the next best mocktail, and we have had such wonderful feedback such creative drinks have been created and people are voting like crazy all summer long through labor day. >> how does it work? >> so we have 32 bars and restaurants. you can go on hero to seat full list throughout cape may and atlantic counties, and you can go around to any of the bars and restaurants and sample
8:33 am
their drink. they're also designated hero bartenders who are representing their establishments and their mocktails. you can try them and we encourage people to vote for their favorite mocktail favorite hero bartender and favorite hero establishment. and they can go to hero or text to vote as well. and everyone has their favorite spot at the shore. if you vacation at the shore,. >> we've been talking about it all morning. >> yes. they all have very very different drinks. as varied as they are delicious. and they are vying for your vote. if you find yourself at the shore definitely check out these places. >> so cool. we have couple of bartenders actually in studio. >> we do, yes. >> let's head over there. and let's see what they're making for us today. christine, where are these bartenders from. >> we have two wonderful amazing hero bartenders. one is from a touch of italy this is steven alito right over here. >> hello. nice to meet you. >> the pleasure is mine. >> steven alito from touch of italy and he's bringing his
8:34 am
berry basil bliss and we have dave martin from the docks place in somers point. >> okay. tell us what you guys have. we'll start with you. >> basically what we did was being italian restaurant we wa wanted to incorporate italian herb we went the basil. fresh structure bess row and basil. cipel spear rupp makes it easier fresh limb mulled that up and topped it off with sparkling water. >> may i try. >> most certainly. >> be my guest. >> can i ask huge do you have people requesting mocktails? >> it's picked up a lot in the past month since we've done this actually. actually quite pleasing that people are asking for them now. >> that's fantastic. >> and this is incredibly refreshing. >> morning you ma dam. >> you don't even realize. >> i know. a lot of my pregnant friends have often gone out and they are impressed with moc mocktail talo hear about this challenge. why did you did you want to participate. >> the awareness of hero campaign brought to getting people home safe is great and for bars, you know, when you go
8:35 am
to a bar obviously what you're doing, but it's nice as bartender for me especially to know there's a designated drive. i don't have to worry about someone getting home safe. so this is again bringing great awareness to that and so our restaurant the family that is involved, um, are great great people and do charitable type things they wanted to get involved in this. i'm very fortunate to be allowed to participate as well. it's great. >> this is big win for the dd. can you tell us bore your drink. >> ours, again, we are american type restaurant we have seafood, steaks, and so we wanted to incorporate some mint strawber strawberries lime and cucumber and ginger beer which has taken off. >> ginger beer a lot of people calling for that. throw that in there make it refreshing as well. >> yes. the dock's place is call the climate changer which is a great name, each of these establishments have sponsored true community evident. there are teams that are getting behind one another and promoting
8:36 am
the vote, and we're just hoping designated drivers don't have to be relegated to sodas and water all the time. they have wonderful choices. >> i love it. i think this is something that every season you guys could offer challenge and switch it up. winter -- >> absolutely. >> it has brought awareness to the hero campaign. i have a lot of customers who didn't know what it was. we have cards and pig hers and people asking me what it's abo about. there's a card we send home with them talking about the history of it really great. >> history so tragic and so heartbreaking for anybody who hears about it. so thank you so much for participating. >> appreciate it very much. >> thank you for vision. >> people want to try these, which i highly suggest, fine out more. >> a list of all the bars and establishments that are involv involved. their sponsors and we will see you september 14th at the hero teeny happening finals we'll determine the ultimate winners. >> where is that going. >> at the stockton sea view resort. >> beautiful place to go to.
8:37 am
>> home of the original hero teeny which muriel elliot created so thrilled to go back there with all these new entries and cheers to all the designated driver and hero bars. >> that's fantastic. thank you guys. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪ >> coming up we want to know what type of facebook user are you. how researchers are breaking down you into four different categories. ♪
8:38 am
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♪ good morning. it is 8:40. jenny joyce in for lauren and monica cryan joining us this morning as well. so monica, we are always on social media. it's part of our job. >> always. >> on instagram, on facebook and twit. on facebook there are types of people in this world according to one study. >> my goodness. >> research was done by brigham young university. facebook users fall into one of the following personality categories. taking a look here. we have the relationship builder. so those users who log on to help foster their relationships. either by creating new ones or maintaining the ones that they have already. town criers i think we have this
8:41 am
people on our facebook list those are the ones traditional facebook users who go on social media to share what's going on with their lives. what's going wrong with their lives. and then we have the selfie. users who care more about self promotion than anything else. we see those selfies all the time. >> right. >> i'm guilty. i posted this one of us getted ready to do the show. >> sure. >> the window shoppers much users who don't post on facebook but they want to find out what other people are doing. >> um-hmm. >> it's hard for me to personally put myself in one category like i said we have to do a lot of it's required for our jobs to put our stories out there and to share what we're doing. >> that's true. >> would you agree monica. >> i would. i definitely would like to think that i'm one of those that likes to foster relationships because i really do use facebook to talk to my family that i haven't seen in awhile. talk to -- and connect with friends. so i like to think i'm more of like the ones who foster the relationships but every so often you got to post a selfie. >> and facebook is so easy.ifouu
8:42 am
want to post photos. exactly. share what you're doing with your relatives who live in the s perfect sense. >> the town cr annoyed with. it's face bock if you go you'll hears peo doesn't post anything on facebook. that annoys me. ou this is my boyfriend ryan. t on the show tomorrow because you are a window shopper. >> yes. >> he calls me a bully haven't n facebook in a year. why are you on facebook if you're to the going to post? he goes on >> he scrolls through mine. what's going on with you? >> you cannot look at my facebook p you >> exactly monica. i agree. >> you got to contribute to the book. >> what's your husband's name. >> eugene. >> eugene and ryan, we need to have -- >> don't use fit you're not going to post. >> you'll lose it. [ laughter ] >> just kidding. okay. on to this now. sarah stage being called a bad
8:43 am
mom again for the way she chooses to stay fit while pregnant. why the soon to be mom of two is being shamed on social media. and later in the show, it is world's largest cucumber slicer whom new and it's traveling around the country. it may not be the most official way to garnish a cocktail but for sure it is the most spectacular one we have ever seen. ♪ ipennsystate treasurer
8:44 am
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these furry friends the pennsylvania spca would love to hear ♪ give them call at (215)426-6300. or visit their website ata frieu provided a forever home to, we'd love to see your pictures. on f, instagram or twitter. taking another look outside can't get enough of these live pictures and live cameras, because the sun is out and it's shining. temperatures feeling comfortable, too. 73 degrees and we're looking at winds out of the north northwest we're talking 6 miles an hour. right now temperatures down the shore for all of you enjoying
8:48 am
your shore weekend. 75 in atlantic city boardwalk. we're looking in sea isle at 73. ocean temperatures in the upper 60s that's pretty nice. more people heading into the waters. bracing those cooler temperatures. and then your current set up showing us we've got lots of sunshine as cold front has passed off to the east of us and a high pressure system is settling in. highs mean mainly clear skies. and so we're looking at your future cast showing us those clear skies continue through the afternoon into the evening. now our money does look like we'll see some clouds move in. maybe even some scattered showers and thunderstorms. through the afternoon but altogether it does look like it will be movely or partly cloudy. monday your highs into the upper 80s much tuesday we're soaring into the 90s it will be hot on tuesday. continues to stay hot as we head into wednesday. well above the average which is in the upper 80s this time of the year. 85 degrees is your high for today. lots of sun sheen, pleasant temperatures. here's that seven day forecast. you've the got the phillies game tonight. they're off for little bit.
8:49 am
monday and tuesday temperatures start to rise. upper 80s monday. tuesday 93. form chances on the rise by tuesday. partly sunny wednesday hold into the 90s. it does say monday and thursday are in the upper 80s but some areas could reach 90 and then when we see three days in a row of 90s we're talking eat heat wave. it will be hot as we head into the new work week. >> it is going to be hot and we have a hot story on social media. not necessarily a good one. a lot of people giving this woman sarah stage a tough time. >> right. >> i remember this woman from her fir pregnancy much she's now being called a mom again for the way she chooses to stay fit while pregnant much this fitness model she was first thrust into the spotlight again several years ago with her first baby. check out this is when she was nine months along and although she had perfectly healthy pregnancy her bump was so small and her stomach so sculpted that some even doubted the legitimacy of her pregnancy. and so now sick months pregnant with her second child, last week thotr posted a
8:50 am
fitness video in which she performed a core centric worko workt.calling her a little bit reckless. i remember that picture people wereelieve she's pregnant. i mean there's clearly a baby bump >> let's take a look. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ so i think it's a little bit in on i'm not pregnant i've never been pregnant. i don't bit nervous
8:51 am
if and when that time comes because i'm so short. i'm feeling like i'm going you, you're like wow. right. of shaming maybe we can >> how do you do that? clearly her doctors are saying she's healthy.they're saying she's hed she does look great. what uncomfortable the core centric when you see her squeezing her stomach in there'u know, the woman's body is amazing thing. it's built for that. at the same time it's built to protect the baby i'm sure if the doctors say she's fine, she had healthy baby already, i think the mommy shaming is kind of sad. >> the mommy shaming is never a good thing. >> no. >> we can all agree with that. yeah. leave it to the doctors to decide what's right and what's appropriate for each woman. so all morning long we've been reading your social media messages. zen us your messages talk with us whatever you see on this show that you like. earlier we asked to see all stars.
8:52 am
there tamara all star my daughter and her beautiful friend. beautiful dancer. >> oh y. recitals. >> winter. >> hoe cute those all stars. >> congrats to you. peanut hawkins. >> and it is the world's largest cucumber slicer and it's traveling across the country. it may not be the so sufficient way to garnish a cocktail it is the most spectacular one you will ever see. we will take you out there next. ♪ ♪ hey! ♪ bee to hive to the comb ♪ combing that honey ♪ into some gold ♪ take that gold and make it an o ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪ ♪ bee to hive to the o ♪ oat from the farm is the yum in yo bowl ♪ ♪ put in the good and the good will grow ♪ ♪ good goes around and around and around hey! ♪
8:53 am
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♪ how about this? we are live outside the studios where we have the world's largest cucumber slicer, and we have a man on top of the truck with some cucumbers. this is a whole show out here, eric. what is that man doing up there? >> so he's propelling the cucumber slicing device that we have in the back here. so infused with cucumbers hence the garnishing the cucumber. >> is he this came out about three week ago and what are you doing with this truck? >> that's right, jenny. we launched world cucumber day on june 14th we're going to tour the whole country coast to coast and just serving,
8:56 am
garnishing them with cucumbers. >> and stop here in philadelphia. why did you come here? >> of course. no, no, it's a great state but also a great city to be in. so we launched up in new york and then we went to boston, philadelphia and chicago next week. >> what's been people's reactions to this contraption? >> like a big open market. loit is. and what it's coming from and what we're doing basically. >> how do you get to be t cucum. >> well, that takes a lot of training. >> a lot of propelling. >> really? >> the pedaling. the pedaling is we're doing here. >> is the pedal lower actually running this? >> he might be. okay. >> we don't know. okay. so tell us, when you set up shop in city, is this whwh we do. so,ing cocktails, of course, i'm going to prepare
8:57 am
a up >> awesome. >> i saw earlier you actuallyyor cocktails. >> love basil. >> yeah. >> i'm going to a of cucumber. fresh basil here. >> 45 sec. >> and little bit of sugar syrup hike >> fresh let me money juice. like s. >> yum. this looks amazing.resh? >> it has to be fresh. >> has to be. >> i think it's really important ent the ingredients are really fresh. crush it up a littley getting i. >> really get in there. a lot of muscle grease for this. >> pour -- >> we're out of time. >> we have a couple of cocktails prepared for you there. you can take those. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. this is awesome. thank you very much. >> i'm going to be shaking these up. >> thank you so much. >> will you be set up can people come see you today here?
8:58 am
>> yes. we're heading to manayunk and back to philadelphia in the afternoon. >> head over to manayunk. son, y
8:59 am
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>> chris: i'm chris wallace, president trump is back in washington after his first meeting with vladimir putin what should we look for in relations between the u.s. and russia? >> we look forward to a lot of very positive things happening for russia and the united states and for everybody concerned. >> chris: in the wake of the g-20 summit, we will discuss where things stand on syria, ukraine, russian meddling in the last election, and the trump agenda when we sit down with white house chief of staff reince priebus. if a "fox news sunday" exclusiv exclusive. then the senate returns from recess still confronted with what to do about obamacare. his repeal and replace in trouble? will ask republican


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